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You know
This might be a hot take but I think humans fucked up when we imagined utopias as being pure.
Like why is that the goal. It's not even realistic. In no dimension or universe is everyone a perfect parent, partner, sibling, coworker, etc. Even in utopias where resources have been socialized there is hardship. You will hurt others intentionally or not and they will do the same to you.
People will still do awful things and try to get away with them, there will still be people afraid of progress, there will Always be something.
Nothing is perfect and bad will always coexist with goodness. Utopias aren't real, a world that's safe where everyone is housed and fed and happy and nobody commits crimes and all parents are good isn't real. It's not real.
Accept that. Then let it go.
I say this because this idea that something must be Pure to be good or valuable comes up a Lot anytime a progressive policy or idea is given to the public to chew on.
"what about the (criminal) who would (horrifying crime) if they were free??" Or "what about (hypothetical con artist) who might take advantage of (system intended to help less marginalized) and waste resources?" Or "what about how (system intended to help) could negatively impact me, personally?" Or "I agree we should (take care of people) but I don't think (hyper specific scenario where Taking Care of People could be the Wrong choice) is the right choice."
Them the rules, idk.
Nobody will ever be 100% happy with everything and there is no 100% guarantee what we change will work for everyone. So we compromise.
The idea of utopias isn't to make One group happy and more comfortable than the others or to give special attention to One kind of person. It's to benefit Everyone. And sometimes yeah that does mean you might have to downsize so someone else can have a home. But what matters is that now you both have safe shelter.
Downsizing and it's equivalent is the price you pay. You live in a society that takes care of you so you do what you can to take care of your community in return. You know they'd do the same.
You need to accept that sometimes the goal is worth the price you pay, even if it's not implemented perfectly, even if it can't help everyone it should, even if it's not for you, even if it Takes from you.
If it Takes from you the same way Civil Rights took from white people or the way Stonewall took from homophobes then you should be happy to have less.
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travmabvby 13 hours ago
Bleh just had to block a Dom BC he likes Joe Rogan. Why would you ever fuck someone who has different morals than you??? He told me to grow up 馃槶
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youngserfs 10 months ago
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thebad---catholic 6 months ago
Anti-voting rhetoric will be the death of the left. Literally.
Not a single fucking Republican voted to protect roe. It was fucking overturned in the first place bc trump got three Supreme Court appointments.
Every fucking thing wrong in this country is almost certainly the result of Republicans being in power. In 2020, Texas cut half of the polling places in black neighborhoods, and doubled them in white ones, regardless of population. It was Republicans bitching about mail in voting, and constantly, constantly fearmonger about voter fraud. Literally, their platform is about making civil rights harder to practice.
Would you like to know why? It鈥檚 because Republican politicians know better than anyone that higher voter participation means higher republican loss.
But what do I see from the online left, champions of the oppressed?
鈥淰oting doesn鈥檛 do anything, the parties are the same, the system is rigged, etc, etc鈥
Don鈥檛 sit here and tell me you give a fuck about marginalized people if you aren鈥檛 ready to march your ass to the voting booth and vote out the party actively stripping their rights away.
Protest, donate, community build, unionize, and vote, vote, vote.
By the time direct action is the only option, it will be too fucking late.
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anarchistfrogposting 4 months ago
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Police state but make it gay 馃槤
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thestrawberrydreams a year ago
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Inclusive language is for everyone!!
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breadandrosas 6 months ago
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Happy Jubilee though!
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the-spectre-of-communism a year ago
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might just devote my blog exclusively to the onion headlines
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red-star-cowboy 4 months ago
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decolonize-the-left a year ago
We aren't doomed. Not yet.
So whenever y'all are done crying and are ready to get back up and keep going:
Nobody is going to save us except for us.
Companies won't stop making plastic as long as someone is buying
Ag farming will continue to be destructive as long as it's supported, start growing local and buying from local farmers instead if you can (some will even deliver to your door)
Corporations won't stop laying oil pipelines unless we start Immediately demanding ALL infrastructure to switch to resuable/sustainable energy. (cars, businesses, government buildings, private homes, etc)
Profits will always come before people as long we keep accepting "it's too expensive" & "it's too complicated to fix" as excuses for pausing progress
The best way to make a difference is by starting in your own community. Ex: Clean up your local parks & rivers, garden with plants native to your area to help (& bring back) your local pollinators & ecosystems
Look at your local native community and back their movements. For example the local tribe here is the Umatilla and they're trying to get the dam removed as it's affected the salmon runs which has negatively impacted the salmon, the Umatilla people, and the local fauna that have relied on a free running river for millenia.
Settling for less is unacceptable. Our futures are not to bargained with.
Caring about your survival is not an extremist belief, do not be gaslit into believing it is. Do not be gaslit into believing better isn't possible.
Caring about your future is not radical. Caring about the planet is not radical. Caring about natural disasters is not radical.
This is us trying to meet our most basic needs for survival: a healthy planet that isn't trying to kill us.
All of these needs have to be normalized even in social circles, not just in political circles. Talk about it in friend groups. Bring it up on posts about climate change, bring it up with influencers/celebs/orgs/politicians who pride themselves on #GoingGreen & #ZeroWaste. Argue for these points when someone starts to settle for less. We can not continue settling.
Things will get better and can be better if we just put in the work for it, I promise
There is still time and there is still hope
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dreamspring 5 months ago
i hate u amatonormativity i hate u institution of marriage i hate u nuclear family i hate u 鈥榣ove is what makes us human鈥 i hate u heteronormativity i hate u relationship hierarchy i hate u capitalism i hate all of u w a burning passion !!!!
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defleftist 6 months ago
May you live an existence that doesn鈥檛 require constant resilience.
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abitonthepoliticalside 6 months ago
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queerism1969 3 months ago
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