#just watched this episode my god is that moment great
protagonistscum · 6 months ago
May fuck around and rewatch season one and two of voltron because damn if those episodes haven't stuck with me
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gingerbreadmonsters · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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twelvegrimmyplace · 11 months ago
Watching succession and immediately looking at the stuff on Kendall’s daughters’ bedroom walls in search of harry, bc I’m unwell, a sick individual who knew he would be there, and there he was.
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phoenixkaptain · 2 months ago
Din Djarin and Luke Skywalker are both two men who get progressively scarier the more you watch them.
Like, Luke in A New Hope was baby af. He was a child. Even in the Empire Strikes Back, what a little guy. A tiny fellow.
Then boom, Return of the Jedi, and Luke is smiling and like “Tell these Ewoks that you are their God and that if they do not release us, you will be Angered…” He is in all black, he is missing a hand, he has gone off the rails conpletely. He’s like “How will I tell Leia that we’re siblings? …Oh! I know! Riddles!” Luke Skywalker gets struck by Force Lightning like nine times and still gets up and drags his dad’s lifeless body out. There were moments one might look at him and think, “no, ur wrong, he still babie” but you are the wrong one! He goes into Jabba’s Palace and straight up stands there smiling and threatening him the whole time. He’s standing on a plank over the Sarlacc and he’s still like “So this is how you’d like to play :)” Luke straight up snapped, he got spooky by the end of the og trilogy.
Din Djarin, straight off the back, is kind of intimidating. He is a man in full armour who hunts people and freezes them in carbonite and appears behind their shoulders when they least expect it. But, after Grogu shows up, you probably think “this man is weak to this baby, he will become soft” but no! The opposite happens!
I’m talking about episode 6. The Prisoner. I have wanted desperately to talk about this for days, but have only just found the words to do so. Let me explain.
Din Djarin is filmed and edited like a horror movie villain. Like a supernatural force of evil who stalks his prey. Straight up like a slasher villain out of the eighties. There’s hints of this beforehand, what with Din appearing behind a guy in the very first episode, and the fact that he has been shot point blank (many times) but no matter how many times he falls, he always gets back up. Okay, that’s all fine and good.
But episode 6 goes beyond that. He stalks a bunch if assholes through flickering red lights. He splits them up, he takes them out one by one, and the last person standing manages to get out, thinks they’ve escaped, only to die (technically) at Din’s hand anyway. He is straight up a horror movie villain I don’t know how else to explain it, he is a horror movie villain.
Don’t take this the wrong way. Being spooky and intimidating isn’t a bad thing, especially not in Star Wars! Luke Skywalker and his ability to say terrible things while smiling, Din Djarin and his predilection for appearing right behind someone, these ar egood things. I like these things a lot. I love these. I love that Luke is the cutest little scary fella in the galaxy. I love that Din is the most awkward little scary fella in the galaxy. I think it’s great.
Why do I bring this up?
Well, for one, I have been trying to word my view on Din Djarin for days now. I love this man, I have to mock him or I’ll feel incomplete. And I think it’s a disservice to pretend that Luke isn’t a person who most people in the Star Wars universe think about and shiver. Don’t get me wrong, I love sunshine boy Luke, but he isn’t really like that, at least not by this point in the series. He just strikes me as the type of person to say incredibly dark, deranged things with a blank face, then smile at cute kittens. Luke is messed up, and we should talk about it more because it’s very interesting to explore the various ways he’s messed up.
But for another, I am a big fan of Din and Luke being buddies who go absolutely anywhere and scare the shit out of people. A Mandalorian next to a Jedi Knight? Two people who eat Storm Troopers for breakfast?? Can you imagine how much the fragments of the Empire that are still left are quaking??? Those two would go absolutelu anywhere and the anyone on planet who ever sided with the Empire would give themselves up or run, immediately.
Like, Din singlehandedly took out that whole troop on Nevarro. All by himself, he shot out all of the Storm Troopers and everyone inside and I like to think there are whispered stories about him similar to the ones about the Boogeyman.
Now, I know Luke didn’t actually kill the Emperor and Darth Vader, but does anyone in universe know that? Or does everyone think that Luke not only blew up the Death Star, but he also murdered the two head honchos and came out completely unscathed? Luke is definitely a boogeyman.
I don’t know. Something about two terrifying men walking into a bar full of Imperials only to walk out five minutes later of a bar full of dead Imperials just really fills me with joy. Something about the mental image I have of Storm Troopers fearfully sharing increasingly terrifying stories about these two makes me happy. I like bad people being scared shitless, all right? Sue me.
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eddieamoremio · 2 months ago
No More Hiding; Request (Joseph Quinn x costar!Reader)
REQUEST: Can you make a joe quinn x reader where at the st4 premiere the reader is sweet with the kids like millies sister and she dsnces with her and also with the kids of the cast even when if yhey are grown upd now and he loves you even more snd wants to have kids so at home he talks about kids and the reader always wanted them so they try for months and when they are promotijg st4 with jamie the interviewer notices the belly and thdy announce it? :) - @kellysimagines
a/n: so this changed,,, a lot? when i was writing it,,, sorry idk how that happened but i had an idea and ran with it, hope that's all good! any feedback is welcome, as always. kisses!
SYNOPSIS: Joe and costar!Reader are having a baby, but it's still quite early. Luckily the one, the only, Jamie Campbell Bower is a great secret-keeper
WARNINGS: pregnant reader, the start of a panic attack, that's basically it
Tumblr media
It was a very exciting night, the world premiere of Stranger Things 4. Everyone in the cast was together on the red carpet–and had been for about an hour now–doing interviews and posing for photos–and you were beginning to get very tired. Though you had a good reason–you were about twelve weeks pregnant, and it takes a lot out of a person to have to grow a whole new body inside of them.
You stood next to your partner, Joe, with Charlie on the other side of you as you all posed for a big group photo. You tried not to let your fatigue and nausea show on your face, but Joe could tell, having seen the look on your face quite frequently for the last couple months.
“You alright?” he whispered, sneaking a glance at you.
“Yeah, just feel like I’m going to be sick,” you whispered back to him. You hadn’t told anyone apart from your close family yet, you wanted to wait as long as you could–you always preferred privacy in your relationship, and this pregnancy wasn’t any exception.
Joe intertwined his fingers in yours, hidden from the view of the cameras. “I think we’re almost done, love.”
And you were; within minutes, all the photographers crowded in front of you were satisfied with their shots, and you were being directed inside the reception hall that the screening of the first two episodes would take place in. There were drinks and nibbly bits inside while you waited, though you had a feeling that if anything went into your stomach it would just come right back up again, and of course, you couldn’t have a drink–Joe was also not drinking out of solidarity, knowing you already missed having your vodka sodas only a third of the way through your pregnancy.
Everyone still mingled before taking their seats, though you and Joe mostly kept to yourselves in a corner, until Jamie sauntered over to you, a big smile across his face. The three of you grew quite close over the many months making the season–Joe and Jamie bonded very quickly, and with you and Joe together, you were brought along with it all.
“And how are these lovebirds going?” he asked, settling at the cocktail table you were standing at. He looked at the tabletop with a furrow in his brow. “Not drinking tonight, guys? Not like the both of you!”
You let out a nervous laugh, as Joe put a hand on your back, feeling your anxiety as well. During the handful of times the three of you went out for dinner, you’d been known to love a good drink or two or five, so it was definitely an adjustment having to go cold-turkey, and apparently it was noticeable.
You didn’t know what to say for a second, there was an awkward silence between the three of you. You looked to Joe, who was looking right back at you. You had a moment of silent communication, Jamie just watching your non-verbal conversation.
“I’m-I’m,” you stuttered. “I’m pregnant. We’re having a baby!” 
Immediately Jamie lunged forward to engulf you in a hug. “Congrats?” he asked, just to be sure, to which you and Joe both nodded enthusiastically. “Congrats! Oh my god!”
He parted from you and gave Joe a hug too, complete with a couple hearty pats on the back, the ‘lad side’ of both of them coming out.
“It’s still pretty early so we’re not really telling many people yet…” Joe told him, a sense of urgency in his voice.
“No worries, mum’s the word-literally, I suppose!” Jamie joked. “Oh, I’m so excited for you two! Are you still coming to Brazil?”
Netflix was sending the three of you to Sao Paulo for a few days in the coming weeks to do some interviews over there–the higher-ups figured it was a good decision when they found out just how much time you’d all been spending together.
“Of course!” you almost yelled over the chatter of the rest of the room. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world, might even have a bump by then!”
Without a moment’s notice, you were all called to your seats to continue the rest of your night. You were glad to be sitting, since your feet had begun to swell–one of the joys you knew was just beginning.
And it was, by the time you and Joe were sat in business class on a flight from London to Sao Paulo, you swore your feet and hands were almost double the size they were just the week beforehand, however you’d finally gotten out of the ‘exhausted and nauseous all the time’ phase, and were in the ‘strong hair and nails and finally have that pregnancy glow everyone goes on about’ phase.
You tried to recline your seat as much as you could to get some rest–much more than you would’ve been able to in economy class–but you were still uncomfortable. The baby had begun to move in the past few weeks, and as much as it gave you butterflies every time you felt movement in your abdomen, it was beginning to get old when you just wanted some rest for Pete’s sake!
Joe was in the seat next to your’s, headphones on, watching some movie he’d downloaded for the flight, but you could see his gaze fall to your bump–which was now getting rather impossible to hide–every few minutes. You signalled to him to take off his headphones, which he did, swivelling slightly in his seat to face you as best he could, with a questioning look on his face.
“I can’t sleep,” you said in a hushed tone, to not disturb the rest of the plane. “Babe keeps moving and I can’t get comfortable.”
Joe grabbed your hand with one of his, placing his other hand on your bump–slowly rubbing small circles. He shuffled down a little so his face was level with your stomach.
“Hey kid, you have to let your mum sleep, alright?” he whispered, making you giggle. He looked back up at you. “How about when we get to the hotel, I run you a bath and make it all relaxing and me and Jamie will go out and meet fans so they don’t bother you, hmm?”
He always knew what you needed–and he was being extra attentive during your pregnancy, you don’t think in the past four months you’d know about your pregnancy, you’d opened a car door for yourself, or pulled out your own chair, or carried any heavy bags. He was simply being the perfect future dad, and it made you so excited to see what he would be like when the baby was born.
The rest of your flight didn’t go great–you didn’t manage to get a wink of rest during the entire eleven and a half hours you were in the air–but Joe kept to his promise and after an hour of customs and immigration, then travelling to your hotel and checking in, he’d drawn you a warm bubble bath, dimmed the lights, and let you relax.
“Jamie’s just gotten here so I’m going downstairs,” Joe said to you, reading a text on his phone. “Are you gonna be alright by yourself?”
“Yes, Joe,” you answered, floating in what felt like a rose-scented cocoon. “I’m pregnant, not three years old.”
Joe just laughed, giving you a quick peck, before leaving with his phone, wallet, and one of the room keys. You didn’t do much for the rest of the afternoon, though you did manage to finally get a quick nap in. You weren’t sure how long you were asleep for, but when you woke, Joe was back and you noticed the sun was beginning to set, so it had been a couple hours, at least.
“Hi, darling,” Joe said in a soft voice. “How are you feeling?”
“Better,” you groaned as you stretched under the covers. “Still a bit tired but better. How’s Jamie?”
“He’s good…good,” Joe was still wearing the jeans and white button-up he’d changed into when you’d finally gotten to the hotel room. “He wanted to go out for dinner, but I said I’d leave it up to you, see how you’re feeling. We were just thinking the restaurant in the lobby if you’re feeling alright?”
You hadn’t eaten since you were on the plane, and even then that could barely count as a meal–you did feel a sort of ache in your stomach, and you figured you could go out.
“That sounds good, just give me like twenty minutes to get ready…” You got out from under the covers of the bed, stretching again once you were standing, before going to your suitcase which laid on the floor, to look for an outfit.
“I’ll let him know to meet us in twenty in the lobby,” Joe said with a smile.
You quickly got dressed–just onto something comfortable that would keep you cool enough in the humidity–before you made your way down the hotel lobby with Joe, hands swinging in between you as you walked. It wasn’t hard to spot Jamie standing out near the doors of the ‘restaurant front’–with how tall and lanky he was, not to mention the fact that he was dressed head-to-toe in all black–a very ‘him’ look.
He noticed you and Joe as you slowly made your way over to him, meeting you halfway to engulf you in a big, bear hug.
“Hello, dear!” he exclaimed with a big smile, mid-hug, before pulling away. “Look at you! You’re practically glowing!”
“‘ts good to see you too!” you said, feeling a warmth creeping up your neck at the compliment–Jamie was always full of them, and he never hesitated to let someone know when they looked great. “‘ve even got a bump now!”
You placed an arm underneath the small bump on your abdomen to highlight it, to which Jamie gasped before placing a hand on you–but not after looking to you with a questioning look–asking if he could touch you.
“You two are gonna be parents, my goodness!” Jamie laughed, as you and Joe did too.
“Shall we then?” Joe asked, pointing to the restaurant with his one free hand–your’s still holding his other one in a vice-like grip, as usual.
The rest of the night was great–filled with good food and lots of laughs, before your crashed at the end of the night in the fluffy bed you’d be calling your’s for the next few days, in the arms of the man that you loved the most in the entire world.
It was an early start the next morning, being whisked away in the wee hours of the morning to get hair and makeup done, as well as to organise an outfit for your day chocked full of interviews with Joe and Jamie. The stylist Netflix had sent to Brazil with you–Sarah–had a room with a rack full of different options for you to choose from, but you were still nervous about the whole ordeal.
You’d let it slip to her that you’d need some room in the belly region, and she seemed to understand at the time, but now as you looked at the different outfits, all of them looked tight-fitting and it unnerved you that you’d have to soon share a very private part of your life with the world, seemingly against your will.
It was all getting too much, you couldn’t breath, and the room was starting to spin. As quick as you could, you stepped out into the hallway outside, phone in hand and already dialling Joe’s number, even though he was in the same building as you, getting ready in a room just down the hall.
“Love? What’s up?” he asked as he answered the phone, a level of concern in his voice that you’d never heard before.
“I’m just-” there was a lump in your throat that you had to struggle against, that you didn’t know was there at first, you voice came out in a hushed whisper. “I’m not sure I’m ready to tell everyone about the baby, it’s too nerve wracking.”
“Oh, darling…” Joe started as he heard the beginnings of sobs waver in your voice. “We don’t have to yet if you don’t want to, but I think we’re going to have to eventually right? And we’re in Brazil of all places! How fun is that party tonight going to be if we don’t have to keep this big secret, hey?”
You thought for a moment, letting out a sigh. He was right–the story alone of telling the world about the family you were making in Brazil would be pretty cool….
“No more hiding,” was all you said to him.
“There we go!” he jokingly cheered, making you laugh and easing your worries. “I’m just about ready so can I come see you?”
“Yeah, I still need to get dressed, but I guess you could come hang out with us…” you answered, absentmindedly rubbing your bump–a habit you’d only noticed you’d picked up in the past week or so.
Joe didn’t even answer you, just hung up the phone and all but sprinted down the short hallway to where you were standing. He also didn’t say hello, just pulled you to him, arms over your shoulders as he placed a kiss against your cheek–that cheeky grin of his on full display.
In a matter of about thirty minutes, you’d gotten ready, and yourself and Joe were sat in your seats, waiting for Jamie ‘the drama queen’ to finish getting ready so he could join you. You didn’t have to wait long, you amused yourself by chatting with your boyfriend.
“I think the babe’s a girl…” he said, almost out of the blue, looking at you with wide eyes and an equally wide grin.
“You think?” you questioned. “What makes you think that?”
“I don’t know… I just get a vibe!” Joe laughed. “But I’d be happy with a boy! Just want a baby that’s happy and healthy…”
You hadn’t thought too much about it yet, whether you were carrying a boy or a girl–it was just one and ultrasounds made sure of that, and all your current tests came back showing they baby was healthy and growing exactly as they should be, which is all that concerned you for the moment.
“Hello, hello?” you heard a voice call out–Jamie–as he entered the room, wearing sunglasses with a hot coffee in hand. “Sorry, am I late?”
You quickly jumped out of your seat, as did Joe, to give Jamie a hug.
“Showing off the bambino today, huh?” Jamie asked as he took a look at your outfit. “Come on, give us a twirl, you two!”
You and Joe both jokingly spun around to show off your outfits to Jamie, the three of you laughing–it was good, to jake around after a stressful morning, the two Brits made you feel at ease in yourself.
“We’ve-uh-we’ve decided we’re going to start telling people about the babe,” Joe said, placing a hand around your back in on your opposite hip.
Jamie excitedly told mused congratulations–again to the both of you–giving you both a big hug each, before the three of you settled in your seats, about to start a big, new part of your life.
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honuyoon · a month ago
touch, finn wolfhard
finn x female reader
summary: finn just can’t seem to get enough of his best friend :)
if you don’t like finn smut, don’t read this or comment on it. simple. i really don’t want anyone bitching and moaning in the comments because it’s annoying and i don’t give a shit!
if u do like finn smut, i hope u enjoy<3
finn liked to consider himself a respectable young man. he didn’t do anything that was too out of the ordinary or think any thoughts that any other teenage boy hadn’t.. until there was you. the great reckoning.
he couldn’t seem to control himself around you. you two had been friends for a while, and he always acknowledged that you were really pretty but thought nothing of it. he liked to look at you and admire your kissable lips, perfect hair and pretty eyes. the way your baby hairs fell or the purse of your lips you made when in deep concentration or thought. there’s nothing wrong with admiring your friend. finn thought, that was until the admiration turned into more of a severe sexual pining. everything you did made the boy absolutely feral.
“what do you think about this one?” you asked, turning as he watched the way the short green tennis skirt flowed around your hips. the open window allowed in a gentle breeze which made him narrow his eyes as a hint of your panties were flashed to him.
“i like it better than the pink.” he spoke. he was paying attention- truly. even if half the time he was looking at your hardened nipples and how they poked through your white crop top due to the cold temperature of the room.
you sighed. “i’ll just figure this out in the morning.”
finn watched with a slack jaw as your hands reached for your skirt, tugging it down to reveal your black panties again. your ass was just so fucking perfect. you bent down in front of the dresser, opening the bottom one and pulling out flannel night shorts to change into.
he was fully aware that you could probably feel him staring at your ass, but he couldn’t help himself. you stood up, putting on the shorts and turning around to him with a remote in your hand.
“wanna watch a show?” you asked, sort of snapping him out of his daze.
he only looked at you and nodded, lost in the trance of how good you looked right now. and you were fresh out the shower too, so the scent of vanilla body scrub on your skin did him no justice.
you laid down on the bed facing the tv mounted on to your wall, your feet next to finn’s lap as she scrolled through HBO max beside deciding to settle on friends. it was one of the london episodes.
“would you ever do that?” finn asked, glancing at monica and chandler in bed together the next morning as he played with the anklet around your ankle, pulling at the little gems on it.
“sleep with my best friend?”
he shrugged though you couldn’t see and tried to be nonchalant about it but he really wanted to know if it were ever a possibility.
you nodded. “yeah.”
finn felt himself freeze a bit. “yeah?”
you sat up and paused the tv before turning to face him, you noticed the look in his eyes and smiled a bit to yourself at it. “it’s just nice.. y’know?”
“yeah.” he said in agreement.
you moved closer. “it’s comfortable.”
“you know them well,” he seemed to lean in closer with every word that fell from your lips. “you know they’ll be good because they know you better than anyone else.” the tomr of your voice was light and teasing, sultry in every was possible.
you watched the way his eyes fell to your lips as his mouth slowly opened and you enjoyed every second of it. you knew finn liked you, you knew it good and well. all the longing stares, the rosy cheeks and touches.
god. his touch.
finn used any and every excuse to touch you and you didn’t mind it the slightest bit. just a moment ago he was playing with your jewelry and before that he played with your hair.
finn would stand close behind you if he could, place his hands on your waist to move you out the way, lean close to you- just anything you get near you.
you enjoyed his affection, and you knew you would be ready to return it if he had just asked. you wanted him to kiss you, to touch you in the ways he’s spent nights dreaming of. you wanted it all. but he had to initiate it.
you turned away quickly and unpaused the episode. “i’m gonna go to the bathroom real quick.”
a small smirk formed on your lips as you reveled in the knowing that you had left him wanting more. you saw the way he was leaning in to kiss you, noticed the trance in his eyes and pulled away anyways. what was the harm in teasing a bit?
you couldn’t even close the door before finn was at it, pushing it open and making you turn around. he stepped closer to you, making you lean back against the counter. you could feel the warmth of his skin from how close he stood.
“it’s comfortable.” he spoke softly, continuing your previous conversation. “you don’t mind it when they look at you like this..’ his eyes swam lust. “or when they touch you like that,” one of his hands moved to your waist while he used the others to hold your chin. “or kiss you like this.”
his lips were warm. the kiss had been long overdue and you both nearly melted into it. his hands began to travel your body, first cupped on your face and then moving down to your hips, massaging them gently before gripping your ass and earning a moan. 
finn wrapped an arm around your waist and began to pull you backwards out of the bathroom and back into you room. he tripped over the bed which earned a laugh from you. as he laid there on his back, you took the opportunity to crawl on top of him, continuing the make out session.
the way his fingers traced over your back sent chills up and down your body, he pushed his lips up to yours and at the same time rutted his hips, trying to create some kind of friction between the two of you.
he sat up, pulling your thighs to make you sit on his lap before flipping the two of you over.
“where the fuck did you learn that?” you smiled, pulling away from his lips. he didn’t say anything as he moved off the bed and on to the floor, on his knees. again he pulled you by your thighs to the edge of the bed.
“can i?” he asked, putting his hands to the hand of your shorts. your heart thumped and you nodded eagerly. finn pulled down your shorts slowly along with your underwear and the urge to close your legs took over.
he seemed patient as ever, standing up to kiss you for reassurance before getting back down. he gently brought your legs apart, staring in awe at how your pussy glistened.
“i’ve wanted to do this for so long..” finn spoke in a breathless manner. he pushed apart your thighs and slowly kissed the inners of them before bringing his face to your pussy and taking the first lick.
your back arched at the feeling of his warm tongue on you. he wasted no time in wrapping his lips around your clit and sliding two long fingers into you.
a breathy “oh my god..” fell from your lips as you reached and grabbed a fist full of his hair, causing the boy to moan into your pussy. the vibration of the sound made your back arch.
he was so good. he curled his fingers in you, pumping them in and out quickly all while he sucked earnestly on your sensitive clit. when he pulled his fingers out, he was quick to replace them with his tongue.
your back arched even more as moans fells again and again from your lips. his nose rubbed against your clit end you felt the knot in your stomach tighten as you came on his face.
but he didn’t stop.
finn continued to tongue fuck your pussy, swallowing everything that you spilled with fervor.
“finn-” you managed to moan out. he seemed to take the hint and pulled away from your pussy slowly, kissing it one last time.
“fuck me. please.” you begged, gripping his arm. finn began to pull off your shirt as you undid his pants, everything moved so quickly.
soon you were both naked on the. he lined up with your entrance, pushing into your pussy with a moan.
“fuck..” finn moaned out. his gripped your hips steadily, setting in at a slow pace. “you’re so wet.” he spoke, peppermint breath fanning over your face. he leaned down, giving your lips and kiss before pushing deeper into you earning a moan.
finn lifted up your leg, placing it over his shoulder and setting one hand next to your head to support himself. with the other his moved it down, using his thumb to rub circles on your puffy clit. every way he touched felt so good.
his name fell from your lips like a prayer as he picked up the pace. this was all he ever dreamed over. looking down on your as your pussy clenched around him, seeing the look of ecstasy on your face as he slammed his hips into yours.
he couldn’t take his eyes off you. your moans were like a symphony to him and he loved that he was the one making that kind of music. when you clenched again, wrapping your legs around his waist and bringing him closer to you in a hug he nearly came then and there.
“i’m so close..” you moaned, biting his shoulder and digging nails into his skin. he groaned at the way your wet pussy pulled him back in. with every stoke of his thick cock he made you see stars.
another moan of his name spilled from your lips as you came on him for the second time that day. you breathed heavily, leaning back down on the bed and cupping his face and his continued to pound into your pussy.
“fuck, you feel so fucking good y/n oh my god” he closed his eyes, throwing his head back as he pulled out and came in you. finn took a breath before laying beside you on the bed, turning to look at your face.
“what are you thinking about?” he asked, placing a hand on your stomach.
“if i took my birth control today..”
finn laughed and leaned up, kissing your lips quickly before pulling you off the bed. “come on, let shower.”
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leupagus · 5 months ago
One other thing I really enjoy
about Ed and Stede’s relationship is that, when they finally meet — after all this buildup, after Ed’s own first mate gets beaten by the guy, after the Gentleman Pirate not only pissed off Spanish Jackie but destroyed her nose jar, after Ed gets the message that Captain Bonnet said he can suck eggs in hell — when Ed finally gets a look at this incredible rival pirate who’s already making a name for himself... Stede looks like absolute dogshit, passes out at his literal feet, and is about ten seconds from dying.
In fact he’s in such bad shape that Ed has to nurse him back to health (seriously, who cleaned and bandaged Stede’s wounds? Given Ed’s casual request for a cold compress, I’m fully willing to bet it was him). All that Ed knows about Stede is what he’s heard, including the whole sucking-eggs thing, and he still decides to fix Stede up like he’s one of those shitty houses on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Not only that but he sits there for... hours? Days? watching Stede mumble through his fever, sweaty and probably rank as hell, and by the time Stede wakes up, still looking like total ass, Ed is pretty much ready to learn how to write just so he can doodle “Mrs. Ed Bonnet” in his diary, once he steals a diary.
Rewatching episode four, I kept getting caught up in just how incredibly terrible Stede looks throughout — he’s sweaty, his face is an alarming shade of yellowish-chalk, he’s got a terrifying contusion on his neck, and he’s still actively bleeding (he probably bled on Ed’s clothes while they were doing their little costume swappity-do). But it’s never really addressed; Stede never has a moment of “oh my god Senpai noticed me and I look like a manic corpse,” even though he absolutely should have.
There’s a lot of great fic and meta talking about how Stede might look different when he finally gets back to Ed, how Ed might react to Stede’s new sailor-type outfits and lack of hair-coiffing. But I truly don’t think Ed’s going to even notice, because he’s just that embarrassingly far gone.
All of which is to say that what I really want is some sort of reunion where Stede is wearing a disguise of some kind, for whatever reason, and it fools everyone — Izzy, Spanish Jackie, various crew members, Mary if she’s there — but Ed recognizes him instantly and is like “oh fuck it’s the love of my life, that dickhead.”
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ellrond · 19 days ago
Is Halbrand Sauron? Probably.
Spoilers ahead!
TL;DR: it’s too lazy for him to be Aragorn 2.0- they want us so badly to come to the conclusion that he’s a lost king, it is too easy for that to be the truth. He’s in the right place at the right time to fill the role of Sauron in Numenor and he is of the right, charming, slippery, calculating disposition.
My main reason is they’re laying on this idea of him being Aragorn 2.0 way too thick and it’s the biggest red herring out there. We’ve seen the ‘lost king fulfilling his fate’ story already in the Lord of the Rings and in the Hobbit and it’s tired and lazy and boring.
So what does Sauron want to do in the books? He wants to infiltrate Numenor and recruit the people there to his side and he successfully does that over years of lies and manipulation when the majority of Numenoreans are poisoned against elves, Valar, and each other because of him. Sauron’s end goal in Numenor is ultimate control.
Now let’s look at the evidence in the first three episodes.
Episode 1:
Gil Galad says that he and Elrond foresaw that if Galadriel had continued trying to stop Sauron, she would inadvertently help him
Episode 2:
When the sea monster comes towards the raft, Halbrand advises to stand still to avoid detection when no one else suggests it and it initially works as it doesnt attack them - how would someone from a landlocked region have any knowledge of an ancient sea monster?
Galadriel asked why he separated his raft from the main one to save himself and he said ‘why be part of the larger target?’ - this could be alluding to the fact that Sauron’s forces are in central middle earth while he’s in the middle of the ocean
He talks about suffering and losing his home - Sauron served Morgoth in the First Age and their home was in Angband which was destroyed by the Valar in the War of Wrath. Sauron lost his home and he lost his master
Galadriel tells Halbrand to bind himself to her which is pretty loaded language when she could have just told him to tie himself to her. It’s at this point that he could have let Galadriel die, but he may already know that she could provide him with leverage in the future.
Episode 3 is where it gets way more obvious
Sauron is a charmer - in the books, Celebrimbor is all but in love with him when he’s in disguise. Halbrand flirts with Galadriel and charms her and goes above and beyond for her, like taking Finrod’s dagger from Elendil to give back to her
The moment he gets a bit of freedom, Halbrand goes to a blacksmith and asks for work and says his work is the best the blacksmith will have ever seen. Sauron is a mighty smith who learned under Aule, the god of smithery. Why’s he so set on having access to a smithy? He goes so far as theft to enable his pathway to work
Sauron took the name of Lord of Gifts when he was disguised with the elves, and what does he do in the tavern? Orders rounds of drinks for everyone
When he’s cornered in the alleyway he fights off 5 strong Numenorians with barely a scratch - Sauron was skilled in hand-to-hand combat
He’s eager to appease Tar-Miriel the queen and be seen as trustworthy. Yes, he is captive at the moment, but he has an easy charm even with great lords and ladies that do not befit his station
The figure at the end of the episode is another red herring - it’s not Sauron himself, but a commander of his, perhaps even the Witch-King of Angmar?
It makes sense that Sauron himself would be far away from the Southlands and the centre of his power when he knows that the elves keep watch - whether that be Gil-Galad from afar, or the Silvan elves who are now withdrawing.
His current location of Numenor where Sauron wants to be, and he is developing his relationship with Galadriel who is key to the entire race of elves. If he can manipulate her, he has an easy journey ahead of him. Remember, she ends up being a ring-bearer herself and although her ring is not made by Sauron, her fate is tied to the One Ring and to Sauron.
He’s also wanting to start crafting whatever and promises his work will be the best. He’s already privy to the two factions in Numenor - those who follow the old king and those who follow the queen - and is beginning to learn more about them.
As already said, he’s a charmer, he’s likeable, he has some sense of destiny about him, and he’s good-looking to boot. That’s Sauron’s go-to disguise. To many people familiar with the lore, it seems obvious that Halbrand is not the good guy Galadriel wants him to be. I think this will also lead into conflict between Gil Galad, Elrond, and Galadriel and a decline in her confidence and place in the world over the coming seasons, along with her rising from the ashes.
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enhy4en · a month ago
enhypen maknae line as college roommates
pairing: enhypen maknae line x gn!reader
genre: fluff, roommate trope
warnings: not proof read! none that i think of but of course, please let me know if there are any :D
word count: 1.4k
note: i am aware that they are more fitted for the high school trope but this is just part 2 of my hyung line one! this is how they would be like if they are at that age.
Tumblr media
well he’s just a delight, isn’t he?
don’t get me wrong, he’s a really kind person.. just not when you live with him and see him for most of the 24 hours in your day
he’s extremely friendly and he has been since the moment both your eyes met when you twisted the doorknob to your shared apartment that one fateful day in june
he’s not annoying or evil
not like that. he just a bit different and well, overwhelming.
he just seems clingier than the usual roommate. clingier than the clingy roommate even.
you’re just not used to this and the feeling when he comes close. so you tend to distance yourself from him a lot of times.
now, you’re in the living room. you were watching the new episode of your latest ongoing show hyperfixation.
and just as you were about to reach for the remote control, familiar hands snatch them faster from the other side of the couch.
it was none other than, your incredibly great roommate, kim sunoo.
you don’t know if it’s just you or he feels it too, but both of your personalities just do not match.
which is a pity, because you kind of promised yourself you’d be friends with everyone in college and maybe find a new best friend there.
you had even hoped your new best friend was the one you had to share a bathroom with for four years.
but alas, he was far from being your best friend or even a friend.
calling you both acquaintances is euphemism enough.
“i won’t give it to you ‘til you answer my question.”
“sunoo, just give me the remote. you don’t like this show anyway.”
“no. hear me about out first.”
“then i’ll have the tv after?”
“sure, it’s all yours tonight.”
you raised your eyebrows and entertained his wager.
just what was he going to ask?
“why do you hate me so much?”
well, you didn’t expect THAT.
“i don’t? what made you say that?”
you tried to defend yourself. because it’s true, you don’t hate him.
“then why do you always avoid me?”
“again, i don’t. it’s not you, sunoo. it’s me.”
“god. i haven’t even confessed yet and you’re breaking up with me already?”
“-guess i’m not used to being friendly and clingy- wait, confessed?” your words stopped when you processed his.
“WHY do you think i became like that two weeks in?”
“oh my god.”
“it’s alright if you don’t like me back, y/n. i just wanted to know why you were avoiding me.”
“no. oh my god, because i think i know the reason i’ve been avoiding you.”
his face forms a question mark.
“just like i’m not used to making friends, i think i’m also not used to having a crush on my roommate, the person i see every second of the day.”
he laughed. “you mean i’ve been beating myself up for nothing?!”
that night, you and him became friends. you talked. you even watched the tv together, the remote long forgotten.
eventually, you both became closer.
and i think you know what happened next.
others after the cut!
he would be a really good roommate.
he’s never loud, he respects your space, HE IS VERY CLEAN
you even saw something that looks like an organization system
like wow, real people use that?!
you couldn’t ask for more.
except, he would never talk to you outside of necessity.
which kind of annoyed you, because you found him cute the first time you saw him wave at you when he opened the door.
maybe he was shy or introverted, you didn’t know.
until the day his SIX friends went over (with your permission of course)
you were surprised he even had more than two friends. i mean, he couldn’t even speak a word to you that’s not about your apartment.
they came over to watch a movie. they even invited you to join them.
so you did, you had nothing to do anyway.
when jay (yes you knew one friend’s name because they introduced themselves to you, without you even asking.) finished setting everything up, he went to sit beside you.
you pass by each other in the hallway at your college building, you were familiar with each other.
to your surprise, jungwon ALSO sat beside you. you knew when you caught a whiff of the buttery scent coming from your left side.
jungwon was microwaving the popcorn two minutes earlier.
but so what? maybe he had nowhere else to sit on but there. so you decided to pay no mind.
you see him enough every day, why should you care if he sits beside you?
maybe it’s the thought that he actively chose to sit beside you.
or maybe it’s your growing curiosity with him as a person.
or maybe…
“you want some?” you heard a whisper
from the person in your thoughts. now’s the time.
you took a handful, “sure, thanks.”
well, you can always ask him why he doesn’t talk to you beyond necessary later, right?
you were startled. also, there were six more people than usual. so, you decided to keep quiet until the movie is done.
but 25 minutes in, you felt a noticeable weight pulling your left shoulder blade down.
what was that?
who else…
you turned only to see his grown out lashes pointing down.
he was asleep on your shoulder. the perfect shape of his mouth discernible from your peripheral.
you thought he was so cute, pouting in his slumber
he was asleep…
i feel like he’s too young for me to be thinking of him as a college student but it is what it is. This is the prompt so let’s go.
riki would definitely be on the more playful side, as we’ve seen him with the others.
however, it took a long time to get to that side of him. a lot of warming up had to be done.
the first few days, he was really quiet. not introvert kind of quiet, it was more like he didn’t know what to do.
he was a freshman! so you took it upon yourself to make him feel welcomed and at home.
you exerted a lot of effort in cooking for the both of you, so you could talk over dinner.
you knocked on his door to offer him sliced fruit. “hey, i don’t know if you’re up for some fruit but i cut some up. here!”
well, you sound more like a parent than a roommate at this point but you didn’t care!
riki seemed to be smiling quite more. he was initiating the jokes and slicing up the fruits with you.
he was noticeably more talkative and playful now.
one night, you were becoming really anxious about this big exam you’re gonna have the next day.
it was like everything depended on that piece of paper that will sit above your desk tomorrow.
so you were more behaved than usual. you almost didn’t talk to riki except for the morning that same day.
“good morning, how was your sleep?” he never really failed to ask this. you smiled, “surprisingly good. ask me for the sleep i’m definitely not gonna get later tonight.”
he looked up from the television he was playing video games on with concern laced in his eyebrows. he tilted his head, “rest if you need to. i’ll be here the whole day.”
chuckling, you answered, “of course, you’ll be here. i bet you’ll still be on the couch after i finish studying.” 
“a bet?” he shook his head, “you better pay up if i finish first.”
reaching the final pages of your readings, you identified a sound coming from your door. riki was knocking.
‘what could he want now?’ you thought as you stepped towards the knob.
when you finally opened the entrance, there wasn’t a silhouette nor a shadow of a person. who else could have been knocking?
you tried to look for whoever could have been in front of your room.
you scanned your apartment from your place to see if riki was still immersed in the video game franchise he’s been playing for weeks now.
you were right, he was.
by this time, you wondered if he was playing some kind of prank on you. 
he could well be doing so. after all, he keeps telling you to loosen up a little, to rest.
after shrugging your thoughts off, ‘maybe the knock was THE prank,’ you looked down. 
sliced apples on a plate waiting to be eaten by you. you chuckled because they were kind of wonky, but it is the thought that counts.
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kay-tf-volution · 2 months ago
EAW Episode 7; or, Attorney Jung needs a whoa, whoa mission.
Oh my god. Oh my GOD. I am dying. That episode. I have like three pages of disjointed notes I made watching this episode and I have NO idea how coherent I’m going to be. Welcome to autistic infodumping, I guess? 
There’s going to be spoilers here. Also, standard disclaimer: +Abed, +Bones, -Sheldon, +autistic, +autistic parent. 
Okay, first, this seems to be the first kdrama for a lot of Americans who are getting pulled in because of the STELLAR main character. I need to say this: the thing where Jun-ho is walking towards Young-woo and she’s backing up and they’re getting all romantic-music? THAT IS A TROPE IT IS A THING THAT HAPPENS IT IS NOT HIM BEING A CREEPY CREEPY PREDATOR. Okay? It’s highly romantic in this context. Great. Glad we cleared that up. 
So much happened in this episode that I don’t even know where to start. Min-woo is a cartoonish villain at this point, we all knew that Tae Su-mi was Young-woo’s mom, the only question I have is whether Tae Su-mi actually knows herself. Young-woo’s father clearly does. Su-yeon as frustrated wingman is pretty delightful. 
When they were coming back from the town, did anyone else think that Jung Myeong-seok needed a whoa, whoa mission? Like, wow. Huge kudos to Kang Ki-young for every moment of that. 
I think what I want to talk about here, at least at first, is friendship. 
Growing up, I had a best friend who was (ostensibly, it is debatable) not autistic. Regardless of her neurotype, she was wildly better as social, especially girl-social, than me. If it were not for her, I would be even more hopeless at interpersonal relationships than I already am. She was the person who pulled me aside to say “I’m not asking you if you need to pee, I’m telling you to come to the bathroom because I want to talk to you about something away from the boys,” and other social cues that are completely inscrutable unless someone explains them to you. She was my Su-yeon and my Geu-ra-mi, telling me about my heart rate racing and shouting at me for saying I wasn’t easy to like. 
So I got Su-yeon’s frustration as she asked “Do you not know, or are you pretending not to know?” (Netflix translation). Her irritation with Young-woo’s directness because she’s right, it’s not socially acceptable, and most people would back off in that situation. This is one of my challenges as an autistic person, sometimes. It’s so much easier if I can just say exactly what I mean and get an exact response, but that’s not how it works. A post went by the other day about how small talk is social calibration, and while it annoys me, it’s also very, very true. People dance around each other’s meanings and feel each other out before saying big things. I do it too — I just do it differently. Empathy mismatch. 
Related to Su-yeon, I’m irritated that she’s getting all the attention because she’s getting more screentime, and as I said, her reluctant wingman action is pretty awesome, but I want more Geu-ra-mi. I want scenes that show how she has supported Young-woo all these years, I want to see why she didn’t have friends when they were kids, and I want to see her utterly autistic ass as a comparison to Young-woo’s more stereotypical behavior. It’s great that Su-yeon has finally woken up to the Young-woo is awesome train, but where was she all through college? Yeah, she’s spring sunshine Su-yeon now, and yeah I love the idea that a person can be accommodating and helpful even while they’re cranky about it — but Geu-ra-mi comes to Young-woo’s court cases like they’re basketball games. I want her. 
Also, if you watched this episode and still think Jun-ho is interested in Su-yeon, I don’t even know what show you’re watching. 
I think the other thing I want to talk about here is touch aversion. There’s been a LOT of back and forth about this I’ve seen, and I kind of want to throw out that this isn’t a binary issue. A person can be more mildly touch averse. A person can be somewhat touch averse but tolerate touch — and even enjoy it — in different situations. So yeah, I don’t want to see Young-woo all magically fixed and cool with any touch because she and Jun-ho IF THEY DON’T KISS I’M GOING TO DIE Y’ALL but I’m also concerned that people will misinterpret any touch she does accept as something that is endured rather than enjoyed. For me, a huge component of whether or not touch is okay is whether or not I know it’s coming. It’s less that I don’t want to be touched, and more than I don’t want to be surprised by touch. 
Jesus, this is barely coherent today. 
So many gorgeous details in this episode: 
Young-woo’s delight when she gets the idioms and frustration when she misses them. 
Her comment on the “good looking match.” 
Teresa just laughing and moving on when Young-woo doesn’t let her hands be touched. 
Jun-ho gripping Young-woo’s coat, not her wrists, to help her up. When he puts that coat around her, the way he is so careful not to touch her skin. God it was gorgeous. 
A couple other big things. 
Young-woo telling her father all the way off because he’s not treating her like an adult. That hit me, hard. A struggle I know well is trying to find the balance between pushing your kid into what they don’t know what they can do and being there when they stumble. It’s a rough calibration, and if you have a kid who stumbles a lot, you can tend to overcorrect. I’ve had people in my life pull me back hard because I am underanticipating what someone can do. It’s a rough thing to hear — but necessary. 
But I am DAMN mad about his lack of faith in his daughter. His assumption that it was his connection to the CEO and the suspicions that she’s Tae Su-mi’s daughter that got her the job, that it couldn’t possibly be Young-woo’s incredible skills. That someone might have realized they were making a mistake and decided to take a risk. Even if none of that is true, he should be in her corner WAY more than he is. He is being overprotective, and I’m SO glad that Young-woo told him off for it. 
And I (surprising no one at this point) want to yet again fall all over myself with love for Park Eun-bin. One of the major things she’s doing that few other actors portraying autistic characters do is letting Young-woo’s inner life be portrayed on her face. When she’s talking to Geu-ra-mi and thinking about Jun-wo, we see her smile and glow and blush. My struggle to understand face-things does not translate into a face that never moves. Park Eun-bin’s ability to balance these two things is shockingly wonderful, and yet again points to the incredible amount of preparation she put into this role. 
Finally, I’m not usually one for, like, romantic scenes in movies making me all fluttery. I tend to either be kind of neutral or sometimes very embarrassed about them; give me a gentle sweep of a denim jacket any day. But Jun-ho slowly moving towards Young-woo… Kang Tae-oh, you literally killed me. I nearly fell out of my chair and broke my neck. Was it flapping or was it fanning my face from the heat? The world may never know. 
There’s a LOT to dissect about this episode, and I think there is, as always, some stuff that will be frustrating to people. I’m going to try and comment more as I can. I have a post I’m trying to be brave enough to share about exaggerated. It’s personal, and I’m all nervous over it. 
My kids are watching this show with me now, though, and seeing them love this portrayal of someone like them — this is everything I could want right now. A spark of light in a very dark world. 
Until tomorrow. <3
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togrowoldinv · 3 days ago
Weddings, Crushes, and Confessions
Jennifer Walters x Reader
At a wedding, you get seated next to an old friend that you definitely had a crush on in high school
Note: Yay for my first Jen fic! I’m like obsessed with her and I got this idea watching the most recent episode. There are no spoilers at all though. I’m opening my requests for Jen too if y’all want to send me any! I hope you enjoy it!
Jennifer Walters Masterlist, Main Masterlist
You really didn’t want to come to this wedding. You were dreading the crowd, the people you haven’t seen since high school, and the annoying questions about your life. And of course, every one of these things has already happened before you even get to your table at the reception.
While scanning for your name on the assigned seats list, you come across a familiar one that you haven’t seen in years. Jennifer Walters. You thought it was her in the wedding, but you couldn’t be sure.
But it just so happens that you’re placed at the same table as Jen. You walk over a little nervous to see the girl you once knew.
“Hey Jen,” you say as you pull out a chair to sit at the table. The woman looks up and shock is evident on her face.
“Y/n? Oh wow, I haven’t seen you since graduation, right?” Jen asks.
“That’s right,” you say with a polite smile.
“I didn’t figure you’d kept up with Lulu,” Jen says.
“Believe me, I didn’t. But she still invited me and I thought why not go and get asked a million questions about my life,” you say dryly. Jen laughs and you relish in the sound.
“Oh my god, okay so did she ask you if you’re seeing someone and then basically make you feel like a ticking time bomb?” Jen leans across the table and asks you.
“She did. She also asked me what my feelings were on the Twilight movies,” you say. You both laugh and somehow Jen ends up even closer to you.
She’s close enough you can feel her warmth and you remember the times back in high school when you could feel yourself falling for her. But you never told her. You didn’t think she was into you, so you didn’t want to ruin the friendship.
“So, what have you been up to?” Jen asks you. You fill her in on the years of your life since school and she hangs onto every word.
“What about you?” You ask her.
“For real you don’t- do you not know?” She raises a brow.
“I’ll admit I do know about the hulking out thing. And I do have many questions. But I’m more curious as to what Jen is up to. How’s JW doing?” You ask her.
She grins at the old nickname you had given her back in high school. She was on the debate team and you always cheered her on saying ‘JW always gets that W.’ It made her smile and that’s what you remember the most.
“JW is doing well. I have a really great job and the She-Hulk thing is pretty cool,” Jen says.
“I’m glad to hear that. I always knew you’d be successful.”
“Thank you, y/n,” she says sweetly. A silence lingers before she speaks again, “Hey, do you remember that time in high school we went to that party and had to hide outside all night when the cops showed up?”
“Of course, yeah. It was so cold that we had to cuddle for warmth,” you reply.
“Yeah, that was actually one of my favorite moments of our friendship,” Jen says.
“Really. I enjoyed being that close to you,” she says. Your heart races in your chest. Is it possible she felt the same way back then?
“I enjoyed it too, Jen. Can I confess something?”
“I’m all ears.”
“I kind of sort of had a major crush on you back then,” you admit.
If her jaw could’ve dropped to the ground like in a cartoon, then it would’ve. Jen is completely shocked at your words.
“Shit, I maybe shouldn’t have said anything. I’m sorry I’ve had a little bit to drink and-“ you start to ramble and try to stand up, but her hand on your arm stops you.
“I had no idea, y/n. I was so caught up in me and worried about my future that I didn’t see what was right in front of me. But when you sat down next to me tonight I just felt a comfortableness settle in my chest,” Jen explains.
“I have to say it does feel nice to finally admit this to you. I mean you’re absolutely breathtaking, so it’s intimidating. But I’m glad I finally said it.”
“I’m- I’m breathtaking? Have you seen yourself, y/n? God, you’re so beautiful I can hardly think with you sitting this close to me,” Jen says, heat creeping up her neck at her confession.
You lean closer to her and her hand comes to rest against your cheek.
Jen takes a deep breath, her eyes darting from yours to your lips before she speaks again.
“I think I want- is it- ah okay, can I kiss you?”
“Yes, please,” you barely utter before her lips are colliding with yours.
She’s not as tentative of a kisser as you thought she’d be, but instead she takes charge of the kiss easily. She feels perfect against you as her hand finds it’s way to the back of your neck as yours circles her hip.
The song changes in the background as an air horn blows and you and Jen break apart.
“I’m really glad we ran into each other again,” Jen says with a smile.
“Me too. Do you want to get out of here?”
“Yes, please,” Jen matches your earlier sentiment.
You take her hand and leave the venue together. The crush you have was finally fruitful and all you can think about is how lucky you are to get a chance with a woman as amazing as Jen.
Maybe coming to this wedding was worth it after all.
Tag list: @gracebutnotgraceful @i-wished-for-you-too @inluvwithfictionalwomen @notbornbutforged @makegoodchoices @anabananas13
Let me know if you want to join my Jen tag list!
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lokitvsource · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tom Hiddleston: “Lots Of Questions Will Answered” In ‘Loki’ Season 2 [Interview]
Anyone who is convinced they know who will be nominated in the Lead Actor in a Drama Series category should take a deep breath before publicly making their predictions. Not only is it arguably an insanely competitive category in an Emmys season that will produce a mountain of snubs across the board, but there are a number of highly watched, fantastic performances that could surprise. One of those is Tom Hiddleston in Marvel Studios’ “Loki.”
Notably, the most critically acclaimed Marvel series to date on Disney Plus is also the streaming service’s most popular (at least according to third-party tracking services). In fact, it’s almost as popular as another Emmy favorite, “The Mandalorian.” Hiddleston, a previous Emmy acting nominee for “The Night Manager,” delivers the sort of range that the Television Academy’s acting branch likes to reward. It also doesn’t hurt that he has some fantastic co-stars to bounce off of such as Jonathan Majors (as the villainous He Who Remains), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (as a misled time agency officer), Sophia Di Martino (as Sylvia, a female Loki variant out for revenge) and Owen Wilson (as time agency detective Mobius).
Hiddleston’s chemistry with Wilson is certainly one of the aspects of the series that makes it stand out from the other Marvel Studios television productions to date. During an interview with The Playlist last week, Hiddleston recalled Wilson asking him about his decade-plus journey playing the Norse god.
He notes, “One afternoon he said, ‘I think I got it. I’m just so curious. I’ve seen the films and I understand the journey, but Tom, what do you love about playing Loki?’ And I said, ‘I suppose it’s the character’s got so much range.’ And I said, ‘It’s like a piano. He can play the light keys, but he can also play the heavy keys.’ And then in a scene once, in the Time Theater, when Loki is trying to intimidate and threaten Mobius, Owen, just threw back, ‘See I can play the heavy keys too.’ And it was great. And it’s in the show, you know? It’s those moments where that feels really exciting.”
Over the course of our chat, which has been edited and condensed for clarity, Hiddleston discusses what excited him about returning to portray Loki, playing with Majors in a key scene in the final episode, how “this” version of Loki is different from the one who was killed by Thanos and much, much more.
The Playlist: Kevin Feige comes to you and says “We’re doing a “Loki” TV series” or limited series or whatever it was. What was your initial reaction?
Tom Hiddleston: Surprise and delight. What was my initial reaction? I had so many questions because it wasn’t long after I had finished my filming on “Avengers: Infinity War” and Loki’s demise felt conclusive and real. And he also wanted to honor the emotional catharsis of his sacrifice that Loki stands before Thanos and tries to save his brother and he calls himself an Odinson. And so my question was how do we allow his redemption and the poignancy of that moment to stand and create something entirely new? It felt so important to me, to him, to everybody that we had to do something new here. And that to me was the most exciting aspect of the idea was to explore Loki in a different context. Challenge the character, confront the character with his self-destructive and damaging patterns of behavior, and put him in an environment where he wasn’t in control. That by essentially stripping away what was familiar: Thor, Odin, Asgard, all the things that you’d seen before, something new would be revealed. He’s even stripped of his clothes, his status, his magical power. What’s left of Loki? Once you take all the bits of Loki that seem familiar, what’s left of him, what remains? And I thought just as a human element to the story, that’s a great starting point.
In that context, how different is Loki at the end of the sixth episode of the first season than when he was the character that was killed by Thanos? How, how much of a different character did you feel you were playing or did you feel they were at the same sort of emotional developmental sort of space?
Hmm, that’s a great question. They both certainly developed. I think Loki in the series is in a more enlightened place perhaps, or certainly in a more self-aware position because the Loki in the series is aware that his death was meaningless and that he was indirectly connected to his mother’s death and his father’s death. And this idea of glorious purpose, which has been a recurring theme for Loki has been revealed to mean nothing. And so the Loki in a series of someone in who’s been challenged by Mobius, by Sylvie, by the TVA to change. To develop something else. Challenged also by the other variants. The Richard E. Grant variant and the alligator variant. Loki has been playing the same old tune for so long, and the Loki who finishes the series is someone who is radically changed. And I think one of the most exciting scenes to film for me and Sophia and Sophia Di Martino and Jonathan Majors that I know feel the same way was the final argument where Loki doesn’t necessarily agree with He Who Remains, but he does want time to think about what to do because killing He Who Remains seems incredibly dangerous.
And Loki can see that Sylvie is blinded by grievance and anger and a kind of drive that is damaging to herself. And it resonates with him because all through the MCU, Loki’s been driven by grievance and anger and glorious purpose, I suppose. And he’s trying to help Sylvie understand that it may not deliver her what she wants because he’s been there. And that’s why he says, “I’ve been where you are. I felt what you feel.” So, yes, I think he’s in a place of self-awareness, of acceptance. He’s trying to break the record. He’s trying to play another tune. It felt very original, very new, very fresh and I loved the journey.
I wanted to ask about that scene with He Who Remains in particular. When I spoke to Kate Herron, she talked about the fact that because of Jonathan’s busy schedule, you all first went over it on Zoom, and that you did a read through, but when you got to set, he was doing things that you guys weren’t necessarily prepared for. Like unexpectedly jumping on tables and chairs. Can you talk about, as an actor, what that was like in terms of exploring something on set? Sure, it’s a big-budget show, but there is a time limit. Are those the parts of the job that are the most fun?
By far the most fun, the most exciting, and the respect of other actors or the respect of actors for each other, I find incredibly moving. And when people come ready and prepared, that’s when you can dance. And Jonathan was so ready and it was the last week of filming. And so there was this extraordinary sense of finality and momentous. It sort of was a [great] week because Sophia and I had been on this journey together. It was the real journey of making the show. And it was the end of the shoot and it was the finale of the piece. And so she and I knew each other very well, knew each other’s rhythms. And Jonathan, his big speech was literally the last three days of filming. And then the argument and the fight between Loki and Sylvie. And so the magic is when the parameters of the game have been set and agreed on. And then inside those parameters, you can play. And that’s what was so thrilling about working with Sophia and Jonathan in that scene is we all knew the scene inside out, but we didn’t know how [everyone was] going to play the scene. And so it was just very exciting to be in a space where Jonathan and his performance and the two of us could feel very free because that’s where the magic is. The camera’s not interested in something you’ve thought of before, the camera’s interested in vitality and performances, which are alive and spontaneous and unpredictable.
You talk about having that freedom on set, doing things that might get caught by the camera or might not. When you watched the series back was there anything that you remember doing that you were pleasantly surprised made the cut?
Yeah, I mean there were so many. There was such an atmosphere of acceptance and permission on set and that all comes from the top as well. Because everybody came ready, everybody was so prepared and so committed and it gives you freedom because you find people are so on top of the material that it creates an atmosphere of genuinely thrilling, invention. And there was a day I remember it often happened with Owen Wilson where we would be doing a scene and he would do something unexpected. There was a scene where Mobius is very irritated by Loki who is kind of stalling the operation in episode two. And he’s playing a very interesting psychological game with Loki and trying to motivate him in some way to be a bit more responsible. And he referred to Loki as an ice runt or something. And I noticed that the collar on his shirt was undone and his tie was loose. And we felt very playful and it was a great little tennis match and I leaned forward and just straightened his tie. It’s adorable that I’m 10 and steps ahead of you, and then watching Owen’s face as I straightened his tie. It’s those little moments, which I remember and Owen was just so inventive. I remember in the preparation for the show and I don’t want to go on too long, but he was kind of asking me to take him through the journey of playing Loki and the movies and the story and everything. And one afternoon he said, “I think I got it. I’m just so curious. I’ve seen the films and I understand the journey, but Tom, what do you love about playing Loki?” And I said, “I suppose it’s the character’s got so much range.” And I said, “It’s like a piano. He can play the light keys, but he can also play the heavy keys.” And then in a scene once, in the Time Theater, when Loki is trying to intimidate and threaten Mobius, Owen, just threw back, “See I can play the heavy keys too.” And it was great. And it’s in the show, you know? It’s those moments where that feels really exciting.
I also spoke to Michael Waldron and he said that the cliffhanger ending was not the original ending that was intended for the series. Luckily, it’s a great cliffhanger. Did that scene get you more excited about the potential for a second season?
Yes. I mean I thought when I finally got there, I thought, “O.K., there are some unanswered questions here. Yeah. And what happens now?” It made me not want to stop and just keep going, but I’m sure it was good for everybody’s energy levels that we did stop.
This is an admittedly stupid question. I’m assuming you’re excited about going back for the second season?
Absolutely. We’re in it already. I mean, we’re not filming, but we’re in prep, but we start in like six weeks or something. So we’re in full steam ahead in terms of a script and story and it’s really exciting. Yeah, I can’t say too much, but lots of questions to be answered.
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baddiewiththebook · 2 months ago
learning to live - part 9
Pairing & Pronouns | Eddie Munson x Harrington!Reader - [she/her]
Summary | Y/N Harrington is feeling the pressure of her older brother’s reputation at Hawkins. In the past four years, her sleepless nights have finally caught up to her. When Chrissy Cunningham suggests a more natural approach to relaxation, Y/N comes face to face with Eddie Munson. Eddie teaches Y/N how to live.
Another filler episode, but something a bit more calm than Part 8. I’m very interested in my reader’s reaction to my potential romantic interests in this part. How do we feel? 
- Your Author (she/her - they/them)
PART 8 | PART 9 | PART 10 
Morning reached through the curtains in her bedroom. Blonde and orange streams of light touched her comforter. Y/N stretched and popped her aching bones. There was just enough light in her bedroom, so that she could see the bruises on her arm had transformed into a nasty deep blue and striking yellow-gray along the edges of her elbow.
Y/N sunk to the floor - making no noise. She took one great step over Robin, who was splayed out like she was making a snow angel on her sleeping bag. Robin yawned greatly, but folded into a cocoon of sorts. Y/N tip toed across the threshold of her bedroom and tightened her grip on her door knob. Over her shoulder, she made sure that the creaking from the hinges didn’t wake her sleeping friend. They didn’t.
Y/N made her way into the shared bathroom between her brother and her. Last night, Steve must have showered. There were still dirty clothes draped across the towel rack. Ugh! They stunk! 
After using the restroom, Y/N stayed inside of the bathroom. The reflection in the mirror was that of her own - broken down and beaten. She tugged on the bandage on her forehead, squinting at the friction from the tacky strip. Y/N washed and redressed the wound that didn’t appear to be as gory as Robin worried last night. Robin begged Y/N to let her know if she was feeling light headed or as if she needed to go to sleep - not a normal sleep, a really long sleep.
Y/N appreciated the concern, but she was doing alright. Tears slipped down her face, catching her in her lie. Her lip quivered.
Not once in her life had anyone handled her the way Jason had. She felt foul, like she didn’t belong in her own skin. During the moment in the cafeteria, she feared that he’d spit on her and scream even harsher words to her. His eyes blackened - soulless. His fists balled at his side. The way in which she slid and fell, Jason threw back his head in maniacal laughter. 
That laugh was stained onto her brain.
Eddie was more than right. The team didn’t care about her. They watched while she was thrown around by a man twice her size. She should have listened to him. And, now where was he?
There came a gentle knock at the bathroom door.
  “One minute,” Y/N wiped her cheeks.
She opened the bathroom door.
Steve hadn’t gotten much sleep last night. Knowing his sister was just a few doors down - that she had been assaulted by some guy and publicly shamed was infuriating. Hawkins boys were brutal. He should have seen this coming with what happened between him and Billy Hargrove. God, he was a fully grown man in a teenagers body.
Something else must have happened for Eddie Munson to get involved. He knew the boy from all of the horror movies that Munson rented at the video store - or porn.
That adult section was telling.
Munson was charismatic to people around him. There was a character looming behind his eyes. People called him a freak or a pervert even. It was known that he was a super senior. Steve had him in class, while they were both seniors. At least Steve graduated.
Steve wondered if Munson still sold to the teenagers at Hawkins High. He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t bought one or two joints from him.
Had he known Y/N was his younger sister? Did that matter to him at all? More importantly what was his sister doing with Munson? He wasn’t exactly the “hero,” in anyone’s book.
  “Did you sleep okay?” Steve swapped places with his sister.
  “As good as I can,” she said.
  “Get changed,” he held onto the doorknob. “I’ll take you and Robin to breakfast.”
  “Don’t you work?”
  “I took a couple days off - family emergency,” he told her.
  “Really?!” she smiled. “I’ll go wake Robin!”
Robin wasn’t naturally a light sleeper. All the creaking in the hallway stirred her enough that by the time Y/N was back in the bedroom, she was already half awake.
  “Steve’s taking us to breakfast!” Y/N tapped Robin with her foot.
Robin rose from her sleeping bag, as if someone pressed the ‘on’ button to a machine. While she rummaged through Y/N’s clothes for something new to wear, Y/N finished adding makeup to her face.
Steve waited downstairs for the girls to get ready.
Their doorbell rang, so Steve begrudgingly answered ready to tell whoever that a Tuesday morning at eight was an inappropriate time to try to sell them something. But, when he opened the door, he was surprised to see Chrissy Cunningham.
Chrissy was Y/N’s friend - or so Steve thought.
  “Hi, Steve,” her voice was like smooth caramel. “How’s Y/N?”
Steve tilted his head.
  “Right,” she flicked her hair over her ears. “Uh- Jason’s suspended for the next month. He’s also been kicked off the basketball team. Ashley, the girl who threw milk at Y/N, is also suspended and removed from the cheer team.”
  “That all?” Steve asked cooly.
  “They made everyone go to an assembly this morning about bullying,” she added. “I just couldn’t stay without - you know - coming to see my friend. Uh- that’s all.”
He clenched his jaw.
  “I’m really sorry this happened,” Chrissy explained. “I never- I sort of knew, I guess. Jason’s a real tool. You know? I was just in denial. I don’t know.”
  “Chrissy,” Steve watched the girl sink - her eyes pool with tears. “It’s not your fault, okay?”
Chrissy whimpered.
Steve didn’t like seeing a girl crying on his front steps. Hell, he didn’t like seeing any girl cry in front of him. They got all touchy and wanted a hug. Oh, whatever. He wrapped his arms around the poor girl. When did he become this guy?
  “Breathe,” he rubbed her back.
Chrissy wet his shirt with her soft cries.
  “Come to breakfast with us,” he didn’t ask. “I’m buying - for everyone, I suppose.”
  “I couldn’t-,”
  “Steve, who was at- Chrissy?”
Y/N hovered at the front door where her brother was holding onto a weepy Chrissy. She let go of him, and created distance between them as if she caught her in something devious.
  “I was just going,” Chrissy said.
  “No,” Steve corrected. “She was coming with us to breakfast.”
  “The more the merrier!” Robin quipped. “Right? Isn’t that like Shakespeare or something?”
  “I don’t think so, no,” Steve disagreed.
  “Whatever,” Robin plowed through them. “I call shotgun and I’m getting the all you can eat pancakes. Come on people, chop chop!”
Y/N slid in the backseat of Steve’s car with Chrissy on her left. They hadn’t spoken since yesterday, but she appeared more uplifted than usual. That was despite crying on their porch this morning.
While Robin rambled on about pancakes to distract Steve, Y/N took her opportunity.
  “Hey,” Y/N squeezed her friend’s hand. “How are you doing today?”
Chrissy reciprocated the affection. “Good, really good.”
  “Have you seen Jason?” She asked.
  “I’m not answering any of his phone calls,” she explained. “I’m so over him.”
While she wanted to believe Chrissy, there was a pattern between her and Jason’s relationship. It went a little something like Chrissy would argue something normal, Jason would throw a borderline psychotic rage fit - also known as a grown man’s toddler fit - and they’d split for a number of hours. Y/N had to hand it to Chrissy though. Going nearly eight hours since she last spoke to her “ex” boyfriend was a new record.
  “Besides,” she chewed on her lip. “I think I found someone better.”
  “Really? Who?”
Steve whipped the wheel into an open parking space, while telling the other driver to “suck it.” They flipped him off and rounded the parking lot one more time.
  “Christ, Steve!” Y/N snapped.
Steve unbuckled his seatbelt. “What? I got here, didn’t I?”
Everyone piled out of the car. Aside from the chill of the morning, the day was promising. The air smelled sickly sweet from all the sugar poured into those pancakes. And, the maple syrup. That tooth achingly sweet maple syrup.
Robin was all over the ‘all-you-can-eat,’ buffet of pancakes. She had tray after tray, scarfing them down without a care. Steve got a full meal with eggs and bacon. Y/N stuck to something similar as her brothers. And, Chrissy picked at a bowl of fruit.
  “Are you sure you don’t want something else to eat?” Steve offered her a slice of bacon.
  “I had a big breakfast this morning,” Chrissy’s stomach exposed her, and growled openly to the group. “Erm- maybe one piece wouldn’t hurt.”
Chrissy nibbled on the bacon like a rabbit.
  “Thank you for taking me out, Steve,” Y/N told him. “For what it’s worth, you’re doing a really good job taking care of me. I feel better already.”
  “What are big brother’s for?” He stole a piece of toast away from her.
  “What? Toast is good,” he shoveled the piece in his mouth like a hamster. “Mmm - juice!”
Y/N snatched Steve’s orange juice, before he could have it and threw it back down her gullet.
  “Oh, come on!” He turned to Robin. “Water?”
Robin scoffed. “No way! I don’t want the little bread crumbs falling from your mouth into my water.”
Chrissy offered the water she had. “Here.”
  “Thank you, Chrissy,” he spoke with his mouth full of toast. “Finally, some hospitality.”
  “Ew! You spat toast on me!” Y/N complained.
Steve retorted. “I thought you said you wanted it back!”
  “Gross!” She scrunched her nose.
Soon, the table was in fits of giggles and laughter. Their plates became empty overtime and their bellies were swollen. Robin belched.
  “Thanks again, Stevie!” Robin rubbed her stomach. “I couldn’t eat another bite.”
Steve finished paying the monster of a tab. ‘All-you-can-eat,’ more like ‘all-you-can-raise-the-prices.’ At least he heard that joke. He was rather funny in his head.
The gaggle of girls - and Steve, hopped back in his car. Robin was dropped off at her house, since she did have to work. Chrissy traded Robin on babysitting Y/N duties. That included watching films, playing board games - or whatever Y/N wanted to do.
When that became uninteresting, Y/N brought up the conversation they had in the car.
  “Were you serious about liking someone else?” Y/N asked her.
Chrissy placed the letters down for the word ‘fetch’ on the Scrabble board. She fished around for more pieces.
  “I was,” she answered honestly. “I am.”
  “Are you going to tell me who?” Y/N poked.
  “It’s your turn,” Chrissy tried to deter.
  “I’m bored,” Y/N pouted her lip. “And, sad. Tell me about your love life.”
Chrissy rolled her eyes. “Come on.”
  “You come on. I told you about Eddie.”
  “I pried it out of you.”
  “Which is even more of a reason to tell me,” she pleaded. “Be better than me, Chrissy.”
Chrissy glanced over her shoulder. “Alright. I might have a small - tiny - smaller than tiny - crush on your brother.”
Her brother called from upstairs. “What?!”
  “Never mind - I found it!” Y/N covered, then lowered her voice and spat. “Steve?!”
  “He’s cute,” Chrissy shrugged. “I can’t help it if your brother is hot.”
  “Ugh!” Y/N dumped her pieces. “I can’t play anymore. You like my brother?”
Her friend folded her arms. “I knew you’d freak out.”
  “It’s not that,” she began. “Alright, it’s that. But, my brother has a really bad history with girls.”
  “Maybe he doesn’t need a girl - he needs a woman.”
  “Alright, alright,” she hid her smile. “I’ll stop.”
Chrissy silently collected pieces of the game board with Y/N.
What came out of Y/N’s mouth next was a surprise, even for her:
  “Have you talked to Eddie?”
  “Eddie?” She thought back. “No, he wasn’t even in school today.”
  “What happened after I left?” She asked.
Chrissy recalled yesterday, after Y/N ran from the cafeteria. When Chrissy went after Y/N, she had to make a sharp beeline back into the cafeteria.
Eddie sprung forward like a lion to it’s pray and tackled Jason to the ground. Blow after blow. The boys grunted and yelled in frustration. At first, Eddie had the upper hand with Jason on the floor.
People quickly leapt to their feet to witness a legendary battle in action.
Blood poured from Jason’s mouth. Eddie’s knuckles stained. Jason got the upper hand when he pounded a fist into Eddie’s cheek. He flew back! Jason pounced slamming Eddie into the floor.
Mrs. O’Donnell heard the commotion from the hallways and came to the rescue. Between her, Chrissy and a mix of boys from Hellfire and the basketball team, Eddie and Jason were ripped apart from each other. Smears of their blood wiped across the cafeteria tile. Both were sent straight to the office.
  “Eddie hit Jason first,” Chrissy explained. “He didn’t really say much, before he jumped on him. When I talked to him in the office, he didn’t say much. I think he was still too angry.”
  “Did he get expelled?” Y/N’s heart dropped.
  “No,” she shook her head. “I think he’s also suspended though.”
Earlier, Chrissy explained that Jason wouldn’t be at school for a month and that he and some of the girls from the cheerleading squad would be removed from their teams. Chrissy wanted to stick with the squad. Y/N didn’t blame her. For the most part, Chrissy wasn’t their punching bag. They still respected her. Maybe without Ashley and Jason, the teams could get some peace.
  “I should talk to Eddie,” Y/N picked at her cuticles. “Should I call him?”
Chrissy offered. “I have my car.”
  “I think I should call him first,” she said. “After Sunday, I don’t know where we even stand.”
  “You never told me what happened.”
  “Oh, Chrissy! It was so awkward,” she admitted. “And, he yelled at me for wanting to rejoin the squad. He told me that they weren’t even my real friends.”
  “They weren’t the nicest,” she flicked her hair behind her ear. “First dates are always awkward.”
  “I don’t know,” Y/N thought back to Eddie’s butter fingers dropping water across her chest. Then to a night before when his hands were smooth across her naked body. “It was good - the sex. Do you think it was just that? Sex?”
  “First dates are awkward,” she repeated. “He didn’t even do anything that bad, did he? He was looking out for you.”
  “I guess you’re right.”
  “I know I am,” she lifted her chin. “Eddie defended you yesterday.”
  “Okay, I’ll call him.”
If this was going to work, she needed a lookout to keep an eye on Steve. Knowing everything that happened yesterday, her brother would be less than pleased if she knew she was talking to Eddie.
Chrissy stayed by the stairs, listening for his footsteps. Y/N dialed his number into their house phone on their wall. It buzzed. Once. Twice. Three.
  “Hello?” His uncle answered.
  “Hi, Mr. Munson?” Y/N squeezed her eyes shut. “This is Y/N - Y/N Harrington. Is Eddie there?”
  “Uh-,” a pregnant pause. “He’s asleep right now. Can I take a message?”
  “I-,” she wasn’t prepared for this. “Just- no, no message. I’ll try later. Don’t tell him I called.”
  “Are you sure?” His voice caught her before she threw the phone down onto the line.
  “What’s that?”
  “I think he’ll want to hear from you,” he continued. “You sound important to him, Y/N.”
  “Me?” She twisted the cord between her fingertips.
  “I don’t think my nephew wants you to know this, but he’s quite fond of you,” he chortled. “Why don’t you come over this afternoon? You busy?”
  “Come over?”
Chrissy jumped at this. Her head bobbed up and down. She mouthed ‘car’ to her.
  “Uh- okay. Yeah,” she breathed. “Would one work?”
  “Sure,” he agreed. “We’ll see you at one. You know where the trailer is? I know you’ve been by once or twice.”
Y/N blushed at this.
  “Y- Yes, sir.”
  “Alright, then. One o’clock. Bye, bye.”
Y/N hung the phone on the receiver.
Chrissy squealed. “One?! We have one hour to get you ready. Come on! Shower, hair, makeup - let’s go.”
With Chrissy in toe, Y/N was groomed into a moderately acceptable human. Chrissy even insisted that Y/N shave - just in case. Just in case? Y/N was going over to his house to talk! That is - if Eddie even wanted too.
Y/N was plucked, shaven and her hair was tossed around with some of Steve’s hairspray that was totally not his. Chrissy dragged lipgloss over Y/N’s mouth with a thin brush, while Y/N sat still like a dress up doll.
Steve came by the bathroom as the hairspray set into her hair.
  “Where are you going?” He frowned.
Chrissy fibbed. “Ice cream.”
  “You need all that for ice cream?” He waved his hand in a circle around Y/N’s face.
  “I’m on Y/N duty,” she said, as if Y/N couldn’t possibly be left alone by herself. “Let me be captain of Y/N duty.”
  “Whatever,” he flicked his keys around in his hand. “I got a date at the movies. I’ll be home around seven.”
  “Steve, what movie takes that long?” Y/N accused.
Steve winked.
  “Ew!” Y/N regretted asking.
For Chrissy’s sake, her face sunk a little. She held in a breath, then finished off the last of Y/N’s eyebrows.
  “Sorry,” Y/N said, once Steve’s gone. “I’m not used to you liking my brother.”
  “It’s alright,” she put the brush on the bathroom countertop. “He wouldn’t like me anyway.”
Y/N scoffed. “Why not?”
Chrissy wouldn’t admit her biggest flaw was the way her stomach folded over when she sat down. That was normal on everyone’s body type, but somehow Chrissy couldn’t manage the image. She didn’t like what she saw looking back at her in the mirror. The woman there was pushing the strength of her buttons on her blouse. Her hips were wide. Her breasts didn’t sit how the other girls’ did. Not to mention that her teeth weren’t straight. Her smile was crooked. Her cheeks were fat. The list went on.
Any girl that dated Steve Harrington was beautiful. They looked like they came straight off a magazine cover.
That would never be her.
  “Chrissy,” Y/N watched her friend subconsciously rest her hands across her stomach. “You’ve got to stop this. You’re just fine the way you are.”
Chrissy didn’t reply, but deflected the conversation back to Y/N.
  “Should we get going? It’s nearly one,” she didn’t wait for Y/N’s answer, and fled the bathroom. “I’ll get my keys!”
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7lumos7 · 6 months ago
Our Life.
Tumblr media
This take part in Euphoria S2: episode 7: The Theatre and Its Double and episode 8: All My Life, My Heart Has Yet Yearned For A Thing I Cannot Name.
Y/N in the play will be played as the character 'Raven'
Welcome to OUR LIFE ;)
"Lexi, why are you acting like you are scared of seeing my reaction to the play? I'm sure it will be great! And if not, I won't judge you." Y/N looked at Lexi properly, turning her whole body so they could face each other as they sat on the outside bench at the school gates on the school night before a big performance.
They've been friends since preschool and though they haven't had that much in common, it hasn't stopped them from becoming good friends. They talk about everything from music to their favourite Disney movies, even things as inconsequential as favourite animals.
They sit and listen to music, watching shows and reading books, sharing secrets or just hanging out when Y/N is working after school.
Lexi has been trying to come up with an excuse to tell her about the play as they've been sitting like this now for a good fifteen minutes and they have yet to get anywhere with their conversation.
Her mind seems to have frozen as soon as the words were spoken and she's stuck here now, giving her best friend an awkward smile, palms sweating slightly and she fidgets with her fingers.
The sky is dark, the moon has already set hours ago and there's no stars visible in this area. There isn't any light pollution either so the only source of illumination in this part of town is their street lights and a few dimmed streetlamps scattered throughout the city.
She can see the faint outlines of trees around the corner, casting shadows across the asphalt road, and there are people walking and laughing as they walk along the edge of the street towards the school.
It's one of those nights where there were many cars parked all around the parking lot for Lexi's play: Our Life.
The air is cool, a gentle breeze ruffling the hair of the two young girls, but neither girl notices.
Y/N, however, notices every little thing. From the way Lexi is twisting her hands together, fumbling around in an attempt to formulate an explanation, to the way her eyebrows raise ever so slightly as she watches the people walk past. To the small crease between her eyes when she thinks hard enough.
All these details that Y/N doesn't normally pay attention to, but which stand out to her now and then like this.
"You know, you don't have to tell me, obviously. You said it was going to be a surprise and I trust your judgement, whatever you choose to do." Y/N says reassuringly, breathing out before continuing.
"I mean, today is the day of the play! Honestly, I am quite excited to see it with Rue-Bear, she even said that she would be coming along to cheer you up." Y/N comforted her friend, rubbing circles into her arms to ground her in reality.
"I...I don't want you to think I'm crazy."
Lexi finally manages to choke out.
Her voice trembles as she says it and Y/N's hand drops back to her lap. She knows how nervous Lexi gets whenever she has to tell Y/N something big. Something she's never even told her friends about, something that could potentially ruin their friendship.
When Lexi looks up at her best friend, Y/N is unfazed but a soft smile plays on her lips.
This is one of those moments when you know someone really, really cares about you because their eyes are filled with fear and their body language tells you everything without needing to ask.
"Hey. Look at me." She says gently, her thumb strokes the top of Lexi's hand as she replies,"I would never. I swear to God Lexi, you aren't crazy, you know I wouldn't think that of you. Now go to your theatre. Be brave. I want you to get that bag, purrr. Do you understand me, purrr, purrr."
With that final word and the sound of Y/N's cat voice, Lexi breaks out into laughter and wraps her arms around her best friend. She buries her face against Y/N's neck as she laughs hysterically, tears forming in her eyes but they quickly disappear under her lashes.
Y/N tightens her grip around her as they stay like that for a while, just enjoying the moment, until Bobbi calls from behind them, calling for Lexi to hurry up because the play needs to start on schedule.
Laughing, Lexi reluctantly pulls away, tapping at her lower eyelids with her palm to avoid smudging her eye makeup. She takes a step toward the entrance, glancing at Y/N, who gives her one last smile and thumbs up.
Lexi smiles back and starts to jog toward the backstage of the theatre with Y/N trailing closely behind her as she goes her away to the seats, seeing Rue in her assigned spot already, waiting patiently.
"Rue-Bear! You made it!" Y/N greeted happily, taking a seat next to the brunette.
Rue laughs softly and shrugs, "I couldn't let myself miss the show. After all, this is an opportunity to see Lexi perform, right? So why not?"
"Wait a minute? Is that supposed to be me? This can't be happening." Y/N said to herself in disbelief as she turned to look up at Lexi from her position on stage, watching the girl which Lexi was supposed to portray walk down the centre with the girl which she believed was supposed to be 'Y/N', herself.
In fact, this girl's character reminded her too much of herself, even the scene where she played 'Raven' reminded her of her own character.
The situation felt like déjà vu.
Y/N's burned at every corner of the stage, watching as her own character, Raven and Lexi spoke their lines, their bodies moving together perfectly as they performed the story together, acting like they were truly meant to be together but in a platonic way.
"Hallie, he's weird! He is like some sort of fuckin' creep. You know that through Marta!" Y/N's character, Raven, said with disdain towards Cassie's character, Hallie who was in front of her, daydreaming about her best friend's boyfriend ‘Jake’.
"He doesn't seem so bad actually! You must be hearing those bullshit rumours!" Hallie mumbled under her breath as she absentmindedly fiddled with the hem of her really short skirt, trying to find a comfortable position.
"What?! No, he is! That boy has no concept of the meaning of boundaries and his on and off relationship with her isn't helping either!" Raven shouted, gesturing wildly in the direction of Hallie, "You know, sometimes I wish that you should stop following after these men for fuckin' validation or whatever you do when your in love. It's sickening! You have standards, girl!"
Cassie in the audience, looked visibly uncomfortable watching this scene unfold, feeling uncomfortable watching her best friend after Maddy, being treated poorly by
her character 'Hallie'. This was the second bedroom scene in the play and she's already feeling reparations from the people around her about her behaviour. She didn't want to see it, she didn't want anyone to see this.
She did regret it a lot. She'd done it for two reasons.
Number one: Because of how they had ended things and number two, because she wasn't in a good mood that day which was why her heart felt so heavy at the mere sight of this.
She sneaked a glance at Y/N, who gave her a look that could mean anything but in a negative way, which automatically made her want to leave the room but she stayed bolted to her seat, watching go further.
"I really wish you would stop being such a huge dick for no reason at all! Well, what if he does have some qualities? And if you're wrong?!" Hallie asked, making Raven roll her eyes in exasperation.
"Oh my God," Raven threw her hands up and groaned out loud in exasperation, "Do you even hear yourself?! Look at yourself; you look like an idiot. If only you'd grow the fuck up you'd realise you're going to r-"
"Oh, shut up!" Hallie cut in from her speech acting rambunctiously, throwing her hands in the air dramatically before walking out of the bedroom set through the door, which revealed Grace standing outside.
"G-Grace.." Raven stuttered nervously before Lexi came into focus. Her expression softened slightly upon noticing her standing by the door, still dressed acting as ''Grace'.
Grace raised her eyebrows, "Is there...anything going on here?" Her question caused Raven to turn her head to the audience, looking as though she'd seen a ghost.
Seeing as Raven did not answer Grace continued.
"There must be something because my sister would not storm off like that." Grace spoke, walking through the doors of the set.
"Gracie! What are you doing here? Are you spying on us?" Raven hissed in surprise.
Grace gave a small nod, "It would appear so. But honestly, I don't care anymore. My sister has been getting more aggressive lately and now she is putting it onto my best friend. I'm honestly starting to wonder if you've done anything wrong."
"Me? Have I done anything wrong? I'm not ‘that one’ trying to sabotage my best friend's relationship over some boy." Raven retorted angrily.
Grace rolled her eyes, "Of course not. You're always so perfect. Why does everyone else think otherwise?" Grace sat down next to Raven and rested her head against her shoulder.
"I just wanted to make sure that she wasn't stressing you out." Grace explained, looking up into her eyes.
Raven sighed softly, gently nudging Grace's arm as she nodded in understanding.
"I'm alright, Grace. Really. Don't worry." She gave her best friend a soft smile, earning another soft nudge from Grace back in return.
"Is it just me or is it getting harder to keep our friendship between us? We used to be inseparable...but lately I feel like we aren't on the same page anymore and I'm honestly terrified of losing you as one of my best friends. I can't bear not having you around anymore."
"Babe, why are you speaking like Edward Cullen from Twilight? That's weird as hell." Raven scolded playfully, lightly poking Grace's cheek.
Grace pouted, "What do you mean? That is how I usually speak!"
The audience laughed slightly at the exchange between two of the lead actors of the scene as the lights suddenly started to dim before turning off and the curtain came closing.
Grace answered nonchalantly, not bothering to raise her head or move out of her cocoon of blankets.
The curtain opened again after a few minutes to reveal the setting for the show's climax and Raven's voice was heard throughout the stage.
"My dreams always consisted of her, in my arms as we lay together on top of the world," Grace began, before suddenly pausing and turning to look at her fellow audience. "I didn't know if there would ever be an opportunity like this."
There were a few giggles from those sitting in the auditorium, but Lexi could see Maddy and Kat giving her thumbs up as encouragement. She'd never admit it aloud, but she felt proud and honoured that her friend would be sharing her experience with them, rather than having to do so herself. She continued with a quick nod she picked up where she left off:
"It's weird to be honest. Having a crush on my best friend? It feels wrong. It's different from having a romantic interest. I'm not supposed to feel some kind of way when she looks at me. Like how I might actually die right then and there. I have been crushing on her since third grade? I thought it was stupid dumb crush, until I finally realized that I just...couldn't get enough of her. And now, here I am, about to give her the biggest confession of my life." She glanced at the audience, who appeared completely mesmerised by her every word.
She went to lay down on the bed on the stage.
Raven was standing in the mirror, wearing an oversized green hoodie, sweatpants, and fluffy socks.
Her eyes widened slightly when she saw Grace looking at her through the mirror as well. But then they softened as she smiled softly, turning around to lean against the wall opposite.
She stood in silence for a while as Grace closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of lying in bed.
Her maladaptive daydreaming started trickling in as she imagined Y/N's hand moving up towards her face, cupping her around her cheekbone; closing her eyes, she allowed herself to imagine what would happen next. In her mind, Y/N would be smiling at her, her eyes shining with adoration and a small, shy smile playing on her lips. She would lean forward and place a soft kiss on the side of Lexi's mouth. Then, she would wrap one arm around her waist and pull Lexi closer to her body.
And then Y/N would say something sweet and sweet like: "You're adorable, Lexi."
"Grace, do you have a crush on someone?" Raven asked, breaking her train of thoughts and making Lexi jump a little bit before getting back into character.
"Why out of the blue all of a sudden?" Grace replied, her eyes trained on the Y/N's character in front of her as she watched her crawl on the bed to lay next to her.
"No reason...it just seemed like you were being more distant lately."
Grace looked at her with wide eyes, "Am I being distant? Er--"
Lexi rose from the bed, looking at the audience again before she spoke, "If Raven thinks I've been acting strange, then maybe I've been acting strange. I mean, It's true, I do have a crush on her. Why? Because she's beautiful, smart, caring and funny..." Lexi was automatically breaking her character as she rambled on about Y/N, looking at her from the seat, basically breaking the fourth wall.
She was brought back by the touch of Raven as she was brought back to the scene.
Grace felt heat rise to her cheeks and couldn't help but look down at her hand as she began playing with the hem of her shirt, "Well, I don't mind being her friend, but I thought it'd be nice if she felt the same way about me too. Maybe we could start dating?"
Y/N couldn't tell if it was Lexi confessing to her or if it was part of the play because she couldn't remember having this conversation in real life.
But, she was definitely flustered. She never imagined she'd hear those words leave Lexi's lips and it made her heart swell with pride and joy. It wasn't long till Raven's voice filled the air again and she couldn't help but listen intently as Raven continued her lines.
"But do you like her more than just that?" Raven questioned, smirking as she poked Grace's chest.
Grace looked to the side in thought, "I guess so...I mean, she's gorgeous and talented..."
"And?" She egged her on.
"And she has a lot of personality and she has a sense of humour that makes me laugh," Grace added before pausing slightly.
"I swear she is talking about you, right now." Rue whispered in Y/N's right ear causing her to jump a little bit at the sound of her voice.
Y/N turned her head towards Rue, whose lips formed a smirk as she winked at her.
"You can stop making eye contact with Lexi now. You're legit fawnin' over her. Just admit it. You like her." Rue giggled quietly.
Y/N tried to hide her flushed face behind her hands, though she could tell the other girl wasn't fooled. Y/N tried to mutter some sort of excuse before turning back to look at the scene ahead of her.
"Come on. If you liked her so much why didn't you say anything? Or ask her out properly instead of hangin' out? Or better yet, maybe go out on a badass date. I am kind off proud how you pretend to not have feelings for her. You should get an Emmy Award for that!" Rue grinned, leaning forward.
Y/N groaned internally, "Bitch, please. Just let me get through this damn scene."
Y/N quickly swatted her hand, whispering harshly for Rue to behave. But her best friend was having none of it.
"I'm serious! I really am impressed by your ability to pretend." Rue stated matter of factly.
Y/N gave her friend another swat on the leg which elicited a quiet wince from her.
After a moment of silence, Y/N started to relax once again, and allowed herself to actually enjoy the scene. After a while, Y/N found herself completely immersed in what was happening in front of her.
"Grace, do you think she will like you back? Do you think she feels the same way about you as you do for her?" Raven's question brought Y/N back to reality. Y/N took another look to the scene before turning back to Grace.
Once again, Y/N's brain felt like it stopped working momentarily when she saw Maddy looking at her from the other side of the theatre. Y/N felt her heart start to race just a little bit faster and the familiar feeling of butterflies erupting inside her stomach.
"I think so." Grace smiled softly, rising slightly from her spot to look straight in Y/N's eyes.
"I think she truly likes me, but I don't know. I mean, she hadn't confessed yet. And it might be wishful thinking of mine." Grace paused as Raven continued to pester her about something or another. However, Y/N noticed that her gaze drifted down for a split second to the floor after her answer.
"But if she does confess soon then..." Grace trailed off again, biting her bottom lip.
Y/N felt her cheeks grow warmer the longer she stared at Lexi.
"Lexi! Preach! I'm rooting for you bitch!" Maddy called out from across the rows, causing Rue to giggle.
A small smile found its way onto Y/N's lips when she realised that this scene must've been her doing to actually get things off her chest and get her together with Lexi.
"Lexi, I 100% accept your confession! I love you!" Y/N called out, her voice loud enough for the other occupants of the seats around her to hear her and suddenly, the entire auditorium erupted into loud cheers for Y/N as they clapped and whistled.
Lexi looked up to Y/N with wide eyes, obviously caught off guard.
She blushed brightly before looking down at the ground again, smiling, hearing the commotion she made, Lexi looked up again and gave Y/N a smile, giving her a thumbs up as she mouthed 'thank you' before the lights went off.
"You are gonna make me cry, ya' know." Rue said in a teasing tone, breaking Y/N away from the scene and her thoughts.
Y/N rolled her eyes before letting them wander over to Maddy, who was excited and throwing heart signs along the way.
The rest of the play seemed to pass in a blur. The play got rowdy and raunchy, causing Y/N to laugh constantly throughout the entire thing, even more than usual.
Until the chaos unfolded with Cassie marching down the steps, stepping up on the stage; embarrassing her sister in front of everyone.
Cassie stood up with her arms crossed, a proud smirk plastered upon her face as she spat insults and exposed everything wrong with the play to the whole audience.
The rest of the crowd began jeering at the blonde.
"Well, if that make me a villian, then so fuckin be it." Cassie scoffed, ranting while still maintaining an arrogant smirk on her lips. The crowd jeered loudly while pointing at her and calling her names, causing Y/N's eyes to narrow.
She had never seen Cassie act like that before and she'd have to admit that it was scary as if she was watching a psychopath. She was almost tempted to walk on stage herself and give Cassie a piece of her mind just to shut her up.
Then immediately, Cassie and Maddy started bickering about the relationship between Jake' and two girls between one another, causing Cassie to call Maddy a 'cunt'.
Y/N's eyes widened as she was baffled by what was happening, why would Cassie ever say something so rude about her like that?
Sure, she heard all about Maddy's on and off relationship and Cassie's being a 'two-faced, cheating bitch' when it came to Nate but this was... This was new.
Y/N shook her head before turning around to face Rue, who was equally baffled as her. They both looked at each other in concern for the same reasons, because Cassie sounded genuinely hateful.
Suddenly, a scream echoed as she saw Cassie trying to assault the actress off the solo horse carousel that 'Hallie' was riding on.
Y/N got up and ran to see Lexi, she could see Maddy jumping off her seat with a scowl and her fist clenched as she stormed up to the stage, grabbing her hands tightly to pull her away from Hallie before the loud slap sounded from the stage, causing people to pull the phones out, recording the carnage.
As Y/N reached the backstage, she saw Lexi standing there, tears staining her eyes as Bobbi tried comforting her, but her efforts were clearly failing as she continued crying.
"Lexi, come on. Come with me. We're going to go out for some air." Y/N said, gently placing her hand on Lexi's cheek as she continued to sob into her shoulder.
Y/N guided Lexi to the door leading to outside, which was thankfully unlocked. She gently pulled Lexi outside where the door closed behind them. She held Lexi close as she cried against her neck.
She ran her fingers through Lexi's hair in an attempt to calm her.
Eventually, Lexi calmed down and took a deep breath, wiping the last of her tears away. "Are you okay?" She asked softly.
Alex nodded as she rested her head on Y/N's shoulder, "I knew the play was a bad idea. I knew Cassie was going to act out. I knew I shouldn't have done this in the first place. But I was too afraid to speak up. I knew it!" She said, sniffing.
"Oh, honey. I shouldn't say this but I'm kinda glad you did. I'm pretty sure that Maddy is happy that you brought justice to the situation because Cassie went so low to say those things, and do those things because of Nate. Justice served, case closed." Y/N said calmly, stroking Lexi's hair and rocking her side to side slowly.
Lexi giggled slightly. "Yeah, guess so," she muttered as she moved to look at Y/N, her cheeks were red and blotchy from crying.
After a moment of silence, she decided to ask, "Did you enjoy it?" She asked timidly.
Y/N looked at Lexi, tilting her head to the side, "I didn't think it was possible for you to do that. That's really brave of you. I saw you as a shy person but you managed to pop off." Y/N grinned.
Lexi flushed at the comment. She bit her lip and shrugged.
"It's not that big of a deal, honestly."
"No no no," Y/N shook her head, chuckling. "That was a big deal! You know that right? People don't normally do that! You really popped the fuck off. You got that bill! Purrr."
"Oh my god!" Lexi groaned, shoving Y/N lightly, making her laugh.
They stood in silence after that for a few moments, Y/N kept running her fingers through Lexi's dark hair as she played with a strand that poked out from her forehead.
Y/N leaned forward slightly and pressed a soft kiss to Lexi's temple.
"Thank you, I really needed this," Lexi whispered before kissing Y/N on the lips.
Y/N smiled and wrapped her arms tighter around Lexi's waist, pulling her closer towards her.
They kissed for a long while, enjoying every moment and feeling their heart race. Y/N eventually broke apart from Lexi, resting their foreheads together.
They stayed like that, simply taking each other in and basking in their feelings. Neither of them wanted the moment to end. They both loved how the other felt in their arms and just wanted to bask in it, they had all the time in the world now but something isn't done yet.
After several minutes of silence, Lexi spoke again.
"Can we make out again later? The play is not over yet. There's still more." Lexi asked quietly, still leaning into Y/N.
"Definitely, the show must go on." Y/N replied, nuzzling her nose against Lexi's cheek.
She turned Lexi's face towards hers and planted another chaste kiss on her lips. She then picked up Lexi's hand and intertwined their fingers.
Lexi squeezed her hand tightly, smiling into Y/N's mouth, pressing one last quick kiss to her lips.
"Ready?" Y/N murmured, looking Lexi in the eye.
Lexi nodded.
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chatonnoir · 5 months ago
honestly what are your thoughts on the whole love rivals plot.
Stupid, pointless, and a waste of my time. On god this "failed attempt to get over their crush by dating someone else" plot could've been done in like 2 episodes. The fact is that Adrien didn't love Kagami and Marinette didn't love Luka and the two of them were simply trying to move on from their original crushes by making an attempt at dating people who they found attractive and who had crushes on them. Both of their relationships literally lasted like 2 episodes. The buildup was pointless, the same effect could've just been achieved by having each of them receive a random love note/confession from an attractive classmate in one ep and try to go on a date in that same ep to get over their heartache, only for it to not work out (yknow, like what happened in Frozer, lmao they literally could've just ended the plotline there.) Imo the time they wasted on developing Adrien and Marinette's romantic relationships with their rebounds should've gone to developing Adrie/nette as well as their friendships with Nino and Alya. If they wanted to add to Marinette's stress in Season 4 by having her realize she can't even have a love life while she's the Guardian and Ladybug, they could've had her trying and failing to get over Adrien after the "girl I'm in love with" moment in Puppeteer 2 and had her messily try to date over just 1-2 episodes. OR they could've skipped that entirely and instead actually given her the opportunity to hang out with Adrien but then switched things up and had HER be the one who can't hang out with him or who has to cancel/leave in the middle because of her superhero duties!!!! Have her angst about that!!!! Have Adrien feeling Some Kind Of Way about it!!!! That would've been delicious!!!!
ML started as a nice subversion of the love rival trope by having the love rivals be Themselves, but then ....... felt the need to put in love triangles as well in season 2? Which just felt redundant and also served no purpose other than creating another excuse to keep Adrie/nette apart/keep them from getting close to one another for whatever reason. If you couldn't tell, the way Adrie/nette isn't allowed to get close without being sabotaged/artificially kept apart at every turn is another annoyance of mine lol. I won't get in to it too much here or else I'll get totally off topic for several paragraphs, but one example is Riposte. I remember being excited when I first watched Riposte because Adrie/nette playfully bonding over fencing was cute and I thought "oh Marinette is joining the fencing team!! They can get closer and hang out more regularly now and Marinette will get more comfortable with him and--" ..... Sike! It was just to introduce an unnecessary love rival! The love rival is the one who gets to benefit from seeing Adrien regularly the way I wanted Marinette to and Marinette is going to continue rarely if ever getting to hang out with and get to know and get comfortable with Adrien! Great. :)
The point of a love rival is usually to spur a hesitant/shy character in to action so that they don't lose their love interest to the rival, to make an oblivious character realize their feelings when seeing their love interest with the rival bc of the Jealousy, or to make a character who is being romanced by the rival realize their feelings for their true love interest because of how wrong things feel with the rival. None of that happened! Marinette wasn't motivated to make a move on Adrien because of Kagami (or by Kagami, I love the trope where the rival is the one to tell the protag to act). Adrien didn't realize his feelings for Marinette because of Luka. We did at least get to see Ladybug jealous of Ryuuko with Chat Noir and Adrien (subtly) jealous of Luka with Marinette, but nothing Came of That. They ultimately just realized neither of them can date while maintaining their secret identities, which the show really didn't need a whole drawn out multi-season love rival plot to tell me.
At least this nonsense granted me the gift of Mari/gami if nothing else lmao
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tringy-planta-de-ovo · a year ago
Tumblr media
The wait and the build up for these two was really worth it, Odalia and Alador were perfect villains, Probably one of my favorites so far in the series. In just one episode we found out so much about them.
We found out that Odalia is even more greedy than Eda herself and does everything to sell Their products, She's also super selfish and she doesn't care to literally almost kill a 14 year old girl in front of an entire audience If This will make money for her, there is no sympathy in this woman.
Tumblr media
Not only that, she is a first-rate manipulator and that makes her a great salesperson but a terrible mother.
Tumblr media
But leaving her a little, let's talk about Alador because oh my god his character is DEEP, he might just look an witch version of an abomination, But he is much more than that. This man is analytical and stupidly intelligent. he watches everything from afar and see how he can improve. But for me the most interesting is that he has a little more empathy with others than his wife.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
There were moments where it seemed he genuinely cared about Luz's safety, But all this didn't last for long because of "Blights only associate with the strongest" dilema. Talking about this subject, let's talk about their relationship with amity.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Odalia literally doesn't seem to care about amity at all, constantly manipulating her to do what is good for herself. But Alador is weirdly a different case, In the episode There were moments where he seemed to care about her and i guess, even be proud of her develompement But, Unfortunately, it's all because of Blight status™.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I really think he's the kind of father that wants the good for their child, But he's terrible in it and ends up hurting Their child alot.
Tumblr media
Well, Briefly, One is a literal Sociopath and another is a mad scientist that puts the old family dilema in front of anything, In other words, these two assholes deserve each other. I'll probably do a sequel to this post because it's getting too big, so see you later.
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kitkatchonky · a month ago
rewatching sandman already because god is it a good adaptation and i can’t stop thinking about it so i’m going to have a VERY long ramble about it here we go
some of the changes made were necessary in order to streamline the story for a ten-episode structure, like expanding the role of the corinthian to give this season a slightly more focused antagonist, or having lyta be more of a companion to rose and accompany her on her journey. the latter worked especially well for me - the comic is wonderful but if lyta’s story had been adapted as-is it would have felt really disordered. some things, like editing out lyta’s superhero backstory or having johanna constantine in the modern day, were likely due to licensing and copyright of existing characters, but the way they worked around that still paid off in a way that didn’t leave the story wanting.
some changes weren’t necessary but are a marked improvement anyway. i loved that ethel cripps got a little more airtime. replacing brute and glob with gault then giving them room to grow was a nice emotional payoff. lucifer taking choronzon’s place to fight dream ramped up the stakes that little bit further and for a moment it really does look like he’s going to get torn to shreds. john dee choosing to keep rosemary safe was (i think) a wise change from her death in the comic and a necessary moment to show that underneath everything, he’s still capable of empathy.
basically what i’m getting at is they knew what to leave in and what to take out. that’s so rare to see in adaptations these days, i think. it plays close to the source material for the most part but they weren’t so precious about it as to insist on a beat-for-beat recreation.  i was worried they’d cut hob’s role down, or even cut him entirely, but they spent just the right amount of time with him for that little side story to have the necessary impact. “dream of a thousand cats” and “calliope”, in less capable hands, could so easily have been cut for runtime or squeezed into the main run of episodes; but the showrunners recognised that while they have something important to lend to the worldbuilding, the main narrative would have felt bloated if they’d been squashed in there. so they get their own separate little bonus episode, which is where stories like those belong, and it’s a wonderful addendum to the series proper.
also can we talk about casting? spot on. tom sturridge gives the exact flavour of lanky mopey soaking wet emo man i wanted to see in dream “stupid stubborn git” of the endless. kirby howell-baptiste absolutely nails death’s big-hearted no-nonsense sisterly charm and is pure serotonin to watch. vivienne acheampong brings a kindness and sort of pastoral air to lucienne and her long-suffering devotion to dream. mason alexander park was born to play desire and you can tell they’re having the time of their life doing it. razane jamal and kyo ra play off each other really nicely as rose and lyta, especially with their expanded on-screen friendship. stephen fry has always been fiddler’s green in my mind’s eye and it was lovely to see him come to life. boyd holbrook’s cocktail of affable and insidious is great for the corinthian.  and gwendoline christie as lucifer???? hello????? not to be gay but hello?????
TL;DR the sandman is a story (or more accurately a sprawling collection of stories) that is one of my all-time faves and it makes me so happy to see something i love adapted so well and i’m excited to see what they do with the rest of the comic.
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