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We all agree that leather gloves on female characters is a subtle hint of rampant lesbianism™️, right?
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ROUND 2: Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa) VS. Lady Dimitrescu (Resident Evil) VS. Peridot (Steven Universe)
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Yes i said Peridot wont be added but due to demand she gets her chance. Lets just pretend Lapis is cheering for her from the sidelines okay?
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A continuation from the Halloween purgatory comic, Ramon and his henchmen finally had enough
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Bonus: Mother Miranda wants to fight!
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If I make the tumblr sexywoman tournament who should I include?
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If you don’t mind, could you make a small thing where Y/N is infected by the cadou but they’re more like the lycans who can turn into something similar to a varcolac (is that how you spell it?) but they aren’t (as) feral as other lycans? This can be with Donna, the Dimitrescus, and smother Miranda?
Like, normally they look a bit more like a lycan but can transform into something similar to a varcolac without losing their humanity and going feral like other lycans.
Ha! Smother Miranda. Yeah, I can do that. And yes, varcolac is spelled correctly! I came up with different set ups for each lady. Let's get into it!
Alcina was scared to death when she first saw your mutation after the cadou implantation. Not because of how you looked, though. She was worried that you would become ill because of it.
You told her you felt fine and actually had a lot more strength now.
You didn't even realize that you could transform into a varcolac until you became angry one day.
You had overheard some maids spreading nasty rumors about the family and you just... Shifted?
When Alcina eventually sees this new form... She likes that feral look in your eye. She might need to see it again... Purely to make sure you're okay, of course!
Donna is a kind woman. But, don't mistake that for weakness.
When you are first found by her on the Beneviento grounds (Destroying her flowers)... She scolds you.
Who is this tiny, angry woman? Why is she yelling at you?
Your sudden need to be accepted by her makes you shift into your mostly human form. You wave shyly and tell her you're sorry.
The blush on Donna's face, smh. Good thing she was wearing her veil.
Once you apologize... Donna invites you in for tea.
See? She's fair, but feisty too.
Mother Miranda:
Miranda performs the cadou implantation herself. She is worried that something will happen, but you reassure her that you will be fine. Also, this is the only way you will stop aging. For Miranda, going on without you is not an option, so she relents.
The procedure goes well. Miranda is happy that there have only been some cosmetic changes to your body (She thinks).
When you shift for the first time, Miranda worries that your mind has been overtaken by the cadou.
However, you startle yourself back into your more human form. You explain that you have all of your memories, you just can't speak in your varcolac form.
Miranda's just so relieved that you're still you. She hugs you tightly.
Bela adores everything about you. The strength you possess but are able to control, the soft fur that covers you in your varcolac form. All of it. You are the love she's dreamed about for so long.
Bela enjoys cuddling up in your fluffy fur and reading to you.
She also likes... Brushing you? Weirdly enough? It's calming.
She likes to hear about what it's like when you shift. How every sense becomes more in-tune with your environment.
Being a fan of literature (I bet she read Twilight XD), she can't help but be charmed at the idea of falling in love with such a powerful but caring person.
You and Bela are so deeply connected.
Honestly, what drew Cass to you in the first place was how different you were compared to everyone else.
You had been shunned a lot for your appearance, but Cass... Loves it.
Once she finds out that you can shift into a varcolac, she insists on teaching you how to hunt more efficiently.
She's a great teacher, and she obviously knows what she's doing. She's so graceful. Sometimes, you get distracted watching her instead of paying attention to what she's saying. Okay, a lot of the time.
Cass doesn't mind how much you appreciate her beauty.
Dani's reaction to finding out that you can turn into a varcolac is so heartwarming.
She immediately gushes about how you can turn into a "Puppy". She goes over to pet your fur and asks if she can ride you. Ha.
You huff out a laugh (As best as you can in this form!) at the unfortunate phrasing she used, but Dani just rolls her eyes. As much as she enjoys sexual innuendos... This is serious business! She wants to see how fast you can run.
You lie down so she can climb on and she squeals excitedly.
The two of you have wild adventures together, and with Dani, it's always sure to be a blast.
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Miss D piece from September last year :’’
Also, i’ve been posting more of my art on IG. So yea feel free to come by and say hi there tho ;3
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The next time my therapist ask me what I do to self sooth I'm going to lie to him and tell him I do yoga. It's much easier then explaining I waste hours of my day reading fictional fluff and smut about fictional characters im far too attached to.
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"So we finally meet!"
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Lady D fandom polls will be like: hey guys so for chapter 47 how are we killing off yet one more castle staff member? Vote below!
Option 1 - [Insert inhumane death here]
Option 2 - [Insert inhumane death here]
Option ??? - "idk I'm just here for the vampiric smut"
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Not to be horny on main, but when Lady Dimitrescu chases me threw the castle courtyard and picks up maidens by their heads to shove them out of her way my heart flutters.
Oh to be a maiden splatted against the castle walls 😌
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This is a callout post
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i keep seeing so much re8 on my feed/recommended so I decided to share these again
I still like them and the comics i made from this, I learned a lot at this point in my life and want to do more since there was so much I had planned!
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Hat Swap
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