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Resource List for Learning Dutch
Hi Language Enthusiasts,
Do you want to learn Dutch but don't know where to start? Then I've got the perfect resource list for you and you can find its links below. Let me know if you have any suggestions to improve it. I hope everyone can enjoy it and if anyone notices any mistakes or has any questions you are free to PM me.
Here is what the resource list contains;
Handmade resources on certain grammar concepts for easy understanding.
Resources on learning pronunciation.
Websites to practice reading.
Documents to enhance your vocabulary.
Notes on Colloquial Language.
Music playlists
List of podcasts/audiobooks And a compiled + organized list of websites you can use to get hold of grammar!
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Tumblr media
uh. yeah, no, he's not gonna be kicking him in the groyne, grammarly. thanks for your help.
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langlr · a day ago
🇨🇵 : bonjour, do you have all of the new words?
🇪🇸 : yeah
🇬🇧 : yup, I worked really hard I stayed up all night
🇨🇵 : that's weird, you're normally super lazy
🇬🇧 : I am not
🇨🇵 : yes you are
🇪🇸 : come on guys let's start, what's the first word?
🇨🇵 : the first word is "put in place"
🇪🇸 : esa es fácil, la mía es "poner"... poner en su lugar
🇬🇧 : mine is "set"... set something somewhere
🇨🇵 : next one, "get in position for a race"
🇪🇸 : listos... en sus marcas, listos, ya!
🇬🇧 : set... ready, set, go!
🇨🇵 : "to adjust to the desired position"
🇪🇸 : ajustar
🇬🇧 : set... set the clock
🇨🇵 : *terrifying French disapproval*
🇪🇸 : *neighborly spanish concern*
🇨🇵 : our next word is "a group or collection of something"
🇪🇸 : I have colección
🇬🇧 : I have set... tea set, for example
🇪🇸 : oh no
🇨🇵: I think I know what's happening here. English what's your word for "when jelly gets solid"?
🇬🇧: set
🇪🇸 : and your word for "when the sun goes down"?
🇬🇧 : set
🇨🇵 : "to fix or decide on a time"?
🇬🇧 : set
🇪🇸 : "where things are filmed"?
🇬🇧: set
🇨🇵 : "where badgers live"?
🇬🇧 : set
🇨🇵 : English we have 430 definitions to cover today, are you seriously telling us that for every single one you chose the word "set" ?
🇪🇸 : oh I'm sure English doesn't have 430 definitions for the word "set"... Do you, English?
🇬🇧 : uh....
🇨🇵 : English?! why are you doing this?!
🇬🇧 : I was trying to set a record
🇪🇸 : for the most annoying language?
🇬🇧: why are you setting on me like that? Just settle down and give these words a moment to set in
🇪🇸: this is a set up!.... Oh no
🇨🇵 : English... You're just LAZY
🇪🇸 : all the work that I put into my words and you...
🇬🇧: all the work you put in? Oh that's rich... Spanish, how do you say 'toes'?
🇪🇸 : let's not bring that up
🇬🇧 : how?!
🇪🇸 :.... Dedos...de los pies
🇬🇧 : Fingers Of The Feet
🇪🇸 : well... Technically
🇬🇧 : if you can have 'fingers of the feet' i can have 430 definitions for the word 'set'
🇨🇵 :...
🇪🇸 :...
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redux-iterum · a day ago
WindClan: Interspecies Relations
The unfortunate fact of the matter is that, much to feline annoyance, other predator animals exist. Cats love to think they’re the center of the universe, but badgers and foxes interrupt that fantasy. As a result, there’s always been tension between cats and the rest of the meat-eaters, interactions curt and opinions somewhere between rivals and wary neighbors one does not speak to unless it’s necessary. What does a weasel have to say to a cat, after all?
Well, WindClan would say, a great deal of things. Just pay attention for once.
Past the farm pressed against the border of WindClan territory is a patch of land, lined by trees and scrubs with a clearing large enough to comfortably host sot animals of varying sizes. This land is a meeting ground for all walks of life – foxes, stoats, eagles, buzzards, badgers, even stray dogs and cats, to name a few. These meetings are always intended to be friendly and peaceful, a good time for scholars to swap stories or vagabonds to rest their weary heads, comfortable with the knowledge that they won’t be attacked in their sleep.
Generally, the Clans are not invited to this meeting ground, called “Carrefour”, as so many places like it are. The Clans largely don’t mind; most of them don’t even know it exists or has a name. However, WindClan is a regular visitor, and a welcome one at that. Their favored method of body disposal is to bring the corpse to the Carrefour and leave it for scavengers and the otherwise hungry to find. While absolutely coldblooded to the rest of the Clans, this regular offering has forged a friendly relationship with outsider animals. The quickest way to one’s heart is through the stomach, after all.
The rewards for such a dark ritual are plenty: news of traveling groups brought to WindClan’s door before anyone else knows, protection from more aggressive predators who don’t know of the moor-cats, allies in times of conflict (a hungry animal will go after a living cat too, you know, and there sure are a lot outside the hill), and stories and histories one cannot hope to learn while living in the territories. The last benefit is the most minor to WindClan, but scholars are always happy to tell a curious apprentice about this unusual species of bird that lives at the edge of the world or a story deer tell to each other to justify leaving their own to die as soon as something startles them. Such apprentices do not come along very often, so they're as much of a treat as a body is.
Because of this bond between predators, WindClan is thoroughly versed in Fang, the common tongue of meat-eaters. Not only is it a good bragging point to be bilingual (were WindClan ever to brag), speaking to a hostile fox or eagle in a way they understand has saved a good many lives and even forged a few friendships. Like their old burrows and tunnels, WindClan keeps their fluency to themselves, only teaching other Clans a few words that would be absolutely necessary to learn, in the event that a predator ends up invading a territory.
That’s probably for the best. The other Clans see no purpose to learning any Fang to begin with. That can be quite helpful when WindClan needs outside assistance in a war.
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m66nchil6 · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
language + love
Mother tongue - Bring Me The Horizon / Embrace - Peter Wever / Twin Flames - Eve Roper / Sad Girlz Luv Money Remix - Amaarae, Kali Uchis, Moliy / Our Language - KP / Native Tongue - Paramore / Couple - Ron Hicks / "I love you too" in russian / unknown /
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mwagneto · 19 days ago
genuinely about to cry at the word for france in te reo māori. so like. almost every country name is just the english name but altered to only have letters that exist in te reo (so like canada = kānata, norway = nōwei etc) except france that is literally just fucking. wīwī. as in ouioui. imgoing to fucking die
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dark-haired-hamlet · 9 months ago
Want to learn something new in 2022??
Absolute beginner adult ballet series (fabulous beginning teacher)
40 piano lessons for beginners (some of the best explanations for piano I’ve ever seen)
Excellent basic crochet video series
Basic knitting (probably the best how to knit video out there)
Pre-Free Figure Skate Levels A-D guides and practice activities (each video builds up with exercises to the actual moves!)
How to draw character faces video (very funny, surprisingly instructive?)
Another drawing character faces video
Literally my favorite art pose hack
Tutorial of how to make a whole ass Stardew Valley esque farming game in Gamemaker Studios 2??
Introduction to flying small aircrafts
French/Dutch/Fishtail braiding
Playing the guitar for beginners (well paced and excellent instructor)
Playing the violin for beginners (really good practical tips mixed in)
Color theory in digital art (not of the children’s hospital variety)
Retake classes you hated but now there’s zero stakes:
Calculus 1 (full semester class)
Learn basic statistics (free textbook)
Introduction to college physics (free textbook)
Introduction to accounting (free textbook)
Learn a language:
Ancient Greek
Japanese (grammar guide) (for dummies)
Russian (pretty good cyrillic guide!)
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metamorphesque · 2 months ago
why do all the words sound heavier in my native language? scratch that. why did I choose to seek refuge in a language of another instead of training my tongue to bear the heaviness of my own?
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black-lodge-gatekeeper · a year ago
Bestie English - best friend Bestie Czech - beast, brute, monster
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Tumblr media
Most spoken language in Mali by regions.
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ratsarecute4 · 4 months ago
My favourite thing about (most) Germanic languages:
Norwegian: due (pigeon), drue (grape)
Danish: due (pigeon), drue (grape)
Swedish: duva (pigeon), druva (grape)
Dutch: duif (pigeon), druif (grape)
Afrikaans: duif (pigeon), druif (grape)
Frisian: duif (pigeon), druif (grape)
German: Taube (pigeon), Traube (grape)
A few notable outliers: English, Scots, Icelandic
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mysharona1987 · a year ago
Tumblr media
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ununquadius · a year ago
Learning a language that doesn't use the same writing system as your native one is so fun because they change the font and you're doomed
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farmercaps · a year ago
Tumblr media
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janebillit · 8 months ago
Ah, this Tik Tok always makes me giggle. Tik Tok by: prisyuk
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muikkunuuskanen · a year ago
If you don’t think it’s funny that ”stepdad” in swedish is ”Bonuspappa” then get out
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a-song-without-words · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
wow it's almost as if languages are fluid tools that are adapted to suit the needs of the people who use them
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