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california is for lovers❤️‍🔥
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i feel like this is tumblr worthy 🥺
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Créditos a quien le pertenezca
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I swear I get sad if I wake up and one is on the floor
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Kendall Jenner
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Hated Love
Cedric Diggory x Slytherin Reader Word Count: 2.7k
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Summary: Enemies to lovers Cedric Diggory fanfic. A/N: First fanfiction in over 5 years; I hope you enjoy x
It was a cloudy afternoon. Black cloaks glided as the wind carefully pushed the students' robes just slightly behind them. Sounds of laughter and footsteps echoed the dark-colored halls of Hogwarts as students roamed around going from class to class.
On the other hand, I was sitting by a window enjoying the deafening silence of people watching while journaling my thoughts on a piece of parchment paper. Life has been hectic lately as quidditch practice has started. My time is mainly spent studying or in practice. I barely had time for myself, so I started journaling to keep myself as sane as possible.
“y/n! Are you coming to practice today?” My friend Draco Malfoy yelled while walking toward me. “Oh, yeah, I am, just finishing something, and I’ll be there,” I said nonchalantly as I would do anything than go to practice right now. Sometimes I feel like I cannot catch a break. That my life will always be about my studies and quidditch. Sometimes I feel guilty for feeling this way, but sometimes I feel like I’m burning myself out.
Either way, I was not excited about practice. I knew I could not miss it, we have a huge game against Hufflepuff in a few days, and I am determined to score for Slytherin. I gathered my belongings and headed to the quidditch field with Draco. I sometimes wonder why I am friends with this bloke, we are literal opposites, but we’ve been friends since our first year.
I finally reach the girls' locker rooms and quickly change into my quidditch uniform. I am a chaser which allows me to release any anger, stress, and anxiety I have while throwing the quaffle into one of the hoops. I complain a lot about playing quidditch, but deep down, it probably benefits me more than I think despite getting bruises all over my body and constant injuries. – After quidditch practice, I slowly walk the now empty halls of Hogwarts. I can barely keep my eyes open as my body is sore from the tasking practice I just had. As I walked closer to the Slytherin common room, I noticed a tall, lanky figure ahead of me.
'Wait, I know that figure anywhere,’ I thought. It was my enemy, my nemesis, Cedric Diggory.
I don’t know why but that man just annoys me. I can’t tell if it’s his demeanor, voice, or his overall presence. ‘Fuck,’ I muttered as I slowly approached him. ‘Wonder what he has to say today.’ I thought in my head.
“Well don’t you look beautiful today, y/n,” Cedric said in the most sarcastic and snarky way. I would beat this guy up if I wasn't so tired, but I have literally no energy. “Don’t you have shit to do, or are you here to frustrate me, as usual?” I said with full attitude.
“Hmm, let me think. Oh wait, I can tell you’re just coming from practice. Gonna beat me this time, baby?” Cedric said while getting closer to me, taking small steps towards me as he talked.
“We all know you won out of pure luck so don’t brag. Okay, babe?” I said while inching my face to his. I could smell a hint of mint and cologne, which shocked me a bit.
I don’t want to admit that I enjoyed his scent because nothing about him will ever be attractive. I guess this one time, he smelled a little too good.
“Oh and just for the record, I will beat your ass Diggory. This game is mine, got it?” I said with the last ounce of sassiness I had left. “Whatever you say, my love. May the best person win.” Cedric said with a mocking chuckle. God, that guy will forever piss me off.
Finally, I left Cedric’s gaze and continued walking to the Slytherin common room. I could not wait to wash off and go to bed. – Today is game day. Slytherin vs. Hufflepuff. I woke up this morning feeling nervous, excited, anxious and stressed. So many feelings just for one morning. However, this is an important day. I need to redeem myself and lead Slytherin to victory. Mainly because I need to show Cedric to never mess with me again.
I got up. My feet slowly touched the cold, dark hardwood floors in the Slytherin dormitories. I quickly got ready. Putting on my quidditch uniform and brushing my long hair into a comfortable ponytail. I put on a little bit of mascara just to mask the fact I haven’t slept longer than 5-6 hours a night.
I rushed out of the common room as fast as possible to get breakfast at the Great Hall. While I was walking, I noticed someone approaching me from behind. I couldn’t determine who it was, so I started walking faster. My feet were moving more quickly than my body, and I tripped. Before I could hit the ground, I felt strong hands catch my body.
In shock, I slowly turned to see who had caught me. To my surprise, it was Cedric Diggory. My eyes were wide, and my mind was consumed with confusion. Him, out of all people, had to be the one to save me from my own clumsiness. “Be careful, y/n. Don’t you have a game to play?” Cedric said with a cheeky smile. I felt my face turn a bit red. Shit, I hope my cheeks aren’t noticeable. I can’t let Cedric know how embarrassed and flustered I am. “Were you following me?” That was the only thing I could say. “No, not on purpose. I just wanted to wish you good luck. Didn’t mean to scare you like that. Anyway, I’ll see you on the pitch.” Cedric said while helping me to my feet, slowly releasing his hands off my body.
I couldn’t say anything. I just looked at Cedric while he walked off. Our eyes were still locked on one another until he was too far. ‘What the fuck was that?’ I muttered lightly, trying to collect my composure. – “y/l/n scored 10 points for Slytherin!” Lee Jordan announced into the microphone. Cheers and clapping consumed the field as Slytherin was ahead 70-50 against Hufflepuff. Slytherin flags were all over the Slytherin side of the Quidditch stand. The Hufflepuff side was particularly quiet, more than usual, but they still got some pride going on.
My eyes were on the target, tunnel vision. I had to win for Slytherin. When waiting for the quaffle to be in reach, I would sometimes catch Cedric’s eyes. As if our eyes always meet at any chance we can get. To be fair, Cedric does have some enchanting brown/grey eyes. ‘No, I can’t think about this right now - I have a game to win,’ I quickly thought. Snapping myself back to reality.
Just within seconds, I noticed the quaffle was coming toward me. I charged on my broomstick to catch it. My arm grabbed the quaffle and flew to my opponent's nearest hoop. Within a flash, I threw the quaffle and scored another goal. “y/l/n scored another 10 points for Slytherin! At this rate y/n might secure a spot as captain next year!” Lee Jordan yelled. I’ve always been told I could be Slytherin's captain, but honestly, I have no interest. I have a love-hate relationship with Quidditch. It would be best if someone who really wants it should be captain.
I took a second to acknowledge my view. The crowd cheered with utter excitement, and celebratory yelling filled the pitch. You can hear the Slytherin flags moving from the wind and louder cheers from the people in the tall stands. I enjoy looking at my accomplishments. Moments like this make me feel grateful and proud of myself.
But before I could get back into the zone, a bludger came speeding toward me, which knocked and broke my broomstick, leading me to fall about 20 feet to the ground. As soon as my body hit the field, I was knocked out. – 1 week later My body felt fragile, weak, and in so much agonizing pain. My eyes were slowly opening, and my vision was blurred. My head was aching, almost like a migraine. I could feel bruises all over my upper body. Through my blurred vision, I noticed that my left arm and leg were in a cast.
It took a few minutes, but I was able to fully open my eyes using all of the strength I had. I was quickly aware of my surroundings. I’m in the hospital wing. I looked slightly down and saw how broken I was. Tears started filling my eyes and were quickly falling down my pale face. ‘What happened to me?’ I quietly asked myself while quivering. My voice was softly raspy as if it wasn’t used for a while.
“You took a hit from a bludger, I’ve always hated those things.” I heard a familiar voice say while approaching me. I slowly turned my head to meet the person who was speaking. My teary eyes widened when I saw it was Cedric. “C-Cedric…” I couldn’t say much before I started crying more. My head fell into my right hand, trying to cover my face from him.
I was too consumed with sadness that I didn’t fully acknowledge Cedric moving next to me. My head fell onto his chest when I felt his body brush over my side. I started to cry more while feeling his warmth against my cold and delicate figure.
While quietly sobbing in his chest, I felt his strong hands softly moving up and down my back. One of his hands circled my head, pushing it closer to his chest.
I couldn’t talk. I just fell into Cedric’s touch. As time passed, I could feel my eyes become heavier and heavier. Before I knew it, I had fallen asleep on Cedric’s chest. His scent and presence felt safe, like a home away from home. – Cedric was still there when I woke up in the middle of the night. Right by my side. He never left. I looked at him in awe while admiring his soft snores.
‘But wait, isn’t this guy my enemy? Why am I all of a sudden feeling all these emotions?’ My head rests against the stiff hospital pillow while my mind is full of thoughts and feelings. Honestly, it is difficult to describe how I feel about Cedric.
It’s similar to the saying, ‘you want what you cannot have.’ Deep down, I love Cedric. I want to care for and understand him for who he honestly is. However, I know I can’t tell him how I feel.
My head turned to Cedric, looking at him in utter confusion. Out of all the people, why is he here with me? We dislike one another. This didn’t make sense… until it did.
‘No, there’s no way,’ I said to myself. ‘Maybe he just feels bad, and that’s why he is here.’ My gaze landed on the ceiling, and I could slowly feel my eyes closing. I passed out with Cedric by my side. At one point, I could feel his hand brush against my right hand, which I slowly held throughout the night.
The following day I woke up. Cedric was nowhere to be found. Disappointment took over my body as I knew everything was too good to be true. Well, as good as it can be right now.
Madame Pomfrey came towards me with a slight smile, “Glad to see you’re awake y/n. How are you feeling my dear?” “I’ve felt better.” I joked around, causing Madame Pomfrey to chuckle a bit. “Well, it’s reassuring to know your humor is still there.” Madame Pomfrey said while pouring me medicine. “Now drink this, it doesn’t taste very delightful but it will help heal your bones.”
I took the cup from Madame Pomfrey and chugged the medicine. She was right. That was absolute shit.
“Good thing no one ever said magic taste good,” I sarcastically said with a sour look on my face from the medicine. “I know dear, but you must take this every 10 hours. Hopefully in week you’ll be able to leave.” Madame Pomfrey reassured. I nodded. “Thank you, Madame Pomfrey,” I said with a kind grind.
“Wait Madame Pomfrey, I-I have a question.” I said in a hurry. “Yes, dear?” Madame Pomfrey replied with a curious yet concerned look on her face.
“I was wondering, do you happen to know why Cedric Diggory was with me last night?” I asked politely.
“Oh, yes. While you were out cold, Cedric stopped by every day for about a week. He would not leave your side,” Madame Pomfrey said. “I’m not one to pry into someone’s personal life, but I think he is quiet fond of you, Miss y/l/n.” Madame Pomfrey said with a slight smile.
‘I can’t believe it, Cedric was with me this whole time,’ I snap out of my thoughts when I see a familiar figure enter the room. Cedric Diggory. “Mr. Diggory,” Madame Pomfrey said with a hidden smile while exiting the room.
“How are you today?” Cedric said with a small bouquet of flowers in his hand. “I-I got these for you… glad to see you awake,” Cedric placed the flowers in a small vase on top of my hospital nightstand.
“I-I’m a bit better, just took some shit medicine,” I said while admiring the flowers. They are roses and chrysanthemums, my favorite. “W-what are you doing here?” I curiously asked.
“I’ve been worried about you since your accident. I started coming to visit every day. Some nights I would accidentally fall asleep, so Madame Pomfrey would let me stay the night. I guess I was waiting for you to wake up,” Cedric said while looking down. I could tell he was nervous by the way he was playing with his fingers.
Then, my eyes locked onto his like they usually do.
His beautiful brown/grey eyes are tired and slightly red from the lackluster sleep he has been having from staying with me most nights.
“Why would you do that?” I asked shyly and quietly.
“Because, y/n, I like you. I’ve always had. I didn’t want to say anything because I know you think the worse of me. I am sorry for causing that impression of me. It’s difficult for me to be vulnerable. I just end up being a dick. I have a tendency to not want to get close to people. But I’ve always cared for you,” Cedric said with the most sincere eyes.
I’ve never seen this side of him. Cedric is your typical handsome-popular guy that every girl wants. He is typically cold-hearted but humble when he needs to be. However, with me, he was always an asshole. Just continually trying to give me a difficult time by teasing or making immature jokes. He also never took me seriously, which irritated me.
This was different. As if Cedric’s whole demeanor had changed. He looked soft, approachable, kind, and genuine. Now, it’s apparent how naturally sympathetic and empathetic he is.
I was just staring at Cedric with soft, teary, doe eyes. I couldn’t speak. I was too thunderstruck to say anything. Cedric slowly sat down next to me, his eyes still locked onto mine. I could feel his hands caressing mine before delicately holding it.
“I really like you, y/n.” Cedric said while getting closer. “I really like you too, Cedric. I’ve always had feelings for you. I just couldn’t express it, and I never thought I would. I can’t begin to describe how thankful I am for you and everything you’ve done for me since my accident,” I said with slight tears.
Cedric didn’t say anything. He leaned in and kissed me passionately. His hand cupped my cheek while the other was carefully holding my hand. I melted into the kiss. I felt safe as a sense of security rushed through my body.
Cedric pulled away from the kiss, and our eyes met again.
“I love you, y/n.” ‘I love you too, Cedric.” The kiss continued, but this time tears were falling down my face. So many emotions are running through my mind, but I know I love this man. I always have. And I always will.
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I will always wait for you
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