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chemicalpink · 8 months ago
⍣ ೋ How he is in bed ⍣ ೋ | Tarot + Astrology | 18+ |Kim Seokjin
Disclaimer: This reading is based on my experience and knowledge of tarot, it is not meant to be the absolute truth, as BTS are real people, and tarot can only capture so much about multidimensional humans that have had past experiences and cultural approaches amongst other things, it does not have to resonate with you since this is in no way related to anyone reading it (unless you are a member of BTS in which case, get out of here lol ) This is just for entertainment purposes. Remember that tarot as a form of divination only allows us to read current energy and as time advances it becomes less accurate, so it basically reads up to a 6 months period of time
a/n:show must go on, we're getting this taejin’s birthday roast done
masterlist. tarot masterlist. astrology masterlist.
If you're a minor, don't interact you know how this goes.
Now, I feel like Seokjin’s reading will be pretty straightforward, if the way that the cards just seemed to pop up and the numbers are anything to go by.
We’ve got 4oP 4oW 10 oC along with oracle cards honeymoon and playfulness. It really struck me that the number four is particularly important for Jin, which might be because of two main things: boundaries and stability, Seokjin in bed is the type to know exactly where he draws the line with what he is comfortable with, more towards leaning on the ‘long-term’ sexual partner rather than hookups, someone where sex feels like much more than the act itself, where it is able to provide a level of security and grounding.
Now, we have quite an assortment with cups, pentacles and wands, this man is loud and enjoys it thoroughly to a point where he’ll stand for multiple rounds, very very kiss heavy on his part, he is one to love foreplay as much or even more than sex itself, very domestic and pretty much described as love making, which also falls in line with the sweetness in his oracle cards, kinda playful, always up for some teasing and giggles as long as it is tender.
To me, this also falls perfectly in line with his Capricorn Venus and Cancer Mars, kinda shy and hard to trust others but when he does this man goes all out, he’s got a sense of control that he might be willing to render. Soft dom, if we pair it up with his reading. Capricorn Venus also makes sense with him being incredibly emotionally sensitive, which might be why he would rather have certain stability and tenderness in bed. His Cancer Mars really shines through when it comes to certain quirks that come with wanting a stable partner, like making sure they remain clean, his placement is actually a very much ‘fully committed’ vibe that we can also see in the reading, also the teasing!!! the playfulness in his oracle finds a home here too, teasing texts, flirty things here and there but just the right amount.
Decks Used: Romantic Angels, Tarot of the Divine
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freemindedspirit · a month ago
Kim Seokjin Past Life
This is solely based on intuition and clairs, no cards were used.Feel free to ask any questions you have.Entertainment purposes only.
As I was writing my to do list, he was basically like « hi, I’ll show you my past life right now if you want me to! ��.So I followed him and he led me to a very beautiful forest, with a lot of light.He led me to a house where he was living with a wife and a few kids.It was very beautiful and peaceful !I think his wife was very knowledgeable about herbalism and nature, she might have been some sort of famous witch-healer or traditional practitioner, I see many books with drawings of different plants and mushrooms, and a lot of herbs are hanging on thread to dry.It was a small, cosy, warm cottage in the forest with a nice homely fireplace.I’m getting the idea of Celtic or Saxon ?So this life could have happened in the country side of Germany, Ireland, Great Britain or the Netherlands ?Its also possible it happened in Canada among colons but I don’t know enough about Canada to tell 🤔I’m also thinking about this Island near Canada/US which belongs/used to belong to the Netherlands ?
For the most part, the lessons in this life were centered around 2 things :being of service and taking care of his family.I think he took his role very seriously.However, this lesson seems to have seeped out into this life as well, there’s a small sense of “unfinished business” that he wants to tie up in this life, where he has to learn the lesson from a different approach.It’s like in the past life he learnt peace by experiencing it through his environment and in this life he has to learn it by finding it and making it happen in his life, as his current inclination would be avoidance or carelessness and pouting/complaining instead of taking action.I’m also getting a small thing about one of his younger children dying, and him promising the child to meet again.He will meet them again in this life it seems, maybe not as his child but as someone younger than him.
Overall, in this past life, Seokjin was a happy husband and father, who did his best to take care of his family and provide.
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nabi-luna · a year ago
Jin - Ideal Type Reading (02/26/21)
Tumblr media
So, this is a repost because I want to organize my readings in a certain way. My earlier ones didn't have a text version for people who prefer reading it on Tumblr.
I. Personality
Ace of Pentacles | Seven of Cups | Four of Cups | Three of Wands | The Empress
I wanted to start out visually as practice. The way I interpret the card may be different than others.
Ace of Pentacles
Not what the actual card means, I feel like he may like someone who finds something valuable even when it’s not a lot.
The hand holding a single pentacle makes me think that they’re still raising it up because they’re grateful.
Of course, you can argue that the pentacle is huge and worth a lot, but the way I see this - someone who (for example) had only a single penny, they would still be grateful to have something.
I also thought of “it’s the thought that counts”
Someone who may not prioritize monetary/materialistic things.
For example: may not care if their gift is expensive or not as long as it was something that came from the heart.
I also get the feeling if he dates someone that has money and can afford luxury, they’re not the type to brag or show off.
He may want someone who can be humble about the things they have.
Some actual meanings associated with this card are “new financial/career opportunities”, “manifestation”, and “abundance”.
Nothing to do with these meanings, but I kept thinking about some sort of business person or some kind of corporate job.
Not claiming that he’ll end up with someone like that
But it could be possible or it could be hinting at someone with Capricorn energy. I associate business people with Capricorn and plus it’s a Pentacles card (Earth energy).
In terms of other things I can see as a possibility is someone who is a go-getter: they know what they want and will chase after it.
I don’t think it’s anyone that’s impulsive with their goals, it’s just if they want a promotion for example, they’ll work for it.
Another thing is that he may like someone who’s reliable: the type of person who gives their word and will try to follow up on it
Someone who rarely breaks promises.
I also get someone who has a lot of potential : I’m not sure why but someone who may have the vibe of “I still have so much to offer or show the world”.
Tumblr media
Seven of Cups
Well the first thing I got was some indecisive
It’s possible but since we’re talking about ideal types it kind of doesn’t make sense…
So, I thought about it...I got potentially that he may like someone selfless - someone who thinks about others’ needs
But the thing is if someone’s too selfless it could be unhealthy for them emotionally and mentally
So, someone who can be selfless at times and cares about others almost like a mother sacrificing for the good of their children?
Which it lowkey made me think of how less fortunate families or single mothers who can’t afford food would feed their kids but would starve herself
Now I don’t think it’ll be that extreme, but my point is someone caring.
I can also see someone who may adapt to the likes and dislikes of someone else.
ex: their friend is vegan, so they’ll accommodate and pick a restaurant that is vegan-friendly
Sorry I was on about that one thing for so long…
Next, I can also see this card representing someone who really reflects on their options.
So, just like before, I don’t think he would like someone impulsive, but someone who actually thinks about what would be the best course of action.
They may even think about how their choice may affect others.
Now for the actual meanings associated with this card, “opportunities”, “choices”, “wishful thinking”.
To be honest, the person does seem to be a dreamer which makes me think of Pisces and this card is associated with water energy.
It could be a possibility that he may like someone who can be creative.
But to be honest, I don’t think he’ll like someone who has their head in the clouds all the time.
Actually, you know what…
It could be someone who may dream about what they want in their life.
Instead of just waiting around though - they’ll think of a plan
And manifest - the reason why I say this is because the Ace of Pentacles is all about manifestation
Now the thing is with this info - I feel like he may like someone who acknowledges what their dreams are and makes them come true (or manifest - but the thing with manifestation, you need to take action somehow).
Tumblr media
Four of Cups
At first, I was confused. I was like...does Jin like tsunderes?
I mean I don’t associate this card with tsunderes but I know it’s all about apathy and not giving a care…
But it makes sense now… Someone who doesn’t care about his wealth, fame, or looks.
Someone who loves him for him and not just this image he has as an idol.
Look, as much as I would like to believe they’re open with us with their true personalities- there’s bound to be some things that hide from the public eye, right?
I’m sure some of their personalities on camera are true to them, but they must maintain an image so…
Moving on, you guys might be like, “the other boys are bound to want the same thing, right?”
That’s true, but I almost get that this is not exactly a scar, but something that really is a part of Jin (potentially).
I’m not sure if something has happened in the past and I don’t want to pry.
Or maybe it could just be a small underlying fear that someone might date him only for superficial reasons?
I can’t explain it very well, I’m sorry...but this vibe I get is almost someone wounded (not claiming anything but it could be something that really hurts him if he finds out someone only dated him for bs reasons).
On a slightly happier note…
A scenario popped into mind, where he may be confident and approach someone and be like, “do you know who I am?”
And the person being like, “I’m sorry but who are you?”
It could hurt his confidence just for a bit, but maybe it could be good in a way.
Someone that can know him for him and not just as Jin from BTS
I’m not claiming this is how a scenario would exactly play out IRL, but something like this.
Possibly someone who can be indifferent towards at first.
I almost get the vibe of playing hard to get, but at the same time, it’s just because the person isn’t interested at first- not that they’re doing it on purpose.
Regardless, let’s move on…
Tumblr media
Three of Wands
So, I couldn’t get much visually and I felt dumb.
I at least got someone that’s potentially observant like they can read the room.
Some people don’t have this kind of sense (no offense) so maybe he would like someone who knows how to read the situation and act accordingly.
I also got someone who just knows what to do to cheer him up after a rough day.
It could be preparing his favorite meal by the time he gets home or I don’t know what else - maybe know when to give him space(?)
So, some of the actual meanings associated with this card are, “progress”, “expansion”, and “overseas opportunities”.
I should’ve seen this...I can see someone looking across the sea, I’m dumb…
Anyways, it makes sense. BTS have to go on tours and now that they are global, they’ll have to travel. So, I’m getting someone who can handle long-distance and be patient.
Even when they are back, Jin’s ideal significant other would have to be able to handle not seeing him because hectic schedules
This image to me kind of gives me the vibe of his ideal type (potentially) is the one that’s watching from a far.
With that, I also get that it could signify being secretive.
I mean with BTS’ popularity, there are bound to be some scary fans who are going to be upset.
So, the relationship would have to be secret unless Dispatch wants to ruin it...
Anyways, my point is someone that can handle sneaking around at times to avoid paparazzi and at times have to be distant to not cause a scandal potentially.
Tumblr media
The Empress
So, in a way I’m not surprised by this card…
For me, the Empress is someone mature and regal. This card represents femininity with that symbol of Venus down there.
To me, she’s also someone motherly and nurturing.
Even if Jin likes someone younger, he would probably want someone that can be mature.
I mean he’s almost 30, so I don’t think he would want someone that’s “childish”.
But that’s the vibe I get because of this card, so don’t murder me.
I also randomly get someone that can be independent which I guess can connect with maturity.
I don’t think he’ll mind someone that depends on him sometimes.
However, he can’t be there all the time even if he wants to.
So, I feel like he would like someone that can handle responsibilities without his help.
Tumblr media
II. Additional Info
So, I won’t be going as in-depth with this spread, but I’ll still explain. My intention with this pile was to see what information I could get whether it be supporting what sort of personality he may like or would compliment him well.
Queen of Pentacles | Ten of Pentacles | Knight of Pentacles | Four of Pentacles | The Empress (I'm looking back on this reading - wow all the Pentacles...)
Holy crap look at all the Pentacles. I guess some Earth energy would work with him or- let’s just get into the Queen. To me, the Queen of Pentacles looks like a gentle and nurturing individual. So, this really adds onto the fact that Jin may like someone who has this kind of personality (and be his queen - sorry I’ll stop). I also get someone that may be good at managing money and doesn’t spend on non-essentials (well not the type to waste money on unnecessary things). Of course it’s okay to treat yourself. But, he may like someone who saves their money. The reason why I say this is because she’s holding that coin. However, I can also see that she can be protective of what see values. Which it can be money, but it can also be family. Isn’t family valuable? Okay, maybe don’t answer that since I know some people don’t have great family situations…
The reason why I get family is because of the Ten of Pentacles. When I saw this, I was like...why am I not surprised? I also feel like this card signifies that he would like someone that he can imagine starting a family with (which I mean he’s getting to his 30s not to say he’s old, but I mean he may want a family? Kids?). So, I feel like he would like someone who can be “wifey material”.
Next, I’m sad to say but I had to look up what the Knight and Four of Pentacles are. I think at this point, my brain wasn’t processing and I was overthinking it. In summary, the Knight is all about hard work and productivity.
The Four of Pentacles is all about security and saving money… (DEJA VU). I swear to god how...Okay, I guess this really adds onto the fact that he may like someone who can manage finances. I also get the vibe that he doesn’t mind someone career-oriented. As long as they can be a family person. I mean he could like a housewife (some men do if they want a wife). The thing is, I don’t think he would make his significant other do all the housework. Like, I get the vibe that Jin would help clean and even cook. Of course, he would like his significant other to cook, but it’s like taking turns almost.
Lastly, I swear I didn’t choose the Empress. It jumped out. I started laughing just to see the Empress being the last card again. Anyways, I feel like it really is pointing out that he would like some feminine, mature, and nurturing. Need I say more?
Tumblr media
III. Potential Zodiac Matches
Fire | Taurus
So, I had to look up Jin’s alleged birth chart to see how very true this is. Anyways, as you can see I got Fire and Taurus. The Taurus is not surprising because all of those Pentacles. The Fire, well...I wasn’t sure.
Side note: maybe the reason why I kept thinking Capricorn is because he has like 3 Capricorn in his chart. Whoops maybe the corporate thing was me talking about him…
So, when it comes to compatibility, I wanted to just focus on his Sun, Venus, and Mars. I’m not the best when it comes to reading astrology charts so forgive me. His Sun is Sagittarius and the best compatible signs are Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.
His Venus sign is Capricorn so some of the most compatible signs are Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, and Pisces.
His Mars is in Cancer, so Taurus, Pisces, and Scorpio.
Huh, I guess now my cards make sense. Like I said, I’m not the best when it comes to determining astrological compatibility. These are just potential signs and I only took a look at 3 signs in his chart. I want to add that when I think of Taurus, I think of the trait “domestic” which in a way makes sense. He may want a domestic partner and that may be the type of person that can compliment him well.
I also want to add, remember how I talked about the 7 of Cups reminded me of a dreamer. He could like someone with some Pisces in their chart...so I guess everything comes into full circle. Now that being said. Will he end up with someone with these exact signs?
I have no idea since I’m just looking at what type of person he may like what kind of person would compliment him well romantically. Plus the thing with ideal types is that you’re not 100% going to end up with someone like that. People’s preferences change as well. This is something I read for Jin currently and his preference could change and he could end up with a different type of person.
Tumblr media
IV. Messages for Jin from the Spirit Animals Oracle
The intention for this section is just do some messages for Jin in general.
Porcupine - "Time for a Beginner Mind" | Butterfly - "Transformation is Beautiful" | Canary - "Sing your own Song"
I can’t say if I’m 100% correct. The way I read cards is like a story from left to right (sorry I know some works are read right to left but I’m really American ^-^;;).
The thing with the beginner mind, it’s essentially saying to take a step back and think from a different perspective of the perspective of a “beginner”. It gives me the vibe of giving yourself the luxury of thinking about something in a naive way (as if you don’t know what kind repercussions…). Anyways, I don’t know where I was going with that one.
Moving on with the Butterfly Spirit. It’s like that reassurance that it’s okay to change and that change is positive (which is true - change can be good and sometimes needed).
Lastly, we have the Canary saying to “sing your own song”. So, to me it seems like maybe Jin is holding back. I don’t know what he’s holding back. It’s almost like he wants something, but has to bite his tongue. Another thing is if he wants to say something, he can’t because of some sort of backlash.
So, in a way the Porcupine Spirit is like, hey take a look at the situation from a different perspective than you normally would. I feel like the potential situation could be opposing views or something. Like he alone, could have certain opinions while everyone else would say it’s wrong? So, it could be that he’s starting to believe what other people tell him, but the Porcupine could be saying to not look at things traditionally. But, the Butterfly and Canary are reassurance that change is okay and that it’s okay to have his own opinions? Like I said, I’m not sure what the exact situation he may be facing...so I’m trying to keep things general.
Tumblr media
V. More Messages for Jin from the Animal Messages Deck
Fox - "Your sharpened senses allow you to see the actions of others" | Hare - "Discernment before a passionate encounter leads to the Magic of Love" | Owl - "Seek out deeper knowledge to see through Deception" |
So, this one I poured the most intent as advice because yeah. I usually use this deck as advice cards.
To be honest, I find it ironic because all three cards have to deal with judging people well. What I mean is being able to discern who is actually real and who’s acting fake (not judging someone for how they look). So, in general...I feel like these three cards are just warnings to Jin to watch out for people deceiving him. He needs to be able to tell who’s actually a friend or who may be using him for his fame and money. I’m not saying he’s in this situation. It could just be a warning for the future. We also have the Hare touching on love. So, I guess that vibe I had with the Four of Cups makes sense now. The way I see this Hare is that he needs to be able to tell when he dates someone, if they are dating him because they love him or if they’re just using him. The card does say discernment before a passionate encounter will lead to the magic of love. I’d like to take this as a warning so that he doesn’t end up with someone who’ll hurt him. The rest of the cards follow the same theme just platonically - potential friends.
I just want to thank everyone that decided to stick around. You guys are more than welcome to let me know your own interpretations of the cards. (Sorry for the repost - I'm changing the way I posted my old readings)
☽ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ☾
❤~ Nabi ☆ Luna
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Bts future spouse short ( all )
*don’t take astrology seriously in this reading cause it could be the energy or the sign in their sun moon rising - birthday chart *
Jungkook : fire and earth sign ( Taurus strong ) they might have capricorn in their birth chart. Very fruity, spicy and sneaky. Very feminine. very clever, a person who like to use what they have and use that thing to achieve what they want in their life purpose, they’re not a person who like to spend money on bullshit things, and they hate to use their friends/ partner money. They good at saving money. They want to start a new journey and when they step on their new journey they want to meet their tw. So im seeing that rn they could doing some witchy shit, manifesting someone ( they not manifest a specific person, they be like “god, is me again, please send me a mf next month, i need one” but lil did they know the person they manifest is Jeon the mother fucker Jungkook.
Jhope : his fs is a water sign or a air sign ( blue is significant ). A person have lots of confidence ( leo could be their sun or moon or in their birth chart ) and very passionate, also a genius and very smart ( Rm energy ayee ). They could be a singer or someone really good with communication. They are a person that think before they speak/do something. When they say they want to do something they will def do with passion and never leave the project unfinished. Hard worker.
taehyung : air and water sign ( strong libra and scorpio ), the person like to build a strong friendship with taehyung when they first meet, they like things to go slow and strong ( taurus energy ), they want to balance things about them and taehyung cause they want everything to be in place. This is a karmic relationship, they have something in their past life that’s now affecting his fs but not him, but soon when they meet the past life karma will affect both of them. The karma might affect his fs rn ( in a bad way ) but they still have faith in love/life/career whatever they’re focus on rn. They have patience and will be having a big transformation in their life soon ( abundance/ opportunities that change their life/.....). They come from a wealthy family, or when Taehyung and his fs work together, they will make a lot of money. I think because of love, his fs decided to keep going. After being friends with Taehyung they will shift their focus back to work, they only cares about love because its like a motivation for them to reach their goals ( is their career ). So im seeing that Taehyung might be a bit down mood, he meet that person, he find them attractive, he want to know them more, then both of them decide to built a bond. Not like his fs Taehyung slowly fall in love with them but his fs is not romantically attractive to him cause yall they’re focus on their career. So yeh It might take some times for him to make his fs fall in love with him but at the end it will work.
Rm : red/purple mixed blue is significant, confident and smart leo and they could have capricorn in their birth chart. A mystery type of person, wealthy and they can own lots of expensive things. They are the type that, see it, will think about it, and then nah im not gonna do it lmao. They could have a very bad past ? I mean people made mistakes right ? But this person find its hard to move on from the past and now it’s triggered them so much. I think when they decide to move on, clear their mind, shove all the negative energy away, that is when universe will let them meet Rm.
Yoongi : a hot stubborn taurus, have a very creative mind, beautiful soul, they’re spiritual and could be psychic, they protected by angels and ancestors. Their psychic ability is insane , right now im seeing angels are sending both yoongi and his fs signs and messages to let them know that they almost meet their partner so they have to be prepare cause boy when that time has come the universe will pushed both of them ( its like a big force that will hit you and make you decide to do something/ say something/ bla bla bla ). Yoongi have less spiritual abilities than his fs so he wont recognize and know shits, but his fs can sense that damn something is comming and im better be prepare. they confident about their body, being very balanced and know how to use and save money in the right way. They have this goddess energy, idk why, but they very powerful, their aura, their charisma. Well shit yoongi is the only person in the group have the biggest age gap, its not like 20 years but more like a lil bit over 10 years ( the relationship is like momo and heechul ) now ion want to hear yall saying that i give hopes to delusional girls/guys or sum but it is true that yoongi future spouse is younger than him 💀 but they have an old ass soul.
Jimin : earth and fire sign ( leo strong ), they might have aquarius in their birth chart. This person usually know a lot of stuff, but they will act dump so most of the mfs around them though they’re actually stupid, but they’re not. Also Jimin fs is fruity and sneaky. They really smart and they not that type that will show off their intelligence. They could have pretty big age gaps, but not like yoongi, yoongi is like big big, jimin age gap will his fs could be from 3-5 or 7 years ( younger or older ). A drama queen. Maybe They will meet when mercury retrograde. Jimin and his fs is like a chaotic bastard duo. That person prob hate Jimin cause when they married Jimin want to have a sexy night with them and they be like “bitch im not gonna let you slide that thing to my butt”
Jin : fire sign ( strong leo ), very very confident and passionate just like jin, they confident about their body, no insecurities. Well they might have but i dont see it in the reading. Could be an introvert, a bit shy/quiet, intimidating as fuck. Jin life change completely when that person appears in his life, they change him a lot ( not his personality ofc ). Sneaky, like to tease Jin. they have rbf. Well dayum they has been through a lot and it’s awful, they prob an overthinker.
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geminitarotmagick · 3 months ago
In light of BTS announcing their hiatus today, I'm going to be releasing readings on each member of BTS, their thoughts on this, and what they want to do going forward with their solo music.
Let me know if you want to be tagged in the other member’s readings!
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eristarot · 10 months ago
BTS Maknae Line December Reading
*Current energy for the rest of the month. Remember energies change with choices so this could always change tomorrow or next week. It’s just insight into current energy.*
Jimin: He is currently feeling like he’s going to fall off a cliff. Not in a dangerous way. He still feels the rush of the concerts and he’s feeling a lot more confident and optimistic because of it. It’s like he’s reaching into this pool of good energy from army and he feels refreshed and full of hope and light and love. It’s funny the girl in the image of this card is holding a purple crystal and it seems very fitting. 
He’s in a mood to try new things but not too risky. He’s still holding on firmly to safe, stable ground so I don’t think he’s going to do anything too out of his comfort zone this month. His trip to LA felt wild enough and it gave him a renewed sense of purpose and love. 
Later on his energy will shift to that of recklessness. This card could warn of a betrayal but it feels more like Jimin will be doing something sneaky himself. Someone might snitch on him though lol. Nothing illegal or crazy bad just something he should be careful about. Based on the imagery he might want to get away from the city for a bit or maybe he might find an excuse to get out of work but someone will be disappointed and he’ll kind of just laugh it off. Not a big deal. Think like calling in sick for work but not actually being sick just wanting the day off. Not morally great but it’s not a big deal in a grand scheme of things. This is the kind of energy I'm getting. 
Towards the end of the month he’ll be very much brainstorming. Lots of creativity in regards to himself. Crunching numbers. He might change something about his appearance. Surgery, haircut, piercing, or just confidence in his appearance overall could be something on his mind. Might start to worry about aging. 
Overall energy for the month is very confident and a lot of swagger. He feels very pumped up and cool. He should just be careful about a potential fake friend. 
Cards: The Fool, Seven of Swords, and Ace of Swords. Bottom of the deck is the King of Wands. 
Tumblr media
Taehyung: He currently feels so excited. So happy. Having lots of fun and laughing comes easy to him these days. Might feel like he needs a haircut or perhaps wants to dye his hair soon. Half and half colors are a possibility but I'm not entirely convinced he’d go for it. 
He feels a lot of love in his heart and just feels very strong and able. His energy feels very balanced he’s just very giddy. I keep hearing him giggle. He’s laughing at the smallest things. A lot of this is from seeing army and just having fun in LA. He's been feeling trapped in Korea for a little too long and it was driving him crazy. Having this opportunity has made him feel very good and grateful. He thrives when he travels and gets to explore life outside of the normal work routine in Korea so he’s just very happy to be able to do so again.
December will shift him into an even brighter energy. He feels amazing. He feels like an idol again but in a really great light. He’s really appreciative of army and their light and love for him that it makes him really sentimental and proud. This month he’s going to hold on tight and want to be close to armys and give him inspiration on days when he’s feeling low. Perhaps his personal life is going through some bumps but he’s feeling very motivated to keep going and keep his head high. I keep hearing “because of army.” Awww .
Towards the end of the month and the year, he’ll be moving into a spiritual enlightenment that allows him to grow even more than he already has in terms of self acceptance. He is going to really embrace himself and his own opinion. Likely to give himself a little pep talk to stop worrying so much about what others say about him because he knows what’s the truth and that’s all that should matter to him. 
Overall energy for the month is The Devil, so he is likely going through a tough time with something in his personal life or perhaps in terms of his own view of himself but it’s a low energy that will be constantly battled with positive affirmations and spiritual work that allows him to set himself free of this negativity. The negativity could be regarding love or a certain friendship but he’s going to move past it fairly easily because he’ll have the right positive mentally to reassure himself and move on. 
Cards: Strength, The Star, and Judgement. Bottom of the deck is The Devil. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook: Party, party yeaaaah! Physically, he's likely to feel very tired and out of it. Probably falling asleep when no one is paying attention to him but at the same time he feels so freaking excited. He’s still of a concert high and he wants to keep singing and dancing and moving. A LOT of energy ready to be released. He feels so good and is likely listening to a lot of music and dancing in his room. Practicing his moves and wanting to do another concert literally tomorrow. 
He doesn't want to sit still, although I do get that he’s currently very sleepy still and jet lag is going to hit him hard. He’s just so full of passion that he needs to find a way to let it out. His energy is going to shift to one of slightly calmer but still a lot of energy. 
I just started hearing that Dwayne Johnson song lmao. It’s about drive! It’s about power! We stay hungry we devour-
He’s going to be practicing a lot. He really wants to focus on his dancing and performances overall. He wants to up his stamina and his cardio. Might be a little too aware of his tummy and want to work on his abs. He still feels good and confident but he might focus on toning. 
“I’ve gotten out of shape. I’ve gotten too comfortable.” He might work on some kind of elaborate choreo of some kind but I’m not sure. It could also just be honing in on a hobby of his that he eventually wants to master and show army. 
The end of the month/year will be very hard for him. He’ll be very pessimistic regarding something in his personal life and he’ll feel disappointed and frustrated with how it’s going. He’s been trying really hard to make the best of this situation but he’ll feel like the fates are just out to get him with this particular situation. 
It’s something, however, that will begin a new transformation for him and steer him in the right direction. The overall energy for him this month is a lot of love and positivity. He’s likely to smile a lot this month and listen to love songs on repeat if not write some of his own. Hearing the word “poem.” He’ll express a lot of self-love and work on his insecurities. A lot of trust in his friends and loved ones. 
Cards: Knight of Wands, Page of Wands, and the Tower. Bottom of the deck is The Lovers.
Tumblr media
The Hyung Line December reading is here 
Let me know what you guys think :) Remember tarot is based off of current energies so this could always change as their choices are made day by day. 
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bellestarot · 4 months ago
Disclaimer: My readings are not set in stone. This is supposed to be fun as it is for me and I hope for you too.
Jin's Reading
june 06, 2022
Tumblr media
Right Now
He's working hard, but his heart is broken. I don't think it was a very recent breakup, but it still hurts a lot. So he's remembering and regretting everything that happened between him and this person until the end. He thought they would last, would get married and have children, but it didn't work out.
This person was probably not as "loyal" to him as he was to them, or as he expected them to be. So this person could be with Jin, but at the same time showing interest to other people. I don't think there was a cheating, but this person definitely didn't see what they had as a serious relationship.
Love Life
Even though he's hurt, he still cares a lot for this person and loves them, so he's not ok to be in a new relationship. But a lot of people are interested in him (obviously because he is gorgeous), and even with so many people wanting him, he's not in the mood right now because he's still getting over the breakup.
He's still trying to get to know himself better, he feels that he doesn't know how he should feel in certain situations, so he's taking some time to be alone and reflect about himself.
He will get through this, but right now he's not feeling well.
Working with a women figure, this person may be helping Jin with how he should manage his own money, helping with finances. 
He doesn't seem to like being around a lot of people, I think he wants to be alone. He's not in the mood to be in get-togethers or in a group. Not related to the group, but it's just wanting to be alone.
There are opportunities for him and he's analyzing them, I think he is interested in working with other people, it could be related to the music industry. I think he wants to explore more his artistic side. He can be in contact with a person that he admires in the industry.
He might be in touch with a water sign, someone he works with and he really likes this person.
He's physically exhausted.
His dad can be very tired... i don't know if it's an health issues, but he's not doing very well right now. Doesn't seem to be open to accept help, he's like,"I don't need that, I'll be fine," that kind of thing. That's really worrying Jin because he wants to help with whatever it takes, but his dad may be too stubborn.
He feels intimidated by a guy in the family. He feels that nothing he does, this person really values or is proud of him... as if never it's enough to this person. He must even compare himself to them quite a bit.
Also his mother may not be doing very well psychologically, she may have been through a lot.
He can help his parents financially, there's help being done here.
He has a friend who is going through legal problems. I don't know exactly what kind of situation this person is in, but it is something that basically changed their life in a negative way. This person may have done something and now they're being judged, or having to prove something. It is very confusing.
In general he seems to have friendships with people in the industry, and he enjoys these friendships.
There's  a friend that he may have had a fight with recently. This person can be very manipulative at times, not very nice. It is a friend that he likes. This person can be a water sign or a capricorn. He also has a friendship with a woman.
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syubub · a year ago
BTS cuddle habits
Hi guys! I wanted to have a fun little silly read on what their cuddle habits are! It's cute and light and soft so I thought it might be nice!
Disclaimer: this is entertainment only and not to be taken as fact. This is only my interpretation!
Oki let's begin
Tumblr media
The first thing I thought of when I saw this is that he's not a strong grip cuddle kinda guy
He's more of the "if you're there and need cuddles I'll do it I guess" kinda guy
I think too he's very vigilant and whomever he is cuddling he is very aware of how to maximize the other person's comfort?
Like it almost seems for him, he'd be fine without cuddles
It's just not important to him as much as it is for others
But he knows that some people feel good when they get cuddles
All this to say
He doesn't preticularly seek out cuddles and prefers to be the one doing the cuddling
He knows that it's a way to give others comfort
It's definitely a low energy kinda thing for him too
I think any kinda pseudo cuddle would be preferable
Like, "I'm laying next to you and tapping your head, does that count"
It's a way to show comfort and to show that he's there for the person.
Definitely takes that time to learn more about why the person might be sad or in need of cuddles
It's a perfect time to talk it out
Definitely platonic cuddles wouldn't faze him at all
Very comforting
He'd give advice if needed or prompted
Wouldn't particularly tangle himself up with the other person
More like comforting "I'm here for you" back rubs and taps
Playing with hair
Tumblr media
Yoongi no
He's definitely more cuddly with his s.o than he his with friends
His cuddle style is very balanced
Probably likes to mirror his cuddle buddy
So like, facing each other
Probably holding hands
Also spooning and he'd be down for little spoon or big spoon depending on how he's feeling
Let me get a bit honest here
Cuddling for yoon is like holding the entire world
Sounds dramatic lol
It's a super intimate thing to share personal space like that
Even more than sex for him because the only objective is comfort and holding space for him and his person
Kinda. Intimacy in any form that it takes is really special and intense for him when it regards someone he truly cares for
This is about cuddles and not about how yoongi regards the act of bumping uglies
Platonic cuddles are a little less... wanted for him
Not that he hates it or anything. He just likes his space and would actively search for platonic cuddles often if every (if he knew a more physically affectionate person really needed to be held and comforted he wouldn't mind providing that but its just not something he typically looks for)
Because the thought of sharing such close personal space with someone is quite.. daunting? He feels a bit flustered
This is all heavily focused on yoongi preferring to have his cuddles with the people that he has the utmost respect for and trusts with his life
Definitely most comfortable with a romantic partner though
Definitely would love to have his hair played with and would reciprocate the favor
When things get rough in his head I think he would prefer to be held
Or like
I heard "held together"
Oof yoobi
Overall it's seems to be an act of trust and love and respect and anyone who gets a yoongi cuddle should feel honored
You guys
Just look at this cards
Tumblr media
Hobi Is definitely an enthusiastic cuddle buddy
Probs prefers to hold the other person
Definitely loves platonic cuddles all the way
Very much physical affection
Also very light and fun and giggly
Like, yoons is a more emotionally heavy feel
But hobis is so light and fun and recharging
It's not the destination
Like its not an event to have cuddles for him
It's almost as natural and fluid as just going in for a hug?
It's a continuation of a hug
Hobi snuggles more than cuddles?
Like any burst of affection he just goes in for a snuggle squeeze
I think as a human his body temperature is just always warm too
Versatile cuddles
Kinda octopus-esque
Can be kinda like a quick little battery charge for him
A good solid hobi cuddle would be like transporting to a new world where there are no worries
Very nice and secure
Would probably like sunshine cuddles or outdoor cuddles (without bugs)
I think sometimes he just likes to share his space with other people
Very warm friendly lovely I love it
Tumblr media
Talk about tension release lol
Cuddles for him aren't something he seeks out often but when he does...
It's like taking the cap off of a soda
Definitely a daydream type
Idk why but I think he cuddles himself? Like when he's super stressed
He probably hugs himself
Or maybe he has a weighted blanket?
He definitely has a calm way to sooth himself
But with other people
I think he likes more mellow, soft type cuddles
Definitely a repetitive movement type of person
Like gently tapping/patting or making shapes
I can't tell of he would like that or if that's what he does
Probably drifts to sleep if cuddling for a longer time lol
It's very seren and lovely energy tbh
A sleepy morning type of cuddle would probably help him calmly sort his thoughts and plans for the day
Just time to exist
Platonic cuddles y e s
Like I said, it wouldn't be something that I would see him searching for often at all
But its very helpful for him when he does
This makes me think of one time I went to a park with my friend
we found a nice patch of soft grass and had a nice little cuddle just existing in each others presence and feeling a nice soft breeze bring in the sweet summer smell
It was just kinda like time stopped and I could daydream and look at my priorities without feeling overwhelmed by them??
Like having a person physically with you to anchor you to reality and provide comfort
Idk it's just such a nice lovely type of thing that is really special when those moments come around
Tumblr media
Definitely loves cuddles
We know this
But this is really sweet
It's very emotionally fulfilling and I think it's an easy way for him to show his love and appreciation for someone
This sounds dumb but I think he physically tries to morph his body to other people?
Like cling film?
It's really cute?
Tbh any kinds of cuddle is a good cuddle for chim
I think physical touch just in general is really important for him
cuddles make him feel loved bc sometimes he needs to be reminded
Definitely will cuddle or be cuddled
With the 8 of wands I think he just kinda goes with the flow really
The ace of cups makes me almost see it as an exchange of energy?
Like swapping good vibes or recharging your good vibes
It's really sweet
I bet he'd be the type to make it a special event on occasion
Like all the blankets and pillows and a movie or book or album or something
And just be comfy
Comfy is the best way to describe this
10000% platonic cuddles
No one is spared
(Some are spared)
It's not like he's attached to them or needs them to breath
But physical touch is really important for him
And this is very optimal
I also think he'd be the type to go for drive by cuddles?
The 8 of wands can be a fast card so
Quick cuddles
Little snuggles
V good
wouldn't mind face to face cuddles at all
like a freshly washed blanket that's all warm and smells nice
Tumblr media
It was hard enough trying to interpret normal cards and you throw me this shit??
Here we go
It's definitely a mental resting point to have some good cuddles
Tae can be quite a physical person too so it doesn't suprise me to see
It almost feels solitary?
But not physically obviously
Kinda like joon he really benefits from having a reality anchor
He might be physically resting
And his mind is resting too
It's like he fucking Astral projects or some shit
Hear me out
It's like having a safe and comfortable environment being with someone you trust
He just kinda
Lifts up??
Like this might seem like daydreams to him but it's like... the Astral?
Lol definitely unexpected
It's not like this everytime
He benefits from cuddles when he is having a hard time and needs comfort
Also just because it's something that he finds relaxing
But like, let me explain
Death is like letting go of attachments
Four of swords can be like meditation
Wheel of fortune can be like opportunity or destiny?
And like, we all know tae has his angel and stuff
I think maybe his angel or guides or whatever take any opportunity where he is in a good enough state to just... yank him up to them??
But think about it
If he's comfortable and in a mental state where this is possible, it would be the perfect opportunity??
I want to expand on this later maybe
It doesn't exclusively happen when he's cuddling its just a time where his mind is open to it?
Also yes platonic cuddles yes yes yes
Wtf tae?
Tumblr media
These are all the cards that came out and all of them are relevant apparently
Firstly let's look at that lovers card and the magician
He's definitely down for a good cuddle and it's a sign of trust for him
Having a nice restful time where he can idly chat with someone probably helps him work through situations in his head
The magician can signify a powerful man...
I think he really enjoys being held and like, holding people tightly
Like it feels more secure like that
Definitely a release of stress and worry
Probably prefers cuddles more in the evening after he's worked hard and done stuff bc then he feels like he's earned the right to relax
Definitely down for platonic cuddles but with people he knows super well
This might sound weird but
I bet if the chance to cuddle arrives and it's not a suprise like "hey come here and cuddle" kinda thing he'd prepare
Like if there was a movie night and he knows it's gonna be nice and comfy he'd probably wear his favorite hoodie or shirt or whatever and pjs or sweatpants or whatever
Whip out the nice body butter
Some good smells
Fresh fabric softener smells
In a 100% not creepy and very platonic way
That sounds sarcastic but its not
Its called self care
Would also be the type to seek out cuddles if he has a bad day
Like the kind to flop down beside someone or put his head in their lap and just non verbally demand cuddles?
Like, have you ever been super frustrated and you just need someone to pet your hair? Or like hold you bc your working out your own shit internally?
It probably doesn't happen often and not when something really big is bothering him
Just smaller things
Would like repetitive motions/soothing motions
The six of swords make me think soft rocking would put him directly to sleep lol
Kinda like cars too
Very nice very nice
This was intresting and I didn't really know what it would be like but I didn't think it would be this lol tae was unexpected
Who are you guys most like? I think I'm maybe part jungkook and part yoongi? I'm not the most touchy feely person with friends but I am a lot more with partners. Jungkookie style cuddles is me when I'm around people that I've know for forever and are really good friends. Pull out good blankets, clothes, candles ect. Anything for optimal comfort. Joon style cuddles definitely sound like the most relaxing thing in the planet and makes me a bit nostalgic
Tumblr media
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tarotbts · 6 months ago
Hi it's me again😅🤭 How many children will Jin have? And their gender? Thank u🕊️
hey thanks for asking, glad you're back again❤️
Jin will only have one child and it will be a boy.
Unfortunately, Jin's son may feel lonely as an only child so Jin will adopt several animals for his son so Jin will be a pet daddy too lol.
Tumblr media
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chemicalpink · 8 months ago
・❥・ ideal date ・❥・ tarot + astrodice | Kim Seokjin
disclaimer: this reading is based on my experience and knowledge of astrology, it is not meant to be the absolute truth, as bts are real people, and astrology can only capture so much about multidimensional humans that have had past experiences and cultural approaches amongst other things, it does not have to resonate with you since this is in no way related to anyone reading it (unless you are a member of bts in which case, get out of here lol ) this is just for entertainment purposes. remember that tarot as a form of divination only allows us to read current energy and as time advances it becomes less accurate, so it basically reads up to a 6 months period of time
a/n: sorry this is taking longer, I've been sad , anyways here's to my taejin’s birthday roast
masterlist. tarot masterlist. astrology masterlist.
Listen- LISTEN my man is one to have the highest standards for dates okay we low key feeling it. This man wants everything to go as planned. An ideal setting isn’t as important as it is that everything is under control in a very Seokjin-chilled way, classically over the top but just enough for him to feel comfortable with whatever it is he is doing with his partner (9oP) He’s also got stars in his eyes ngl, like a kid in Christmas days, he’s very… amused with his idea of a perfect date, he wants to be surprised, to have fun, to feel like time isn’t passing at all when in reality it’s been hours, that sort of thing, there’s a theme when it comes to Seokjin’s ideals and its all about letting go and setting himself free without much care for what comes next and that’s something that has to be in his ideal date (the fool rx) my man just wants to experience a teenage rush when it comes to dates, ideal date? A little white lie in order to get out of some schedule and live a little with his partner, not really thinking about the what-ifs or the implications of it and just enjoying the moment. (justice rx)
Now Pisces Neptune 7th on astrodice could give us a little bit of an insight on places I`d say… a dreamy quick escapade somewhere near the beach, that might start with dinner and end up with a romantic night wrapped around each other.
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thed4rkhand · a year ago
kpop Astrology -
Park Jimin’s chart pt1 
Kim Namjoon’s moon 
Kim Taehyung chart and its oppositions 
Kim Taehyung and his nakshatra analysis 
Jeon Jungkook’s chart pt1
Kim Namjoon’s venus and mars
Min yoongi’s chart pt 1
Transit reading on Jung Hoseok (i’ll update with this with a date when i do it)
Kim Seokjin army enlistment 
BTS’ spouse career 
kpop Tarot -
What are their current energies?
Inside the makings of Butter
Jeon Jungkook’s current energy (06/06/21)
Tarot Pick A Card-
what your future spouse thinks of you?
Your future spouse’s personality
what do your spirit guides want to tell you?
what are your dreams trying to tell you?
Predictions for the next month
unexpected events coming your way
Advice for 2022
more coming soon
Learning Tarot- 
A beginners guide to tarot pt 1
A beginners guide to tarot pt 2
A beginners guide to tarot pt 3
General astrology posts-
nakshatras and appearance pt1
nakshatras and behaviours pt 1
vedic astrology observations pt 1
vedic astrology observations pt 2
vedic astrology observations pt3
moon in the signs 
planets through the first house
Learning Vedic Astrology -
Finding your life path
learning astrology, tips and resources 
nakshatras and divisional charts
Karakamsha lagna
Learning about Nakshataras pt2
Guide 1 to basic astrology 
Guide 2 to basic astrology 
Guide 3 to basic astrology
venus conjunct juno in capricorn
2' aries for mars placements
fame indications
jupiter-venus-mars conjunction in the 11th house
rahu conjunct your parents' ketu
Generate your own chart and Analyse with tips here at - 
Magick and witchcraft
Spell for physical manifestations
No ingredient on the go spell
Manifesting Things and Laws
The Egg Theory 
Mental Diets
Guidelines and information regarding getting your chart or tarot read.
Guidelines and personal chart reading information
Other than this, feel free to contact me for anything and everything! 
loads of love and take care guys!
Current game status : 2022 predictions (closed)
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redscharms · 3 months ago
Can you do an energy check up on each BTS member? In light of all that has happened this week.
I'm not aware of what is happening currently with the band, so I'll do a very quick reading (aso because there are many of them and I'm feeling sleepy 👉👈).
Part 1
With the Five of Swords card as the first card to jump out the energy of the reading is very... uneasy.
He might feel like someone stabbed him in the back but the feelings are very contradictory.
There's something he's really not happy about but he sees that there's a different opportunity waiting for him despite everything that is happening (Two of Pentacles).
He seems to like the general idea of the nee opportunity but it looks like he also sees that it might be not as good as the one he had before.
There's something he was very passionate about and wanted to get to work out his way and he seems to be a bit bitter about the outcome.
But despite all the unpleasant feelings, he still seems to be very optimistic about his near future and is eager to try something new (Page of Wands).
With the Queen of Swords I see a man who is ready to set some healthy, much needed boundaries.
He seems to be very tired, the Three of Swords card feels like an emotional burden that he wants to take care of before it eats him from the inside.
He's ready to focus on himself and work on things he's been ignoring for a while (combination of the Three of Swords and Eight of Pentacles).
Four of Swords and The Hermit came out together.
.... are they going on a hiatus??? It feels like they're drifting apart...
Wait a second.
I had to go and do a quick Google search
Tumblr media
Now it makes sense.
And the third card refused to come out.
It feels like Suga will be taking an actual break from the public eye. I don't know if the fans can expect from him projects any time soon.
He will probably get some much needed rest and go offline for a while.
I wonder if he'll be working on some of his projects behind the scenes without officially making statements about it but judging by the cards, he will be enjoying his life without thinking about work.
It feels like "for once in my life I want to stop worrying about it"
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indigosden · a year ago
bts as parents 2.0
Tumblr media
here’s part II of the dad!bts reading and i apologise for taking so long!
how he would react to his s/o telling him they’re expecting:
↠ the emperor, knight of wands, king of pentacles, the chariot
with the major arcanas i feel like it’ll be a VERY big news
don’t come for me
but i feel like it’ll happen soon/it’s happening 😳
no but fr though i feel like they’ll be expect a baby soon after his marriage news
it’ll happen really quickly
in fact i think he’ll be the first to have a kid out of all the boys
i know this is less of his reaction and more of like news and stuff
but tbh i think his higher self + spirit guides are kinda protective of this information
it’ll most likely happen during taurus session/his kid will be a taurus
what kind of dad he’ll be:
↠ 10 of pentacles, the sun, judgement, queen of wands
AW first of all his definitely the type of dad to bring flowers for his children
very excitable parent and extremely family oriented
something about sunflowers so i think that’ll be his go to gift or something like that
i think he’ll be SO proud of his kids like damn, every little achievement, he’ll start documenting it for the entire world
so endearing honestly
how many children will he have:
↠ 2 of cups
either 2 or 4
there might be a set of twins !!
Tumblr media
how he would react to his s/o telling him they’re expecting:
↠ 9 of swords, 3 of wands, 2 of cups, strength
so i’m actually quite surprised
you’d expect him to be the most excited out of all the boys? ig?
but i think he’d actually be kinda stressed like
he’d play it off real cool in front of his s/o but he’d actually be quite nervous and stressed
i think he’s afraid he’d fucked up and that’s why he’d be overthinking x927328
but it’d only be for a short period
after he’s figure things out, he’d actually be looking forward to it and it’s almost like he’s.. uh proud? iykyk 😏 LOL
but yeah i think them expecting a child will open up much deeper and meaningful conversations between him and his s/o
what kind of dad he’ll be:
↠ 9 of cups, king of pentacles, the moon, the fool
no doubt lol.
ok but fr, i sense a bit of emotional distant
don’t get me wrong i KNOW he’d love the shit out of them but i think he’d be kind of a strict dad
very stern looking?
but he’d spoil them so much like SO MUCH
i think he’s kids will find him kind of mysterious, like how most of us don’t know what our dad does for a living LMAO
freedom and openness is something that his kids will learn from a very young age
he truly encourage the freedom of exploring/open mindedness
how many children will he have:
↠ 5 of cups
between 3-5
Tumblr media
how he would react to his s/o telling him they’re expecting:
↠ the moon, 9 of cups, knight of pentacles, justice
i think he’d be careful and mysterious about it
SO careful
like first of all i don’t think he’d announce it, at least not while the baby is still unborn i feel
i think he’s afraid of his s/o being yoo stressed out about the attention and i think he also likes being private about it
he’d be so attentive and bring whatever his s/o wants to them
so so sweet and patient
he’d try to be the balance and support his s/o needs as much as he can and do everything for them
me: tears in my eyes
what kind of dad he’ll be:
↠ temperance, ace of cups, ace of wands, queen of pentacles
im really not kidding when i say tears in my eyes
he’s such a good person
i think his love for his kid(s) will be the purest form of love
i see a lot of whites
you know how people say every parent has favourites, nahhh not jungkook mans will literally be the type of parent to not play favourites
and he’ll remind them how his love for them is equal
also definitely the type to give them whatever they want
SUPER nurturing
i feel like he’d be the primary caretaker of them?
almost like maybe his s/o is the one out working and he stays at home to take care of his kids at some point
or could be that they end up separating,,,, don’t yell at me pls
will sign up for lessons and make sure that he’s doing the best
how many children will he have:
↠ king of pentacles
(could have more with someone else after separating with his s/o)
Tumblr media
hyung line reading
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bluemoonpunch · a year ago
⭐ A Past Life of Kim Namjoon - Oracle/Tarot Reading
Tumblr media
[A view of a Past Life of Kim Namjoon, born September 12, 1994 — Virgo. The Past Life Reading is an intuitive and channeled reading that pinpoints the most prominent past life that is currently influencing an individual’s current incarnation. For this reading, I use six decks: the Rider-Waite Tarot, Tarotwave Tarot, Moonology Oracle, Wisdom of The Oracle, The Spirit Animal Oracle, and the Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle deck. This reading lasted 4 hours.]
Reading Performed: August 16, 2021
Original Post Date: August 19, 2021
CW: There are discussions and descriptions of suicide in this reading.
Tumblr media
There’s quite a lot to get into with this one as it has been well over a year since I last did a reading for Namjoon, two years since I did a big, in-depth reading for him. First, as usual, I wanted to start with really feeling into his core energy and seeing what kind of visuals I could get of his inner world and a lot came through.
In case you’ve forgotten, the last time I really got a good picture of Namjoon’s inner world, a visual reflection of his core state, it was something like a wide-open field, lots of grass, lots of green, but everything, the sun, was so bright that you could hardly make out what you were really looking at. It was very dreamy and peaceful. Now, it’s much different. There is still grass and green, but it’s much duller now, the light is nearly gone, and it’s almost as if there has been a big storm or even a flood as the ground itself is so soft it feels like you’re sinking into it as you stand there.
The world itself feels small and once I got more settled into the space, it started to look like I was standing inside of a fishbowl, glass walls curving up and around toward a large opening overhead, the space being no more than ten or twelve feet in diameter. Namjoon was standing in the middle, sunken into the ground up to his knees, head craned back and staring up at the sky through this opening. The clouds were dark and moving slowly, with no traces of sun or a blue sky. Before, Namjoon, in this space and on a soul level, would seem distant and detached as he was sitting on a much higher plane, vibrating at a higher frequency. In a way, he didn’t really hold form, and therefore neither did his world, but now everything feels very grounded, very present, but it doesn’t seem to be to his liking.
Full reading with photos available at bluemoonpunch.com!
Video Version Available!
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luvrl0sers · a month ago
Hello! I absolutely love the aesthetic(??) of your page🥺🌠💜 it's so cute!
I hope I'm doing this correctly, so may I request a tarot reading with BTS?
IU- "Lullaby"
Taeyeon- "A Poem Titled You"
Chai- "Oh My Angel"
Kim Feel- "Love 1"
Dindin- " I shouldn't love you"
Thank you so much!💜☺️💜
Tumblr media
❧ 𝖙𝖆𝖗𝖔𝖙 𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖉𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖓𝖔. 29
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐭𝐫𝐮𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡 𝐢𝐬…
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐰𝐞 𝐩𝐮𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐝…
“Can I stay like this for a second?”
“Close your eyes. Last
I’ll get you some sleep”
“My lullaby
Baby Sweet Goodnight
You won’t have a scary dream
Your long, never-ending day
You’re not gonna let her go anymore”
“I’m holding him still
It’s a dream that’s coming to an end
Relax. I’ll sing you the last song”
“I can’t fall asleep.
until the tired breathing died down
I’ll keep your noisy night”
“I’ll be nearby
Baby Sweet Goodnight
I’ll always be there for you”
❧𝐢𝐮 - 𝐥𝐮𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐛𝐲
“Looking at you
Since when did I start feeling this was fate
Like a star shining in the night sky
Be by my side for a long time”
“When a sad night comes,
I’ll protect you
Can you hear my voice?
Don’t forget”
“Even when days of flowers
blooming and falling come
Remember this one thing
My heart for you”
❧𝐭𝐚𝐞𝐲𝐞𝐨𝐧 - 𝐚 𝐩𝐨𝐞𝐦 𝐭𝐢𝐭𝐥𝐞𝐝 𝐲𝐨𝐮
“It's alright
It's alright
Somebody's next to me”
“Even when I cried, when I was alone,
You have always been with me”
“You are my angel
Oh... You are my angel
Always... You're here
Oh... You are my angel
You are by my side
Always... Always stay here forever...”
“It's alright
Although darkness envelops my body
It's alright
Because You and I are together”
“Even if the world says no to you, I will fly with you anywhere...
We will rewrite our fate together...”
❧𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐢 - 𝐨𝐡 𝐦𝐲 𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥
“How can I explain the promise
of just the two of us 
The secrets of just the two of us 
Mornings and nights just for the two of us
 The many shapes of love can’t be explained by anything”
“I still worry about you every day
I hope to find a good love 
I want to hold you in my arms again
Even though I know it’s a nonsensical dream,
I pray to dream that dream every night
I still don’t know how to love”
❧𝐤𝐢𝐦 𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐥 - 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝟏
“I want to greet you with a smile,
I don’t want to let you go,
erase this ending, 
my heart is calling you again”
“My heart is cold,
it's getting farther away 
I hate our parting”
❧𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐧 - 𝐢 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝𝐧'𝐭 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐝 𝐲𝐨𝐮
Tumblr media
thank you for waiting so patiently baby!🥹
im so sorry for the long wait i hope you like it💗🫰🏻
Tumblr media
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astrorising · a year ago
can we get a post on what attracts the boys to people? like if they see a person and think they are attractive what is it the drew them in? Idk if that even makes sense lmao🥴
Tumblr media
🔮 namjoon: ace of wands.
namjoon is attracted to people who don’t mind trying new things and experience. he is attracted to people who have a “what it attitude”. more along the lines of you’ll never know until you try type attitude. not afraid to take the lead even if there’s not a solid. someone very adaptable to their environment, and in life. i think we’re talking about another person with naturally strong leadership skills as namjoon has. very independent and free spirit nature is what attracts namjoon.
Tumblr media
🔮 jin: the empress.
someone very motherly or someone very feminine. a person that takes care of themself and everyone around them well. a lot like him. a person who will be calmness to his chaotic life, and someone who makes him feel secure. a person that can tend to everyones needs naturally, and everyone gravitates towards them. this person will definitely be someone everyone can depend on a lot.
Tumblr media
🔮 yoongi: the sun.
the sun in tarot reminds me a lot of hobi. so basically, sunshine to everyone’s clouds. a person that can walk in and everyone goes, “oh, there’s ____!” and everyone brightens up. someone who can bring happiness to yoongi. this persons energy will have an innocence to it, and the energy will always be refreshing to yoongi. nothing dramatic or anything like that, yoongi just wants someone to come home to that will brighten his day the second he senses they’re there.
Tumblr media
🔮 hobi: 10 of cups.
hobi would like someone emotionally mature, and ready to commit to him. i’m sensing from this card he would like someone who’s experienced in love. he wants someone who he genuinely connects with, and he senses a peaceful energy within them. hobi wants someone where he can settle with, basically. a great card indicating of a very happy relationship.
Tumblr media
🔮 jimin: 2 of cups.
jimin wants someone who he can connect deeply with. jimin wants to have someone that can merge into all parts of his life, and always support him. he looks for people who are basically the “glue” to people. the person that brings people together. if you think of the person that is the concrete to your family, someone who plans EVERYTHING and brings everyone together; all the birthdays, parties, etc.... that’s what jimin looks for. it attracts him when a person keeps all their loved ones within arms reach.
Tumblr media
🔮 taehyung: 7 of cups.
someone who is in their own world, and do things in their time. very much a daydreamer and very creative. may have a hard time making solid decisions from time to time. perhaps someone who looks into things deeper than usual, and always searches for a bigger purpose.
Tumblr media
🔮 jungkook: 9 of pentacles.
😂😭 my instant thought about his energy is the “i did this my damn self” energy. someone very independent, but you can tell they’re successful. someone who’s been around the block or two, but came out victorious. this energy is very independent and self sufficient person. not someone jungkook has to take care of. someone who’s comfortable with themselves, their success, and what their hard work ethic.
Tumblr media
hope you enjoyed! 🥰
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eristarot · 9 months ago
Jin’s future spouse’s personality reading
Disclaimer: Readings are for entertainment purposes only
*Based off of current energies. Energies change and so does the future*
Jin’s future spouse is kind of serious. They’re not Jin who can laugh so easily and joke to lighten the mood. This person is very business and serious talks. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have fun. I feel like Jin will like them for many reasons but one thing is that this person feels very calm and centered.
The world could be absolute chaos around them and Jin would know that this person is his anchor of solid thinking and good strategy. They can enjoy Jin’s company because they know how to laugh and enjoy the little things. They themselves just aren’t and that’s okay. 
They’re very protective over their things and especially over their loved ones. If you borrow their hair dryer you best believe they’ll hunt you down if you don't bring it back. They’re very bold and brave. Daring. They’re not afraid to stand up for themselves. 
Their career and reputation are very important to them. They can have some secrets that they’re afraid of getting out but only because they value their reputation a lot. Likes to travel but much prefers staying home and enjoying the beauty of her own country. Might like to gamble or just play games in general. 
This person has no problem sharing the limelight. They’d rather their friends/loved ones get all the glory as long as they can be there supporting right next to them. They want to see the people they care about succeed with them. 
Very gentle and kind hearted but can be very stern. Mother kind of no nonsense vibes. I think Jin will be good for them in getting them to relax and not care so much about the opinions of others but time will tell. 
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