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Thinking about the gang today! Have some chibis!
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mhisadj · a month ago
Katalyst, Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad - Daybreak
Off of Jazz Is Dead 13: Katalyst.
Tell me you vibe with Pharoah Sanders without saying a word. Excellent album from top to bottom.
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inthemoodofmusiclover · 2 days ago
KEXP.ORG presents Katalyst performing live at THING festival at Fort Worden in Port Townsend, Washington.
Recorded August 27, 2022.
Songs: FreeHand Marlon’s Marble WhatsAname Leimert
Day Host: Morgan Chosnyk Audio Engineers: Jackson Long, Julian Martlew & Matt Ogaz Mixing and Mastering: Matt Ogaz Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Carlos Cruz, Alaia D’Alessandro & Kendall Rock Director & Editor: Scott Holpainen
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woodencup · 14 days ago
Katalyst - The Avenues
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don-lichterman · 2 months ago
Jazz Is Dead 13 album review @ All About Jazz
Jazz Is Dead 13 album review @ All About Jazz
Katalyst: Jazz Is Dead 13 album review @ All About Jazz Album Review By Chris May July 19, 2022 Sign in to view read count Drab graphic design aside, the semiology of the Jazz Is Dead label promises good things. The name itself suggests music that is the opposite of dead—something vibrant, inventive, of its time—while the label’s co-founders, producers ” data-original-title=”” title=””>Ali…
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sonicziggy · 2 months ago
"Reflections" by Katalyst, Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad https://ift.tt/jzYpJS2
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mauricecherry · 6 months ago
Can you believe we're almost a quarter of the way through 2022 already? I think now might be a perfect time for a creative tune-up, and this week's guest is a true instigator of inspiration -- Kevin Carroll. As a founder, author, and public speaker, Kevin's words and his work have influenced hundreds of thousands of people all over the world to tap into their creativity and accomplish epic tasks.
Our conversation touches on a number of topics, including success, longevity, curiosity, and perseverance. Kevin talked about growing up in Philly, being a linguistics expert in the Air Force, his time at Nike, and talks about how you can find your own “red rubber ball.” Kevin’s words were just what I needed to hear right now, and I hope they will encourage you as well. Trust me, you’ll want to listen to this episode multiple times!
For extended show notes, including a full transcript of this interview, visit revisionpath.com.
Revision Path is brought to you by Lunch, a multidisciplinary creative studio in Atlanta, GA.
It is produced by Maurice Cherry and engineered and edited by RJ Basilio. Our intro voiceover is by Music Man Dre, with intro and outro music by Yellow Speaker. Transcripts provided by Brevity & Wit.
SUBSCRIBE, RATE, AND REVIEW! Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | SoundCloud | Spotify
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Hyundai catalytic converters from ningjin xuguang autoparts factory #catalyticconverter #egzoz #escape #catalyst #muffler #katalyst #cata #cats (at Ningjin, Shandong, China) https://www.instagram.com/p/CMzSreog5dP/?igshid=1c3cqs9919q63
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bastardsunlight · a year ago
Have you ever had a ulterior motive to get Scorpion in front of camera other than... the fact that he’d fucking own the screen presence?
“I assume you’re talkin’ t’me,” says Johnny, pointing at himself with both thumbs, as if the word “me” is not enough. He grins, ear to ear, and shakes his head. “I just think he’d be good for it... little extra money never hurt. Not sure where the Shirai-Ryu get their funding, but boy... imagine.” He tosses his hands in the air mimicking a marquee. “Cage and Hasashi in: Enter the Scorpion.”
He pauses, konsiders, shakes his head, and chuckles. “Nah, that sounds kinda like a porno--not exactly Shirai-Ryu Tradition(tm) there, huh?” His imitation of Hanzo Hasashi’s voice and accent are superb and he knows it. “Anyway, working title, and I’d still get top billing ��cause... well I’m Johnny Cage, but my coattails are the ones you wanna ride. Trust me.”
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project-katalyst · 5 months ago
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Been sketching some Katalyst stuff during my free time working backstage! Here’s one of Mags making fun of Donovan’s retro music taste (he’s listening to ABBA circa 2120 C.E.)
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pelvicsorcery101 · a year ago
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I have a twitter now, hence the watermark. This managed to be neat enough for me to post here
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theindustryng · 4 months ago
First Katalyst Marketing unveils ‘The Marketing Conclave’, CSR initiative to commemorate 10th anniversary
First Katalyst Marketing unveils ‘The Marketing Conclave’, CSR initiative to commemorate 10th anniversary
To celebrate its tenth year as an impactful contributor to Nigeria’s marketing ecosystem, First Katalyst Marketing, a leading Below-the-line agency, is set to mark the milestone with a thought leadership session tagged “The Marketing Conclave” holding on June 2, 2022. The event would take place at D’Podium Event Centre Aromire, Ikeja, Lagos by 9:00 am.  As part of the celebration, the…
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formal-frog-shoes · 11 months ago
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I have designed Katalyst, or Kat. Katalyst is a 17 year old High School Student. Tricky with their words and cunning with their mind, Kat managed to summon all Seven Deadly Sins through ancient books found in their attic, a feat previously unheard of. Now struggling with how to fulfill their deed, keep all of them in check and getting through High School; they have momentous tasks to take care of. If they made the mess, They have to clean it up.
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blueberry-macaron · 5 months ago
Music of the heart [Marinette Dupain Cheng x Luka Couffaine]
So anyone remember this idea I had for Luka the street musician?Yeah, I've finally turned that into a fic :D
Apologies for any typos or grammar mistakes in advance, hope you enjoy!
After Marinette hugged Alya goodbye, finally exited the school and walked through the park towards the bakery, she thought about the only good thing about this sunny, warm friday.
That it was almost over.
Because Marinette had an absolutely horrible friday.
It has started when her akuma alarm had gone off one hour before her actual alarm, so she had jumped out of bed, tried her best to fight the akuma with her half asleep partner while still being half asleep herself. The duo had somehow managed to end the fight before school started. Marinette had considered that to be a good thing, until the universe had decided to reward her with a surprise history test, for which Marinette had not studied the day before due to an akuma attack from the evening before, which really begs the question if it really was a good thing they had defeated the akuma from this morning so quickly.
That had pretty much set the standart for the rest of the day, when Chloe was also in a bad mood and letting it out on Marinette with mean comments on Marinette's new jacket that she had made herself.
Later some other student had accidentally bumped into her during lunch, leading her to drop her plate, which already was humiliating enough, only for Lila to step in and to make sure that every single student in the cafeteria was informed about how awfully clumsy poor Marinette could be while playing the helpful, selfless person by helping her up. Which later was the katalyst for Alya to hype her up, rambling how great of a person Lila is.
But the cherry on top was a thing that Adrien had said to her after lunch, walking to their classroom.
"It was really nice of Lila to help you during lunch! I think she's improoving, so maybe you guys can finally be friends."
As soon as the words had left his lips, Marinette had felt a sting in her heart and she had tried really hard to not snap at Adrien. And had failed.
She had shouted at him, about how he still decided to ignore all of Lila's red flags, how she had clearly tried to humiliate Marinette and how, under no circumstamces, was she ever ready to forgive Lila, let alone befriend her.
Even if she had regretted her outbreak the second the words left her mouth, the damage has already been done.
Before her eyes, she could still see his disappointed expression when he told her she was mean and that it was unfair to not give Lila a chance. And then he had walked off, leaving her all by herself in the corridor as she tried to hold back tears.
Marinette let out a sigh. She really felt like she had screwed up big time.
"Are you okay, Marinette?", she heard a quiet voice from her pocket and looked down to her purse, where her eyes met Tikki's.
Marinette shrugged.
"I don't know, Tikki. Today was just kinda..."
The kwami streched her head out of the purse, pressing it against her holder's hand.
"It's going to be fine, I'm sure of it. Everyone has bad days," she noted.
Marinette bit her lip.
"Yeah and my quota of bad days is probably above average," she let out another sigh and petted the little creature, "I really have surprisingly bad luck, considering my power is good luck."
Tikki smiled gently and squeezed Marinette's finger.
"I'm sure everything will work out. You're a really strong person, Marinette. I think you can overcome any kind of bad luck."
"Still, needing to overcome things constantly gets exhausting after a while."
Marinette gave Tikki a quick smile, then looked away to blink away some tears, as the Kwami assumed.
Tikki continued to pat her holder's hand when they suddenly came to a halt, picking up some music in the distance. While Tikki disappeared back into the purse, Marinette looked around and soon found the source of the music on a bench a few meters away.
"Oh... it's him."
The boy had it's eyes closed, it looked like he was meditating while the wind brushed through his black and blue hair as his hands danced along the strings of his accoustic guitar, creating the wonderful sound.
She had met the blue-haired guitarist before. Though, "met" was maybe not the right word, because she hasn't actually had any sort of conversation with him. But she had run into him a few times, when he had picked a spot somewhere near the big tourist attractions of the city. She had already seen him at the Eiffel tower, the Louvre, L'arc de Triomphe or Notre dame. In a crowded place, it was easier to attract an audience, she assumed. At least a few people were always listening, maybe gave him a few coins before moving on with their day.
And when they would, he would always give them this kind, genuine smile that Marinette, for some reason, found incredibly attractive. His eyes were always filled with so much appreciation, wordlessly thanking perople for their generosity, for taking a few minutes of their day to turn their attention to him and his sweet tunes.
He had also given that smile to Marinette once before, when she had donated him 2 euros, She had been out with her friends to try out another wild idea to grab Adrien's attention somehow. She had walked over to him, put the coin in the open guitar case and he had looked up from his instrument and had given her this wonderful smile of his. And she hadn't stopped thinking about that smile for the rest of the day. In fact, she had been so distracted by it that she wasn't even that disappointed when their Adrien plan hadn't worked out.
Marinette figured that he must have an easy time attracting people's attention, because she found herself mesmerized by his music. Even though she never recognized the songs he was playing, it always felt... right, in a way. Understanding. Familiar.
Marinette wasn't sure how to describe what exactly the music made her feel accurately, but she didn't think about it any further when she walked a few steps closer, sat down in the grass, closed her eyes and just tuned everything out but the music.
She felt every note, every chord echoing in her heart. It was a strange feeling, but still nice. It was as if something would pat her shoulder, wrap an arm around her, whisper in her ear that everything will be fine. That Lila was an idiot but it would be fine. That Adrien was wrong but it would be fine. Everything would be fine.
Marinette felt a shift in the Melody, the hopeful, optimistic notes turning more into a relaxing tune, wrapping her in a warm blanket and lying her down on a soft, pink cloud. Up in the sky, where nothing could harm her. Where everything was peaceful. Where she could simply exist in peace.
Marinette could've wondered when the last time was she felt that way. She could've also wondered about other things, like Adrien or Lila or Hawkmoth or anything, really. And yet she found herself not thinking about any of these. Her head was empty, free of any negative thoughts.
Marinette felt herself smiling. She hadn't felt this relaxed in a while and she was so in the moment that she didn't really notice that the melody slowly faded out. She still kept her eyes closed and took in that calm feeling that had taken over her body and mind.
"Seems like you enjoyed it."
Marinette flinched a little, opened her eyes and looked up to meet the blue eyes of the musician sitting across her on the bench. Wow, those were some pretty eyes.
She forced her brain to form words, but quickly realized that it couldn't, so she just nodded. The musician smiled. "I'm glad," he said. His voice was pretty, too. Why were so many things about this boy so pretty?
Marinette smiled back.
"What- uh, what you play sounds really nice," she complimented him, not only because it was true but she wanted to avoid awkward silence.
"Though I'm a little surprised to see you here."
'What are you saying, Marinette,' she mentally scolded herself, 'What kind of conversation starter is that?'
But the guitarist didn't really seem to mind. His smile didn't fade. Instead, he lifted an eyebrow.
"Why would it be so unusual to sit in a park, all by myself, strumming my guitar?", he asked curiously.
Marinette could feel herself blushing and looked away.
"Uh... it's not that you're not allowed to be here, it's just... well, normally I see you in more crowded places, you know, where you can attract an audiende..."
Marinette felt stupid for asking such a dumb question. As if he wasn't allowed to be in the park. He probably thought she was weird.
"Well," he answered, without a hint of judgement, "sometimes it's nice to just enjoy music on my own, without all those people surrounding me."
He lightly strummed a few chords.
"Besides, it appears I still was able to attract an audience after all," he poked his tongue out and it made Marinette blush even harder.
The way he had just said that... was he flirting with her? And more importantly, was she a into it?
"I'm sorry," she heard him say and she looked up. He wasn't smiling anymore, he rather looked embarassed.
"I didn't want to make you uncomfortable," he told her.
"Oh no, don't worry, I'm not uncomfortable, I was just- uhh..."
Marinette bit her lip nervously.
"I mean, of course you'd find an audience anywhere. You played such a beautiful melody, it would be a shame not to listen," she finally said, "Although I didn't recognize the song you were playing."
The boy smiled again in response.
"Well, that's because...", he thought about what he's going to say for a moment, "you could say I was playing a melody I heard in my head when I noticed you."
As soon as the world had left his lips, his eyes widened and he nervously bit his lip.
"Sorry, that came out wrong, that sounded kind of weird..."
"It's fine," said Marinette, a little too loud, "that wasn't weird. At least I don't think it was." The boy relaxed again and let go of his lip. He really had nice lips....
Marinette tried to not focus too much on them.
"Uhm, but still, what exactly do you mean by 'hearing a melody when you noticed me'?", she asked curiously.
The boy took a few seconds to think about an answer.
"I'm not sure how to explain it," he admitted, "but when I look at other people... it's like I can hear what's in their hearts."
He strummed his guitar.
"I hear their feelings and emotions... and so much more. It's like... I listen to their song and I have an idea what kind of person they might be. And the more time I spend with someone, the clearer the song becomes... if that makes sense. The songs I play I pick up from other people's hearts."
He was biting his lips again nervously.
Marinette got rid of the though of his lips (somehow) and thought about his explanation for a moment.
"So... what you played earlier... that is what I have in my heart?", she asked. That seem to have relaxed him, because he stopped biting his lip and seemed relieved that she didn't see him as a total weirdo.
"Well, I think I did" he answered, "What do you say? You know your heart best, after all."
Marinette thought about it for a moment, then shrugged.
"I'm not exactly sure I know what's going on in here," she put her hand over the area where her heart was located, "it's really... I guess you could say complicated."
The musician nodded.
"Complicated, you say.... like this?"
He put his hand to the fret board again and played the same melody he had played before, but this time, he added some extra notes and more complicated chords. It sounded fuller and, in a way, more complete than before.
"Yeah, that seems more accurate," she said jockingly. That made him laugh and that in return did funny things to her heart. She prayed he wouldn't be able to pick up on that.
After their laughter died down, the sat in silence for a short while. It wasn't as awkard as Marinette imagined it would be with a stranger. She actually felt kind of comfortable.
"If I'm being honest," she said, "I think you got an incredibly beautiful gift. Playing people's hearts like that is... I think it's very fascinating."
The boy stared at her for a few seconds until his lips curved into that beautiful smile of his.
"You know, I never introduced myself," he noted, "my name is Luka."
"Pleasure to meet you, Luka," she answered, "I am Marinette."
"Marinette," Luka repeated slowly, tilting his head a little, "yeah, that fits. A pretty name for a pretty girl."
Marinette couldn't help but giggle. At this point, she was certain he must've heard the nervousness, the admiration, the... whatever that feeling he gave her when he smiled at her was in her heart. But for some strange reason, she really didn't mind anymore.
Maybe that's what gave him the courage to invite her to a glass of orange juice, to exchange phone numbers, to take a walk along the Seine together and then walk her home. They laughed, they talked, they learned about their hearts and even if Marinette wasn't able to hear Luka's heart, something told her that there were the same feelings inside of his.
And after a long, eventful Friday, Marinette's day ended with a text from Luka, wishing her a good night and asking if they could meet up again, and it was at this moment she decided that this day might've not been so bad after all.
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