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Pride colored Chandelures! Feel free to use or send requests!
Lesbian | Gaylm | Bisexual
Transgender | Intersex | Asexual
Aromantic | Nonbinary | Pansexual
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sosuperawesome · 2 days
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Pride Dice Earrings // Lowen Design on Etsy
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youseeingthis · 9 hours
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hist-moth · 2 days
some mfs everytime they see a sapphic ship: "omg why can't ppl let girls stay friends :((((((((((((("
idk emily maybe because explicitly sapphic characters are rarely in media that isn't for straight men to fap to
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featheredadora · 1 day
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There is love in your body!!
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soong-type-delta · 2 days
reminder that "femme" is not the counterpart to "masc". the word you're looking for is "fem".
femme is a specific queer identity and it's not short for "feminine". a trans femme is different from a transfem.
that's what makes the whole "women and femmes" even worse. not only does it misgender many people, but also erase the actual meaning of femme.
femme goes with butch or stud, not with masc.
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rainysnek · 2 days
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Not sure why we're trending but hell yeah look at us go!
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one-more-fangirl · 3 days
they can't just color code them as the lesbian and ace flag, give them chemistry and a break up and reconciliation scene, and then just come at us with two/three white boys like "oh yeah, here are the love interests"
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non-binary-alien2 · 2 days
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kenochoric · 1 day
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[ID: A set of two flags with seven stripes. The left goes from light orange, to light red, to dark blue-purple, to light green, to dark blue-purple, to deep blue, to teal. The right goes from cornflower blue, to teal, to light green, to orange, to red, to dark pink-purple, to dark blue-purple. End ID]
Gay flag
This is a flag for anyone who considers themselves gay, regardless of their gender. It is not a general LGBTQ+, queer, etc. flag, it is a gay flag. Gay men, lesbians, nonbinary gay people, and any other gay person is completely welcome to use this.
This was both made to have a non-gendered gay flag, and as a flag of solidarity and unity among gay people in general. I do not care who uses this flag, so long as they consider themselves to be gay.
The flag and stripes:
I made two versions; one is meant to look similarly to the most popular flags made for lesbians and gay men so it fits the "theme," while the other one is styled originally without the tie to those flags. This is so that people who like the look of the sunset and wintergreen flags, and people who do not, can have their own style.
The name of this flag is Honeydew Gay, referencing the light green center or bottom. It can also just be called Intersectional Gay, if you'd rather.
Orange is for personal identity and lived experienced. It's for recognizing that every gay person is different, and so are their lives. There is rich diversity among gay people throughout history, and in the modern day.
Red is for gay rights, acceptance, and history. It's for the fight for gay rights and acceptance, and respect for those who have been fighting throughout history. It's for pushing for gay rights today, in our laws and our society.
Pink-purple is for gay solidarity, gay "family," and gay unity. It's for uplifting other gay people and recognizing each other as a unified force that has worked together and helped one another. It's also a nod to how "family" has been used as code for fellow community members in the LGBTQ+ community.
Light green is for gay intersectionality. It's for recognizing that there are other minorities within the gay community: gay women, gay disabled people, gay people of color, trans gay people, intersex gay people, and so on. It's about rooting out these issues from our community to create internal and external equality and support.
Blue-purple is for gay remembrance and mourning. It's for remembering those we have lost, throughout history as well as recently. It is for honoring their legacy and carrying forward in their names.
Blue is for gay pride and gay love. It's for pride in oneself, self-love, and the love gay people have for each other, whether as community members or as people in different types of relationships.
Teal is for supporting gay people, especially ones in dire situations. It's for protecting each other and our more vulnerable community members; the ones who can't come out or are in dangerous situations, the ones who are marginalized even in our community, and the ones who need to be uplifted the most.
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chrasilla · 2 days
bitches really complain they have no social life but then cancel plans with friends to stay home and read gay fanfiction.
it's me. i'm bitches
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misfitmedia · 2 days
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Surprisingly the aromantic tag is trending on Tumblr, which is honestly giving us more representation than all of media has ever. On this occasion I'd like to send some reminders out to the universe:
• Aro people are not all the same, thus the characters we are represented by (including characters you may headcanon as aro) should also not all be identical
• Related to the previous point we double so shouldn't only find representation in robots, aliens and very logical, cold, nearly emotionless, romance repulsed people. That doesn't mean that these characters are bad or couldn't/shouldn't be aro! I myself often struggle with low empathy as well as feeling strong emotions. That's not related to me being aro. For some people there may be some correlation. But what's most important is that not all aromantic people feel this way. There is little correlation in general between our personalities and our lack or lower level of romantic attraction.
• Aromantism is a spectrum. Some of us don't feel any romantic attraction, some feel it to a certain extent or only sometimes, some need to form a strong bond with someone before they can feel it towards them. We're all different!
• Our feelings about romance also differ. Some aromantic people are romance repulsed, some don't mind romance, some embrace it wholeheartedly and for example consume all of the sappy romcoms and fluffy ship filled fanfics they can find.
• We can still get into romantic relationships. Not all of us wish to do so, but some do! Some enter queerplatonic relationships, some get married, some date, some don't do all of that.
• Aromantic people can also identify with other romantic orientations. You may be aromantic and a lesbian, bisexual, straight, gay or simply just aromantic.
• Aromantic �� asexual. Some of us are both aromantic and asexual (aroace) but not everyone because sexual and romantic orientations are not the same thing. It's a mix and match!
• There are aromantic people who struggle with their identity. This is because we live in an amatonormative society that puts a lot of value on romantic relationships, equals the ability to feel romantic love with humanity, and is even built around romantic relationships in many ways. Some people actually hate being aromantic due to it because they don't feel like they're enough, because they don't feel human enough, because they want a partner and they feel like they won't ever be able to find them if they're aro. These feelings are valid. They are understandable. However, that doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with aromantic people or being aromantic in general. These feelings should not be answered with "well maybe it's a hormone imbalance", "you'll find someone" or "it's impossible to not feel romantic love". These things do not help and only further amatonormativity in society and discrimination against aro people and cause even more problems in the long run.
• We are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Individual aromantic people may choose to not associate themselves with it, but as a whole being aromantic belongs under the LGBTQ+ umbrella just as much as any other orientation. Aromantism shapes the way we view the world, often shapes our place in society, our connections with people. Being aromantic can and does lead to discrimination. The very community we should find acceptance in should not turn their backs on us as well.
• We are here and we are valid.
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save-the-data · 2 days
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choco milk shake | s01e10
Korean Drama - 2022, 10 episode
EP:- 1 : 2 : 3 : 4 : 5 : 6 : 7 : 8 : 9 : 10 : 11
Official Strongberry link with English Subtitles
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tidapencil · 1 day
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Hello everyone. I'm very sorry I've been absent for awhile. I hope you're doing well.
I hope you don’t mind I want to post a little diary instead of art work this time. Recently, I visited Chinatown Storytelling Centre in Vancouver. I hope that I can do more to support them as well. If anyone is nearby please check out the exhibition.
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I’m very happy I found Anita Mui photo book album that was published from 1987 by chance in the old magazine store hidden in the area.
There were a lot of things happened for the past few months. I‘ve started tattooing as my alternate work to support my personal projects and living besides working on illustrations. Due to a personal situation beyond my control, I will no longer be at my previous studio. Unfortunately, I was made to not feel safe in my previous workplace and experienced microaggressions time after time including harassment and homophobia. It has been one of the most difficult and painful time for me. I decided to move to the another studio which is a wonderful place that is diverse and supportive of LGBTQ and BIPOC. I've also created a new profile that I can be myself and do the style that I've always wanted to do. I will dedicate this account to tattoo work specially Instagram @ venus.chariot.ink I really appreciate your support and understanding. Thank you for being who you are and being here for me. I’ll continue to do my best to draw and share illustration to support our community. I hope you will look forward to them as well. Please take care.
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Kitsilano beach, Vancouver BC.
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chippythedog · 16 hours
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soong-type-delta · 1 day
not people asking me how mspec men can be queerly attracted to women....MSPEC ATTRACTION IS INHERENTLY QUEER! stop with that "straight attraction" bs unless that's the terminology someone uses. (and even then, that straight attraction is still queer.) begging you all to stop excluding parts of mspecness from queerness. the very fact that we are attracted to multiple genders is what makes us queer. we are not only made queer by same-gender and/or diamoric attraction, we are also made queer by attraction to multiple genders. 2022 is not the year to be fucking monosexist! stop with treating us like we're only half queer. a bi man's attraction to women is primarily bi attraction, which is a form of bi attraction. stop acting as if mspec mlw and wlm don't have a fundamentally different experience of being mlw/wlm than monospec mlw/wlm.
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