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Just more Riverview landscapes...
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blossom-sims · 2 days ago
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I don’t think these two are liking the shared accommodation...
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resurrectonomitron · 4 months ago
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introducing - the sims 2 lepacy challenge!
what is a lepacy? a lepacy is a generational challenge based on exploring a different expansion pack for each new generation. it’s an opportunity to explore things you may have missed previously, and use content you never normally would!
wait, how can you do this in the sims 2? true, it’s hard to just complete a randomly generated aspiration and then call it a day so instead i’ve created a list of goals below and once they’re all completed (and the heir has become an adult/young adult for university) you can then move on to the next generation
okay, you’ve got my interest. how does it work? so the primary goal is to complete a legacy in the sims 2. create a sim, start a family and find a way to keep the family going. how you do that is up to you. if you own all expansion packs you’ll be looking at 9 generations:-
1. base game 2. university 3. nightlife 4. open for business 5. pets 6. seasons 7. bon voyage 8. freetime 9. apartment life
traditionally speaking you’d play them in order, but feel free to switch it up a little. and of course there are stuff packs - that’s up to you if you want to install them alongside an ep!
how did you come up with this? sheer will and determination nah i’m kidding. i’ve now completed a lepacy in the sims 3 and the sims 4, and i really wanted to try and complete one in the sims 2 but i struggled to find a ruleset that worked fully for me. i’ve taken huuuuge inspiration from @simpishly @anneliesembsims and this forum post but all i did was just tidy things up a little to my own liking
how do you technically make this work? so you can do this the “hardcore” way which is to back up your game, and play just the base game. reinstall the ep once you get to it. if you have the ultimate collection you can try to work out the anygame starter or if you still have disks you can do it the old fashioned way. or if you’re like me and taking advantage of the abandonware the individual games come in folders so i’ll just add the folders in as/when required !!this is still being playtested so any feedback is well received!!
okay nerd, are you gonna get to the rules or not? that’s fair, i’ve never been able to shut up so here we go - the sims 2 lepacy! !!once again this is still being playtested so any feedback is well received!! 
generation one - base game
• live in pleasantview/strangetown/veronaville • woohoo in public • reach the top of any base game career • be abducted by aliens • get children into private school • throw a wedding party • purchase all available aspiration rewards
generation two - university
• move heir to university and live in a dorm • declare a major • join the secret society • buy a cell phone, mp3 player and a handheld game • get on the dean’s list at least once • throw a sports party • join a greek house and throw a toga party • throw a graduation party • woohoo with a professor • reach the top of any university career
generation three - nightlife
• live in downtown • have the pleasure aspiration (alternatively start off with pleasure and convert to grilled cheese) • have at least one dream date • woohoo in a photobooth or in a car • dine and dash successfully • become a vampire • hire the matchmaker
generation four - open for business
• live in bluewater village • get any 3 gold talent badges • create a servo • own a level 10 business • win the best-of-the-best award • have cheesecake twins
generation five - pets
• have at least one dog, one cat, one womrat and one bird • have one pet top any animal career • have at least one litter of puppies/kittens • teach one pet all available tricks • become a werewolf
generation six - seasons
• live in riverblossom hills • have a garden plot • get a gold fishing or gardening talent badge • reach the top of any seasons career • become a plantsim • join the garden club
generation seven - bon voyage
• stay in each vacation world at least once • collect all momentos • collect all souvenirs • plan a honeymoon • woohoo in a tent, sauna or hammock • own a vacation home • find all secret lots • befriend bigfoot
generation eight - freetime
• live in desiderata valley • reach the top of any freetime career • reach max enthusiasm in at least 2 hobbies • discover 5 hobby lots • get a gold sewing or pottery talent badge • make a bff • have a secondary aspiration • obtain a genie lamp • build a car
generation nine - apartment life
• live in belladonna cove • live in an apartment • meet one sim from each social group • have a reputation (either good or bad) • hire a butler • become a witch • create all regents
just a few final notes! we all know the sims 2 is a game trying it’s best and it’s buggy to say the least - if you need to use mods to get the game to run somewhat normally then go for it! also if you want to set a lifetime wish manually using blender or simpe to match the generation you’re playing then that’s also fine in my eyes!
this challenge is in no way unique but it’s just meant to be fun, and a good way to keep the sims 2 community alive (not like it needs any help, it’s still thriving!) and if you decide to play it then please tag me so i can see! if you’d like to leave suggestions for each generation or if i’ve missed anything out please let me know! #sims2lepacy #resurrectonomitron
a note about moving neighbourhoods! i know it’s super glitchy and can be a bit chaotic so if you’d like to keep your sim in the starter hood for the entirety of the challenge then that is completely fine!! 
update 4th june 2022
• removed ‘marry a service sim’ from base game to be more flexible to either non-single sim starts/single sims aiming to get abducted
update 5th june 2022
• added ‘joint a greek house and throw a toga party’ to university
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cas-fulleditmode · 3 months ago
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i’m aware that i don’t post a lot of gameplay screenshots from my lepacy, but i’m now starting my showtime generation, which is the 6th one.
my gen 5 heir j ended up having a baby with his stepmom (💀😭) who already had a baby from my gen 4 heir jarrett (thanks story progression), so these two are niece and uncle but also brother and sister??
dakota is my main heir this generation (kris still counts as gen 5 technically). she’s an outdoors-hating, goth-adjacent, aspiring magician who loves exploring the local cemetery catacombs during her lunch break.
kris was an unintentional child born through story progression and is now in his early 40s, having left his fiancée to pursue the life of an insufferable west hollywood homosexual who tries to convince people that bowlcuts are en vogue again.
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oxytosim · a month ago
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hot girlies don’t mope around about hot and cold romantic interests — they go outside and play in the water and sun ☀️
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akitasimblr · 2 months ago
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charlie harper has been sent to a new save where things are... odd, to say the least. willow creek is buzzing with the alto vs. landgraab’s rivalries. strangely so, jacques villareal is now a young adult making his name in the criminal career. this makes no sense. come on! it does not even follow the sims lore, duh! well, the watcher wants what the watcher wants so now, self-absorbed, childish and outgoing charlie is a tough gal answering to the young nancy landgraab who has been recently promoted whitin the ranks of the shady landgraab industries. do you want to follow charlie in her new adventure? because, in addition, charlie can only live with base game items. even the clothes, you ask? yeah, even the clothes... 😳 
charlie’s tale family tree
main character: charlie harper, harper legacy diaries’ GEN2 spare
plot characters: young adult nancy landgraab (engaged); young adult jacques villareal (single); and adults nick and vita alto (married). 
credits go to: nancy and geoffrey landgraab by @ladychaos | jacques vilareal by @ophelia-nygmos | vita and nick alto by @violetpixels | simlicy save 2.0 by @simlicy. (note: for sims i only changed eyes default to my own and adapted their age to my timeline).
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rules for the GEN1 LEPacy-random legacy challenge below:
“ya basic” generation | base game
only use base game elements for the main character’s household (only skin details can have cc).
live in willow creek, oasis springs or newcrest.
can only have relationships with townies from willow creek, oasis springs and newcrest. use keep sims in home region mod. 
marital status is mixed single w/2 help (a non-romantic helper sim must live in the house. the helper sim can be anything you desire, from a friend of the family to a spare who decides to stick around. children must be a mix of naturally born and adopted). 
have two children. one adopted other, in my case, by artificial insemination mod. 
primary career is criminal - oracle branch (may pickpocket sims. may hack and create viruses).
secondary career is carpenter (use the wood crafting bench to make and sell furniture, as well as complete wood crafting projects). use woodworking table rework mod and more woodworks mod.
generational goal is friendship is forever (beginning when the heir is a child, they must make one new good friend every week. this friendship must be maintained through subsequent weeks, and may only be ended by the death of the friend). use know your co-workers and classmates mod and more best friends mod. 
miscellaneous fun is joker (free re-roll of one category, now or in a future generation). already used to re-roll primary career. 
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simlights · 3 months ago
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miriam fayhurst — family-oriented, kleptomaniac, self-assured
originally from oasis springs, miriam relocated to willow creek with very little money. to provide for herself, she joined the culinary career but really aspires to be the chief of mischief. 
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simsandgiggles · 6 months ago
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It’s so cute that Stacey and Lia are so in love and - Oh. 
what the fuck.
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Mango loves to hangout in the barn!
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scab-plasters · a month ago
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thepettymachine · 5 months ago
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Osbourne Family Portrait 9.0
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blossom-sims · 17 hours ago
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Being a vampire, Vivi is super fast and can now also teleport! I don’t think anyone is getting away from her at this point...
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resurrectonomitron · 2 months ago
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god i love the sims, idk what their pathing is saying but this is optimal wedding guest viewing i guess
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cas-fulleditmode · 7 months ago
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been trying my hands on a LEPacy of some sorts, this is my gen 2 heir doing world adventures type shit.
meanwhile me:
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akitasimblr · 2 months ago
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charlie harper: all good, johnny?
johnny zest: *chomp chomp*
charlie harper: yay!!
johnny zest: *splish splash*
johnny zest: mommy!
charlie harper: nice dreams, johnny
johnny zest: *zzz*
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starburstshores · 10 days ago
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