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lepusrufus 2 days ago
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(Tlt pacific rim AU) Camilla and Pal adopt a puppy and name him Paul. Everyone judges their name picking skills
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turnaboutchaos 2 days ago
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hollowsart 14 hours ago
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..So talking to @/elevenhigh I did come up with a sort of unique concept for a Jack O鈥橪antern/Mad Jack villain design as suggested [here].. the thought of a black paper lantern head with pink/red flames was just too good for my little mind. So I just had to do a quick sketch with some color + some additional stuff about the whole paper lantern head, too!
[Ch艒chin Obak茅] inspired!
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averagemrfox a day ago
Wait til Vex and and Percy find out they have a dead rat son they didn鈥檛 know about
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storyweaverofgondor 4 hours ago
I am going to mentionthis because i think Dracula daily has reached this point.
A.k.a Van Helsing has now met Mina and will proceed to give multiple long-winded paragraph length statements where he talks about her like a revered saint or a equally or more admirable lady, view her safety and protection as a sacred duty and all around treat her like a queen. All after she played a prank on him when they first met but showing off her shorthand.
Most under-rated fictional friendship ever.
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spicyicymeloncat 2 days ago
Headcanon time! So I鈥檝e always internally headcanonned Kai to not really burn himself with his powers. His power is to create and control fire and so he has the ability to hold fire without it actually touching his skin. He can get burned, especially by fire he isn鈥檛 controlling, but generally, keeping fire micrometers away from his skin and clothes is second nature and he doesn鈥檛 need to think hard about it (like blinking or walking; this does mean if he becomes too aware about it, he starts struggling to do it, like how if you become aware that you need to blink you end up consciously doing it, sorry for messing up your eyes). However Kai has burned himself when focusing all his energy into a super powered attack (where he disregards safety, trying to create the hottest fire), such as in s11, fight Boreal. (Also he still usually wears fireproof gloves just in case)
But despite not actually having any burn scars for the most part, Kai instead has a lot of freckles on his hands and arms. He used to have freckles as a kid but they mostly faded until he awakened his powers and now they鈥檙e back.
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armiehammeronly a day ago
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Armie Hammer
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andorerso 2 days ago
What ideas do you have for rebelcaptain fic after waching Andor? I want to know how you imagine them meeting. Do they get along with each other or butt heads? I can't wait for you to write it. I already know it'll be amazing because it's coming from you!
aw thank you <33
so as I said I have three different ideas, but in each of them, Jyn is aged up so she and Cassian are around the same age
1) Jyn ends up on Ferrix after Saw abandons her. I think this is the one I have the least concrete ideas for, but it's basically just her finding a home there, getting to know and form connections with all the people, making friends, meanwhile falling in love with disaster Cassian along the way
2) none of the Luthen or Pre-Mor stuff happens but Cassian gets off Ferrix regardless to go look for his sister and ends up meeting Jyn when she tries to pickpocket him. actually not just tries, she probably succeeds, but he won't give up that easily either so he goes after her to get his credits back. however they're confronted by a third enemy (guards? a street gang? idk) so they end working together to fight them and they get talking afterwards and she actually agrees to help him find his sister. I think this is probably the darkest and most serious in tone
3) Jyn grows up on Ferrix from the start (probably no Saw in this, idk), so she and Cassian are childhood friends and literally the devilish dream duo. everyone in Ferrix knows them for being a chaotic mess, and you almost never see one without the other. like if Cassian shows up, you know Jyn鈥檚 gotta be nearby as well, and vica versa. I think I'd set this in their teens, like 16-17, and make it a friends to lovers story with some misunderstandings and mutual pining. this is definitely the most light-hearted one of them all and probably the one I have the most ideas for
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churchofsaints 2 days ago
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So the piss kink topic has been brought up again, and you can guess
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king-of-swords-reversed a day ago
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Everyone I love is gonna die
and I, will die as well
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shrugsinchinese 2 days ago
Honestly people who are getting into CR right now I highly recommend you to start with C2 or Legends of Vox Machina because there鈥檚 just SO much of C1 leaking into C3 right now :/
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weaselishmcdiesel 2 days ago
did you know that with bee society there are quite literally "undertakers" whos job is to sweep bee corpses out of the hive because the labor of honey gathering is so intense on their wings that they can only go out for a couple of trips before dying soon after returning to the hive and their corpses pile quickly i just think thats neat
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utanoshitpostsama a day ago
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angelover a day ago
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i found this two pics side to side in my gallery I'm screaming
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half-a-life-left 16 days ago
so did we all just experience that or was it a collective hallucination
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halosdiaz 5 months ago
more queer media aimed at young teenagers not just so the new wave of young queer kids have positive, joyful, proud representation, but also for those of us who grew up without it. who had to suppress it and ignore and make it palatable because the media was cold and uncaring. who had to settle for sexualization and fetishization and closeting and death. more positive queer media aimed at young teenagers so they can grow with it and so we can heal the inner thirteen year old who was cringey and awkward and queer and just wanted to be loved so, so badly
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kingtheghast 3 months ago
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New season is go!!!
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