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aroaceofthesea · 10 days
So ive been scrolling through the uk politics tag and i have no idea of a) why is it trending or b) why is it grouped with all our jokes
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vimbry · 1 year
people are so weird about learning other people’s boundaries online sometimes. you'll see someone say, "I don't like when people interact with me this way". and they'll always get these, well-meaning but slightly passive aggressive responses about it like, "I love when people do this with me. you can always do this with me, I think people should do it more, I don’t get why anyone wouldn’t like it!”
and I think they genuinely come from a place of being friendly and hospitable! but it's at the expense of the individual whose point has now been dismissed. it’s better to accept that everyone has a different threshold and preferences for how they want to be treated, and that what one person may be comfortable with, someone else may not be, rather than acting like boundaries are a competition that you're somehow winning.
#it happens a lot around playful rudeness#if someone mentions they don't like complete strangers teasing them or being insulting someone inevitably goes#''I actually like when people do this to me it's my love language I enjoy it'' that's ok! but they're talking about themselves & not you#also posts about spam liking#the reasons people may not like a lot of interactions at once from 1 person include but are not limited to:#feeling overwhelmed by the amount of notifications. having a past negative experience with obsessive/stalking behaviour#off the top of my head that I've seen from other people#but I've seen a few posts treating this as almost ungratefulness? always making the point ''they like your content. you should be happy#I wish I got that attention. when I get that same level of attention I like it'#also it wasn't Spam liking but I've also had experiences with a couple people in the past who would like eveything I mean Everything#that I posted. like 30 seconds after it went up there'd be the first note#or there'd be a break from seeing their url in my notes. then suddenly a string of everything recent I'd posted#they'd clearly come online and sweep my blog that day and it just felt icky#Most rational explanation is they were just being normal and supportive. they were just seeing something and casually liking it you know#prob didn't mean anything by it but because you don't get the insight into somene else's actions through the screen#some things can accidentally come across as negative#not all of those posts could've been relevant to their interests#anyway these tags got super long whoops
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mcmansionhell · 2 months
hark ye oakland county
Howdy folks! Today I've decided to return to a long-neglected place of terrible vibes, Oakland County, Michigan. The house on special is, one could say, fit for a king but like maybe one of those kings that sells used cars on tv in the wee hours of the night. Anyway:
Tumblr media
This house, built during the ripe housing bubble era of 2002, will only cost the good sir a marginal $3.2 million. For such a pittance, one receives 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and around 5,000 square feet. Princely!
Now, you might be thinking that this house will be decked out in the cheesiest middle ages decor imaginable -- yes, Kate, surely you shall be showing us a cromulent McCastle specimen. Alas, nay, it is worse than that.
Tumblr media
Here is my theory: the people who live in this house do not understand what houses are nor how one behaves in them. It's like Mark Zuckerberg trying to be human. Nothing, and I mean nothing in this house matches, coordinates, flows, or makes sense. It's subtle, yes, but when you start to notice it, it becomes infuriating.
Tumblr media
yeah, you know what would look good in this mostly neutral room? a painting with a clown palette. good for the digestion.
Tumblr media
Tbh I wish they stuck with the hokey castle thing instead of making a house that looks like a bank lobby.
Tumblr media
There's a weird Dracula subtext going on here and it makes me uncomfortable.
Tumblr media
I am trying to understand the thought process here. First: tray ceiling. ok. normal mcmansion stuff. Now we need the two narrowest windows WITH a big fanlight on top. OK SO instead of doing a tray ceiling in the middle of the room, what if we did like, a double soffit with recessed lights. Ok. BUT THEN WHAT ABOUT THE WINDOW?? Well we could move the window down two feet or replace it with a more normal window shape, you know one that makes a modicum of sense. However, for some reason that is unacceptable. Hence, moldus interruptus. And yet (and yet) we still want that tray ceiling look because this is 2002. So i guess?? nail on some moldings??? but they're brown because they have to match the doors instead of the white baseboards??????
Tumblr media
As a bonus, this room is the easiest for dressing up for Halloween.
Tumblr media
You've got to give them credit where credit is due here. They had to find some kind of use for the McMansion foyer interzone despite the fact that it is a "room" with no walls that is clearly an oversized traffic area. It's like putting lounge chairs in the middle of an airport hallway.
Finally, the back side of this house which is marginally better than the castle stuff.
Tumblr media
Anyway, thanks for joining me on this confounding journey. Bonus posts will be up tomorrow, and there's still time to catch me livestreaming terrible home design shows from the 90s on Thursday:
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Not into recurring payments? Try the tip jar, because I live in Chicago and winter heating bills are coming
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f10werfae · 26 days
Wedding Labour
Tumblr media
pairing: Dad!Husb!Henry x Doctor!Wife!Mom!Reader
summary: doctor reader goes into labor at her and Henry's wedding? The twitter reaction format please? (Requested by @stormcloudss )
requested are open/Likes, Comments and Re-blogs are appreciated♥️
Henry Masterlist, Full Masterlist, Taglist Form
>> @/superstrongleo: Just saw the released pics of Henry carrying her to their bridal car, that man looks stressed tf out, I guess it’s a given as it’s their first baby😭😭
@/lesseraf: Their baby boy is deffo a Cavill, always interrupting and coming early to things😭😭
@/nornor: I hate how the paps first instinct was to completely violate the couple’s privacy by spamming the poor woman with camera flashes while she’s in literal labour. Wtaf is wrong with you guys?!
>> @/flawlessfrank: Tell me about it. Henry just released a statement that he’s taking legal action because of the stress it caused Y/n, I love how he made a whole 30 minute video explaining the consequences of what could have happened to his family
@/chrisevansgorl: Ok but that photo of Y/n posted by Henry where she’s holding their baby in a hospital bed in a hospital gown, BUT MISS GIRL STILL HAD HER WEDDING VEIL ON?! QUEEN SHIT ONLY!!!
@/DailyTelegram: BREAKING NEWS!! VERY newlywed Henry and Y/n Cavill, welcome their baby boy ON THEIR WEDDING DAY!
@/onedirectionsd: Now their wedding anniversary is their baby’s birthday🥹🥹
>> @/HenryCavill: Not as good as you think, no more anniversary holidays for us two
@/thekingofkings: Henry’s mum’s post is so cute😍 The photo of Henry and Y/n cuddling in her hospital bed is the cutest thing ever, and their baby Charlie in the bassinet next to them
>> @/Y/nCavill: I kicked him out of the bed soon after, he’s a bed hogger of a husband
@/pinklemonade: omg the video of Henry scratching an itch that Y/n had while she’s breastfeeding has me pissing myself with laughter. It’s the way she was twisting and turning trying not to annoy Charlie while trying to itch her back, and Henry just pulls her closer by her waist and scratches her back under her shirt without even asking. Goals.
@/givemeadam: Henry is too fricking funny. Why is this man buying his newborn a Geralt cosplay already😭 Then has the audacity to say he looked better as Geralt
>> @/HenryCavill: Gotta prepare my little man for the harsh world out there
@/Hollycrisin: Nah because Y/n’s wedding dress got all bloody, that shit was branded expensive too
>> @/Y/nCavill: Tell me about it, it’s still at the dry cleaners 😭
@/galaxyrumbel: It’s crazy how good they jumped into parental roles for reall, Y/n is a complete supermom and Henry’s turned into the most overprotective beat
@/user183737379: I’m just glad her water broke after the actual ceremony, at least their wedding didn’t have to be postponed😀
>> @/asuper: i know i’m happy they got to say “i do” before the arrival
@/slinkyleopard: omg the leaked photos of Y/n and Henry's wedding photoshoot, THEY INCLUDED BABY CHARLIE AND KAL😭😍 The one photo of Charlie just laying on top of Kal while they’re both asleep, it’s everything I need in life
@/HenryCavill: Y/n and I want to come on here ourselves and say I will be taking a break from projects for the foreseeable future. This is to focus on us and our (developing) family. We thank you so much for all of your support, and we will continue to update you on our social medias ONLY. Anything released by the tabloids is false and we will not stand for rumours to fly around. Lots of love Henry and Y/n xx
@/trueferalis: Ok but Miss Y/n is super slay, the photo she posted of her going back to work as a paediatrician is so girlboss, SUPERMOM AND DOCTOR
>> @/HenryCavill: So proud to be her man and daddy of our baby 😋
@/kinkydhrine: I can’t believe it’s been two years since Charlie was born the same day as their wedding, did anyone else swoon at the video Henry posted of them all on holiday at Bora Bora. Baby Charlie and Y/n on a big inflatable flamingo is everything, his tiny squeals 🥹🥹 Then Henry in the background of the video whistling at Y/n 🫣🫣
7 Weeks Later
>> @/ririezdueh: You called it. They’ve just had another pregnancy announcement, HOPEFULLY NOT ANOTHER WEDDING ANNIVERSARY BABY 😭😭
Taglist Tags (Form is up there^^): @alexxavicry @bookfrog242 @alina02 @aerangi @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson @sparklemarysunshine @oliviah-25 @mischiefsemimanaged @nikkitc0703 @hallecarey1 @misshale21 @girl-of-multi-fandoms @mansaay @fdl305 @princess-paramour @stormcloudss @uwiuwi @marvelgurl @taramaria @mysticfalls01 @kebabgirl67 @athena-roy @tinyelfperson @madebylilly @dumb-fawkin-bitch @vrittivsanghavi @beck07990 @kimhtoo17 @thereisa8ella @pandaxnienke
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buglaur · 6 days
Tumblr media
tutorial contents:
1 ‣ gshade & photoshop actions 2 ‣ template or cropping & colouring 3 ‣ notifs & pop-ups
okay hi! i have a really old editing tutorial from back in january that i've been linking people to, but it's pretty outdated by now. i also keep getting anons asking about the same things, which is fine, but i always have to go searching for the post explaining it, so having it all in one place will be a lot more convenient lol
i use a ☠ copy of photoshop cc 2017 to edit my screenshots, however the majority of everything i'm doing also works on photopea
photopea is an online version of photoshop that's 100% free and works very well! i can't recommend it enough, it's fantastic
Tumblr media
first things first, you're going to need some screenshots to edit. for the sake of this tutorial i'll be working with this one of raffy:
Tumblr media
in all honesty, gshade will do most of the work for you. of course it's not needed, but i definitely don't think i could live without it! in this screenshot i used sunset n' vinyl by nesurii
when opening the screenshot, the first thing i do is run it through 2 photoshop actions:
butter action by early-grape
smooth sharp (no topaz) by poolbrop
to add actions in photoshop go:
windows > actions > the 4 lines at the upper right corner of the newly opened window > load actions > your downloads folder > open up the .atn files!
if you're using photopea, as far as i'm aware you can't use photoshop actions, but i've found that 'filter > stylize > oil paint' and 'filter > sharpen > smart sharpen' have a very similar effect when using the right settings. try these:
Tumblr media
i like these two actions because they smooth everything out nicely, but keep it sharp at the same time! i always run butter before i run smooth sharp, however butter may leave you with 2 layers. make sure to merge these layers before running smooth sharp to achieve the full effect.
here's a before and after (of the photoshop action):
Tumblr media
from here you can move on to step 2
Tumblr media
before anything else i want to share the template that i use to make editing a lot faster. you don't need to use it but it's definitely made things a lot easier for me! it's a .psd file and will work perfectly in photopea
download (simfileshare)
if you're using the template you can skip right on to the next section, as it's already cropped to the right size and has the colouring folder included. just drag your screenshot into it and resize to fit the height.
if you're not using it, crop your edited screenshot to:
1707 width x 1280 height
then adjust the colours to your liking. it always varies slightly depending on the picture but my regular process for each screenshot would be:
up the saturation by 8%
up the lightness by 3%
up the contrast by 12%
all of this can be done by looking in the 'images > adjustments' tab
Tumblr media
you should end up with something similar to this!
Tumblr media
if you want to add a moodlet or social interaction or anything similar, it's all the same process. what you'll need is a screenshot of it straight from the game. i just press the 'c' key to capture them! i'll be working with these two:
Tumblr media
for the blue notification i'm going to select it using the box select tool. try to get it as exact as possible. one you have it selected
for photoshop users:
click on the 'select and mask...' option located at the top
adjust the global refinements at the side as follows:
smooth: 70 feather: 0.0px contrast: 50% shift edge: 0%
for photopea users:
go to select > modify > smooth
set it to 15
select 'ok' and press 'ctrl + c' to copy it, then 'ctrl + v' to paste it into your screenshot. adjust the size and position and you should end up with something like this:
Tumblr media
next you want to add the transparent border around the notification. if you're using my editing template, right click on the reference notif in the layers tab and select 'copy layer style' (photopea > 'layer style > copy'). from there you can paste that layer style onto your own notif through the layers tab.
if you're not using the template, here's how to set it up on photoshop:
right click your notification layer and select 'blending options'
under styles, tick the checkboxes for stroke and drop shadow
input these settings:
Tumblr media
on photopea, it should be more or less the same. repeat the exact same process with the social menu option, but instead of selecting it with the box select tool, use the magic select tool. in the end you should end out with this!
Tumblr media
from here you're finished! thanks for reading! go to file and export as png
if you've got questions never hesitate to ask, just make sure to read the faq in my pinned. i might edit this post soon to include the gen intro traits and aspirations bit, but this is all for now. hope it helps, my editing process post has been in need of a revamp for a very long time. i haven't proof-read this so apologies for any mistakes!
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missmeinyourbones · 8 months
omg?? Why did the cheating ask lowkey ruin my night, can I request the way aot boys show affection to cancel it out :(
this has been in my inbox for ages now lol im sorry for the late response but NAURRRR not the ruining your night (in reference to this post) im sorry baby here are some fluffy and nice affection hcs for u <3 thanks for being patient w me 
we all know that eren bites. LMFAOOOOO the sky is blue, grass is green, and eren is a biter. he’s an aries, he radiates love as aggression vibes. he shows you physical affection by gently biting down on any area of your skin that he can reach in the moment. he just sees you and gets this indescribable urge to bite??? like a ur so cute i need to release my love in a physical manner so biting will have to do kinda thing. his fav places to nibble on are ur neck, cheeks, fingers, and thighs. honorable mentions include your stomach and ankles. ANNOYING MAN.
armin genuinely says “i love you” like 50 times a day. he says it after everything he does LMFAOOOOOO like yeah the normal person says it a few times, maybe when they wake up/go to sleep, leave the house, a few random times in the day. no, you literally hand armin his coffee (something you get him EVERY DAY) and its “thank you, i love you” he comes into your office and is like “hey, i love you, wanna watch a movie later?” you ask him for an opinion on an outfit and hes like “hm i like the blue one but i love you so much” like WHATTTTT???? it ends EVERY TEXT conversation even if its the quickest question you need to ask “hi! where did you put the kettle?” “hi baby, probably in the cabinet to the right of the fridge” “ok found it, thank you, i love you” he cant help himself he needs it to be said !!! >:(
jean always has a hand on you, somewhere and somehow. it becomes such a normal thing that you dont even notice it or think twice about it sometimes??? it started w simple things like holding your hand on the dinner table or resting his palm on the small of your back, guiding you as you walk. but the more established your relationship gets, the weirder and more often the touches occur. he sleeps with a hand flat across your lower stomach, dangerously close to the hem of your underwear. he makes sure ur legs are always resting on top of his lap when youre laying on the couch. he rests a hand on ur forehead when ur reading. he does that thing that you do in elementary school where you touch the tip of someones elbow so lightly while theyre doing something so they dont feel it and then you look at them and ur like “im touching you, can you feel that?” hes mentally 6 
connie is the world’s biggest kisser. he kisses. anywhere, anytime. he kisses your forehead when you’re standing in line at the grocery store waiting to check out. he kisses your ankle when you’re laying on the couch watching a movie. he kisses your shoulder when you’re cooking in the kitchen and shoo him away from your workspace. he cant help himself, he loves how versatile kissing is. how sometimes the two of you can lazily make out for HOURS, and not have it lead to anything but simply loving on one another and feeling your skin against his lips. he also loves how other times, it can be a quick and wordless gesture of i love you. a quick kiss in the morning as he goes to class, or one when youre a little mad at him and he pecks your lips to check in. hes so sweet i wanna pop him like a bubble
you tell reiner something once and he will literally never forget it. mans is like an elephant, he has an insane memory. he remembers every single detail about you, no matter how big or small and stupid you think it might be. ofc he knows all of the basics--your coffee order, your allergies, your preferred side of the bed, etc. any partner would know those things, he knows the insanely observant stuff like how when you eat trail mix you avoid all of the raisins, so he eats those first so you dont have to. he knows that you always order a large coffee, but only ever finish a mediums worth of it, so he orders a large but puts it in a medium cup and saves the rest for later if you want it (which he knows you wont). he folds the sheets in the specific way you like, because you dont like your feet to hang off the edge of the bed but want them to be loose enough to move freely underneath them. hes INSANE when it comes to details about you, megamind if you will
porco prioritizes you over literally anything else in his life. hes so quick to cancel his plans if it means hanging out w you or doing something for you LMFAOOOO. he has plans to go to the gym but youre like baby wanna watch a movie? and hes changing into his pajamas like FUCK YEA I DO <3 or he told reiner he’d go to a baseball game w him but then you wake up with a stomach ache and hes like “nope, sorry i cant go, my baby doesnt feel well” even when ur like porco im literally fine just go, he refuses. you tell him youre gonna study for a test ur nervous about and hes automatically like i’ll help you and ur like dont you have ur own class rn? and hes like yeah but fuck it ill skip and help you make flashcards ???? boy go to class 
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floatmeintothesun · 21 days
Genshin Impact men as older brother figures: Headcanons
An: ok lmao I did this bc I was bored as shit and I love the Genshin characters. I love all of these idiots equally. ALSO this is my first post showing my writing! Constructive criticism is welcomed!
Includes: Kaeya, Scaramouche, Diluc, and Xiao
-Teasing. Straight-up teasing. You're never going to get away from it, so don’t even try. I mean, come on--It’s Kaeya, what did you expect? He will keep it to a degree where you know that he’s only poking fun at you, however.
“Oh? A hug? Aw, did you miss me that much? You're too cute. My heart can barely take it.”
-He’s a doting older brother figure, if not incredibly mischievous. I feel like he’s the type to drag you everywhere and invite you to hang out in his office when he’s not working. If you're lucky, he’ll probably try to teach you how to wield a sword or even spar with you.
(Does he let you beat him sometimes? Yes, but he’ll tease you about it so much it probably won’t feel too much like a win.)
-Also, be ready for hugs! Are you feeling down? You're getting a hug. Did you see something that you didn’t like? Hug. Did you get injured somehow? A gentle scolding, then you get a hug. He’s worried that you’ll slip through his fingers, just like everyone else he’s ever cared about, so he’ll try to remedy that feeling by physical touch. So don’t be afraid to initiate hugs by yourself, he’d love it. He’s a very touchy person, so if that’s your thing, you two are a perfect fit!
(If it isn’t, he’ll respect your boundaries, but might ask for hugs occasionally.)
-He’s mildly protective. He knows you can probably fend for yourself but still--he will step into any situation where you feel or show that you are somewhat uncomfortable.
“Ah, just a second. I’d like to speak to my darling little sibling. Huh? No, I’m sure what you were talking about isn’t important at all. Completely irrelevant, even. Please leave, so I may enjoy some quality time without your…unpleasant presence.”
-Ok but I wanna say that he’s like a…sort of bodyguard? I mean that like, idk, he doesn't like (see: absolutely hates) the thought of you being taken advantage of by someone else so he’ll try to ward off any potential suitors vying for your attention.
-Like, if he sees someone else hitting on you, they’ll definitely be subjected to a very cold and insincere smile that just generally warns others against doing it again. If they're persistent…well, let’s just say that he’ll replicate their stubbornness tenfold. 
-Expect a casual arm slung around your shoulder if you're as tall as him, or both arms folded on top of your head while he looks down at your pursuer if you're shorter. Besides, who’s going to go against the Calvary Captain himself? 
-Will Kaeya engage and pull you into various antics? Yep, probably. Will he make sure that it’s all lighthearted and fun as long as you're here? Yep, definitely. 
-He’ll be one of those siblings who acts a little aloof while caring immensely about your wellbeing, hidden under his usual teasing facade.
“You look thinner today--don’t tell me you aren’t eating. Did you skip breakfast? That won’t do--come along, we’re going to the Good Hunter. Why? Well, I can’t have a stick for a little sibling, can I?”
-When you're feeling sad, he’s good at comfort. He’ll listen and add his own commentary when he feels that it’s needed and as mentioned earlier, is completely willing to hug you if you need it. In fact, being a cryo user, his hugs are cooler than a normal person’s, so in the summer, it’ll definitely feel nice. In the winter…he’s a bit sad that you won’t ask for them as much so bear with him if he’s more clingy during that season.
(Can you tell that I really like physical affection? ;-;)
-Pretty chilled out, most of the time, UNLESS you have managed to get injured. Whether it be from training, or a run-in with monsters, anything, he’s there to wrap your wounds, hug you,  and then flick your forehead especially hard for worrying him. 
-Then he’ll subtly hover over you and make sure you don’t get hurt even more but, like, very sneakily, to the point which you won’t even notice his behavior until he becomes more relaxed and lets you go off on your own without his supervision.
“Nope. I’m not letting you cut your own bread. Why? Because I want some too, y’know. You’ll eat it all by the time I’ve blinked twice.”
(No, he just doesn’t want you holding a knife while your hands are bandaged lest you get even MORE hurt somehow. He’ll deny it if you ask him later.)
-He’ll let you sit in his office whenever you want, even when he’s working, as long as you stay quiet. If you fall asleep while waiting for him to finish, he’ll wrap a blanket around your shoulders and let you sleep.
-Tell him you love him (platonically), and he’ll pause for a second trying to process what you just said in genuine surprise. The result of that is an extra clingy and sappy Kaeya. He might drape himself over you just because he wants to be near you. Or just casually lean against you, using you as a sort of crutch or something.
-Would he let you try alcohol? No. At least, he won’t let you drink huge amounts of it. Maybe a little sip of the most watered-down wine you've probably ever tasted because he’s a responsible person underneath his mask of apathy.
-All in all, he’s a very sweet older brother figure, although he doesn’t show it often, keeping it buried under a layer of his usual barbs and teases. Just know, he’ll always be looking out for you--betrayal is a sore spot for him so he tries to show that he’ll never intentionally hurt you. 
(He doesn’t want the same thing that happened to Diluc to happen to you. He’ll keep you as close to him as he possibly can, while life is good. Maybe, when he finally feels that you are ready for it, he’ll tell you about his past and his history.)
-Ouch. That’s all I’m going to say for when you first meet this guy. Ouch, very ouch. Scaramouche has a sharper tongue than anything--even the sharpest sword can’t compare to his cutting words.
(lol idk if this is actually true, but I’ll take my soft Scaramouche agenda to the grave with me. PLUS I SAW ADORABLE SCARA AND QIQI ART ON TWITTER AND AGHGHGJG I LOVE  IT)
-Lmao, good luck getting through his defenses and worming your way inside his heart, but when you actually do manage it…an absolute softie with you. Anyone else, they're nothing more than scum made to be walked all over by his sandals. 
-He’s like a cat. A very demented cat. If you spend enough time with him and put actual effort into seeing past his incredibly grumpy exterior, then you’ll find that he’ll tolerate your presence. Scaramouche won’t talk to you like he does with his subordinates and really…kind of dotes on you in his own way.
“I saw this bracelet on the ground and it reminded me of you. It’s absolute filth so it’s fitting that you would like it.”
(Sir you cannot tell me you found this gorgeous bracelet on the dusty ass ground. It doesn't have a single speck of dirt on it.)
- He doesn’t really mean it when he insults you or anything. If you read between the lines, his messages are actually quite sweet. You just have to dig deep. Really deep.
-Tsundere. A total tsundere, there’s simply no way around it. He’ll give you little trinkets or food he finds interesting, disguising the actual reason for giving it under excuses.
“I got dango from one of the stalls and the idiotic wench manning it gave me two. I’m not going to eat it, so take it. I’ll throw it away if you don’t.”
“I can’t believe that they thought I’d use something as useless as this. You can have it--it serves me no purpose whatsoever.”
“I have no need for your…physical affection. Hey! I didn’t say I wouldn't let you hug me! I know your puny mortal needs have something to do with… hugs. Be grateful I’m letting you do this.”
-His hat is big enough for the two of you to huddle underneath. He’ll let you wear it if he’s feeling nice and if you beg him enough. Actually, if you beg enough for anything, eventually, he’ll cave underneath the weight of your requests. You just have to beg a lot--like a humongous amount of begging. 
-You managed to win over his favorability with determination (lots of it), so why shouldn’t you be persistent enough to ask him for things over and over?
-He’s actually incredibly protective of you. There’s someone following you home? Well, their head now exists somewhere far away from their body. You got hurt today? After making sure you're fine, he’s going to find the culprit and brutally introduce them to his friend, death. You get made fun of? Looks like that person no longer has a tongue to make fun of you with. 
-He won’t let you see the extent of his work with the Fatui, but he will tell you that he does regularly murder people, and you're fine with that, cool! He’s relieved as well! When he enacts his plans to break away from the organization, you're coming along with him, although it’s highly likely that you’ll be dropped off somewhere safe while he…ahem…becomes a god.
-It doesn’t work but rest assured. As soon as he recovers he’s coming back to get you. Maybe the two of you will go on adventures together.
(There’s no way in hell that he’ll ever leave you as the world did to him.)
-I don’t think he’s too much of a touchy person but he will accept casual physical contact, such as hugs or maybe leaning against you when he’s feeling lazy. Maybe he’ll tell you that he absolutely despises it, but really, he doesn’t mind it too much.
-If you tell him that you really appreciate him he’ll grace you with one of his incredibly rare smiles. So make sure the scary short man has all the words of affirmation you can possibly give him--it reassures him that you won’t disappear and betray him like everyone else has. 
-If you had any intention of leaving him, it’s gone now. Scaramouche is the type of person who might break if he suffers just one more of the things he hates. Please don’t leave him, he’ll shatter under the weight of every betrayal he’s suffered.
-Sad boy, give him hugs. Don’t let go, it’ll make him feel so much better. 
-He’s a bit softer since being defeated (see: getting his shit rocked) by the Traveller, so he’ll welcome any affection you show him readily, although he will make excuses when he wants to do the same to you.
“...You have something on your shoulder. Come over here, I’ll get rid of it…no, this isn’t a hug. You're just making things up.”
(It’s totally a hug.)
-He’s not too good at being an older brother figure, but he’s learning, slowly but surely. He’s trying his best to make sure you have a better life than he did and damn it, the world will end before he deserts you.
-His comfort level is…mediocre, but he does his absolute best to try to make you feel better, in his own roundabout way.
“Stop crying. It’s…unbefitting of you. No, wait, that came out wrong… Just come over here alright? You don’t need to cry when you’ve got me. We’re stuck in this together, whether you like it or not--so suck it up.”
-You’ve somehow, by the grace of the gods, earned the title of being his family and that means you're stuck with him forever. Like a cat, you feed one day and it just keeps coming back for more. I hope you don’t mind because he’s fiercely loyal to you.
-I’d say that he’s a bit…rusty when it comes to emotions. Bro legit does not know how the fuck they even work sometimes, but he’ll try to make sure that you know that he cares about you deeply. He comes across as gruff and even grumpy most of the time, even though it’s probably not what he actually feels.
-Istg, 99% of the time he looks as if he might punch someone if they dare come up and talk to him. Plus, the claymore he sometimes hauls around Monstadt is also incredibly intimidating. 99% of the time he’s probably thinking the exact opposite of what people assume.
-Diluc is what you call, emotionally constipated. He’s got a bad case of RBF, so kudos to you for approaching him and getting close enough to see that he’s actually a nice person. He naturally slips into the role of an older brother, although he might come off as awkward when he tries to convey that to you.
-He’s a total sweetheart. Kind of. He won’t let you come along when he slaughters encampments of hilichurls but if he gets hurt, he trusts you enough to bandage whatever wounds he could have procured from his patrols. 
-Sometimes that just leads to both of you sitting on comfortable seats (or the floor) and literally just talking about everything and nothing at the same time. Like, just random ramblings and stuff and somehow that just leads from topic to topic. 
(Although it’ll probably only be you talking about everything, don’t worry. Diluc will definitely listen while you speak and sometimes, he’ll even share some of his own experiences.)
-They're rare, but he will have them with you, and it will guarantee that you strengthen your bond with him. It’s just that he has to do work often, or is exhausted by his nightly routine to go out and kill monsters.
He’s very protective of you. He’s had too many of his family members get hurt because of him, so he’s incredibly careful with the way he treats you. That extends to being extremely overprotective when someone shows obvious interest in you and he doesn’t approve. 
“So…you have a crush on my little sibling?... You are unfit of being in any type of relationship in the first place. What makes you think you have a chance?”
-I feel like you have to be the one who has to drag him off to bed so that he doesn’t overwork himself like an idiot.
“...Just let me finish signing this document. I need it to help with the trade of the Dawn Winery’s alcohol production in Liyue.”
(Bitch, that’s what you said 30 minutes ago. Sleep.)
-This guy is touch starved, glomp him or something, he won’t complain. He’s strong enough to hold you up when you do this, don’t be shy. He likes physical touch but for the love of god, he will NOT be the one to initiate it. He won’t ask for anything at all and it’s usually a little difficult to tell if he wants a hug or not.
-Here’s an easy way to tell: Diluc just stares. He stares at you for like, long minutes on end, until you put it together that he wants something like a hug. 
-It was weird at first, but now it’s kind of endearing now that you actually know he’s doing it.
-He’s one of those people who gives you a nice, little head pat whenever he feels that he needs to, which is sweet. Although sometimes it’s natural and others it’s a little awkward, but then again, almost everything that’s related to emotions with him is awkward.
(You get extra brownie points if you reach up and pat his head too. He’ll blink confusedly for the next two seconds while mentally bluescreening.)
-He’s surprisingly good at comforting others, seeing as he’s somewhat oblivious to emotional cues. He’ll listen and be there for you, like an anchor to tether you down. His presence can have a rather soothing effect as well.
-Would he let you braid or do his hair? Maybe, if you're lucky and he wants to spend some time with you. His hair is silky and incredibly thick. It’s the best kind for learning how to do different hairstyles since it’s longer. 
-He tries to be as open with you as he possibly can and absolutely hates lies for…reasons. Please don’t lie to him, he’ll be sad. 
-If you get hurt then oops. Looks like your outside privileges are revoked until you recover! Lmao, he’s going to force you to stay at his home while you recuperate from your wounds. Will he be there to make sure that you actually rest? He’ll damn well try and it’s highly unlikely you’ll escape from your bedrest until he deems you well enough.
“I don’t care if you told the bakery you would get sweet flowers for them. Your leg is injured and I don’t need you messing it up while you heal--stay in bed. I’ll get them for you, and in return, JUST STAY THERE AND DON'T MOVE--”   
-To be fair, he doesn't need you running around, bleeding out slowly and painfully. LIKE A CERTAIN BLUE-HAIRED IDIOT. I have a headcanon that Kaeya consistently neglects the fact that he’s injured and brushes off the fact that he’s hurt in order to finish more work, which definitely stresses the hell out of Diluc. So he’ll try to make sure that you're fine, to try to ease his anxiety about the both of you.
-Slowly, as time goes by, he becomes more comfortable with you. He’ll bring you small little presents and he’ll let you sit behind the bar in the Dawn Winery when he’s there. Diluc will even let you assemble your own drinks too, granted if they're non-alcoholic. 
-He won’t let you taste alcohol until he’s sure that you're responsible enough and even then, he’s going to supervise you, just in case. Bro does not want you to be drunk while he’s not there. The thought of someone advancing on you while you're intoxicated makes his blood boil.
-I say he’s a good older brother figure, in all. He’s a little guarded, and it takes a while for him to actually open up to you enough to consider you as a part of his family but when he actually does, you two are going to be like two peas in a pod.
-(Bonus: Diluc and Kaeya reconcile because of your proking and prodding of both of them. This just means that there are no longer any misunderstandings between them. Both will definitely spoil you while running a friendly competition on which one of them can earn the most of your attention.)
-Look, I wanna know how you managed to befriend an Adeptus to the point of being considered his little sibling. This guy is even more emotionally constipated than Diluc. Don’t let that deter you from trying though!
-Maybe he saved you from monsters and you try to thank him by repeatedly bringing him almond tofu and chatting. Maybe you find him on the roof of your house and you sit next to him every night he decides to visit. Maybe you intentionally seek him out and use your determination to get closer to Xiao, idk. Take your pick of any of these situations.
-Either way, you’ve managed to make him care about you deeply, even though he flat-out refuses to show it. (In actuality, he just doesn’t know how to tell you that you matter to him a shit ton, so he settles for sticking to your side and coming whenever you call for him.)
-Oh, btw, he’ll tell you straight away once he’s comfortable enough to just call out his name whenever you need him. Whether it’s just for something small or something that’s important, he’ll arrive whenever you ask. He might scold you a little if it’s for something he deems as unimportant but he doesn’t actually care too much.
-To him, it’s reassurance that you actually want him around and don’t mind his presence. Which, of course, you don't, he’s an awesome Adeptus, how dare you even think otherwise??
-But in all honesty, he tries to make sure that you're safe and fine, even subconsciously. Like in the back of his mind, he’ll wonder if you're okay and if you call for him while he’s thinking about your safety, he’ll arrive even faster than normal.
-He’s not too big on physical contact or cuddles, but he’ll grudgingly accept them if you're the one giving. It makes him feel bubbly inside and it’s somewhat unfamiliar to him, so he just avoids the feeling all together.
-He’s protective, but he’ll try to keep his distance from you because of his karmic debt. He despises the thought of you being hurt by him or his karma, so at first, once he actually realizes that, oh shit, I really care about this human, he’ll start to distance himself away from you. 
-Then you have to hunt him down and tell him that you love him (platonically) and would still stay even if his debt harms you.
-If he sees someone that you're clearly uncomfortable with keep trying to engage you in any type of way he will go down to you and threaten them a little. He’d do more if his contract with Rex Lapis permitted it but he swore to help all humans, which means that he isn’t allowed to actually hurt them.
“Stay away from my little sibling. I’ll rain hellfire down upon you if this continues.”
(Well…he’ll only threaten murder to the point of them leaving you alone. How sweet--it’s his own way of showing his care for you.)
-Even though he doesn’t like big crowds of people, he will go with you if you want to go to festivals in Liyue, just to make sure you're alright. Sure, he’ll look grumpy and brooding the entire time, but he uses this time to grudgingly get closer to you and ward off any potential suitors vying for your attention.
-If you get hurt, he’ll start blaming himself for not protecting you better, even if it’s only a shallow scratch. In his eyes, you are something pure, not meant to be harmed in any way at all. Compared to himself, which he sees as disgusting and shameful. He’ll visit you all the more when you're wounded, which means that you’ll practically have a shadow following you everywhere, ready to step in and help you at any time.
-Xiao appreciates it when you spend time with him, like sitting together under a large tree, hiding from the heat of the sun. Or even just chatting aimlessly on the roof of your house in the middle of the night. Or even sleeping on his shoulder while he keeps watch. Whatever it is, he makes sure to cherish every moment, because he knows how short mortal lives really are.
-Tell him that he’s the best older brother in the world, he’ll blush in embarrassment and scold you for being so shameless. Inwardly though, he’ll feel all warm and happy so give him lots of reassurance that you really do care about him, just as much as he does for you.
“...How brazen can you possibly be?... No, I’m not red, your mind is playing tricks upon you, but…thank you. I--never mind.”
-If he feels lonely, he’ll subtly be more clingy the next time he sees you. Like a quick little tap of his fingers against your arm to get your attention or more physical contact. Maybe he’ll make an excuse to stick to your side as long as he can afford, trying to tell himself that it’s for your own good.
-He will let you play with his hair when he feels somewhat tired. He doesn’t actually sleep--it’s more of a light doze--but he will tolerate you combing your fingers through his silky hair since it feels nice for him. You've done it so many times that it’s practically habit for him to lay down next to you and expect you to start running your hands through his locks. 
-If you don’t, he’ll nudge your hand a little and glare at you until you comply with his wishes.
“...Hey. would you start…doing your thing already? What? Of course you know what I mean, you've done it so many times before. Huh?... You're just messing with me, aren't you?”
-OUGFDSEFG we love him.
-His comforting skills are…the same as Scaramouche’s but he tries. Don’t hold it against him if he just stands to the side, patting your back awkwardly, silent wishing he had the power to make you feel instantly better. He legit has spent so much time avoiding humans that he doesn’t even know how they work anymore.
“…hey. Don’t cry, I’m…sure everything will turn out alright. Huh? You weren’t crying? Well, just feel better, okay?…I don’t like seeing you sad.”
-All in all, he might fumble around with his emotions but ultimately will do anything to ensure your happiness and safety. Plus you can brag about having touched an Adeptus’s hair and survived to tell the tale! Honestly, he’s a real sweetheart who really cares about you. Spend some time with him, and share a plate of almond tofu, he appreciates it.
AN-ok I’m done. If u want to ask me to write anything, I am currently taking requests, HOWEVER, it’ll take me a while to actually post anything else, so please be patient! Please don’t steal my work!
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louistonehill · 6 days
Commentary on the references to occupied Palestine and Israeli war crimes in Andor by @sustheories on Twitter
Source: https://twitter.com/sustheories/status/1596343515751284737
(because I've seen a lot of people complain about the way some of these scenes were portrayed and here you have "historical" context)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ok here it is: the parallels to Palestine in #Andor Tony Gilroy recently said the finale was partly inspired by anti-apartheid protests in Palestine, but the finale isn't the first or only time they've made parallels. So here's a list off the top of my head keen's story about imps taking over his brothers tree farm is what has continuously happened to olive tree farmers in Palestine. The family land, where they've lived for generations, gets taken by force and they're kicked out (if they're lucky) or killed.
The empire taking over and destroying the Aldhani's holy site, is just like what happens yearly in the Al Aqsa Mosque where worshippers are prevented from going, then attacked during holy days with tear gas & rubber bullets. The mosque windows and walls also get ruined.
Protestors in Ferrix throwing stones at troopers, Clem Andor being captured & hung trying to keep the peace. Palestinians use stones to fight back with against a fully decked out occupying force, and simply being in the vicinity of any protest can get you detained or killed.
Cassian, as a young man, running at troopers with his stick for what they did to his father, leading to his arrest & imprisonment. This is what Palestinian youth deal with: men in the family constantly being detained or killed. They try to fight back & receive the same punishment.
Cassian simply walking on the beach being arrested because a trooper thought he was suspicious, held by his neck, then imprisoned without due process is how most Palestinians get detained. The "tactic" to hold people by their necks, whether using hands or knees, is commonly used against Palestinians (and was taught to the US by those soldiers). Most Palestinians are held without charges or trial, in brutal conditions including torture.
In the finale, the way Ferrix locals were fighting with their hands, rocks, bricks, while imps had full gear, snipers, automatic weapons, fired at will, & snatched people from the crowd to detain them, is exactly how Palestinians are treated, abused, and killed on a daily basis.
What Wilmon Paak did with his homemade device would cause an entire city block in the West Bank to be razed to the ground as retaliation.
The way Bix was detained and tortured brutally, using experimental techniques, happens to Palestinians who are detained to get info, without charges or trial. They can get experimented on and the resulting tactics gets sold to militaries and police forces around the world...
This is a long and heavy post, but needed to be said. Seeing these events on screen, the riot tactics, ethnic cleansing, dehumanization of native peoples, abuse of power, etc is necessary. I hope people can connect the dots and understand the commentary that #Andor is making
My notes: For those not well versed in Palestinian history or what is happening right now, Ilan Pappe's books are a great source (which you can find free on Scribd) as is AlJazeera news
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mrsmothmom · 25 days
this is tea for new tumblr users about how REBLOGS work. they're different from retweets in some important ways.
Tumblr media
[IMG ID: a retweet featuring Lady Gaga]
retweets are an extension of the original tweet that is to say:
they only exist as long as the original tweet exists
you can only retweet a single tweet once
they take the place of your own tweet, meaning they can clog up your feed
they can sometimes SPAM the original tweeter with notifications and thus be a bit annoying
Tumblr media
[IMG ID: an image showing where the reblog button is on a tumblr post]
reblogs are their own post separate from the original:
they are a COPY of the original post, now posted on your own blog
you can reblog the same post, including your own post, infinitely
they will live on even if the original post is DELETED
they are considered your own post and therefore do not clog up your feed
the original poster has control over whether they continue to get notifications for them
reblogs are an essential part of tumblr culture
you share things you like with your audience and give each other a boost by reblogging. it's normal and expected to reblog a ton on tumblr.
this is why tumblrinas are annoyed that new people quote "don't reblog". reblogging is considered good tumblr etiquette.
this structure devalues likes because reblogging is considered normal (and is also considered the way to share posts with your own followers), likes have less value on tumblr.
your post becoming super popular can therefore be hell for you your post will become a mummified version of itself, getting reblogs, likes and shares forever. if this happens and your notes are making you want to die simply delete your original post. your content will live on without you, in infinite bliss.
a note on tags when you reblog, the tags from the original post don't stick with it unless you check a box that says "keep original tags":
sometimes keeping the original tags is ok
other times, the original tags will include things like "my art", or other personal tags used on the original posters blog to denote their own posts. reblogging with these tags can be confusing for your followers and theirs
generally, i would recommend adding your own tags or simply omitting them. reblogs are for sharing, so unless you think there's a tag that hasn't seen the post for some reason, the original tag should do the job of sharing it.
the original post will continue to collect notes (unless it is deleted, at which point each reblog will individually collect notes), which means by reblogging you not only make your own post sharing the content, but the original also gets a boost.
Tumblr media
[IMG ID: tumblr tags with helpful names - the first 5 tags feature game of thrones content, and the rest explain that after the first 5 tags the rest are only for search and personal blog organization]
you can comment on reblogs (similar to quote tweets) on twitter, you can "quote retweet" a post to add context or more information. on tumblr, you reblog the post and add some text of your own. tumblr lets you choose if this text goes on the top or the bottom of the reblogged post. this means that reblog chains are common (where a bunch of people add something in each reblog and you get a long chain of edits). this means that sometimes you will see multiple reblogs at different stages of the chain on your dash. people will comment and add context, text IDs for visually impaired or deaf folks, opinions, anything you can think of. it's cool!
Tumblr media
[IMG ID: nesting tumblr reblogs in the old style - the reblogs discuss punching a child for various amounts of money]
you can also comment in the tags
want to comment on a reblogged post without the intensity of adding text? say something in the tags! on tumblr you can write tags as long as you want, with spaces. it's NOT GOOD to add unrelated tags when they're meant for sorting and organizing (i.e. don't add #art if it's not art), but you CAN write stupid long tags that no one would search for to leave a little note for your followers or the original poster.
I HOPE THIS HELPS! you should reblog this post, as practice, totally as practice. and, also, add a note so i can see what you think of it, or maybe if you have a question or something to add.
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nadia-zahra · 1 month
Unexpected Byler Proof
Netflix posted this for the upcoming Stranger Things Day
Tumblr media
They chose to put in a lot of key props/costumes/sets from through out the show because everything is supposedly going to get tied together s5. But I’m gonna point out the shit that hints byler endgame and it saving Hawkins s5
First piece of imagery: the rainbow over Hawkins
Tumblr media
Now obviously the rainbow is a gay symbol, but it’s also been seen numerous times around Mike/Will. Here's off the top of my head:
s2 Will’s rainbow rocket mentioned in shed scene
s2 Will’s snowball date is wearing a rainbow hair clip
s4 Mike standing in front of the Rainbow connection at Suzie's
s3 Max with rainbow sleeves sitting between Mike and Will
s2 Mike and Will stand in front of rainbow Apple sign in the AV club
s4 Will holding a rainbow rubber band ball when talking to Mike
Also, the lyrics from the never-ending story from s3 go along with this picture's byler saving Hawkins imagery.
Tumblr media
"Rhymes that keep their secrets will unfold behind the clouds" = Will's secret about being gay, being in love with Mike, and the truth about the painting and his speech will be unveiled to Mike. Mike's secret about not being in love with El and instead with Will will be unveiled to Will and El. Their secrets unfolding will be the first step to defeating Vecna.
"And there upon a rainbow is the answer to the never-ending story" = once Will and Mike confess their secrets, they will become a couple and join together to defeat Vecna and save Hawkins from what feels like to them a never-ending nightmare. Hence, the netflix pic having a big rainbow over the word HAWKINS.
Let’s look at this rainbow over Hawkins a lil zoomed out
Tumblr media
The arcade sign, vecna’s clock, a hellfire shirt, and a tiger face within the hawkins highschool sign are in the immediate surroundings of the Hawkins rainbow. All these things correlate with byler saving Hawkins.
The Tiger correlates to Will-- in s4 he had multiple tiger objects in his room. He had a tiger figurine on his dresser, a tiger stuffed animal beside his bed, a tiger picture on his dresser, and another tiger picture behind his easel.
@aemiron-main made this post and @doriandrifting made this post that explains how arcades/games are byler coded. I’m not sure why this piece of byler evidence correlates to byler saving Hawkins, so if anyone wants to figure that out that’s be great!
Vecna’s clock being next to Hawkins just show that vecna is going to be the main threat s5, the person that byler is going to kill.
And let’s look at that Hellfire shirt
Tumblr media
It’s got a tentacle/vine going through it with lightening striking it to the right and a demogorgon behind it to the left. I think this Hellfire shirt is Mike’s because 1) he’s the first person shown in the series wearing it 2) unlike Dustin and Eddie who wore shirts and jackets to cover it, Mike wore it as a stand-alone piece. So, the vine going through Mike’s shirt could mean he does indeed get Vecna’s curse s5, and with the demogorgon and lightening surrounding the shirt, it could also mean he gets trapped into the Upside Down similar to Will s1. Maybe when Will and Mike to save Hawkins, they'll be fighting Vecna in the ud because of Will possibly going there to save Mike. From the show, there's proof of Will going to the ud to save Mike; in their last heart-to-heart st4, Will follows Mike to sit together on the upside-down couch.
Second piece of imagery: the dice
Tumblr media
Now there’s a couple of things to discuss with these dice but first and foremost I just need to get this out of the way: WE WERE RIGHT AB THE GAME FORESHADOWING S5!!!!!!!!! *throws fist in air victoriously*
Ok let’s get down to business. The 20 is what kills Vecna, not the 11 in the st5 foreshadow game. The fact that they included this dice roll in the pic means that it was important plot-wise. There're already clues from the show that tell us Byler = twenty (here's a link to a previous post I made ab that), but we're focusing on the new evidence this pic brings to the table. The things immediately surrounding the dice should indicate who the 20 is, and the things immediately surrounding the dice is Mike's sunglasses and Will's wizard hat. Something involving Vecna's is again seen next to byler imagery with his rose-door being the only other thing immediately next to the 20 dice. Again, it's hinting that byler is going to kill Vecna.
But let's look at how now Will's imagery is caught up in the vines and Mike's are free-floating. This alludes to Will being caught by Vecna during the battle and Mike having to be the one to save them by confessing his secrets. (EDIT: I should’ve clarified better, but I think this is Will getting trapped by Vecna during their final battle because of the rose door being right next to his trapped hat. When Max was trapped by Vecna in the UD that rose door was always there floating above them in the air.) I've already speculated that this is going to happen considering Mike's seen by Will as "the heart" of the party and has always been the one to save Will in the past (s1 Mike was nice to El which led to her helping them. In s2 he figured out the Mindflayer could spy on them + what he said to Will in the shed scene gave Will strength to tell them how to kill the Mindflayer), but it's nice to see another sign indicating what is to come.
I think that's all the byler saving Hawkins evidence within this pic, but I still think it's batshit crazy that there's any in it to begin with.
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timmymyluv · 6 months
delayed flight
Tumblr media
Timothee Chalamet x Reader
genre: fluff, very brief angst if you squint
Summary: a very late mother's Day celebration based on an old tumblr post years ago on a daughter annually having lunch with her dad but missing because she was sick
her friends go in their stead and become very close to the dad too, jokingly saying they had fun without them and it became a tradition.
basically timothee is stranded in an airport and missing the annual chalamet dinner. You've been to more than you count but always with him by your side and it's your first time alone.
you feel closer than ever to your family, like one of their own and you're so thankful that you not only have the love of your life, but another family who treats you like no other.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“I don’t think I can make it for dinner. They keep canceling or rescheduling my damn flights back home!”
You hear Timothee’s garbled voice on speaker phone as you sat on the counter in your shared kitchen, head in hands as your long-standing plans are crumbling by the minute.
“When’s the earliest you can get home, bubs?” You ask, still hopeful.
He groans. “The weather is absolute shit. They said the earliest they can get me home is tomorrow afternoon.”
Your heart breaks at the prospect of Timmy, sleep deprived from a long day of meetings, memorizing scripts, interviews and living off a suitcase has to sleep overnight at the airport when he should be home, warm in your bed and cuddled against your skin instead.
Yet he fights tooth and nail that you still go to the annual Chalamet family dinner that has become part of your routine recently. Fairly soon into your relationship and shortly after he had introduced you to them as his significant other, they had warmly welcomed you and even added you to their family group chat, included into every plan.
Biting your nails frantically, you nearly panicked at the thought of being alone with his family without him present. You knew they were as sweet as pie, as friendly and affectionate to you as their own flesh and blood, but the mere thought of being there without Timothee at your side made you apprehend whether you were ready for, what seemed to be, a next step in your relationship.
“Baby, I can already see you biting your nails. Stop that. Listen, I know you’ve always seen them with me, but don’t feel like you have to miss out on annual dinner just because I’m not there. I won’t force you, but if you want to go to dinner as always, even if I’m not physically present, you can do that. Alright?” He knew, he knows, he always does. He knows you like second nature, like you’re a part of him.
“Are you sure?” You can’t help but want to ask one more time, hear it from him again, already fully dressed in something more dressy than your casual loungewear. Was your makeup too thick? Trying too hard? Too similar or different from what you wore last dinner?
“Yes, mon amour. You don’t have to if you don’t feel like it, but they’re looking forward to seeing you if you do. Ok? I love you, my sunshine.”
Looking back one more time, you affirm to yourself in front of the mirror before grabbing your belongings, your handbags and putting your heels on to drive to the Chalamet apartment.
Timothee messages the group chat on your behalf, one step ahead. “Sorry my flight has been cancelled so I can’t make it until tomorrow morning. Y/N will still be coming to the fam dinner as planned :) ”
As you approach the driveway towards the Chalamet apartment building, you feel bile rise up in your throat as it slowly creeps into your awareness that you’re about to have dinner with his family - alone. You shake it off, finding it silly you feel like you’re an animal up for slaughter, when the family has been nothing but kind to you.
You reach the top of the staircase towards the intercom and gather all your courage to press the number combination that’ll lead to their flat. It rings for a few intervals, before its picked up by a chirpy Pauline.
“Chalamet household - it’s Y/N”
“Come on in, Y/N!” A beep allows the door to open for you to enter the building, and you smile to yourself how you can hear how excited she genuinely sounded when she recognized your voice.
After taking the elevator to their floor, you find comfort in the silence other than your shoes brushing against the lush carpet as you make their way to the apartment. Taking a breath before you ring the doorbell, you are unable to utter a single word before the wooden door swings open inwards and a jubilant Pauline rushes towards you with a tight hug.
“Y/N!!! We were hoping you’d show up as always tonight!”
Marc and Nicole make their way towards you as Pauline ushers you inside to shut the door from any prying neighbours.
“I’m sorry Tim couldn’t make it tonight, it’s just me for today. He really wanted me to go even while he was gone.” You say apologetically as you take your coat off and hang it up the rails.
Nicole reaches you first with a bright smile and opens her arms wide open for an eager, motherly embrace, not without two kisses on each cheek as the French do. This is a French household too, after all - no matter how New York was in their veins.
“Don’t be sorry darling - we always love having you over! Without him or not.”
Marc snickers with a fatherly yet teasing smile before he does his en bisou to you and a loving hug. “It’s rare we don’t see him stuck to the hip with you anyway. Always love having you over.” With a gentle pat on the cheek, you beamed at the hospitality the family showed you.
You gradually made your way through the apartment, rubbing your arms to warm up from the cool outside as you made your way past the familiar array of collages carefully maintained by the proud parents of their children’s careers and accomplishments.
As you made your way towards the kitchen, recognizing the appetizing scent of the viandes baking in the oven, you stood beside Nicole and offered to help.
“Is there anything I can do to help, Nicole?” It felt odd calling her by her first name like she insisted you could, always referring to her as Mrs. Chalamet especially with Tim by your side, but you didn’t bite your tongue this time as it felt right.
There’s a glint in her eyes that reminds you of her son.“ You are not here to be our help, you are a welcomed guest. Go, shoo! The food will be ready soon anyway.” Ushering you towards the living room tenderly, you hesitantly try to offer one more time before you wake your way on the couch next to Pauline.
Circling her arm around your shoulder in the most natural, sisterly way as she should, Pauline rests her head against your arm, nuzzling her nose the exact same way her little brother would.
“Missed you so much, Y/N. How have you been?”
The smile on your face couldn't be even wider throughout the night, you thought your face would fall off due to how hard you'd laugh and smile as they would crack jokes between meals and sips of red wine from the fridge.
As Nicole brought out her homemade blueberry cheesecake from the fridge, Marc propped up his phone on a stand to FaceTime Timothee who was currently stranded in the airport.
You've picked up French here and there, but we're grateful it was sparsely used while you were around so you weren't excluded or lost to fend and translate for yourself.
"We're having fun without you Tim! Y/N is ours now!" Pauline teases.
"Hey! What about me!?"
Timothee even miles away with his memory foam neck pillow and grey blanket in some stranded airport felt a warmth, a serene, comfortable joy, a comforting peace that Y/N fit into the family like a missing puzzle piece.
"Next week, me, Pauline and Y/N are going shopping together." Nicole chirps excitedly, grasping your arm kindly.
"How about dad and I?" Tim's wifi was starting to cut off, lagging a few seconds as his figure became blurry on the screen here and there.
"Girls night only!"
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haikyuupaladin · 1 month
TLDR; The way ableism in the Whumptober community has been handled this year is incredibly disappointing at best and ableist in and of itself at worst.
I’ve mentioned this in reblogs and sent in related asks to @whumptober before (only one or two of the asks were answered) but I have some serious issues with how Whumptober has been handled this year from an ableism perspective.
First of all, there were multiple prompts that were heavily tied to specific disabilities. The one I’m focusing on for this post is “Seizures” on day 7 because I have epilepsy, but I know day 7 also had “Silent Panic Attack” as a prompt and “Allergic Reaction” was another prompt off the top of my head. (Edit: I have also had the prompt “Withdrawal” pointed out to me as being another prompt that needs to be handled with tact due to addictions, which also fall under the disability umbrella, as well as “ringing ears” which connects to tinnitus, and “crutches” which is self-explanatory). While the prompts are released ahead of time and the event allows you to start working on your prompts as soon as the prompts are released, Whumptober is still a daily writing challenge and the prompts are only released about a month in advance, giving people an average of 2 days to write a prompt if they’re aiming to be completionist. That is not enough time to handle these prompts with the respect they deserve, so these prompts should not be included.
I realize that by the time I brought it up it was too late to retract the prompts, but there was no encouragement to the participants to handle the topics properly in their fills, nor was there any indication that this will be taken into account when selecting prompts in the future. In fact the blog said multiple times that it was ok to be medically inaccurate, and while my ask with my opinion that you should be medically accurate when it comes to disability related prompts was answered and shared, there was far more encouragement to just write whatever you found fun with complete disregard for medical accuracy shared, and the conversation was shut down entirely soon after that ask was answered.
The blog they’ve been reblogging prompt fills to has not been taking into account possible ableism when reblogging fills. I read through almost all of the fills for the seizure prompt and there was only one fic that I remember being handled well (though I can’t remember which one off the top of my head and it was not one of the ones shared to @whumptober-archive). Also, a lot of people made gif sets to fill the seizures prompt, which is inherently, if unintentionally, ableist, as it treats seizures voyeuristically, romanticizing and trivializing the seriousness of seizures. One of these gif sets was reblogged to the archive blog and multiple ableist fics have been reblogged as well. I have asked for them to at least consider taking down the reblog and the more blatantly ableist fics, but have gotten no response on this and the reblogs are still there.
I understand that there’s a lot of work already going into this event, and that how people choose to fill the prompts can’t be controlled, however, taking into consideration the nature of the event, prompts that are likely to lead to ableist fills should not be included, and ableist fills should not be promoted by the event runners.
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sevsnapes · 4 months
Hi Rebecca! Do you have any headcanons about Snape growing up poor, and how he still struggles with the aftermath of it as an adult? Maybe he dates someone who has the means and desire to spoil him a lot? Would that make him happy or uncomfortable (or both)?
Hello anon! YES I have some thoughts on this and I'm interested in hearing anyone else's!
I once read a post about the idea that Snape is in a position of power living at Spinner's End, because he's essentially forcing all these rich, death eater blood purists from privileged backgrounds to visit what is essentially a muggle slum when they have to see him, and so it's like a big middle finger to the whole organisation. I very much like that idea and it is one good reason why he would remain there when he doesn't strictly need to.
I imagine he has a decent enough wage from Hogwarts to move if he wanted to; he's worked there for years by the time we get to know him, and lives there for most of the year with meals included so won't have many outgoings. He could have saved a lot up in that time, and could sell the house if he wanted to. I think part of the reason he doesn't bother to move or get rid of it is that he doesn't want to be like his rich DE peers. He spends his life playing a role he doesn't want to play among them and covering up his every thought and emotion, so the house he grew up in, in poverty and abuse, is one of the few things keeping him grounded as to who he is and where he came from, as miserable as that may be for him.
I do think he would buy himself rare potion ingredients and nice books that he could never afford before, seeing it as a sort of luxury that he almost saves up through the month for. I think he keeps himself well-dressed in clothes that cover him up because he spent his childhood and teen years wearing ill-fitting, worn-out clothes (which applied even to his school uniform). Then of course, there was the incident with James 'threatening' to take off his pants. He would definitely invest in clothes before anything else when he was finally able to afford them. The first time he tried on his black frock coat and trousers that extend over his hands and boots, creep up to the top of his neck, and take absolutely ages to button (and un-button) with layers beneath them, he feels so safe and secure he could almost cry, and he feels something else too - confidence. He stand a little straighter.
He has to convince himself that it's ok to buy things sometimes though, especially things that are on the pricier side. His instant response is usually I can't afford that, forget it, but then he realises he's financially secure and that he can buy things for himself if he wants to, and then begins the battle of I shouldn't, I don't deserve it.
When it comes to dating, he would be nervous about them knowing of his past incase they judged him or viewed him differently, but I'd like to think the sort of person Snape would get close to wouldn't do something like that. If they had the means to spoil him, I think he might feel awkward about it at first and even try to refuse gifts, but ultimately it would make him happy to know they wanted him to have nice things and put thought it into things he liked.
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property-of-diavolo · 4 months
The Definitive Tumblr User Property Of Diavolo Survey Of Obey Me Preferences: THE RESULTS
Before I start my analysis, here’s a big thanks for everyone who participated and expressed interest! I got exactly 300 responses which is more than I thought I would and each response gave me serotonin because I’m a fucking nerd.
Thank you
Before I get too deep into the data I’d like to recognize that I’m going to assume this data is somewhat skewed in that the main bulk of responders are probably people who follow me, a blog dedicated to Diavolo. So these results shouldn’t necessarily be taken as a representation of the fandom as a whole but of a subset of Tumblr users (and you guys know just as well as I do How We Are).
Ok, let’s jump into it. I’m not going to exhaustively list everyone on every question but I will for these first two so you can find your blorbos ranking. If you’re interested in any of this raw data btw, I’m happy to share! I did not collect any personal data on the back end (no emails or anything) so it’s safe to share. Also I can answer additional questions if you like <3
Question 1: Okay, let's get this out of the way. You get ONE favorite character.
Tumblr media
Mammon, at a whopping 21% of respondents
Diavolo at 14.7%
Beel at 9%
Lucifer at 10.7%
Solomon at 8.7%
Levi at 8.3%
Barbatos at 7.7%
Satan at 5.3%
Asmo, Simeon, and Belphie tied at 4%
Luke and Mephisto tied at 1%
I’m a little surprised that Diavolo surpassed Lucifer. I’m also a little surprised how Solomon ranked above Levi and Barb since I feel like I’m constantly seeing thirst for them. Maybe it was mean of me to only allow you to pick one. Also, apologies to poly people who saw this and filled out the survey anyway- and a special shout-out to you for somehow picking one lmao
Thirteen at 0.7%
Raphael at 0%
Question 2: Likewise, pick ONE least favorite
Tumblr media
Belphie brought home 16% of the hate!
Raphael and Mephistopheles tied at 14.7%
Thirteen at 11%
Lucifer at 9.7%
Luke at 7.3%
Levi at 6.3%
Asmo at 5%
Solomon at 4%
Diavolo at 3%
Barbatos at 2.7%
Mammon and Satan tied at 1.7%
This one I kinda thought including the new characters was a little unfair but also as someone who has met the new characters I didn’t want to exclude them. Unsurprisingly, Lucifer is crowned as the most contentious, having ranked in the top five for both favorite and least favorite lol.
Simeon at 1.4%
Beel at 1%
Question 3: ok now you can pick your top 5 characters
Tumblr media
This is probably a more accurate spread of character preference since people were allowed to pick multiple. It’s somewhat in line with the above except that Satan jumped up in popularity (he always comes in second I guess)
Question 4: pick 3 characters you enjoy least
Tumblr media
Lucifer jumped down in his rank. It seems if you hate Lucifer you might as well go all in (and with the way he is, I can’t say I blame you). Again, seems a little unfair about the new characters but I’d rather include them to get the whole picture.
Question 5: who's your BFF/friendzoned character(s)? (up to 3) (these are characters you would NOT romance but still enjoy)
Tumblr media
Truthfully I was very curious about this question in particular bc I have some characters I find very dear to me but in a platonic way. After asking it though I thought it might be nice to have a question about your faves for romancing only, since I also have characters that I simply don’t want friendship for, I want to kiss them. Maybe next time.
Question 6: who's your fave brother?
Tumblr media
I’m just floored at how staggering the Mammon favoritism is. He got almost double the votes from Lucifer, who is second. The Mammon army is not to be trifled with.
Question 7: who's your fave dateable?
Tumblr media
Ok actually though is Diavolo popular or is it just that y’all are following me because I post about him?? Anyway his lead is also nearly double Solomon, who has second place. I had no idea Solomon was so popular, but you know what? I get it. I see what you see and I agree, it’s hot. 
Question 8: who's your fave of the new characters?
Tumblr media
Honestly, with all that I was seeing about people being upset about Thirteen, I think it’s funny she took the most here. The people demand more women in otome games!!!
Question 9: favorite npc (not sure that's the right term lol)
Tumblr media
Alright this question was biased. “That little d that calls Mammon papa” was a biased option and of course everyone’s gonna pick that. Especially knowing how many of you are Mammon stans (literally, it’s right up there in the first question). Anyway I don’t regret it bc I think everyone should think about Little D No. 2 every once in a while.
Question 10: favorite realm
Tumblr media
If I do another survey I’ll probably skip this question. Unless we go to the Celestial realm for some meaningful amount of time, I guess. The userbase wants to date demons, that’s why we’re here lmao.
Question 11: favorite ships
Tumblr media
I regret asking this lmao. You guys and your other text. This is what I get for letting tumblr users type shit in. I refuse to analyze this. NEXT.
Question 12: the age old question: was Satan ever a baby?
Tumblr media
This question was one of the reasons I wanted to make this survey. I noticed there were several people in both camps when I asked about headcanons you have a while back, so I was curious about the actual breakdown. And you know what, I’m surprised it’s still pretty even. Personally I believe Lucifer split like cell mitosis because I think that’s funnier but baby Satan is very cute so like I wouldn’t be mad either way.
Question 13: best character song? ok you can pick up to 3
Tumblr media
Fun fact: this was the least responded-to question! I’m very surprised Diavolo’s is tied for first bc honestly (and I say this with all the love in my heart), musically it’s not very good. It’s just incredibly cute bc the VA seems to be very in character (he gets so excited like Diavolo would??? my heart!!) Anyway, obviously I love it for this reason but I didn’t expect enough people to agree to tie it with Barbatos’, a complete masterpiece.
Question 14-19: would you rather
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Nothing to say here except to the 32 individuals who have chosen to cook with Solomon and Raphael: are you ok?? Yes I recognize I am the one that put the option in to begin with but I really did not expect almost 11% of you to be like “yeah I’d rather eat that cooking than Simeon & Luke’s”
Like I’m not judging you I just want to make sure this isn’t a cry for help. Like eating Solomon’s food might bring you closer to death my friend, are you ok with that???
Finally, Question 20: rank them
Tumblr media
Things to note here: Beel is the only character who didn’t get any “I wish misery upon them”! Especially funny when contrasted with the fact that Belphie received the most at 59. Gonna pretend I don’t see u guys wishing misery upon my husbando tho (ok fine I guess you’re allowed to have opinions). I also didn’t realize you could choose more than one until it was far too late so that will be fixed next time. 
To finish it up, I will assign meaningless awards to anonymous text responses to the last question
I hope you enjoy this nutritious lunch I have prepared for you. The presentation quality may not be up to Barbatos' level, but nevertheless, I think you'll still find it tasty and filling. I hope you have a wonderful day. I cant wait to see you when you get home.
Understood the assignment award (goes to everyone who actually wrote little letters but here are a few):
My Dear!
Your Loving Husband, Diavolo ❤
I hope this note and this lunch finds you well. Even though we could not eat together, my heart still yearns for your company, and I believe your heart does the same. Please enjoy the tea cakes Barbatos prepared for us today. They’re a personal favorite I requested so that you’re a little more inclined to think of me <3 They’re tea-rific!
Good afternoon, Dearest!
All the best,
Your Diavolo
Your husband,
My love, I hope you have a great day. Think of me while eating this, Barbatos didn't have to help me this time! I hope you enjoy it, I put a lot of love into preparing this meal for you. I wish to cuddle and kiss you but that will have to wait until we see each other again. So do your best, I'm waiting for you!
Diavolo <3 
Understood they did not understand the assignment award:
My Love, Barbatos said that humans are supposed to eat well balanced meals in order to maintain their health, so today I have packed you a grand dessert to go with all your vegetables. Please enjoy it first (and don't tell Barbatos I messed with the lunch he packed for you). <3
I don't know how to pretend to be Diavolo I'm sorry- 😹 I literally started with "Aye yo" in the letter and was like,"No this isn't going to work out."
God, same buddy award: 
I hope no one chose to cook w/Solomon
That answers that question award: 
I'd let Solomon poison me with his lethal cooking if it meant getting to spend time with him.
Could be any of you award:
Good survey 10/10 (can u tell im a Mammon simp)
Death by kittens award: 
my fuckign 6 bitch ass kittens are attacking me while im taking rhdi im not gonan makw it helppdj
Above and beyond award (for going to listen to the songs just for my silly survey):
This made me go listen to the boys' songs
Wholesome reminder award: 
At this very moment, stop overthinking. Relax your shoulders, take a breath--everything will work out! I believe in you!
Ex-husband award (ok I actually laughed out loud though):
i am so so so sorry but there were 2 dozen pickles in the castle fridge so i hid them in your lunchbox. now you're stuck with those for lunch. please forgive me. -Diavolo
Baby Satan award:
And one final award if you got this far??!! THANK YOU AGAIN AND I LOVE YOU THIS WAS AN ABSOLUTE JOY TO PUT TOGETHER ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Minyard-Josten BIOMY Home
This one is the most canon-compliant to the fic I could make it, going back a bunch of times to the flashback chapter where they first bought it and adding the extra rooms they mentioned wanting. Yes, it's extra big. Mostly because I had to fit two bathrooms with enormous bathtubs and Andreil's ridiculously big bed. It was super fun to build!
Individual posts for each house: [The Villa] [Aaron+Katelyn] [Allison+Renee] [Matt+Dan] [Kevin+Thea] [photoshoot]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(All images should be with good res to zoom in)
First detail I wanted to point out is the move of their chairs from the back porch to the front. Because the back now goes into the shared ring I felt they would enjoy more the privacy of the woods around the villa :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's mentioned many times how the downstairs rooms are weird and skinny because they closed the floor plan, and anytime you see a funky tile, blame it on the kids (foyer has Nat's water-like one)! Also, no white walls, keeping lighter colors on the down-stairs and darker upstairs.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Living room opens to a huge cat tree because they're spoiled. There's also much more decoration thanks to the art classes and the kids pressuring them to put more pictures out. (you can see them up close on the photoshoot link in the beginning of the post). The pictures include the twins at Nicky's wedding and the pict Dan sent them, and you can see grey and blue bouquets Andreil got each other <3
I can't actually change window glass colors but we know they're all colorful.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ok, I know, but there's only so much you can do when the characters decide they must have fox-orange cabinets. There was an empty wall so they let Nat and Paige add some trees.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yes. This is how big an Alaskan bed is. I looked it up. Andrew's corner has a motivacional cat poster his mom-therapist gave him for decor and Neil's has his mom's bones so I guess they match? Shout-out to Andrunior at the window and their super safe knife target.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Paige wanted a pink and gold color scheme, so I went along those lines. She's got her crocheting paraphernalia on the floor, and because I can't put stars on the ceiling there's a cute nightlight.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Why does Nat's room looks purple? because right by that green mirror there's a craft paper lamp, you can kinda see it on the floor plan. Nat's room is very artsy, with a mirror gallery and lot's of paintings on her desired black walls.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Now pretty much all the other rooms, left to right and top to bottom: the foyer (their blue period, with abstract art and a gothic rug), downstairs bathroom (full, in case Neil breaks a leg), guest room, kid's bathroom (the Jack-and-Jill sink outside), Andreil bathroom, and stairs landing. Neil and Andrew let the kids go wild with the tiles, and I love them for that. Very funky. Also, behold their basically-hotubs.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And finally, because I loved how they looked: their back porch, with bench and floor painted by the kids, and the wall that faces Matt and Dan's home, where Nat painted a mural. (also, all houses have recycling and regular bins just outside, thanks to Renee)
As always, inspired by the fic Blame it On My Youth, by @yourficstheyglow
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sugarcause · 10 months
i rlly liked the ei, diluc, and eula tiddies post 😭 idk if its ok but can u do one for jean, beidou and ningguang and if possible make beidou and ningguang a top on this one BSJZNS ONLY IF ITS OK TY 🙏
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🔞 sucking jean, beidou, and ningguang’s tits ✉
includes: jean, beidou, ningguang (separate) precis: big titties go suck suck <3 PART 2 take note of: nipple play, hickeys, fondling boobs (still help??), breast sucking, groping, slight dom!beidou & ningguang reader gender: gn!! voice mail: WOO thank you sm for the req! i took my time, my bad hehe
❦ jean
on the rare days where jean actually takes a break, you make sure to take care of her to help her relieve stress.
your girlfriend was soft all over. she had a soft heart and a soft body. always giving her time to support those around her.
she deserved only the best.
so here you were, sucking on her breast as she laid against a pillow.
she was flushed and sweaty as she felt incredibly shy but aroused by how you were handling her.
your tongue swirled around her perky nipple as she moaned loudly, holding you closer.
your hands gripped her waist as you nipped at her skin and left red and purple marks.
you pinched and tugged at her pink nipples as she bit her lip to try and silence her moans. she wasn't used to this kind of treatment so just your touch was enough to make her shiver.
she couldn't help but yell out in sensitivity as your tongue glided all over her.
the feeling of your warm mouth on her was just heavenly. she could feel her mind turn hazy as you kept going.
if this was what you'd do if she rested, then she'd definitely take breaks more often.
''so are you feeling more relaxed now?''
❦ beidou
as someone almost always on the go and as a captain of a ship, beidou had a lot of responsibilities.
so of course, she needed to unwind. and what better than spending time with you?
she was sitting on your lap facing you as you groped her chest.
your tongue slid across her nipples as you squeezed them.
you swirled it around as you moved your head to leave kisses across her collarbone.
"keep going, baby. please me just like that" she said.
you held onto her waist tightly as you covered her breast with your mouth.
she groaned as you skillfully moved your tongue on her most sensitive spots.
the way you marked and sucked on her was perfect and she was in love with the feeling.
you never hesitated to follow every order she gave you as to you, her pleasure always came first.
you kept sucking on her as she moaned as held you closer to her chest, eventually pulling you away to land a kiss on your lips.
''you did good, it's my job to return the favor now. <3"
❦ ningguang
ningguang was a busy woman, but she did have her own desires.
and you were there to help her indulge in them.
which was why you had your face buried in her chest as she had her legs wrapped around you.
''just like that, dear.'' she gasped out.
she had undone her dress as she pressed your head closer to her.
the room was warm as you used your hands to knead her breasts.
you were sucking on her skin roughly as all you wanted to do was please her. the praise she gave you was the only reward you needed.
you flicked your tongue around her nipple as she gently squeezed you.
you fondled her chest as you latched your mouth onto her and groaned, sending a vibration through her skin.
you knew exactly which parts of her were the most sensitive and you made sure to focus on them.
your mouth was hot and wet and if felt so good. being with you was always the best thing to help her relax from work.
"good job, baby. you're always so obedient."
Tumblr media
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