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tgirlsisland3 · 2 days ago
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asklittlepip · 3 months ago
"We don't want to and won't argue this with you. We've now explained our stance and we won't be providing a platform for you to distort our position in order to feed an irrational and paranoid narrative. You can do that elsewhere, where we won't care enough to read it.”
Gotta love Nexus Mods’ post on this, which is the best kind of response!
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valigarmander · 8 months ago
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vintageeveryday · 4 months ago
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A marcher in a gay rights parade up New York's Fifth Avenue, July 1979. Photograph by Brian Alpert.
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bullethroughyourhead · a year ago
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Chucky (2021)
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watermelon-converse · 8 months ago
Dana Terrace.
Dana Terrace, who works so hard to make sure the LGBTQ+ community feels seen.
Dana Terrace, who fought, so long and hard, for what little she got to do with her show.
Dana Terrace, who tried to keep good faith even when it was hard as hell.
Dana Terrace, who had all of her plans sidetracked just when they were coming true.
Dana Terrace, who up until recently has been doing her own promotional art because Disney isn’t.
Dana Terrace, who does not just sit aside and let people dictate who is and isnt valid and worthy of representation.
Dana Terrace, who trooped though anyway. who is doing what she can. Who is standing up for what she believes in. Who is risking her job by telling the world that she believes in LGBTQ+ kids and adults when no one else will.
Dana, you’re my hero. I don’t think you realize how much this means to us. Or maybe you do; and that’s why you’re working so, so hard. I’m proud of you. You’re a superhero. You deserve to breathe, to let us help. You’re not doing this alone.
But you’ve carried us such a long way. Thank you.
Fans, let’s please do what we can! Dana’s charity auction is TOMORROW and im sorry im late, but lets get this going! Make this viral! Get Dana to see this! Get fans over there at 3 PM EST!!! You have no reason not to reblog this! Reposts are welcome! Get this to Twitter if you need to!
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Police: Walk faster
-Baby, I have heels on, how will I walk? I’ll walk slowly.
From Pride Parade Istanbul🌈
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politijohn · a month ago
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The kids are alright
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tatersgonnatate · 5 months ago
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We're here, we're queer, and we're damn 'bout ready to cut a bitch who wanna try something
Happy pride fam ♥️🧡💛💚💙💜
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hijabi-frog · 11 months ago
PSA: As a queer Muslim, can I just say that we need to address both homophobia within the Muslim community AND Islamophobia within the LGBTQ+ community?
Because it sucks being viewed as a sinner and a disgrace by most of my family and many other members of my faith, but it also sucks to hear my fellow queer folks attacking Islam as a whole, when in truth, the religion preaches peace and tolerance.
If you're a cisgender, heterosexual Muslim, please remember that there are queer Muslims who are trying their best to serve Allah, just like you, and that we are not inherently any more dirty or shameful than anyone else.
If you're a non-Muslim member of the LGBTQ+ community, please remember that there are queer Muslims, and there are Muslims who are allies, and it hurts to see our religion painted as evil.
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kentharleyones · 6 months ago
Let's do some "We shouldn't be doing this."
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decolonize-the-left · 5 months ago
Now is a good reminder as to why we build community. Why we share solidarity. Why it's important to have peers and be comfortable in the physical presence of them.
Mobilizing online is not safe in a surveillance state. We need to physically be with each other. If you look at any old protest or civil rights movement they knew that. They had physical meetups where phones couldn't be tapped and listening ears couldn't eavesdrop.
With Roe v Wade overturned (and Justice Thomas saying that same sex relationship/marriage and access to contraception should also be "reconsidered") I feel like it's important to mention how critical mutual aid is. How crucial it is to have allies and people you can turn to. To know exactly where to go when you need to seek out safety.
Yes protest. Yes make your voice known. Learn how to help others.
But absolutely do not underestimate the power of going to a local meet up/protest and making friends. Not just with your group of feminists or LGBTs or anti-racist action leagues either. Go to each other's events. Build supportive relationships. Build solidarity. Expand your community.
Remember whether it's our uteri they're after, our land, our oil, our kids, our marriages, or our human rights... we have more reasons to fight together than we'll ever have to tear each other apart.
Don't let them do that to us. TERFs, racists, undercover cops, the CIA, the kkk, the FBI, etc. They've all spent decades trying to cut off our communities from one another. Spent decades trying to ruin our communities from the inside out and limit our strength. We can't allow that anymore.
They are coming for all of us.
And it is all of us that they will be up against, united
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How can you help once you created a network/group of friends?
Protest. That's #1.
As an extension of bodily autonomy, allow folks to use their bodies and protest how they see fit. If someone is making you uncomfortable or doing something you disagree with, walk away.
Make sure you're prepared with the proper gear, escape route, etc. Know your rights.
There are tons of tips for this so I'll leave it at this so the post doesn't get too long.
For folks who can't protest but wanna do more than vote and don't know what to do then please check out these suggestions from another post
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Tumblr let me blaze my solidarity post so now I'm updating it to include direct action tips.
#2 Build Mutual Aid
As in, once the systems start being dismantled a lot of us marginalized folk will still need access to things food, water, medical, etc. A lot of us already need this tbh, federal and state aid isn't as effective as most people think it is.
Start community gardens, community fridges, pantries, etc. Work with local nurses and such to set up free clinics. The idea behind mutual aid is that everyone is helping. It is not simply charity. It a chance for communities to come together and give what they can so that Everyone can be safer, healthier, and happier.
Maybe you need a hair cut and maybe your hair stylist neighbor needs their house cleaned or someone to babysit. This exchange? Mutual Aid. The aid ... is mutual. Mutual Aid can be anything also. Maybe you can't cook or babysit but you tell good jokes. Maybe you can't tell jokes but you can reach the stuff on the top shelf. Maybe you're really good at breaking the ice or lightening the mood.
Everyone has a place in mutual aid, everyone is valuable, and everyone has something to offer.
🖤 Take care of each other 🖤
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pustinn-pustut · 5 months ago
I know this is broadly a more American site but there was a shooting in a Gay bar in Oslo last night and I wanted to bring some attention to it. Police are afraid its linked with the pride parade that's about to be held, so they've currently cancelled the whole thing.
Gay rights is still a protest and don't let me hear anyone say otherwise. I hope for speedy recovery for the wounded and peace for the dead.
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scopriusmalfoy · a year ago
so since i'm not seeing anything about this on my dash:
A law passed in Hungary that basically makes being LGBTQ+ illegal in public. And that in the context of an anti-pedophilia law. You're not allowed to talk to children and teens up to the age of 18 about LGBTQ+ things "in order to protect the children".
So basically wherever a child can hear you or see you, or read things, it's illegal to show signs of LGBTQ+ related things. And let's be fucking honest cause that's basically everywhere.
You're not even allowed to hold hands with your same sex partner in public, because children could see it. You're not allowed to dress like your preferred gender, you're not even allowed to basically be transgender.
you're not allowed to exist as the person you are.
How can you help, you ask?
here's a link to Háttér (the largest Hungarian LGBTQ+ organisation) where you can donate to help LGBTQ+ people in Hungary
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fireheartwraith · 26 days ago
Guys I think I'm living a coup.
It's voting day here in Brazil. Right now it's 16:05, people can only vote until 17:00.
And all day the police has been stopping people from the northeast from voting. Buses that were supposed to be free aren't coming. People can't go vote. Most of the affected are black, brown and indigenous
The northeast holds a large percentage of left wing voters. We had been counting on them to carry us through this election.
I'm queer, afab, brown and I study in a public university. The government hates me. I'm genuinely scared of what might happen to me if bolsonaro is allowed to remain in office. These four years he has been praising the military dictatorship, saying that 'it didn't kill enough people', and now the military police is stopping people from the region with his largest opposition from voting.
You cannot tell me this isn't an attempt at a coup. Please talk about this. Tweet "deixem o nordeste votar". With enough pressure, they may extend the voting time. Please, I'm begging you
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