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dailydccomics · a day ago
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“I can smell her perfume” (.づ◡﹏◡)づ The Flash vol 2 #216-217
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lacrimosathedark · 3 months ago
Random stupid headcanon:
Every person who has Dick Grayson’s phone number has a time or two, sent him that Vine of the guy going, “What the fuck, Richard?”
Steph was the first to do it. Tim had the idea first, but couldn’t bring himself to do it. But Stephanie opened the floodgates and Tim and Babs began working.
They started finding every video they could find of Nightwing doing dumb shit or missing a mark (I’m remembering him almost falling off a train when Tim told him Steph was pregnant) and putting it to that sound and sending it to the whole family’s group chat. And that’s how it starts.
Dick is not one to be easily embarrassed (man wore the Discowing costume, he has no shame) but his siblings find a way. And it gets public.
They start taking videos of not Nightwing, but Dick Grayson doing weird or dumb shit and start making TikToks or Instagram or Twitter vids (or all of the above) and putting it to that sound.
Babs records Dick seemingly attempting to teach Haley to do tricks that involve a lot of jumping and balancing while Dick is also balancing at odd angles. Very circus vibes.
Tim gets him passed out on Tim’s couch with a cereal box open next to him that Tim didn’t even fucking buy??? Why is it in his apartment??? Why is Dick in his apartment??????
(Tim also one time privately sent him a video of him watching the video that tipped him off that Dick was Robin and looked flatly at the camera. Because that somersault was totally necessary.)
Stephanie takes video of him eating distinctly pineapple pizza (I like it but, y’know, it’s apparently an atrocity). She also gets Tim in that video because he also likes pineapple pizza, but he just gives her this flat look that clearly displays that if he didn’t love her he’d flip her off.
Jason sees him dogear a book ONE TIME and now it’s all over the internet that he is a book murderer, how fucking dare he
Cass, sneaky little ninja she is, manages to get him sneaking into the manor’s kitchen at night and stealing cherries off a cheesecake Alfred had prepared for the next day.
Damian manages to set up a camera in a gym outside the cave where he trains with Dick and he does some ridiculously needless flourishy flip.
Duke gets him too, though it’s something tame and innocuous like him missing getting trash in the trash can or something.
Kory doesn’t fully understand the trend and just posts a video of Dick being cute and captions it with something like “Humanity is so beautiful <3″ or something like that. How dare Dick be so gorgeous?
Linda Park-West gets him and Wally doing some dumb shit like balancing spoons on their noses.
Even Bruce joins in, posting an old video of him swinging from the goddamn chandelier like the acrobatic heathen he is.
Dick is used to receiving at least one video a week.
But he, and everyone else, is entirely unprepared when one day he does something dumb in the manor and they all hear Alfred say, “As I’ve heard it said, what the fuck, Master Richard?”
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Nightwing #90 is just- I just need a minute hold on
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Wally is just there. He's just there and he's so happy that Dick is alive and Dick is so confident in their friendship. He knows that Wally would literally tear a building apart, piece by piece, until he found him. It's not even a question
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And Wally basically forcing Dick to sleepover at his house? Top tier. I'm in love. Wally took one look at Dick, said 'is anyone going to make this man look after his mental & physical health?' and then didn't wait for an answer.
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Wally with blue eyes is freaking me out but otherwise? This issue is spectacular. Can't wait for the second part.
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sarahreadstoomanycomics · a month ago
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“Linda I have people telling me I’m their hero all the time. But you...I see the way you care for the kids. The way you care for me. The way you bravely walk into any situation with love, kindness, and empathy. How you continue to pursue your dreams, even when your husband is off on another planet. I see you and I’m in awe. Linda you’re my superhero. You’re the one who saves my universe on a daily basis. And I can’t thank you enough for that.” -Wally West, Flash Annual 2022
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giveveylost · 27 days ago
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DC Couples by Travis Moore
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goat-a-go-fast · 2 months ago
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Wallinda supremacy
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highball66 · 2 months ago
Dark Crisis  SDCC Panel: What We Learned
Dark Crisis isn’t the real title, it’s actually Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, issues #1-3 will be reprinted with the new title after the title change officially happens in #4. While JW originally said that this wouldn’t be a reboot it certainly smells like a reboot. Pariah wins and is remaking the Infinite Earths, which will have huge affects on the rest of the dc universe, and they are redoing the Krona origin for the multiverse. They also have plans to “expand the dc universe”... so even if there isn’t a reboot there will be so many retcons it will pretty much be a reboot.
Young Justice is no longer the next-generation of heroes, it sounds like a lot of the current teams and characters will get pushed aside. If your favorite character is a legacy hero... good luck my friends.
Barry and Hal will team up in #4 to bring the JL back, they will officially return in #5
Nekron’s black lantern corps will return in #3, there will also be mentions of the GL’s rings and the Great Darkness that will be explored in Dark Crisis: The Deadly Green
the deadly green will feature Alan Scott as well as Jon Kent, Jon's not all that comfortable with magic but he uses his powers to combine with Swamp Thing???
Dark Crisis: The Dark Army will feature Damian, who goes out on his own secret mission and tries to steal the Dark Army away from Pariah because "he's cocky" and it will tie into Batman v Robin, Dr. Light, Red Canary, Power Girl, and Sideways will go with him. it will be crucial to the plot of dark crisis overall. 
Dark Crisis: War Zone will be the street-level perspective of the whole crisis event through the eyes of Iris and Linda, it will feature some big connection between them  it also reveals 5 stories & tie-ins from the 6th issue which is supposed to be emotional
I Am Batman #15 will feature a street fight between Jace and Sinestro
YJ #5 will feature the son of a major villain, they won't reveal who it is until issue #4, Meg also teased that there will be a lot of emotional conversations in the upcoming YJ stuff **it looks like Bernard is on the cover
We learned Tom King doesn’t know the definition of fascism cuz he said this about Superman’s one-shot, "Superman's dream isn't happiness and perfection, because that's a fascist dream. He wants the messiness of life."
Beast Boy was shot purely for shock value cuz they had no plans to kill him off
TL;DR prepare for a lot of retcons, this is going to be a mess. best of luck to everyone, especially those whose favorite characters are legacy characters. 
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why-i-love-comics · 6 months ago
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Nightwing #90 - "Get Grayson" (2022)
written by Tom Taylor art by Geraldo Borges & Adriano Lucas
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jetslay · 4 months ago
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Happy Mother’s Day!
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preciousdemonbrat · a month ago
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I have no idea what he’s reading, but I really hope it’s fanfic that she wrote
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upagainstthesunset · 6 months ago
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A couple edits from Flash and Substance (Justice League Unlimited). Wally looks so dopey in the first one and so cool in the second one. Truly a man that can do it all.
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dailydccomics · 11 days ago
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she’s so pretty AND we dress alike, she’s perfect The Flash 2022 Annual
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lacrimosathedark · 5 months ago
You know what? Here is what I hope for the future of Batfam relationships
For Bruce, he is both Forever Alone and in multiple relationships.
He and Selina don't get married because she's a free spirit but they act like they're married whenever she stops by and she is essentially the Robin/Batgirl stepmother. And then they have Helena! She is such a good mom and Bruce is utterly smitten. She will also kick his ass when he's being dumb or emotionally constipated. Bonus.
He and Talia are amicable exes; they will always love each other but their lives are incompatible. Talia is very protective of Bruce's kids and she and Selina get on surprisingly well. Do not threaten Jason, Tim, or Damian if you want to live. Bruce cannot stop her and Selina will not.
(Bruce may or may not also have a vacillating relationship with both Lois and Clark. Lois is fucking awesome and Clark is his best friend like beyond measure)
Dick is with Babs, Kory, and Wally. Linda is nervous at first but she also loves Dick and they are besties and Jai and Irey adore him. Babs and Kory are jealous of each other at first, but they become friends through mocking the everloving shit out of Dick's dumbassery. Wally does nothing more than pat Dick's shoulder in sympathy because he's not arguing with the girls when they're right and it's fucking funny.
Jason and Roy may as well be married. Lian loves Jason, especially since he helped her as an amnesiac teen (I just love the idea, the Strays are in Alleytown which is in/by Park Row it's in "his territory" and Jason gets the while street orphan thing so yes). Jason and Jade hate each other but are willing to tolerate each other for Lian because Lian is Lian and deserves anything she fucking wants and she wants to know her mom. Lian also loves having badass adoptive grandmas. Selina is her favorite because she took her in, but she adores Dinah and Talia is so cool. And she gets to see Uncle Dick all the time and Jason pretends he isn't happy to see him but he is (after he works past insecurity about Dick's collection of redheads because can I just keep this one Dick holy shit Roy's mine now fuck off). Bruce and Ollie fight over who is best grandpa. Lian's family is the best. Jason and Roy date nights consist of blowing shit up, makeouts, and then going home to snuggle with their daughter.
Tim and Kon are together FINALLY and lowkey co-parenting Bart. They made joke adoption papers and hang it up on the wall. Cassie claims the title of wine aunt. Everyone else thinks they're ridiculous but They Are Family. Everyone mocks them for not realizing they were in love sooner. Like, Kon's existence pre-New 52 screamed "gay crisis shouting "no homo"" and Tim's sanity is directly tied to his relationship with Conner, like??? Tim how did you just realize you were bi you absolute dorkweed. They also both had bicon girlfriends, like??? Morons. Adorable.
Tim and Steph will always love each other, but they didn't really work as they were and are happier with other people. They have a sort of romantic friendship. Steph actually conspired with Cass to get Tim to confess to Kon because boi both of you are idiots.
Stephanie and Cass (Cain) are happily dating and the most functional relationship in the Batfam. They don't need to talk to communicate. Cass has her abilities, but Steph can read Cass specifically almost as well. Not that they don't talk; Cass is comfy enough with Steph that sometimes she will just talk for hours. So in love and so comfy together.
Damian is either dating or in a queerplatonic relationship with Jon Kent. They are best friends and always have each other's backs and love each other so fucking much. They live together on the farm and Damian has a whole ass animal sanctuary and Jon helps him care for the animals and it's beautiful and nothing hurts.
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People Wally West checks in on at lightspeed throughout the day:
- His Wife
- His Children
- Dick Grayson
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Absolutely unhinged behavior king
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sarahreadstoomanycomics · 4 months ago
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No thoughts or comments. Just them.
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spite-and-waffles · 2 months ago
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Found this excellent thread compiling the evolution of the DCU's Asian mothers - Lady Shiva, Shado, Cheshire, Talia Al Ghul and Linda Park.
Talia is the only one not entirely of East/South East Asian descent (for all the good that does her lmaoo DC absolutely hates Asian women), and I've mentioned earlier that she's still probably three-quarters Chinese (Ra's was originally a manifestation of the US's Yellow Peril, which later evolved into the "Arab World" anxieties around the Gulf War in the '90s and finally Arab terrorist tropes post 9/11). Still, considering Damian was introduced with Arab jihadist tropes, that Talia' still very much the "Arab terrorist woman", and the lack of West Asian characters in the DCU, it gave me a little thrill to see this:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Alt text included)
It's from a fan created book called Gotham: (1919 - 1939) by the boutique publishing company Giant Panda King. It's not a DC affiliated or authorized one, but it's still the first time I'm seeing such a gorgeous face claim.
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goat-a-go-fast · 3 months ago
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Linda successfully babysits Bart
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