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amandaspyzcentne · 2 days ago
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plu-plu · a year ago
I’m going to steal a snack from the kitchen.
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ask-lau · a year ago
To live in a hallucination of being loved is more painful than being rejected
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undertaker-ask · 10 months ago
"Me find money! Money, money, money! Me rich!" the toddler shows Undertaker a coin with a smile.
Heh very cute dearie~
What do you think you’ll do with it?
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askmey-rin · a year ago
Thinking about ✨him✨
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grell-mf-sutcliff · a year ago
//grell and sebastian high as fuck trying to drink tea like
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williamtshakespears · a year ago
Any William T. Spears RPers Still Active?
I'm trying to find other roleplayers that currently do William T. Spears (besides myself) and are open to OCs. Please let me know if you're out there.
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raynie-night · a year ago
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"You're a deadly perfect lover by all means, I could stay in your arms forever and be at peace. I love you, Grelle. ♡"
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night-divining · a year ago
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Indie, private and selective multifandom multimuse by Aseigan, featuring muses from BNHA, Inuyasha, Kuroshitsuji, Noragami, and ATLA.
🐈 Rules 🐈 Mun 🐈 Muses 🐈
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papertaxidermy · a year ago
Black Butler Horror Au Server
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“Oh you’re here...”
“I was worried I’d be all alone.”
“Do you ever get the feeling that something is going to go wrong. Something you can’t stop?”
Tumblr media
Welcome! Black butler horror au is a discord roleplay server dedicated to horror plots using black butler characters. From murder mystery to the supernatural the server has “games” or storylines characters interact with until it’s solved / completed.
The environment is very friendly and fun to be around and really values collaboration, idea sharing, and even suggestions for future games.
You’re able to play ocs or canon characters and even have multiple characters (one per discord account though)
Come check it out! Hope to see you there!
Tumblr media
No bigots / maps / pedos
No Ooc drama
Ocs welcomed
Comment or message to be invited
Server owned by @theatmmmmm
The server, due to being horror based, often involves darker / more mature themes in the plot and roleplay. If something is too much for you no one will be upset if you sit that scene / game out. We all have our boundaries ❤️
If you have any questions feel free to ask- though @theatmmmmm may be the best resource for that
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plu-plu · a year ago
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ask-lau · a year ago
only some people are handsome
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undertaker-ask · a year ago
Are you a dilf?
I don’t think that’s up to me to determine. What do you think?
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honeypurr-rp · a year ago
✧ basics - please read! ✧
hello! my name is honey and i've been roleplaying for roughly 8 or 9 years (yikes, i know). i used to use various forum boards and then the geeking app before it got shut down, so i've migrated over here onto tumblr to test out the roleplay community here.
please read this post in its entirety before approaching me for roleplay!
mobile links:
ocs my ads
✧ advanced literate
✧ quality > quantity. sentence count is not important to me; please don't try to force it, just write what feels right. this being said, i would appreciate at least 2 paragraphs on average. i understand that muse comes and goes and some scenes move faster than others.
✧ i use discord for roleplay
✧ canon x oc preferred, but may occasionally do canon x canon as well
✧ can do doubling!! (if i believe i can play the character(s) you want)
✧ best at mxf, but can do fxf or mxm as well
✧ i will only roleplay with people 18y or older, no exceptions.
✧ i LOVE mature themes, dark content, and smut
✧ can do fluff, angst, romance, whump, etc.
✧ i do not participate in roleplay groups, sorry. only 1x1 rps.
✧ kuroshitsuji / black butler
✧ free! iwatobi swim club
✧ genshin impact
✧ mcu / marvel
characters i'm currently looking for
✧ alois trancy (black butler)
✧ hazuki nagisa (free! iwatobi swim club)
✧ matsuoka rin (free! iwatobi swim club)
✧ xiao (genshin impact)
characters i have experience playing
✧ mey-rin (black butler) <- my favorite to play!
✧ ciel phantomhive (black butler)
✧ sebastian michaelis (black butler)
✧ finnian / finny (black butler)
✧ bennett (genshin impact) <- my favorite to play!
✧ diluc ragnvindr (genshin impact)
✧ klee (genshin impact)
✧ jean gunnhildr (genshin impact)
✧ steve rogers (mcu)
✧ tony stark (mcu)
✧ pietro maximoff (mcu)
✧ this list is only the characters i've already played; there are many more i could probably do! please feel free to ask about other characters!
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jinryuu · a year ago
Tumblr media
     “Fresh autumn breeze, bright autumn moon.     Fallen leaves gather and scatter around the trees;                      cold-stricken crows soon fall asleep                                    and wake as soon.     I long for YOU. When can I see your longing look?          How can I bear this lonely night, this lonely nook?”
                                               || The Blue Dragon || Conditions ||
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astrclstar · a year ago
Tumblr media
‘The stars that are drawn to you stray from their orbits to wander the murk for all eternity.’
           :。・:*:・゚’★   IND. BRAVAT SKY - KUROSHITSUJI // PENNED BY KAS 
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joky-the-jester · a year ago
Servidor social para fans de habla hispana, elige de entre los personajes existentes o usa tus propios OC, si el personaje que quieres no está en la lista, pídelo y el rol será creado.
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