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— hello stranger. part one.
Tumblr media
pairing: minho ft. hyunjin x fem!reader genre: smut, angst, fluff, soulmate!au. content: 18+ minors dni. chapter warnings below cut. word count: 7k
summary: after watching everyone around you pair off with their soulmate, you finally get your turn. a slow burn strangers to enemies to lovers soulmate!au with jealousy and angst and smut and suffering (and softness ofc).
Tumblr media
mention of death (a recurring theme, not a main character). mc has anxiety. mention of body insecurity.
“I’m so happy for you, Mina. I-I really am.” 
Your roommate was engaged to her soulmate. She’d woken you up at 2am, flicking your lights on and jumping up and down on your bed until you’d roused enough to comprehend what she was saying. A little over a year ago she’d gotten a notification—the person that suited her more than anyone else on earth had been found. 
“She’s been trying to do it for weeks, apparently. She kept chickening out,” Mina giggles as she fiddles with the ring on her finger. “Isn’t it pretty?” she says, holding it out for you to inspect. 
She’d shown you many times in the 20 minutes she’d been sitting cross-legged on your bed. You indulge her, taking her delicate hand in yours to take another look at the admittedly very pretty ring. Her joy was a little overwhelming, you’d been so low for so long. 
It was only a few months after Mina met her soulmate that your boyfriend met his. He’d lied to you, signing up for the matching service behind your back. When he’d left, you’d signed up yourself in your anger—as if it could do anything to hurt him back. He didn’t care. 
Neither did you, not anymore. You watched the people around you pair off, so distracted by their own joy not one of them had asked you about your lack of it. Then, a few weeks ago you’d received your notification. You’d stared at your phone screen, trying to comprehend the reality of it. All you had to do was acknowledge the match and agree on a time to meet. Then… you’d be one of the happy ones? You’d thrown your phone onto the bed, ignoring it until you were forced to pick it up again. You hadn’t told anyone since. 
You look up at your friend again, her cheeks rosy—likely from a mixture of wine and excitement. “Mina?”
“Mm?” she responds absentmindedly, not looking up from her ring. 
“I-I got my notification…” Her eyes snap up to meet yours. “...a few weeks ago,” you finish. 
“What?! Who are they?!” she squeals, falling forward to grab your hands in hers—flapping them up and down. 
“I don’t know, I didn’t respond.” 
She drops both your hands onto the bed, eyes wide. “What? Why?”
“I…don’t know. I’m scared, I guess.” 
She shuffles up to sit beside you against the pillows. “Ya know, I was scared at first too.”
You look up to her face, she’s looking at her ring again. You remembered the first week after she got her notification. She’d been so bouncy and overwhelmingly happy, you don’t remember her being nervous at all. “You were?” 
“Mm, I know the whole idea is that you are supposed to be perfect for each other. But… what if I was the exception? What if I wasn’t enough for her? It felt…like such a huge thing to live up to—being someone’s perfect person. I just wanted to be enough for whoever it was I was going to meet.” She reaches over to take your hand. “Then I met her…and that all felt so silly. She was everything and I knew that even if I wasn’t enough for her yet, I'd do everything to make sure I was. She made me wanna be the best person I could be and it…was a lot—but in the best way.” 
“I don't… know if I’m ready to be the best version of me.” 
“That’s the point, even if you aren’t. They’ll help you. Besides, what if they need you to help them be the best version of them?”
“I’m not sure I could help anyone with that…” 
“Just try? Yeah? I’ll be here,” she says, squeezing your hand gently. 
You look over to your nightstand where your phone is charging. You couldn’t really bear to look at it these days. Mina nudges your shoulder. You reach over to grab it. She’s quiet as you open the app. Your heart races as you enter times you are available to meet, hesitating over the final button that confirms your agreement. You look down to Mina’s hand on your leg, the delicate ring catching your eye. You take a deep breath, then hit confirm. 
Tumblr media
Three weeks and they haven’t confirmed a time. Whoever they were, they clearly didn’t want you. You knew it was silly, to be upset about something you’d done yourself. Maybe they just had the same insecurities you did? Mina was busy with wedding preparation, you didn’t blame her for being distracted. She was happy and you were happy she was happy. Everything was fine. 
“What about these?” Mina says, pointing out some blue carnations. The only other time you’d been in a flower shop like this was when you’d bought some roses for your anniversary with your ex. 
“They’re pretty, are you definitely going with blue then?”
“Mm,” she confirms, “blue and purple.” She wanders away again and you trail behind, fiddling with the chain dangling off your phone case. “Haven’t heard back?” she asks. You pause briefly, it’s the first time she’s asked in over a week. 
“They’re probably panicking like you were.” 
“Yeah,” you mutter. 
You’re a little out of it as she leads you around the store—fiddling with the chain the entire time. The loud ring of a notification startles you, a small squeak leaving your lips. Mina looks up at you as you flick your phone to silent, you must have absent-mindedly flicked it while you were fiddling. You look up to meet her eyes. 
“Check it,” she prompts. 
“It’s probably nothing.” 
“Check it,” she repeats. So you do. He’s confirmed to meet the next day. Just like that. Mina snatches your phone from your hands. 
“Tomorrow?! Oh my god,” she says before shoving your phone back in your hands. “Confirm you’re going.” 
“I’m going…” you mumble, staring down at the screen—attempting to process it. 
Mina’s laugh breaks you from your daze. “Yes, you’re going. Come on, let’s go pick your outfit.” She grabs your arm, pulling you from the store. 
Tumblr media
You hardly sleep that night, spending the entire next morning cleaning your apartment—attempting (and failing) to distract yourself from the anxiety stirring in your chest. Your small cat brushes against your leg as you bend down to clean her tray. 
“Hey, baby. You might meet a new friend soon, hm?” She meows at you. “Mm, I know. It’s scary for me, too. We’ll be okay, I'm sure they’re nice.” 
A clap of thunder makes you jump. It had been storming all night. Usually storms relax you but apparently not even that could calm you now. “Gonna shower now,” you whisper to your cat, stroking her fur one last time. 
You’d been putting it off, showering. You didn’t feel like looking at yourself. You didn’t consider yourself a particularly insecure person, most of the time you managed to stay pretty neutral about how you looked. You were fine. Right now though? Every negative thought you’d ever had was stirring to the surface. You couldn’t help pausing just before stepping into the shower, twisting back and forth to inspect yourself in the mirror. You’re fine. 
Tumblr media
You struggle to close your umbrella, shoving the handle into your stomach so you can push it down—eventually managing to collapse it fully. It’s still pouring. You’d closed your eyes the entire bus trip, listening to the rain and attempting to settle your nerves. You weren’t particularly successful. You rest your hand on the wall, steadying yourself—your empty stomach growling as you gather yourself. This is fine. 
You look up at the revolving door. A girl walks out with a huge grin on her face—giggling to herself as she passes you. Clearly her meeting went well. You suck in a deep breath, the fresh air helping a little. Then, shoving the umbrella in your bag, you head inside. 
The receptionist hands you a clipboard and a pen and asks you to wait for someone to collect you. It makes you feel like you’re at a dentist appointment. Not great for your nerves. You settle yourself in the corner to read the forms. You expect a disclaimer to cover the company's ass; terms and conditions. It’s a little more than that. Your leg bounces as you scan the pages, pen tapping against the clipboard. 
Customers retain the right to withhold personal information from partners and discontinue communication at any time. Security is present on the premises. You read a paragraph about a wristband each person can use to signal for security discreetly. Why would anyone need that? You realise you're chewing on the pen. Crap. You look up to see if anyone has noticed. You can’t read anymore. You feel like your entire brain is consumed with trying to keep it together. You scribble your name at the bottom of the last page and head to the desk to hand it back. 
“I’m—I’m done with this.” 
“Oh, good. Felix will take you through now,” the receptionist answers, pointing to the blonde man holding a door open for you. 
“Thank you,” you say quietly, adjusting your bag on your shoulder and heading over. This is fine. 
“Good morning, I’m Felix” he greets. His voice is calm and his face bright. You can see why he has this role. 
He holds the door for you as pass then leads you down a long hallway, turning to speak to you. “Nervous?”
“A little,” you say, offering him a small shaky smile.  
“You’ll be fine, promise. I’ve worked here awhile and never seen anyone leave without a big smile.” He stops at a cupboard built into the wall, pulling the door open. “Could you hold your hand up for me? Just wanna check your size.”
You offer him your arm and he wraps a small smartwatch around your wrist. “Perfect,” he mutters to himself. 
“This is to call for security?” you ask. 
“Yeah, just press this button on the side. It won’t make a noise. They won’t know you’ve called.”
“Why…why would I need this if everyone always leaves with a smile?” 
“I’m sure it was suggested by a lawyer at some point, just a precaution.” Your hand shakes a little as he secures the strap for you. “You’re okay,” he says, obviously noticing your visible nerves. 
You’re okay. 
“I’ll take you to your room now, okay?” he asks, voice gentle. You look up to his face, counting a few of his freckles as you take a few slow breaths. 
“Okay,” you say after a few seconds. He smiles then turns and leads you through a door to another long hallway. This one has many doors along each side, each one numbered. You count them as you go. He finally stops at door 14. “This is you,” he announces. He doesn’t open it, just turns and looks at you—clearly waiting for you to prepare yourself. 
“Are they… in there already?”
“Mm, we stagger arrivals. He’s been here about 30 minutes.” 
“Oops, spoilers,” he says, offering you a playful smile. 
You offer him a weak smile in return then turn to the door only to freeze, staring at the door knob like you had never seen one before. Felix waits patiently at your side. “What if he doesn’t like me?” you mutter under your breath. 
“You know how long I’ve worked here?” Felix says in response, apparently ignoring your question. “4 years,” he continues. You look from the doorknob to his face. “I’d say about 80% of the people I lead to one of these doors ask me some variation of that question.” 
“And they leave happy?”
He smiles and nods. “Mm.” 
You grab the doorknob, ready to get on with it. “Felix?” 
“Thank you, really.” 
“No worries,” he says, “you’ll be fine.” 
You smile at him one last time and take a deep breath, pushing the door open. A chair scrapes across the ground and you look up to the man standing at a table in the middle of the room. You suppose, he’s yours. You wonder if he thinks you’re disappointing—if you’re not what he expected, what he hoped for. Felix places a gentle hand on your shower, helping you enter the room—the door closing behind you. 
The man holds his arm out, gesturing to a lounge along the wall. You suck in a breath, only just realising you’ve been holding it. 
“I saved you a seat,” he says, the first to break the silence. You suppose that was something like a joke, you’re too nervous to offer anything playful back. So instead you hurry over, dropping your bag to the ground as you collapse into the soft couch cushions. He sits himself at the other end, space for another two or three people between you. There’s two water bottles on the table. You should say something. Your name. Name’s are good. You fail to meet his eyes as you introduce yourself, reaching for the bottle instead. 
“Minho,” he offers in return. You look up at him, a nervous smile on your face. He’s pretty, too pretty for you. He’s wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. You’re overdressed. 
“Hi,” is all you manage. 
“Have you… been waiting long?” 
One corner of his lips curves up. “No, not long.” 
He doesn’t seem nervous at all. Why had he waited three weeks to respond if he wasn’t at all like you? “Ah, that’s good.” 
“Nervous?” he asks, nodding to where you were twisting the cap of the bottle on and off repeatedly. You place it back on the table. 
“Yeah, sorry.” 
“Don’t be.” He stands, walking over to a bookshelf. “Do you wanna play a game?” 
“A game?” 
“They have a bunch here. Uno?” 
He pulls the deck from the pack as he makes his way back over. “You know how to play?”
You huff out a half laugh. “Uno? Yeah.” 
He smiles. “Just checking. The only thing I know about you is your name and that you like yellow.” 
You look down at your yellow sundress. You had stood out amongst the crowd on the bus, everyone in dark raincoats and jackets. It wasn’t cold, just wet. Your cardigan was enough. “I… It’s my favourite colour, yeah.” 
“It suits you.” 
You look up. He’s focused on dealing the cards. “Thank you,” you say, just above a whisper. 
He flips a card over on the small coffee table and grabs his cards. You exchange small talk as you go. Your ages, what you do for work, if you have any pets. You talk about your cats a little, the first commonality you’ve discovered. You figure you’ll latch onto them whenever any come up, maybe more so than with any other stranger. The unspoken knowledge that you are supposed to be ideal for each other makes it feel like more is at stake. Instead of risking merely an awkward interaction with a stranger, you are both risking… well… your future happiness together. 
He seems kind. Maybe a little reserved, but so were you. You get the feeling he’s holding a lot back, like he’s not entirely here. You wonder if his anxiety just presented differently to yours. 
“Do you live alone?” he asks, slapping a pick up 2 on the stack. You slap one on top, looking up with a small smile. “Got me,” he says, returning your smile and then picking up 4 from the deck. 
“I have a roommate: Mina. What about you?” 
“Hyunjin. Met him at dance lessons years ago, he stuck to me like a leech.” 
“So he loves you?” 
He looks up from his cards, eyes flicking across your face for a moment before he answers. “Mm, I guess he does. Are you close with Mina?” 
“I’m gonna be her maid of honour.” 
“Ah.” He moves a few cards around in his deck. “Is she�� with her—I mean did they meet through this?” He gestures to nowhere in particular with his cards, like he can’t speak the word soulmate. 
A small knot of anxiety reappears in your chest. It had eased without you realising, returning now. 
“Yeah, they met a year ago,” you answer. 
“A year? That’s quick.” 
“I guess.” You watch him continue to fiddle with his cards. “It’s your turn,” you prompt. 
He looks up at you. “Right.” Then leans forward to grab a card from the deck. 
“Is Hyunjin… has he met his?” 
He places a colour change card down gently. “Green,” he announces quietly. You expect him to answer your question, but he doesn’t. So you take your turn. It isn’t until you’ve both had two more turns each that he speaks. “He hasn’t.” 
You get the feeling you’ve said something wrong. You fiddle with your cards, realising you’re guaranteed a win. You look up at the man next to you. Is he a sore loser? You know nothing about him at all. You finish the game, looking up at him to see his reaction.
“Well done,” he says calmly as he begins to collect the cards, stacking them into a neat pile. You tuck away another tiny puzzle piece you can use to put together this person who was supposed to be your soulmate. 
You look around the room, desperate to find another activity to save you from any awkward lulls. A big wooden chest catches your eye. You leave him to finish putting the cards away, wandering over to the mysterious chest. It looked like something that would be full of pirate’s gold. You bend down to lift the lid, conscious of the man appearing at the bookshelf next to you. It’s heavy and his hand appears to help you pull it the rest of the way up. 
It’s full of clothes. Costumes and props. You pull a witches hat out, lifting it onto your head and smiling at the man next to you. He smiles back then retrieves a big sunflower hat. “Put this on, it matches your dress.” You drop the witches hat back in the chest. Then, before you can take it from him, he gently lowers the sunflower hat onto your head. You readjust it, feeling your cheeks warm as he bends down to search through the chest again. 
When he stands he has a big red clown nose on. The serious expression on his face makes it all the funnier, drawing out a small laugh from your lips. “Try squeezing it,” he says stoically. You reach up, squeezing the red nose between your fingers. It squeaks, a lot like a dog toy. His mouth curves up a little in one corner then he pulls it from his nose, holding it out to you. 
“You try.” 
Your fingers brush together as you take it from him, a shiver running down your spine at the contact. His eyes on you as you attach the nose to your face makes you nervous. When you look up he wastes no time squeezing it, the high pitched squeak pulling the first actual laugh you’ve heard from him. You join him, the contagious quality of his loud laughter getting you more than anything else. 
By the time you’ve exhausted the large chest of its treasures your stomach hurts, collapsing onto the floor as Minho pulls a big pink bow from his hair. “No, leave it!” you gasp out through your laughter, reaching out to wrap around his wrist before he can drop the bow into the chest. He joins you on the floor, his leg brushing against yours pulls your awareness to your hands. You pull back quickly. 
He stretches his legs out, leaning back on his palms as you both catch your breath. It’s quiet for a moment. It doesn’t feel awkward. Your mouth tugs up at the corners at the revelation. “Why’d you take so long to respond?” he asks, bringing you back down to earth. A heaviness settles over you immediately. 
“I uh…just wasn’t ready,” you answer, pulling a flower crown off your head. Your heart races in your chest as you prepare your next words. “You…took awhile as well.” 
He pulls his legs to his chest, arms resting on his bent knees. “I wasn’t ready either.” 
“You’re ready now?” 
He’s quiet, eyes flicking between yours. Then he stands, offering you a hand up. You make sure your dress stays down as you let him pull you up, his hand warm in yours. He pulls you up effortlessly, fingers brushing together as he releases you. “Would you like to come over for dinner?” he asks. 
“I… Yeah, sure.” 
He walks over to a backpack under the table, pulling it over his shoulder. “Great, I think Hyunjin might be home tonight but he’ll probably stay in his room.” 
He looks up at you. “Yeah… that alright?” 
“Did you drive here or…?”
“I can give you a lift home?” He says, eyes dropping down to his phone as he types something quickly. “I’ll pick you up later. Gotta get a few things for dinner.” 
“I can get the bus.” You’re not sure why you turn him down. 
He looks up at you, brows furrowed. “You sure? It’s probably still raining.” 
“I like the bus.” 
He steps towards you and you hold your breath as he reaches towards your hair, picking out a pink feather—a remnant from your dress up session. “I’ll pick you up at six?” he asks, close enough that your eyes fix on the freckle at the end of his nose. Your soulmate has a nose freckle. Soulmate. 
“Six,” you confirm, voice a little breathy. 
Tumblr media
“I…told Hyunjin you were coming and he showed…a lot of interest. He might hang around, sorry.” Minho warns as he steps up to his door. 
“I don’t mind.”
“He’ll keep you company while I finish up with dinner, anyway.”
You follow him into his apartment, taking in your surroundings as he leads you to the living room where a boy with short blonde hair sits at a small table on the floor. He jumps up as you enter, a wide grin spreading across his face as he approaches. 
“You’re here,” he greets you like you’re old friends, like you were here for him and not the man standing beside you. You offer him a friendly smile. 
“I’ll leave you two to chat for a bit, i’ll be done soon,” Minho says before backing up towards the adjoined kitchen. You catch him giving his roommate a pointed look and then he turns, leaving you alone. 
Hyunjin gestures to a cushion on the floor by the table, sinking back down to resume his position on the other. He pushes aside a notebook and as he closes it, you catch a glimpse of some sketches. “Can’t believe you’re finally here,” he says, propping his elbows on the table to gazing at you like you’d put the stars in the sky. 
You drop your eyes to the table, feeling a little overwhelmed by his intensity. “Uh, I—I can’t really believe it either. It’s a lot.” 
“Did it go well today?” 
“Um…I think so. Minho hasn’t said anything?” 
He looks to the kitchen then leans over the table so he can lower his voice. “He’s not particularly talkative. You may have noticed.” 
“He…seemed a little reserved but so am I. I don’t mind.” 
His plush lips curve up in one corner. “So it was a quiet session then?” 
“Not…exactly. We played dress up.” You look down at the table, smiling a little to yourself at the memory. Hyunjin is quiet and when you look up at him again he has a soft smile on his face. You drop your gaze to the table, his closed notebook catching your eye again. “Do you draw?” 
He sits back, pushing the notebook in front of you and flipping it open. “Mm, you can look if you want.” You flip through the pages as the boy across from you sits quietly. They’re mostly sketches of people, a few watercolours scattered in. You pause on a page of a silhouette, turned away—hair falling over their face. It makes you sad. You close the book, sliding it gently back across the table. 
“They’re…really good.” 
“Thank you. Do you like art?” 
“I like it. I can’t do it.” You look over to the kitchen, wondering if Minho was an artist. You hadn’t asked. 
“He’s not an artist,” Hyunjin says, like your thoughts are written across your forehead. “I know how it feels…all of this—it’s terrifying.” 
“You—You know?” 
He smiles sadly just as a loud crash comes from the kitchen. “I’ll check on him,” he says, standing and leaving you there at the small table. You take the opportunity to wander around the room, attempting to gather as much information about the man who was supposed to be yours. A small jingle draws your attention to a cardboard box in the corner of the room. A small cat is curled up inside, lazily licking at his paw. 
“Hello baby,” you coo, crouching down to stroke his soft fur. “I have a friend at home who’d love to meet you.” You scratch his chin, the cat lifting his head so you can get a good view of his collar. No name tag. “What’s your name, baby? Which one are you?” 
Minho had mentioned his cats earlier. You’d forgotten their names, too anxious at the time to retain information properly. You look back to the kitchen. Hyunjin hadn’t returned. You lean down to kiss the purring cat on the head and then head towards the kitchen, freezing when you hear the two men arguing—clearly attempting to keep their voices down. 
“I did this for you,” Minho’s anger comes through his voice clearly, despite it being practically in a whisper. “I could lose Sana over this.” 
“Shhhh, keep your voice down,” Hyunjin scolds. “Why are you acting like this?” 
“Like what?” 
“Because I’m working my ass off to cook for a stranger when I’d rather be with the girl I fucking love.” 
You stagger back a step, kicking a cat toy across the hardwood floor. The men go silent, alerted to your eavesdropping. Hyunjin appears in the doorway, catching you as you take one more step back. 
“I’m—I—” you stutter. “I’m sorry,” you blurt out, spinning and rushing for the door. 
In your rush to snatch your bag from the small table your shin comes into contact with the sharp corner. The pain snaps you out of your panic as you drop to the floor, clutching your leg tightly against your chest as you rock back and forth. He loves someone else. He didn’t want you. He loves someone else. He lo—Hyunjin appears in front of you. 
“Show me,” he says gently. You shake your head, squeezing your eyes shut. You wish you could pass out, just leave the next hour of your life to a clone of you. You can’t do this. You need to get out. You stand abruptly, grabbing your bag from the table and rushing for the door. Hyunjin hovers around you as you shove your feet into your shoes, heels hanging over the ends. “Let me drive you home,” he says, the gentle touch of his hand on your arm snapping your eyes to his. You’d felt comfortable with him since the moment you’d met. He felt safe. You don’t look over his shoulder properly, merely glimpsing Minho standing silently out the corner of your eye. 
“Okay,” he says, offering you a small smile. He opens the door for you and you fight the voice in your head that tells you to turn around, to take one last look at the man you’d thought was yours. 
Hyunjin is quiet as you both walk down the stairs. He’s quiet as he unlocks the car and hands you his phone with the maps app open. He’s quiet as he drives you to your apartment. When the car is parked and the engine is off, you’re almost afraid to break the silence. You do it anyway. “Thank you. I know–I know we just met but you’ve been…very nice. I’m—just thank you.” 
“Can I come in?” 
You turn to look at your door, then back to him. “I—”
“Just wanna make sure you’re alright…and explain things a little.” 
You’re not sure if you want things explained. You feel like collapsing into bed and crying until you pass out. The adrenaline has well and truly worn off, you're too afraid to look at your leg. You’re sure it’s bleeding. “Alright,” you mutter, opening the car door and stepping out on your good leg. You start hobbling towards your door as the sound of the car locking goes off behind you. 
“Can I help?” Hyunjin asks. 
“I’m fine. It’s fine.” 
Mina isn’t home. You’re not sure if you’re relieved or disappointed. You’re not sure about anything. Hyunjin digs out your first aid kit after listening to your directions and joins you in the living room. He’s quiet as he cleans you up. It’s only when he closes the first aid kit that he speaks. “I don’t know how to say this without… without sounding like I’m trying to say I have it worse. I’m… just trying to explain this whole thing. Okay?” 
You nod, emotionally drained. 
“She died. My soulmate. I don’t know if Minho said anything,” the corner of his mouth pulls up into a sad smile. “I can’t imagine he would.” 
“You don’t have to do this.” 
“I do. Just… let me, please?” You sit back, giving him a slight nod. “She—It was… it was the day we were supposed to meet,” he stands up, placing the first aid kit on the table and then sitting next to you on the couch. You don’t know whether to turn your body towards him or give him all the space you can. You stay completely still. “I’m telling you this because I want you to understand why I did what I did. I… encouraged him because I love him like a brother and I want him to be happy. I need him to be happy and you’re—you’re the thing he can have that I can’t. I need him to have you.” 
You can’t help looking at him, turning your body slightly as you try and find a position for your leg that doesn’t hurt. “He doesn’t want me.” 
“He doesn’t know you.” 
“I don’t think he wants to know me. He loves… someone else.” 
“He’s infatuated with a girl he’s known for years. She doesn’t feel the same way. She sleeps with him because it’s easy and he’s there. It’s not… it’s not love.” 
“I’m sorry. About what happened to you. I—I can’t imagine…” you stand, forgetting about your leg and stumbling a little as you catch your footing. He stands quickly, arms outstretched to attempt to catch you. “I can’t be with someone who doesn’t want me. I can’t—” you cover your mouth as your voice wobbles, not wanting to cry in front of someone who was essentially a total stranger. 
“Can we exchange numbers?” he asks. “If you ever want to get coffee or… anything…” 
You collapse back onto the couch, digging through your bag so you can hand him your phone. Part of you wants to send him out the door and never see him again, breaking off any connection to Minho entirely. But then, the other part… it wants to hold on, to take Hyunjins hand and beg him to keep you. To help you convince Minho to want you, to love you. When he’s finished he hands it back, a heavy silence falling over the room. 
“I’m not sure… if I'll want to keep in touch,” you say eventually. 
“I won’t contact you. Just… message me if you ever want to talk or meet, yeah?” 
Tumblr media
“You have to tell me… please?” Mina says as she lays a blanket over your lap. She passes you the mug of coffee she’d made you. “Please?” she asks again. 
“He didn’t want me. That’s it,” you say before blowing over the surface of your coffee and taking a small sip. 
“It doesn’t make sense. Why wouldn’t he want you?” 
You shrug. “He found someone better.” 
“It doesn’t make sense.”
“You said that.”
She’s quiet for a moment. You imagine what she must be thinking. Pity, probably. Her poor friend. Dumped by her boyfriend and then dumped by her soulmate. “You can’t give up. He’s—He’s yours.”
You lean over to place your mug down on the table. “What am I supposed to do? Bother him until he decides to give me his attention? I’m not begging someone to want me, even my soulmate.” 
“Just speak to him. You haven’t even given him a chance to talk about it.” 
You pull the blank up over your shoulders, tucking your chin into the soft warmth. “What if I cry?” you whisper. “I don’t… want to cry in front of him.” 
Your friend leans against you, laying her head gently against your shoulder. “You’re brave. You’ll be okay. If you do cry and he judges you for it then he’s an ass.” 
“I don't… think I can. Not yet.” 
“Alright,” Mina whispers, pressing a kiss to your cheek. “Mario Kart?” 
Tumblr media
“Morning,” Hyunjin greets, a warm smile on his face—like you were two friends meeting for a casual chat. You look around you, at the other people sitting around engaged in their own conversations. You wonder if they have their soulmates. 
You’d given in, messaging your Minho’s roommate only a week after rushing from his apartment. Minho hadn’t contacted you at all. You wished you were strong enough to let him go, but you weren’t. So here you were, attempting to form a connection with his roommate because you were too cowardly to message the man himself.
A hand waves in front of your face, snapping you out of your trance. “How have you been?” Hyunjin asks. 
“Is that a polite ‘how are you’ or are you actually asking?” 
His plush lips curve up into a small smile. “I’m asking.”
“I miss him. I don’t even know him and I miss him.” 
“Mm, I get it,” he says, tipping sugar into the iced coffee you’d ordered for him. 
“Has he.. said anything?” 
He wraps his hands around the cup, tipping it back and forth a little. “We’ve… not really been talking. We had… a conversation that night and not much since then.” 
Minho was really that angry at his friend for making him meet you? You look down to your empty cup. “Right.” 
“He’d like to meet you.” 
“Would he really or is this another set up?” you mumble. 
“I didn’t force him. To meet you.” 
“That’s what it sounded like.” 
“I think… this is something he should talk to you about.” 
“You’ll meet him?” 
“Not yet.” 
Hyunjin twirls his straw around, playing more with his coffee than actually drinking it. “Would you like to come to a gallery with me? There’s one near here.” 
“I have to go to work soon,” you say, watching as he drops his eyes to his lap. “But I can tomorrow?” 
His eyes meet yours, one corner of his mouth lifting a little. “Alright.” 
It becomes a regular part of your schedule, visiting galleries with him. Once a week, at least. He gives you a tour around the entire city's art scene, opening your eyes to a whole world you’d never bothered to explore yourself. He’s kind, easy to open up to and he doesn’t bring up Minho unless you ask first. It’s nice. It’d been weeks since you’d seen Minho. He hadn’t said anything.
“She was an artist, apparently,” Hyunjin says suddenly, eyes fixed on the large portrait you’d been appreciating. You think he means the woman in the painting at first but when you look at his expression, it’s obvious he means his soulmate. He hadn’t brought her up since the night in your apartment, after he’d finished cleaning your blood from your leg. 
“Do you know much about her?” 
“Her family invited me to the funeral. I kept in touch with her brother. He… told me about her,” he says, moving each arm behind him so he can lean back on the long bench you both sit at. A couple walks past you, more engaged in each other than the artwork around them. You’re both quiet as they pass. “If she was here, and I had the chance to know her—” 
“I know,” you say, cutting him off. “I know. But… what if it’s not… everything people say it is. What if it’s a placebo effect? We all think this other person is perfect for us and so they are. We convince themselves they are.” 
“Maybe. Does it matter?” 
“Because clearly it isn’t working on him.” 
He turns his body towards you, leaning closer. “Will you talk to him, please?” 
You sigh. “Okay.” 
You lift his hand from where he’s gripping his own thigh, intertwining your fingers. “I like you, Hyunjin. I like spending time with you and… if this will make you happy… I’ll do it.” 
“It will.” 
“Is he home now?” 
He grins, pulling you up from the bench. 
Tumblr media
“You warned him?” you ask, fiddling with the hem of your shirt. 
“He… he wants to meet?” 
He huffs out a light laugh. “I promise.” 
“You’ll be nearby?”
“Cafe across the street,” he says, pushing you gently towards the steps to his apartment. “Now go. You’re okay.” 
You trudge up the stairs, begging your body to be calm—to hide the anxiety coursing through your entire frame. You knock on the door before you can change your mind, sucking in a deep breath as it swings open. 
“You came,” Minho says, brushing his hand through his damp hair. He stands to the side, holding the door for you. He looks calm, as always. His lack of anxiety during your first meeting made sense now. He didn’t care like you did. He was doing a favour for a friend. You hesitate, turning back behind you to the coffee shop where Hyunjin waits. This is fine. You step through the threshold. 
“Do you want a drink?” he asks as you sit down on one of the cushions at the small table where you’d first met Hyunjin. He’s hovering by the kitchen, looking like he’d rather be anywhere else than here with you. 
“I’m fine.” 
He rocks back and forth on his heels for a moment then joins you at the table. You wait for him to speak; to explain. He taps his nails on the wood, the only sound in the room for a minute or two. 
“I didn’t… want to hurt you. You seem nice,” he says, still tapping on the table. 
You seem nice. Not exactly how you expected your soulmate to feel about you. 
He flattens his palm against the surface of the table, then continues. “Has Hyunjin told you about… what happened? With his—” 
“He’s been here for me through a lot. I owed him this.” 
You clench your fists in your lap, struggling to contain the sharp anger that bursts in your chest. You take a deep breath before speaking. “What about me?” you say. His brows furrow, like he doesn't understand what you have to do with any of this. Your nails cut into your palms. “You did ‘this’ as a favour to him. What about me?” 
His palm curls into a fist on the table. “I don’t… owe you anything.” 
“You don’t?” 
“I don’t know you.” 
“That’s the thing though, isn’t it? You don’t know me and you never wanted to know me. Hyunjin wanted you to try. That’s what he wanted from you and if you didn’t want to do that you owed me the courtesy of telling me. Instead you strung me along for weeks and then when we met didn’t say a thing about being there against your will.”
He’d taken 3 weeks to agree to meet you. You’d done the same, but he’d done it because he didn’t care. You did it because you cared too much.
“I had… to sort some things out before I could agree to meet you.” 
“What things?” 
His eyes drop to his phone, sitting on the table between you. “I needed to explain it to someone.”
He means the girl. The girl he loves instead of you. "That's what you were doing for 3 weeks?? Fucking her?!"
He looks up at you, brows raised. He scoffs, snatching his phone from the table and standing. "So what if I was? And don't act like I fucked you over, you took just as long."
You grab your bag, jumping to your feet. "I was questioning if I was good enough for you! I was sitting around feeling shit about myself and the entire time you were fucking the girl you love."
"You're acting like I was cheating on you,” he throws his hands up in the air, then points his phone at you. “I had no fucking clue you existed."
"You did though, you knew I existed. You just didn't know my name or my face."
"Same thing."
"No, it's not. You knew I was waiting for you. That I was thinking we were it. That we were meant for each other—”
"Maybe we're not,” he says quickly. 
Both your chests are rising and falling rapidly as you catch your breaths. You step around the table slowly, moving closer towards him. He takes one small step back as you press your finger to his chest. It’s still rising and falling quickly, his breath mingling with yours. “You’ll regret letting me go. You don’t deserve me,” you warn, just above a whisper. His warm breath brushes against your skin and then his eyes drop to your lips. He takes a large step away from you, mouth pursed tight. 
Tumblr media
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thepixelelf · 3 days
[get a taste] “What is that?” Soonyoung mumbles against your lips. He leans back slightly so he can look at your face, but not far enough to let go. “New lipbalm?”
You smile. “How did you know?”
Returning your smile with a dazzling one of his own, Soonyoung leans in for another quick peck. “I just do. You taste different.”
“Think you can guess the flavour?”
“I can try.” Soonyoung curls his lips into an exaggerated pout, almost touching them to his nose. He sniffs loudly, and you laugh. “Hmmmm... raspberry?”
Even though he guessed incorrectly, Soonyoung smiles, and there’s this mischievous glint in his eyes. He kisses you again. “Peach?”
“Not peach.”
Another kiss.
“Getting colder.”
That doesn’t bother him. He kisses you again, this time for even longer to really get a taste, and it’s only your mingled laughter that ends the kiss.
“Hmm...” He smacks his lips. “Papaya.”
You tilt your head. “Are you just guessing wrong so you can kiss me more?”
Soonyoung’s hands travel up to your cheeks, cradling your face between them. “Of course not, my love. I have some integrity, you know?”
He leans in once more and moulds his lips to yours, then retreats and closes his eyes in thought.
“I’ve got it,” he says, opening his eyes with a smile. “Avocado.”
You snort and smack him on the shoulder. “It’s strawberry, you dork!”
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Fucking RA
Group : ATEEZ
Pairing : RA!seonghwa x afab!reader
Genre : College!AU, smut
Word count : 5.5k
Warning : MDNI, dirty dirty explicit smut; dom!seonghwa, sub!reader, masturbation slight voyeurism (??), unprotected sex (don't do this irl if you don't want your cooch or peepee to clap), creampie and I really don't know what the fuck I wrote
a/n : I'VE BEEN WORKING ON THIS FOR A LONG ASS WHILE 😭😭 i told @bobateastay about this back then and i decided that maybe posting this before whoretober ends is a good idea. but then i got distracted and shit happened so i said ehh posting this before nutvember ends is fine too. mind you this is an experimental work. as in if this fic receives positive feedback and support, i might make more oneshots like this lmao
Tumblr media
You had just arrived back to your co-ed dorms when your friend, Wooyoung suddenly barged into your room with a stupid grin on his face. "Guess what happened," he told you, sounding beyond excited.
As you placed your bag by the side of your bed, you dropped down to sit on your bed. "They're finally getting rid of extra cost for extra cups at the cafeteria?" you guessed first. Wooyoung shook his head. "They... Are changing the campus mascot?" you guessed again which caused Wooyoung to scoff, "Please, that bunny might be crusty, but it's a sex symbol," "Ewh, how?" you cringed but he didn't answer. "Come on, guess again!" he whined whilst walking towards your bed and plopping down on it as if it was his own bed. "Why can't you just tell me?" you pretended to whine back at him. He rolled his eyes at your attempt at showing how annoying he is but he talked anyways, "San finally got caught fucking by Seonghwa hyung so he's being punished as we speak!" He wheezed out happily.
You can only stare as your friend laughed hysterically on your bed. "I don't know how you can be so happy at your friend's misfortune," you sighed. It took Wooyoung a while but he stopped laughing, "It's not that it gave me happiness, but we made a bet that he wouldn't get caught by Seonghwa hyung! Out of all the RAs, he's the only one who has a stick up his butt and maybe seeing San's balls can calm him down," he said as he wiped a stray tear away from his eyes.
The man in question, Park Seonghwa, is one of the people in Wooyoung's close-knit friend group. Not so surprisingly, he's the RA. He's notorious for being a strict person, following the rules and never showing bias even with his friends. He once let Hongjoong spend the night on the lobby sofa because he came back at 3 am from working on his assignment. Sure, it might be affected by the fact that Hongjoong had accidentally kicked Seonghwa's on progress lego death star and ruined them, but the dorm has a rule where they are not allowed in after 12 am so he was just following the rules. Another incident was when Wooyoung created a commotion in the middle of the night for a stupid TikTok trend that cost him a week of helping the janitors clean the dorm toilets.
Not to mention, Park Seonghwa has this ability to bust anyone who's having sex in the dorm. It's like a super sense or something. The co-ed dorm is truly lucky to have him, but the students found it annoying. If his friends can't bribe him, their fate is worse than death when faced with the man.
Despite his strictness, you can't deny that the man is extremely hot and given the chance, you'd wanna get railed by him. The thought, of course, you kept to yourself. If any of your friends found out that you have the hots for Seonghwa, that'll be the end of you. But you realized that you are always affected by Seonghwa without him having to do anything. So to evade accidentally letting anyone know, you simply avoid Seonghwa and kept your personal interactions to a minimum or made sure that you're with other people when he's around. It might sound too much, but the system works.
You cringed at Wooyoung's comment, "I'd be concerned if seeing San's balls calm Seonghwa down," to which Wooyoung teasingly squinted his eyes at you, "That's homophobic," he joked. You only rolled your eyes and threw a pillow at his face, "Get the fuck out Wooyoung, I wanna go take a shower," you tried to shoo Wooyoung away. He raised an eyebrow and instead of moving away, he strikes a ridiculous pose on your bed, "Is that an invitation?" to add to his teasing, he winked at you. Wordlessly, you lift up the same pillow that dropped to his side as a warning that you'll hit him again. In the end, Wooyoung ran out of the room cackling happily after messing with you.
You knew that you had to be quick to secure a shower because, in less than an hour, people will start piling in. Due to a sudden change in your schedule for the week, you had the luxury of being able to show in peace with no one around. Being in a co-ed dorm means that while you don't shower with the males, they are only separated by a wall. And luckily, you've been blessed with the opportunity to shower in a completely empty communal shower room. Call it what you want, you decide it's the universe's way of rewarding you for being good.
So you quickly gather your shower caddy and a change of clothes and head to the bathroom. As you closed your door, you bumped slightly into someone and when you turned around, you saw Seonghwa staring down at you with a smile on his face. "Hey, showering?" he asked, nodding his head to the things in your hands. You looked down to see your panties on full display and you immediately tried to discreetly hide them under your shirt (but you failed). You chuckled awkwardly and nodded, "Yeah... The bathroom should be empty now so I can shower more comfortably," Seonghwa nodded slowly at your answer. Thank God he was gentlemanly enough to not mention your panties or you would've dropped dead at that very moment. "Well, have a good shower!" he waved to you before walking away.
Almost immediately after Seonghwa left you, you dashed to the bathroom that was only two doors down from across your room. You can't lose the chance of showering in peace just because you embarrassed yourself in front of Seonghwa. Sweet, sweet Seonghwa who seems to always have glossy lips, long and delicate fingers, and his damn tongue that darts out like a snake. Without you realizing it, you were clenching your thighs.
You were in such a hurry and so deep in your thoughts that you didn't even realize you hadn't brought your towel to the bathroom. Sadly, you realized this when you're already butt naked.
Cursing yourself, you immediately put on the oversized shirt on your body, neglecting your underwear because you'd only be a minute and your room's so close.
Knowing that you were in such a vulnerable state, you peeked your head first into the hallway, making sure that no one was around. Thankfully, the hallway was very empty, not a single soul can be found. Heck, you were sure not even the ghosts are roaming the floor at that moment. So you got cocky. You walked leisurely into your room, get your towel, and then walked back to the bathroom. On your way, you accidentally dropped your towel on the floor so you mindlessly bent down to get it, not caring that you were very much exposed.
As you walked into the bathroom, however, you managed to miss the person standing at the end of the hallway with wide eyes, frozen in his place.
The shower was refreshing. You took your time scrubbing the ickiness from studying (not that you sweat or anything in class, but you feel the need to rid yourself of studying), and then you washed your hair, carefully massaging the scalp that you hope can transfer to your brain as it has been forced to think hard that day.
Whilst in the shower, you couldn't help but think of your interaction with Park Seonghwa earlier. Your mind drifted off to the way he spoke to you, how his voice is melodious and smooth and thick like honey but still has an edge of command to him. Makes you wonder how he is in bed. You were pretty sure that he's dominant with maybe a daddy kink. How could he not? The man LOOKS like that. You can't really put it into words, but he feels like the embodiment of the words "daddy" and "mine". He might have a baby girl fetish too, but it might just be your wishful thinking.
Mind elsewhere, you didn't even realize that your hand had slipped down between your legs and started caressing your inner thighs. The stimulation made your mind drift from thinking about Seonghwa and his kinks to thinking about Seonghwa and his kinks. You parted your folds to feel your arousal slowly seeping out of you. The feeling made you bite down a small moan. As your fingers began circling your clit, you imagined him naked in front of you, puffs of breath leaving his pink luscious lips as he panted out your name. Your brain imagined how he would sound like when he was putting you in your place, how he wants you to do things to him. And you can only imagine how pretty his cock would look like and how big and girthy it is. You couldn't help but physically shudder at the thought. Your fingers worked quicker, chasing your high. You imagined it was Seonghwa playing with your pussy. When you slip two fingers into your hole, you imagined it to be his fingers. Though, you believed that his fingers are more experienced and it could reach the parts inside you that you'd never reach before. Just the thought of Seonghwa probably able to make you reach an earth-shattering orgasm made your knees buckle and you had to anchor yourself onto the shower wall in front of you. The warm water running down your back drove your brain into believing that Seonghwa was behind you and that was his body heat you're feeling. You began whining to yourself as you felt your climax approaching.
"Seonghwa, oh god- please, please, please, please, please, I wa- I wanna-" you couldn't even finish your sentence before your legs buckle as you finally reached your orgasm. As you slowly catch your breath, you pulled your hand from between your legs slowly. The sight of your fingers covered in your juice from the thought of (what you can only classify as) your friend made you blush. You felt guilty for thinking of him in such a way, you honestly felt like a pervert. Still ashamed, you immediately wash off your hand and continued with your shower with the image of a naked Seonghwa that your brain concocted at the back of your mind.
After (finally) finishing your shower, you came out of the bathroom feeling fresh and a lot more relaxed. Looking at yourself in the mirror outside of the shower stall as you massage your hair with your towel, you saw the way your skin glistened and you honestly feel like a goddess. You wondered, does the effect come because of the relaxing shower you just had or was it because you just had an orgasm from the thought of the hot RA?
As you were walking out of the bathroom area, you were stopped when you bumped into a hard chest. You looked up to see Seonghwa towering over you. His eyes seemed dark and intimidating and he was standing tall. It both terrified but also turned you on.
"Uh... Hi Seonghwa, wha-" you couldn't finish your question because he had already menacingly stepped forward which made you step backwards until your back hit the cold mirror of the bathroom. He caged you by putting his hands on either side of your head, making sure you can't leave. Seeing him look at you with menacing eyes and confidence made you very nervous. Had he heard you moaning? Had he heard you touching yourself while moaning his name?
"Did you know I was standing at the end of the hallway when you bent down, showcasing, or perhaps flaunting your pussy like a bitch in heat?" he asked, tongue darting out from between his lips and you could've sworn your knees buckled at the sight. Or maybe it was his VERY dirty words. "I- I- I-," your brain couldn't seem to be able to function at that moment, you don't know if it was the steam you just inhaled while you were showering or if it was because of Seonghwa. You're willing to bet it was the latter.
Seonghwa saw your state of incoherence and smirked, "Cat got your tongue now? Where was the brazen slut who roamed the hallways without underwear?" he asked as his right hand suddenly drop to caress the length of your arm before it rested on your hip. "Gotta say, I wasn't done looking at it. You were so quick to stand back up and leave, I couldn't get enough image to get myself off," at that, your eyes dropped to his crotch and that's when you finally took notice of his boner. The fabric of his jeans seemed snug and the crease only emphasized the size of his cock.
The sight of his cock straining in his jeans made you clench your thighs together as if to suppress the feeling growing between them, something that Seonghwa noticed immediately. He smirked as he grab your hand carefully and brought it to his crotch, "You feel this? This is all because of you," your knees almost buckled but thankfully he pressed on your body and his lips caught your earlobe, "I hate that a glimpse of your pussy is able to turn me on like this," you moaned out when he bit into your earlobe, your own hand automatically squeezing his clothed cock. "Tsk tsk tsk, naughty girl," he chuckled when he felt you slowly stroking and squeezing him through his pants. "Is this why you've been avoiding me? Because you know you couldn't keep your hands off me if you got the chance to?" he teased. You blushed and pouted, "Don't tease me, it's not funny," you whined. Seeing you like that made Seonghwa coo and leaned down to softly press his lips to you. "Don't worry, baby, I understand because that was always my strategy too," he confessed.
Before you could react, he had pulled you flush against him and his hands immediately went into position; one cupping the back of your head and the other holding one of your legs up so your crotches were touching. You couldn't help but moan into his mouth and began grinding onto him. Seonghwa felt how much you wanted him and he groaned into your mouth. The vibration shot down to your pussy and at that point, you just couldn't take it anymore.
You pushed away from Seonghwa slightly, confusing him. But a smirk grew on his face as he saw you slowly undressing in front of him. You didn't even care that the floor was wet and that it was soaking your clean clothes, you wanted him. One by one, each article of your clothing dropped to the floor and once you stood buck ass naked, Seonghwa immediately followed suit, taking his own shirt off and pants. But before he could pull unbutton his jeans, you dropped down to your knees and began unzipping his pants with your teeth. "Oh, you're dirty," he sighed out, voice slightly trembling from how horny he was.
Once his pants were on the floor, you were about to pull his briefs down but he tugged you up, "I really need to taste you," he breathed out and before you know it, your body had been pressed to the mirror with Seonghwa occupying the space between your legs. He lifted one of your legs up his shoulder and let out a shaky breath at the sight of your pussy in front of him. "It looks even better up close," you gasped when he started slapping your pussy a couple times. When you looked down, he was staring at your reaction with a smug grin on his face. He didn't say anything else but you could sense him getting the satisfaction he needed from the way your body jolted when he slapped your pussy or your thigh, how it squirms when the parted the lips to toy with the slickness there. "Seonghwa," you whimpered out, the sound of your voice was a little above a whisper but that was all you could muster, "Hmm?" Seonghwa replied as he began peppering kisses on your thighs. "Don't tease," you managed to choke out. He chuckled at your desperation, the vibration from his voice shooting straight at your pussy and by god, you think you could've cum just from his voice.
Thankfully, he moved to lick a fat stripe from your entrance to your clit in an antagonizingly slow pace. You've seen his tongue darting out like a snake and by god you never could have imagined that it'd feel so good. Your eyes rolled back and your head fell back to the wall, chest arched in pleasure. As Seonghwa began eating you out to his heart's content, he peered up to look at you and the sight of you in a state of bliss made his cock twitch. A moan left his mouth and the vibration shot through you to the point that your legs trembled. Seonghwa had to repositioned his hands as to not let you fall.
"Seonghwa, Seonghwa, Seonghwa," you called out, it was as if you were possessed and your mind cleared of any other words other than his name. The way you called him only proved to stir him up even more. What was slow, ravishing licks turned to hungry possessive slurps, it was as if he was trying to leave his mark on you and making a point of letting you know your puaay is his. The obnoxious wet sound of him completely devouring your pussy made you clench around nothing.
Just as you were a whiny, moaning mess, Seonghwa too was affected. Unbeknownst to you, he had pulled his cock out of his boxers and slowly stroked himself. He used his precum to lubricate his movements. His own eyes rolled back at the pleasure of tasting you and the stimulation given to his dick and the more he pleasured himself, the more he craved for you.
Seonghwa abruptly detached himself from you, making you whimper in protest. As he came back up to tower over you, you automatically wrapped a leg around his waist and your arms around his neck, seeking his touch. His exposed cock made contact with your pussy, wet from your own juice and his spit and the feeling when he made contact with you was beyond any words in existence. You began grinding onto his cock, begging for him. "Why'd you stop?" you whined, your eyes glossy with tears of frustration that began to gather and cheeks flushed from pleasure. Seeing you in that state made Seonghwa smirk in arrogance, pleased that he was able to put you in such a state. His tongue darted out to lick his bottom lip, maybe in hunger from seeing you or to taste the remnants of you left on his lips. With the appearance of his tongue, he pressed his stiff cock on you more. The heaviness of it and the pulsing tip bumping and brushing deliciously against your clit, making your breath hitch and head thrown back. He took that as a sign to dove down and mark your neck with his mouth. Teeth nipping at the sensitive skin, the sound of you so pathetically affected by him only spur him as he growled and the vibration shot from your skin down to your core. You were sure that you were leaking an embarrassing amount down there. But you couldn't care less.
"I need to be inside you," Seonghwa panted, his tongue dragging upwards from your neck to your earlobe where he let his teeth nibble on, "I need to fill you up with me," he begged, voice raspy.
Your pussy throbbed with each drag of his cock. The tip was inching slowly down to your hole at a deliberately slow pace. You hated how he was taking his damn sweet time but the torture felt so good.
Just as he was about to slip his cock in, chatters were heard from outside. Voices grew louder and louder towards the bathroom and before you know it, the front door was slammed open and in came a group of giggling girls. Seonghwa pulled you to the furthest bath stall, only closing the door slightly due to being hurried. He trapped you between his arms, back pressed on the wall as he panted over you.
"...Yeah, and I heard they weren't even trying to be discreet!" one of the girls laughed.
Both your and Seonghwa's eyes widened at that. Had you both been caught by other people?
"Please, San was asking to get caught,"
You recognized the voices as the group of girls who gossip and tattle just to cause drama as soon as your brain can work. It was hard to think straight with Seonghwa's heaving chest right in front of your face and his dick brushing against your hip.
"It was crazy that you reported him to Seonghwa though. If San ever finds out, he'll go ballistic,"
"Oh please, what can he do? He might look like a constipated cat but he's all claws no bite,"
It began to seem like they were never leaving and you couldn't ignore the fact that you're really needy. And that Seonghwa's penis is RIGHT THERE. Plus, you kinda hate the fact that Seonghwa was focusing on those girls instead of you. He might just be worried that he'll get caught, but the horniness in your brain disregarded that fact and choose to do something that can get his attention back to you.
Seonghwa's eyes widened and his head snapped to you when he felt you touching his dick. "Hwa..." you whined, batting your eyelashes at him. "Are you crazy?" he hissed lowly, "There are still people out there! They could catch us if we're too risky," he scolded. But you couldn't care less. You wrapped a leg around his hips and began grinding your naked pussy onto his dick, coating it with your arousal as you wrap your arms around his neck, lips peppering kisses all over his jawline, neck, and cheek. "(y/n)..." he warned but you could tell that his resolve was slowly breaking. You ignored him and kept grinding and kissing him, even moaning out whilst nibbling on his bottom lip to egg him further.
Suddenly the voices of the people outside fade away. Although, it could be because his mind is now fully clouded with lust, focus completely distracted with your naked body pressing onto his own. He could feel how warm your cunt is and he really wanted to know how you'd feel with him stuffing you completely full. "(y/n), you're killing me," he groaned, grabbing onto your shoulder to stop you. But his grip wasn't that strong that it would actually prevent you from moving. "Then do something about it," you smirked against his lips.
That seemed to push him just enough as he suddenly pushed you off of him. Your eyes widened and you thought you did something to piss him off. But he flipped you over, forcing you to brace yourself on the wall as he grip your hips tightly. Before you could say anything, he had spread your legs open and shoved himself in you in one swift thrust. Your body lunged forward from the sudden impact as you let out a yelp. Seonghwa clicked his tongue in disapproval at the yelp you let out and spanked you harshly on the ass. "You be quiet, we're still in a public area so we can't be too loud or else people can hear us," he said as he began thrusting slowly. Despite his warning, you couldn't help but whimper and moaned at the feeling of him stretching you out to accommodate his size. Seonghwa watched you with a satisfied smirk etched on his lips, taking pleasure in not only feeling how tight you were gripping him but also from your reaction, tics and twitches each time he moves, the sounds you make, and the way your back arched. He snickered and chuckled to himself, "But you might like that, huh? Do you like the idea of someone catching us like this? You whimpering and begging for me like a needy bitch while I have my ways with you," he then snaked a hand to your throat and pulled you back so your back hit his chest, "You're a needy, unsatisfiable whore, aren't you? Is that why you were touching yourself, moaning my name in the shower?"
Your eyes widened and immediately you snapped your head to look at him. Your shocked face was met with his cocky, smirking one. "Oh yeah, I heard you. I heard you loud and clear," he then snapped his hips up harshly, making you roll your eyes back from the sudden pleasure. The pace of his hips picked up, "Were you hoping that I'd catch you?" then you felt the hand that was on your hips snaked down between your legs all the while still keeping a firm grip on you, "Because I did catch you in the act. And I almost went in there to punish you for being so reckless after flashing your pussy in the hallway like that. But I thought I should give you the courtesy of finishing first," as he finished his sentence, he delivered a sharp smack directly on your clit. The impact made you gasp and squirm in his tight grip, "S-Seong- Seonghwa," you called out. You felt his lips kissing from the back of your ear down to your neck and back up again.
"You've had your fun, now is my turn,"
That was all the warning you got before he started slamming his cock in and out of you at a rapid pace. Seonghwa's grip on you was so tight that you couldn't even anchor yourself on the wall, it even felt possessive. So you opted to let your hands hold onto Seonghwa's instead; one on his hand that was around your throat as your other on his other one that was on your hips. Seonghwa chuckled at the realization of your attempt to anchor yourself, his lips were pressing onto your skin and the vibration from his voice made you shudder. Your position felt intimate and Seonghwa liking the way you reacted to him made you feel confident. His thrusts never slowed, and his pace was constant and powerful. "Do you feel good?" he teased, knowing just how good you were feeling from the way your body reacted but he wanted to hear it from you. He wanted verbal confirmation that he was making you feel so good. Your back arched and the movement made your hips shift a little just in time for Seonghwa to hit a new spot that made you see stars. "O- oh fuck, shit!" you yelped. Seonghwa's eyes darkened and his dick twitched inside you almost immediately. His grips shifted to secure your position and if you think his thrusts were fast before, his new pace was animalistic.
He pounded into you as if he was releasing all his anger and frustration at you. You couldn't help but feel overwhelmed at the new pleasure he was bringing you, it was almost painful but you didn't want it to stop. "Se- Seonghwa-" you called out as your knees began buckling down. Hearing you, Seonghwa slipped out of you and let go of his grip. You turned around and whined in protest at him, you didn't want the pleasure to stop. He chuckled at your neediness and reached to cup your face, "Don't worry, I'm not stopping. I'm just repositioning so you won't fall." His voice was kind and soft, a stark contrast to the things that he was doing to you before. "Still, you could've warned me," you pouted, making him chuckle and lean down to peck your lips.
It didn't take long for him to press you onto the wall with his own body. He had your left leg as high as it could around his waist to open you up to him as you wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders. The new position allowed you to feel his whole hard length resting on your stomach as it rubbed against your core. You whimpered as your head fell back onto the wall, exposing your throat to Seonghwa. Seonghwa bit his bottom lip as he saw how you react to the feeling of his cock on your skin alone. "God, you're gonna make me burst," he groaned out, diving down to nip at your exposed skin.
"Seonghwa please, please, please, please I need your cock in me right now," you begged him as your hips ground with his. Thankfully, Seonghwa seemed to share the same urgency with you as he shoved himself back into you. "You felt me once and now you can't get enough of me, huh? Greedy," he teased as he began a slow pace with you. You shook your head at him, "No, more, Seonghwa! More! I want more, I need more!" Seonghwa raised an eyebrow at you and shook his head, "Your wish is my command," he simply said before returning to the previous animalistic pace he had. You were glad he changed positions because in this position, he was able to reach deeper. By now, you were a moaning mess and even with your mouth biting down on Seonghwa's shoulder, your moans were still very loud.
Despite you being loud, Seonghwa couldn't seem to care. At that moment, he was chasing his high and he was getting close. The way your walls hugged him so snugly and the way your mouth kept softly chanting out his name was turning his brain to mush. "S- shit (y/n) I'm close," Seonghwa grunted. You nodded quickly as you pulled back to look at him, "Me too, God- I- I- Seonghwa," your bottom lip quivered from the pleasure. Seonghwa captured your lips with him in a steamy kiss as he continued pleasuring you and him. His hard cock rubbed your insides so deliciously while Seonghwa's hips allowed some friction on your clit, stimulating you even more. You might not sleep around much but it was obvious that Seonghwa is the best there is. Seonghwa on the other hand felt like he was about to burst at any second. Your core was dripping so much that it allowed him to move inside you with ease. He knew that this was wrong, fucking in the co-ed dorm, but he couldn't deny the thrill and excitement of doing it. Though he knew that his excitement was not just because of the notion of doing something wrong, but it was because he was doing it with you.
Seonghwa pulled away from your lips reluctantly to draw another breath. With foreheads rested against each other, he stared into your eyes. "I'm g-gonna cum, where-" he didn't even get to finish his sentence before you cut him off, "Inside me Seonghwa, please. Make me yours." Your words made Seonghwa's cock twitch. He had never felt more aroused by anything other than you telling him to claim you as his. Your words affected him so much that he couldn't even warn you before spilling his cum inside, painting your walls white. The warmth of him filling you made you moan loudly as it triggered your own release. Your thighs shook and your left leg tightened around Seonghwa's hips.
Seonghwa watched you come down from your high slowly with chest heaving and eyes glazing. His fingers carded through your hair, comforting you as you calm down. You couldn't help but smile at his thoughtful gesture. You might not know if he used you just because you're available and he just wanted a one-time thing with you, but he definitely knew how to treat a girl right.
"You okay?" he asked, concerned. You nodded at him as you pushed his hair back with your fingers, "I feel great, honestly." he chuckled at your words but nodded in understanding, "Great because I do too." You rolled your eyes playfully at him and pushed his shoulder slightly, "Now you're just copying me."
Before he could answer you though, someone coughed, making both of your eyes widen in horror. Neither of you remembered to lock or even pay attention to the stall's door.
"Are you hypocrites done?"
Seonghwa snapped his head back but didn't move his body to cover yours. He could only grin awkwardly at the man standing in front of the stall. "Hey San, what are you doing in the women's bath area?"
Suddenly, another head popped out from the sides, making you yelp and duck to hide in Seonghwa's arms.
"Well lookie here. I guessed you didn't accept my shower invitation because you already have a shower buddy, huh, (y/n)?" Wooyoung snickered.
Now, how the fuck are you going to deal with this?
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Keep eating
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing; yeonjun x sick!gnreader
warnings; neck kissing, teasing, nothing serious, fluff, suggestive stuff, groping,
summary; simply being touched by yeonjun has you needy even if you are sick.
A/n; i thought this was a cute idea, enjoy!!
Tumblr media
“Here, Y/n. This should help with your fever.” He gently sets a bowl of cold seaweed soup on your nightstand. It smells delicious.
“Thank you, Yeonnie.” He offers a soft smile before crawling into the spot next to you. “Of course, eat up.” With a huff you push yourself into a sitting position and reach for the bowl, it’s cold against your calves as your pants have risen a bit from the crisscross-applesauce position you’re in. The first taste is borderline addicting, it always surprises you when Yeonjun makes such good food. Why can’t he cook every meal?
There’s not much that could distract you at the moment, but your boyfriend absentmindedly playing with the waistband of your pajama pants while scrolling on his phone is one of them. The touch has you remembering how long it’s been since you’ve both been intimate last, 2 whole weeks because of the stupid flu. Usually the simple touches wouldn’t have gotten to you, but you can’t help but yearn to feel him again.
Yeonjun seems to have noticed how you froze, spoon in mid air as you stare off into space. “Y/n?” He calls, the hand on your waistband moves to the top of your thigh and rubs in soothing motions, it only seems to worsen your current state. Before it ends up spilling all over you and your sheets, you move the bowl back to its original place on the furniture beside you and turn to Yeonjun. He raises an eyebrow at you and chuckles when you dive into his arms, your head snuggly fitting against his neck as you breathe him in.
“What’s the matter?” You can tell he’s worried and a part of you feels guilty for causing it, but at the moment you’re not able to think very clearly. His scent surrounds you and you wish to forgo the stuffy clothing you both are wearing. “Just missed you…” You trail off, nosing the expanse of his neck. Your hands drift down to the hem of his shirt and feel up the skin beneath it greedily. He’s warm and the ache between your thighs only becomes worse.
Yeonjun’s confused until the hand under his shirt digs its nails into his torso and drags you impossibly closer. He breathes out a laugh before speaking, “Y/n, you’re sick.” You let out a whine and dig your face further into his neck, nonverbally answering him.
“Y/n…” His voice cracks when you begin leaving rushed kisses under his ear, his hands grip your waist—ready to push you away at any given moment, but he doesn’t. He can’t deny how much he’s missed you, so his rational thinking is a little delayed. Especially when the hand under his shirt trails down to the waistband of the sweatpants he’s wearing and dips a finger or two teasingly beneath it.
It’s like there’s an angel and a devil on either one of his shoulders and they’re continuously arguing over what he should do next. The invisible devil seems to have won when his hands on your waist move down to get a good grip on your ass, the action has a needy whine bubbling against his neck from your mouth.
“Fuck, missed you too.” You smile in victory as he rolls you both over. Yeonjun leans down to kiss you but freezes, you sniffle for a second and it has him pulling away from you. The way your mouth is open because you can’t breathe through your nose, the way your eyes are slightly red and glassy, the way you’re still sick. His eyes soften and he sighs, he leans back down, planting a loving kiss to your warm temple before laying next to you again.
“Keep eating, Sweetie.” He mumbles.
“What? B-but, Junnie. I need you.” You look at him incredulously with a pout staining your lips. He simply brushes away strands of hair that fell in front of your eyes before he repeats himself softly. “Keep eating.”
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Day Eighteen - Overstimulation - Felix Lee
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Genre: Smut
Warnings: Explicit sexual content; implied creampies
Kinktober 2022 Masterlist
“I’m done with you when I say I’m done with you.”
Felix had whispered those words into your ear after your first orgasm, courtesy of his fingers. You had whined at his statement, parting your lips as he slid his fingers into your mouth. Goosebumps erupted across your exposed skin as you tasted yourself, not realizing just what an eventful night you were in for.
Here you were, five orgasms deep and about to achieve your sixth, and Felix was showing no visible signs of fatigue. He himself was already two orgasms deep, though the way he was thrusting into you with such fervor would have made anyone believe he had been denied for the past month.
"God, Felix," Your voice was hoarse from over-use, but you couldn't prevent yourself from at least attempting to warn him of your impending orgasm, "I'm-"
"Oh I know," Felix cut you off, his pace never faltering, "but I'm not stopping." The way that his eyes bore into yours after his statement made your breath catch in your throat, and only took a few more thrusts on his end for you to attempt to close your legs around him as your sixth orgasm washed over you.
True to his word, Felix didn't stop. If anything, he took the knowledge of your orgasm in stride as as his own pace quickened, on top of moving one of the hands that was supporting his weight over you and applying friction to your clit. As the initial pleasure began to wear off, a burning sensation took over, and the pain was almost enough to get you to tell Felix to stop, or at least to slow down.
Your words were failing you however, your brain telling you that while this pain was new, the foreign sensation was becoming pleasurable. All you were able to do was let sounds of pleasure escape your mouth, and these sounds did nothing but spur your lover on as he rubbed fast, disjointed patterns to accompany the thrusts that were now beginning to lose their rhythm.
"Come on, love," Felix coaxed, the gruff tone of his voice making the familiar knot in your lower stomach grow tighter. This one felt different, though, a little more intense, not like any other orgasm you or anyone else had given you before. "Let go for me."
With your body being so obedient to Felix, like it always has been, it didn't take long for your seventh orgasm to wash over you, though it was much more intense than the other six that Felix had brought over you. Your legs shook as your eyes rolled back in your head, your tired voice only managing strained whimpers and whines as Felix continued to abuse your overly sensitive area.
Felix reached his third orgasm very soon after, the feeling of your walls fluttering around him making him inhale sharply through his teeth before letting out a low moan, the sound ending in something akin to a husky growl. He threw his head back, riding out his high as he emptied himself into you for the third time tonight.
Once your body had stopped shaking and Felix had calmed down enough, he looked down at you, using his opposite hand to caress your cheek and make you look at him. Your eyes were half-lidded, and you were already starting to fall asleep. "I'll clean you up, honey, just rest for me," He soothed, leaning down and placing a soft kiss to the tip of your nose. All you could manage was a smile, feeling exhaustion beginning to take over.
As you faded in and out of sleep, you vaguely registered the feeling of a warm rag softly cleaning you up, Felix coaxing you to drink water, and a warm blanket being placed over you before sliding into bed next to you and pulling you close to him. Hushed praises reached your ear, but they were unintelligible at best as your tired brain finally decided to succumb to sleep.
- - - - - - - - - - -
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Truth or Dare
Scenario: playing truth or dare with the dreamies and Haechan kissing you on a dare
Pairing: Haechan x gender neutral reader
Requested: no
Genre: fluff
Warnings: mentions of alcohol, (friendly) teasing?, kissing
Word Count: 1200+
A/N: lmk if there'are mistakes or I forgot anything
"Uhhh... Truth", you stated confidently after a quick thought and tapped the display to get a random question suggested.
"When is the person to your left most beautiful?", Mark read out loud, making a face.
You took a deep breath as you turned to give Donghyuck a strange look, leaning away a bit to muster him properly. Your expression was displeased when he grinned at you stupidly from under the disheveled hair.
Your gaze wandered around to the group again. "Wouldn't that be based on the assumption that I generally find him somewhat beautiful or attractive or something?"
The guys groaned in unison when you were stalling not for the first time this evening. "Just give any answer."
You sighed in defeat. "Maybe, when he's laughing? Just casually chilling and having a good time?"
"So, right now?" Jaemin wiggled his brows at you from his spot across where you were sitting and you rolled your eyes, automatically glancing at Donghyuck for a check nonetheless.
"That's so sweet", that one made and bend his upper body towards you as he made a very expressive kissy face.
You gave him a grossed out look that matched the throaty sound leaving your mouth at the sight.
A rather similar reaction showed on Jisung's and Renjun's faces. Mark's expression was probably even worse, while Jeno, Chenle and Jaemin seemed quite giddy.
"No, actually, I meant it rather like... This doesn't hide how much of a mess he is. It's his truest form, really. And therefore almost charming", you elaborated on your previous statement to stop them from any more teasing. Sadly, you ruined it for yourself with the quietly mumbled addition. "His laughter is very bright."
"Aww, thanks, and you are my sunshine, too", Donghyuck announced enthusiastically and wrapped his arms around you.
Caught in a tight hug, you let the squeezing happen without resisting too much and just waited for him to back off again. But he didn't and instead stayed closely snuggled to your side much to your displeasure.
"He's so drunk", Jeno snickered, shaking his head with his characteristic eye smile.
"Shut up, I only had two glasses", the one clinging on to you muttered and huffed dramatically.
You grumbled lowly. "I'm suddenly very uncomfortable. Can we move on?"
Unfortunately, going around the clock, it was Donghyuck's turn next and of course he had to pick a dare.
Once again, Mark announced the generated task. "Kiss a person of your choice for two whole minutes." And immediately he groaned and shuffled further away. "Oh dear lord."
But as soon as the dare was heard, you already knew who was going to be that person. You. Donghyuck had you in victim hold and although he enjoyed to tease the other guys with random smooches, an actual kiss was still different.
You were physically closest to him and after the strange flattery he had gotten from your comment before, also perhaps the most logical choice.
Donghyuck smirked at you from the side when he untangled his arms from your figure.
"No", you exclaimed in sharper tone and a slightly shocked gaze. "Two minutes?"
"It says so for the game", Jaemin reminded you cunningly, watching your expression go blank.
"Oh come on. I'm good at this", Donghyuck nudged you in obvious amusement.
"Can we at least leave the room or something?", you whined about what was upon to happen. "Not... That... In front of everyone."
Your look of misery didn't turn anybody soft just yet. "It's just a game. Just a kiss. Get over it. Plus how would we know if he actually did it", Chenle pointed out unapologetically. Although he wouldn't trade positions with you for all the money in the world.
"Funny for you to say", you grumbled.
"Oh but we would know. Mister kissy face over here would never let that slide."
"We all know I'm very determined with games", Donghyuck agreed proudly with consistent nodding.
Why he commented on that in the first place, he couldn't tell either, this didn't really matter to him. He would do it anyway. There wasn't any circumstance for a dare to ever stop him from going through with it.
"To be fair, do we really want to watch that?", Jisung gave the others to think rather timidly, wanting to avoid the scene probably more than anybody else.
"Good point." Mark looked the part disgusted. "You both get out."
"We'll tell you start and yell when the two minutes are over, so you know when to come back in. And stop the gross face sucking", Jeno adviced.
Accompanied by evil sounding laughter, you were dragged outside by the man having to take on the dare.
Unwillingly you stared up at him when he pushed the door shut beside you.
He sighed. "Is it really that bad? Would you rather do it with one of the others?"
Your expression formed a mask of pure horror. "Oh God, no", you voiced out convincingly. Then you scratched your head and took a deep breath, preparing yourself. He was right, though.
Although, truthfully, it was more beneficial like that for him than you anyway, since it was his dare to begin with.
"Better me, right?" He snickered.
"Ready?", you both heard the shouting through the door. "Two minutes! Start!"
Within the next second, Donghyuck closed the distance between you two, his hands finding your body and his mouth pressing against yours.
Even with the warning, you were caught off guard by his kiss. Your friend's lips moved against yours firmly and yet with a softness that easily took your breath away.
Donghyuck held you gently by your waist, not forcing too much on you but keeping you close and steady when he deepens the kiss further.
His opened mouth moved against yours and his tongue entered and nudged yours as you automatically responded with the same motion.
Your fingers lightly grabbed on to the sleeves of his big sweatshirt the more you sunk into the passionate kiss.
His mouth was moving slowly, taking his time, tasting you and playing with your senses.
Your face felt hot when you parted, your heart racing from the kiss and you swallowed hard. "Yeah, better you...", you breathed out a bit irritated by the rush that had taken over your body.
"Look who's flustered and finds me even more beautiful now", he whispered teasingly.
Then he opened the door again, satisfied with himself and a winning grin on his face as he walked towards the others again.
You moved after brief hesitation, slowly mouthing a "fuck" to yourself at the realisation before you followed your friend and took your old spot.
Your entire body felt tingly and wrong as you sat down, getting eyed by the group of guys so closely now.
Jeno and Jaemin were the first ones to react, clapping their hands and making expressive faces. "Wow they really did it. Look at that!" They laughed, loudly cheering for Donghyuck.
Meanwhile the other men were rather stunned at your sight, the quiet frame leaving room for all sorts of assumptions.
Donghyuck's bronzed skin seemed to glow even more than before when you stole a glance at him, biting your lip as the guys had thankfully cooled down without too much of a circus since your friend had so nonchalantly claimed that it was simply just a dare in the end.
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euphor1a · 3 days
Weak for you | kth
↬ pairing: kang taehyun x f!reader
↬ characters: taehyun, reader, beomgyu, yeonjun and a few ocs.
↬ genre: underground boxer!au, strangers to lovers, angst, fluff, smut.
↬ summary: The underground world knows him as ‘the invincible’ — an unbeatable champion who is praised and idolized by the crowd. Kang Taehyun has the reputation of being so incredibly strong and clever that the opponents often back down from the fight. But, he certainly did not expect to lose all his power when it comes to a certain someone — you.
↬ rating: 18+ (minors dni)
↬ word count: ~12K
↬ warnings/tags: social anxiety, verbal abuse (creepy men being disgusting; beware), violence, bruises, blood and injury, explicit sexual content; profanity, dom/sub undertones, praising, size kink, dirty talk, pet names, breast play, fingering, unprotected penetrative sex, creampie, cock-warming, cunnilingus, rough sex, etc. — this is a work of fiction, and it doesn’t represent the featuring txt members in any way!
↬ navigation
˗ˏˋ꒰ 🌺 a/n ꒱ ... hi, yes. a highly requested repost, but i took way too long to get it ready 😭. anyway, happy reading! get yourself some snacks or maybe a drink (whichever you prefer) and enjoy the ride <3
Tumblr media
You look at your roommate in disbelief, lips parted in surprise and eyes wavering. Beomgyu lets out a sigh. Gosh, he’s so done and over with your theatrics. 
“Hey… it’s not like I’m asking you to let him stay in your room or something! He’ll just stay here for what? Six or seven weeks maximum? After that he’ll move away! Oh, and by ‘here’ I mean my room, obviously. Sure, we’ll have to share the bathroom, kitchen and the living room, but you can just ignore him altogether if you’re that uncomfortable!”
You press your lips together in a thin line, still unsure of this whole arrangement Gyu is talking about. He looks at you expectantly, and you let out a heavy breath. “Okay… but you know that I’m horrible with new people, right? Please don’t expect much from me. I’ll probably just hide in my room all day if your friend ends up living here for a few weeks.”
“I know, I know. And that’s alright! You’re not obligated to talk to him or whatsoever. I’m sure he’ll be grateful for a place here. He’s really in trouble, you see?” Your roommate manages to smile a little. 
“I get what you’re trying to say, but I honestly hope that you know what you’re doing…” 
“Lordie lord! You and your trust issues! He’s like, a really close friend, okay? Don’t worry too much. He’s super sweet! I’m sure that you’ll feel comfortable around Taehyun!” Beomgyu smiles at you reassuringly. When he notices that you still look hesitant, he pulls you in for a hug. “It’s okay, hun. You can most definitely ignore his existence if the anxiety is really bad. Thank you for saying yes though. He’ll be super grateful.” 
You just lean into the embrace silently, deciding to not beat yourself up any more about it. You’ll be alright. As Gyu mentioned, you’re not obligated to talk to this friend of his who’ll be living with you guys for a few weeks. No need to stress! … Right? Right?!
Tumblr media
Several days later, you’re standing in front of your door, hesitating to go inside. Today’s the day Beomgyu’s friend is coming over. You wonder if he’s already here? It’s afternoon, so there’s a fat chance that he’s just inside. You should at least say ‘hi’ to him, no? But… What if you end up doing something embarrassing in front of him? Like… tripping and falling down the moment you walk in? 
Fucking hell, get it together! It’s your place, you shouldn’t be scared to get inside! 
A mental pep-talk and several deep breaths later, you turn the lock of the door. It opens with a shy creak, and you walk inside normally (or at least, you try to), extra careful to not trip over the nonexistent hazards your mind has created. 
“____! You’re back!” your roommate’s loud voice catches you off-guard. You let out a yelp, turning your head to find the source of the sound. That is until your eyes find an insanely gorgeous stranger sitting on the couch of your living room. You swear that you feel your heart skipping a beat, nervousness immediately clouding your mind. Adding more to your absolute devastation, his eyes are locked onto yours. You swallow nervously in response, your body freezing from shock. His eyes seem to trail down your figure, the subtlest of smirks playing on his lips. 
Not to be that person, but holy smokes. The urge to rub your thighs together is frankly a bit too strong for your liking. His eyes are dangerously enchanting, pulling you in like a moth to flame. For some reason, you feel like he knows exactly how attractive he is. With the corner of your eye, you manage to catch a glimpse of the rest of him. What the fuck… why didn’t Beomgyu mention that this friend is a fucking Greek God? 
“Uh? ____? Helloooo?” 
“Wha—ah!” You jump a little, taken aback by the sudden grip on your wrist. “Be–beomgyu— you scared me!” 
“Bro. You’re the one who is scaring me. I thought you were malfunctioning or something.” He quips back, earning a frown from you. “It’s okay, never mind,” Beomgyu mutters before clearing his throat. “Meet Taehyun! Taehyun, this is ____, my roommate. And ____, this is Taehyun, my infamous friend.” 
“Hey there~” Taehyun offers a sweet smile, his eyes crinkling. You’re shocked by the duality of this man immediately.
“Hi…” you fiddle with your fingers, avoiding eye contact. Beside you, Beomgyu lets out a sigh.
“Yeah, never mind. Tyun, let’s just sort through your stuff first, okay? She must be tired; she needs a shower too.” He makes a twisted face that infuriates and embarrasses you at the same time. You playfully punch him on the back, whining loudly. Your roommate chuckles. “Aww, was that supposed to hurt? Sorry, but I think you should tell me beforehand. That way, I can at least pretend to be in pain.” He ruffles your hair, clearly mocking you.
“If only I was taller… it would’ve been the end for you, Choi Beomgyu.” You huff, take off your shoes and hurry into your room, gently closing the door behind you. When you rest your back against the hardwood, you hear them laughing. Inhaling a deep breath, you close your eyes in an attempt to ground yourself. Beomgyu’s laughter is definitely much louder, but Taehyun’s smooth chuckle that rings through your ears, makes you even more flustered. How could Gyu make fun of you like that in front of his friend? He must think that you stink now! 
The sound of a door slamming shut disrupts the train of your thoughts. That should be your not so amazing roommate and his extremely attractive friend going into their room. A sigh escapes you. Maybe, you do need a shower… and the pleasant pressure of the jet water between your legs.
Tumblr media
It’s been a few days since Taehyun has come over. And you’ve found yourself face to face with him for a grand total of three times (excluding your first ever encounter). Which is great, obviously, because you’re horrible at interactions in general. And when it’s a stranger who gives you heart palpitations? Aw hell naw. You’re not dealing with that today. Or tomorrow. Or any time soon.
The best part of it all? He doesn’t seem interested in talking to you. He’s either too invested in the tv series he watches, or he’s busy cooking for himself. Apparently, his diet is very strict. How did you know? Well… a bit of eavesdropping has never hurt anyone.
Anyway, for what it really matters, tonight is yours, truly. Beomgyu is over at his girlfriend’s place, and seems like the menace to your sanity is gone too. After a long bath of self-care and singing, you throw on your pajamas, deciding to skip underwear. It feels like you can actually breathe after who knows how long. Dancing around the kitchen with your favorite ice cream tub in your arms, the serotonin in your system makes you all giddy and hyper. Unfortunately, that state of extreme happiness doesn’t last long as you run out of a significant amount of energy very soon. Feeling a bit bummed, you settle yourself on the kitchen counter. Maybe you should stick to just eating ice cream and jamming to music. 
When Taehyun walks in at 1 AM after his first match (and win) of the season, he smiles to see the lights of the living room still on. Beomgyu is such a caring guy. 
But then it hits him. His friend is supposed to be with his girlfriend tonight. Well, fuck. Does that mean that you’re still up? He starts panicking internally, unsure what to do if you see him in this state. Several bruises on his body, a huge gym bag thrown over his shoulder, a cut on his lips that is still bleeding. He’s fucked, isn’t he? 
“Wha–what is the matter?” 
He jolts a little, inhaling a shaky breath. Speak of the devil, they say. He turns his head to look at you. Your eyes are nervously taking in every small detail possible, his thin sleeveless tee and shorts leaving him bare and vulnerable in front of you. For a moment he returns the favor, drinking you in slowly. 
Damn it. How can you look so cute and sexy at the same time? 
The smooth skin of your bare legs looks too tempting, the cotton shorts clinging to your curves. Taehyun wonders if you’re braless, as he notices the outline of your pebbled nipples. Fuck. What is he thinking about? 
“Um… are you okay?” He’s brought back to reality, a sigh escaping him. There are a lot of emotions swirling like a storm in your irises — confusion, fear, a hint of lust, but the most prominent one is concern. 
“Yeah. It’s nothing.” Taehyun waves it off immediately. But you take a few steps forward, your shaky hand reaching out to touch the cut on his nose. He winces, but he has no idea why. It doesn’t hurt. Then why did his body react like that? 
“Liar.” your voice is shaky, “Did you… get into a fight?” 
He chuckles. “I guess you can say that.”
Your lips turn into a frown, and the first thought in his head is that he wants to kiss it away. “That sounds really suspicious. What is in that bag?” 
God, the last thing he wants to face right now is an interrogation by you, out of everyone. Simply because you make him nervous, and he’s not the biggest fan of it. “Ugh… Fuck this! You know what? I’m a boxer. And this?! Nothing. I get hundreds of bruises every fucking day. I ain’t no baby boy. Now please, get out of my way for god’s sake, I’m exhausted, and I don’t have time for this.” He regrets most of his words the moment they come out of his mouth. 
You crumple away immediately, as if you’ve been burnt. “So–sorry—” Hasty feet take you to your bedroom, the door closing right on his face. Taehyun gulps, a stinging pain on his chest overwhelming him. 
You fucked up big time, Kang Taehyun.
Tumblr media
You’ve been avoiding him for more than a whole week now. Beomgyu doesn’t know about the incidents of that night, so he just assumes that it’s your anxiety. To be honest, you’re glad that he has no idea. It’s truly so much better this way.
Now that you think about it though… What in the world were you trying to do anyway? Maybe it’s because you felt genuinely intrigued and worried. But that was foolish, of course. It’s not like he owes you an explanation! 
You finish up your breakfast in silence, taking the dishes and putting them inside the sink. You originally wanted to wash them before heading out, but you don’t really have much time left thanks to all that useless thinking. “Gyu! I’m going, bye!” you call out to him, applying your lip gloss and going to the shoe rack.
“Yeah, yeah, be careful out there. If some guy bothers you again, you know what to do!” Beomgyu shouts back from his bed, unwilling to move.
“You always say that.” Your voice is very distant, and the sound of door closing confirms that you’ve just left.
Taehyun looks at his friend sharply, seated on a heap of clothes. “What do you mean?” 
“What do I mean what?” Gyu grumbles, rolling over to look at his temporary roommate.
“Is some guy bothering ____? How? What do you mean by that?” 
“Ohhh. Just a bunch of creeps who keep bothering her.” 
“... How the fuck are you so nonchalant about it?” Taehyun barely manages to hide his anger.
“Huh? What am I supposed to do? Hire a bodyguard for her? She’s a grown woman. She can handle herself.” Beomgyu sounds irritated, and that only pisses him off more.
“Dude. She’s your roommate.” 
“Yeah. My roommate. Not my friend. Not my family. Not my girlfriend. What’s your point?” 
Taehyun grits his teeth, refraining himself from lashing out. He’s not making that mistake again. So instead, he asks, “When does her classes end?” 
“I don’t know. 4 PM? Just a guess. Why, though? You tryna be her knight in shining armor?” 
“None of your business.” 
You wait at the bus stand, getting more and more annoyed as those same bunch of assholes shamelessly make crude jokes about you. The people around you only give you dirty looks, their gaze burning into your skin. 
“It’s so cute when she plays hard to get. C’mon babe, we know how it is. That pussy must be aching to have a real dick inside. Or maybe… you’d prefer more than just one. Bet you’d wanna use all those holes? Hahahaha.” 
You look down, your skin crawling from their comments. Just when you’re thinking about booking a cab instead of waiting here for the bus, a thumping sound catches your attention.
“Try to say anything about her again, and I’ll make sure you lose both your mouth and that useless dick you’re talking about.” 
Turning around, you’re faced with an unexpected scene in front of your eyes. Taehyun, clearly enraged, towers over the group of four, his hands balled up into fists. Only one of them looks intimidated, others glaring back at him. 
“Bro, who the fuck do you think you are? Those few extra inches of height give you zero advantage. I’ll not hesitate to beat your sorry ass up.” 
“Yeah?” Taehyun somehow takes the hold of that guy’s hands, twisting them in a manner that makes him let out a strangled cry. Another of them scares away. 
“Argh!” One strike of his strong knee right on the guy’s shin, and he’s rolling on the ground like a broken branch of a tree. Taehyun approaches the other one who’s near, cracking his knuckles. 
“You wanna say something?” His voice is almost a growl, and the person in question stammers.
“No— I was just about to go—”
“Not too soon.” A punch across his jaw has him on the ground, a pained groan escaping him. Taehyun is breathing heavily, looking down at his opponents who are struggling on the dirty pavement pathetically. Passers-by halt to check what’s happening. 
“Fucking apologize to her. Is that how you treat a woman? You are a piece of shit with zero brain cells, and it shows. Apologize right now or things are gonna get messier.” 
“Fuck you man. We’re sorry! Is that what you wanted?” 
“You call that apologizing? You want death, I see—” 
The one with a bruised jaw groans, “Shut the fuck up, Kevin! We’re genuinely sorry! We’ll never bother you again, ____. We’re sorry, please.” 
“Don’t utter my name with that filthy mouth of yours. You guys are disgusting, and that sorry sounds as hollow as your stupid approaches.” You find your voice suddenly, tears blurring your eyes as the impact of everything going on dawns to you. Embarrassed, you hurry away from the scene, refusing to look at anyone. 
You’ve walked quite a long distance for several minutes, when you hear his voice. “Wait up, ____! You can’t just walk back home, it’s too far away!” 
You slow down your pace to stop by an alleyway, and Taehyun catches up with you almost at the same moment. “Are you okay?” His sounds worried, and you resist the urge to roll your eyes.
“Yup. Completely fine. I didn’t need you to save me or whatever, by the way. Been dealing with this shit for so many months, I ain’t no baby girl. But thank you, I guess. For your unnecessary kindness.” Your tone is bitter, reminding him of his own words. 
“____, you don’t have to act like you’re okay… I know how hard it must be, just…” He trails off, looking at you with sorrow in his eyes.
“Why the fuck are you here, anyway? How did you even know where my university is and the time my classes end?! Are you stalking me?” You jab a finger on his chest out of anger. 
Taehyun calmly holds your wrist, pulling your hand away with his. “I’m not a stalker. I was worried about your safety. Beomgyu told me and I couldn’t just sit around whilst a bunch of stupid creeps annoy you! Why don’t you understand?!” 
“Why do you care? I can handle everything. And even if something happened to me, I guess you’d be happy!” Your voice breaks, tears once again gathering in your eyes.
“I don’t know why I care but I do, damnit! And no, I’d never be happy if you were suffering, stop putting words into my mouth!” Taehyun stops when he notices that you’re actually crying now. His heart breaks, a million thoughts going through his head in an instant. Did he hurt you again? Is the reason behind your tears no one but him? 
When he comes back to reality again, you’ve turned your back to him. He notices the way your body quakes, a knife going through his heart. Taehyun gently holds onto your shoulders and moves closer, his warmth flooding your cold little bubble. “Hey, I’m sorry… ”
Receiving silence from your end, he stammers, “Uh– I don’t know why I keep doing things wrong… I’m– I’m sorry! Please… I know I was an absolute jerk that night and I’m so sorry if that left a horrible impression. I’m not like that, I swear! I don’t know what came over me then… I’ll never treat you like that again, l promise. And I’m sorry for today, too. I just– I just wanted to keep you safe… but I guess… I messed up again.” 
At this moment, Taehyun realizes exactly how afraid he is of upsetting you. Why, though? And why did he blabber out all that? He has never really cared about what others think of him. But you… you have this powerful hold on him that is seemingly making him weak. And he’s petrified of it.  
His hands gently wrap around your shoulders, your back hitting his chest. “I’m so sorry, just give me a chance, please… let me make it up to you. I– I’ll call a cab!” 
“It’s okay… And please don’t,” you mumble.
“I don’t like being a burden. Plus, you’re struggling right now… it’d be inconsiderate of me.” 
Taehyun stops himself before he can blurt out the truth. You don’t need to know that he’s an underground boxer and the reason behind him staying over is potential danger back at his apartment.
“Hey… it’s not the way you think it is. I can afford a cab! And please, you’re not a burden. Don’t say that.” He reassures you. Strangely enough, you seem to be much more comfortable in his embrace now. The way you lean into him makes Taehyun feel butterflies in his stomach.
You two stay in that position until you hear his whisper in your ear. “It’s here.” 
He takes a hold of your hand, guiding you to the car and helping you in. Once he’s inside, he reaches for your hand as if on instinct, stopping half-way through when he realizes what he was about to do. The last thing he wants is to come off as pushy.
Before Taehyun can move his hand away, you reach out shyly, grazing his fingers for permission. A big, stupid smile erupts on his face, his large hand immediately engulfing yours. You look down at your lap to hide your flustered expression. He gives your hand a gentle squeeze. And you squeeze it back, successfully widening his smile.
Tumblr media
Life’s been crazy lately. You’ve barely had any time to properly breath and your mental health has been the shittiest. It’s literally 3 AM and you’re in the washroom, trying to soothe your eyes that burn from the lack of sleep. Beomgyu is back at his girlfriend’s for tonight, and Taehyun is gone too. You sigh.
Speaking of Taehyun, you’ve felt much more comfortable around him since that day. Sure, you haven’t really had a chance to converse properly with him, but the stolen glances and fond smiles do speak volumes. You don’t know how or why he has so much power over you. But you’re aware that you affect him in a way too. Why else would a man like him stutter and blush around you? 
“____? Are you okay?” 
“AAAH!” You scream, wrapping your arms around your body as if to protect yourself from the intruder. A heavy hand rubs against your back, and you immediately realize who it is.
“Relax… It’s just me.” 
“Taehyun?! You’re coming home now? The fuck?! Oh—” You stop when you see a bruise on his chest, just a bit of it peeking out of his t-shirt. Your expression softens, a frown forming on your lips. “What happened? That looks painful…” 
Taehyun smiles, “Just a silly little thing, don’t worry, it’ll heal soon.” 
“That is not a silly little thing! You should put some ice on it, and you need to be more careful!” You huff, crossing your arms around your chest. 
“Sure, doc.” He chuckles, clearly amused by your concern. His reaction makes you pout, only adding to his amusement.
“I was worried… and was considering to tend to that bruise if you wanted. But I guess not! Bye, I’m going to bed.” 
“Wait— can you maybe—” 
“Can I maybe do what?” You challenge him.
“... Put some ice on it? Although it’s really late, if you are sleepy then you can go to bed… no pressure at all!” 
A knowing smirk appears on your face, eyes glinting with eagerness. “Hmm… I guess I can help you out.” 
“Really?” Taehyun gulps, his Adam’s apple bobbing. Feeling rather daring, you lean in, hot breath fanning over his face as you whisper a purry ‘yes’. You can see the way his irises get darker immediately.
The next thing you know is that you both are in your room. His half-naked body is seated on your bed, an ice pack in your hands as you gently press it on the bruise that adorns his firm and built chest. You are genuinely trying to not ogle, and so is he, his jaw clenching whenever you lean in close. 
“Tell me if it’s too cold or if it hurts,” you murmur, watching him closely. 
Somehow, he looks even more ethereal from this distance, your heart faltering each time he catches you staring. It’s the first time you’re seeing the phoenix tattoo on his arm properly. The inked skin looks beautiful under the dim lighting of your bedroom. You imagine how it’d feel to press an appreciative kiss on it. 
“Are you listening to me?” Taehyun gently holds your wrist, which causes you to halt. You look up at him confusedly, unsure what he is talking about. He shakes his head, trying to contain his laugh. “Am I distracting you that much, sweetheart? Been talking for several minutes now but you seem to be in a whole ‘nother world.”
“Oh… um…” You struggle to find any words, heat rising to your face. His calloused, large hands seem to tighten around your wrist, a shiver running down your spine. He quirks an eyebrow at you. 
“Is the fact that I’m shirtless bothering you, hm? You could’ve just told me…” Taehyun pulls you closer in one tug and you fall into his arms, an embarrassed whimper escaping you. Your hands grip on his shoulders for support as goosebumps spread all over your skin. The close proximity allows you to feel the warmth radiating from his body, his woody scent intoxicating you. “Look at me,” he orders.
You inhale a shaky breath, lifting your face to lock eyes with him. He looks like he’s high, eyes shining even though they’ve darkened dangerously. His forehead rests against yours and you feel a strange feeling pooling in your stomach.
“Little doll,” his whisper is hot against the shell of your ear. With his fingers, Taehyun caresses your chin before moving your face to another direction. “So pretty…” the awe in his voice is very clear, causing your heart to palpate in your chest. “Do you have any idea? Hm? Do you know what you do to me?” 
You let out a soft whine, closing your eyes. 
Taehyun holds your waist with his left hand, while the right one tucks a bunch of stray locks behind your ear. “You don’t know? That’s sad,” he murmurs, “Because you got me feeling things I’ve never felt before.” His lips find yours, gentle yet passionate. You melt under his touch, lips parting to invite him inside.
With an affirmative groan, he slips his tongue in the molten warmth of your mouth. His hands, eager to explore your body, slide up and down and make you shiver. He repeats the action, caressing your curves to memorize them. Your tongues dance in a sensual rhythm of their own. Fire spreads through your body, but you press closer to him. You let your hands wander, feeling his muscular arms, firm chest and chiseled abs. A violent shudder rocks your body. Gosh, he truly is built like a Greek God.
Taehyun cups your face in his right hand, deepening the kiss. You swear to God that you could fly now if you wanted to. His touch, his lips, his taste, his scent — everything is drug to your body and mind. He feels so good. You momentarily wish to stay like this forever. Warmth pools between your legs and you feel yourself clenching around nothing. Fuck, when was the last time you were kissed? This good, too?
Soon, your lungs start burning for sweet oxygen and you reluctantly pull away. He presses a sloppy kiss on your temple, catching his own breath as you rest against him to do the same. Your heartbeat is dangerously high, and you feel significantly weak. Your eyes flutter close, exhaustion kicking into your system. Taehyun fixes the crumpled cloth of your pajamas. “Are you okay?” 
You nod after a few seconds, still trying to process everything that has happened. Did he really just confess? Oh my god. Is this really happening? What should you do now? 
“Hey… you sure that you’re okay?”
After much consideration, you decide to look at him again. He seems surprisingly relaxed which takes you aback. His eyes soften, a faint smile on his lips. “What is it?”
“I… I don’t know…” Your hands move to wind around his neck. He watches you get comfortable on his lap with a beautiful smile that melts you. “I— I think… um, that…” you trail off, unsure what to say. For some reason, tears start to form in your eyes. “I’m sorry…” 
Great. Now you look dumb. And he probably thinks that you’re a crybaby.
“Hey, it’s alright. I don’t expect you to say something back. Just let me know if at any point, you feel uncomfortable, okay?” He gently brushes the pearly beads away from your cheeks. You nod, unwilling to let go of him. He feels like a warm blanket, something you definitely need right now.
With a sigh, you rest your head against his shoulder. “Is— um, this, okay? I can move away if you—” 
“Shhh,” Taehyun shushes you immediately. His hands are cradling you like you’re the most precious thing he has ever held in his life. “We can talk about this when you are ready, okay? You look overwhelmed and tired.” 
“Yeah… Thank you.” 
You wake up to a warm sensation on your neck, your body slowly gaining consciousness. From the strong arms that are wrapped around your waist to the face that is resting in the crook of your neck… you slowly come to realize that it is Taehyun.    
Last night comes back to you in a flash. His confession, and that kiss you shared… Did you fall asleep while cuddling? Probably. You take a moment to bask in comfort. To be honest, you would love to get used to this. It feels so nice to not wake up in a cold bed all alone, for once. 
“I can feel that you’re up, sweetheart.” His voice is gravelly and heavy, right against your skin. You feel a shiver running down your spine. Fuck, his voice alone is enough to work you up. 
Taehyun hums, nuzzling your neck. “Did you sleep well? You must’ve been so tired last night…” 
With a yawn, you turn around to face him. “I think I’m well rested… or at least better than how I was. Good morning.” 
He smiles, rather boyish, “Good morning indeed. I can’t believe that I’m waking up with you in my arms.” 
“Oh, about that…” You bring your hand up to his face, resting it on his jaw. “I want you to know that I do, in fact, reciprocate the feelings you have for me. I don’t know exactly how it is in your case… because you know, you didn’t really specify. But I guess… you can say that I like you. Quite a lot, actually.”
“Really? You know that I told you to take your time, right?” Taehyun is bad at hiding his actual reaction, as his eyes shine brightly but his lips are pulled in a thin line. The contrast makes you giggle, and he pouts. “What?!” 
“You look so adorable, trying to act all concerned. Really, really, mister. Why else would I tell you this first after waking up?” 
He cups your face in his hands and pulls you closer. “Can I?” he murmurs, nuzzling your nose with his. You nod eagerly. Taehyun doesn’t waste another moment to draw you further in for a kiss, soft and gentle to savor this moment. He holds your body to his, whispering sweet nothings between kisses.  
“Taehyun…” you sigh, fingers threading through his hair. He trails butterfly kisses down your jaw and neck, finding the sweet spots and paying more attention to them. You whimper softly, holding onto him with more desperation. 
“Will you go out on a date with me?” He whispers against your collarbone. It seems like he’s quite nervous, the pressure of his fingers on your waist increasing.
“Of course, I will! When are we going?” 
“How does right now sound?” Taehyun leans his body weight on his elbow, looking at you expectantly.
“You are crazy, but you know what? I stan.” 
Tumblr media
Five months since you’ve started dating Taehyun. One hundred and fifty-three days since your life changed in the best way possible. You don’t know if anything ‘perfect’ exists on this planet, but he surely is how you’d want your boyfriend to be. Extremely attractive who knows how to make your knees buckle, plus caring, patient, understanding and supportive? Sign me the fuck up.
Getting to know him from a lover’s perspective has been simply beautiful. Everything about him is just… so lovable. Although, now that you’re standing here, waiting for him to show up, you realize that you haven’t really been able to explore much about his life. Plus, the fact that he moved away to somewhere else two weeks after your first date doesn’t really help. Yes, dates with him have always been super sweet and amazing, but you have never spent a night with him. You don’t want to give him the wrong idea, but sometimes you really wish to spend the night in his arms. Especially when it gets lonely. 
You also realize that he hasn’t revealed where he is staying right now. And that makes you worried. Why would he dodge such a simple question? Does he really have a place to live right now?! Suddenly anxious, you check your phone, noticing a text from Taehyun.
[Tyunnie <3, 5:27 pm] Will be there in a few, baby! Can’t wait! 
Despite the questions in your mind, you smile. You can’t wait to see him again either! He might be a bit closed off, but he is still your Tyun.
“Tyunnie!” You run up to him excitedly the moment you spot him. Taehyun grins, opening his arms for you to jump into his embrace. Your legs wind around his waist, arms around his neck as he spins you around. “I missed you,” you pout, nuzzling into his shoulder with a whine.
Thankfully, there are no other people to roll their eyes at you two. The small alleyway in front of your apartment building is deserted, leaving you two with a bit of temporary privacy. Taehyun chuckles, pecking your lips. “But you saw me yesterday!” 
“... Through a video call? That does not count!” you huff, pushing even closer to him. It might sound cliché, but you need to feel his warmth. “Anyway. Where are you taking me today?! I have been super excited since you told me yesterday!!” 
“It’s a surprise,” he says in a sing-song voice. 
“Hmm… okay. Lead the way!” You slide off of his body, wrapping your hands around his arm. 
“As my lady wishes!” He bows dramatically, readjusting your grip on him so that you two can hold hands. 
You’re snuggled up into him as the cab goes to a part of the city you have never heard of. Despite you pestering your boyfriend with numerous questions, he has remained very vague about ‘the surprise’. You even use your puppy dog eyes but it doesn’t work on him today.
“Can you tell me how long it will take, at least?” 
Taehyun sighs. “Ten more minutes…? It will be worth it, I promise, baby. Please be patient…” 
You understand that he’s upset with your behavior, so you just nod, deciding to stay silent. He is quick to pick up the change in your mood. Unsure about what to say, he just holds you closer. 
After the said time, you’re being escorted by Taehyun to a cozy looking home. You look at him curiously as he walks up to the porch and unlocks the door. He opens the door with a flourish, turning to face you. “Come on in!” 
“Is this… your place?” You question him, genuinely baffled. Wasn’t he like… struggling with money? That’s why he stayed over at your apartment! Then… this house… how??
“Yup! C’mon now!” He offers his hand which you gladly take. The smell of a floral scented candle wafts throughout the small entryway. Taehyun closes the door behind you, pushing you back against it with fire in his eyes. 
“Tyun? Whaa—ah!” your voice falters when he buries his face in the crook of your neck. He grinds his hips into yours, and that’s when you feel it. There’s a bulge forming in his pants. Just when you’re certain that this is how you guys are gonna have your first time, he pulls away with a huff. 
“Let me show you around my house.” He picks you up in his arms, a gasp escaping you. What is he doing? “Do you mind if I carry you to the living room?” He sounds almost embarrassed. 
“Um… I don’t mind, but it’s not necessary, you know?” You giggle, but he’s already walking towards his destination. His happiness is contagious as he walks you through his home, showing you his favorite parts and often dropping suggestive jokes. As expected, his bedroom is the last thing he shows you, and you can sense why. 
“What do you think of it?” Taehyun moves to hug you from behind, nuzzling your head affectionately. You sigh satisfactorily.
“It’s got such a homey vibe to it. Everything here makes so much sense and it’s perfect for you, Tyun! I’m so happy for you! Gonna assume that it’s your new home?” 
He presses you closer to him, and you can feel his hardness against the cleft of your ass. Your teeth sink into your lower lip from the feeling. 
“It is! I finished moving in a few weeks ago and have been trying to get you here, baby. You have no idea how happy I am that you like it! Consider this your home too, okay?” 
“I kept you in my mind while buying this house.” 
Your cheeks warm up from the hidden meaning of his words. Gosh, this guy. 
You’re already in a pretty sensitive position when you feel him nudging his hips against your ass. “I want you… I have waited for so long.” His voice drops an octave, alarming your senses. You turn around to face him, grabbing his arm and walking backwards until the bed hits the back of your knees. 
“Fuck,” Taehyun growls, kissing you senseless while his hands impatiently get rid of your clothes. He’s restless, probably ripping off several articles of your clothing judging by the sounds of it. You’re manhandled and thrown onto the bed soon after, a surprised gasp escaping you. 
He licks his lips, pulling up the long sleeves of his turtleneck. You cross your legs immediately, your cunt throbbing when you notice the prominent veins displayed on his muscular arms. His brown irises have turned black from the lust, his chest heaving up and down. “Look at you,” he grunts, “Such a pretty little thing. And all for me.” 
He once again takes in the sight of your naked body splayed over his bedsheets, your hands trying to cover where it can reach. His cock twitches in the confines of his pants. However, the more he looks at you, the more self-conscious you become, whining shyly.
Taehyun climbs up on the bed to hover over you. His knees push your legs far from each other, his right hand taking both of your hands and pinning them over your head. “Don’t,” he murmurs, “You’re so beautiful.” 
His lips are on yours again, coaxing you to relax under him. His fingers, curious as usual, linger on each dip and curve of your body, finding their way to your slick folds. He taps on your swollen clit with his index finger, making you jolt.
“Tyunnie!” You writhe a little, desperate to feel something, anything inside your throbbing core. But he has other plans. He glides his fingers across your slit, gathering the wetness while his other hand focuses on your pebbled nipples. 
“Are you on birth control, sweetheart? Do you want me to use a condom?” 
“Y–yes, I’m… aa– I’m on my pills.” Your voice breaks when his finger teases your entrance. “And… Please don’t use a condom! I don’t want to feel latex; I want to feel you. I— I have dreamt of this for so long.” He lets out a satisfied hum, gliding his tongue over the sensitive nub of your breast. “Oh my god!” You feel yourself wavering, his middle finger gliding inside your dripping core. 
“So responsive…” He alternates between licking and sucking on your nipple, his free hand wrapped around your waist to prevent you from moving too much. Your cries echo through the large bedroom. Taehyun moves to the neglected nipple when he’s satisfied with his work on the other one. His finger pumps you at a slow pace. Your eyes are glossy, begging him for more.
After a while of pure torture, Taehyun pushes his index finger inside your cunt, increasing the speed. “You’re so beautiful, doll. So damn beautiful.”
You answer with a whimper, biting your lower lip, cresting higher with each of his pumps. His bigger, longer digits move roughly in and out of you, providing blinding pleasure. You pull onto his hair to anchor yourself. It feels like the world is spinning, his fingers touching several unknown places inside you that send electric shocks in your body. 
“Yes! Oh God!”
He smirks, angling his fingers to stimulate the spot he just hit. You shudder, your hands turning into fists as you hold on to the bed sheet. Your core pulsates around him. Taehyun nibbles on your earlobe, whispering, “Come for me, baby. I can feel you, you’re so close.”
Goosebumps spread over your skin from his command and his name falls off of your lips like a prayer. He swears under his breath, feeling you gush around him. “Fuck!”
Adjusting his speed, he helps you ride out your high. Softly plucking his fingers out of your cunt, he licks them, moaning happily. You watch him with tears in your eyes, your body flushed with heat. He undresses himself in front of your hungry eyes, revealing the body you’ve grown to love in the past months. You hold your breath when he plays with the waistband of his boxers. You know he’s big, you know it, but you want to see—
“Oh gosh,” you exhale shakily. He’s huge. And pretty. If that’s the word? 
The reddened tip is covered with his pre-cum, drool gathering in your mouth from the mere sight. The length of his cock is glorious, a few veins adorning it. Your pussy clenches from anticipation. You need him. Even that seems like an understatement.
Taehyun leans down with fire in his eyes. His hungry mouth finds yours, and you can immediately taste yourself on his tongue. He starts grinding, his hardened length pressing against your pelvis. 
“Are you sure that you still want this? You look kinda… out of it. Did I cause any discomfort?” 
“Nonono, please, please fuck me, please,” you beg him, “It— it just— feels so good, please,” your words are slurred. “I need you inside me, please, Tyunnie— I can’t—” 
The rest gets caught in your throat as you feel the bulbous tip of his hardened member nudging at your entrance. You whimper out of eagerness and writhe a little. He pins down your hands, locking your darkened eyes.
“Tell me if at any moment you need me to stop, okay? I don’t think that I can hold back right now.” 
You nod, several cries escaping you when he starts pushing in. Taehyun catches your lips in a searing kiss. Your moans get muffled in his mouth as he fills you in, your inner walls stretching impossibly wide to give him space. He growls, his balls resting against your ass when he finally stops. The feeling of being completed by him overwhelms you and you hold onto him for dear life. “You did so well, baby. Such a good girl for me.”
You manage a broken whisper in response, and he starts with slow languid thrusts, pulling and pushing to give you time to adjust. Soon you start to rock your hips, building up a rhythm with him. His mouth finds its refuge on your shoulder and cleavage. He increases his pace with each of his strokes, moaning in pleasure.
“Lord, ____.... You feel like heaven. Squeezing me so good, baby. Dripping pussy taking my cock so well.”
A string of incoherent words leaves your throat. Your nails are raking on his back, sure to leave visible marks the next day. Taehyun keeps whispering praises in your ear. Feeling his cock twitch inside you, you bury your face in his shoulder. He growls, going harder and deeper, making sure to grind against your clit with his pelvis as he moves. Clearly over stimulated at this, you quiver around him, white spots appearing in your vision.
A specific hard thrust brushes over your cervix, a scream leaving you as the building up pleasure explodes. 
“Tyun!” You scream, your walls clenching around his cock.
“Damn it, baby,” he grits his teeth, his pace losing its consistency. He fucks you through your orgasm. Chasing his own high, he sloppily thrusts inside you.
“Where do you want me?” 
“In me… please…” 
“Fucking hell!” He collapses on you, his ecstasy crashing over him. Taehyun floods your inside with his cum, the milky liquid painting your gummy walls white. You whine and shiver with each twitch and squirt, your heart swelling in your chest.
He disconnects your joined bodies after a long moment, a feeling of emptiness overwhelming you as you whine in protest. After cleaning up himself, he comes back with a washcloth soaked in warm water, cleaning your nether regions with care before dressing you up in one of his hoodies. He finds your discarded panties that were thrown away in the heat of the moment, sliding it up on your form. He kisses your belly with adoration before putting on a shirt.
“I’ll go make some dinner for us, okay? You rest!” 
“No, cuddle with me…” 
Taehyun stops when he sees exactly how sad you look. He nods helplessly, joining you on the bed and pulling you closer. As your limbs feel like jelly, you crash into him, a nervous laugh escaping him. “Sorry. I haven’t done relationships in a while so… um…” he trails off. 
But you only snuggle up to him more. “It’s okay… I haven’t dated anyone in a long time too. Like… Since my high school sweetheart dumped me on his birthday…”
“He sounds like an asshole, baby, I’m sorry he did that to you.” 
After a long heart to heart and some Chinese take-out for dinner, you go back to bed in his arms. Taehyun draws random patterns on your back, his eyes distant.
“I want to tell you something.” 
“I have a match tonight… from 11 pm. I’m sorry.”
You stay silent. Yes, you surely feel hurt that he decided to invite you over on a night where he already had other plans, but you feel like there’s more to it. So, you decide to ask a few questions.
“Why didn’t you tell me before… and why is it so late?” 
He sighs, shaking his head. “I’m so sorry love, I forgot about it myself. I was so excited about my new home and you coming over to visit it finally, I just…   Yeonjun called me to ask if I’m ready when you were in the washroom.” 
“Oh… do you have to go? Who is Yeonjun?” 
“I do have to go. There are a lot of things riding on my presence and performance, I can’t ditch it. Yeonjun is my manager.” 
“But why is the match starting so late? Now that I remember, you always returned home at ungodly hours back in my apartment.” 
“Because the match is underground.” 
Your heart drops immediately. You sit up on the bed, fear paralyzing your body. “It’s WHAT? Taehyun—?” 
His silence makes you feel sick to your stomach. Tears form in your eyes immediately. “Isn’t that illegal? Why didn’t you tell me before?! I… I thought…” 
“Do you hate me?” 
“Don’t.” You hurry to dry your tears with the back of your hand. This is too much. You trusted him. 
“I’m sorry… I couldn’t tell you no matter how much I tried. I’m terrified of losing you, I don’t think that you can possibly understand.” 
“Can you please explain why the fuck are you doing something that is illegal?! And dangerous too! Professional boxing is so much better why would you—”
“You don’t know shit. Professional boxing is worse than this. Do you know how much money, drugs and politics shit is in there?! Underground boxing is way better. It’s clean, it pays a hell lotta money, it gives you fame.” 
“... You expect me to believe that?” 
“I don’t have power over what you believe and what you don’t. I’m just telling the truth. Normal people go to watch underground boxing matches because it is fair and not fucking rigged. What do you think? That I haven’t tried going professional? People who are in charge are full of shit. They don’t give a fuck about the art of boxing. So, I did what was the right thing to do.”
You remain silent, not knowing what to say anymore. Taehyun sighs. “I need to get ready. We will talk about this later. Hopefully today will not be the day I break my two year long winning streak.” 
Your jaw drops. “Two year long winning streak?! How?!” 
“Because I’m the best.” He winks at you, getting out of the bed. He kisses you one last time, touching your foreheads together. “I’m so sorry, baby. I promise to come back as soon as possible. I promise I’ll make it up to you.” 
You nod, whispering, “Good luck.” He saunters away, leaving you alone with your thoughts.
The sound of the front door closing alerts you. The clock reads 2:13 am. You sit up on the bed again, sighing. Your head hurts from (over)thinking, and you still don’t know how to feel about the newfound information about your boyfriend.
Taehyun pokes his head inside, frowning when he notices you still up. “Why aren’t you sleeping?” He gets inside, coming over to you quickly.
“Couldn’t sleep. How did the match end?” 
“I won! I think you’re my lucky charm! My opponent… the boy was strong and all but he failed at mind games.” 
“Baby… are you mad at me? Do you– so you want some alone space? I can sleep on the couch…” 
You fiddle with your fingers nervously. “I am mad at you, Taehyun. For not telling me anything earlier. I don’t know anything else.” 
“I can’t apologize enough for not telling you earlier, baby… But as I told you. I’m terrified of losing you. Things were going so well between us, and I didn’t want to mess up. But I guess, it doesn’t really matter anymore. I always mess up. Tragic.” He looks like he’s about to break down, and that is like a punch to your gut. 
“It’s okay. You are too good for me anyways. I am a dwarf who tried to touch the moon.” 
“What are you talking about?” You are straight up crying at this moment, failing to keep yourself together. His head is hanging low, his hands curled into fists and pressed into the mattress. He’s shaking, and you realize that he’s crying too when you notice a tear drops on his hand and runs down between his fingers.
“Hey… it’s okay… please look at me, Tyun, please. We will work it out. Don’t cry, it hurts.” You pull onto his arms, and he breaks down like an old tree finally giving up against a storm. He shakes his head, trying to contain his emotions.
“I don’t like making you sad,” Taehyun chokes out. “But I always manage to do that somehow. What is even the point?” His cries are silent, tearing through your heart.
“But you make me happy too, can’t you see that? I haven’t felt so much happiness in my life, before you.” 
Tumblr media
Two months later, your relationship with Taehyun is slowly getting back on track. After the revelation it’s been pretty rough for both of you. You two even considered going on a break, but within three days you had shown up on his doorstep, crying because you couldn’t bear it anymore. 
You decided to have an open mind about his… occupation. You don’t mind that he earns money by doing something that is marked as illegal. It’s not like he’s robbing it! He works his ass off to win the matches, and the people who have dirty money to gamble around and bet, are the ones who are actually doing something illegal. Yep, maybe he is connected to it, but it’s not the same thing. You’ve also met Yeonjun! He’s a very nice person too. Although Taehyun has warned you again and again, telling you how the people back in the underground can be dangerous even though there are a lot of good people. 
Your response has always been, “It’s the same everywhere. There will be bad people as well as good people. Maybe the bad people in the underground are worse but I’m okay as long as you’re safe and happy.” 
And he’s grateful for that. For you and your understanding nature, despite everything. Sometimes he likes to tell you crazy stories about what is down there, and you listen with awe. You want to visit the underground sometime too, you tell him, as you cuddle up to him to seek comfort and security.
Today is an exciting day. You’ll be going underground for the first time! Apparently, your boyfriend has a very important match today and he wants you there with him. Although, he has his conditions. The first one being, you have to hide from any prying eyes. For your own safety, of course.
You tighten your hold onto his arm, barely able to see what’s happening around you. Taehyun insisted on you wearing a baggy black coat of his that swallows up your whole body. You also have shades and a bucket hat, all to protect you from the public eye.
He takes you through a bunch of tunnels and strange alleyways, all built under the asphalt streets of the sleeping city. After several minutes of walking, he opens up a door to a room and brings you inside.
“You should be safe here.” Taehyun kisses your forehead, motioning you to look around. 
“A locker room?” you take off the pair of shades, squinting.
“My locker room.”
Despite his firm grip around your waist, you feel like you’ll fall apart at any moment. Taehyun continues to fondle your breasts with his mouth. He lets out a hum when you thread your fingers through his highlighted locks and pull on them desperately.
“My little doll is so sensitive. Making a mess just because I’m playing with her pretty tits.” 
You whine at that, closing your eyes as he nips on the softness of your breasts. Pulling him closer and closer, you let out soft whimpers. You’re completely lost in the sensation, and you forget where you are, until someone knocks on the heavy metal door of his locker.
“Taehyun. The match starts in 20 minutes. Get ready.” Yeonjun’s loud voice cuts in soon enough, bringing you back to reality.
“Mhm, gimme 15 and I’ll be there.” Taehyun shouts back, the receding footsteps indicating that the elder one is leaving.
Knowing that he needs to get ready, you try to move away and grab your discarded bra and crop top. But his calloused hands grope your ass roughly, delivering a few rough spanks. A pained mewl escapes you.
“Where are you going? Did I say that I am done with you?” 
“Yes or no.”
You lower your head, mumbling a barely audible ‘no’.
Taehyun pulls down his shorts and boxers, pointing at his semi erection. “Sit.” 
When you look at him confusedly, he bunches up the mini skirt around your waist, pulling your damp panties aside. With one single tug of his muscular arms, you are positioned over his flared tip. You hiss under your breath, gripping onto his shoulders as he commands, “C’mon doll. Sit. You know I can’t focus on the match if I don’t feel your pussy around my cock right now.” 
Enticed by his words, you nod eagerly, beginning to lower yourself in a slow pace. Taehyun grunts, burying his face in the crook of your neck as your moist warmth engulfs him. “Tyunnie.. I– I–” you stutter, struggling against the burn caused by the stretch of your inner walls.
“Shh, you can take it, doll. I know you can. Relax.” He nuzzles your neck in a calming manner, dragging his plump lips across your collarbone.
Eventually, you manage to penetrate yourself entirely on his length. Groans escape Taehyun whenever your cervix brushes against his tip. 
“Let’s stay like this for 10 minutes, okay? I’ll come back after winning and fuck you like you deserved to be fucked.” 
“Okay…” you whisper, your inner walls fluttering around his cock upon hearing his promise.
Unfortunately, it’s over a bit too soon for your liking, and you watch him getting ready for the match. He pulls up his boxer shorts with a sigh. “Don’t look at me like that, baby. I promised that I’ll make it up to you once I come back with a win, didn’t I? And you know that I’m a man of my word.”
“Sorry…” you mumble, looking away with embarrassment. Gosh, were you looking that desperate? 
“Don’t be, I’m sorry for leaving you needy.” He grabs a tube of petroleum jelly and tosses it towards you. “Can you slather that on my face? Don’t be stingy, I need to protect it from any injuries because you hate them.” 
“Just because I hate them? Tyun, do you really not care about getting injured?! Are you insane or what?!” You manage to catch the tube in time, slightly irritated by his words. At times like this, you truly don’t understand this man.
“Injuries are a normal part of any boxer’s life. So yeah. You could say that I don’t care about minor scratches as long as I keep up my winning streak. Underground boxing has so much more money surrounding it than you can imagine, gotta keep those fresh bills coming!” Taehyun takes an abdominal guard from the lockers and smirks knowingly. “Plus, I haven’t lost any matches in the past two years. My reputation alone is worth millions, no offense to any fellow brothers.” He checks himself out in the mirror and smiles. “All good, just gotta grab my mouthguard, and baby, please hurry up!” 
You resist the urge to roll your eyes. He does have a reason to be cocky, after all. You quickly squirt out a dollop of the petroleum jelly, reaching your hand upwards to apply it on his face. He leans into your touch immediately.
“Can I get a good luck kiss?” Taehyun gently grasps on your wrist, puckering his lips at you. 
“I thought those ten minutes were supposed to bring forth some luck?” you tease, trying to pry your hand away. He grumbles under his breath.
“No. That was to help me focus on the match. This is for good luck.” 
You tip-toe and press your lips against his. He hums, lips curling up in a smile when you pull away. “Good luck. Remember your promise!”
Taehyun chuckles heartily, but it’s soon cut off by heavy knocking coming from the other side. “It’s time! Get out of there, dude.” There’s frustration laced with Yeonjun’s voice.
“Yeah, just a sec!” Your boyfriend announces before looking at you affectionately. “Stay in here and lock the door, okay? Please don’t go outside… the people here are dangerous and who knows what bastard will bother you… Please just stay here!! I’ll be back soon.” 
You nod obediently, understanding his request very well. “I’ll be here, don’t worry! You go and knock that stupid Ken or whatever out!” 
“You know I will, baby.” 
Time refuses to pass as you pace around, restless. You’re not sure how long it’s been, but your anxiety is starting to kick in for some reason. You’ve tried to distract yourself in many ways, but nothing has worked out so far. Hell, you don’t even know how Taehyun is right now. 
With a sigh, you slowly approach the door you’ve been avoiding since your arrival. The sound of heavy cheering covers up any other sounds that are related to a boxing match. It makes you anxious. You don’t know what’s going on in there and negative thoughts start to build up rapidly. Deep down you try to convince yourself that everything is alright. Like c’mon now! There’s no way that he will actually lose… right?
You stand in front of the heavy metal door, hand twitching to open the lock. If you open it just a little bit and peek outside, nothing will happen, right? You’ll still practically be inside… 
The door opens with a clunky sound, enough for you to see the deserted hallway that connects the lockers with the arena. You shudder when the loud hoots and screams hit you like a ton of bricks. Good lord, how does one survive this environment? You wish you had brought earplugs! 
After much consideration, you decide to step outside. There’s no one around, nothing will happen! Or at least, you hope so! Taehyun doesn’t need to know about everything, does he? 
Careful but curious, you take several steps towards the hallway. The loud noises thump inside your body painfully. But still, you dare to go a little further, hoping to catch a small glimpse of the fight. You turn a corner, starting to see a bit of crowd who are several feet away. 
“Are you lost, babygirl?” 
Your blood runs cold as you turn to the side. A tall, bearded man looms over you like a predator, eyes glinting with something that disgusts you. He takes in the sight of you, and you immediately regret wearing a mini skirt with a crop top. 
“Mhm, I wonder what your cute little clothes are hiding? Want me to find out?” 
Before you can process anything, your legs have already started carrying your body back to the locker room. You hear the creep’s voice, “Aw, do you wanna play cat and mouse? I can do that!” 
Eyes closed and your whole body shaking, you run and run, soon reaching the metal door you left a few minutes ago. You get inside and lock the door immediately, feeling relieved. But, as if to prove that’s too good to be true, a loud thump on the door snatches away every shred of peace from your system. The man outside growls like a wounded animal, throwing punches at the metallic surface. “YOU BITCH! No one leaves me hanging! I’ll break the fucking door and then I’ll break you! You stupid bitch!” 
Tears wet your cheeks immediately and you collapse on the ground. Panic stops you from functioning entirely. After a while of struggling, you decide to crawl behind a sandbag that rests on the floor. Letting your body curl into a small shape, you hold your head with your hands and rest your face on your knees. The sounds get louder and louder, and you pray with all your might. Please don’t let the door break, please don’t let the door break, please— 
A loud sound of something heavy falling on the ground catches your attention. You don’t know how long you’ve been here like this, but you can hear a commotion outside. Did that man bring more people to actually break the door down? What is happening—
“I said take that asshole away! I have much more important things to do!” Hope flickers in your chest, that is Taehyun’s voice! He is here! However, the sound of the door opening and closing within moments, makes you freeze. 
There is complete silence for several seconds. Then his tired voice calls out, “Baby… I know you’re here.” 
You crawl out from the cramped space and Taehyun immediately spots you, running to get by your side. His big hands immediately pick you up from the ground. “Oh my god…” his heart breaks when he notices your state, wondering what went wrong. You instinctively wrap your arms around his broad chest, hugging him as tight as you can.
“Why was that person trying to damage the door outside? What happened?” 
“It’s all my fau– *hiccup* fault, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry…” You pull away to look at him, just in time for a new batch of tears to run down your cheeks.
“But what happened?” Taehyun cradles your face in his hands, brushing the tears away with his thumb.
After several deep breaths and a lot of consolation from your boyfriend, you eventually confess that you went outside. He definitely is mad at you for not listening to him, but it’s overshadowed by his concern. “Did he hurt you, in any way? Are you okay? In terms of physical condition.”
“Um… my legs are aching… a bit. Nothing else. Did you win though?! And when did you change into this?” You look at him nervously, pointing towards his sweatpants and thin shirt. Hopefully your attempt at diverting the topic will work. 
“Don’t. That is not the priority right now.” Taehyun speaks in a firm voice. “How about you explain… about your little escapade? Which part of my statement from earlier did you not understand?” 
Your face falls. “I told you… ‘m sorry…”
“That’s not enough, sweetheart. What if something really bad happened to you while I was gone? I meant it when I said that these people are dangerous.” 
“I’m sorry… I got really anxious and…” you trail off, forcing yourself to not cry again. Get it together, you’re better than this! 
“I’d never forgive myself if something bad happens to you because of my line of work. You’re never coming back here, understood? The risk is too much.” Taehyun looks shaken up; his eyes desperate to find yours. Keeping your head low, you just nod wordlessly, not wanting to upset him even more. 
Silence engulfs the atmosphere between you two. He sighs, gently gripping onto your chin to tip your face upwards. “Look at me,” he whispers, moving closer to you. His other hand takes the hold of your left hand, intertwining your fingers. You give up against his force and look up to meet those pools of honey. He strokes your face with admiration, touching your foreheads together. 
“You’re too precious to me, sweetheart. I almost had a heart attack when I saw that mad lad pushing his body up against the door. I was so scared.” 
“I’m sorry…” 
“You really don’t understand, do you?” Unsure about what he is trying to say, you look at him confusedly. Taehyun shakes his head with a laugh. His thumb brushes over your lower lip in a manner that sends a shiver running down your spine. 
“I love you, dumbo.” He gently brushes his lips on yours, pulling away to see your reaction. You blink several times, your heartbeat suddenly losing its steadiness. 
His hands remain where they were previously, preventing you from pulling away and screaming and probably pinching yourself. So instead, you just blurt out, “You what—” 
“I love you, baby. I thought I was being super obvious these days.” 
You hug him tightly, still having trouble believing that this is, in fact, real life. “Oh my gosh, Tyun!! I love you too! I love you so much! I have tried to tell you before, but I always chicken out!” you chatter excitedly, all while being in his embrace. 
He chuckles, whispering, “You are so adorable, it should be illegal! My little lovebug.” You hum, a feeling of completeness flooding you.
Taehyun initiates a kiss that you happily reciprocate, his body subtly pushing you backwards until your back hits a locker. You let out a soft cry, opening your mouth to invite him in. He groans, tilting his head to the side so that he can deepen the kiss. The kiss is heavy, unspoken words being shared through the flick of your tongues. He suckles on your lower lip, hands hurrying to get rid of your top and bra. You gasp when he rubs his finger over the sensitive peak of your breasts, a growl escaping him.
“Gotta keep my promise, hm?” Taehyun leaves the warmth of your mouth, finding purchase on your neck instead. A shudder rocks your body. 
“Oh— d–did you win?” 
You can feel his smirk against your skin. “Of course, I did, baby. Expect nothing less from me, okay? And I feel bad that I had to leave you like that!” 
The cold metal behind you is a stark contrast to your burning skin, desperate whimpers escaping you. He continues to suck hickeys on your neck while his hands massage the softness of your breasts. Once he’s satisfied with his work on the sensitive skin, he moves his mouth to your nipples. Your back arches the moment his mouth makes contact.
“Fuck,” you moan, the flame of your desire rekindling. A growl escapes him when he feels the coldness of your damp panties.
“Damn it, baby, were you wet all this time?” You remain silent, too focused on the pleasure coursing through your body to answer his question. Taehyun removes the offending material aside from your body, immediately feeling the new batch of warm slick covering your folds. “You are so good to me, doll. Always eager and ready for me. You deserve an award for that, don’t you?” 
You nod with a whine, watching him drop to his knees. He hoists your left leg up to rest it on his shoulder, groaning at the sight in front of his eyes. Without any warnings, he dives his head inside your miniskirt, kissing your pussy lips with fervor. Your knees buckle and you struggle to stand straight, his height making it even harder for you. 
Taehyun notices your discomfort. He pushes your other leg to rest on the nearby bench, lapping at your cunt like a starved man. Your head lolls back from the overwhelming sensation. He’s everywhere.
You feel his tongue poking at your entrance, the flexible muscle dipping inside for a taste. You moan and clench on it immediately, more slick gathering in your core. He’s definitely enjoying it, because the vibration caused by his groan reverberates through you. 
Several flicks of his tongue paired up with his thumb rolling your clit — you come undone in record time, quivering. 
You’re certain that you would have fallen if he wasn’t holding you so securely. Taehyun tries to drink up every bead of nectar you’ve provided, often dragging his teeth over your slippery flesh. 
“Fuck it baby, ‘m gonna ruin that cute little hole.” He stands up abruptly which causes your balance to falter. But he picks you up in his arms before anything, taking a seat on the bench and settling you on his lap. “Help me out of these pesky clothes?” 
You nod, pulling onto his gray sweatpants and boxers to free his cock. Meanwhile he discards his tee, chuckling at your blatant behavior. “Aww, are you that impatient for my cock? Fine, I won’t tease anymore. Come here.” 
He tilts your chin up, kissing you on the mouth before aligning himself along your entrance. You mewl as you feel his tip teasing your slit, rocking your hips impatiently to feel more of him inside you. 
Without any warnings, he pushes you down on his thick member, a scream escaping you as you feel your walls stretching to give him space. Burying your face on the crook of his neck, you muffle your sounds. Taehyun growls as he feels your gummy walls engulfing him. He gives you time to adjust, stroking your back soothingly.
After a while, you anchor yourself using his shoulders, moving slowly on him, hitting all those inside you as he helps you to move. His hands are on your waist, and he leans down to suck your collarbone, leaving a definite mark for everyone to see. He lets you control the pace, but not for too long.
You gasp, your face morphing in pleasure when Taehyun starts bouncing you on his cock. He catches your lips in a hungry kiss, muffling the loud whimpers you are making. 
Before long, you feel his left-hand brushing against your clit. He rolls it between his thumb and index finger, the pleasure coil in your lower belly tightening as he stimulates you just perfectly. 
“You’re so tight, doll... Come for me.”
He increases the pressure on your clit, pounding harder into you. You cry out his name, the coil snapping as tidal waves of euphoria knocks you down. 
Taehyun growls, your walls clamping down around his cock. After a few more thrusts, he murmurs your name, his warm seed shooting up inside your core. Exhausted, you let your body fall on him as he holds you close, neither of you moving, cherishing the moment. He kisses your forehead after a while, stroking your hair as you draw patterns on his back. “I love you so much, you know that?” 
Your lips curl up in a smile. “Mmm… Love you too, Tyun.” You nuzzle his neck, incredibly happy that he’s here and all yours. 
Maybe weakness isn’t necessarily a bad thing, after all.
Tumblr media
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My “Fake” Boyfriend
Pairing: Best friend! Park Seonghwa x Reader
Genre: Fluff, School AU
Prompts: 22) “Shut up and kiss me.”
               29) “What did you do this time?”
               62) “Keep saving me like that and I might just fall for you.”
Word Count: 4800
Summary: You’re having some trouble getting rid of a guy who has a huge crush on you. Nothing you do or say seems to help your situation so you turn to your best friend for help.
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Tumblr media
You and Seonghwa seemed like a very unlikely pairing. You were popular and always up to something, the pure definition of a social butterfly, but Seonghwa on the other hand not so much. He was the more quiet type, preferring to keep to himself and those who he held really close to him, which really only consisted of you and his two other friends Hongjoong and San. As children you and Seonghwa were inseparable, you spent every moment you could together and even had regular sleepovers, taking it in turns with who’s house you stay at, then high school came around and a few things changed. Your friendship circle grew and everyone seemed to know you, but Seonghwa stayed the same, this didn't affect your friendship in the slightest, everything still ran as it was just with the exception of there were a lot more people around you.
Over time Seonghwa grew to get used to your popularity, not like he had any choice really, you were always dragging him to someone's party or inviting him out with your large friend group. It was all a bit much for him at first, not knowing anyone and clinging to you like a lost puppy while you spoke to others, but you soon brought him out of his shell, helping him mingle with some of your closest friends and soon he was one of the group. But that wasn't all that changed over time, while you helped Seonghwa come out of his shell he helped you go back into yours a bit. Parties every weekend have now turned into once a month and you took your studies more seriously, noticing how your grades went from C's to B's and the occasional A. Having been an outsider of your group at one point it helped Seonghwa see who was really your friend and who was only there for the free alcohol, the social status and the possibility to get into your bed. He knew it wasn't his place to tell you who you should and shouldn't be friends with but that didn't stop him dropping subtle hints about how someone was acting towards you, and as soon as you stopped going to parties so often and calmed down a little you could see for yourself who was using you and who wasn't and before you knew it your huge friend group got reduced down to 8 and you had to admit, it was a lot better, easier, more fun...genuine.
And that takes you to present day, sitting around Wooyoung's kitchen table with the rest of your friends for one of your regular "study sessions", or at least that's how they usually started. You all agreed to do a rotation of who's place you'll study at but ultimately plans change, what starts off as a study group soon turns to the 9 of you hanging out and watching movies together. This was one of those days.
Various textbooks and notebooks were scattered across the table, long forgotten about, as you were all sucked into different conversations. The chatter was interrupted by Mingi’s stomach making a loud growling noise, gripping the attention of all of you and you all turn to look at him.
“Well I guess that’s a signal for us to order some food.” Wooyoung clapped his hands as he stood and rushed over to a draw full of menus leaving the rest of you laughing over Mingi’s embarrassed face. 
“Yunho’s turn to choose.” Wooyoung announced throwing down a pen and paper and selection of takeout menus for the elder to shuffle through, shrugging at all of them.
“Honestly I’m good with anything you guys pick.” Yunho said holding the menus out to everyone. 
“No, we have a system Yunho! You pick.” You all fall into laughter again over Wooyoung who seemed to be getting very dramatic over something as simple as ordering food. Yunho held his hands up in surrender and picked up a random menu.
“This will do.” He held up a pizza menu and scribbled down his order before passing both over to Jongho who was sat next to him to start the chain of orders. San stretched in his chair and let out a satisfied groan before standing up.
“Movie?” He chirps with a smile. It was like everyone was waiting for that suggestion to be made, everyone got to their feet and rushed to the living room to snatch up their seat to avoid having to sit on the floor. You race Mingi to the couch, pushing him out of the way before diving over the back of the couch securing your seat. Hongjoong had grabbed Seonghwa’s hand and led him through the chaos with expert precision, jumping over the ones on the floor and quickly dodging the ones running, and thanks to him Seonghwa secured a place next to you and Hongjoong the other side of him. The last spot was up for grabs now and to your surprise Jongho got it with ease sitting himself down on the other end of the couch, not even out of breath. Yeosang and Wooyoung were pulling at each other to the point they were both on the floor crawling for a spot, but their fighting meant they missed their chances.
“Ah really! This is your fault.” Wooyoung pouts kicking Yeosang lightly with his foot.
“Me!? You’re the one who pushed me to the floor you prick.” 
“And you grabbed my leg and tripped me, so your fault.” Wooyoung sulks as he plops himself on the floor in front of you crossing his arms over his chest to emphasise his pouting. 
“Aww Woo you can take my seat if you want a seat that bad.” You offer tapping his shoulder sympathetically.
“No it’s okay...I’ll suffer.” He dramatically huffs shooting a glare at Yeosang next to him.
“Well don’t say I didn’t offer.” You laugh. 
With everyone seated and happy (except Wooyoung) San finds a movie and presses play. You didn’t even get 20 minutes into the movie before the doorbell rang signaling food had arrived, and now everyone’s attention was more on getting their stomachs filled more than the movie. 
“I’ll get it.” Yeosang says getting up from his spot on the floor as San pauses the movie so he doesn’t miss anything.
“I’ll come help, it’s a lot of food.” Seonghwa calls over climbing off the couch and carefully stepping over the others on the floor to make his way to the door with Yeosang. With a mischievous glance behind him, Wooyoung took ample opportunity to steal Seonghwa’s seat despite protests and kicks from you and Hongjoong he stayed rooted to the spot.
“Hey Yeo, can I ask you something?” Seonghwa whispers to him once they get to the kitchen.
“Sure what’s up, and why are you whispering?” 
“You know y/n just as well as I do right? And you hung out a lot before she had me join the group, so I was just wondering if she...you know...mentioned anything about me?” Seonghwa could feel his cheeks heat up a little as he spoke and he busied himself with food to try his best to hide it.
“Yeah man, she’s mentioned you loads of times, hardly shut up really. She said you two have been best friends since you were kids, you lived next door to each other and did everything together.” Yeosang started casually.
“She even told us how she begged and begged you to join us from time to time but you always said no, saying there were too many people.” The two of them chuckle together remembering how timid Seonghwa was around large groups and how now it all seemed to have changed. Ironic really.
“Why do you ask?” Yeosang questioned turning to face Seonghwa who was now blushing profusely.
“I’m gonna tell you this because I trust you and because you’re the one who will give me a straight answer.” Before carrying on Seonghwa takes a deep breath.
“I think I like y/n...Like a lot, she’s my best friend but I just can’t help but want more with her you know, so that’s why I asked, I guess I was hoping she’d have said something that might give the impression she felt the same.” Yeosang gives out a sigh once Seonghwa had finished, he didn’t want to do this to him but he knew this was why he came to him, he wouldn’t give him false hope.
“She spoke about you a lot and was always happy when she spoke about you, but if I’m going to be brutally honest with you...I didn’t get any hint she felt the same...I’m sorry.” Seonghwa could see how sorry Yeosang was, it was all in his eyes and how he looked at him with such a pitiful look.
“Look it’s okay, I didn’t expect her too, I guess I just wanted to know so I would know if I needed to push my feelings aside or not, it’s okay really.” Despite his heart being crushed he still gave Yeosang a smile showing that he was okay and helped him carry the food into the living room. 
“You son of a bitch!” Seonghwa yelled out to Wooyoung noticing how he’d stolen his spot.
“Hey, you snooze you lose, you left the seat unattended so I took it.” Wooyoung says back with a shit eating grin.
“We tried to move him, we even kicked him but he’s being so stubborn.” Hongjoong sighs slapping Wooyoung across the back of the head to which the younger winced at but still showed no signs of moving. 
“Well for that go get your own food.” Seonghwa says as he hands Hongjoong his plate and then yours making sure to clearly skip Wooyoung, enjoying the way his mouth hangs open in shock.
“Not falling for it, if I get up to get food you’re just gonna sit here again.” Wooyoung glares.
“I’m okay with you starving.” Seonghwa laughs. With a huff and a groan Wooyoung gets up and runs to the kitchen to get his own plate and as soon as he disappears behind the wall Seonghwa retakes his rightful spot next to you. Taking a quick glance before taking his seat Yeosang gives Seonghwa a small smile, he can see how happy Seonghwa is with you but he felt awful for being the one to tell him the bad news.
It’s been a week since Seonghwa had confessed his feelings about you to Yeosang and nothing has changed, the group functions as normal and Seonghwa is fine, yes he has to now crush down the feeling he harbors for you but to him it’s worth it if it means he gets to keep you as his best friend. 
Walking into his next class, first to arrive 5 minutes early as always, he sees you hiding behind the door. The sight of you crouched on the floor makes him jump a little but if anything he’s more confused than anything.
“Y/n?” You quickly shush him and shuffle yourself further into your hiding spot.
“Sorry, but why are you hiding behind the door?” Seonghwa whispers walking over and quietly shutting the door so you could talk properly.
“I’m in trouble.” You say quickly, peeking your head up to the bottom of the window of the door checking the hallway.
“What did you do this time?”
“Rude, I haven’t done anything.” You answer back slightly offended that your best friend since childhood thought you were the cause of all this. 
“There’s this guy Seungmin, I hardly know him and he decided a couple of weeks ago to confess to me out of nowhere.” Seonghwa’s heart fell to the floor, he knew by the way you were hiding that you rejected him, but he couldn’t help the anxiety he felt over it, not only did someone else like you but you rejected him and it just made Seonghwa worry if you’d do the same to him if he ever dared to confess one day. 
“I rejected him as nicely as I could but that didn’t seem to be enough for him, he’s been following me around like a lost puppy ever since. He keeps trying to ask me out, he leaves flowers and poems in my locker and any time he’s around me he’s all up in my personal bubble and gets really touchy, and I keep telling him I’m not interested but it never works. So that’s why I’m hiding.” You let out a sigh once you finished sliding your way back down the door to sit on the floor.
“It sounds to me like you need a way to get this guy off your back, you can’t be hiding in classrooms the rest of your school life.” Your head fell into your hands knowing Seonghwa was right but you had no idea how to shake Seungmin, if you did you’d have done it by now.
“Like damn, this guy is really desperate to be with you. Why don’t you tell him you have a boyfriend or something maybe that’ll help.” Seonghwa crouches down next to you resting a comforting hand on your shoulder as you groan to yourself.
“Seonghwa, you and me both know I’m painfully single, he’ll see right through it.” The thought brewed in your head for a few moments and then it was like a lightbulb went off in your head. You shot to your feet quietly squealing with excitement over your plan.
“You! You could pretend to be my boyfriend!” Seonghwa followed your actions, shooting to his feet and looking at you bewhildered.
“Come on, it’s fool proof, you’re my best friend, the person I trust the most in my life and I’m always with you it’s so believable and you’ll only have to act like my boyfriend when he’s around.” You were over the moon with your plan but Seonghwa on the other hand was having an internal war with himself over it. The pros being he gets to pretend to be with you, gets to for brief moments treat you the way he so desperately wants to, but the cons were what made his heart sink...it would be fake.
“I don’t know y/n.” 
“Come on, like you said I can’t spend the rest of my school life hiding in classrooms so if you could help me with this I’ll be more than grateful.” He wanted to slap the stupid out of him but he nodded to you before his brain could even catch up with everything.
“Really!? Thank you! I owe you big time I really do.” You throw your arms around him giving him a quick hug.
“It’s okay, but you should get going class is in 2 minutes and your next class is the other side of campus.” He chuckles trying to shove you to the door.
Lunch rolls around and you’re sat with your group as usual. The whole canteen could probably hear you all with San and Mingi screeching, Wooyoung laughing and Yunho trying to shout over them to talk to the rest of you. It was safe to say your table tended to gain a lot of attention but today it gained the attention of a certain someone. Being wedged between Seonghwa and Jongho and too engrossed in what Yunho had to say you didn’t notice Seungmin approaching your table.
“Y/n?” Seonghwa whispers to you giving you a small nudge to gain your attention.
“Don’t look but that guy you were talking about is on his way over here.” You feel your body tense up and your eyes widen as you look at Seonghwa who has his eyes fixed on Seungmin who was getting closer and closer.
“We need think fast, what do you want to do?” Seonghwa was purely playing his roll based on you and what you felt comfortable with, if it was up to him he’d shower you with love and affection but he’s not going to over step any lines. 
You wrack your brain for a couple of seconds quickly thinking of something...anything. You shuffle closer to Seonghwa, your thigh pressed against his and interlocked your arm in his leaning into him as you rest your chin on his shoulder looking up at him with big eyes while he gives you a soft smile in return.
Watching the scene unfold in front of him Yeosang shoots Seonghwa a questioning look, remembering their conversation last week. Seonghwa glances at the younger and waves him off signaling he’ll explain it to him later but Yeosang can’t help but keep his confused gaze on the both of you. You’re determined to keep your eyes fixed on Seonghwa hoping he’ll let you know if the coast clears. Seonghwa has half of his attention on the group, chiming in where he can so everything looks normal, the other half of his attention is purely on Seungmin who stopped in his tracks when he saw how you were with Seonghwa. It took a few moments for Seungmin’s movements to start again but this time he walked in the opposite direction to your table, leaving you in peace.
“I think he’s leaving.” Seonghwa whispers looking over to Seungmin’s figure shrinking the further away he got. You turn your head a little to look for yourself but you hear a small hiss from Seonghwa.
“Don’t move just yet, he may come back, play it safe for now.” It was true that he didn’t want Seungmin coming back to bother you but most of the truth lied in the fact he didn’t want you to move away from him, the close proximity had his heart pounding out of his chest but the warmth spreading throughout his body felt so nice he didn’t want it to end. 
“I guess your plan seems to be working.” Seonghwa chuckles to you making you giggle in return.
“I guess it is.” 
Weeks have gone by and your plan has been a hit and miss. When you’re with Seonghwa Seungmin leaves you alone, he hovers around keeping you in his line of sight but never approaches you, however, when Seonghwa isn’t around that’s when you’re in trouble. Just like right now. 
It was coming to the end of your free period. You’d spent your time in the library “doing work” when really you were too busy scrolling through various social media apps and seeing as you had 15 minutes left before your next class you felt it would be good to pack up now and get a head start. And that’s when Seungmin found you. Headphones in, you were in your own world as you stuffed books into your locker and sifted around for the ones you needed, you didn’t notice Seungmin leaning against the locker next to yours. Shutting the door to your locker you jump out of your skin when you see him waiting for you, a wide grin on his face now he’s alone with you. 
“Hi.” He simply greets, shuffling just the tiniest bit closer to you.
“Hi Seungmin.” You start through gritted teeth as you quickly try to think of an excuse to get away from him.
“Haven’t seen you in a while, you’re always with...them.” You knew by “them” he really meant Seonghwa.
“But since you’re here now I want to ask you something.” 
“I’m sorry, I can’t stick around...Chemistry starts soon.” You smile your best false smile as you wave your textbook taking a step back from him which he closes in an instant, getting closer then before.
“It’ll only take a second.” You got to give it to him, he’s persistent.
“Look I really...”
“I was just wondering if you wanted to go see a movie with me tomorrow night. There’s a new Romcom showing, I know how much you love them.” Oh he couldn’t be more wrong, everyone who knew you knew you’d rather stick pins in your eyes than sit through a stupid Romcom.
“Oh, thank you but I can’t, I have a...a...study group tomorrow.” You’re really thinking on your toes now, throwing out anything that came to mind, but it looked like he wasn’t taking no for an answer. Every step you took away from him he’s take two more towards you. 
The bell rang signaling for everyone to get ready and head to class but there you were still trying to get away from Seungmin who was dropping different days for you to go out with him and different “date” ideas.
At this moment Seonghwa turned the corner of the corridor where you were, a smile gracing his face when he saw you but it quickly fell when his eyes met Seungmin who was now mere inches away from you. He needed to act fast. Approaching the two of you he managed to catch the tail end of the conversation.
“Oh no sorry not that day either I have...”
“Then how’s Wednesday?” 
“Oh that’s the 25th right, can’t it’s...”
“Hey you.” Seonghwa beams down at you throwing his arm around your shoulder pulling you in close to him. He could feel the tension leave you slightly but it seemed you were still on edge.
“What are we talking about here? What’s going on Wednesday?” Seungmin’s face dropped as soon as Seonghwa turned up, finally taking a few steps back to create some distance.
“Oh Seungmin was just...”
“Look don’t worry about it, you have a busy schedule I get that. We’ll work something out.” Now it was his turn to give you a false smile and giving a quick glance to Seonghwa and taking note of how his arm was still tightly wrapped around you before taking his leave. A sigh of relief leaves you and you wrap your arms around Seonghwa’s waist in need of comfort.
“Thank you.” You sigh looking up at him as he looks down at you a little wide eyed.
“No need to thank me, you looked like you needed saving so that’s what I did, I’m pretty sure any fake boyfriend would do that.” He laughs a little at his own joke despite the slight pang of pain his heart felt when he had to include the word fake into his sentence. 
“Keep saving me like that and I might just fall for you.” You joke lightheartedly with a small giggle as you step away from him. He’s glad you created the distance when you did because if you stayed where it was a guarantee that you’d be able to hear, maybe even feel, how his heart was beating out of his chest right now. 
“Are you okay though?” He asks dodging your statement.
“I’m okay, I just wish he’d just accept I’m not interested and I never will be.” Seonghwa gives you a small pitiful smile in response.
“I better head off to class, but I’ll see you at lunch.” You say quickly waving at Seonghwa before you start to jog down the hall to your class, leaving Seonghwa with your words stewing in his head.
 Chemistry went by pretty quickly and now you were free for the next hour for lunch and a good thing too because for half of the class you could hear your stomach give out light grumbles. Walking through the doorway of the class you were surprised to be met with Seonghwa who was waiting for you.
“Were you waiting for me?” You lightly tease giving him a gentle poke in the ribs with your elbow.
“Am I not allowed to wait for my best friend to finish class so we can go to lunch?” 
“Okay, okay, just let me throw this in my locker first.” You say as you hold up the textbook to him as he nods in reply.
The walk to your locker was short and Seonghwa waited patiently for you to finish what you were doing.
“So the next study session is at my place.” Seonghwa starts, leaning on the locker next to yours.
“I was just wondering if...ah shit.” Seonghwa groans dropping his head back on the lockers. Seungmin was starting to get to Seonghwa now too as he watched him strut his way through the crowd and clearly heading towards you. It’s times like this he wishes he wasn’t such a nice guy and just wished he could tell him to fuck off.
“HE’s coming over again.” Seonghwa groans again, his patience wearing thin.
“Nah, he won’t come over, you’re here.”
“Oh really because he seems pretty determined to talk to you again.” You shut your locker door and turn to look in Seungmin’s direction, he was indeed heading your way, waving at you when he noticed you looking in his direction. Your eyes widen and panic sets in, you don’t want a repeat of earlier and it seemed this time Seonghwa’s presence wasn’t going to get you out of it. 
“Seonghwa what do I do?” You flap, turning to face him eyes blown wide with panic and Seonghwa’s expression not looking much better. You wrack your brain again in search of a way to get Seungmin away from you, but the only idea you had was pretty drastic but it was the only idea you had.
“Kiss me.” You blurt out. Seonghwa’s eyes widened so much if they got any wider they’d surely fall out of his head.
“Kiss me.” You say with more urgency.
“Y/n, I don’t know about that.” He was avoiding it for your sake, if it was up to him he’d have kissed you in a heartbeat but he knew deep down this was all just to get rid of someone so he couldn’t help but hesitate.
“Seonghwa... Shut up and kiss me.” You could hear Seungmin’s footsteps getting closer and Seonghwa wasn’t moving so you took matters into your own hands. Gripping him by the collar of his shirt you pulled him down to you crashing your lips into his. It was like a firework factory had been set alight in Seonghwa’s stomach, his mind going dizzy as your lips moulded to his and he couldn’t help but wrap his arms around your waist pulling you closer to him, his body had a mind of it’s own. 
Lost in the sensation of Seonghwa’s lips on yours you didn’t notice how Seungmin’s footsteps stopped abruptly. He watched the whole thing unfold, he was denying that you and Seonghwa were “a thing” but now seeing how he held you in his arms and you kissed like air wasn’t a necessity it got the message into his head...you were taken. With a sigh Seungmin hung his head low and walked straight past the two of you unbeknownst to the both of you.
Seonghwa is the first to pull away from the kiss and is quiet for a moment as he let’s himself come to terms with what just happened.
“Well looks like it worked.” He breathed out seeing no sign of Seungmin.
“Oh...Yeah.” You didn’t care about Seungmin right now, actually you’d completely forgotten about him until Seonghwa brought him up.
“Umm...Well...Are you okay?” Seonghwa asks rubbing the back of his neck avoiding eye contact with you.
“Actually...I’m great.” You smile more so to yourself.
“Yeah, this might sound a bit crazy to you but I don’t feel awkward about the kiss at all...it’s like...” Seonghwa brings his eyes to your face now, studying every little movement.
“Like what?” 
“Like it felt right, like it should have happened a long time ago.” You could feel a small blush creep up to your cheeks at your confession. You meant every word you said, kissing Seonghwa felt exactly like what you’d been missing in life for so long, like it was the last piece to a puzzle.
“What do you mean?” Seonghwa was refusing to look too deeply into what you were saying out of fear of getting his heartbroken if he misunderstood you.
“I mean...I liked it...I like you...I guess it just took me to kiss you to realise it.” You dropped your head to look at your feet, to you your whole friendship was hung on a thin string. Seonghwa brought your head back up to look at him again, a finger under your chin as he looked over your face again looking for any sign of doubt, to which he found none. That was his message. Cupping your cheek in his hand he pulled you in for another kiss. This one was deeper and it poured out every ounce of love he held for you, how much he wanted you to be his and only his. This time you were the one to pull away with an awestruck look on your face.
“I like you too y/n, I just didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to ruin what we have, but fuck, I like you so damn much it hurts.” You couldn’t find the right words to say to him, nothing you could think of felt right in that moment.
“Y/n, please, be mine.” He held your face in both hands keeping eye contact with you. Then you nodded, not trusting your mouth to answer for you, so you nodded with a wide smile. In that moment you both found the missing pieces to your puzzles and yet they were in front of you the whole time. 
Tumblr media
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kang taehyun sfw alphabet
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
genre: fluff
word count: 2.1k
warnings: none
song rec: nostalgia by crush
pls like and reblog if you enjoyed! feel free to request anything <3
a - affection (how affectionate are they? how do they show affection)
taehyun is a very interesting person in terms of how he expresses his emotions
he's definitely an acts of service type of guy. he will make sure no one uses your special coffee mug, and he will do the chores you usually do if you have a particularly stressful week. stuff like that
he's also quite big on words of affirmation. what i notice about taehyun is that he seems to be a good communicator, regularly voicing his thoughts and opinions. sure, he's not the most emotional person on the planet, but when he does have something to say, he will say it
so when he feels the urge to say how absolutely drop-dead-gorgeous you are, he's gonna say it without even thinking twice
b - best friend (what would they be like as a best friend?)
the type of friend to ghost you for a week and then complain that you never hang out with them
like yall never hang out it's actually hilarious
he's not one to reach out and usually waits for the other person to initiate both conversations and arrangements
might even ignore your text message but send you some memes in the same chat
we love that, i'm sure
c - cuddles (would they like to cuddle? how do they cuddle?)
cuddling is a very neutral activity for him
so long as he's comfortable, he doesn't mind cuddling at all
but he doesn't crave it, if you know what i mean
like i know some people will literally die without cuddles totally not me ahahahha shut up but with him, he doesn't mind if he goes with or without
d = domestic (do they want to settle down? how are they at cooking and cleaning?)
idk he's very focused on his career at this present time. so he would love to settle down when he feels like he is mature and ready as well as financially stable
he's so sensible fr
he's so clean and keeps everything tidy and squeaky clean.
and he doesn't nitpick. he's generally very easy to live with because he won't make a fuss if you're messy despite him being so tidy
e = ending (if they had to break up with their partner, how would they do it?)
it will be messyyyy
which is so ironic considering taehyun is definitely not that type of person. he's very in control of his emotions and everything
i just think in order for him to get to that point when he needs to break up with someone, something would've happened to just push him beyond his breaking point
hence the mess
and many tears
f = fiance(e) (how do they feel about commitment? how quickly would they want to get married?)
bro loves commitment tbh
and would probably be the first to get married, among all the members
he's very decisive and in tune with both his brain and his heart, so deciding when he wants to marry someone comes with ease for him
g = gentle (how gentle are they, both physically and emotionally?)
he's very gentle, both physically and emotionally
in terms of physically, he wouldn't feel the need to be anything but gentle. he's very sensitive to other people's needs and expectations of him, so he keeps his behaviour in check because that's just second nature to him
when it comes to emotions, it can be said from a very shallow perspective of taehyun that he isn't that emotional compared to the other members. however, this isn't true. in fact, i would go as far as to say that taehyun is probably the most empathetic member, purely because of how observant he is of how people are feeling. he knows what to say and what not to say, and he knows when he's gone too far
h = hugs (do they like hugs? how often do they do it? what are their hugs like?)
he's not opposed to hugs but he never thinks 'hey, i wanna hug you' yk??
i know that probably sounds harsh cos i'm not explaining it the best. what i mean to say is, it doesn't come as second nature to him. he doesn't feel the overwhelming compulsion to go up and hug someone. this may be because his main love language isn't physical affection (which does not by any means mean that he doesn't like it)
i've made this overly complicated but i hope you get it?
tbh i think he would kind of appreciate having someone who likes being physical with him. it will trigger a certain part of his brain to want to hug and touch you more often
so he appreciates it when you hug him in any sort of way. he can't deny the warm feeling in his heart
i = i love you (how fast do they say the L-word?)
taehyun isn't a very impulsive person so it's unlikely that he will say it fast and in the spur of the moment
but he will probably feel in love with you quicker than he lets on
still, he will plan the whole thing out with regard to actually confessing his love to you. he wants to make sure that
j = jealousy (how jealous do they get? what do they do when they're jealous?)
he doesn't get jealous unless you seriously warrant his jealousy
like he's not going to get jealous of you having male friends or talking to someone else for most of the night
but if you are full-on flirting with someone else or being too playful or physical with someone, then it's a problem and he will step in
k = kisses (what are their kisses like? where do they like to kiss you? where do they like to be kissed?)
his signature move is the back-of-hand kiss
that's how he wooed you. that's how he won you over
because acting like a real-life disney prince is his speciality
and he is going to treat you like royalty because you deserve it
he literally doesn't mind where you kiss him, he's just thankful he is getting any kisses at all
l = little ones (how are they around children?)
all i know for certain is that he uses his baby voice the whole time for sure
like regardless of how old a child is, he will most likely treat them like a baby
in the sense that he has no idea what to do with them so will just respond in half panic and half urgency to their beck and call
m = morning (how are mornings spent with them?)
he's up bright and early
will probably go for a morning jog, and ask you to join him if you're into that
but i will warn you, he is lowkey competitive and will run faster if you go faster than him
n = night (how are nights spent with them?)
he lives for the midnight feast life
he will purposefully stay up with you just to raid the fridge and the cupboards for food to share
will try and persuade you to watch horror movies just for the sake of watching them. he just thinks they're hella fun
o = open (when would they start revealing things about themselves? do they say everything all at once or wait a while to reveal things slowly?)
well taehyun's judgement is very good. he's able to suss people out very soon after interacting with them. if he trusts you enough to date you, then there's not much else he needs in order to know if you are trustworthy or not
so opening up to you is actually quite an easy process for him
p = patience (how easily angered are they?)
he has his moments for sure, but i don't think he gets very angry very quickly
to be honest, he is such a good communicator that even when he feels frustration bubbling up inside of him, he never acts on impulse. he wants to talk whatever he is feeling out and reason with how to make things better
he definitely gets good bf points for this one.
q = quizzes (how much would they remember about you? do they remember every little detail you mention in passing, or do they kind of forget everything?)
taehyun remembers everything
he probably remembers more than you do about him ngl. he just has that type of brain. he's very observant and is able to remember even the most minute details
r = remember (what is their favourite moment in your relationship?)
a very special memory of his was when he saw you in the crowd at one of his concerts
he has worked so hard to get to the place he is today. and you have been through it with him every step of the way, always supporting him no matter what happens
and seeing you in the crowd made him really emotional. he finally knew what it felt like to be understood and so loved by someone to the point where anything felt possible
s = security (how protective are they? how would they protect you? how would they like to be protected?)
as protective as he needs to be
he's not too much of a cautious person. however, acts of service come naturally to him and he will most likely go out of his way to make sure you are safe and healthy
even if this is merely making sure you go out with a coat and scarf when it's freezing cold outside
t = try (how much effort would they put into dates, anniversaries, gifts, everyday tasks?)
ngl he doesn't put a lot of effort into this sort of stuff
except for anniversaries and birthdays and other special occasions
otherwise he likes keeping it simple and basic
of course, if you were to ask him to perhaps put more effort in, he is more than happy to oblige
sometimes it's worth telling him these things
u = ugly (what would be some bad habits of theirs?)
he thinks he's always right, lol
so in an argument, it's really hard to convince him otherwise
he's a good communicator and will voice his opinions, but sometimes he needs help to realise that his opinions aren't necessarily factual
v = vanity (how concerned are they with their looks?)
taehyun takes pride in his appearance
but he thinks obsessing over his looks is kinda trivial
because at the end of the day, no matter what he looks like, if he is still true to himself then he is fine with anything
w = whole (would they feel incomplete without you?)
without you, he is fine. but with you, he is better
for him, the whole point of having a partner is so that you can complement each other well and be satisfied and reassured in each other's love. he views the sole reliance on another person to be kind of unhealthy, but just because he doesn't do this does not mean that he loves you any less
x = xtra (a random headcanon for them.)
he's always persuading you to do stuff for him
and it literally always works
he will use his sparkly eyes and clever charms to do literally anything for him
he wants you to make him some brownies? oh he finds a way
he wants to go on a date with you to the zoo even though you are scared of half the animals there? he will talk you out of being afraid of them
dating taehyun comes with a lot of crazy experiences despite him liking to plan everything
y = yuck (what are some things they wouldn't like, either in general or in a partner?)
he doesn't like it when people make quick, harsh judgement on someone without knowing the full story
it's easy to just believe everything you hear, and it's also easy to be quick to judge someone based on someone else's opinion
taehyun likes knowing the full story of things. he knows not everything is what it seems at first glance
for instance, if someone who is usually very kind and happy is in a bad mood and is rude to him, he's not going to think they are a horrible person. rather, he's going to assume that something happened to them that day to cause that response
and he appreciates when other people do this too
but making such rash opinions about someone so quickly is something he has never liked
z = zzz (what is a sleep habit of theirs?)
he will remain still for the whole night
like imagine this emoji 🧍 but laying down. yeah, that's taehyun
so he doesn't mind you cuddling him because it doesn't affect him anyway. he's comfortable with any position and will just not move which actually makes him very easy to sleep with.
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[18:44] Today was just one of those days where you felt like crying for no particular reason. All you wanted to do was climb into bed and not speak to anyone.
You push your front door open and drag yourself into the living room switching on the lights as you enter. It felt nice to be home, you knew your boyfriend wouldn’t be home until later so you had a bit of time to yourself. You weren’t particularly hungry so you decided to have some toast before getting into the shower. Though it may sound weird to others, after a day like today you always enjoyed sitting on the floor of the shower, water cascading down your back and clearing your mind. Once you have finished you pick out your favourite jersey pyjamas and climbed into bed. There is no feeling quite like climbing in your own bed after a long day. You stretch your back out and snuggle into your pillow and sleep eventually takes over.
You wake several hours later to the feeling of an arm draping over your waist. You open your eyes and turn to face the culprit. ‘I missed you’ your boyfriend Yunho says snuggling into you and peppering kisses to your face. ‘I missed you too’ you replied wrapping your arms around him. His hand traces circles against your skin whilst he whispers sweet nothings into your hair. You wrap your leg over his hip and enjoy the heat from his body. He smells like warm vanilla and amber and his skin feels like silk against yours. You feel his finger hook under your chin to tilt your face up to him so he can look you in the eyes. No words are exchanged nor are any words needed. You were both in your happy place, no matter how bad your day you know when the sun goes down you will be in each other’s arms and with that the distance between you is closed and you kiss, a kiss filled with promise and love.
Tumblr media
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scarsnfevers · 3 days
To the Stars — Hyunjin pt. 2
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing; hwang hyunjin x female reader, (mentions of other members)
genre; titanic!au, romance, fluff, angst, tragedy
summary; the most famous and youngest violinist of her time and a young artist of the lower class on board of the Ship of Dreams? Pathetic, yes, and yet opposites seem to attract.
parts; Teaser | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 soon
warnings; mature content, mature language, cursing, tw!death, drinking alcohol (only a little bit), a little bit of smut, smoking (might add more warnings later)
word count; 1,6k
taglist; @hyunskizz, @daiyoon
authors note; Part 2 is a bit shorter as the previous chapter. I hope you like it anyways <3 If there are any typos please let me know
!minors do not interact!
Tumblr media
In the evening, I found myself with my mother and my friends in the pompous dining room, which was incredibly large. I had seen some halls along these lines, but this one far surpassed them all. My mother leaned in and whispered in my ear, "I'm going to greet some of the gentlemen, would you like to come with me?" I wish I could have grimaced my face. Even now my mother was looking for a suitable husband for me, although I didn't even want to get married. "Later, I don't want to leave Felix and Jisung alone. That would be rude." I smiled apologetically. My mother gave me an extremely questionable look. It probably wasn't the answer she expected, but she couldn't reply to it. It would indeed be rude to just dump my friends like that. "Well then, I'll be back soon." She got up and nodded to my friends who also heard our small conversation.
I grabbed my glass of wine, even though I didn't like the brew at all, and downed a long gulp down my throat. "Honestly Felix, maybe we should get married." I grimaced as my mother mingled with the crowd. I missed Felix's worried look. It wasn't until he picked up the conversation that I looked at him, "Maybe you should tell your mom what you want?" But we all knew it wouldn't be that easy. A sigh escaped my lungs as I leaned back in my chair a little, "I don't think that would do anything." My mother simply could not be convinced of anything other than her own opinion.
"Anyway." I tried to change the subject. "Ji, how do I look?" I asked. Jisung, who had also been sipping from his wineglass, turned his gaze to me. For dinner I had changed my dress, which now corresponded much more to my taste. At least then my mother didn't constantly interrupt me. "It looks better than this morning's dress." My second best friend agreed. "It flatters your curves a lot more." A formal grin appeared on his lips, leading me to elbow him lightly in the side. "Good to know Mr. Designer." I replied with slightly flushed cheeks. Jisung laughed lightly and toasted me with his glass of wine.
My eyes swept the room as people ate and drank around us. Now and then I caught a look or two from a young men that were intended for me. Presumably, they were also looking for a partner willing to marry. But they were definitely at the wrong address when it comes to me. "It's almost a bit boring here, don't you think?" I remarked casually. Felix's gaze followed mine. He already had more experience with such occasions, so he saw the situation a little more calmly. He agreed with me, but leaving dinner like that would cause more whispering than not sitting still for a while. So we stayed. I sipped my wine again. Maybe I started to like it slowly. "Miss l/n (your last name)?" I almost choked on the wine when I heard someone say my name. I cleared my throat and lowered the glass before looking up at a young man with beautiful eyes. They reminded me involuntarily of a little puppy. "Yes?" Slightly distracted by the fact that my counterpart reminded me of a puppy, I smiled. The young man wearing a tailored suit returned my smile, "My name is Kim Seungmin." At the name, I noticed Felix and Jisung holding their breath for a moment almost simultaneously. It seemed like they knew him? "Y/n, nice to meet you." Am I supposed to know him too? I didn't recognize his face or his name. I gave Mr. Kim a soft smile before he said.
"It's pretty boring here, don't you think? May I sit down with you and your friends? We're sure to have something more interesting to talk about than all the elderly folks who've been chewing my ear off for the whole evening." he answered me. I still didn't know who the young man was, but I found him relatively likable. However, his presence at our table did not seem to have gone unnoticed. I noticed that some people at the tables began to whisper. "It would be our pleasure, please sit down, Mr. Kim." I invited him, which the young man didn't need to be told twice. He took my left seat while Jisung shifted nervously in his chair to my right. "Please call me Seungmin. It sounds nicer when you're called by your first name." Seungmin smiled before a waiter poured him some wine. It seemed like everything in the room revolved around him. My gaze slid briefly to Felix, who also looked at me. However, he seemed to know something I didn't. But my attention returned to Seungmin as he also greeted my friends.
An interesting conversation quickly developed between the three young men, which I listened to. They seemed to get along well, and soon, it became clear why everything here seemed to revolve around Seungmin. "Since my father cannot be present, he asked me to represent him." Because he was none other than the son of the owner of the shipping company that built the Titanic. This realization probably came too late, which is why I sipped embarrassed from my wine glass, which was now almost empty. "Miss l/n, I heard that you are a talented violinist. You have played in several opera houses, but your breakthrough in your career is not that long ago." Seungmin looked at me, which made me stop. Apparently, it seemed like he had heard a lot about me. I nodded slightly in response, "Yes, that's right."
"Then you must be a natural talent." he smiled.
I returned his friendly expression with an accommodating smile just as I was about to thank him. However, Seungmin continued and asked in the same breath, "I'll give a speech on behalf of my father tomorrow night. How about you play something on your violin afterward?" Maybe it was the wine in my blood that made me so calm, or just the fact that I had to process the words in my head first. I blinked several times as if I didn't quite understand the question. Nevertheless, I knew I had to answer him. And now that I knew who Kim Seungmin was, a NO was not acceptable. I knew that only too well. Especially if my mother found out about it... So I smiled and finally nodded in agreement, "It would be an honor." The heat rose to my face as I heard myself say those words. "Wonderful." Seungmin said, raising his glass to toast us all. "I'm already looking forward to hearing you play." I also raised mine and clinked glasses with the three young men. After that, I would probably need some fresh air.
"Have you ever smelled sea air?" Jeongin looked at Hyunjin and Minho while they looked around the deck. Unlike the rich people, they didn't get a feast. Nonetheless, the food on board was still better than a stale piece of bread that Hyunjin had occasionally received as a gift from the baker in his neighborhood.
Minho was still eating his bun when he replied to Jeongin, "No, I've never been to the sea, or on a ship." he meant. Hyunjin smiled and said, "Then be careful not to get seasick." The young men strolled down the deck intended for second and third class. It was clear that the first class had a deck all to themselves.
Of course they weren't allowed to enter.
Hyunjin came to a halt at the front of the ship and leaned on the rail behind him. From here you had a pretty good view.
"What do you think New York will be like?" He began to rummage in his jacket pocket for a pack of cigarettes and an old lighter. "Very different from Southampton. At least I hope so." Jeongin replied before asking for a cigarette. Hyunjin handed him the cigarette he had just started while Minho ate the last piece of his bun before he also bummed a cigarette from Hyunjin, "Of course." meanwhile he said. "It has to be different." Hyunjin agreed with his friend's words with a silent nod. While his friends were chatting about their arrival in New York, Hyunjin's mind wandered from the conversation a bit away as he spotted a young woman on the first class deck. His eyes traced the contours of her face, her full lips, her beautiful nose and her eyes that twinkled like stars in the sky. It hit him from the first moment. He was sure that he had never seen anything so beautiful in his life.
Minho noticed Hyunjin's absence after some a while when his cigarette was almost gone. He followed Hyunjin's gaze scrutinizingly, up to the first-class deck. There, he saw the young woman, which Hyunjin's eyes seem to admire. She leaned lightly on her elbows on the railing as she gazed out to sea and watched the sunset. Minho's gaze slid back to Hyunjin, who seemed to be lost in a daydream. "Forget it buddy." he shook his head. "This is not your league." Hyunjin, however, didn't seem to hear him at all.
He was completely captivated by the sight of this beautiful young woman. But... there was something sad in her eyes. Hyunjin couldn't figure out what it was, but maybe that was exactly what attracted him. He flinched when Minho elbowed him in the side. "Back on earth again?" asked his best friend. Only now did Hyunjin realize that he had lost himself in one of his daydreams. The young man cleared his throat while his friends looked at him in entertainment. "Shall we maybe go back inside? It's getting cold." he meant. His friends agreed, amused. On the way back inside the ship, however, Hyunjin couldn't help but look up at the young woman from the first class again.
Who was she? What's her name? So many questions went through the young man's mind at that moment. Perhaps he would soon get an answer to that.
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tasteleeknow · 20 hours
Can you do a fic with Chan and female reader are in a relationship, maybe it starts out a bit angsty and turns into smvt/fluff. Chan saves reader from a creep that tries feeling her up at the bar and then takes her home and makes sure she feels safe and protected and his. Get a little damsel in distress complex going with an angry protective Bangchan and turns into passionate love? Too specific? Lol this is a daydream I return to often
hope this is what you were looking for! love hearing peoples daydream scenarios. always the best prompts.
pairing: chan x fem!reader genre: smut [18+ only], fluff. protective!chan. content: warnings below cut. word count: 1.8k
Tumblr media
afab!reader. stranger grabs reader without her consent. mild violence. unprotected intercourse [pet names, dirty talk].
It was Jisung’s birthday, your entire group of friends were out for the night. The loud music drowns out any attempt at spoken communication, your friend dragging you around by the arm instead. You look over your shoulder, spotting your boyfriend seated in a booth with Jisung and a few others. He looks up at you just as you’re pulled into the crowd. 
You’re pulled to the bar, your friend leaning over to give her order to the bartender as you're tossed around by the crowd. It’s quieter than where you’d come from, but the crowd is more dense. You grab onto a bar stool, sturdy and screwed to the floor, like an island on a stormy sea. A body presses up behind you and at first you ignore it, already accustomed to people surrounding you. 
“You alright, sweetheart?” someone whispers, their hot breath against your cheek. You spin to face them, forcing them back a step. He’s a stranger. You look for your friend, unable to spot her through the crowd. “You lost?” he asks, making you feel like a child missing her parents. 
You duck past him, attempting to find your way back to the booth where you’d last seen Chan. The man follows you through the crowd, attempting to get a response from you. You ignore him. You ignore him until he pushes in front of you, halting you in your tracks. “Come on, baby. Just dance with me a little,” he says, wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you against him. You squirm, nails digging into his skin as you attempt to dislodge him from you. 
You’re getting ready to scream just as he’s pulled off you roughly. You stumble forward a little as you’re dragged along with him. When you look up you recognise the back of your boyfriend’s head as he pushes the stranger through the crowd. You follow, weaving through bodies and ducking under arms to keep up. You find him in a dark corner of the bar, pressing the man up against the wall—his arm against his throat. 
By the time you reach him the man’s face is red, clearly struggling to breathe. You reach up to press your hand to Chan’s shoulder, prompting him to turn and look at you. His eyes soften a little as he takes in your face, his mouth opening for a moment and then closing again—jaw clenching. He turns back to the man he has held to the wall, leaning forward to speak directly in his face. The room is too loud for you to hear what he says. Then he releases him, arm reaching behind him to feel for you as the man staggers back into the crowd. 
You grasp his bicep and he finally turns, features softening back into the man you recognised. “You right?” he asks, fingers brushing your hair from your face. 
You step into him, wrapping your arms around him and pressing your face to his shoulder. “Can we go home?” you ask. 
“Sure, baby,” he says, pressing his lips to your temple. “Let’s go home.” 
Tumblr media
His soapy hands glide over your skin, stroking up and down your arms slowly. He hadn’t said much since you’d climbed into the Uber, keeping at least one of his hands somewhere on your body since you’d left the club. On your thigh in the car, in your hand as you’d walked to the door, all over you as he helped you undress and shower. 
“That feel nice?” he mutters, hands roaming over your slippery skin. When his hands move down to your waist you lift your hands to his biceps, attempting to wrap your fingers around them. “Wanna go to bed?”
“Mm,” is all you managed in response, distracted by your fingers on his arms—hardly managing to wrap half way around them. 
“Mm?” You lift your eyes to his, catching the small smirk on his lips. “Bed?” he asks. When you nod he guides you under the water, helping you wash off the rest of the soap. He helps you step out of the shower and wraps a soft towel around you, leaning over your shoulder to press a kiss just above your clavicle. You tuck the towel in so it’s secure around you. 
When you try and turn he stops you, bending to lift you into his arms. “Got you.” he says, one dimple appearing as you wrap your arms around his neck. He’s careful to turn slowly as he goes through each doorway, avoiding bumping you against the door frames. 
He lays you down on the bed, the towel falling open—having come undone on the journey from the bathroom. Chan climbs over you, pushing the towel aside fully. You take shallow breaths as he traces patterns on your skin with his fingers, his eyes fixed on your chest. “So fucking soft,” he mutters. 
You huff out a short laugh, dragging his eyes to your face. He lowers his body over you, arms framing your head as he rests on his forearms. “Channie?” you whisper, feeling cocooned under him.
“Yeah baby?” 
“Love you.”
He smiles, one hand moving to cup your cheek—his thumb brushing over your skin. He’s quiet, eyes flicking over your face—clearly lost in thought. 
“Did you have a good night?” you ask. “Apart from the end…” 
His brows pull together. “Apart from the end,” he mutters. You reach up to smooth the line between his brows with your thumb then play with his necklace, the silver chain dangling between you. “I’m sorry,” he says. 
“Sorry?” you question, confused. 
“I got… overwhelmed. I left you.” 
You frown, fingers still fiddling with his chain. He sighs. “I saw him pull you around… saw you struggling… I should have made sure you were okay. I just—I just wanted to make him regret it. I was focused on him.” 
“What did you say? You said something to him…” 
“Doesn’t matter.” 
“Mysterious,” you tease, tangling your fingers in the hair at the back of his head. You attempt to gently bring his head down to yours. He resists. 
“Just wanted you to be safe, yeah? All I want.” 
“I know, baby,” you soothe, stroking the back of his head. He drops to your neck, lips pressed to your skin. “You make me feel so safe.” 
He hums against your skin, hands moving to tangle in your hair. You wrap your legs around him, holding him tightly against you. You’re both still wet from the shower, a small shiver running up your spine as the cold air hits your warm skin. 
“Want you,” you whisper, “want you closer.” 
He pulls back so he can press a kiss to the corner of your mouth. “Whatever you want… whatever…” he mutters, pressing soft kisses across your face. One of his hands moves down between you, his silver chain swinging with his movement. His eyes flick across your face as his fingers slip through your folds, massaging you gently. “This where you want me?” he breathes.
You nod, moaning when his lips finally move to yours—his fingers playing with you as his tongue slips into your mouth. The cold metal of his necklace tickles your neck. “So warm,” he mumbles against your lips. “So warm for me…” 
It’s messier than usual. He got like this when he was overwhelmed, his wet kisses accompanied by almost incoherent muttering. “My pretty girl…” His finger presses against your opening, then releases-—over and over, teasing you. The repeated pressure against your opening triggers a slow pulse between your legs. “Want my cock? Want my cock inside you?” 
“Yeah,” you breathe into his mouth. “Please.” 
“Okay… okay, pretty” He moves against you, fingers slipping from your cunt. “You can have it. S’yours.” Then his heavy cock is pressing against you—tip nudging your clit as he guides himself to your entrance. He pulls his lips from yours, breath mingling as you both savour the stretch. His eyes close and his brows pull together. You aren’t tempted to smooth his frown away this time, enjoying the way he looks when he’s savouring your cunt wrapped around him. 
“Channie?” His eyes flicker open, glazed over. You smile sweetly then clench around him, his eyes squeezing shut again just before he drops his face to your neck. His low groan spurs you on, continuing to tighten around him then release. 
“Baby,” he gasps, breath tickling your neck. 
“Gimme a sec.” 
You thread your fingers through his hair, relaxing all your muscles. He’s still against you for a minute and you savour the feeling of him draped over you, inside you. He’s so warm, his skin still a little damp. He feels like a barrier between you and the entire world. 
When he lifts his face from your neck, he looks determined. You can’t help huffing out a small laugh at his serious expression. Then he pulls back, fucking into you suddenly. His hand rests between your head and the headboard, cushioning any accidental impact. “Good?”
“Good,” you gasp out. He goes again, and again—his steady breaths transforming into heavy pants that synchronise with his hard thrusts. When you’re fucked too far up the bed, his hand cushioning your head from the wood with each thrust, he sits back so he can grasp your hips—pulling you down the bed. He falls over you again, rolling his hips as he slowly grinds into you—mouth finding yours again. 
“Love you,” he murmurs. 
“Do you?” you ask, always enjoying playing with him when he gets this fucked out. 
“So—Love you so much,” he says again. You take his face in your hands, lifting him enough that you can see his expression properly. “So…” he mutters. 
You clench around him. His hips stutter, a high whine slipping from his lips. “Fucking me so well… make me feel so nice,” you whisper. “Can you fill me up? Please?” 
“Yeah,” he mutters breathily, “What-Whatever you want…” You clench around him again as he draws back to the tip, a throaty groan accompanying his thrust forward. He’s nonverbal as he works himself up to his high, lips falling back to yours again—no method to the way they move against you. 
“Fill me, Channie. Please… please fill me up.” 
“Fuck,” he gasps. Something in your words crashes his walls down, words flooding from his lips in between his shallow pants. “Fuck, I got you. You gonna take it all? Take all my cum… your tight little cunt… sucking my cock… su-sucking the cum from my cock…”
Your back arches off the bed, his muffled words against your mouth pushing you over the edge. You clench down against him as you ride out your high, pulling him over with you. His warm cum floods you, his wet lips pressing to your skin as his head falls back into your shoulder. 
“Feel you… feel you,” you stutter out between gasping breaths. 
“Mm,” he hums against your skin. “Got you, baby.” He sucks in a deep breath. “Always,” he breathes out.
Tumblr media
please reblog and share your thoughts. caption, tags, replies, or ask box, i read it all. feedback is what motivates me to write more!
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ryupages · 2 days
twice reaction — you self harming.
members — mina and jihyo + maknae line
requested - yes!
genre - angst
warning(s) - burns, cuts / cutting, hospitalization, mentions of blood, ripping out one’s hair
note: i tried to write other sh methods other than cutting as i know there’s plenty other ways people inflict harm onto themselves. i hope i did ok <3 remember that nothing that has happened to u in ur fault !!
jihyo — 지효
Tumblr media
you stood nervously in your living room, watching jihyo pace back and forth while on the phone. it must’ve been a work call, as you immediately picked up on the way her eyebrows knitted in frustration. it made want you to just retreat to your room until the call was over. but it was now or never.
jihyo has never given you a reason to not confide in her, and you didn’t want to hide it anymore.. not after hiding it for so long.
“hun, can i please talk to you?” jihyo’s head snapped over to you, her expression softening ever so slightly.
she mumbled something to the other person, looking back at you and slightly tilting her head in curiosity. you finally had her undivided attention.
your body tensed. now that this was actually happening, you didn’t know how to go about confessing what you’ve done to yourself, what you still do to yourself. in your head, this played out smoothly, but actually standing in front of her, your nerves overwhelmed you again.
“what is it, y/n? i really do need to finish this call.” jihyo chided.
deciding to not say anything and rather just show her, your fingers gripped the waistband of your sweatpants and pulled them down, just enough to show off your thighs.
jihyo nearly flinched at the faded red scars that littered your legs. “y/n.. what.. ?”
she immediately hung up, mumbling an empty promise of calling them back later. her arms fell to her side, her eyes glued to your thighs. part of her wanted to ask what they were from, if someone did this to you. but she wasn’t dumb. she knew exactly happened. she just didn’t understand why.
“please don’t be upset with me.” you whispered just loud enough for jihyo to hear.
upset? with you? she could never be upset with you, not for struggling. she’s only upset that she didn’t notice any signs. she let out a shaken sigh and recollected her thoughts before making her way to you. jihyo gently took your hand, leading you to the couch and sitting you down. she plopped next to you, turning her whole body to face you. she noticed the confusion and slight fear in your eyes, so she smiled reassuringly and gently held your hands in hers.
“i need you to know i am not upset with you,” she spoke tenderly, drawing circles on your knuckles with her thumb. “but please let me help you.”
she bit her lip before continuing, “i don’t want to lose you, y/n. not to this. please let me help you from now on.”
the corners of your mouth twitched, and you couldn’t help but give a small smile. you said nothing, just nodded. that’s all jihyo needed before she pulled you into her arms, kissing all over your face.
“i couldn’t be more grateful to have met you, y/n. you don’t need to do this yourself anymore.”
mina — 미나
Tumblr media
there’s no way you’d willingly tell mina about your struggles with self harm. even when you would fall over the carpet and would bruise ever so slightly, she would be all over you, kissing you all over. you were scared of what she’d do if she learned you were intentionally harming yourself.
while just in your underwear, you look for clothes to wear with your day out with mina. you wanted to cover up as much as possible, not wanting her to notice and question the burns and deep scratches on your limbs. although it was decently warm outside, you just couldn’t take any chances.
you heard a soft knock at your bedroom door, already knowing who was behind it. you turn around and see mina peeking in. you smile, letting her know that you were just looking for something to wear. she smiled and walked in, plopping on the bed as you continued your outfit search.
“i’m glad we’re finally having time for ourselves, y/n!” your girlfriend exclaimed cheerfully. you hum in agreement, listening to her ramble on how much she missed you and how excited she was for your date.
after a few moments, you noticed that she cut herself off, the room falling into an uncomfortable silence. you slowly turn to face your girlfriend, about to question what was wrong. your eyes followed where hers were looking and your heart fell instantly. you completely forgot you were half naked, and your scars were on full display.
“y/n,” mina whispered, “that’s not.. what i think that is, right? please tell me you just fell or something.”
mina knew she was acting delusional, but she refused to believe that you inflicted those wounds on yourself. she wanted you to tell her that you had just fell off the bed again, or bumped into the coffee table. something, anything. but the defeated look on your face said it all.
“y/n..” her voice was so soft, you barely heard her.
she hesitantly reached out, wanting you to come into her arms. you walked over and fell in her arms. she grabbed your thighs, lifting you and setting you down on her lap, rubbing your back.
she didn’t have the words with her at that time, but she already knew that you knew she was here for you. she loved you and would never let you go down this path alone.
dahyun — 다현
Tumblr media
it was almost impossible to hide anything from dahyun, so the fact she still hadn’t caught onto what you do to yourself made you both relieved and anxious. you felt like it was only a matter of time before she found out, but part of you had that thought that maybe she would never find out.
you were out grocery shopping, coming home fairly soon. dahyun was sat on the couch, watching tv while waiting for you to return home. she paused the tv and got up, making her way to the bathroom. humming quietly to herself, dahyun began to freshen up.
however, something in the sink caught her eye. it was.. your hair? she picked it up, already knowing by the texture and colour that it was your hair. but why? she looked on the counter and saw more hair. it didn’t make sense, you always claimed that you would never cut your hair yourself, not after trying to do so years ago. so why was there..
“i’m home!!” dahyun was pulled out of her analysis as she perked at the sound of your voice.
she quickly dropped the hair and almost sprinted out the bathroom and into the kitchen. you were already placing stuff in the cabinets and fridge as you turned to look at her. you smiled at her, making her stomach churn. she glanced up at your hair, that pit in her stomach expanding as she noticed it was thin, with a tiny bald spot on the side of your head.
“you,” dahyun breathed out, “why are you ripping out your hair?”
you almost flinched at her question, already knowing she found the hair you forgot to toss in the trash. you gently put down the box of cereal you were holding and let out a deep breath. you kept your eyes trained on the floor as you explain that you didn’t have the guts to use a blade, so you resorted to pulling out hair and scratching yourself hard as a way to deal with your internal pain.
it was silent for a moment, making you think that she hated you or thought that you were weird. you heard footsteps and her hand cup your cheek as she gently tilted your head to look at her. she gave a bitter smile, kissing you tenderly.
“no more hiding this, okay?” she quietly pleaded, making you nod immediately.
her smile slightly grew as she pulled you into a warm, long embrace.
“let’s find other ways to deal with these feelings, yeah? don’t worry, i’ll be here no matter how long it takes.”
chaeyoung — 채영
Tumblr media
“we’re almost there, chaeyoung, relax!” jihyo tried to calm the younger girl, but chaeyoung couldn’t even breathe right. she was on edge, she had been ever since she got the call.
while hanging out with the girls, chaeyoung had gotten a call. her heart dropped when the nurse on the other line introduced herself, her mind racing with questions on whether or not you were hurt or if you’re even the reason why they’re calling. her heart completely shattered when the nurse explained what had happened.
you had been dealing with severe depression and other mental health issues, which must’ve lead up to this moment. the nurse says that it probably wasn’t your intention, but you had cut too deep, losing a lot of blood.
jihyo didn’t even park the car before chaeyoung jumped out and ran inside the building, nayeon and sana trying their best to catch up to her. she screamed and begged for your room number, being taken up immediately. she was shaking, so scared that she couldn’t even cry.
the doctor opened the door and let chaeyoung and the girls walk in, and the sight broke her entirely. you looked peaceful while sleeping, but knowing why you were even in here finally did it. tears rushed down chaeyoung’s face, her legs wobbling. jihyo and sana held onto her as nayeon talked to the doctor, trying to get an understanding on your condition.
she finally stood up straight, walking over to you and holding your hand tightly. hiccups escaped her throat as she continued to cry.
“why didn’t you tell me? i could’ve—” chaeyoung choked on her sobs before she continued. “i could’ve helped you. please.. please let me help you when you wake up. please.”
she fell to her knees, jihyo immediately kneeling down beside her, reassuring chaeyoung that you would be okay. she believed her leader, you would be okay.
she was going to make sure you would not feel the need to do this again. she loved you too much to let this continue.
tzuyu — 쯔위
Tumblr media
tzuyu wasn’t as quiet as her fans made her seem, at least not with you. she was more than willing to shower you with compliments, soft kisses, basically just love you down until you physically can’t take it. so when she went dead silent when you finally confessed to why you had burn marks on your thighs and the scars on your arms, you were utterly terrified. you thought you’d get even a small reaction, but other than her eyes widening, there was nothing.
she stood there, looking at your arms and legs for a good five minutes, not sure what to say. you wanted to walk away, just to let her collect her thoughts until she finally spoke.
“how long?”
you swallowed the lump in your throat as you crossed your arms and looked down in shame, “about 2 years.”
she only sighed, not sure what to say. for the first time in a long while, tzuyu was lost on what she can do for you. she wanted nothing more than to put a stop to this, already guessing what type of consequences that could come with something like this. what if you tried to end it? what if you succeeded? she didn’t want it to get to that point.
tzuyu shifted in her spot uncomfortably, not sure what she could do. she pondered for a moment, before her lips twitched into a small smile. she looked up at you, her smile making you slightly confused.
“let’s go out today.” your mouth opened to say something, but she shook her head, already going over to your dresser to pull out some clothes.
“from now on,” tzuyu looked up at you, your heart rate increasing at the way she looked at you; with such softness and care. “let’s go out or do something fun, whenever you feel bad.”
you hesitated, and tzuyu knew why. “i don’t mind if you feel that way every other day, every hour. if you’re feeling that way, you come to me.”
the corners of your mouth turned up into a smile, and you made your way to your girlfriend and hugged her tightly, whispering a long string of “thank you’s” and “i love you’s.” tzuyu only smiled and hugged you back tighter, glad you know that her view and love for you has not and will never change.
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introduction pt. i | pt. ii | pt. iii
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ch. lxiii - san wtf
wooyoung × reader, ??? × reader
in a school filled with the affluent, it would only make sense for birds of a feather to flock. but what if your new status doesn't immediately buy you a way into said flock? what if instead, it bought you sure rejection? to the rich and powerful, having different masks is a must. despite some people knowing your true self and your secrets
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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jigujellee · 9 hours
Tumblr media
winter x reader
super fluffy!
word count: 1.3k
warnings: none
request: Winter x reader fluff where it's xmas day and reader teaches Winter how to ice skate (shows off some of readers mad ice skating skills), and then they go back home and open presents by the fire/heater while drinking hot coco
a/n: hello hello! i'm just digging out some old requests that i never got to last year hehe and i think this is appropriate since it's the start of december! i did this really quickly instead of studying for exams, but nonetheless i hope you all enjoy this! (also, this is definitely not proofread so sorry for the errors hehe)
it is indeed the most beautiful time of the year as you watch the tiny white snowflakes fly around the sky and eventually make their way down to the ground. your breath is visible as you deeply exhale somewhat in frustration because your girlfriend was running a bit late. but before you could pull out your phone to message her, you nearly fall to the ground when someone suddenly jumps onto your back while yelling a loud “boo!”
“took you long enough, love”
“aww, missed me that much? i was only late by a few minutes,” she playfully smiles. you couldn’t stay mad at her for too long and leaned in to plant a soft kiss on her forehead. even after months of dating, winter couldn’t hide the soft pink tint that painted her face whenever you did small gestures like that. and as per usual, it always made you giggle to see her reactions.
“i already rented the skates. size 2 right?”
“very funny y/n, we get it okay? everyone in the world knows i’m tiny”
“i know, i just like hearing you admit it,” you gloat as you handed her the other pair of skates in your hand. she rolls her eyes as she takes them from you and starts putting them on, and you begin to tie your own pair of skates as well.
“y/n,” winter softly calls out, and you nearly miss it. you turn your head to look at her sitting on the bench with untied skates, and your heart swells at how cute she looked with a pout on her face.
“can you tie my skates please..” she asks, gaze fixated on her fingers while trying to avoid yours.
“love, it’s exactly like tying a shoe and i know you know how to do that”
“well yeah, but i heard that skates have to be tied tightly so could you please help me tighten them?”
as you finish tying your own skates, you get up and waddle over to your girlfriend who lifted her foot to anchor in between your legs to help you tie them.
“don’t kick me,” you joke. you then take each lace and pull them as hard as you could, making sure you weren’t hurting her at the same time. once you tied both skates, you pulled her up to stand and she nearly topples over but luckily, you catch her and you two get caught in each other’s gazes.
“never do that again, that was like those cringey hallmark movies” winter says as she pushes your chest away. you just laugh it off and finally lead your girlfriend to the rink.
“come on winter, you’ve been standing by the entrance for 5 minutes now. are you gonna skate or what?” you yell from the middle of the rink. to be clear, this was all winter’s idea to go skating so naturally you think she knew how to skate in the first place, but now you were starting to think otherwise.
“i’m coming you big cry baby, gosh you miss me all the time. just give me a sec” she yells back, gripping the side of the rink walls so tight could see her knuckles turn white from where you were. slowly, she places one foot on the ice before very slowly bringing her next one in. winter shuffles her feet as slowly as possible while maintaining her grip on the wall. to make it easier for her, you skate to her side.
“winter, my love that i love and adore so much, you do know how to skate right?” your girlfriend glares at you but it quickly falters once she finds herself slipping and grabbed onto the wall even harder.
“yes i do know how to skate! it’s just been a while, that’s all”
“take my hand, i’ll guide you”
winter playfully scoffs, “i don’t trust you and i can do it myself, watch me!” and you back away with your arms up.
“alright, come skate to me”
just like before, winter slowly moves her hands off the wall and starts to shuffle her feet towards you. when she thought she got the hang of it, she slips and falls right on her bum and you immediately skate towards her.
“hey, you alright? does it hurt?”
“i’m fine, just let me sit here for a bit”
as your girlfriend remains seated on the cold ice, you decide to skate around for a bit. you’ve occasionally skated since you were in elementary school, but you were no figure skater. you simply found joy in gliding around the ice and doing laps around the rink. it was honestly nothing amazing, but winter thought otherwise. while sitting on the ice and letting her butt freeze and get soaked, she watched as you made your way around the rink. she was amazed at how easily you were able to control your movements on the ice, gliding beautifully as though watching an actual figure skater. as you make your way back to her, her heart skips beats and winter finds herself falling in love all over again. something as simple as this moment made her realize how much she adores you.
“hello, earth to winter. you wanna try again now?” you say, waving your hand in front of a dozed off winter.
“teach me how to skate please”
“oh so you trust me now?” you tease, and winter giggles as she nods her head. you smile and grab her hands to pull her up.
“okay, we’ll start very slow. don’t be afraid to fall, i’ll be here to catch you”
“i know, love”
it took almost 45 minutes for you two to finish one lap around the rink, but you did tell her you’d go slow. once she felt that she built the confidence, you slowly let her go but still remain close to her in case she falls.
“you’re doing it love, you’re skating!”
like a parent watching their child walk for the first time, you were so proud of her. you slowly try to increase the distance between you two and winter successfully makes it to you without slipping or falling. you grab her by the waist and pick her up to spin her around in glee and then finally placing her back on the ice.
“i’m proud of you babe”
“what did i say about cheesy hallmark moments?!” you don’t say anything and just give her a kiss on the lips. “sorry, i forgot” you giggle.
winter decided to call it quits for the day when she felt her butt was sore from the first few falls. you helped her remove her skates, and when she asked for a piggyback ride on the way home, you gladly complied.
“as a thank you for today, why don’t i make us some hot chocolate and then we can open our presents by the fire?”
“sounds like a typical hallmark movie to me, you hypocrite” you snort but once she falls silent, you knew she had a pout on her face even if you couldn’t see it.
“but i’d love that, winter. let’s go home, hm?”
winter says nothing and snuggles herself into the crook of your neck.
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kpopjust4u · 9 hours
Kinkmas - Day 1: Cum Play W/ Felix
Post Date: 1st December 2022 Content: Smut - Stray Kids Felix x Reader WC: 1K TW?: Cum Play/ Kitchen Sex/ Oral (Giving)/ Masterbation/ Cum Eating Summary: Who doesn’t love a little treat on their first day of advent. You certainly do when Felix treats you early.
Masterlist               Kinkmas Masterlist                     Prompt list
Tumblr media
“First day of advent, sweetheart,” Felix cheers, rushing to the kitchen, handing you your chocolate advent calendar as he rips open the 1st door to his own, not really caring the state his calendar would end up like. He just wants his little chocolate each day. 
After devouring that small piece of chocolate almost without even chewing it first, his eyes lay on your carefully opening your door, taking the chocolate out and placing it against your lips. 
Slowly, you nibble at the chocolate, wondering why your boyfriend was looking at you weirdly as you did so.
“What?” you ask briefly, making eye contact with him once he stops trying to eat the chocolate with you.
With a frantic shake of his head, he puts his hands up, “Nothing, just wondering how you just don’t chuck it in your mouth and boom, gone,” he giggles. 
You shrug at his answer, and in the meantime, the chocolate between your fingers starts to melt at the heat of your body, doing as he thought you would and just devouring it. 
However, something clicks in him when you lick the melted chocolate off of your fingers. It shouldn’t have been seductive in any way at all, but his eyes and mouth widen, watching you lick and suck it off like it was no issue. Now he was wondering, “What if that was my cum?”.
“Behave, Felix, shouldn’t be thinking about that”, he adds in his mind, shaking his head at the thought, realising that you’ve just witnessed him doing so, rushing to cover the bulge in his joggers with something so it wasn’t obvious. 
As much as he tried, he was caught out, of course, you had to glance down and notice it before the evidence was hidden away.
“What did I do now?” you ask with a small laugh, winking at him which just added to his sexual frustration, “Need a little help there?”.
How could he say no to that offer? He should do, and let it slide but he was slowly becoming desperate to decorate your face with his cum. It was like his mouth gave him no chance to speak before letting the words, “Yes please,” fall from his lips. 
Without hesitation, you drop to your knees in front of him, and of course, you weren’t going to move it anywhere to waste any time that you could be helping him out with his situation.
Rushing to get his jeans and belt undone, you gently swat his hands away, giving him a helping hand whilst making deep eye contact with him as a shit-eating grin appears on your face.
You’ve barely touched him and his heart was pounding out of his chest, his fingers getting tangled in your hair as he awaits for your mouth to be tied around his sensitive and throbbing tip.
Once released from the confinement of the boxers, his cock springs free and you take hold of it, amused by the unintentional twitch that it does before licking up his shaft and making him shiver at the feeling.
Whilst you toy with him like this, covering his shaft with your saliva, you never look away from his screwing face, a small and deep moan rolling off his tongue and out of his lips. 
Before you could continue to tease him, he thrusts himself into your mouth and his tip hits the back of your throat, making you gag a little before you get the hint, sucking him hard as his mind turns to mush at the feeling. 
“Fuck... princess... you’re so good at this...” Felix mumbles through his whimpers, fingers still tied in your hair as he guides you to a speed that drives him over the edge. 
Humming on his dick as a happy response, you watch as he admires your pretty little mouth around him, your saliva making his shaft shine in the light and oh by god, does he love it when you twirl your tongue around him? Using that wet and warm muscle to your advantage. 
It must’ve been the thought of you on his cock and covering your face with his warm juices turning into a reality that brings him so close to the edge and you’ve only been at it for a short while. 
Or it could be that and the way you use your mouth for him combined together that sends him reeling for it. 
Either way, once your head starts to bob frantically on his cock, moaning on it as you really get into it, he pulls you off by pulling your hair back, jerking your head with it so he could have his cock in his hand, pumping as his life depended on it. 
“Stay still,” Felix growls, still with his fingers in your hair as he moans from the sensation of smothering your saliva over his cock as the perfect substitute to lube. 
Doing as he says, you kneel there in front of him, looking up as you subconsciously stick your tongue out, expecting for him to release on your tongue. 
“Shit...” he hisses as warm strings of his cum drop onto your face, partially on your tongue and mostly on your cheeks and chin, loving the sight of your painted face. 
Felix takes a huge gasp as the last of his cum drops onto the tip of your tongue, watching you carefully as you swallow what dropped into your mouth.
His hand moves to cup your cheek, caressing it as he smears cum over it, dragging it over to your mouth as you gladly lick it without question. Using your finger, you swipe your cheek to lick the cum off your finger, doing it very slowly and so seductively that made Felix’s mind race, and his cock hard once again at the sight. 
Not being afraid to taste himself on your tongue, he kneels down to press his lips against yours, pushing his tongue into your mouth as a slight heated makeout session starts. 
“You’re so pretty,” he scoffs, watching your eyes follow him as you continue to clean up the rest of the cum off your face with your fingers, licking them as you did before with a smirk across your face. 
Tumblr media
Tags: @scuzmunkie, @ateezreactionsandscenarios, @trashlord-007, @fanfictrashlord-007
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