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Splatoon 1 and 2 Amiibo/Amiibo Cards: What you need to know about using them in Splatoon 3
Hey fellow lovers of Splatoon! It’s your girl Kat Alyst, here with some funky fresh findings about amiibo cards.
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These are the mini amiibo cards! Very small, am I right? I got them from ebay (link for those of you who want to see for yourself: https://www.ebay.com/itm/195386966549?ViewItem=&item=195386966549), and I’m happy to report that they work! But there’s a few things I think are important to know if you want to use them on multiple consoles/get the gear faster.
So a little background info: I share my amiibo collection with my little brother, who has a switch of his own, so I had to make sure that I could use these both for myself and for him (he really wanted Pearl and Marina’s gear). We ran into some interesting complications though, with both the figures and the cards, and this is where my advice comes in.
If you have a copy of Splatoon 1 or 2, register your amiibo there first. Here’s why.
Number 1: When you register an amiibo on Splatoon 3, you will only be able to get gear from it on your account. When my brother tried to borrow my amiibo and cards that were freshly registered on 3, he did not receive the option to get gear like I had, he could only take photos. If you want to share you amiibo with your friends/siblings/cousins/pet rabbit so all of you can get the gear, this is crucial. You can just go and delete the amiibo save data every time you want to use it on a new console, but it’s still better to register them on an older game, because of the next point.
Number 2: If your amiibo reads as having save data from 1 or 2, it will give you all three pieces of gear right off the bat instead of having to level up and tap them multiple times to get all three pieces. We found this out because I decided to use 2 to overwrite the data to see if that would be enough to get them to work for my brother’s switch, and unlike when I tapped them on 3 for the first time and got one piece of gear, he got all three of them. The only amiibo we haven’t gotten this to work with are Callie and Marie, and that’s because I never beat the story mode of 2, and you can only use those amiibo in 2 once you’ve done that. I imagine if you have story mode beaten, the same can be said for them. I say this having tested it with regular amiibo from 1 and amiibo cards from 1 and 2.
Here’s the downside: You won’t be able to take pictures with any of your amiibo in photo mode unless they’re registered in 3, which is a bummer, but I get why. Important thing to know: using amiibo in photo mode is the only way you can pose your player character, so that’s one reason why people are searching amiibo and amiibo cards out. So do everything you want to do with them in the way of gear with save data from 2 before you register them with 3, and you should be golden. I’m actually gonna keep mine with 2 save data on them for a bit, since I have a sister that also plays 3 who’s visiting soon, and it makes more sense to re-register them with three once she’s gotten the perks. The only thing I will say is that if you register them with an older game first, you miss out on what the character dialogue is in 3, which is unique and different from the previous games and for each individual character, but if you don’t care about that, then it doesn’t really matter. Though I will say, it’s very interesting on the Octoling amiibo that came when 2 got Octo Expansion, their dialogue has changed significantly, screenshots below.
Octoling Boy in Splatoon 2:
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Octoling Boy in Splatoon 3:
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I didn’t know they spoke like that, totally missed out on that last game! And it makes sense if you know what the DLC story is in 2, what an interesting detail to tie it all together! Also he is so sweet and I just want to hug this guy so much!
One thing to note if you’re new to Splatoon amiibo is that some amiibo have the same function. For Splatoon 1, there was a second three pack introduced with a green inkling girl, purple inkling boy, and orange squid. I don’t know why they did this, but I happen to have those figures since I didn’t know any better, considered using them for customs at some point. These three amiibo give you the exact same gear and dialogue as the original three from 1 and are completely unnecessary unless you want those colors/are sharing with a friend. Unfortunately on my set of mini cards, the renders for green inkling girl and purple inkling boy are incorrect. They’re both wearing gear that isn’t featured on their amiibo, and the boy has the wrong skin tone. Also, my set of cards includes 17, and that’s because there’s an extra orange inkling girl for some reason? No idea why, but hey, I’ll take it!
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In conclusion, the amiibo cards are well worth your time if you want to get the gear and take fun photos without having to pay the astronomical scalper prices for the previous game’s amiibo (or if you just don’t want/don’t have room for the statues themselves). All 17 cards cost me about the same as one regular retail price amiibo ($12.99, not including tax and shipping), that is an absolute steal. I haven’t collected amiibo in a long time, not since Smash Bros where I was casually on the hunt. It’s actually kind of ironic, I first got an ebay account because of Smash Bros amiibo, my other sister found a set of Sonic and Shulk from Japan that was a good price,  so one character for me and one for her, and that was my journey into looking for stuff preowned online. I’m really happy with these, can’t wait to throw on the witch gear for spooky month. Hope you found this helpful! Have fun out there squiddos and octokids, see you on the turf!
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First Post!
Hello!! This blog is going to showcase the amazing photographer and model Kat ALYST! She is my favorite artist so far and I follow her since I was 13. Now Im 16 and want to make photography my passion!!! Here are some photos I love coming up next. ENJOY EVERYONE!!
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Francine Thirteen Reclaims Her Vices Ahead of Her Show at the Standard
Tumblr media
Photo: Dior Divine. Graphic Design: Kat Alyst.
Originally appeared on Grimy Goods. 
To understand ritual pop artist Francine Thirteen, one must open up to ideas of feminism that would make the virtuous cringe. Francine Thirteen wants to recontextualize and redefine lust and power, two aspects of womanhood that have been exploited in centuries past.
Ahead of her performance next week at the Standard, we were able to ask her a few questions about how she carries the weight of her role as a witch, what goes into her performance, and her new EP, Lust Heals, Give Me My Sin Again.  
Read an excerpt below. Full article here. 
Francine Thirteen | 6/20 @ the Standard | Lust Heals, Give Me My Sin Again EP | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud
You sing of sins and taboo in a way that glorifies womanhood, destroying the idea that only straight-laced rule-abiders deserve love and respect. Why was it important for you to address this nuance of feminism?
Francine Thirteen: I live that nuance. I can remember being a virgin and still being perceived as and accused of being ‘fast’ because of my shape and my mannerisms and the clothing I was drawn to. When I finally acted on my sexuality, that early perception and those early accusations affected me in ways I didn’t anticipate they would. Guilt rushed in after pleasure and I knew I had to save myself. Pleasure is the true inheritance, not shame.
There is an old marketing maxim that we all know: “sex sells.” What is your take? Can we sell sex and still reclaim it?
F13: Sex absolutely sells. But, it’s very important to be clear about who’s getting paid. I think it’s also very important to develop the intellectual/spiritual fortitude to withstand the judgement that comes inevitably, because no matter how we choose to express or not express our sexuality, women are judged automatically.
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There was a young woman who had all these hopes and dreams. She traveled often and shopped out of town. She was going to be a world travelling photojournalist. But the young woman fell into a downward spiral as she was putting herself into a box for others. Then something scary and magical happened! The young woman found out she was pregnant. She knew that this gift was given to her to make her grow up and change. Her little girl came into the world early, but was a fighter. She had magical light brown eyes, dark curly brown hair, and a heart bigger than the universe. The young woman changed for the better. Seven years later and the two little women are living happily as a little family. The little girl is her mother's mini, and she is the reason the woman strives to do better. For the little girl, and also for herself. Thank you Kit Kat @katinthecloudz for capturing the essence of US. It was a magical shoot! Photos by: Kat Alyst @katinthecloudz Styling by: Madalynn Minimum Makeup by: #FamilyPhotos #KatInTheClouds #KatAlystPhotography #BirthdayPhotos (at Nacogdoches, Texas)
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World Unglued: The Best of The Week
The Growlers. Photo: Big Hassle
  Now that another festival has released its lineup, we can start marching towards the inevitable overflow of SXSW in March.  This week you have a ton of options from locals as well as a sold out set from Isaiah Rashad, The Growlers, and Power Trip.  Houston, your next seven days are all planned out.
  On Wednesday you could swing by Walter’s for the album release from Houston’s Talking Forever.  The four piece, makes music closest to that of Modern Baseball meets Balance and Composure, and should be worth making it out for.  The shoegaze emo sounds of Donna Hayward will be on as direct support while the highly charged fuzzy garage rock of Moth Wings will go on beforehand.  The alt pop of Rome Hero Foxes will also be on the bill and things will get opened by the indie rock of Phantompains with doors at 7 pm and tickets between $6 and $8 for the all ages show.
  The Experimental Action festival kicks off in multiple venues on Thursday, but an artist meet & greet with a special menu will be on display at Cafe Brasil.  While this will be a chance to meet all of those involved with the fest from around the globe, this will also be your last chance to grab a $30 pass before the price goes up.  More information is available here for the all ages and FREE event that gets going around 7 pm.
  Over at House of Blues in the Foundation Room, you could catch an intimate performance from Houston producer and songwriter Lee Lonn.  Lonn has made quite the name for himself with his smooth R&B grooves, and a live set that’s pretty impressive.  A set from DJ 4k will also be on the bill for the 21 & up show with doors at 7 pm and tickets between $5 and $10.
  Under The Volcano will have the British born and Austin transplanted country tones of Sophia Johnson.  After receiving praise for her live shows, last year she dropped the catchy and twangy One Year complete with enough hooks to start a bait & tackle shop.  The 21 & up show has doors at 8 pm and a TBA cover.
  Jawwaad Taylor. Photo: Svetlana Selezneva/Courtesy of Artist/Facebook
  Thursday you should start off at the CAMH for the always inspired and enigmatic sounds of Houston’s Jawwaad Taylor as part of the museum’s 20Hertz series.  Jawwaad is easily one of the best artists in Houston, he dropped one of the best hip hop records ten years ago with Jneiro Jarel called Craft of The Lost Art under the name Shape of Broad minds, he’s toured the world performing with his jazz group The Young Mothers, and his style is like no one else.  What he has planned for this show should be nothing short of mind altering for the all ages event that gets going around 6:30 pm and it’s 100% FREE.
  Experimental Action starts in full over at Notsuoh and the multiple venue festival featuring local and international festival is something everyone should consider checking out.  Performers from Spain, NYC, China, Serbia and more will be at the three day festival that will be at The Secret Group on Friday, and at Walter’s on Saturday.  The hours are from 8 pm- midnight each night, the tickets are between $12 per night or $30 for all three days, and the all ages event has all of the details available here.
  The Broken Spokes. Photo: Uncredited/Courtesy of Artist/Facebook
  Over at Big Top you can two step the night away with the honky tonk sounds of Houston’s The Broken Spokes. Playing old school country with the ease of the greats, these guys have a mix of Western Swing and pre-pop country that’s hard to ignore, and their 2016 album The Broken Spokes is like going back in time the good way.  The 100% FREE show with doors at 10 pm is 21 & up and definitely worth putting your boots on for.  
  Friday you could get started at Numbers for another tantalizing performance from Houston’s Dem Damn Dames at their cirque show, Cirque du So Weird.  Magic, silks, burlesque and more will be on hand as performances from LA’s Caramel Knowledge and Chicago’s Claira Bell will occur next to performances from the Dames themselves and many more.  The 18 & up show has an opening magic set from Urial Gwydian with doors at 7 pm.  Entrance to Classic Numbers immediately following this show is included with your ticket, with prices between $15 and $30 for VIP seating.
  Power Trip. Photo: Southern Lord Records
  At Walter’s you can make it out for the trash sounds of Dallas’ Power Trip when they host their record release party for their new album out on Southern Lord Records.  These guys are like getting smacked in the face live, and their last drop, 2013’s Manifest Decimation should be enough reason to come check them out.  Direct support from Virginia’s Iron Reagan is nothing to deny, while the metal of Houston’s Skourge will go on prior.  The thrash metal of Houston’s Omerta will also play and the crazy and insane punk of Sexpill will open the all ages show with doors at 7 pm and tickets for $15.
  Last Concert Cafe will have the trippy psyched out sounds of Austin’s Golden Dawn Arkestra.  While the group claims Nigeria as home, Austin is where they’re from now though that shouldn’t really matter.  One of the most intriguing acts you can catch going, this band consisting of at least eight members brings it when they perform their mystical caravan of song craft to life with each set.  Their latest, last year’s Stargazer echoes the likes of Sun Ra while falling into an LSD laced rabbit hole.  Houston’s The Heights Funk Collective will provide direct support and Austin’s The Warplanes will go on prior.  The funky goodness of Soul Creatures will open the all ages show with doors at 7 pm and a $12 cover.
  Rudyard’s will usher the return of Matt Pryor, the prolific front man for Chicago emo group, The Get Up Kids to perform a solo set.  While Pryor has been here many times, coming on the heels of this year’s Memento Mori could be the best time as it’s his most solid solo effort so far.  Dan Andriano of Alkaline Trio will be on as direct support and opener for the 21 & up show with doors at 7:30 pm and tickets between $13 and $16.
  My Education. Photo: Kat Alyst/Courtesy of Artist/Facebook
  Satellite Bar brings back the cinematic indie rock of Austin’s My Education.  If you want to get schooled, this is the band to give you a lesson.  Their live shows are insane and their latest album Schiphol out on March 3rd is produced by famed producer Mike McCarthy.  San Antonio’s Levees will be on as direct support where the lushly arranged and gorgeous tones of My Twilight Pilot will go on prior.  The electromechanical sounds of Houston’s The Thief and The Architect will open the all ages show with doors at 8 pm and a measly $7 cover.
  If you’re up for a drive, you should consider heading out to Sugarland to the Smart Financial Centre to catch the legendary songs of Sting.  Sure, he formed The Police only to turn his back on them before cashing in for a more adult contemporary sound, but the guy is pretty impressive live.  He’ll be here in support of his latest release, last year’s 57th & 9th.  San Antonio’s Joe Sumner and the Last Bandoleros will open the all ages show with doors at 8 pm and tickets between $54 and $154.
  Isaiah Rashad. Photo: Top Dawg Entertainment
  In the ballroom at Warehouse Live, if you were lucky enough to grab tickets, you could catch the hip hop of Tennessee’s Isaiah Rashad.  After the heat behind his album The Sun’s Tirade, this rapper blew up and should wow all in attendance.  Lance Skiiiwalker will be on as direct support while Jay IDK will open the SOLD OUT all ages show with doors at 8 pm.  
  House of Blues will host the popular sounds of Austin’s Emily Bell in the Foundation Room.  Bell has criss crossed styles for a while now, but that really just proves she can sing pretty much whatever she wants.  However, if her latest single “Can’t Talk Back” is any indicator of her upcoming EP, then we should be in for a real treat at this show.  The all ages event has doors at 8 pm and it’s 100% FREE.
    Charlie and the Regrets. Photo: Uncredited/Courtesy of Artist/Facebook
  On Saturday things could get started when you find yourself over at Cactus catching an in-store performance from Houston’s Charlie and the Regrets.  Lead by Charlie Harrison, I’ve said for a while that this band could break out at any moment, and their new album “Rivers In The Streets” due out on 02/25 through Sony distribution should be pretty killer.  The all ages show has gratis beer for the adults, it gets going around 1 pm and it’s 100% FREE.
  Alley Kat will host the fifth edition of Sur Fest featuring a slew of Latin artists.  Sets from La Sien, Mas Pulpo, and many more will be on hand as well as photography, poetry and visual artists.  There’s more information here for the 21 & up event that gets going around 1 pm with a $15 ticket price.
  Dillon Trimm+Gabe Bravo. Photo: Uncredited/Courtesy of Artist/Instagram
  The Secret Group will have a benefit for Girls Rock Camp Houston at the What’s It? show.  Two stages, sets from King Finn, Another Run, Dillon Trimm+Gabe Bravo, a solo set from Justin Nava, and LA’s True American headlining among others.  There’s also a tribute to former King Finn founder Alan Huynh and so much more.  The all ages show has doors at 5 pm and tickets between $10 and $15.
  Out at Dosey Doe in the Big Barn, Houston legend B.J. Thomas will swing by to perform.  Sure, he wasn’t born here, but he was raised in and around our city, he was a member of the Triumphs, and he’s also sold a ton of records.  His latest release, The Best of B.J. Thomas(Re-Recorded) is definitely proof he hasn’t slowed down either.  The all ages show includes dinner served between 6 pm and 7:30 pm with tickets between $98 and $158.
  Notsuoh has the psych rock of Dallas’ Monoculture over to perform.  The four piece plays songs that teeter totter between college indie rock and psych, and their latest single “Absurd” sounds pretty tight.  The high energy of LA’s No Parents will provide their good time punk while The Prettybads will also swing by to play their brand of punk.  The indie rock of Since Always will open the 21 & up show with doors at 7 pm for the 100% FREE show.
  The Mahas. Photo: Uncredited/Courtesy of Artist/Facebook
  Big Star Bar will have the punk rock goodness and crazed onstage antics of The Cops.  Not to be confused with actual cops, these guys are definitely a band you need to see sooner than later.  The Mahas will return with their garage rock sounds while things will get opened by the garage punk of Idiot City.  The 21 & up show has doors at 8 pm and it’s 100% FREE.
  If you like true dance hall ska, then you should head to Rockefeller’s to catch Austin’s The Bandulus.  Straight up, one of the most impressive ska bands I’ve ever heard, their album The Times We Had is like going back in time through sound.  The rock steady ska of LA’s The Steady 45’s will also be on as direct support where the always inventive sounds of Houston’s kind of Gulf Coast swagger, Nick Gaitan will go on prior.  Tejas Got Soul Sound System will open things up with a DJ set for the all ages event with doors at 8 pm and tickets for $15.
  Urban Pioneers. Photo: Uncredited/Courtesy of Artist/Facebook
  Continental Club will have a barn burner in the truest sense of the words, when Albany, Texas’ Urban Pioneers drop by to offer up their blend of hillbilly and roots music.  Seriously, you don’t know fiddle until you catch this trio live, and their latest release Feast or Famine from last year is a delicacy for the ears.  Magnolia’s Folk Family Revival will be on as support and openers for the 21 & up show with doors at 9 pm and a TBA cover.
  Sunday over at The Secret Group they’ll host a new show series from the team behind the Goddammit shows called Night Brunch.  Live music, comedy, and FREE food are all on hand for the diverse new show.  The doors are at 5 pm and it’s 100% FREE, and completely worth checking out.
  One of my favorite local artists, The Wizard of Barge has a show over at Insomnia VGC.  This guy makes some kooky stuff so it only makes sense the the show would be titled Cosmic Kooks.  Forty plus unseen paintings will be up at this show, an opening reception music and drinks are all part of the experience for the all ages show with doors at 6 pm for the 100% FREE event.
  Of course you can head to the big room downstairs at White Oak Music Hall for the garage rock leanings of The Growlers.  The garage rock on the lo-fi spectrum that this band once embodied is now traded in for a more hi-fi psych pop sound.  Of course that doesn’t mean that they can’t still bring it in person and their massively popular new album City Club should sound great in a live setting.  There’s no word of support or openers, but that could change for the all ages show with doors at 7 pm and tickets between $20 and $27.
  Continental Club will bring Santa Monica’s Red Elvises over to play their blend of surf rock and rockabilly.  While the band was originated in Russia, they’ve since moved stateside and really bring their “A game” to each and every live set.   Their last album, 2011’s Live In Montana should give you an idea of their strengths.  The 21 & up show has doors at 7 pm and a $15 cover.
  On Monday, Walter’s will have New York’s trippy and pop infused sounds of Landlady.  The instrumentation of what this group dos alone, is enough reason to make it out for this show.  Possibly one of the most interesting things you’ll see, their newest album The World Is A Loud Place from this year is one of the most interesting albums I’ve heard in years.  It’s like Zappa is being channeled in each and every song, but more serious in overall tone.  Houston’s Deep Cuts will bring their reformed and good times sound to the bill as direct support and openers for the all ages show with doors at 8 pm and tickets between $10 and $12.
  Flower Politics. Photo: Uncredited/Courtesy of Artist/Tumblr
  At Satellite Bar you can see if you think two is better than one when Carolina two piece Naked Naps drops by to play. This duo brings a garage tinged indie rock to the table and their last release the middle is pretty impressive and different.  The acoustic bedroom pop of Houston’s Flower Politics will open the all ages show.  I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard Flower Politics or not, but you should know that the mostly solo artist just dropped their 22nd album in three years. The doors are at 8 pm and there’s a TBA cover.
  That’s about all that’s happening around town this week.  No matter what you decide to do, remember that making it home safe is in everyone’s best interest, and that a safe ride home is just an app away.
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Tumblr media
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