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PARKER & HARDISON Leverage (2008-2012) | Leverage: Redemption (2021-)
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"don't ask me that, Parker. because if you ask me, I'll tell you. so please, don't ask me."
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beyond important to me that you see breanna's hat in the new leverage episode
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I am prepared to pay any amount of money for a Leverage: Redemption scene that’s just Breanna explaining what Polyamory/Ethical Non-Monogamy means to the team (for a job, she swears), with the caveat that these have to be their exact reactions:
Harry: visibly surprised/bemused, but in the same “ok cool, I guess this is a thing now” vibe he has when he discovers a new humanly impossible thing the team is capable of.
Sophie: Keeps staring fondly into the middle distance, clearly reminiscing about SOMETHING. Makes a few comments like “that was the part my 5th husband never understood,” or (coyly) “oh I didn’t know there was a word for that.” At one point she starts a sentence with “You know Nate and Sterling…” But doesn’t get to finish because everyone is yelling and making disgusted noises.
Parker: Extremely focused on the presentation, actively taking notes. Has the exact same expression she uses while picking a lock or planning a heist. After Breanna’s done speaking she looks directly at Eliot, starts to say something, and then sees Hardison shaking his head frantically behind him, so just shrugs and says “cool. Got it.” and adds it to her Human Behavior Flow Chart.
Hardison: nodding along encouragingly but lowkey paying WAY more attention to everyone’s (Eliot/Parker’s) reactions This is clearly not the first time Breanna has given him this spiel, but he has apparently never shared the info with the team.
(The next two are edits because I changed my mind. Sorry if you saw this before the edits lmao)
Eliot: Gets defensive-angry-flustered in the exact same way he did when he kept insisting that video games aren’t a sport. Eliot is very open-minded and caring, but he’s also a 50 year old white dude raised to be good old southern boy. Literally says “That’s not how relationships WORK, Breanna. Relationships aren’t… they’re SUPPOSED to be between….”
Breanna: is deeply unimpressed but also unsurprised by Eliot’s reaction. Low key planned this talk specifically for Eliot lbr. “No, no. Please finish that thought Eliot. Relationships are supposed to be what??? Between one one man and one woman?” *raises eyebrow with the queer glare of shame*
The conclusion of the episode is the team screwing over an asshole that was hate-crime-ing a poly group for financial reasons. Then as they hang out with the folks they saved, getting to know them and having a drink etc., the camera zooms in on Eliot who glances over at Parker and Hardison laughing at something, a thoughtful look on his face. Breanna and Sophie exchange a knowing smile while Harry looks confused but happy to be there.
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breanna's hat is everything
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Leverage: Redemption (2021-present) The Walk in the Woods Job (S02E05)
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he would go for the nunchucks
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I can't possibly be the only one low-key shipping Eliot and Paul, can I? The way Eliot grieved him and could barely whisper his name. The "WE were family" as an answer to Harry's question about Paul's surviving family, even though we've never heard of Paul before despite there being years of this show. The way he was so offended and hurt by Paul keeping that secret from him, shouting "You couldn't tell ME?" Emphasizing the 'me,' as if he frequently thinks about them in an 'us against the world' way where he should be Paul's exception because Paul is his. The naturalness and fierceness of the way they hug it out as if they are used to falling into each other that way, when we *know* how long it took Eliot to grow into hugging Hardison and the others. And a final scene in a private patio by romantic candlelight where Eliot is definitely giving off vulnerable and flirty vibes while talking about their future (at the same exact location Briana was using as a romantic date night locale just an episode earlier!).
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Harry: you’ve been shot twice??
Eliot: oh I’ve been shot more than twice
Harry: how many times?
Eliot: …you lose count
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faorism · 2 days
me mashing eliot and paul together like barbie dolls like,, the CHEMISTRY the DRAMA the INTIMACY the TRUST (or the assumption of such) like!! youre so stronggggg~ and that VERY LONG VERY INTENSE HANDHOLDING SESH
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weprovide--leverage · 22 hours
Paul and Eliot definitely FUCKED
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my gf and I keep saying "oh he mean fight" for eliot so here u go
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I like hot dogs in Detroit with mayo. Book the tickets.
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Listen I’m not saying I ship Eliot and Paul…. Except I am. I am shipping Eliot and Paul
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Leverage: Redemption - The Debutante Job
Parker doing math in her head always makes me smile. I love her so much.
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