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who’s that girl!
TWENTY-EIGHT / i’m not ashamed of you ❤️
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warnings: beomgyu wants to die (again), self loathing, death threat jokes
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Advent Calendar
Day 1: Mark and Johnny
Tumblr media
Warnings: Sexual content, Open relationship, jelousy, teasing (Lots of), overstimulation, chocking,
“Now curve your fingertips” You moan out loud at the actions of the innocent boy, making him smile, satisfied with his skill. “You like that right, babygirl?” Johnny says at you, caressing your cheeks slowly. “Now go faster Mark, make her feel every move” His lips stop talking when they brush yours slowly.
A known feeling starts growing inside of you, your whole face blushes as you feel the heat invading your body. "Fuck" Mark moans out making you feel even more flustered.
"you can't come yet baby" Johnny's voice sounds so deep as he whispers on your ear. You can tell he's worked up too.
Two tears start falling down your cheeks as soon as mark hits your g spot. "Fuck mark" the boy smiles at your words and you feel Johnny's hand stopping him from going faster.
"Now you stop, to tease her" the boy nods, taking his fingers out of you. "Take your underwear off" Johnny says and the boy obligues. Johnny's fingertips caress your hair to fix it.
You can tell how badly mark wanted to fuck you already by the speed of his breaths. "Not yet" says johnny. "She's gotta be desperate"
"I'm not desperate" you say to johnny kind of irritated by his comment. "You will, trust me" his fingers crawl across your body and that's enough to calm your anger.
"When you've been teasing them the orgasm is better" you look up to Johnny trying to recap how your boyfriend got you in this situation. "You know mark, some girls don't like teasing and that's completely fine" you say to him, still feeling the heat of the blush all over you.
"Yeah but you like it so I'll teach him that" Johnny smirks knowing what's coming. "I d- I it's not like that" you blush even harder and mark laughs cutely. You cover your face embarrassed of the situation.
You don't see it but you feel how mark's tongue starts playing on you pussy. "That's good just a little bit harder" Johnny says and the boy applies more pressure on your clit. You moan softly and your eyes roll back as your hands go down to grab mark's hair.
"That's it" Johnny says with a smirk. His lips meet yours again, silencing every moan that escapes your mouth.
His lips separate from yours for a second "Finger her too" he orders in a hurry. You feel the fingers repeating the motions he learnt before, which, mixed with the feeling of his tongue, drives you insane.
"I'm close" you manage to say in between moans and kisses. Johnny's hand stops Mark. You feel how he sits down on the edge of the bed. Johnny doesn't stop his kisses that are now travelling all over your body.
"I'm needy too" mark says impacient. "Well just trust me, it's gonna feel better this way. Your orgasm feels more and more distant as seconds pass by. Johnny's just as needy as you two, you can feel it.
"Now you're gonna fuck her" Johnny says with a mixture of anger and jealousy. You see how fast mark tries to get closer to you. "Hey, stop" says Johnny. "What now?" You think to yourself. "We don't want surprises" he says as he hands mark a condom.
The boy acts fast, before you can think about it you feel his thrusts as his dick goes deeper into you every time. He keeps up a medium pace that starts building a new orgasm on you.
Your moans get louder and Johnny stops him for a second "Now slow". Johnny's lips caress yours in a slow and heated kiss.
"You're killing me dude" mark says and you can just imagine his face completely blushed as he says so. "Trust me" that's all johnny can say before kissing your neck slowly.
"I think he's suffered enough for the first time" you say as sweet as you can but Johnny's look doesn't seem to understand your point. "He needs to learn" he answers and you don't complain anymore.
Johnny's kisses start feeling more than needy. "Now" he simply says signing mark to continue. The pace he follows now is rather fast. This time you try your best not to moan to keep Johnny from stopping him once again.
"Are you having fun?" He asks and you just know he knows you're on edge. He's teasing you. "Mhmm" you simply hum.
"Talk to me" he orders. "Y- fuck" you cover your mouth with your hands in a failed attempt to control the moan to come out. "St-" he starts saying but you interrupt him.
"N-no! Keep going please" Johnny smiles. "Told you she'd get desperate" but his joke doesn't make anyone laugh. You look at Mark to check if he's as desperate as you. He looks like it.
He sits on your stomach, resting his weight on his knees. His hand covers your neck and he makes you look at him. "Look at me when you cum" he orders with a low voice.
Your eyes roll back from pleasure but he forces you to look up into his eyes. "Faster" he orders and Mark obligues, making you feel your orgasm closer and closer.
"Fuck mark" you moan and johnny reacts instantly. "Moan MY name" he says and at this point it feels ridiculous so you tease him. "Fuck Mark you're so good." His hand chokes you harder. "You're even better than johnny" you moan as you turn your eyes to look at the flustered boy.
Johnny's left hand gets to your clit, making circles while mark fucks you harder. You orgasm almost instantly. Your eyes roll back, your walls close around mark's dick making him cum too.
But Johnny's hand doesn't stop. You look at him, his eyes are full of wrath and jelousy. His right hand makes it hard for you to breathe. "Jo-johnny" you moan out, unable to get any more words out of your mouth.
Your second orgasm starts growing inside of you. "Fuck johnny, I'm sorry" you moan loudly trying your best to make him come back to his senses. You cum again and his fingers starts going slower. "That's the way to rush an orgasm" he says calmly, getting his right hand off your neck.
"That was..." Mark starts "so hot" you finish his sentence. "Told you to trust me" Johnny says smiling at you both.
"I think you'll nail it tonight mark" you say recovering from your high. "I think so too" johnny agrees.
"Oh yeah so I'm gonna" mark says pointing at the door. "I have to get ready" you both nod at him at the same time.
"Close the door!" Johnny says making him go back to close it.
"So... What was that?" You ask him with a smile. "What was what?" He replies innocently. "Moan MY name?" You say as if it was obvious what you were talking about.
"You clearly liked it" he answers with a smirk. " I don't know how I got convinced to fuck your best friend" you simply answer. "The trust we have in one another it's beautiful" he answers kissing your lips softly.
"The trust I have in you is stupid" you correct him. "Beautiful" he says, this time referring to you. "Stupid" you answer referring to him.
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practice | jjk
Tumblr media
→pairing: fuckboy!jk x inexperienced reader
→rating/genre: m/18+ | college au, fwb, smut
→word count: 8.1k
→warnings: mentions of bad sexual experiences, nickname you guys might find cringey (sorry babes), praise, a little degradation, a little manhandling, oral sex (f recieving), fingering, squirting, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, forced orgasm, very brief mentions of anal play, brief mentions of sex toys and masturbation, spitting, titty sucking, protected sex (hes a hoe but not a dummy), jk is kinda a himbo (scratch that last side note), jk running through twice members lmao sorry girlies, pining, maybe unrequited love, maybe not, ill let u decide, oc is in denial in the beginning, oc has that lemon water coochie!!, daddy kink + daddy kink slander (not seriously!), slight corruption kink
→summary: You usually spend Friday nights on your own. Tonight, however, your friend and campus fuckboy, Jungkook, decides to pay you a visit.
→notes: hi friends!! i’m back with my second fic!! i posted this last night but miss ting had a bad case of the typos rip. so I had it beta'd by my bby @kookstempo pls go give her love >:((( ! i found the smut a little easier to write this time. still not that good lol but not as mentally taxing! oc is totally definitely not a little bit of a projection of me haha thisficwassexuallycathartictowrite i hope you guys like it! i would love to know your thoughts! also would be v cool if you checked out my masterlist. love u bye!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s 10 p.m. on a Friday. 
The night of the week that lures college students out of their suffocating dorm rooms with the promise of parties and alcohol. After days of classes, hours of studying, and minutes of sleep, most people your age spend their weekends unwinding, hopping from frat house to frat house.
One of the many perks of living on campus is the social life. Being surrounded by young adults is exciting. It also means that everyone is horny. Ravenously so. Seriously. Anything with a hole or phallic-shaped appendage is a prime candidate for getting fucked. 
Anything and everyone, except you. 
It wasn’t that you couldn’t get fucked, per se. Although abundant, your options were limited. Given the environment, it was difficult to find a guy you actually felt comfortable with. He didn’t have to be in love with you, but he did have to respect you if he wanted to get anywhere near your sugar walls. With that being said, it was slim pickings.
You coped well, for the most part. But it was hard to shake the lonely feelings that bubbled in your chest from time to time. And the feral ones. Nothing a quick rub from your petite, manicured fingers couldn’t satisfy, you suppose…
Besides, all men do is disappoint you. The only two sexual partners you’ve had thus far were subpar, to say the least. Greedy. Disgusting. Selfish. Not an ounce of concern for your pleasure. As embarrassing as it was to admit, you’ve never orgasmed from sex. Not even close. That left a sour, lemony taste in your mouth. Ever since then, your pussy was on hiatus, locked away in the highest room of the tallest tower, until a worthy knight came to save it from this tortuous dry spell. 
You sigh, peeling the honey-drenched sheet mask off your face and tossing it into the trash with vigor. You eye yourself in the mirror with a scowl. Fluffy, freshly plucked brows knit together as you examine your appearance. You’re wearing a cropped white tank top, nipples poking through the little animated cherubs printed on the front. The baby pink Sailor Moon pajama shorts on your thighs left little to the imagination. White kitty ears headband keeping those annoying baby hairs out of your face. 
You’re cute, right?
Atleast you tried to look cute.
Your roommate, Mina, was visiting family for the weekend, leaving you the dorm to yourself. Without your extraverted lifeline, you decided it was the perfect opportunity to stay in and pamper yourself. 
You’ve already waxed your body, head to toe, with that expensive sugaring wax Mina begged you not to get. ‘It was worth it,’ you thought to yourself when you had spread your peach-scented lotion on the smooth canvas of your legs after the shower.
You even gave yourself a facial. Extractions and all. Much cooler and more productive than partying and getting laid.
You take your headband off, ruffling your thick hair until it falls into place. You reach for your candy-flavored Laneige lip mask, spreading it across your plump pout with your middle finger. Another overpriced purchase.
You exit the bathroom, shuffling towards your twin-sized bed and then falling face first into the plush, ivory duvet. So comfy. It wasn’t even midnight and you were ready to hit the hay. 
You had planned to study a bit before knocking out, but the warm shower left you sleepy. Plus, the past week has been hell. Two papers and an impromptu quiz from your least favorite professor. You were a good student. A great one, even. But you were an overachiever to the core, and still found yourself stressing over assignments you knew you aced.
You let out a small yawn, squinting at the brightness around you. Along the wall beside your bed were vine garlands, embellished with little fairy lights and pink roses. They were such a pain in the ass to put up. It took you and Mina nearly three hours, and a mental breakdown on your behalf, to stick them against the drywall in the right position. High maintenance, but cute, nonetheless. Kinda like you. 
The lights dim as your mind turns hazy, eventually turning into a silent black as sleep clouds your vision. Sweet, blissful sleep. You were teetering into the REM phase when-
Knock. Knock.
The booming noise startles you awake, rattling the brittle wood of your cheaply built door. The wall hangings flutter in its wake. 
Maybe you were being dramatic. The knocks were actually soft and melodic. Almost cheerful as they followed the rhythm of a made-up song. But you were pissed. Even the most heavenly sound would ring demonic and evil in your ears at the moment. 
You shove yourself off of your bed with an exaggerated groan, stomping towards the door and yanking it open, fully prepared to yell at whoever was behind it.
Jeon Jungkook. 
His expression is blank, doe-eyes widening as he takes in your expression. Your body language radiates hostility and violence. The silver barbell glimmers as his thick, dark brows twitch in confusion. He blinks before opening his mouth. “Hey,” he utters hastily. 
Under different circumstances, you would be ecstatic.
“What the fuck are you doing here, Jungkook?” 
“Woah, someone’s cranky,” he laughs hesitantly. “I was bored. Figured you were, too. Mina is gone, right?”
“Are you drunk or something?”
“What- no,” his plump lips form a pout, the matching silver ring on the bottom corner shining as well. 
You sneer at him, pupils darting over his outfit. Oversized gray hoodie, white t-shirt peeking from the unzipped portion at the top. Gray sweatpants. Your gaze lingers on the tight pull of the material in the front. He doesn’t seem drunk, and he isn’t dressed in his usual party attire. 
“I just want to hang out with you. Why are you acting so sus?” 
You roll your eyes, doing everything in your power to exaggerate your irritation. “Why are you here?” 
“Oh, come on, Bambi. Don’t be like that.”
That stupid nickname. 
You and Jungkook had met at a party after you were peer pressured into a game of beer pong. The super boisterous, super attractive stranger ended up being your partner by default. 
"What do you mean you’ve never played before?" He questioned you, voice laced with devastation when he realized you were about to cost him his undefeated streak. 
Despite Jungkook’s best efforts, Mina and her boyfriend, Taehyung, mopped the floor with you. 
"You know what, I like you. You’re a little bitchy but-,” he slurred at the end of the night, helping you gather the discarded solo cups, "Also innocent. Kinda like a baby deer. What the fuck was that movie?"
You answered him curtly with a scowl. 
"Bambi! Right… I can’t wait to ruin you." He was so wasted that night he ended up vomiting off of the second-floor balcony and onto the class president’s Honda Civic. Not drunk enough to forget the awfully humiliating, yet adorable nickname he had bestowed you. 
“Give me one good reason why I should let you in.”
“I have pancakes,” he beams with pride, bunny teeth peeking out. He raises both arms, showing you the crinkled takeout bags in his hands. “Chocolate chip-”
“That’s disgusting,” you scoff. 
“And blueberry,” he retorts with a squint. “Please? I won’t be annoying, I promise.”
You let out a contemplative noise. It wasn’t what you had planned for the night, but you guess company wouldn’t hurt. Especially his company.
If only you could mute your evil brain. 
“I thought you had plans with whatsherface,” you question, stepping aside to let Jungkook enter your room. 
He kicks his slides off at the door, something you’ve drilled into his head with violent words and empty threats. You remember him texting the groupchat a screenshot of his calendar, tonight being marked ‘PUSSY APPOINTMENT’ with the woozy face emoji next to it. The same one that was inked on his middle finger; it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why. Tonight was one of many slots in his month with the exact same title. That picture was deleted from your phone as soon as you received it. 
“Sana,” he corrects, face unimpressed like he expected you to keep a mental catalog of all his flavors of the week.
You did. Every time a new name was added to the roster, your heart sank. You would never admit it though. 
“I did, but I guess she has a boyfriend now or some shit?” He plops down onto the baby pink area rug beside your bed, immediately digging through the takeout bags. 
“How dare she?” You gasp sarcastically, taking the styrofoam container that he held up for you and sitting criss-cross on your bed.
“I know, right? That’s what I’m saying,” he laughs, opening a syrup packet and pouring it over his pancakes. 
You cringe, foreseeing a sticky, impossible to clean mess all over your floor. “Please don’t fuck up my rug, Jungkook.”
“I won’t,” he mumbles halfheartedly, bringing the pad of his thumb to his mouth. The tip of his tongue pokes out to kitten lick at the sugary liquid before wrapping his plump, pink lips around it.
He sucks gently and then pulls off with a tiny smooch. 
Are you really that far gone? There was no denying that Jungkook was attractive. But were you really that touch starved that you were drooling over every minuscule, minute movement he made? 
“Maybe she was sick of you stringing her along,” you comment, trying to cover up the fact that you were totally just gawking at him.
“Nah,” he murmurs through chubby cheeks, mouth full of pancake. “She knew it was just sex.”
“Did she though? What about Dahyun?”
“Well aware.”
“Are you slut-shaming me?” He points his plastic fork at you, bringing the opposite hand to his chest in feigned offense. “Because I feel very attacked right now.”
You playfully nudge his shoulder with your thigh-high sock-clad foot, deciding to drop the subject. To be fair, he wasn’t wrong. Jungkook had a reputation on campus. Every girl who involved themselves with him knew what the outcome would be. He was very blunt about his desires and disinterests. Sex being the prior. Commitment being the latter.
But you suppose remaining detached was easier said than done. Something about him was… magnetic. He was bold, yet soft. Obnoxious, but endearing. A sweet talker for sure. And easily the freest person you’ve ever known. Add sex into the equation, and it must be nearly impossible not to fall in love with him…
Hm. That’s enough thinking for the night. 
You need background noise to keep intrusive thoughts at bay. He peeps an ‘I don’t care’ when you ask him what he wants to watch. You take it upon yourself. Sailor Moon it is.
The pancakes keep him preoccupied for a while. You glance down at him every now and then. His eyes sparkle as he watches the cartoon on your phone screen. There’s a little speck of chocolate on the corner of his mouth. His tongue makes an encore appearance, licking it away before fidgeting with his lip. How sinful. 
He starts getting squirmy about halfway through the episode. Antsy hands pull at the strings on the border of the carpet below him. Every now and then he draws a shape and erases it. One of the shapes is a penis, something you’d see on the back of a middle school textbook. 
He scoots with a sigh, pressing his spine against the edge of your bed, and then bending his head back. Fluffy dark strands tickle your legs as he peers up at you. “Can you play with my hair?”
“Why would I do that?” You huff, hot and bothered by the sudden contact.
“It helps me stay still. Please?”
“Oh, um- okay,” you oblige, gulping like you’ve dry swallowed a huge pill. You cautiously card your digits through his hair. It’s so soft and healthy. 
He purrs and closes his eyes. 
He's silent once again, enjoying your touch, even pushing into it a bit. Very cat-like.
That lasts for about three minutes. His inability to not speak every single thought that enters the void of his mind takes over.
‘I just realized they’re all named after planets.’
‘Wait, the moon isn’t a planet, is it?’
‘Why are they dressed so sexy to fight space monsters?’
“Jungkook, shut up!”
“But I’m bored,” he whines. “Is this really how you spend your Friday nights?”
“Excuse me, I’d like to see you take STEM classes for a week and then tell me how you feel,” you contend, leaning over to grab your phone off the nightstand. You don’t miss the way his gaze lingers on your nipples. It makes your palms clammy. “Sometimes, it’s nice to just chill.”
“You don’t masturbate?” He asks calmly as if he had just inquired about the weather. 
You give him an exasperated look.
“What? That’s how I destress,” he continues, shrugging nonchalantly. “Don’t you have a vibrator?”
“I- no! Why are you asking all these questions?” You shriek, absolutely mortified.
“What do you mean ‘no’?” He lifts his head off of your lap, craning his neck so you can see his appalled expression, your answer leaving him equally as mortified. “Damn, that’s wild,” he tuts in disapproval.
“I would rather not have to smuggle a sex toy into my dorm room, Jungkook,” you retort.
“You can borrow mine,” he smirks, turning his body to face you, obviously relishing in the reactions he’s pulling out of you. “It’s a Hitachi. It’s really strong too, like, most girls don’t even last five minutes.” 
“Why do you have- you know what, nevermind actually!” You clench your eyes shut, poking your fingers into your ears and shaking your head dramatically. Your reaction is mostly out of embarrassment and partly because the thought of him pleasing women who aren’t you hurts for whatever reason. “I’m done with this discussion!”
“Seriously?” He wheezes, thoroughly enjoying your tantrum. He wraps his long, nimble fingers around your wrists, pulling your hands away. Your skin burns under the touch. “I want to get to know you more.”
“Yeah, but you don’t need to know-,” you rip out of his grasp, flailing your hands around in circular motions, “-those things.”
“I’m just trying to make conversation,” he frowns. 
“Okay, um...” you look around the room nervously, searching for the right thing to say. “What’s your favorite color?”
“Black. What’s your favorite position?”
“I think missionary is my favorite. Very underrated,” he says, tapping his chin like it’s an answer only an intellectual would’ve given. “The kind where her legs are pushed alllll the way back,” he emphasizes the ‘all’ by balling his hands into fists and lifting them up by his head, showing you exactly where he likes them. “You hit the g-spot perfectly that way.”
You level him with a scowl, crossing your arms over your chest. Unamusement written all over. 
“Why are you so mad?” He laughs. “What? You’re embarrassed to talk about sex?” 
A pause. 
“You’re not a virgin, are you?”
“Jungkook, no…” you sigh, rubbing your temples in frustration. “I’m just not like you, okay? I don’t like sex as much as you and everybody else on this fucking campus does!”
He hesitates for a moment as he processes your sudden outburst. The first time you’ve ever seen him rendered speechless. You can picture the cogs turning in that thick skull of his. 
He inhales sharply, eyebrows raising up to his hairline as if something clicked. His tongue pokes at the inside of his cheek, cute dimple peeping out from the pull. His head drops as he huffs out a laugh.
“What’s so funny, Jeon?”
“Ah, I see now.”
“See what?” You groan, bothered by his vagueness. 
“Here's what I think, Bambi,” he mumbles in a low tone, sitting up from his spot on the floor so his gaze is aligned with yours. His palms are on either of your crossed legs, fingers curling into your white blanket. Forcing you to make eye contact with him- his pupils are black, nothing like the soft brown you’re accustomed to. “You’re so uptight because you haven’t had sex in a while- good sex, at least.”
Your breath catches in your throat. You say nothing.
“The guys you fuck don’t know how to treat you, am I right? They can’t make you cum?”
Your lack of response tells him the answer.
When you do speak, your words come out shaky. “Well, what makes you any different?” 
He shuffles closer, knocking his forehead right against yours, invading your space. He’s so close that you feel claustrophobic. Your heart pounds in your chest.
“I always make the girl cum.”
“Mhm,” he hums through curled lips as he nods, silver hoops swaying at the motion, nose brushing against yours. “More than once.”
His dilated pupils scan over your body, pausing at your chest for a moment, and then continuing their descent. A hand slides up your bare thigh, the warm touch leaving goosebumps in its wake. He grabs the hem of your shorts between his index and middle fingers, tugging gently. “These are cute.” He licks his lips, making them pink and glossy, like he’s ready to eat you. “I’d like them better somewhere else though.”
And then he's kissing you. 
It’s soft, like he’s afraid to scare you away by putting too much pressure into it. Little does he know you’ve been thinking about this for a while.
All your protesting and fighting up until this point was futile. Your hands unconsciously make their way to his cheeks. You swear you feel him smirking. It’s like he can read your mind, knowing exactly how bad you’ve wanted this.
He prods his tongue against your bottom lip, urging you to let him in. You do. He wraps an arm around your waist and guides you down, hovering over you.
“You taste like candy,” he whispers against your lips, hot and needy. Take that, Mina. A sneaky hand cups you through your shorts, right where he knows your clit is. The thin material does nothing to conceal how wet you are. “Do you taste like candy here too? Can I try?”
You’re anxious, but you can’t stop. Not when he’s so enticing. Not when the rumors of his sexual prowess are swimming around in your mind. Jungkook could ask anything of you and you’d gladly obey. You give him a small nod. 
“Don’t be nervous,” he teases through an airy laugh, breath fanning across your face. It smells like chocolate and syrup. He turns his head and presses a gentle kiss on your fingertips. You swoon.
Hooking his thumbs into the sides of your shorts, he pulls them below your butt. He dips his head down, biting into the side of your thigh. A predator sinking its teeth into its prey. Not hard enough to hurt. It’s just enough to rip a whine from you. “Fuck,” he grumbles, pulling your shorts completely off. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this.”
He’s been wanting this, too?
“Let’s leave these on though,” he sighs, speaking in reference to your socks. It was something you knew he found sexy, overhearing a graphic conversation with Taehyung about kinks and other filthy things. That may or may not have been the motivation behind your purchase.
You cringe. Being naked in front of someone for the first time in a long time was nerve-wracking. 
“No panties?” Jungkook asks, looking at you quizzically. “Dressed so skimpy, Bambi. All for me?”
“I didn’t know you were gonna show up...”
“Oh shit, you’re right,” he chuckles, caressing your legs with his large thumbs. You appreciate the gesture. 
Cool air brushes against your exposed core when he parts your thighs. His gaze locks onto your dripping center. You whine and cross your arms over your face. Maybe if you squeeze hard enough you’ll revert back into yourself and escape this dreadfully vulnerable feeling.
“I’m sorry, it’s just…” he starts, words dying out because his attention is elsewhere. Jungkook has seen a lot of pussy throughout his life, but yours has got to be the, “prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen. So fucking wet.” He settles back onto his knees, hooking his limbs around your thighs and pulling you to the edge of the bed. 
Jungkook watches in awe as he spreads your lips open with his thumb and index fingers, stealing a peek at your shiny center. He takes a long, languid lick from your pussy to your clit. He moans when the wet muscle dips between your folds, eyes scrunching as his feature contorts into a scowl. You recognize that face. That angry face he makes when he tastes something he finds incredibly yummy. It’s the same one he made when he ate his pancakes. 
Have you really studied him so much that you’ve picked up on his subtle habits? Nevertheless, the fact that he actually seemed to be enjoying going down on you was jarring. You’ve never experienced this before. It felt so fucking good. You were already close and he has barely touched you. You let out a whimper.
“Mm, you’re so responsive,” he notes, absolutely loving the little sounds you’re peeping. Much different than the blaring moans and screams he is used to. Despite the ego boost they give him, your shy whimpers are a welcomed change. Each one makes his cock twitch, forcing him to bring a hand down, palming himself through his sweats. “When’s the last time someone ate you out?”
“I don’t see why not,” he coos sympathetically, shaking his head in disapproval. He gives you another lick, tongue pressed flat against you. “You taste like lemonade, so sweet.” 
That had you absolutely drenched.
You move up onto your elbows, watching as he throws your legs over his broad shoulders. He licks the pad of his thumb, this time actually sinful. He presses it right to your bud, rubbing it before pulling the sensitive skin taut, lifting the hood and exposing your clit. 
He tuts his tongue, whispering something so quietly you barely catch it, only making out a breathy iteration of the word ‘tiny’. Heavy eyes flicker up to yours as he places two soft pecks on it, then blows delicately.
“Jungkook, please…”
“Sorry,” he chuckles, “I won’t tease-,” sentiment interrupted with an open-mouthed kiss, “I know how bad you must want it.” 
He circles the tip of his tongue on your clit before suctioning his lips around it. You gnaw onto your lower lip, face twisting up in pleasure.
This is easily a far better form of self care than what you had planned. 
It’s obvious that this is something Jungkook does a lot. He is a photography major, and has never struck you as someone who is incredibly bright, but the way he touched is strategic. He has spent the better part of the past decade perfecting his craft, studying the way women move their bodies when he applies a certain amount of pressure. The beautiful noises they make when he stimulates them in certain spots. He has the exact equation to make you fall apart.
There is a pattern to it. He latches onto your swollen nub, cheeks hollowing with a few harsh sucks, before licking over it, letting his tongue dip into your entrance. You can’t help the subtle thrusts into his mouth with every glide of his tongue. The consistency had your stomach doing somersaults.
He sinks further down, lapping at your folds, never straying too far from your clit, burying himself so deep into your pussy that the tip of his nose nudges against it. A big palm slides up your torso, reaching under your tank top to grab at your chest, thumb flicking over your hardened nipple.
“Jung- fuck!” You croak, high-pitched and desperate. “I’m close.”
You expect him to pull away. He, instead, acknowledges you with an ‘mhm’, nuzzling even further into your cunt. 
You can’t help the instinctual, or more so learned, shame bubbling in your stomach. Your hips jerk away. Legs close tight around his head, attempting to save him from the brunt of your orgasm. He simply pries them back open, nails digging into your inner thigh. You grasp onto his hair, tugging it back as you curse under your breath.
He doesn’t like that.
He pops off of your clit with a sharp, annoyed growl. “Can you stop?” The stern edge in his voice makes you flinch, releasing your grip immediately. “You don’t have to control every situation. Just relax.” 
“I’m sorry,” you squeak.
His gaze softens immediately. He didn’t want you to apologize and he definitely didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. “You can touch me, Bambi,” he grabs your hands and places them back on his head, encouraging them to tangle in his tresses once again. “Keep me here, though. Wanna make you cum in my mouth.”
It’s strange, being pampered during sex. Taken care of. 
You peer down at him. His mouth and cheeks are dewy, covered in your arousal. Even the tip of his nose is wet. He’s not uncomfortable in the slightest. 
You push him down, giving him the green light to continue. The descent is quick. Starting in your stomach before it shoots through the rest of your body. You throw your head back, teeth digging into your lip as you desperately try to stifle the lewd moans threatening to escape.
Jungkook guides you through it, slowing down towards the tail end of your orgasm. He pulls away with a satisfied hum, standing up from his spot on the floor. “Taste?” He asks, squishing your cheeks with his big hand. His tongue licks right against yours when you stick it out, lips closing into a sloppy kiss. “Good, right?”
You don’t really taste anything, but you nod anyway. Maybe a slight hint of citrus. Or maybe you were delirious after the best orgasm of your life. The only partnered orgasm of your life.
His eyes are scrunched, but you can still see the stars in his dark pupils as he smiles down at you. You mirror him with the opposite expression, irises wide and blown out. He giggles, nuzzling into the side of your face and then nipping at your cheek. “You’re like a space girl,” your heart melts at the Sailor Moon reference. “So clueless. I wanna do everything to you. Teach you everything.”
“Like what?” 
“Have you ever squirted before?” 
You freeze. “No… I don’t think everyone can.”
“That’s not true. Everyone can squirt with a good partner and the right mindset,” he proclaims enthusiastically, shooting you a thumbs up. The tent in his pants on full display.
“Right mindset?” You giggle, raising a brow at him. 
“Yeah, it’s pretty intense.” He grabs a half-empty water bottle, your water bottle, off the nightstand, taking a big sip. “I can get you there,” he states, a droplet of water dripping down his chin. “You have to listen to me, though. You can continue your ‘girlboss’ bullshit after I’m done with you.”
You roll your eyes. If any other man said that to you, you would be livid. You would literally rain hellfire upon them. But it’s Jungkook. You know he’s joking, and the soft spot you have for him prevents you from ripping him a new one. 
He smiles when you agree, pecking your cheek before unzipping his hoodie and shrugging it off his shoulders. You watch his muscles work. Toned, firm biceps exposed for your viewing pleasures. He recently recolored the tattoos on his right arm. 
You remember him venting about his parents’ disapproval of them, and his major, when he walked you to your dorm after a party a few weeks ago. It was the only time you’ve ever seen the fun-loving, jovial man feel melancholic. You coin that night the night you developed... whatever it was that you have for him now.
“Alright,” he gestures to the cotton sweater, now spread out on your bed. “Lay here.”
“I mean…” he looks at you like you’re stupid. “You don’t want to get this wet, right?” He counters, pinching your blanket.
Cockiness just oozes out of him. It makes wetness ooze out of you. 
You comply, laying down on the soft material. It’s warm and smells like the delicate linen cologne he normally wears. You bask in the scent.
“I usually use lube for this, but…” he clicks his tongue, knowing you don’t have any. “We can make it work.” Leaning down, he lets a string of spit land on your clit. It tickles as it trickles down your folds. He’s quick to collect it with his fingertips, smearing the moisture all over.
“Take your top off, please. I wanna see those pretty tits.”
It’s barely a top. The jagged, raw hem only conceals half of your perked nipples. How ironic is it that you’re wearing an angel print tank while being absolutely defiled. You sit up, taking it off easily and tossing it on the floor before laying back down. 
“It’s not going to hurt, is it?” You wonder, reflecting on his earlier statements.
“Why, you nervous?” He teases with a lopsided grin. It drops when he sees the apprehensive look on your face. “It shouldn’t hurt, but if it does you’ll tell me, right?”
“Right,” you moan, another drop of saliva hitting your pussy. 
“Hold your legs up, keep them open,” he orders, sucking back the extra spit with a hiss.
Pink nails curl under your thighs, bringing them up to your chest just as Jungkook instructed. He pops his middle and ring fingers into his mouth, bringing them down to tease at your entrance before slipping in, palm facing up.
There’s an adjustment period, his fingers being much bigger than your own. You’re so aroused that the tenderness subsides quickly. “Fuck,” you yelp when he starts gently petting at your g-spot.
He doesn’t jam his fingers into you carelessly, an unpleasant sensation you’ve been subjected to in the past. His digits never leave you. Instead, they move in a sensual curl that makes you purr. Every touch is focused, intricately placed on that delicious spot.
“Pussy so wet,” his voice comes out as strained as his pants. He sounds so turned on and filled with lust. It makes you clamp around his fingers. He lets out the tiniest moan, using his free hand to grab yours, sucking three fingers into his mouth. “Touch your clit for me.”
You bring your hand down, rubbing side to side. “Uh-uh, circles.” 
Immediately, you follow his command. You look so delicious he can’t help himself, bending at the waist to latch onto one of your nipples.
“Please, Jungkook, more…”
“Yeah?” He mumbles against your chest, sending vibrations through the sensitive skin. You nod frantically. “I usually don’t give in this easily, but I think you deserve it. Been such a good girl. You can have more, Bambi.” You know it’s just sex talk. A stream of consciousness fueled by his horniness. All the blood leaving his head to fill his cock, making him more dumb than usual, but you can’t help but feel special. 
“It’s going to build up fast, okay?”
You mumble a small ‘mhm’. How bad can it really be?
Jungkook starts moving his hand rapidly, fingers thrashing up and down. There's so much force behind his movements that your hips lift and dip. 
You’re overwhelmed. Constant, vigorous stimulation right to your g-spot. A strange swelling feeling starts pooling in your lower stomach. High-pitched whimpery moans and wet squelching noises fill the room.
“J- daddy, fuck!” It is so intense you can’t form a coherent sentence. There’s faint laughter in the background. “No, no, no…” you plead, wrapping your hand around his wrist, nails digging into his skin. It’s too good. So good that it made you scared.
His movements halt. “Am I hurting you?”
“No, too much… fuck!” You shout when he continues at the same intensity, your body thrashing wildly. You feel out of control.
“Shh,” he whispers softly. “You can take it. Just let it happen.”
You inhale sharply, doing your best to calm down. It’s difficult when he keeps touching you like that. Your fingers curl into his sweater, bracing yourself. As soon as you stop fighting that full feeling, as soon as you loosen the tense muscles, it’s going to hit you.
You relax and a wave of the most intense pleasure you’ve ever felt ripples over you.
There’s an intense, world-shattering, euphoric release.
And then nothing. 
Your head is empty. Your ears ring. Your vision is distorted by white splotches. 
Complete solace.
Your senses come back after a few minutes of heavy breathing. It’s fuzzy, but you can see the ceiling fan swirling above you.
There’s a metallic taste on your tongue. 
You can feel droplets trickling down your inner thighs, a damp puddle under your butt, and a warm set of lips on your temple.
“Welcome back to planet Earth,” Jungkook jokes, pushing away the wispy flyaways that stick to your forehead. You blink absently as you slowly make out his features. You swear there’s a glowing aura around him. “You good?” 
“So good,” you confirm halfheartedly. “You’re so good.”
“You came so much,” he hums in satisfaction, placing a few pecks against your jaw. Jungkook was actually surprised at how much wetness he coaxed out of you. You just kept on cumming. The prettiest waterfall he’s ever seen. Damp fingers brush up and down your bicep, a comforting gesture. “You called me daddy.”
“Shut up,” you groan, covering your face. “Don’t talk about it.”
“I won’t, it was fucking gross,” he laughs, smiling down at you so genuinely that it reaches his eyes. This was just a hookup, you assume, but he’s just so pretty. You can’t stop yourself from pressing a sweet kiss to his lips. He reciprocates. It feels so intimate. Too intimate for a pair of friends. You’re so tired but you want more. Everything.
“Take this off, please,” you ball the white fabric of his shirt into your tiny fists, mimicking his words from earlier. “Let me see those pretty tits.”
He quirks a brow at you, standing up straight and pulling his shirt off by the collar. It’s discarded onto the floor, with all the other useless, bothersome items.
His tits are pretty. Chest flushed red from exertion, nipples pink and tiny. His body is fit, but not overly muscular. Lean and toned. Just what you like.
You snake your legs around his cinched waist, constricting his pelvis flush against yours. 
“Is it my turn now?” He says, loving your sudden burst of confidence. His jaw goes slack when you start grinding on his clothed cock. There’s a slick spot where your bodies meet, heather gray turning dark as the fabric dampens. Jungkook lets you play with him for a bit, rutting against you until he physically cannot stand it anymore. “I’ve never wanted to fuck someone so bad.”
“Then do it,” you whimper, growing impatient. He sighs, hand coming down to fiddle with the sweater underneath you. You crane your neck, watching curiously as he pulls a square packet out of the pocket. 
There’s a sharp pain in your chest when you see it. “Did you plan on us hooking up?”
“Maybe,” he contends playfully. All the amusement in his face disappears when he flicks his bangs back and sees yours. Hurt and disappointed. “I always keep condoms on me, you know that,” he explains, voice soft and wary. 
It makes sense. He was sexually active. Very much so.
That scares you. You could possibly be just another girl he’s sexually active with. A last ditch effort to get laid because the first option bailed. The puzzle pieces start coming together.
You look him in the eyes. His pupils are brown again. They look pleading, concerned for your wellbeing. Afraid they’ve tarnished something so delicate. You can’t tell if it’s just your delusions, post-orgasm bliss. All you know is you never want him to stop looking at you the way he is right now.
“Can I put it on?” You ask, pointing at the condom in his hand, desperate to break the tension.
“I- sure,” he retorts, exhaling deeply like he was holding his breath, relieved. He gives it to you, using his other hand to pull his pants by the waistband, stopping mid-thigh. Too rushed and eager to take them off completely. 
He didn’t have underwear on either.
You squint, trying to read the white font on the packet. Large.
You glance up, eyes bulging out of your skull when they land on his cock. It’s big. So aroused that it points straight up, resting on his abdomen. The tip is bright pink, standing out against the background of his smooth milky pelvis. It’s shiny with precum, a little bead sitting right at the slight. Your gaze trails up the veiny underside, following the acute upward curve. You gulp.
“You good?”
“Yeah,” you say, jittery hands tearing open the foil packet. You cautiously wrap your hand around the shaft. It’s so firm. Rock solid and touch starved. It jumps in your palm as you slip the sticky rubber down, making sure to stroke him along the way. “Big, thas’ all.”
He nods, the corner of his lips pulling up in a smirk. He can tell your words are equally as worried as they are complimentative, though. “I’ll be gentle,” he promises, holding on to your ankle to lift your leg, kissing it through your white sock. Gaze locked on you, making sure you’re watching and that you know he can be soft with you.
He bends both of your knees up to your chest, tapping your outer thigh, indicating he wants you to hold them again. Tattooed knuckles wrap around the base of his cock, laying it flat against your pelvis. “Fuck,” he mutters under his breath when he sees the tip reaches just below your belly button, knowing exactly what to envision when he’s inside you. His cock so deep it’s in your stomach.
He smacks the shaft between your folds. Filthy, wet slapping noises overpower your coos and purrs. The tip tickles your entrance, rubbing up and down your folds, before he brings it to your abused clit again, flicking it up and down like a light switch. Watching your face intently to gauge your reaction, looking for any prick of discomfort. 
“Put it in,” you frown, growing impatient.
“So needy,” Jungkook teases, gripping his cock right under the crown and pushing in. Only the tip. He uses his fingers as a buffer, trying not to give too much too fast. Pulling back agonizingly slow and then diving back in, giving you a little bit more length this time. It was only an inch or so, but the stretch burned. You catch your bottom lip between your teeth, trying to hold back the tears that are threatening to spill.
He repeats this process, working you open little by little until he’s buried to the hilt. He lets out a pained grunt, overwhelmed by the way your warm wet walls just suffocate him. “Fuck, tightest pussy ever.”
You clench your eyes shut, trying to ease the feeling of getting impaled. Jungkook is so big. The veins that run along his shaft, the thickness, the curve. He leans down and pecks your nose sweetly. His thumb, rubbing tight circles against your clit, provides a decent distraction. You focus on the pleasure instead of the pain.
“Feel okay, Bambi?” He coos, feeling you relax under him. “Can I move?”
With furrowed brows, he pulls out a few inches before thrusting back in slowly. Heavy eyes glued on the way your lips petal around him when he gives you more. The way they resist when takes his cock away. “Good girl,” he praises, voice raspy as he tries his best to maintain a slow, shallow pace. “You take it so well.”
Any pang of discomfort is gone. He prepped you so well that there’s no friction, just seamless glides in and out of your leaking cunt. The upturned tip of his cock tickles that sweet spot in you. You moan, digging your almond-shaped nails into your thighs, arching your back for more.
Jungkook sees your body language. He knows what to do in this situation. One of the most useful sex tips he’s ever learned. He leans forward, pressing his chest against yours, swollen lips latching onto your neck. They suck a sore spot that his tongue quickly soothes over. “Hold on to me,” he commands, wet pout smushed to your skin. 
You let go of your thighs, leaving little crescent indents on the surface, and throw your arms around his shoulders. Hooking your knees into the bend of his elbows, Jungkook hoists you up effortlessly, supporting your weight with his large palms on your ass. The change in position spreads you even further, slides him in even deeper.
“Mmm, f-,” you moan, words cut short when he starts bouncing you up and down on his cock.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck!”
“Mmm, I knew it,” he chuckles sadistically, right into your ear. “I knew you were just waiting to be ruined. So fucking high-strung and- fuck!” He can feel your arousal dripping down to his balls. “Controlling.”
Arguing is pointless. You swear he's in your head, the tip of his cock scrambling your brain around so that you can’t even think straight. All you can think about is him.
You cling to him, resting your cheek against his shoulder as he lifts you in the air. Letting him have his way with you. You’re never felt more alive. 
‘Orgasms are the pinnacle of the human experience,’ you recall Jungkook telling you one day at the library. At the time, you rolled your eyes. Now, you know exactly what he meant. 
“You just needed some dick, huh? My dick?” You nod, drooling against his skin. “Doesn’t it feel good to let go?” All you can get out is a little moan.
A glint flickers in the corner of your eye. Mina’s mirror. It’s leaning against the wall right in front of you. You can see the expanse of his back. The taut skin on his shoulder blades. Biceps bulging as he moves you. His pants slid down to his knees, so you can see his cute butt dimpling when he thrusts up. Muscles working to make you cum.
“Okay,” he huffs, more to himself than you. Your pussy was so good that it derailed his original plan. Jungkook tosses you up a little, getting a more secure hold as he wraps an arm around your waist. The motion makes his cock slip out, the loss of contact makes you whine.
His free hand tosses his soiled hoodie out of the way. You cringe, making a mental note to mop tomorrow morning.
He places one of your fancy, cooling-gel pillows on the edge of the bed, laying you down on top of it. Your hips are elevated, tilted upwards. Giving him a clear view of your glowy core. He catches a glimpse of the only place he hasn’t destroyed.
“What about this?” He coos, pressing the pad of his thumb right against your clenching hole.
You squeak, shaking your head. Baby steps.
“Alright,” he chuckles, hand retreating promptly. “Maybe next time.”
He wants to do this again. Your heart flutters.
You watch as he guides himself back in, stuffing you to the brim in one swift motion. Much less cautious than earlier. His cock hits your g-spot perfectly. The pillow and his curve doing wonders. Your eyes roll back as your head hits the bed. “Like that, right?” He laughs, snapping into you. 
“Yeah, Jungkook,” you moan out, gripping your ankles and bringing them up by your head, just how he likes. “Don’t stop.”
He could’ve busted right then and there. 
“Fuck, keep saying my name,” he groans, eyes glancing up to your perky tits, jiggling freely with every snap of his hips. His pupils sneak down further, watching his cock plow into your tight, wet cunt, leaving it dewy and red.
You call his name like a metronome, ‘Jungkook, Jungkook, Jungkook’. Voice airy, following the rhythm of his hips. It makes him move harder and faster, feeling that familiar pooling at the base of his shaft.
Just like everything about him, his strokes are fluid. His hips aren’t locked and stiff. They move in a dip and roll that makes your toes curl. His pelvis mushes against your clit when he thrusts all the way in, balls smacking against the curve of your ass. It feels delicious. Your third orgasm of the night is approaching fast.
“You cumming, Bambi?” He hums, already recognizing the way your thick brows pull together when you're close. The way your hips rut a little, naturally guiding you to your orgasm.
“Mhm, make me cum Jungkook,” you mewl.
He hovers over you, placing his hands on top of yours, bending your legs back farther. Taking long, violent plunges into you. So close to a piledriver. He’s basically fucking you into the mattress, bed frame cracking against the wall beside it. One of your vine garlands falls down, but you’re so close you can’t even bring yourself to care. 
Your climaxes blend together. You first, clenching and unclenching around his length. Moans coming out sporadic and your shoulders off the bed. Legs trembling in his hands.
His orgasm is stunning. 
“Ah- fuck. I’m cumming,” he croaks through snarled teeth, head dropping to watch where you connect. Something he does often, you notice. He doesn’t stop, even after he spills into the condom, fucking you until he’s completely drained. You whimper, sensitive from the overstimulation. 
“Damn,” Jungkook huffs out a laugh, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck. You fist the wavy strands at the back of his head, a little damp. 
“Thank you,” you speak shyly.
“I know you’re new to this,” he lifts up and looks at you quizzically, amusement tickling his features, “But that’s kinda a weird thing to say after someone fucks you.”
You laugh with him, eyes darting over his face. He has a small scar on his cheek, something you’ve never noticed before. 
“No, I just mean-” you cringe when he pulls out of you, feeling empty. “You’re the only guy who’s ever… I don’t know. You’re just different.”
He smiles with twinkling eyes, tying a knot at the end of the condom and tossing it into the pink trash can beside your nightstand. “You’re different, too,” he mirrors, plopping down onto the bed next to you. “Special.”
You sigh into his lips when he gives you a soft peck, thumb brushing against the newfound mark of his face. “I’m sorry that I made you do all the work.”
“Nah, don’t worry. Making you feel good makes me feel good.” His words are sweet but there’s a naughty glint in his eyes. “Besides, you can think of this as a practice round.”
“Practice round?”
He hums in conformation, tapping your ass lightly, making it ripple against his hand. “Alright, go take a leak before you get a UTI.” He laughs when you push his shoulder. The same old blunt, shameless Jungkook.
He stops you before you disappear into the bathroom. “I hope this won’t make things awkward between us. Like, we’re still friends, right?”
It takes all of your strength to give him a nod. You ponder over his words as you clean up in the bathroom. Why did you feel so... conflicted? You’re so happy, but you’re also kinda sad. It’s like your mood solely depends on Jungkook. His words have the power to pull you in whatever direction he pleases. You stare at yourself in the mirror.
All these emotions must mean you have a crush on him.
You sigh, flicking off the light and then heading back into your room.
Jungkook is hunkered down in your sea of pillows, soft snores leaving his parted lips. Chest rising and falling steadily. Hair messy, fanned around him.
He looks so beautiful and peaceful.
You tilt your head at the sight. He always told you that he never spends the night after a hookup.
The blanket is only covering his pelvis, strong legs poking out from underneath. His sweats are still on his ankles. You giggle, attempting to slide them off without waking him.
“Bambi,” he mutters sleepily, opening his big arms. “C’mere.”
You feel your cheeks heat up. You shuffle into bed, throwing the covers over both of your bare bodies. 
He wraps his arms around you, pecking your forehead before drifting back into slumber.
What have you gotten yourself into?
Tumblr media
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lixiektty · 5 months
fuck you like i love you
๛ word count: 1.6k
๛ warnings/kinks: dom!sunghoon, big dick!sunghoon, sub!reader, language, unprotected sex, rough sex, arranged marriage, degradation, some praise, possessive behavior, creampie, breeding (no actual pregnancy), aftercare, feel free to let me know if i missed anything!!
part two here <3
Tumblr media
you didn't love him, he didn't love you but you guys were married. it wasn't exactly yours or sunghoon's choice to live the life you now do— to share the life you now do. it was a combination of both families forcing their poor kids into an unwanted marriage, let alone an unwanted relationship.
it had been nine months since your wedding and you still cannot force yourself to love sunghoon romantically what so ever. sometimes you think if you were given more time before to get to know the guy and him to get to know you, maybe there could have been something there but there just isn't and there's no way to take anything back.
one thing you could say you loved about him though was the way he fucked you into oblivion. the first night the two of you had shared was not long after the wedding, it was about three weeks later when sunghoon brought it up to you saying, "if we're gonna do this let's at least have a little fun."
leading you to question what he meant and when he continued on, that night he showed you exactly what he had been hiding for the little time you've known each other. sunghoon was not small, so it definitely surprised you when he first began to thrust into you slowly and made you feel completely full. this was a normal thing now, he was just like a regular hookup except you lived with each other and unfortunately we're married as well.
now, with the way your nails dug deep into the skin of his back, sunghoon couldn't help but groan louder at the painful but pleasurable action. you were a wreck yourself, and though your husband didn't love you he sure fucked you like he did.
"mm cock drunk already, i see," sunghoon comments, grinning devilishly and watching the way your eyes turned white due to them rolling to the back of your head, "too big for you?"
you didn't reply, just moaned louder at the way he changed directions of his thrusts— now roughly thrusting up into you, hitting exactly where you needed him to.
"f– fuck sunghoon~" you whine.
"answer me, bitch," he grabbed your face, squishing your cheeks together.
"so bi— big, stretch me out so well hoonie," the dark look in his eyes made you choke on your own breath. he was very beautiful, no doubt about it. at least you didn't marry someone you weren't somewhat attracted to.
"that's right," his hand moved down, grabbing ahold of your throat and squeezing tighter.
sunghoon held onto your neck the best he could, fucking you rougher than before. you moved your hands away from his back, holding onto his wrist now. "holding onto me like i'm going somewhere, i don't have anywhere else to go, y/n," sunghoon comments, "neither do you, this pussy is mine got it?"
you hum, nodding to the best of your ability.
"i want you to say it," he said through gritted teeth, grip on your neck just tightening and nearly taking all your air away.
in a way, you knew he was only saying this and wanted you to play along for the thrill of things, being in the moment, but somehow you still believed him. you were his wether you liked it or not.
"y– yours," you struggle to say, voice airy from the choking, "it's yours, hoonie."
the possession this man had over you was insane. after you both got comfortable with each other, you'd go out like couples would do though you weren't really dating. in public, if any man dared to look at you he'd pull you by your waist and held you against his body till you got back to the car. he wasn't super loving and affectionate, especially not at home, kisses here and there only when one of the two was leaving. you thought of it as a friends with benefits type of relationship, only thing different about it was that legally you were married.
after hearing the words come from your mouth, loving how it was so easy for you to obey— he pressed his mouth roughly against yours he hadn't kissed you like this ever, it was slow and messy, partially passionate in a way. the deep and loving makeout didn't compare to the way his hips moved fast and fucked his fat cock in and out of you, not stopping for a second until you both were satisfied.
he treated your body so nicely, at the end of the day he did think of it as his own because again— you were his wether you liked it or not. after these past months, he's learned too much about how to please you that everything he did was always right.
your back arched off the bed, breasts pressed flush against sunghoon's chest who giggled into the kiss at your action. the knot in your stomach grew extremely tight, clenching around him and moans spilled from you that came out more like hums since you were still glued to sunghoon's lips.
"cumming baby? make you feel so good, yeah?" he grins again, slowing down his thrust but making sure they were still rough and sharp enough to hit deep inside you.
"c– close," you speak out softly.
sunghoon loosened his grip on your throat, swiping his thumb along your bottom lip soon pushing past your lips and forcing you to suck on his thumb through your orgasm. he sped up his thrusts again, trying to get you to cum for him so he could release as well.
he loved watching the way your body reacted to taking his load after you were already sensitive, from the beginning though he always felt comfortable with you finishing first even on the days where he'd edge you. this was the somewhat gentleman side of him, in all honesty he just wanted to make you feel good and still be comfortable with the situation they were put in.
not long after his thrust sped up, you were clenching tighter and cumming hard around his length. your body shook violently, mouth opening wide with sunghoon's thumb still resting inside and letting out the most pornographic sounds.
"so pretty, keep making those pretty noises for me," like it was hard to keep them in in the first place.
sunghoon continued to pound into you, the skin slapping sounds echoing off the walls, letting out hot moans of his own as he grew closer to his climax. he sat up and eyed your body, fucked out, sensitive and spread out for him.
"m'gonna fill you up to the brim baby, you know how fucking sexy you'd look knocked up by me?" his hands held onto the back of your thighs and pushed deeper into you, he groaned low at the thought, twitching inside you, "tits all swollen, fuck—"
that must have been what got him, because cute little whimpers left his lips and he twitched once more at the thought of fucking you pregnant. his warm seed began to spread inside you, adding to the oversensitivity you already felt.
"take all of it, every fucking drop like the slutty cum dump you are," sunghoon fucked his cum deeper into you, still filling you up. you felt full before and now you felt so stuffed that you thought you'd explode, "don't know what you do to me."
he was breathless, thrusts slow and watching the way his cum dribbled out of you every time his cock moved out and pushed back in for the fun of it. the way he was in between your legs, sweaty abs on display and every part of his body prettier than the last, the messy blonde hair you oh so loved since he first bleached it— you wondered how you got so lucky even though you didn't want this marriage.
the sex was so good it was hard for either one of you to go out and sleep with someone else, in fear of not being able to stop thinking about the other. it was hard for you to admit that you did indeed care for sunghoon, even liked him just a bit— he liked you too, he didn't admit this either though. everything was so rushed it's scary to actually begin to feel romantically for each other after already being married.
you didn't know what it was, you two just were still weird about the whole marriage thing, who wouldn't be? it felt like roommates who just fuck and also happen to share a bed. wasn't like you wanted it to be like this forever, you figured maybe further down the line when you get closer to your two years, which meant if you wanted a divorce after the two years you can do so, but what if by then you begin to fall in love? what if you're already in love?
"thinking about something?" sunghoon asked, had been way past the pulling out and cleaning himself and you steps in the aftercare.
"hm?" you snap out of your deep thoughts to turn your head his direction, "n– no, just... happy that's all."
"happy?!" he asked, raising his voice a bit from the bathroom he had just walked into to wash his hands. soon enough he came back, eyebrows farrowed and looking at you, "what for?"
sunghoon got under the blanket, bringing you with him and cuddling up against you, head on your bare chest, "this." you admit, "even if we don't love each other, i really enjoy everything."
sunghoon lifts his head and looks at you with an offended looking expression, "who said i didn't love you?"
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hwalloween · 2 months
His Princess | (san smut)
Pairing: BadBoy!San x PerfectStudent!Reader
Synopsis: Despite his reputation and threatening appearance, you were San’s princess, and he made sure to let you know of that.
Genre: the best smut i ever wrote and lots of fluff
Word Count: 3k
Warning: unprotected sex. oral (f receiving). praise. petnames (princess, baby). overstimulating. service dom san. san is obsessed with reader, madly in love. this is both filfthy and very soft
Tag: -
A/N: i literally just wrote this, took me two hours, but i just fell down into a san brainrot and couldn’t stop myself. i didn’t expected to turn out this soft and cute and caring and smutty but it did and i’m proud of it :D
There was something that he found so endearing about the way your room looked. The pastel colored walls, hundreds of plushies, cream colored table, cute school material, big pink and ruffled bed covered in ever fluffier sheets, everything about the room was so cute. There was something he loved about the contrast of the pretty room with him. How his dark palette stood out, the rough fabrics looking nothing like the soft ones around him, how his sharp lines felt like cold ice on skin. He loved the way his clothes looked on your bedroom floor, outstanding and eye catching, a reminder of what was going on. He looked like the boogeyman inside a children's room, crawling on your bed, ready to devour you. But you didn't run away, no. You were his pretty little princess, the only one that could make him melt just with a smile. You wanted him to crawl on your bed and have you. 
There was something he found so attractive about how you looked on the bed. Legs spread out, chest rising and falling out of excitement, pretty baby pink lingerie adorning your skin, and your face, gosh your face. Your pretty doe eyes looking up at him, your cheeks flushed with a gorgeous tint of red, your lips spread apart and puffy from making out with him a second a go. The way you looked so vulnerable, but so eager to let him in. Him, the only one that could spoil you the way you liked, the only one that could make you feel like the princess you were, treating you the right way. San loved being the one ruining you for the whole night. 
There was something about the way his gaze was so lust filled and dark that made your legs tremble a bit. How he took his time taking off his clothes, gaze never leaving yours, he knew you liked when he put up a show. The way his arms tensed when grabbing the fabric hem of his shirt, pulling over his head and tossing it to the ground, looking like a black coffee stain on your pale white carpet. The way his hand gripped with rather impatience the buckle of his leather belt, fingers fumbling to get rid of the material he had used on your body before. The way he was so quick to kick his shoes off and get rid of the dark jeans pants, letting them fall to the ground and tossing them aside with his shirt. The way his body looked, covered with scars and tattoos, his muscles exposed and making your mouth water even more. There was something about the way you could not be 100% serious all the time that San loved. The way you made grabby hands towards him made him laugh, his smile filling up your heart with happiness. He shook his head negatively, making you pout. 
"I want to get you ready first, princess" He always called you like that, but it felt new to you every single time. "You want to take my cock like the nice little girl that you are, hm?" You nodded eagerly, mind starting to get foggy just at the thought of him inside you. "Then let me eat you out first to make sure you're going to be wet enough for me" 
There was something on how you tasted that made San's dick get even harder underneath his trousers. How wet you were, ready to receive him, ready to make a mess on his face. Something about the way your hips rode his face made his body so impatient, his hips buckling up out of response to how sensitive he was. One of his arms was wrapped around your waist, pulling you down onto his mouth, and the other one was gripping onto your right thigh, leaving bruises and marks that he knew you loved to look at. He leaped his tongue across your folds, grabbing your clit between his lips with an open mouth kiss, sucking on it and making your legs shake even more. You weren't even riding his face anymore at this point, you were just standing above him, hands grabbing the headboard of your bed and head thrown back, pleas and cries of pleasure leaving your mouth. He ate you out like a starved man, like it was the last time he was ruining you like that, like he was never going to be able to touch your body again. The arm wrapped around your waist was gone, his hand getting closer to your cunt and, while he continued sucking on your swollen bud vigorously, you felt two of his slender fingers penetrating your pussy, curling up inside of you and making you feel like heaven. He carefully scissors them, feeling how you clench and more of your arousal goes straight to his mouth. You couldn't even process what was happening before you felt his fingers starting to pump in and out of you, making your hips come back to life and ride them while he fingered you. You brought your head back to your front, your eyes barely opening due to the wave of pleasure running through your body, and your gaze met with his. His sharp eyes looking up at you, so dark but at the same time so filled with love and passion for you, staring right at your soul while his mouth worked wonders in your soaking cunt. You took one of your hands of the headboard, knuckles white from your grip, and you brought them to his hair, not gripping at them like you usually would do, but gently brushing your fingers through his dark hair, softly feeling them while looking at him back with the same amount of love. 
That was what made San get turned on. Your love. The way you took care of him, how you looked at him with your soft pretty eyes, the way you were so gentle with him, even if he was the brute he was. Your genuine love for him made him so incredibly turned on and ready to please you, to give his body for you to use, to be the one making you cum all night. It was a simple thing you did, running your fingers through his hair, but it was like you ignited a fire inside of him. He fastened the pace of his fingers, almost pounding on you with them, and sucked even more on your clit, nibbling at your bud with his tongue before moving back to your folds, tasting you even more. You felt the coil underneath your stomach get tighter, your mouth opening but making no sound, eyebrows frowning as your chest rose up and down to pick up the pace of your heavy breathing. There was both a feel of bruteness and care on the way he ate you. Being so aggressive with his tongue as he licked your entire pussy, adding it with his fingers inside your abused hole, entering you and leaving right after faster than you could register. 
"S-Sannie" Something about the way you always calls him like that, with the sweetest tone, even when moaning like a whore on the heat "I-I'm cumming" You cried out just above a whisper, loud enough for him to hear through the blood pumping in his ears and face. He loved your expression, how you look helpless and needy, how your mouth opened and closed right after, bottom lip getting caught between your teeth. He sucked on your clit again, before realising it with a little pop 
"Cum for me, princess. Cum all over your Sannie" His tone was low, but endearing. You could hear the care in his voice. And with that, you snapped, head thrown back, mouth hanging open and body shaking from the pleasure of your orgasm. Before you could moan loudly, you felt San's hand cover your mouth, preventing you from waking up your whole house. His slicked fingers touched your cheek, reminding you from the sinful view you had just a few seconds ago. As your hips slowly came to a halt, and your mind was brought back from the white out it was, you felt shifting underneath you, the feeling of being sat on San's lap now being present. Your eyes opened after a few small blinks, looking forward and seeing your boyfriend's face in front of you. His mouth and chin were glistening, even his nose had some remains of your cum, but his eyes never failed to make you feel small and weak, even if you were on top of him. He carefully took his hand off your mouth, looking at his fingers, also covered on you. He took them right to his mouth, humming and quietly moaning at your taste blessing his tongue again, eyes flushed shut and eyebrows lightly furred. The sight of him enjoying himself because of you made your cunt feel wet again, folds clenching against the empty feel inside your pussy, you were pulsating for him. 
"Sweet as always, so fucking good" The way he swears makes you buckle your hips, looking for friction. His other hand comes to stop you, holding you down with a tight and strong grip "Love the way you taste, princess. Like the finest dessert" His gaze comes back to you, eyes hazy with lust and need, but also filled with care. San doesn't miss a beat, attaching his lips to yours in a messy, open mouthed kiss, tongue intertwining with yours and leaving you breathless. His hands travel south and rest on your ass, gripping the soft flesh and massaging it right after. You take that as a opportunity to grind down on him, sopping cunt rubbing against his clothed cock as his hands guild your hips on a erotic lap dance. Your mouths separate to catch a breath, hands going up on his toned chest, feeling every single inch of your man. Your fingers gazed through the ink that marked his skin permanently, the patterns almost hypnotizing and complementing his sun kissed skin. You could feel the coil coming back again, just the feeling of his hard on being rubbed against your folds enough to make you want to cum again. A whine left your mouth, warning San that you were ready to take him full. With his strong arms, he carefully places you down onto the bed sheets, the soft mattresses welcoming your hot and bothered body. 
His hands hold your shins, opening your legs once again to him. The sight of your wet pussy pleading for him made his dick strain in pain again, begging to be freed from his underwear. He slowly took the fabric off of his body, both to tease you and because he liked to inflict pain on himself. His cock slapped his lower abdomen, standing thick and red, precum coating his tip and dripping down its shaft. You wanted to have him in your mouth so badly, to taste him too, but your need to be fucked good was louder. You unconsciously let one of your hands creep down on you, fingers rubbing your swollen clit lightly and spreading your folds, welcoming him in. His lips turned into a grin, loving how you were just as eager and needy for him as he was for you. San scooted himself closer, lightly lifting your bum up and getting himself slightly under you, letting your folded self fall back onto his spread thighs. He took his hard on with one hand, lightly tapping on your pussy and causing your hips to halt a bit. 
"Let's be careful, m'kay princess? I don't wanna ruin your pretty sheets and make my baby upset later" He said, adjusting himself between your legs and slowly pushing his cock inside of you. The way he fits just perfectly inside your cunt, making you feel full and stuffed. You wanted to moan loud, to scream his name until you have no voice left, but you couldn't. He was your dirty little secret. He was everything your parents didn't want you dating: reckless, mean, and with a bad reputation. He terrorized the school and laughed about it, he thrashed the classroom and screamed at teachers, everyone was afraid of San. But not you. You were his princess, and he knew his princess would never be scared of him. He knew that his princess knew more than what those bastards at school knew. Just like he knew more about you than the perfect student with zero time for people facade you pull up every single day. He knew your weak spots, he knew where to touch and how to, he read you like you were his favorite book, over and over again. He knew you loved when he hovered over you, arms on each side of your face and his strong frame caging you underneath him, forcing your body to be folded in half. His face being so close to yours, lips just above a inch away, just one strain of his black slicked hair glued to his forehead, and his eyes eating you alive. The way his gaze burned through your skin, memorizing every little detail about you and lusting over your perfection. He knew every mole, every freckle, every skin dent, every scar you had, he could name them without even looking at you. He knew your body better than you did. 
He knew how to angle in just the right way. How to make you see stars with just one thrust. He loved to hear you begging for him to cum, even though he was the one worshiping you the whole night long. The way his hips snapped back onto you, the loud sound of skin to skin echoing through the dark room, bodies only being lit by the moonlight coming from the huge window. Your hands hugged his back, nails scratching down red stripes on his skin as he pulled almost everything out, only to slam back at you at full force, making your whole body move, and the bed. He left wet kisses down your throat, sucking and biting on your sensitive spots, licking them right after and leaving a trail of purple hickeys and saliva on your warm skin. 
There was something about the way you took him into you, how you were gripping onto his dick with your walls, like you wanted to milk him dry. Something on the way your back arched as he kissed down on your chest, one arm wrapped around your waist and the other one free, letting its hand grab one of your breasts and cup it softly. His fingers toyed with your hard nipple, while his mouth sucked and bit on the other one, making your head fuzzy with the sensation of being so spoiled. Something on how your body served itself for him, how you were so open and ready for him to take you, to claim every single inch of your beauty as his, how the only thing that could come out of your lips were his name and cried out moans, over and over again, as if he's the only thing on his mind. He was the only thing on your mind, his love, his touch, his care, his body, he was the only thing you could think of day and night, your mind was filled with him just like your body was. It was him, and him only. 
Your cunt clenched around him even more, letting him aware that you were going to cum again. He loved making you cum. He loved seeing you get lost in the pleasure, using him as your personal toy. He never thought that he would be so whipped for someone, but gosh you had a spell on him. Everything he wanted to do was to please you, to see you feel good, to make you happy, to worship you and treat you like royalty because you deserved it. You deserved it getting taken care of, you deserved having someone by your side, someone that spoiled you rotten, that cuddles you and kissed you all the time, someone that cared, someone that truly cared for you. You deserved everything and more, he wanted to give you the world. The feeling and thought of you being so turned on because of him made the coil on his stomach start to tight up. He wrapped his arms around you, hugging your whole body, just like you did with him. You could hear, feel his mouth by your ear, breathing heavily and moaning your name, moaning how much he loved you and wanted you. His thrusts were getting sloppier and more frenetic, as well as his voice rising up with his moans, just like yours. As you felt both of your bodies tensing up more and more, you brought his face to yours, looking at him with that gaze that could melt him into a puddle.
"San…" You spoke above a whisper between moans "I love you" Your lips crashed against his, taking him into your mouth in a heated and loving kiss as you both came. You muffled each other's moans, bodies moving together as you both rode from your orgasms, the feeling of being unbearably close making everything better. As you pulled out for air, your eyes took the sight of him. Face covered in sweat, a few hairs glued on his forehead. Cheeks flushed with crimson tint and mouth open, lips puffy and covered in a layer of spit. And his eyes, looking back at you, with that sweet gaze and pure love, those strong sharp eyes that dived onto yours, making you feel safe. He reached one of his hands to your face, brushing a few hair back and letting it rest on the top of your head, while both of you catch your breaths. He nuzzled his nose on your cheek, making you chuckle as you felt him leave a soft kiss on the top of your skin. His voice was low and soft, like a quiet wind in your ear.
"I love you too, princess. And I always will" 
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songmingisthighs · 6 days
Fucking RA
Group : ATEEZ
Pairing : RA!seonghwa x afab!reader
Genre : College!AU, smut
Word count : 5.5k
Warning : MDNI, dirty dirty explicit smut; dom!seonghwa, sub!reader, masturbation slight voyeurism (??), unprotected sex (don't do this irl if you don't want your cooch or peepee to clap), creampie and I really don't know what the fuck I wrote
a/n : I'VE BEEN WORKING ON THIS FOR A LONG ASS WHILE 😭😭 i told @bobateastay about this back then and i decided that maybe posting this before whoretober ends is a good idea. but then i got distracted and shit happened so i said ehh posting this before nutvember ends is fine too. mind you this is an experimental work. as in if this fic receives positive feedback and support, i might make more oneshots like this lmao
Tumblr media
You had just arrived back to your co-ed dorms when your friend, Wooyoung suddenly barged into your room with a stupid grin on his face. "Guess what happened," he told you, sounding beyond excited.
As you placed your bag by the side of your bed, you dropped down to sit on your bed. "They're finally getting rid of extra cost for extra cups at the cafeteria?" you guessed first. Wooyoung shook his head. "They... Are changing the campus mascot?" you guessed again which caused Wooyoung to scoff, "Please, that bunny might be crusty, but it's a sex symbol," "Ewh, how?" you cringed but he didn't answer. "Come on, guess again!" he whined whilst walking towards your bed and plopping down on it as if it was his own bed. "Why can't you just tell me?" you pretended to whine back at him. He rolled his eyes at your attempt at showing how annoying he is but he talked anyways, "San finally got caught fucking by Seonghwa hyung so he's being punished as we speak!" He wheezed out happily.
You can only stare as your friend laughed hysterically on your bed. "I don't know how you can be so happy at your friend's misfortune," you sighed. It took Wooyoung a while but he stopped laughing, "It's not that it gave me happiness, but we made a bet that he wouldn't get caught by Seonghwa hyung! Out of all the RAs, he's the only one who has a stick up his butt and maybe seeing San's balls can calm him down," he said as he wiped a stray tear away from his eyes.
The man in question, Park Seonghwa, is one of the people in Wooyoung's close-knit friend group. Not so surprisingly, he's the RA. He's notorious for being a strict person, following the rules and never showing bias even with his friends. He once let Hongjoong spend the night on the lobby sofa because he came back at 3 am from working on his assignment. Sure, it might be affected by the fact that Hongjoong had accidentally kicked Seonghwa's on progress lego death star and ruined them, but the dorm has a rule where they are not allowed in after 12 am so he was just following the rules. Another incident was when Wooyoung created a commotion in the middle of the night for a stupid TikTok trend that cost him a week of helping the janitors clean the dorm toilets.
Not to mention, Park Seonghwa has this ability to bust anyone who's having sex in the dorm. It's like a super sense or something. The co-ed dorm is truly lucky to have him, but the students found it annoying. If his friends can't bribe him, their fate is worse than death when faced with the man.
Despite his strictness, you can't deny that the man is extremely hot and given the chance, you'd wanna get railed by him. The thought, of course, you kept to yourself. If any of your friends found out that you have the hots for Seonghwa, that'll be the end of you. But you realized that you are always affected by Seonghwa without him having to do anything. So to evade accidentally letting anyone know, you simply avoid Seonghwa and kept your personal interactions to a minimum or made sure that you're with other people when he's around. It might sound too much, but the system works.
You cringed at Wooyoung's comment, "I'd be concerned if seeing San's balls calm Seonghwa down," to which Wooyoung teasingly squinted his eyes at you, "That's homophobic," he joked. You only rolled your eyes and threw a pillow at his face, "Get the fuck out Wooyoung, I wanna go take a shower," you tried to shoo Wooyoung away. He raised an eyebrow and instead of moving away, he strikes a ridiculous pose on your bed, "Is that an invitation?" to add to his teasing, he winked at you. Wordlessly, you lift up the same pillow that dropped to his side as a warning that you'll hit him again. In the end, Wooyoung ran out of the room cackling happily after messing with you.
You knew that you had to be quick to secure a shower because, in less than an hour, people will start piling in. Due to a sudden change in your schedule for the week, you had the luxury of being able to show in peace with no one around. Being in a co-ed dorm means that while you don't shower with the males, they are only separated by a wall. And luckily, you've been blessed with the opportunity to shower in a completely empty communal shower room. Call it what you want, you decide it's the universe's way of rewarding you for being good.
So you quickly gather your shower caddy and a change of clothes and head to the bathroom. As you closed your door, you bumped slightly into someone and when you turned around, you saw Seonghwa staring down at you with a smile on his face. "Hey, showering?" he asked, nodding his head to the things in your hands. You looked down to see your panties on full display and you immediately tried to discreetly hide them under your shirt (but you failed). You chuckled awkwardly and nodded, "Yeah... The bathroom should be empty now so I can shower more comfortably," Seonghwa nodded slowly at your answer. Thank God he was gentlemanly enough to not mention your panties or you would've dropped dead at that very moment. "Well, have a good shower!" he waved to you before walking away.
Almost immediately after Seonghwa left you, you dashed to the bathroom that was only two doors down from across your room. You can't lose the chance of showering in peace just because you embarrassed yourself in front of Seonghwa. Sweet, sweet Seonghwa who seems to always have glossy lips, long and delicate fingers, and his damn tongue that darts out like a snake. Without you realizing it, you were clenching your thighs.
You were in such a hurry and so deep in your thoughts that you didn't even realize you hadn't brought your towel to the bathroom. Sadly, you realized this when you're already butt naked.
Cursing yourself, you immediately put on the oversized shirt on your body, neglecting your underwear because you'd only be a minute and your room's so close.
Knowing that you were in such a vulnerable state, you peeked your head first into the hallway, making sure that no one was around. Thankfully, the hallway was very empty, not a single soul can be found. Heck, you were sure not even the ghosts are roaming the floor at that moment. So you got cocky. You walked leisurely into your room, get your towel, and then walked back to the bathroom. On your way, you accidentally dropped your towel on the floor so you mindlessly bent down to get it, not caring that you were very much exposed.
As you walked into the bathroom, however, you managed to miss the person standing at the end of the hallway with wide eyes, frozen in his place.
The shower was refreshing. You took your time scrubbing the ickiness from studying (not that you sweat or anything in class, but you feel the need to rid yourself of studying), and then you washed your hair, carefully massaging the scalp that you hope can transfer to your brain as it has been forced to think hard that day.
Whilst in the shower, you couldn't help but think of your interaction with Park Seonghwa earlier. Your mind drifted off to the way he spoke to you, how his voice is melodious and smooth and thick like honey but still has an edge of command to him. Makes you wonder how he is in bed. You were pretty sure that he's dominant with maybe a daddy kink. How could he not? The man LOOKS like that. You can't really put it into words, but he feels like the embodiment of the words "daddy" and "mine". He might have a baby girl fetish too, but it might just be your wishful thinking.
Mind elsewhere, you didn't even realize that your hand had slipped down between your legs and started caressing your inner thighs. The stimulation made your mind drift from thinking about Seonghwa and his kinks to thinking about Seonghwa and his kinks. You parted your folds to feel your arousal slowly seeping out of you. The feeling made you bite down a small moan. As your fingers began circling your clit, you imagined him naked in front of you, puffs of breath leaving his pink luscious lips as he panted out your name. Your brain imagined how he would sound like when he was putting you in your place, how he wants you to do things to him. And you can only imagine how pretty his cock would look like and how big and girthy it is. You couldn't help but physically shudder at the thought. Your fingers worked quicker, chasing your high. You imagined it was Seonghwa playing with your pussy. When you slip two fingers into your hole, you imagined it to be his fingers. Though, you believed that his fingers are more experienced and it could reach the parts inside you that you'd never reach before. Just the thought of Seonghwa probably able to make you reach an earth-shattering orgasm made your knees buckle and you had to anchor yourself onto the shower wall in front of you. The warm water running down your back drove your brain into believing that Seonghwa was behind you and that was his body heat you're feeling. You began whining to yourself as you felt your climax approaching.
"Seonghwa, oh god- please, please, please, please, please, I wa- I wanna-" you couldn't even finish your sentence before your legs buckle as you finally reached your orgasm. As you slowly catch your breath, you pulled your hand from between your legs slowly. The sight of your fingers covered in your juice from the thought of (what you can only classify as) your friend made you blush. You felt guilty for thinking of him in such a way, you honestly felt like a pervert. Still ashamed, you immediately wash off your hand and continued with your shower with the image of a naked Seonghwa that your brain concocted at the back of your mind.
After (finally) finishing your shower, you came out of the bathroom feeling fresh and a lot more relaxed. Looking at yourself in the mirror outside of the shower stall as you massage your hair with your towel, you saw the way your skin glistened and you honestly feel like a goddess. You wondered, does the effect come because of the relaxing shower you just had or was it because you just had an orgasm from the thought of the hot RA?
As you were walking out of the bathroom area, you were stopped when you bumped into a hard chest. You looked up to see Seonghwa towering over you. His eyes seemed dark and intimidating and he was standing tall. It both terrified but also turned you on.
"Uh... Hi Seonghwa, wha-" you couldn't finish your question because he had already menacingly stepped forward which made you step backwards until your back hit the cold mirror of the bathroom. He caged you by putting his hands on either side of your head, making sure you can't leave. Seeing him look at you with menacing eyes and confidence made you very nervous. Had he heard you moaning? Had he heard you touching yourself while moaning his name?
"Did you know I was standing at the end of the hallway when you bent down, showcasing, or perhaps flaunting your pussy like a bitch in heat?" he asked, tongue darting out from between his lips and you could've sworn your knees buckled at the sight. Or maybe it was his VERY dirty words. "I- I- I-," your brain couldn't seem to be able to function at that moment, you don't know if it was the steam you just inhaled while you were showering or if it was because of Seonghwa. You're willing to bet it was the latter.
Seonghwa saw your state of incoherence and smirked, "Cat got your tongue now? Where was the brazen slut who roamed the hallways without underwear?" he asked as his right hand suddenly drop to caress the length of your arm before it rested on your hip. "Gotta say, I wasn't done looking at it. You were so quick to stand back up and leave, I couldn't get enough image to get myself off," at that, your eyes dropped to his crotch and that's when you finally took notice of his boner. The fabric of his jeans seemed snug and the crease only emphasized the size of his cock.
The sight of his cock straining in his jeans made you clench your thighs together as if to suppress the feeling growing between them, something that Seonghwa noticed immediately. He smirked as he grab your hand carefully and brought it to his crotch, "You feel this? This is all because of you," your knees almost buckled but thankfully he pressed on your body and his lips caught your earlobe, "I hate that a glimpse of your pussy is able to turn me on like this," you moaned out when he bit into your earlobe, your own hand automatically squeezing his clothed cock. "Tsk tsk tsk, naughty girl," he chuckled when he felt you slowly stroking and squeezing him through his pants. "Is this why you've been avoiding me? Because you know you couldn't keep your hands off me if you got the chance to?" he teased. You blushed and pouted, "Don't tease me, it's not funny," you whined. Seeing you like that made Seonghwa coo and leaned down to softly press his lips to you. "Don't worry, baby, I understand because that was always my strategy too," he confessed.
Before you could react, he had pulled you flush against him and his hands immediately went into position; one cupping the back of your head and the other holding one of your legs up so your crotches were touching. You couldn't help but moan into his mouth and began grinding onto him. Seonghwa felt how much you wanted him and he groaned into your mouth. The vibration shot down to your pussy and at that point, you just couldn't take it anymore.
You pushed away from Seonghwa slightly, confusing him. But a smirk grew on his face as he saw you slowly undressing in front of him. You didn't even care that the floor was wet and that it was soaking your clean clothes, you wanted him. One by one, each article of your clothing dropped to the floor and once you stood buck ass naked, Seonghwa immediately followed suit, taking his own shirt off and pants. But before he could pull unbutton his jeans, you dropped down to your knees and began unzipping his pants with your teeth. "Oh, you're dirty," he sighed out, voice slightly trembling from how horny he was.
Once his pants were on the floor, you were about to pull his briefs down but he tugged you up, "I really need to taste you," he breathed out and before you know it, your body had been pressed to the mirror with Seonghwa occupying the space between your legs. He lifted one of your legs up his shoulder and let out a shaky breath at the sight of your pussy in front of him. "It looks even better up close," you gasped when he started slapping your pussy a couple times. When you looked down, he was staring at your reaction with a smug grin on his face. He didn't say anything else but you could sense him getting the satisfaction he needed from the way your body jolted when he slapped your pussy or your thigh, how it squirms when the parted the lips to toy with the slickness there. "Seonghwa," you whimpered out, the sound of your voice was a little above a whisper but that was all you could muster, "Hmm?" Seonghwa replied as he began peppering kisses on your thighs. "Don't tease," you managed to choke out. He chuckled at your desperation, the vibration from his voice shooting straight at your pussy and by god, you think you could've cum just from his voice.
Thankfully, he moved to lick a fat stripe from your entrance to your clit in an antagonizingly slow pace. You've seen his tongue darting out like a snake and by god you never could have imagined that it'd feel so good. Your eyes rolled back and your head fell back to the wall, chest arched in pleasure. As Seonghwa began eating you out to his heart's content, he peered up to look at you and the sight of you in a state of bliss made his cock twitch. A moan left his mouth and the vibration shot through you to the point that your legs trembled. Seonghwa had to repositioned his hands as to not let you fall.
"Seonghwa, Seonghwa, Seonghwa," you called out, it was as if you were possessed and your mind cleared of any other words other than his name. The way you called him only proved to stir him up even more. What was slow, ravishing licks turned to hungry possessive slurps, it was as if he was trying to leave his mark on you and making a point of letting you know your puaay is his. The obnoxious wet sound of him completely devouring your pussy made you clench around nothing.
Just as you were a whiny, moaning mess, Seonghwa too was affected. Unbeknownst to you, he had pulled his cock out of his boxers and slowly stroked himself. He used his precum to lubricate his movements. His own eyes rolled back at the pleasure of tasting you and the stimulation given to his dick and the more he pleasured himself, the more he craved for you.
Seonghwa abruptly detached himself from you, making you whimper in protest. As he came back up to tower over you, you automatically wrapped a leg around his waist and your arms around his neck, seeking his touch. His exposed cock made contact with your pussy, wet from your own juice and his spit and the feeling when he made contact with you was beyond any words in existence. You began grinding onto his cock, begging for him. "Why'd you stop?" you whined, your eyes glossy with tears of frustration that began to gather and cheeks flushed from pleasure. Seeing you in that state made Seonghwa smirk in arrogance, pleased that he was able to put you in such a state. His tongue darted out to lick his bottom lip, maybe in hunger from seeing you or to taste the remnants of you left on his lips. With the appearance of his tongue, he pressed his stiff cock on you more. The heaviness of it and the pulsing tip bumping and brushing deliciously against your clit, making your breath hitch and head thrown back. He took that as a sign to dove down and mark your neck with his mouth. Teeth nipping at the sensitive skin, the sound of you so pathetically affected by him only spur him as he growled and the vibration shot from your skin down to your core. You were sure that you were leaking an embarrassing amount down there. But you couldn't care less.
"I need to be inside you," Seonghwa panted, his tongue dragging upwards from your neck to your earlobe where he let his teeth nibble on, "I need to fill you up with me," he begged, voice raspy.
Your pussy throbbed with each drag of his cock. The tip was inching slowly down to your hole at a deliberately slow pace. You hated how he was taking his damn sweet time but the torture felt so good.
Just as he was about to slip his cock in, chatters were heard from outside. Voices grew louder and louder towards the bathroom and before you know it, the front door was slammed open and in came a group of giggling girls. Seonghwa pulled you to the furthest bath stall, only closing the door slightly due to being hurried. He trapped you between his arms, back pressed on the wall as he panted over you.
"...Yeah, and I heard they weren't even trying to be discreet!" one of the girls laughed.
Both your and Seonghwa's eyes widened at that. Had you both been caught by other people?
"Please, San was asking to get caught,"
You recognized the voices as the group of girls who gossip and tattle just to cause drama as soon as your brain can work. It was hard to think straight with Seonghwa's heaving chest right in front of your face and his dick brushing against your hip.
"It was crazy that you reported him to Seonghwa though. If San ever finds out, he'll go ballistic,"
"Oh please, what can he do? He might look like a constipated cat but he's all claws no bite,"
It began to seem like they were never leaving and you couldn't ignore the fact that you're really needy. And that Seonghwa's penis is RIGHT THERE. Plus, you kinda hate the fact that Seonghwa was focusing on those girls instead of you. He might just be worried that he'll get caught, but the horniness in your brain disregarded that fact and choose to do something that can get his attention back to you.
Seonghwa's eyes widened and his head snapped to you when he felt you touching his dick. "Hwa..." you whined, batting your eyelashes at him. "Are you crazy?" he hissed lowly, "There are still people out there! They could catch us if we're too risky," he scolded. But you couldn't care less. You wrapped a leg around his hips and began grinding your naked pussy onto his dick, coating it with your arousal as you wrap your arms around his neck, lips peppering kisses all over his jawline, neck, and cheek. "(y/n)..." he warned but you could tell that his resolve was slowly breaking. You ignored him and kept grinding and kissing him, even moaning out whilst nibbling on his bottom lip to egg him further.
Suddenly the voices of the people outside fade away. Although, it could be because his mind is now fully clouded with lust, focus completely distracted with your naked body pressing onto his own. He could feel how warm your cunt is and he really wanted to know how you'd feel with him stuffing you completely full. "(y/n), you're killing me," he groaned, grabbing onto your shoulder to stop you. But his grip wasn't that strong that it would actually prevent you from moving. "Then do something about it," you smirked against his lips.
That seemed to push him just enough as he suddenly pushed you off of him. Your eyes widened and you thought you did something to piss him off. But he flipped you over, forcing you to brace yourself on the wall as he grip your hips tightly. Before you could say anything, he had spread your legs open and shoved himself in you in one swift thrust. Your body lunged forward from the sudden impact as you let out a yelp. Seonghwa clicked his tongue in disapproval at the yelp you let out and spanked you harshly on the ass. "You be quiet, we're still in a public area so we can't be too loud or else people can hear us," he said as he began thrusting slowly. Despite his warning, you couldn't help but whimper and moaned at the feeling of him stretching you out to accommodate his size. Seonghwa watched you with a satisfied smirk etched on his lips, taking pleasure in not only feeling how tight you were gripping him but also from your reaction, tics and twitches each time he moves, the sounds you make, and the way your back arched. He snickered and chuckled to himself, "But you might like that, huh? Do you like the idea of someone catching us like this? You whimpering and begging for me like a needy bitch while I have my ways with you," he then snaked a hand to your throat and pulled you back so your back hit his chest, "You're a needy, unsatisfiable whore, aren't you? Is that why you were touching yourself, moaning my name in the shower?"
Your eyes widened and immediately you snapped your head to look at him. Your shocked face was met with his cocky, smirking one. "Oh yeah, I heard you. I heard you loud and clear," he then snapped his hips up harshly, making you roll your eyes back from the sudden pleasure. The pace of his hips picked up, "Were you hoping that I'd catch you?" then you felt the hand that was on your hips snaked down between your legs all the while still keeping a firm grip on you, "Because I did catch you in the act. And I almost went in there to punish you for being so reckless after flashing your pussy in the hallway like that. But I thought I should give you the courtesy of finishing first," as he finished his sentence, he delivered a sharp smack directly on your clit. The impact made you gasp and squirm in his tight grip, "S-Seong- Seonghwa," you called out. You felt his lips kissing from the back of your ear down to your neck and back up again.
"You've had your fun, now is my turn,"
That was all the warning you got before he started slamming his cock in and out of you at a rapid pace. Seonghwa's grip on you was so tight that you couldn't even anchor yourself on the wall, it even felt possessive. So you opted to let your hands hold onto Seonghwa's instead; one on his hand that was around your throat as your other on his other one that was on your hips. Seonghwa chuckled at the realization of your attempt to anchor yourself, his lips were pressing onto your skin and the vibration from his voice made you shudder. Your position felt intimate and Seonghwa liking the way you reacted to him made you feel confident. His thrusts never slowed, and his pace was constant and powerful. "Do you feel good?" he teased, knowing just how good you were feeling from the way your body reacted but he wanted to hear it from you. He wanted verbal confirmation that he was making you feel so good. Your back arched and the movement made your hips shift a little just in time for Seonghwa to hit a new spot that made you see stars. "O- oh fuck, shit!" you yelped. Seonghwa's eyes darkened and his dick twitched inside you almost immediately. His grips shifted to secure your position and if you think his thrusts were fast before, his new pace was animalistic.
He pounded into you as if he was releasing all his anger and frustration at you. You couldn't help but feel overwhelmed at the new pleasure he was bringing you, it was almost painful but you didn't want it to stop. "Se- Seonghwa-" you called out as your knees began buckling down. Hearing you, Seonghwa slipped out of you and let go of his grip. You turned around and whined in protest at him, you didn't want the pleasure to stop. He chuckled at your neediness and reached to cup your face, "Don't worry, I'm not stopping. I'm just repositioning so you won't fall." His voice was kind and soft, a stark contrast to the things that he was doing to you before. "Still, you could've warned me," you pouted, making him chuckle and lean down to peck your lips.
It didn't take long for him to press you onto the wall with his own body. He had your left leg as high as it could around his waist to open you up to him as you wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders. The new position allowed you to feel his whole hard length resting on your stomach as it rubbed against your core. You whimpered as your head fell back onto the wall, exposing your throat to Seonghwa. Seonghwa bit his bottom lip as he saw how you react to the feeling of his cock on your skin alone. "God, you're gonna make me burst," he groaned out, diving down to nip at your exposed skin.
"Seonghwa please, please, please, please I need your cock in me right now," you begged him as your hips ground with his. Thankfully, Seonghwa seemed to share the same urgency with you as he shoved himself back into you. "You felt me once and now you can't get enough of me, huh? Greedy," he teased as he began a slow pace with you. You shook your head at him, "No, more, Seonghwa! More! I want more, I need more!" Seonghwa raised an eyebrow at you and shook his head, "Your wish is my command," he simply said before returning to the previous animalistic pace he had. You were glad he changed positions because in this position, he was able to reach deeper. By now, you were a moaning mess and even with your mouth biting down on Seonghwa's shoulder, your moans were still very loud.
Despite you being loud, Seonghwa couldn't seem to care. At that moment, he was chasing his high and he was getting close. The way your walls hugged him so snugly and the way your mouth kept softly chanting out his name was turning his brain to mush. "S- shit (y/n) I'm close," Seonghwa grunted. You nodded quickly as you pulled back to look at him, "Me too, God- I- I- Seonghwa," your bottom lip quivered from the pleasure. Seonghwa captured your lips with him in a steamy kiss as he continued pleasuring you and him. His hard cock rubbed your insides so deliciously while Seonghwa's hips allowed some friction on your clit, stimulating you even more. You might not sleep around much but it was obvious that Seonghwa is the best there is. Seonghwa on the other hand felt like he was about to burst at any second. Your core was dripping so much that it allowed him to move inside you with ease. He knew that this was wrong, fucking in the co-ed dorm, but he couldn't deny the thrill and excitement of doing it. Though he knew that his excitement was not just because of the notion of doing something wrong, but it was because he was doing it with you.
Seonghwa pulled away from your lips reluctantly to draw another breath. With foreheads rested against each other, he stared into your eyes. "I'm g-gonna cum, where-" he didn't even get to finish his sentence before you cut him off, "Inside me Seonghwa, please. Make me yours." Your words made Seonghwa's cock twitch. He had never felt more aroused by anything other than you telling him to claim you as his. Your words affected him so much that he couldn't even warn you before spilling his cum inside, painting your walls white. The warmth of him filling you made you moan loudly as it triggered your own release. Your thighs shook and your left leg tightened around Seonghwa's hips.
Seonghwa watched you come down from your high slowly with chest heaving and eyes glazing. His fingers carded through your hair, comforting you as you calm down. You couldn't help but smile at his thoughtful gesture. You might not know if he used you just because you're available and he just wanted a one-time thing with you, but he definitely knew how to treat a girl right.
"You okay?" he asked, concerned. You nodded at him as you pushed his hair back with your fingers, "I feel great, honestly." he chuckled at your words but nodded in understanding, "Great because I do too." You rolled your eyes playfully at him and pushed his shoulder slightly, "Now you're just copying me."
Before he could answer you though, someone coughed, making both of your eyes widen in horror. Neither of you remembered to lock or even pay attention to the stall's door.
"Are you hypocrites done?"
Seonghwa snapped his head back but didn't move his body to cover yours. He could only grin awkwardly at the man standing in front of the stall. "Hey San, what are you doing in the women's bath area?"
Suddenly, another head popped out from the sides, making you yelp and duck to hide in Seonghwa's arms.
"Well lookie here. I guessed you didn't accept my shower invitation because you already have a shower buddy, huh, (y/n)?" Wooyoung snickered.
Now, how the fuck are you going to deal with this?
taglist :
@rdiamond2727 @bobateastay @kodzukein @phenomenalgirl9 @skzatzloveismonsterous @memorymonster @forapollosol @dreamlesswonder86 @maddiebabyxoxo @imababywolf @do-you-actually-care @marievllr-abg @ilsedingsx @wasteitonserendipity @bbymatz @noonaishere @jo-hwaberry @honeyhwaaa @ateezourstars @yoonjunshi @yoongiigolden @camillelafaye @charreddonuts @jcngh0-hq @kpopnightingale @starryunho @atinct @cutie-wooyo @mirror-juliet @hyuckilstan @jayb17 @multihoe-net @kpoplover718 @imswitchbabemox @haatohwa @youngestdelacour
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jyvnho · 6 months
Omggg how would nct dream react when they’re talking to you and you suddenly give them the “fuck me” eyes??
Tumblr media
⌕ ⋮ nct dream's reaction to their s/o giving them "fuck me" eyes mid-conversation
Tumblr media
✘ mark
the minute you give him those eyes that he loves so much, mark is mapping out the fastest route to get you to the bedroom — he matches your energy in an instant and is ready to bend you over any surface as soon as he can
✘ renjun
honestly, this boy fumbles a little — he doesn't know if he should be dragging you off somewhere quiet, or if he should tease you about it (renjun probably just gives you a little smirk before he continues on with the conversation)
✘ jeno
he gets touchy but not overly — he shuffles closer to you, his hands coming up to cup your cheeks while he tucks some loose hairs back behind your ears (jeno's mind is running absolutely wild)
✘ haechan
the shit this kid says is absolutely filthy like i'm talking no filter whatsoever the moment you give him those eyes — haechan will tease you in extreme detail about all the things he wants to do to you and what he wants you to do to him
✘ jaemin
jaemin is on his knees in a millisecond ready to please you — he doesn't care if you give him nothing in return, but the minute you show an ounce of want or need for him, this boy is ready to serve
✘ chenle
this boy will indirectly tease you to hell and back — if you're around the boys when you do this, he will not hesitate to make a comment about it (yes he backs down if you show embarrassment or anger, but then again, that transfers well over into the bedroom)
✘ jisung
how to make a boy spit and stutter to the point he can't speak anymore — give jisung the fuck me eyes and he loses all control over his actions (he will try to get you to follow him to a private place, but tease him for a bit and he'll snap and drag you away in a heartbeat)a
Tumblr media
taglist — open
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sluttyminghao · 1 month
Imagine drinking with wonwoo and getting tipsy and he messily eats you out on the couch
With consent, of course
Tumblr media
"God, I need to...need to eat you out right now, can I?" Wonwoo's soft voice filters through your ears and wraps around you like a warm hug. You can smell the liquor on his breath, his persona presenting to you as nothing less than hammered, but you were probably in no better shape.
A measly nod from you is all the consent he needs to messily smash his lips into yours, his quick hands already making work to remove your jeans. You can feel your teeth clashing together, the temperature between the two of you getting hotter by the second, but your hands move on instinct to get rid of his jeans.
It takes a little longer than expected but eventually, both sets of pants are off and you can see how hard he is. His tip is red and leaking precum, pearlescent beads pooling on the head. You reach out, albeit a little tipsy from the alcohol coursing through your system, and he simply pushes you back and spreads your legs out firmly.
"Lemme make you...feel good," you can tell he's a little further gone than you are due to his slow responses, but when he immediately dives into your soaked cunt, you can tell his motor skills are as finely tuned as ever.
He's licking and sucking and moaning into your pussy like it's his last meal, his glassy eyes looking up at you while you wrap a hand through his hair and tug lightly. He groans at the contact, which vibrates through you, and you can feel the world beginning to spin once again.
The feeling of him being so close to you, his tongue leaving over every inch of you as if he was sober. You can feel your orgasm creeping up on you quickly, and you don't have time to warn him before you're releasing yourself all over his nose and chin.
He licks you clean and then perks his head up, eyes still glassy and his head lightly swaying. As he goes to stand, you place a hand on his shoulder and he stares at you questioningly, before you slide off the seat and grab his cock in your hand, pumping slowly.
"Let me take care of you now,"
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hobi-is-golden · 2 months
Practice Run | Bang Chan
Pairing: Bang Chan x GN!Reader
Genre: fluff
Summary:Y/N doesn’t have much kissing experience, but their friend is more than willing to let them have a practice run
Word Count: 1.1k
Warnings: Kissing?
A/N: I started writing so many fics for Chan’s birthday and absolutely none of them would come together. This was the best out of them, but it’s still unedited and I’m not sure how I feel
Taglist: @dragonofthenorth0726 // @wooyussy // @sunnytaes // @bunnypig18 // @burningupp // @brownieracha // @ferrethyun // @hotboyyeonjun
"You promised me you wouldn’t laugh,” You said, huffing out a frustrated breath at the way your friend was giggling. He didn’t mean to be rude, you knew better than that, but it still irritated you.
“I’m sorry, okay, really. I just can’t believe you’ve never been kissed,” He said. You’d been friends since you met your freshman year of college, and a little over a year had passed since then but the two of you were only beginning to move past the awkward stage of being friends but never really interacting.
“I have too been kissed! Just not…much” You felt your cheeks burning with the humiliation of your admission. “Stop laughing, it’s pathetic.”
“Okay, it’s not pathetic,” Chan told you, sitting up and leaning back against the wall he was sitting against in the small sitting room of your dorm. “But come on, I know at least three people that like you. How have you not really been kissed? I mean you go on dates and stuff,”
You nodded, sipping from your soda and continuing to scroll on your phone if only to keep from having to meet his eye. It wasn’t like you kept your love life – or lack thereof – a huge secret, but it was still embarrassing to be in your second year of college and barely so much as kissed someone.
“I didn’t really date much in highschool, and now,” You shrugged. “I mean, how often does the opportunity to just…kiss someone crop up?”
Chan chuckled and took a drink of his water. You were both supposed to be studying, holding each other accountable, but that wasn’t going particularly well.
“I mean, I could kiss you if you wanted,” He said. You were silent for a long few seconds before your head snapped up to look at him. He was blushing, red rising into his face and tinting the tips of his ears pink, but he was looking down at the textbook he’d been reading before this entire conversation had begun almost twenty minutes prior.
“Nothing, I was just joking around,” He said, and you could tell it was a lie from the way he ran a hand through his hair, making his curls frizz and poke out here and there. It was cute, and it made your heart race.
“No, you said you’d kiss me. I’m not crazy, you really said that.” You said, eyes wide as Chan cleared his throat and took another drink of his water. The tension had become obvious now, both of you thinking about your lips pressed together and being just a little too afraid to look at each other.
“I mean yeah, I said it. But it’s not like you have to take it so seriously.”
“Don’t say things you’ll regret, Chan,” Your voice was quieter now, and he looked at you. His eyes met yours, and the weight of his gaze was heavy. You didn’t look away.
“I didn’t say anything I’ll regret,” He told you.
“Then don’t say things you don’t want.”
“Who said I didn’t want it?”
You weren’t sure when he’d shifted closer to you, but the space between you was beginning to shrink. Closer, closer, until you could see where the dark brown of his eyes turned to the black of pupils, something you’d always given too much thought.
“You want to kiss me?” You asked breathlessly, your lashes fluttering as you glanced towards his lips. His tongue slid across his plump bottom lip, leaving it glistening and you craved the chance to get a taste. Your fingers curled into a fist against the floor at your side.
“I’ve wanted to kiss you since the day we met,”
He cupped your cheek, his palm large and warm against your skin as he guided your lips to his own. You closed your eyes, giving in to the slow, steady press of his lips to your own. What began as an innocent kiss grew more desperate by the second.
You shifted, never letting your lips part as you turned to face him properly, tugging at the front of his black t-shirt to drag him closer. He gave in, pulling you until you were half in his lap and breaking away from the kiss to catch his breath.
The nudge of his nose against yours sent butterflies swarming through your stomach, and his hands moved to your waist. You laughed softly, your lips brushing over his as your smile stretched. He chuckled too, and you could feel it fill the space between you.
“Kiss me again,” You requested. He nearly knocked the two of you over with the way he pressed closer to you, your lips clashing again. It was faster this time, filled with a want that you’d never fully realized was there. His tongue traced a line against your bottom lip, and you parted your lips enough to invite him in, to welcome him closer, deeper, to give him more.
When you pulled away again, the both of you were breathless, cheeks flushed as you looked at him. His lips were swollen from kissing yours as if his life depended on it, and you were finally beginning to understand why people enjoyed kissing so much.
“Are you okay?” He asked, concern coloring his features and you laughed. You didn’t mean to laugh at him, but you weren’t sure you were thinking straight.
“I’m good. Great even. I think I’m actually on cloud nine.” You let yourself fall backwards, spreading out on the floor and ignoring the way your body felt warm from the moment the two of you had shared. You weren’t sure where to go from there, but you had high hopes that nothing had been ruined by the kiss.
“Good, that’s good.” He said, laughing at your dramatics. “If you’re interested…we could always do that again. Whenever you want,”
You closed your eyes, and you could picture the way he blushed at the offer.
“Take a person to dinner first,” You teased him.
“When and where?”
You sat up, maybe a little too quickly if your head had any say in things. It was his turn to laugh, seeming to have found his footing now and effectively catching you off guard.
“When and where do you wanna have dinner. I have to make sure this date is perfect.” He said, and you couldn’t entirely tell if he was joking.
“You have to ask me on a date before you can start planning it, Channie.” You said, chewing nervously on the inside of your cheek. He looked surprised for a moment before straightening up and slipping his hand into yours.
“You’re right, how could I miss that step. So, will you go out with me?”
“Yeah, I think that sounds alright,” You smirked, and he laughed, and any worries you were having were gone. For once you were grateful for your lack of kissing experience.
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rosexxi · 3 months
What is Love? 🦢🤍
Jeonghan x idol!reader // smut
in which Jeonghan realises what love is
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Ok we’ll stop for five.” you called out to your members. You were currently at dance practice with your members preparing for the upcoming release of your mini album and lord knows you wanted nothing more then to hide in your bed and not come up for a while. The sudden absence of music allowed the nosiness of those next door to you seep in and you let out a little laugh at the actions of your boyfriends group. You had been dating Jeonghan for about a year and things had been better then ever, you were both under the same company and lived in the same building. So, unlike most idol couples, you were able to spend a lot of time together. 
Grabbing your wallet, you decided to head to the vending machines during the break you had given to your members. You pressed the button to your chosen drink when you felt someone embracing you from behind. You initially thought it was one of your members until you tapped their wrist and felt a line of bracelets. 
“Shouldn’t you be practising?” you giggled. 
“Aye you might be your groups leader but you’re not mine.” he replied, pinching your sides teasingly. 
You just hummed in response, “I missed you. Been so busy with the repackage not had time to see your pretty face.” He said.
“You saw my face this morning.” you grumbled, hiding your face in his arm. 
“I didn’t get to take it in properly. You know Hoshi, Seungkwan and Woozi are going out to eat tonight.”
“I can’t go out Hannie, we’ve got our comeback in like two days.”
“Yah listen, I’m not inviting you out. I’m saying I’ll have an empty dorm,” he began massaging your shoulders, “Come over, let me help you relax before your comeback.”
You thought if you should. You initially had the intentions of staying behind and perfecting the choreography you had made, but the thought of unwinding with your love seemed very appealing. 
“You're seriously turning into Hoshi, you’ve been nonstop you need a break.”
“Would you massage Hoshi oppa like this as well?” you teased, turning to face him. 
“Ha ha,” he replied sarcastically, “I have to go back but I hope to see you tonight.” and with a final kiss on your lips and forehead, he disappeared behind his practise door and so did you. 
It wasn't until two hours later when you knocked on Jeonghan's door.
"Come in."
"Seungkwan let me in." You smiled as you closed the door behind you. Your boyfriend was sat at his desk, watching something on his computer, but he instantly turned around when he heard your sweet voice.
"My pretty pretty girl." he said as he got up to greet you, placing a soft kiss to your temple. You turned to place a kiss on the inside of his hand as he held your face. He held your face so delicately as though you'd break if he did anything else. That was one of the things you loved about your relationship; as stressful as your job and life was, whenever you were with your love that seemed to disappear. You felt safe. And the feeling was mutual, life was hectic for Jeonghan, but in your presence he felt at peace.
"Missed you, probably won't be able to see you that much soon." you sighed, the realities of life coming to you as you wrapped your hands around his neck.
"We got now baby thats all I need." He looked up to you, silently asking for permission. When you nodded, he leaned in to press a soft kiss to your tender lips. He tasted like peppermint, and everytime he moved back you wanted more.
It wasn't long before he picked you up bridal style and took you to his bed. You laughed at his actions as he settled you down.
He caged your head with his hands, his eyes staring longingly into yours. The love he felt for you in that moment was evident in the way he smiled warmly. He took one of your hands into his, and used the other to brush your features softly, moving your hair out of your face.
"Can you make love to me?" you whispered, and if he weren't so close to you he wouldn't be able to hear you.
He couldn't bring himself to speak. And if any of his members saw him they'd be in shock to see the ever so cunning Yoon Jeonghan rendered speechless by the beauty of his love. His life. His angel if you will.
Nodding his head slowly, he brought up your hand to his lips, pressing a long kiss, his eyes not once leaving the sight of your beauty.
Shifting his focus to your body, he undressed you, with delicate hands, taking his time as he took in the sight.
In that moment time stopped for the both of you, as you felt nothing but his touch. His soft touch. Hands that roamed every part of your vulnerability, that wiped the tears from your adoring eyes, that made you whimper and see heaven.
In that moment Jeonghan forgot everything, his mind only on you, and in that moment he knew what love was.
Tumblr media
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enhais · 5 months
Heyy could I request a yandere vampire royalty Jungwon scenario where his s/o is a literal angel, like the one who lives in heaven, and is really easily manipulated? Thank you so much.
vampire, yandere!jungwon — beautiful angel
content: vampire, yandere!jungwon x angel, gn!reader, toxic behaviour (obvi)
word count: 725
a/n: as usual, this is only my opinion/vision of them as yanderes, nothing else!
Tumblr media
you didn’t know how you ended up in the vampire kingdom. one moment you were out testing your new wings and the second you woke up in a dark room that made your chest tighten. there was a faint smell of iron in the air and drops of rain were hitting the window gently. you couldn’t take in much of the interior before the door opened, revealing a young man dressed in all black.
he made his way to the edge of the bed and brushed some strands of hair out of your face. you tried to turn your head away from him but with no success as he was quick to grab your chin, “don’t.” he admired your face with loving eyes, there was not a hint of evil intentions hidden beneath them. your chin began to wobble at the thought of never seeing your family again, you didn’t want to stay here, you didn’t want to die… he let go of your chin and brushed away the silent tears on your cheeks with his thumb instead, “shh, i won’t harm you.” his voice was gentle, nothing like how his visuals prejudiced. “i want to go home.” you uttered shakily. no matter how much you tried to move you couldn’t get anywhere, it was as if there were invisible chains wired around your limbs. the man’s eyes turned from caring to guilty, disappointing even. he shook his head slowly, “you were banished from heaven… don’t you remember?” your heart sped up by hundreds and your vision immediately blurred, “oh, sweetheart.” you couldn’t breathe properly, what was he saying? he put his hand on your chest to relieve the tightness with his powers, “i won’t get into it, don’t worry, you’re with me now.”
you soon learned that his name was jungwon and that he was a very respected man in the kingdom. he did everything to make you comfortable, but he also had his bad moments where he would punish you for thinking about your past, telling you that “you should only live in the present. with me.” which was easier said than done. there was also the issue that you were the only one wearing all white, not even mentioning the fluffy wings on your back. somehow everyone knew that you belonged to jungwon and therefore didn’t dare talk to you, and some of them didn’t dare to look your way. due to this, you were usually sad which frustrated jungwon enormously.
it was almost midnight when you heard a knock coming from the door. you were laying on your bed, reading a book you’d borrowed from the royal library, immediately sitting up straight when jungwon came in. “hello.” your soft voice always caused his dead heart to skip a beat, “my beautiful angel, you should be sleeping.” his hand went up to caress your cheek as he hovered above you. “i’m not tired yet… and, i-“ your eyes traveled around the room, too shy to look at him in the eyes, “i missed you.” as everyone else ignored you, the only one you had left was jungwon. you became reliant on him in a way. he was the one providing food, water, love… your confession made him drop his hand from your face, causing you to furrow your brows with worry, “i’m sorry, i-“ he was quick to kiss your forehead, “no, don’t. i missed you too.” a slight blush covered your cheeks and your lips turned upwards into a small smile. “now, will you tell me what you’re reading, hm? enlighten me, please.”
you told him about the story, cuddling up against his chest as he combed his fingers through your hair. “oh, really? the princess found a potential lover, you say?” you giggled, feeling a little embarrassed, “yes, but i don’t know what happens next.” you looked up at him in search of a response, “i think she’ll marry him and that they’ll live happily ever after, don’t you?” his eyes met yours before you buried your face into his chest, “you’re too cute.”
the love you felt from jungwon was more than enough to make you stay. as every day passed, you forgot more and more about your past and were instead engulfed in the feeling of looking forward to a future with him. and he loved every second.
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lillotus17 · 4 months
KPOP FF things that just make sense :
- party host JACKSON WANG
- gay bestie JANG WONYOUNG
- other love interest/main love interest’s competition CHOI YEONJUN (reader is always meeting him at a party and they always end up on the dance floor with him?? Like bro?)(#yeonjundeservesbetter😩✊)
- class mate bestie that gives life advice CHOI SOOBIN (edited : literally all of leader line in the kpop industry giving life advice🥹 we love u moms and dads🫶🏻)
- ex/old fwb JUNG JAEHYUN
- AUSSIE LINERS as moots/friends of friends
Edited :
- that one guy who always has a guitar MARK LEE (always jamming at parties like bro?)
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babiesdreams · 1 day
Advent Calendar (Smut +18)
Day 1 : Johnny-Mark
Day 2 : Haechan-Yangyang
Day 3 : Taeyong-Jaemin. [day of release: 7/12/22]
Day 4 : Jaehyun-Xiaojun. [day of release: 8/12/22]
Day 5 : Lucas-Hendery. [day of release: 9/12/22]
Day 6 : Jungwoo-Jeno.[day of release: 10/12/22]
Day 7 : Yuta-Winwin. [day of release: 11/12/22]
Day 8 : Doyoung-Renjun. [day of release: 12/12/22]
Day 9 : Taeil-Kun-Ten. [day of release: 13/12/22]
Day 10 : To be determined
Day 11 : To be determined
Day 12 : To be determined
Day 13 : To be determined
Day 14 : To be determined
Day 15 : To be determined
Day 16 : To be determined
Day 17 :To be determined
Day 18 :To be determined
Day 19 :To be determined
Day 20:To be determined
Day 21: To be determined
Day 22: To be determined
Day 23: To be determined
Day 24:To be determined
I accept suggestion <3
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flwrshwr-jenle · 4 months
You’ve resorted to putting a pillow over your head as you attempt to sleep through your boyfriend’s continued failed attempts to be quiet while gaming with his friends. “Jeno…” you whine out for the nth time in the last 30 minutes. “Huh?” You hear him respond, knowing he hasn’t turned his attention away from his computer screen. “I’m trying to sleep. You’re being too loud.” You huff, the fatigue quickly turning into agitation, as you repeat this phrase yet again. You hear the small click of Jeno muting his microphone, “I’m sorry baby. I’m trying to keep it down. I’ll be done soon, and then we can go to sleep.” Jeno says, before unmuting his mic again. You sigh softly, removing the pillow from over your head, and glancing at your boyfriend. He seemed so entranced in his game. He’s told you about it plenty of times, and even tried to teach you how to play. You just never understood how he could continuously fight off sleep, just to sit at his computer and click away at his keyboard. After watching him for a minute, you roll out of bed, which temporarily draws his attention to you. “Where you going?” He asks, glancing back and forth between you and his computer screen. “Im just getting some water. I’ll be back. Tell the boys I said hi.” You say, before exiting your shared bedroom. 
Returning shortly with your water, you sit on the edge of the bed, slowly sipping at your cup, as you watch your boyfriend furiously tap away on his keyboard, and mouse. “How much longer?” You ask. “Not much longer…” Jeno responds, quickly sending you a soft smile before turning back to his computer. You hear the click of his microphone again, before he speaks to you, “Come sit with me, while I finish playing.” Jeno offers, glancing at you with soft eyes. Letting out yet another sigh, you stand up, and walk towards him. Jeno’s smile brightens as you approach him. He reaches one arm up, and hooks it around your waist. With a quick pull from Jeno, you find yourself straddling his lap, chest to chest with the man you’ve come to adore. “We can go to bed as soon as I’m done. I promise.” He says, before gently pressing his soft lips to yours in a quick kiss. You can’t help the love sick grin from spreading across your face, as you bury your it into the side of Jeno’s neck. Despite your boyfriend talking in your ear to his friends, you find comfort against his chest, and somehow manage to fall asleep in your boyfriend’s lap. 
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lixiektty · 2 months
sweet tooth — kinktober day one
kinktober masterlist
๛word count: 2.9k, warnings/kinks: dom!hyunjin, sub!reader, language, hand kink, oral (f. receiving), fingering (he keeps the rings on, i couldn't resist i'm sorry) , praise, some degradation, creaming, feel free to let me know if i missed anything!!
Tumblr media
you had to admit, this was one of the best and most relaxing moments ever. a peaceful evening in the fall, it was pretty dim out— though the soft orange string lights hanging around your room lit up the setting. your boyfriend was by your side, propped up by the pillows and head on his shoulder as you guys watched a movie and ate enough candy to give the two of you a sugar high.
the movie you had put on wasn't super scary, a few things you were creeped out by but nothing happened scary enough to get a nightmare from. the things was, you weren't necessarily paying all that much attention to it because you were too distracted by the way hyunjin's hand caressed your thigh lightly throughout the night. he hadn't realized the effect it had on you, the effect his hands had on you.
long slender fingers that never failed to hit the right spot inside you when you and hyunjin would share your moments, the bones peaked out a bit as well as a few veins and the way the rings that decorated his hand that just added to the attraction. not that you're saying you're more attracted to your boyfriend's hands more than you actual boyfriend, it was just funny that everything about him was just perfect and something silly like hands would have you this weak.
it was hard for you to be straight up and tell hyunjin when you needed attention. he seemed to be so sucked into the movie, only doing so because he thought you were doing the same. you always felt like you were coming off as needy but really your just a horny girlfriend who misses the way her boyfriend feels.
"you alright baby?" hyunjin asked when he turned his head and noticed you had been looking out the window that was on the wall you were closest to.
"yeah, why?" you asked softly, tilting your head up enough to see him looking at you worryingly.
"just wondering," he replied and pecked your lips gently, "did you start to get bored with the movie?"
you hum, curling up against him as a way of warming yourself up, "kind of."
"let's watch something else, yeah?" he suggested, "something actually scary?"
"i only put on a movie that wasn't too scary cause you're a bitch," you said, only to poke fun.
"a bitch, huh?" he raised his eyebrows, and sat up, looking back at you.
"you are! when it comes to scary things, i do not like having to hear your loud ass screaming then causing me to go deaf in my right ear," you punch him playfully.
hyunjin rolled his eyes and leaned forward to click out of the previous movie and scroll through the horror collection. it was like it was your first instinct to have your eyes wander down and watch his fingers slide along the touchpad, if only hyunjin could read minds— how disgustingly turned on he'd be at the way you were thinking about it.
that was the thing you didn't understand about yourself, you knew how bad hyunjin could get, he fucks you whenever he feels the need to yet you're so afraid to ask for the same. 'no' would never even cross his mind if you were to speak up, automatically it'd be a yes, you still just couldn't build up the courage to do so.
your panties were drenched though, all you wanted was to feel the way he worked his tongue and fingers in and out of you till you were squirming and spilling out all over him. you for sure had the sudden urge to whimper and snap your legs shut, but how would that turn out.
eventually, the movie played and you had already got scared right at the beginning. though this movie was more interesting and it also made you pay attention, you were still thinking about hyunjin's hands on you. now, you both were laying down, your head resting on his chest and legs propped up on his own.
this was just a simple night watching a movie with the boy you love, but it meant so much. just quality time with each other as the hours go on. the movie hyunjin had put on was half way over, it was a good movie. just not good enough to get that damn thought out of your head.
"baby, can i have another chocolate?" you asked, so sweetly how could he resist.
he hums and stretches out his arm to reach for the bag, bringing back one of the kisses and handing it to you. you don't take it into your hand though, you sit there and wait, watching as he dangles it in front of your face.
"feed it to me," you say, slight seduction heard in your voice.
your boyfriend giggles it bit. you didn't know why, maybe the way you said it? humoring him.
"okay," he says, taking the candy into his fingers, taking off the foil then moving them towards your mouth.
you instantly catch them between your lips, sucking them lightly when taking the chocolate into your mouth. hyunjin tilts his head and watches how his fingers slowly departed from your plush lips.
a grin grew on his face before he said, "what're you trying to do?"
you shrug, chewing slowly and waiting for it to be chewed down enough for you to swallow. once you did, you reply, "i got distracted."
"with?" he asked, adjusting to sit up and rest on his elbow turning his attention towards you.
your eyes trail down from his forearms to his wrist, the veins trailing up to his hands made your things clench. hyunjin noticed the action but chose to ignored it.
you reach for his hand and pull them up, wiggling it infront of his face, "none of these movies are doing it for me." you say, pouting and look at your boyfriend, "i need you."
a smile appears on his face, pulling his hand out of your grasp and kissing you gently. feeling him against you always had you feeling like all that mattered, he paid your body so much attention and never stopped until he knew you were completely satisfied.
he was hovering over you immediately, computer moved to the edge of the bed. your bodies fit together like a puzzle piece, limbs intertwined with one another, lips moving never endlessly— addictive taste on both your tongues.
it was hard to be upset at the fact that he pulled away from your mouth to kiss your jaw and neck when it felt the way it did, sucking and nipping at the flesh until there were marks on you to reminisce the morning after.
"what do you want, baby?" he asked, mumbling into your skin.
"your mouth," you state, swallowing hard then speaking again, "fingers too."
"anything for you, sweetheart," from one minute to the next, hyunjin was quick with his movements. discarding your panties along with your short shorts that he loved way too much, your ass peeking out just enough to turn him on earlier.
hyunjin pulls up your shirt enough to expose your belly and began kissing it until he was down by your pussy, licking up your arousal. you saw him reach for one of his hands to begin taking his rings off but you stop him.
"no, keep 'em on," you say. you sounded too slutty, and he loved it.
his hands moved up to grab onto your breast hiding underneath your shirt and up to your face. he tapped your lips with his two pointer fingers and watched as you took them in obediently.
"dirty," hyunjin comments.
his fingers disappear right into your mouth, tongue sliding up against the pads of his fingertips. hyunjin knew you liked his hands, he just had no idea the effect they had on you even when not being intimate.
"suck on them slow, nice and slow just for me," he instructs, talking you through it, "like that. good girl."
this control and power the man had over you made you feel estatic. always says what's right, giving you the attention you know you infact do deserve, and making you overwhelmed with emotions.
it wasn't even the attention he gave you that made you feel this way— it was just something that helped. there was something about him just doing the bare fucking minimum, looking effortlessly beautiful and still having you weak in the knees.
you clench around nothing and grew goosebumps on the bare parts of your body from the cool fall air coming in from the window. everything felt just right, and it had you begging and wanting more. moaning around the fingers trapped in your mouth.
all hyunjin does is laugh, lifting his upper body from the mattress. you missed the warmth you felt from his face between your legs, even if it was just his head hovering over where you needed him the most.
"sure you don't wanna suck on my fingers for the rest of the night to get yourself off?" he asks, inching closer to your face, "you love my hands don't you?"
you nod, sucking harder gripping onto his wrist like he'd pull away. your lips wrapped around them perfectly, just like they did when they wore his cock, all pink and swole from the kisses before.
after a while of having hyunjin watch you suck his fingers until they were a bright pink, you pull them out by his wrist.
"i would, but i'd really like if they were inside me right now," hyunjin chuckled at your boldness.
again you weren't one to tell him everything you wanted. being so needy now though, and that being so relevant to hyunjin, you'd do anything to get exactly what you wanted right now.
"then give me my hand and i can give you that," his smile is bright, but his actions later didn't match up to that innocent smile of his.
you're already a mess feeling both his ring and middle finger slide inside of you. they felt nothing like his cock did, thick and breaking you open, heavy and veiny sliding out of you. they effected you the same way though, especially with the butterflies you got when just seeing his beautiful hands, sculpted by god knows.
his pace is steady, slow and stretching you out by the minute. you were drenching them, the cold metal inside you having your hips jerk up everytime.
you were already covered with goosebumps, you felt warm inside though, feeling hyunjin the way you did. all the soft kisses he spread around your body warmed you up as well, paying each and every curve of your body as much attention as the last.
his palm pressed flat against you, fingers plungers deep inside. hyunjin moved his hand up and down, teasing you from the inside out.
"do they feel good, princess?" he asked, gently kissing your knee and look down at you.
his hair fell down onto his face just right, you could barley see his eyes due to the brunette bangs but with how he had his mouth open ajar and never looking away from the body before him— you knew he was enjoying this just as much as you were.
you didn't answer, thinking your moans would be enough. hyunjin curls his fingers and pulled up them out instantly afterwards, "i asked a question, my love."
he was rubbing softly against your bud in a circular motion, pushing you to speak to earn his fingers back. of course he knew you felt good, amazing at that, he just needed to hear it.
hearing it come from you always gave him an adrenaline rush, loving how you beg to feel even more than he's giving you because it just feels too good.
"they feel so good hyune— please, please," you pleaded, "fuck me with them."
hyunjin licks his lips and looks down at where his fingers were inserting you. your back arches off the bed at the feeling of them inside you again, clenching down hard and nearly pushing them right back out.
"you owe me, you know," hyunjin comments.
it was always out of kindheartedness to give each other something back in return, it was just a good thing to do. wether it be a night of you two fucking or not doing anything much then just playing around, if hyunjin would eat you out— you'd suck him off. things were just like that and always ended up that way.
the thing was, tonight you wanted his fingers until you passed out. they just were too addicting, and you were addicted, way too addicted.
"i know, baby. i know," you say, hands reaching out to grab his bicep. he moves closer and allows you to do so, nails digging deep into the skin, "just too good," you continue with a moaning following, "so fucking good."
hyunjin hums and his head falls into the dip of your neck, sucking lightly on the spot, "i love when you curse." he was wearing a shit eating grin and you knew it.
he was just like you— the simplest things turned him on, like the swear words that would leave your lips when playing a game with you, or when you accidentally drop something, or even when watching a movie and being pissed off at the character's decisions.
guess he could say everytime one of those words came from you, he imagines just how it would sound in bed. he didn't have to imagine though when he had you all for himself, with every 'fuck' and yelling god's name in vain he could not get enough of that shit.
"keep doing it and i'll go harder," he breathes out, hot breath warming your cold skin, "m' gonna have you creaming all over my fingers baby, the ones you love so much."
"fuck— ok– okay," you stutter, bottom lip now stuck between your teeth.
he's pumping his fingers in and out of you rapidly, curling them each time he was fully inside. his rings were rubbing up against your walls and adding a whole other kind of pleasure you couldn't explain.
"i love your fingers, fucking me so well." you comment, fucking yourself onto them with your hips thrusting up, "you should start keeping the rings on."
"yeah? like them?" he asked. his fingers were unstoppable, wet noises filling the entire room and being heard over the movie and the sounds outside of the wind blowing and leaves rustling.
"love them," you corrected.
you moaned louder by the second. how could his wrist not be tired? were his fingers cramping up? all these questions were the ones roaming around in your head but then again, how could he really get tired when he was making you feel like this? he'd go all night.
hyunjin sat up, moving out of your embrace. once his eyes meet at where you're both connected, this white substance covered his fingers, hands glistening as well as your folds.
"look at you y/n," he giggles, "a fucking slutty mess over some hands."
your eyes snap shut and your body feels fuzzy, knot in your stomach tightening more with each thrust of his long fingers.
"i'm afraid you're going to replace my dick with my fingers," hyunjin jokes.
you look down at him with the best of your ability, giving him a soft smile at his comment, "never."
"good," he says, right after he was face to face with your cunt again.
his tongue met your clit, capturing it into his mouth and sucking with force. the wet muscle moved everywhere he could, cleaning up the exposed part of his fingers.
he let out a satisfied groan, "how did i get so lucky?" placing one more kiss on your thigh before moving up to kiss you.
your teeth clashed together, neither one of you cared. too caught up in the moment and all, you were dripping down onto the bed and so close to your high you needed more.
"fuck me harder, bastard," you say through clenched teeth, "you know what i want, stop holding back."
your tone would have almost got you in trouble if it wasn't for how hazy hyunjin was feeling right now. if anything, this pushed him to use all the power he had.
this new pace and rhythm, techniques that would make you snap any minute now, along with a third finger being added, it all was a lot, and you felt yourself sucking him in and drenching the metal he wore.
"let it out, so good," hyunjin curls the tips of his fingers soon separately them and scissors them in and out of you.
your orgasm went on for what felt like forever, body jerking up and not letting hyunjin's fingers leave your body. he continued to finger fuck you throughout that period through, giving you his all like he knew he could and would give you.
"so sexy," he places a kiss onto your cheek then looks down to watch you catch your breath and come down.
you groan out once you feel the warmth of fingers leaving you. you missed them already, like you didn't just have them not too long ago. hyunjin allows you to come back to reality, cleaning up that mess you made with his tongue— the most useful tool.
he sat up after a while, licking his lips after finishing his task watching your chest move up and down, "hope you still got some energy in you."
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hwalloween · 1 month
[05:05] | (seonghwa smut drabble)
Pairing: SoftDom!Seonghwa X Sub!Reader
Word Count: 740
Warning: unprotected sex. bondage. dacryphilia. praise. petnames (baby, darling, love, good girl, pretty). creampie. breeding kink. oppa kink
“C’mon love, you can do it” Seonghwa said gently, hands caressing your tights, looking up at you as you stood pretty on his lap. You could only respond with a whiny moan, tears forming on the corners of your eyes as the feeling of being stuffed full with his cock consumed your brain “Ride me like the good girl I know you are”
His tone was so sweet, so caring, just like the way his fingers traveled along your skin, feeling the mix of texture between your soft body and the red ropes that adorned your pretty image. Your arms were tied to your back, restraining you, and your body had a sequence of complicated patterns and knots that Seonghwa carefully crafted minutes ago, as per your request. You had a little bit of trouble balancing on top of him, but it was all worth it for the view of Hwa laying down on the bed, eyes looking back at you with love and arms holding both sides of your waist, guiding your hips as you started to ride him. You left out a dragged moan, throwing your head back as you felt your clit rubbing against one of the knots Seonghwa had strategically placed, a wave of pleasure crashing against your whole body. 
“H-Hwa” You cried out, looking back at your boyfriend underneath you. Your eyes pleaded for help, for him to help you go faster, you needed more of him. He laughed softly, one of his hands going up and cupping your cheek gently. He brushed his thumb against your skin, cleaning up some of the tears that fell from your eyes as you felt his dick hit your g-spot.
“You can do it darling, keep going. Ride Oppa until you cum on his cock” The dirty talk mixed with praise never failed to make you get wet, your walls clenching around him as you increase the speed your hips were going. The coil underneath your stomach got tighter, making your moans get higher as you desperately worked for your orgasm. But there was something making it difficult for you to finally snap, and you were growing more and more frustrated, whining out of need as you looked at Seonghwa once again, begging for help with your eyes and pout. 
“Can’t make yourself cum baby?” He cooed, laughing softly “Let Oppa help you” He pulled one of the ropes in your stomach, making you lay on top of him, chest to chest, head against his shoulder. You felt his arms hug you tightly, feet planting on the bed as he adjusted his hips just the right way so he could pound onto you. As he snapped his hips into yours, you felt his tip against your sweet spot, crying out in his ear as you buried your face in his neck. It felt so good, the way his cock filled you up, hitting just the right way and making you see the stars, his hands caressing both your restrained arms. He let out breathy and quiet moans in your ear, saying your name again and again like a mantra as you felt his thrusts starting to get faster and hectic. Your walls gripped around him, not wanting his dick to leave. 
“O-Oppa” You moaned, feeling how his body got tenser when you called him like that “C-Cum inside… P-Please” You mewl in his ear, earning for his load inside of your sopping cunt. 
“Y-You want me to fill you up, darling?” You heard his voice fail a bit. He was close, just like you “I’ll fill you up nicely. Gonna breed my little baby till my cum is pouring out of you. You’re gonna look so pretty stuffed” His dirty mouth was everything you need to tip over the edge, the knot in your stomach snapping and your orgasm washing over your entire body. You felt your legs shaking, moaning loudly at the wave of pleasure and overstimulation as Hwa kept pounding you, chasing his own high. After a few thrusts, you heard him moan loudly, head thrown back as he shot his load right inside of your folds, filling you up with his warm seed. You both stood there, breathing heavily as you came down from your high, close to each other. He kissed the top of your head, hands rubbing the small of your back. 
“Do you think you can take more of my cum, pretty?”
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