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pandalikeelf · 2 days ago
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day 1 || favourite character(s) + the pendragon colors: ARTHUR PENDRAGON & MERLIN
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its-destiny-and-chicken · 3 days ago
babes there is a very little chance that merlin and arthur never kissed bc they have been besties for like 10 years you cant tell me an accidental kiss never happened we all been there
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hoarder-of-dragons · a day ago
(Couple confessed)
Arthur: another good man lost to love
Gwaine: You ate literally sitting on Merlin's lap
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witchthewriter · 2 days ago
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𝐁𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐛𝐞𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐀𝐫𝐭𝐡𝐮𝐫 𝐰𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐝𝐞
⤷ gender neutral, ambiguous race, and any size reader. Requests are open, thank you for reading!  
a/n: sorry my posting is outta whack, I’m in a hotel without a laptop charger so I’m doing my best✌🏼
⭑ You were not royalty. 
⭑ Nor were you a princess/prince...
⭑ You were what some called a privateer, and others... well, they just called you a pirate.
⭑ But you didn’t care what they called you, as long as said people didn’t notice their valuables were missing
⭑ Arthur thought he knew chaos, he was pretty chaotic himself. He was used to it, he grew up with it. Chaos was embedded into his very blood. 
⭑ Yeah, and then he met you. 
⭑ Maybe you felt safe to him; as if you reminded him of home, of his childhood. 
⭑ But you were a hindrance to his trading on the seas, especially through certain ports; where you liked to plunder the most. 
⭑ And King Arthur knew he had to do something about that. 
⭑ He didn’t think it would end in a betrothal. 
⭑ Well, when he first met you - that was the furthest concept from his mind. The first was anger, then impressed, mixed with a hint of jealousy. You had your freedom. 
⭑ And although Arthur wouldn’t trade his position for the world, he did miss his freedom. 
⭑ But leadership was in Arthur’s blood, so jealousy soon dissipated with responsibility taking its place
⭑ You were an odd couple, well you still are. And many people question why the King would betroth himself to a criminal
⭑ But your betrothal initially wasn’t about love- it was to unite your world with his, so that those seas were safe and other pirates would see Arthur as trustworthy
⭑ So basically he’s marrying you for everyone’s peace 
⭑ And then there was love. It peaked its head around the corner and then all at once, smothered the two of you. 
⭑ Your love can feel overwhelming, and yet, it was something that you never wanted to lose
⭑ You weren’t used to having such a secure person in your life. Someone who was bound to you, who would never leave you. 
⭑ He proposed the idea the 4th time you met. On the first meeting, you nearly killed him. And on the second, he stormed off your ship. Something happened on the third that you couldn’t understand. And on the fourth ... well ... here you are
⭑ You moved into the castle, although many of your belongings were still on your ship. Arthur swore to never take anything away from you, to never belittle you or take away your freedom. 
⭑ In all honesty, you felt as if you had hit some kind of jackpot. And maybe you did feel a bit like a traitor for betrothing yourself to a King, but that meant extra protection for you and your crew. 
⭑ You wear a (insert your favourite gem: ruby, emerald, sapphire, diamond, opal etc,) ring on your left-hand ring finger, which signifies your engagement to the King
⭑ You already sleep in the same bed; with Arthur usually being the first to wake each morning. 
⭑ He likes to kiss your forehead while you sleep
⭑ You wear his clothes, and he loves it 
⭑ And you’ve taken him sailing on your Frigate ship
⭑ Your crew was wary of Arthur at first - they didn’t know what to expect, well they were expecting to be jailed for piracy. But Arthur’s motto has wrung true,:  “Why have enemies when you can have friends?”
⭑ Relationship Tropes: 
  ✧ Dumbass x Oh God I Guess That’s My Dumbass
Arthur: “Y/N NO!”  You: Y/N YES!!!” 
Arthur: Put it back
You: But -
Arthur: Put. It. Back.
  ✧ Crazy Anti-Hero (You) x Hero Maintaining Their Partner Is On The Good Side (Arthur)
  ✧ Troublemaker (You) x YOU DO YOU KEEP GETTING IN TROUBLE!? (Arthur)
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castial · a day ago
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thewitchhuntergenerals · a day ago
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The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table
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"Next time you act out again, Merlin, I'll have you naked and spanked over my knees!" – King Arthur
[Merlin causing mischief and acting petty, King Arthur knew he had to discipline his lover and he'd do so once they're alone]
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yozoragumi · 22 hours ago
The Legend of King Arthur stream!
Tumblr media
Hi everyone! By request, I will be streaming the Takarazuka version of The Legend of King Arthur on Monday October 17, with English subtitles, at 8:00 pm Amsterdam time! If you want to participate in this stream, please send me a message. Make sure to check what time the stream will take please in your own timezone. This can easily be done through a Time Zone Converter. So in short: Show?   The Legend of King Arthur When?   Monday October 17 What time?   8:00 pm Amsterdam time Where?  Send me a PM Don’t be shy and join us!
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gringolet · 19 days ago
king arthur, if you’re out there, there will never be a funnier time to wake up
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jai-le-king · 18 days ago
I think we're all missing something very important
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He's cheering
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filibusterfrog · 6 months ago
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some arthurian boys
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pandalikeelf · a day ago
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day 2 || favourite season: SEASON 5  || (insp.)
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its-destiny-and-chicken · 3 days ago
the fact that the almost first thing the dolma ever did is flirting with arthur proves so much😭
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inahallucination · 2 months ago
merlin but someone tries to accuse merlin of magic and obvi arthur is like “no merlin doesn’t have magic” because he may be sweet (ish) but he’s also very very very stupid but the person tries to prove it by constantly taunting merlin so that merlin will get angry enough and lash out using his magic and boom death sentence for merlin
merlin reaches his breaking point and yells something like “I WOULDNT NEED MAGIC TO BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU” and just like lunges forward but either a frantic arthur catches him and drags him away or an exasperated leon just sighs and picks him up and puts him on time out
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tygerland · 5 months ago
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Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)
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excaliburswielder · a month ago
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colleendoran · a month ago
The Secret Language of a Page of Chivalry: Gone Fishing
Neil Gaiman's Chivalry is a sweet and simple story on the surface, but is full of allusions and literary references, and the symbolism in the art, as well as the art style, serves as meta-narrative. 
Previous post re: the symbolism in the art for Chivalry over HERE.
One of the pages readers ask about the most is this one, where Mrs. Whitaker in the Oxfam shop finds an old book entitled The Romance and Legend of Chivalry (1912).
Tumblr media
Written by Scottish author A. R. Hope Moncrieff, this popular tome was published in multiple printings and editions in many languages. While most of his books were intended for young boys, they would be over the heads and/or not to the taste of many modern readers.
They are dense and wordy, but I love them. 
You can find good copies of the first edition with the gorgeous cover you see here at reasonable prices. If you can spare $20-$30, you shouldn't have to settle for cheap, modern editions which are ugly and don't have that pretty gold stamping.
It should be obvious why Mrs. Whitaker has focused on this book during the course of Chivalry.
What some didn't understand is the reference there in the top corner written in red pen: "Ex Libris Fisher".
This translates to "From the Library of Fisher" as in The Fisher King.
The Fisher King otherwise known as King Pelles, Sir Galaad's grandfather. (And for those who don't understand why Galahad is spelled Galaad, an explanation HERE.)
Tumblr media
The inset images in the illuminated manuscript sequences aren't just there to dress up the page. They have meaning.
On this page the meaning is pretty obvious: in the upper right, a fish, then an image of a man fishing, then young Galaad, then the castle. Also, King Pelles holds a spear.
King Pelles was known as The Fisher King because he had a disabling wound and was unable to do much of anything but sit in his boat and go fishing.
There are a number of layers of meaning to the tale of the Fisher King, the most obvious being that the king, also known as the Grail King, charged with the task of protecting the Holy Grail, is a fisher even as Christ is a fisher of men.
But the Fisher King, it is implied, has been wounded as punishment for a sin, the which sort of varies depending on the King Arthur tale version you read. (The derivation of the name Pelles, or the medieval French word for fish, is a pun on an old French term for sin. Can't find my reference on that, sorry.)
Pelles was wounded in the thigh. Some interpret this as a wound to the genitalia, which robbed the king of his vitality. Since the strength of the king was the strength of the land, the land withered as well. 
Referring directly to a man's wounded genitals was super-rude back in the day no matter what they do on Twitter now: so it was common to simply refer to a "wound in the thigh" if a man had issues in his nether regions.
The spear the king holds is the Spear of Longinus, which a Roman centurion used to pierce the side of Christ, and which was used to deliver a wound to Pelles, the Dolorous Stroke, a wound which cannot be healed until the coming of the Grail Knight who will ask the right questions and take the right actions. 
These actions depend on which versions you read, and we could be here all day going over them and who did them. 
As for the sin of Pelles, it is asserted that Pelles was either a philanderer or he refused to marry the woman he should have in order to ensure the bloodline of the Grail. To repair that damage, Pelles sets about getting his daughter Elaine going with Lancelot (by shocking means) to ensure that Galaad is born, because he knows only Galaad can achieve the Grail.
In Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur, the story is rather confusing and the role of King Pelles gets split between Pelles and another king. 
But there are a lot of wonky things in Malory, so don't stress, the man never had an editor, he was in jail while he wrote most of the book, and he did his best. 
Pelles is healed by the Holy Blood on the spear. Or a knight asking the right questions. Or by drinking from the Grail.
Depending on who is telling the story.
With the Achievement of the Grail and the redemption of King Pelles by the knights, in particular his grandson Galaad/Galahad, the king is healed, sins are forgiven, and the land is healed.
Mrs. Whitaker, who is being visited by young Galaad on a quest, has just found a tome in an Oxfam shop that once belonged to Galaad's grandfather. 
Pelles, who failed to be as chivalrous as he should have been and ended up spending a lot of time fishing instead of running his country, perhaps learned some lessons from The Romance and Legend of Chivalry that got passed down to Galaad, because this Neil Gaiman tale is Twilight Zone-ish like that.
And now you know.
Thanks to my Patreon patrons for sponsoring this post and so many other wonderful things.
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