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Patches before Quackity 馃槶
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can your monogamous relationship do this? *forms a triangle*
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If that's all you're gonna label me as, I'll live up to your standards
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This era of karlnap tweets was crazy. Tell me i didn't hallucinate that
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Dresses that I think the DSMP would ABSOLUTELY body
(All photos from Pinterest)
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( @ranboolivesaysstuff @theeretblr )
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Karl Jacobs it鈥檚 been 28283838 days pls bring back tales 馃檹馃檹
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can i please request teaching really innocent stepbro!karl how to please a woman because he said he doesn鈥檛 know how
of course darling!
| stepsis!reader teaching innocent stepbro!karl how to please a woman |
cw: stepcest, no protection, corruption, edging if you squint.
it was no secret that karl was innocent, you just had no idea 饾櫇饾櫎饾櫖 innocent he really was. you assumed he knew some stuff, i mean.. he had to, right?
you couldn鈥檛 have been more wrong when the both of you were cuddling on your bed, watching friends. it wasn鈥檛 until one of the six characters made a sex reference.
you laughed at the funny remark but karl certainly didn鈥檛, did he not understand it? or did he just not find it funny.
鈥渨hat did she mean by that?鈥 karl curiously asked you, looking down to meet your gaze. 鈥渋t was a sex joke鈥 i explained, karl looking all the more confused. 鈥渓ike.. gender?鈥 his eyebrows retrieving into a confused frown.
鈥渘o karl, as in sex sex, you know?鈥 you let out a soft giggle thinking karl was just joking, you looked back at the screen but karl still fixated on your face. 鈥渨-what?鈥 the poor boy was so genuinely confused.
鈥渋鈥檓 really confused鈥 he laughed it off before hearing your response. 鈥渄o you want me to show you..?鈥 you held your gaze with karl when his eyebrows lifted. 鈥渙kay..鈥 he said almost hesitantly.
you exited the room for a minute to check if your parents were home, shouting for them. 鈥渄ad!!鈥 you shouted, voice echoing through the entire house when you didn鈥檛 get a response.
you smiled while walking back into your room, closing the door behind you. your legs made their way over karl鈥檚, sitting on his lap. 鈥渨-wha鈥 karl muttered. 鈥渞elax, baby. now, do you want this?鈥 you asked. 鈥渦hm y-yes please鈥 he decided.
you continued to lift your shirt up and over your chest. revealing your blood-red lacy bra. his eyes fixated on your breasts in a wide expression and his mouth hanging open ever so slightly. a little drool escaping out the side of his mouth, the back of his palm wiping it away.
your hands went behind your back and undid the clasp holding the piece of fabric together. pulling the straps over your arms, releasing your breasts in all their glory.
karl鈥檚 eyes widened impossibly more staring at you. his voice begging to make a single noise but failing to do so.
鈥渋- i.. uhm w-what are you doing?鈥 karl finally spluttered out, just as confused as he started out. 鈥渋鈥檓 gonna make you feel good, as long as you鈥檙e okay with that, of course.鈥 he nodded in approval yet still confused.
you took karl鈥檚 shirt off, revealing his slightly pale yet toned chest, not forgetting to place your lips against his neck. planting hot, wet kisses along his jawline and down to his shoulders and collarbones.
鈥渁-ahm鈥 that feels nice-鈥 karl truthfully claimed, making you smile against his chest, subconsciously making karl smile.
you continued to take your shorts off, not having any underwear on. also taking karl鈥檚 sweatpants off, revealing his grey boxers.
his boxers which had a specific curve over his groin, a bulge which had a little speck of wetness at his tip.
you pulled karl鈥檚 boxers off, exposing all of him as his cock hit against his stomach, landing above his belly button.
you was already impossibly wet which made it easy for his cock to slide into you, making him practically scream. 鈥渙-oh god..鈥 karl moaned out.
鈥渘ow, i鈥檓 gonna start moving, okay?鈥 karl nodded, eyebrows in an upward stance. 鈥渙-okay鈥
your hips moved up and down, karl鈥檚 bigger-than-average cock stretching you out, the feeling was making you shiver out of pure pleasure.
karl was in heaven, eyes rolled back, hands gripped on your hips firmly, jaw on the floor and whines escaping his lips one after another. he had truly never felt anything like it.
鈥渋-it feels weird here..鈥 karl pointed to his lower tummy, eyebrows in a confused stance.
鈥渄on鈥檛 worry, that just means you鈥檙e close to cumming鈥 you kindly explained beginning to move again.
鈥渨h-what?鈥 karl even more lost. 鈥渋t鈥檚 when you reach the peak of pleasure and your body releases, which is called cumming鈥 you explained once more.
鈥渙-oh okay..鈥 you looked him deep into his eyes, flickering from one to the other, 鈥渋 promise you, it鈥檚 gonna feel amazing鈥 you told the shaking boy underneath you.
鈥渙k! i trust you-鈥 your hips began moving again, chasing the both of your releases. looking up at him and locking lips, now using tongue.
you both pulled away in a pant, heavy breathing and skin slapping. you both were extremely close.
鈥減le-please.. ahm鈥︹ karl begged, wanting to cum inside you. which you gladly let him.
hips speeding up and fingers intertwined with eachother, you both came simultaneously. his cock releasing a white sticky liquid which showed when you pulled off of him.
鈥渓ay down, i鈥檒l come back to clean you up.鈥 you smiled at him, him smiling back.
by the time you went to get flannels snd water, he had passed out. on the bed in an adorable little starfish position, a little drool escaping his mouth and cock still glistening.
you smiled to yourself while gently cleaning his cock up with a warm, damp rag. drying him off and putting a pair of grey boxers over his legs. not forgetting to wipe away any sweat from his forehead.
you gently moved his body to his original side of the bed, and cuddling up to him. drifting off in his arms.
this acc might be worse whehwyehwme
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five angles of karl grabbing sapnap from dreams arms & saying 鈥渃ome here, kitten鈥
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reposts my knap art cutely
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Parts [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ] [猸愶笍] [ 9 ]
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Day 15 is #lasnevadas and #karlnapity has already broken up but there's still some sort of tension.
Prompt list by @killvampz
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a place for you and me (1/?)
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idk what but something about these pictures
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this is how it went down right
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