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alxarasm · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
James Fleamont Potter
Fifth year
Explains that look right
He just looks like he’d prank you.
Anyway, back to the og potter clan order
You’ll find them all under the #potter clan
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siriussprettyface · 5 months ago
[warning: every one of these links contains porn]
remus fucks you deep
he gives you a creampie
remus decorates your pussy with his cum + squirting
before a full moon
his hands
teasing stepbrother!remus at a family dinner
in the dorm alone
squirting on james’ cock
mutual masturbation
pegging and milking sub!james
netflix n chill
helping him breed you
making a mess on his hands
fucking your ass while you squirt
the best way to make up after a fight
dbsf!sirius doesn’t wanna take your virginity just yet
touching you in the dark
eating your pretty pussy
fingering in the bathtub
you and stepbrother!regulus help each other out
♡ LILY ♡
sucking on her titties :)
making you moan
marlene shows you just how much she misses you while you’re away
she loves your taste
squirting on her hands
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4remus · 20 days ago
rip lily evans you would’ve hated colleen hoover
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marauderstars · 7 months ago
Sirius: Say what you want about me, but I never make the same mistake twice.
Remus: No, you make new and increasingly stupider mistakes each time.
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rozbessel · a month ago
just realized i never posted this one! 🍂
Tumblr media
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wolfstar-jegulus-shipper · 4 months ago
“It’s like sweet home Alabama but just more violent” ~ Sirius Black explaining his family tree/circle.
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gwynvys · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
September 1st 🍂
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mellusionn · 2 months ago
i know we joke that james only falls for people that are mean to him but guys that’s so??? like that’s so sad???
i don’t know how to explain it but it’s just that james has been so, so loved his entire life by his parents and by the people that surrounded him and it’s like… why wouldn’t he want the same treatment from a partner?
but then it hit me that he might think that acting nice and spoiling him are just what’s *expected* of people. he never knows if it’s genuine or if they’re just like “oh there’s james! we better act nice!”
so when people are just mean to him… james knows it’s genuine? like it’s from them, and them only. and maybe that’s what makes the difference.
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oxydiane · 2 months ago
“james was the fun dad” this “james is the careless parent” that. you fool. you absolute fool. james potter had sirius ride his magical motorbike around london so he could stop by as many libraries as he could and buy every single parenting book from both muggle and wizard places. james potter cried for like thirty minutes straight the first time he held harry and almost refused to give him to the nurses. james potter sent a howler to sirius to scream at him for buying harry a toy broom without warning him first and he keeps getting scared as hell each time it looks like he’s going to fall (“DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY QUIDDITCH INJURIES I HAVE??? HAVE YOU LOOKED AT MY KNEES?”) and then he sends remus another one to yell at him for letting sirius do it. james potter Was the over protective dad.
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weaslxtte · 11 months ago
Snazzy parts of the books that weren't in the movies:
Harry beating up draco
Ron punching draco
Harry and ginnys ACTUAL first kiss
"Theres no need to call me sir professor"
Charlie weasley
Ted and andromeda
Angelina yelling at harry for getting detentions
"Have a biscuit potter"
Ron and hermiones ACTUAL first kiss
"Hello are you an imprint of a departed soul?"
Roonil wazlib
Harry trashing dumbledores office
Lavenders bunnie died wait thats not snazzy
"I forgot" "lucky you"
Harry using crucio on one of the carrows when they spat at mcgonogall
Harry telling krum that ginny has a boyfriend at bill and fleurs wedding
The Hogwarts kitchens
Stan being a deatheater wait thats not snazzy either
Harry calling umbridge a cow in front of dumbledore
Remus pretending he's not 110% involved in making the marauders map
"They hated each other" "nah they didn't"
Freds death scene THIS ISN'T SNAZZY
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eksarbel · a month ago
Tumblr media
- Mother -
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anzukero · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
a day off for head boy and girl
i wanted to draw what it would possibly be like for james and lily on a day when they're just relaxing! no quidditch practices or studying or classes, just a relaxing day off ✨
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4remus · 2 months ago
james potter is type of guy that would’ve taken lily’s last name instead of her taking his
“ james evans? yeah that has a nice ring to it.”
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marauderstars · 7 months ago
Sirius: Okay, so here’s the tea.
Dumbledore: For the last time Sirius, it’s called a report!
Sirius: Do you want the tea or not?!
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hdypynitgof2 · 2 months ago
Imagine Lily being the fun mom while James is the protective dad. Sirius would find the change absolutely hilarious, mocking him every time he visits but doing it with unbelievable fondness. Sirius would fall even more in platonic love with Lily, tossing Harry up and laughing together at James' attempts to whisk him away despite Lily casting cushioning and protective charms. Sirius would be so surprised by James yet so proud of him, telling Remus all about it.
It would be great at first but terribly bitter later, when he would at last think that maybe James was so protective of Harry because he somehow knew how little time they had.
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raidesart · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Red Hair Part 3 <3
Which of these characters is your favourite? Do you know them all?
I hope you like it :)
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