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hyunjae, eric, changmin, juyeon and sunwoo covering hype boy at the boyz’s fancon “the b-road” cr.
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(221204 | music bank in chile) juyeon & q ✾ "despacito" cover
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give me a reason to live
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*insert titanic quote here*
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look at me | lee juyeon
Tumblr media
pairing: boyfriend!juyeon x fem!reader
genre: smut, established relationship
wc: 3.2k
warnings: smut…(sawry), dom!juyeon, service top!reader, slight spanking, slight begging, degradation, no real choking but his hands still make it to your neck lmao, creampie, juyeon definitely has a size kink so read and weep, sorry if i’m missing anything!
a/n: tried my best to proofread this so pls forgive any mistakes, it also was drafted out of nowhere so it’s probably shit hhh
was everything actually moving in slow motion or were you just in that deep?
so entranced by the sight of him doing absolutely nothing, he was about to elicit a moan from in the back of your throat.
considering you hadn't touched him at all in a solid month you were close to creaming your pants untouched. god forbid he notice how tightly your legs had been crossed this entire time.
hair sweaty and falling over his forehead. like it always annoyingly does. shirt taut to his frame, but only enough to keep the naked eye pandering, grey sweats and sneakers adorn his bottom half.
his staple is his duffel bag that’s he’s just dropped on the floor. ironically flashy, it still doesn’t compare to him or his demeanor in size. he also wears the most shit-eating grin on his face and nothing could’ve prepared you for the way your body was reacting.
heartbeat rattling the entirety of your chest, mouth agape in anticipation. frozen and it definitely would’ve been laughable if you were capable of processing a single thought.
his visual dripping with sex. too good for even the wettest of dreams.
“how long are you gonna stare?”, he audibly ponders in a gentle but menacing manner. feels like taunting, he’s already got you on edge.
“excuse me?” you jokingly gasp with a scoff, managing to compose yourself quicker than you could clock how long you’d been gawking. “get over yourself juyeon, i was not staring. and even if i was, which i was NOT. can you blame me?”
“could ask you the same.” he retorts, a smirk fighting its way to his perfect pout.
“oh? please do tell.” you’re doing a better job carrying out conversation than you would have imagined. 
sauntering his way in your direction he’s quickly towering over your petite frame, wearing the same shit-eating grin on his face from moments ago and you’re unintentionally holding your breath.
leaning down until he’s inches from your face using his arms to support his weight, his voice is low and goosebumps surface all over your body. “why are your legs crossed? am i missing something?”
“what do you mean? i’m wearing a skirt, why wouldn't my legs be crossed?”
gritting his teeth he raises an eyebrow, “you don’t cross them any other time. what’s there to hide? it’s nothing i haven't seen before.” 
his fingertips begin to trace various parts of your body starting with your cheekbones and the underside of your jaw, causing you to raise your head entirely, the two of you instantly locking eyes. 
he continues dragging his middle and pointer fingers down between the valley of your chest as your breaths easily shorten and pick up in speed. he knows exactly what he’s doing, eyes following behind his fingers flickering between the rapid rise and fall of your breasts to your eyes as you struggle to keep them completely open and on him.
“juyeon, please.” your skin already flush and the previous pool of arousal between your legs quickly dampening again but worse this time. chasing some kind of friction or release you clench your thighs. with your legs still being crossed the movement quickly catches his attention.
halting his movements he drops the hand that had begun fondling your now extremely hard nipples. it’s back onto the bed near your hip, an immense amount of heat radiating off of him hitting the area of skin that’s been gradually exposed as your skirt rides up from the previous actions.
he brings his head down again. you mistakenly pucker your lips for a kiss and quickly hang your head in shame as he dodges you, lips finding their way to your ear. “open your legs.”
immediately obeying you can't help but feel powerless underneath him. he’d barely touched you and you were soaked and soon too would be the surface underneath you when met with your bare skin.
lifting his hand again he begins dragging the same two fingers from before up and down the side of your thighs, listening for your pitiful sighs and panting. he stops at your hip and chuckles briefly before raising his head completely and settling his eyes on your face. you weren’t wearing panties.
“look at me y/n.”
forcing your glossy eyes open you’re met with a dark stare. nothing threatening there yet, but he’s definitely got something to say about your lack of coverage below. you can feel it.
“tell me what you want,” he demands ever so calmly. in any other situation this would sound rather innocent. maybe even like you had a choice to do so. right now that wasn't the case and you actually had about seven more seconds to start talking before his entire demeanor would flip.
“y-you. i want you, juyeon. please.” moistening your lips with a quick swipe of your tongue you sit waiting for his next move. practically sprawled out, your bottom half as close to completely naked as possible with the way your legs were spread. shirt unbuttoned about halfway and a sheen of sweat covering your entire body. he had already wrecked you and you were just getting started.
palming both your thighs and slowly kneading he began to properly taunt you, it was definitely fun for him.
“want me how? you know i need you to be specific baby. wanna treat you just right, that’s what i’m here for. hmm?”
 he’s watching you for some type of approval. something to signify that you want to continue, that you’re okay with everything going on. all whilst he’s still in full control. sick, isn’t it?
“kiss me?” it sounds like a plea, that’s exactly what it is.
before you can process his reaction he’s leaning in, hands still placed firmly on your thighs. capturing your lips with his own he’s got full control, but you have zero objections. you’re just happy to finally have more of him somehow. 
you feel his large hands begin to move. closer and closer to where you really need him the most. you gasp into his mouth as he rather roughly spreads your legs leaving you exposed completely. the cool air of the room engulfing the pool of what could've been multiple unintentional orgasms by now, you had no clue.
you whimper pathetically as you feel the same two fingers from earlier pressing down on your clit. he doesn’t move them, it’s just to get a reaction out of you. he briskly uses his fingertips to circle your entrance before pushing his fingers in a removing them quicker than you could choke out a sob.
he brings his fingers up to your mouth, slick with your juices. quirking a brow as he waits in amusement for you to take a hint. 
slowly wrapping your lips around them you bore a hole into him with hooded eyes. circling your tongue around his digits, producing the lewdest of noises, you hope the sight is satisfying enough because all you can think about is when he’ll finally replace his fingers with his cock. 
spit dripping down your chin and the rest of his hand and wrist, hitting the exposed part of your chest, you’re sure you look a mess. but you’re not bothered by it, you know he gets off on it.
pressing down on your tongue with the pads of his fingers he halts your actions. removing them with a quick popping noise he kisses you again, nothing but tongue and some panting (from you of course).
“do you think they’re clean enough, pretty?” he asks, not actually expecting a response. you slowly nod and watch as his hand, wet with your saliva, disappears again between your legs.
his hands are hot but mixed with the coolness from all the sucking you did you can’t help but drop your head back and let out an embarrassingly loud moan. easily inserting two of his long slender digits he simultaneously begins an immediate assault on your clit and uses this opportunity to attach his lips to your neck, nipping and sucking away.
“juyeon...fuck,” you whimper.
“yeah, i’m here,” he whispers between the open-mouthed kisses he’s leaving all over your neck and jaw. “i’m here baby, i’m not going anywhere.”
his lips leave you neck and trail down the rest of your body. from your collarbones, to your chest, he uses his spare hand to unbutton the rest of your top, lips instantly attaching to your right nipple over your completely lace bralette. pulling one of the cups down he drags his teeth across the now swollen bud. 
“i love your tits. could play with them all day,” he groans looking up to see the complete mess he's making of you. head hanging low, eyes screwed shut, and hands gripping the sheets on both sides of your body. he knows you’re gonna cum.
“JUYEON PLEASE,” you yell. there’s no way anybody can actually hear you but even if they could you were too far spent to care.
“please what, y/n? isn’t this what you want? i’m giving it to you what else could you possibly want? greedy girl,” he practically mocks, fingers speeding up without any regard for your orgasm that’s approaching. “your cunt is stuffed and all you can say is, ‘please, please, please’ just shut up and take it like the silly little slut you are” he growls.
opening your eyes to no avail, tears begin to blur your vision, you’re beyond close. with the way he’s speaking to you it’s just seconds now until you’re spilling your mess all over him and the nice clean sheets.
“i’m close...FUCK!” you manage to get out, nails nearly cutting tiny holes in the sheets with how hard you’re gripping.
“don’t you think i know that?” he retorts, replacing the thumb on your clit with his mouth.
everything goes white, you have no idea what you’re babbling about but you know you’re cumming...until you’re not. everything stops. juyeon’s hands and mouth are off of you in an instant and you have nothing on your mind. except maybe the singular question of what the fuck does he think he’s doing?
“what the fuck? what was that?” you can still barely speak but you manage to say those few things that you know for a fact he’s not gonna like.
“watch. your. mouth. or you won't cum at all.” he speaks in a low and demanding tone, narrowing his eyes at you a bit. a warning.
getting completely on the bed himself he rolls you over so that you’re now on top of him, heat directly on top of his rock-hard bulge without warning causing an obscene noise to leave your mouth.
“wanna be a good girl and take my pants off?” he poses a question, although that’s what he expects from you regardless.
watching you as you unbuckle his belt slowly, just as he likes, his eyes are dripping with lust, but more importantly with such love that nobody other than you could ever be responsible for. 
that and your tits are still fully on display. but definitely the love thing too.
before you can actually remove anything he stops you. now your bare center is sat on top of his perfectly hard erection and your head is spinning. struggling to keep your eyes open you look at him waiting for something. anything.
with both his hands on your hips he begins to rock you back and forth. your clit running from base to tip over the rough denim of his jeans, a wet patch surely forming.
“you’re gorgeous, you know?” juyeon randomly states, catching you completely off guard. 
if you could see yourself right now you’d easily disagree with his statement. hair a mess, makeup smudged, and a few stray tears dried up on your cheeks. and you’re literally drooling as you dry hump him. to your own definition you’re far from attractive right now but he doesn’t want to hear that and you’ve barely been able to comprehend anything happening after the mind-blowing orgasm that you almost had.
“you’re gorgeous too, juyeon.” you managed to whisper, hands on his broad shoulders, your head lolling to the side a bit, a faint smile painted on your lips. just then he intentionally presses your core down harder onto him. you both hiss in unison.
grabbing you by the neck he pulls you in for a kiss. wet and sloppy. when he pulls away a string of spit connects the two of you and falls down your chin and onto your lap.
 “i want you to ride me, can you do that for me baby?” he coos, hand still wrapped around your neck the other on your hip as his pointer finger is drawing an invisible figure eight.
“y-yes, anything for you.” you croak out, eyes still extremely low, dripping with desire.
using the hand on your neck to pull you as close as possible he whispers, “do as i say and you can cum, i know how badly you want that.” blinking slowly and backing away whilst releasing you completely, as if to signify that you should start now. 
hands unsteadily moving to pull his pants off you do it slowly enough to not seem too eager but not slow enough upset him. 
finally reaching the band of his boxers you began to tug them down, his cock immediately springing free. it stands tall, several inches in length, and a perfect girth. the tip, a pretty pink to match his bottom lip, angrily flushed and sticky with droplets of precum. 
if you didn't know any better you’d lean down to suck. cleaning up the mess you made. but there will be plenty of time for that later. right now you need every inch of him inside of you.
reaching to remove your top a strong hand swiftly engulfs your entire your wrist with a firm grip. 
“keep it on. the skirt too.” juyeon whispers releasing your wrist. you hastily nod and go to pump him a few times before placing him at your entrance, sure not to miss the deep groaning and deep breaths from the man in front of you.
hands on his shoulders you begin to sink down slowly, immediately crying out. juyeon’s hands are quick to find your waist again. leaning up so that his lips are perfectly near your ear.
“you know that if you go slow it’ll only hurt more.” you can hear the smirk in his voice as he uses the hands on your hips to fully push you down onto his cock, a low groan escaping his lips, followed by a hiss.
“FUCK, JUYEON!” you yelp, the burn being too familiar, too good for you to attempt to stop him.
“you better start moving or else only one of us is gonna cum tonight.” he quickly smacks his lips leaning back a tad, hands still on your hips, his back against the headboard. 
slowly starting to rock your hips you're a babbling mess. no recollection of what it is you're saying, you just know it feels good. momentarily he lets you have that but is quick to bring you back to reality. you feel a sharp stinging on your left ass cheek, causing you to mewl even louder whilst throwing your head back. “what did i just say, y/n?”
choking out a sob you quickly speed up your motions. alternating with bouncing and grinding you play it by ear, as you’re not typically on top. 
the pornographic noises coming from the both of you would be enough to make you cum alone, mixed with the feeling of him so deep inside you. but you know that's not gonna cut it. cumming without permission almost always leads to punishment and you can’t take that right now.
“you’re doing so well baby, look at you. my dirty little cock slut. isn’t that right?” he teases. speaking down to you to highlight the fact that you’re an incoherent mess, all because of his big fat cock.
“yes juyeon, oh my- FUCK!” you’re interrupted by him thrusting up into you. your eyes roll back into your head and you drop your forehead to his shoulder.
“oh no you don’t,” and there goes that hand around your neck again to sit you upright. “do that again and i’ll fuck my hand to finish. i want you to look me in the eyes when you cum.”
is he insane? definitely. but you can’t risk being robbed of another orgasm tonight. using one of your hands to join his around your neck you speed up again bouncing on him like a jackrabbit at this point, eyes drooping but locked with his.
“there you go baby. was that so hard?” he teases again. not even having the energy to retort your jaw goes slack as you feel his tip nudging at that soft spot that only he knows.
“i’m so close juyeon, please?” you beg.
“there goes that ‘please’ again,” he smirks rolling his eyes. “just do as you’re told and you can cum, that was the deal pretty girl.” 
chasing the sweet release you’re craving you reach down to rub your clit quickly. 
smacking your hand away juyeon looks at you like you’ve just done something unthinkable. removing his hand from your neck and popping his thumb into your mouth he utters, “suck.” and you do just that. 
his moans are getting lower, longer, you know he’s gonna cum. taking his thumb from your mouth he places it on your clit immediately repeating the figure eight motions you had administered on yourself prior.
you’re a moaning mess and you’ve never fought so hard to keep your eyes open in your entire life. clenching around him you feel it, the warm pit in your stomach, your legs are starting to shake, and you can barely keep up the pace bouncing on top of him. he notices this and offers a slightly encouraging nod.
“go ahead princess, make a mess.” he mutters, never breaking eye contact. 
all it takes is a few more circles around your clit and you’re letting go. the one thing you’ve been craving all night and now you’ve got it. 
“FUCK, JUYEON,” you cry pathetically, not a care in the world besides completely milking your boyfriend’s cock and letting him fill you up completely. “i love you, i love you, i love you. only you, it’s always been you, it’s always gonna be you.” you’re rambling at this point and you don't care because it’s working. immediately after you can feel yourself leaking onto his lap his thumb movements get slightly sloppier and he starts breathing heavily, ragged even.
“i love you too baby, fuck. more than anything. you’re so good to me, so good for me.” he’s riding out his orgasm with you. it’s perfect, you feel on top of the world.
you circled your hips a few more times and let out a breath you didn't even know you were holding. 
you feel his hands on your hips again, sliding up to cradle you completely. letting your head fall onto his shoulder you attempt to steady your breathing. kissing his neck, right underneath his ear, you whisper one more, “i love you.”
you don't care at all that his cock is softening inside you and that you both have cum dripping onto the sheets.
juyeon just fucked you dumb.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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glorianamultistan · 1 month
Requested by @ledosbunnyboy - Hi was wondering if I could request a Juyeon x male reader with corruption kink? Juyeon is a thief who went into a castle to steal some treasure but prince reader asks if he can take him to cuz he hates the Royal lifestyle and cuz he’s abt to be made king and Juyeon agrees and snatches him away. They just live pretty domestically until reader asks Juyeon to teach him abt sex and they do the nasty. Mostly Juyeon guiding Reader thru the motions and some muscle worship (Juyeon receiving). It’d be kinda based off “The Stealer”. If u don’t wanna write it it’s okay 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 have a nice day/night 🫶🏽
Tumblr media
I don't own the pic
Juyeon × male reader Pt. 1
(ps:- I am so excited about this because Juyeon is one of my ults! This turned out to be longer than I expected but I assure you, it is worth it. I might write a second part if yall like it)
Part 2
Contents - SMUT, a bit of life crisis, protective violence
Y/n was never satisfied in the position he was forced to be in, and neither was he ever mentally or physically ready for the throne. His ascension was undisputed, as the first in line to the throne, he was always treasured and pampered like a god because that was what he was supposed to be, the head of the empire, the centre of every and all lifecycle in it and their protector.
For a guy who never went out of the palace, to be thrown suddenly into the foremost castle of the capital for training was a traumatic experience. But, while he used to train with weapons in the morning, he sneaked into the kitchen of the castle to learn to cook secretly with the help of the head chef.
In the main palace, doing this was an impossibility due to the presence of the king and the queen who had every line drawn in stones, but here, y/n was the highest-ranking royal, so he was able to change a few things.
After 7-8 months of training, he was supposed to move to the very frontlines of the empire and do a border tour before the coronation but, just after 2 months of training it was clear to most of the high-ranked warriors that the crown prince was not ready. He was too naive to attack, too clumsy in the armour, too depressed to have the will to do better and was becoming weaker as the days went by because of this burden.
On the other hand, y/n was already a great cook, well-versed even in local medicinal plants and soups. The head chef was very proud of the young prince for being such a diligent learner.
Y/n realised soon into the training that he never wanted to finish the process, that would mean going to the borders and coronation and he was in his own words "just incapable of taking care of the whole empire." His younger sister would do a better job than him, she was already an admiral of a victorious fleet which out mastered many neighbouring nations. Her character was even stronger than the current king.
But for that to happen, y/n would have to die. How can he leave end this life when he has so much to do, so many wishes to fulfil, yet he knew he cannot go on like this too.
One night during the eleventh hour when y/n was reading a cookbook describing the ways teas can be healing, he heard a scratchy sound outside his chamber. As his positioning in the castle was supposed to be very strategic, he knew the dungeons close by had treasury for the castle.
Was it a test? Were the officials trying to test whether the crown prince would go head-on into such a situation without notifying others? After all, he was supposed to become an expert in warfare, a persona y/n was disgusted by.
He slowly mustered up his courage and went to the treasury with a cat-like movement.
Due to it being only candle-lit, there was a lot of darkness down the stairs and before he could reach the bottom, he slipped.
Y/n ended up in the treasury with a sprained ankle and was in so much pain that he actually started to cry but stopped when he heard a sound. "Oh, look what we have here. A royal insignia... You must be the crown prince, my pleasure to meet you, your royal highness." The guy was taller than y/n, clad in skin-tight black attire, he looked as if another royal just walked in front of y/n.
"Are you a gentleman?" Y/n absent-mindedly uttered and got a hearty laugh as a reply. "Name's Juyeon sir, I am just a passerby, who thought why not take some treasure to my friends, you must have heard of them, the famous bandits called TBZ."
Something is wrong, this guy's voice and presence should scream danger but for y/n it is as if he was engulfed in a warmth that not even his family ever provided him. TBZ have vandalised many of the castles protecting major ports, obviously, y/n heard of them.
"I see you are not well, you look sick my prince, I will just take my portion and silently leave, you should get better soldiers, by the way, they did not even hear me sneaking in."
"Why are you not afraid of me? I am the heir to the throne, you are one of the most wanted criminals, yet you talk as if we can not harm each other. Why such bravado?" Y/n merely whispered it all as he began feeling pain in his leg again and hissed while lightly touching his ankle.
Juyeon came closer to the prince and softly bent to look at y/n's leg. "You have sprained it, you were crying a few moments ago, and you look so pale and unaccustomed to the surroundings, the weapons you carry and the way you talk too. Do you think I will be scared of you, my prince? I will leave, you should pull the bell if you want."
"Wait!" Y/n screamed as he tried to get up but he hit something in the dark and fell again. "Wait..." he whimpered, "Take me with you."
'What!? Take you with me? Why? Where? Do I look that kind to you?" "No, please listen, take me with you, out of here, I know your gang has routes around other kingdoms too, please, I don't want to go on like this, please, help me." Y/n tearfully whispered these words as if a prayer for salvation.
"Are you sure about it? You are the next king, what about this empire? I don't want my people to be hunted for kidnapping the crown prince."
"Yes, just, help me cross the border, I will be fine." "Okay."
Juyeon picked up the prince and carried him out of the castle on his back, then with the help of his friends outside he covered y/n up and they left for the kingdom in the East of the empire.
~time skip~
After a week's journey, Juyeon realised that y/n was never let out in the real world, so he had no social inhibition and often was a target of weirdos praying on his naivete. Y/n was so curious about everything that Juyeon had to conform to the rest of the members of his gang that he did not mean any harm as y/n really just want to know things for the sake of it.
Y/n on the other hand was fascinated and now that his leg healed completely thanks to the medicinal balms Juyeon gave him, he roamed around in the foreign land freely looking at the people in the market with awe and talking to the spic merchants and florists.
Y/n and Juyeon lived outside a city in a forest area, this base was supposed to be safe and was well connected to the main routes to the city and port. Since Juyeon brought the prince, he was given the responsibility to look over him which in reality was to look after him.
One day y/n asked Juyeon to bring some vegetables and berries and other food items promising nothing will go to waste as he was tired of just bread and soup. And that was the day Juyeon decided that if anytime y/n was to leave him, the first thing he will miss would be the food made by him. Even though y/n was clumsy all around, in the kitchen he was a magician, weeks went by as Juyeon would return from the city to meals only his moans while eating could describe, rest of the members when they came to check upon them found it all too domestic and started referring y/n as the house-husband and homemaker.
Through this time Juyeon began to understand y/n more and more and wanted to protect the prince even from minor scratches he had while cooking or just randomly stumbling and falling. He would never want to see the prince as he saw him in the treasury again. This y/n was healthier, happier and livelier than anything he ever experienced, this was the prince he was blessed with, his prince.
"My prince." He suddenly uttered as y/n was sitting beside him on the same sofa, trying to understand how to weave something, while Juyeon was admiring him.
"Yes?" "What?" "You said my prince, you tell what." "I did?" "Yes, Juyeon, you just said it and after such a long time."
Juyeon liked y/n. It was made clear to everyone on the day he almost killed a gang of three middle-aged warriors who tried to have their way with y/n when the prince got lost in the market and got separated from Juyeon. Only one hand was able to rip the veil off the face of the prince he always wore to hide his identity, in that very moment, the very hand got cut and fell off with the now mythologized remark heard by the child whom y/n was trying to save from the three men, "move one step closer to him and next will be that leg."
It was a blood bath and if y/n wouldn't have cried to stop Juyeon for the sake of the child who would be traumatised beyond help seeing it all, Juyeon would have killed those three men.
Since then, that child frequented their home and they got to know that he was the only one left in the family as those loan sharks killed his parents for money. Y/n asked his name, but the child did not know so he named the child Ruka. Now, Ruka was referred to by the city people as y/n and Juyeon's child and this provided him security too. Nobody dared to touch people related to the TBZ.
After all of this fiasco y/n got pretty scared and they started sleeping in the master bedroom together, when Ruka was not with any one of his friends, he joined them too.
One morning y/n got up to an embarrassing hard-on as he had a very sensual dream about Juyeon. And before he could leave the bed, Juyeon hugged him from the back and whispered "you moaned my name with such passion and are now leaving me alone in the bed like this."
It was too much for the virgin prince to handle, the voice, the bare chest, the breath at the back of his neck.
"Ju-juyeon, what are you saying? Let me go please." Rather than doing that Juyeon moved his hands in y/n's shirt and whispered again. "Remember when you said you wanted to learn about sex and I said you were not ready? Let me teach you now, my prince." His hand flicked y/n's left nipple while speaking, making y/n moan.
Curiosity to know about his body and pleasure Juyeon came over y/n and the next thing he knew, he was being guided to touch the bare abs of the same person he has liked for so long.
"You can touch me, baby, my dear prince, I am all yours." And so y/n did, his hands were moving on their own as he touched every curve and admired every ridge of Juyeons bare upper body. The muscles he admired from afar as Juyeon walked semi-naked around the house, were divine to touch, this must be the holy grail, this knowledge and body must be godly.
Slowly, Juyeon was on top of y/n kissing, licking and biting as if claiming his reward finally, the real treasure he found in that castle was this person and all the love and warmth he got from him.
As he began eating y/n out, the prince was a crying moaning mess, so much pleasure, he did not know what to do, his tongue failed him and only broken syllables of Juyeon's name were echoing through the bedroom. Then he came for the first time and his scream was enough to make Juyeon too come back to reality as he was so engrossed in eating the other out he forgot to look up. And the sigh was heaven to behold, y/n looked like salvation, the answer to his own prayer in that treasury. This was the liberation they both needed.
As Juyeon inserted himself in y/n and as he picked up his pace, he made sure to wrap the other up around him tightly to hold him, suck his nipples, and kiss his lips in such desperation that after they were done and Juyeon finally came for the first and y/n for the nth time. Both were sure that their bodies had no boundaries from each other, just one vast sweaty mass heaving and kissing as if itself.
"You did so well my prince, so good for me. I will never let you go." Ple-ase, d-dont let me go. I love you, so much, you are my god, how... how will I live without you?"
With such declarations, they left the bed together to have a warm bath. That evening when the members found out about what had happened due to y/n's loose shirt and him proudly wearing the marks Juyeon left, all anyone would ask was a date for marriage.
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𝅄 ◌  ๋ ࣭ ✺ 𝅄 ◌  ๋ ࣭ ✺ 𝖽𝖾𝗃𝖺 𝗏𝗎 𝅄 ◌  ๋ ࣭ ✺ 𝅄 ◌  ๋ ࣭ ✺
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JUYEON & YOUNGHOON for BAZAAR photographed by Kim Shin Ae
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opening sequence that rewinds back the incident
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. . . 𝗺𝗢𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁𝘀 𝘄𝗶𝗧𝗵 𝗷𝘂𝗬𝗲𝗼𝗻! %★
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𝗣𝗔𝗜𝗥𝗜𝗡𝗚!⭒bf!juyeon x reader 𖦹  𝗚𝗘𝗡𝗥𝗘! ⭒fluff, angst, suggestive 𖦹  𝗪𝗖!⭒2.4k 𖦹 𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚𝗦! ⭒fights(?), suggestive content (no explicit smut!) 𖦹  𝗡𝗢𝗧𝗘𝗦!⭒happy juyeon day ♡ this is a lil rushed and i did proofread it but there are still probably some mistakes :( anyways, i am very much indulging in my delusional bf!juyeon agenda that i need so badly, enjoy besties <3
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ּ  ֙⋆꒷꒦ the moment when he wakes you up with kisses even though he was upset with you the previous night. you release a soft whine into the sunlit room, eyelids slowly fluttering open at the familiar feeling of your boyfriend's lips on your face, adjusting your eyes to the light of the room. he placed a kiss on your temple, causing you to turn on your half-awake state and face him, a small frown on your lips due to the memory of the previous night. he simply examined your face, mumbling a gruff yet soft "morning" before leaning in to kiss your forehead tenderly, making your frown deepen. "i'm sorry about last night, ju...", your voice raspy and laced with sleep, but sincere nonetheless. "i know you are. it's okay, love", he murmured softly, tracing the outline of your lips in a delicate manner, allowing a small, genuine smile to grace his features. "you're too good to me. i don't deserve you", you whispered out, voice now thick with sleep and emotion, moving closer to him and wrapping your arms around his form, coiling yourself into his warm body while he let out a short chuckle, holding your head to his chest and pressing his lips to the top of it. "you deserve me and more, angel."
ּ  ֙⋆꒷꒦ the moment when you sarcastically laugh at a "really funny joke" he made and it turns into a tickle fight. "hahaha, juyeon, you really crack me up", you teased sarcastically his expense, the poor quality of his failed attempt at a joke causing you to playfully make fun of him. he grins at you and whines, shoving you softly while you laugh at him and lean back into him. "aww, is the little baby hurt?", you continue in a faux soft voice, reaching up to pinch his cheeks while he glares at you with a smile. "the little baby?", he repeats with raised eyebrows, rolling his sleeves up in what was meant to be a threatening move, only serving to make you burst into laughter again. he gasps indignantly, muttering something along the lines of "i'll show you 'baby'", before practically leaping on top of you, fingers attacking your sides while you squealed, twisted and turned, tears pricking the corner of your eyes as you laughed and begged him to stop.
ּ  ֙⋆꒷꒦ the moment when he calls you his pretty baby. cuddling with juyeon might just be one of your favourite pastimes. it was so innocent and pure (most of the time), laying there in each other's embrace, not even having to say anything, just being in each other's presence. you rolled over on to your left where you were greeted with the sight of a slightly sleepy juyeon smiling at you, slipping an arm around his waist and placing your head on the pillow right next to his face. you tapped your finger on his nose, making him giggle and grab ahold of it, pressing his lips to the tip of it gently. he gently runs a finger along the side of your face, brushing stray hairs off of it and looking at you like he was analysing your features what with the way he was zeroing in on different parts of your face and then moving on with a smile. "my pretty baby", he whispered, observing your parted lips before making eye contact with you, cupping the side of your face and running his thumb over your bottom lip, dragging it down slowly. your eyes widened as you tried to understand the look in his eye but you couldn't make out what it truly was– a mix of adoration, drowsiness and maybe some desire.
ּ  ֙⋆꒷꒦ the moment when you tried to flirt with him but he turned it back on you. you eyed your boyfriend who was currently sat across you on the table at your favourite cafe, scribbling down various notes from his textbook. there was a single ray of sunlight shining directly on to his face but it didn't seem to bother him since he carried on writing without trying to move out of its way. you found it entirely enticing however, as it making your boyfriend look like he was glowing and you couldn't stop yourself from smiling dreamily at him. as if on cue, he glanced up at you, dropping his eyes and continuing to write with a soft grin gracing his features. "can i help you?", he smiled, flipping the page of his notebook. you returned the smile, resting your chin on your palm and cocking your head, asking "does it get tiring, being this pretty?". he scoffed with a playful lilt in his eyes, clicking his pen closed and simpering at you. "i dont know, if that's true, you must be exhausted."
ּ  ֙⋆꒷꒦ the moment when you found him crying in the bathroom. "ju? i'm back!", you called out as you shut the front door, taking off your shoes and expecting to see your boyfriend sitting on his couch, but he was nowhere to be seen. he usually returned home from his practices around the same time that you visited his house, watching a show or making something in the kitchen, but you found both spaces vacant. now confused, you walked into his bedroom, and turn to your left to see that the bathroom door was shut, stepping toward it and pushing the door open, only to have your heart broken by the sight in front of you. juyeon sat in a crouching position with his legs brought up in front of him and his arms crossed around them, head buried in between while his shoulders shook gently with sobs. "juyeon?", you spoke, shock and worry clear in your voice, feeling your heart break into a million pieces when he looks up in surprise, quickly wiping his tears away as if you didn't already see them. "what happen—" "nothing. i'm fine", he interrupted firmly, sniffling but making no move to get up. you immediately went to sit beside him, feeling stunned when you felt him stiffen initially after wrapping your arms around him but then he buried his head in your neck and his body began trembling again with fresh tears, wetting your skin and shirt. "baby. what's wrong?", you prodded with as much softness you could muster, running your fingers through his hair soothingly, placing small kisses on the top of it. "j-just didn't do too well at practice. bad day", he explained through his sniffles, voice sounding muffled and so sad, making your heart swell in pain as well. you tenderly hushed him and he finally looked up at you, eyes red and tired. "i'm sorry you're having a bad day, baby.", you mumbled, wiping his tears away slowly. "but about practice, baby, you don't need to be upset about that. you're one of the most capable, hard-working people i know. you were having a bad day, don't beat yourself up about not doing well in practice, it's not your fault. i'm so proud of you." the small smile on his face made you feel like everything you did up until this point in your life was worth it.
ּ  ֙⋆꒷꒦ the moment when you were the only two people in the whole world. laying on a blanket, watching the sunset with him on the highest hill you could find, the sky painted in the prettiest hues while you both bathed in it's pigmented brilliance. him leaning in to whisper something in your ear and then placing his head on your shoulder while laughing at your response. picking his head up to turn and just watch you sit there, soaked in the various colours that the sky presented. "what?", you asked with a small smile as you noticed his gaze on you, cocking your head to the side while looking at him. "you're so beautiful", he mumbled simply, his gaze so soft and raw, staring at you as if nothing else mattered more to him in the entire universe. butterflies would be an understatement if trying to describe the feelings you were feeling, with him looking so ethereal and also sitting there, looking at you like that.
ּ  ֙⋆꒷꒦ the moment when you wore the dress he bought you and he thought you looked a little too good. you and juyeon didn't go out on the weekends too often, preferring to stay indoors with each other and watch movies and order takeout. this particular evening however, a couple of your mutual friends were going out to a new club and invited the two of you, somewhat reluctantly deciding on going. on your previous birthday, juyeon had bought you a fancy dress that he thought you might like, and you most definitely liked it, but sadly did not have as many opportunities to wear it as you would have liked to. to both of your luck,  tonight seemed like the perfect night. "ju, i'm ready!", adorning the aforementioned dress, you stepped out of the bathroomand gave your boyfriend a playful twirl. his eyes immediately sparkled with recognition, mouth agape and silent in awe and stun. "do i look okay?", you asked somewhat innocently, clasping your hands behind your back. "do you look ok– fuck, have you seen yourself?", he blurted out, getting up from the bed and walking over to you, gripping your hips and pulling you into him, forcing a grin onto your mouth. he leaned down and began placing open-mouthed, wet kisses on your neck, trailing them down to your collarbone, eliciting soft gasps from you. "juyeon, we have to go. they're expecting us..", you trailed off with a sort of moan, making no attempt to move away from him, instead wrapping your arms around his shoulders and allowing him to continue his ministrations. "nah, i think we're gonna have to bail on them tonight. want you all to myself."
ּ  ֙⋆꒷꒦ the moment when you were having a bad day and snapped at him. you knew it wasn't his fault, he didn't mean to press your buttons. in fact, he even wasn't doing anything remotely wrong, but everything seemed to get on your nerves today. maybe it was because you woke up late and had to rush in the morning, maybe it was because the barista got your order wrong, maybe it was because you had promptly spilt your drink all over yourself after stepping out the cafe. maybe it was the apparent chain of catastrophes that seemed to have sprung on you out of nowhere, but you were having an overall bad day. juyeon was just being a good, observant boyfriend by asking you if you were feeling alright, obviously having picked up on your mood. "baby, are you sure you're fi—" "juyeon, for the last fucking time, i'm fine!", you blurted out, rubbing your face with your hands, immediately regretting your words when you saw the look of hurt cross his face as he tilted his body away from you a little. "fuck, ju, i'm sorry, i didn't mean—" "it's fine. dont worry about it", he interrupted abruptly, appearing downcast and not making eye contact. you sighed and waddled over to him in your sitting position, hugging his waist from behind and resting your chin on his shoulder. "ju, i'm so sorry. i shouldn't have snapped at you, i'm just having a really shit day", you muttered in between placing delicate kisses on the warm skin of his neck. "but that doesn't excuse me being rude. you were just being nice, i'm so sorry baby." he exhaled slowly, turning his head slightly to his left to look at you, nodding a little. "it's okay, baby. do you want to talk about it?" so, you talked about it. and juyeon listened. he held your hand and stroked the back of it with his thumb, asking questions when he needed to but other times just being there for you and nodding his head. he suggested that the two of you could watch your confort movie and you ended up in his arms, head resting on his chest while he played with your hair, feeling nothing but the warmth of the love you both held for each other.
ּ  ֙⋆꒷꒦ the moment when he realised he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. it was when he returned home a little early to see you in a once clean apron, hair in a complete mess, flour and all sorts of other ingredients finding their place on your face, a look of complete distress and displeasure on your features as you stared at whatever monstrosity was baking– or burning, away in the oven. the kitchen was in a frightful state, various measuring cups and bowls and pans literring the surfaces while shocking amounts of what he could only hope was icing lay spilt on the floor. you looked as if you were on the verge of tears, and as mean as it sounds, juyeon couldn't help but let out a laugh, rushing over to you and scooping you up in his arms. "what were you trying to do, darling?", he chuckled out, nuzzling his nose into your cheek while you whined and crossed your arms with a frown. "bake you some cupcakes", you pouted, resting the side of his face against his chest as it rumbled with laughter, making you also reluctantly laugh in defeat. "i got a recipe, followed it through and everything...i don't know where i went wrong", you whined into his shirt and he leaned back a little, cupping your cheeks and squishing them together, your unimpressed expression making him coo at you. the "ding!" of the oven alerts you of the impending chaos that lay inside it, peeling yourself off of him grudgingly and going to check on it. with a lopsided grin, you hold the tray of burnt muffins in front of juyeon, clutching it tightly with your cute oven mitts. "wanna try one?", you quipped sarcastically, but it fell upon deaf ears because your boyfriend was just staring at you with the most lovestruck look in his eyes. "what?", you faltered, lowering the tray and peering at him curiously. "nothing, i just...you make me so happy", he replied honestly, looking at you as if you hung the stars in the sky. "i want to be with you forever and ever."
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they’re just like totally spies forreal
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