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thescorpionrodriguez 5 months ago
Rico x Mira is my ride or die, they are in love your honour <3
Amazing Agent Scorpio skin was made by my amazing friends @luke_jc3mp and @SCaprium on twitter 馃挜馃
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subnautica-reviews 10 months ago
Top 10 videogame villains!
Rules: must be a game original. So for example, i cannot choose lego riddler, but i could choose rex fury from lego city undercover.
Only 1 per franchise
Pontential spoilers
10: Plasm wraith from pikmin 3
Pikmin is a franchise that i adore. The Plasm wraith is the final boss of pikmin 3 as well as the most interesting final boss in the series for me personally. I love how mysterious it is. It is however low on the list because it鈥檚 a bit too mysterious.
9: King boo from the Luigi鈥檚 Mansion series
I mean how do i explain myself here? It鈥檚 a fantastic series. King boo defines this series just as much as the poltergust and luigi do.
8: Dimitri Johannes Petrov from Henry Stickmin: fleeing the complex.
You can tell that he is completely ruined by Henry鈥檚 escape. He is not my favourite Dimitri but he is still great.
7: Benny from Fallout: New Vegas
He is voiced by Matthew Perry.
6: Alterra from the Subnautica series
Yeah obviously subnautica was gonna be here. Obviously alterra was gonna be on this list. They are so great because in a way, you are the villain in both games, yet you also are not a villain at all. I love how subnautica technically has a villain, but every character could fall into that category. Nice job Alterra.
5: Dimitri Rascalov from Grand Theft Auto IV
I talked mass praise of this guy in my gta villain ranking. I dont feel the need to explain myself here.
4: Gary Smith from Bully
He is Dimitri, but with a better haircut.
3: Flowey/Asriel from Undertale
People have talked about this character to the point where i just don鈥檛 need to explain why hes so high.
2: Amalthus from Xenoblade Chronicles 2
A genocidal maniac with a tragic backstory and delusions of grandure. Can be killed by making him fall in a hole that he made. Does despicable acts like killing Ahkos and making Haze forget who she is. Amazing villain.
1: Oscar Espinosa from Just Cause 4
This man is so despicably evil. He is a dictator through and through. He is responsible for some of the major events in Rico鈥檚 life, including the events of Just Cause as a franchise. How can i not love to hate this guy. Fantastic.
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karaageudon 7 months ago
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withathorn a year ago
so first thing i have to say about far cry (check out the other posts later)
i wanna talk about the best part of the game:
yeah i doubt its the most popular opinion but i will die on this hill. the fishing is the best part of the game
i grew up in rural maine, so i have spent a lot of time being nearby wilderness things, and have experienced most wilderness things. that being said; i hate fishing, its boring and i cant be in the water, which is far better than being near it
far cry fishing is def unrealistic, but its sharp, consistent and believable, that i feel i could feasibly go fly fishing with no experience
and i gotta give the sound design so so much credit for that, the sound of the line tightening as the fish pulls, its such a subtle informational cue that doesnt use the bog standard fishing bar (im sorry stardew valley)
Tumblr media
and the best sound i think in the whole experience is the fish sound, its such a wet sound!?! i dont understand how sounds get wet, but some games just nail that. its such a fun reward to the more mechanical, stretching sound of the fishing itself.
what really sets this as the best part of the game to me though, is the incredible contrast which it has from the rest of the game. everything from the story and sidequests are covered in guns, cars and explosions like they were sprinkles.
now im not saying thats a bad thing, the game does it really well, and its a fun time. and sure you can hunt, or enjoy the wilderness, stuff like that, but hunting means guns, exploring means using your fancy exploration equipment like your parachute and wingsuit and grappling hook, and it gets sorta action-y
but fishing has none. no pew, no bang, no zoom or vroom. its just you, some floppy bois, and the amazing natural setting of the game.
being able to go from freeing encampments in a blaze of glory, using john wick like gun-fu with your pistol and throwing knives, to then head out back with your trusty fishing rod and just, hang out. its impeccable, its kinda the thing that just cause 4 was lacking for me.
all too often i would start to get overstimulated with the constant blockbuster nonsense, and even with the non-explosion-y side quests, like wingsuit and parachute challenges, those still stunk (not in like, a bad way) of action movie stuff
im telling you
this also leads to a really fun thing:
i like fishing -> i wanna stop things that keep me from doing so
if im vibing by the riverside, and then some cultist on a jetski comes and scares off the fishies,
i get fuckin bothered by that.
so the only choice is to whip out the action movie bullshit and take your revenge
it creates player driven goals from what otherwise would just be a random enemy patrol. instead of 'oh dang, a dude' it turns into "SIDEQUEST: Protect the Fishies"
i think next im gonna talk about the gun stuff in the game, check out the tag for this little series #farcrywiththeo
hidden story to keep the post shorter
my first time trying out the fishing, i figured, "eh how bad can it be" and bought the intro fishing rod from a dude near a stream (im astonished they dont give it to you by default tbh) and gave it a few casts
i obvs fell in love w it, and hung out there for a good bit
the issue: the generic npcs in this game are... not great
so the dude i bought it from spent the entire time mumbling stuff like
im gonna catch me a big un'
nice piece of land we got up here, shame its bein' shot to hell
this lake is nice this time of year
on repeat
so i did what any person trying to protect their fishing time would do
ganked him
and then it was silent, and it was wonderful
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dizzydennis 9 months ago
On my twitch livestream channel, I have the best meme overlay that I could muster. It鈥檚 definitely fitting for my online presence.
Combine that with the violence of Just Cause 4 and it鈥檚 absolutely hilarious to me!
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boatofmagic a year ago
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Here are some lesbian and bi Garland King icons I made for myself lmao why do I stan her so much
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here4thegayships a year ago
I'm playing Just Cause 4 and I'm in love with Mira (who btw should be played by Stephanie Beatriz if there's ever a live action). I also have a crush on her evil cousin, buT THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT
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stuff-the-rebellion-said a year ago
Rico: Accidentally indulged in too much 鈥榤e time鈥 in Medici, turns out I鈥檝e been reported missing for three years and presumed dead by most international authorities.
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trallengames a year ago
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aliish a year ago
Rico seneor馃槉
Subscribe the youtube channel : Ali Ak playz
Also follow on instagram :@aliakgamezon
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wannabeapilot a year ago
I swear I鈥檝e destroyed that water tower that exact way before
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thescorpionrodriguez a month ago
Hello my loves, I鈥檝e been pretty dead here lately huh.
Well I painted a jacket, and that锟斤拷s all I鈥檝e really gotten up to, apart from finishing my final school exams. I painted a jc thing on that shirt too, but I鈥檓 not about to doxx myself LMAO
I stream on twitch if you wanna come hang <3
Istg I will be more active here, I鈥檝e missed all of my jc besties on tumblr 馃鈥硷笍
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domesticateddog a year ago
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manikas-whims a year ago
what was the last game you played?
The last games that I played were:
Just Cause 4 & bits of Sekiro
The last game I completed playing:
Tomb Raider 2013
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withathorn a year ago
so ive been playing just cause 4, i think ive mentioned it before, but i havent really been paying attention to like, mechanics or story, because no matter what, its just a game about blowing stuff up
and dont get me wrong, its really good at being a game about blowing stuff up. it doesnt really try to do much else, the devs clearly knew what the good part of the game is
i just finished one of the big story missions, 'operation windwalker'. and it was really cool mechanically, the basic premise is that there is a big man-made tornado that youre gonna use to destroy a big bad hideout, fairly standard over-the-top rico stuff
the thing that makes it so cool and unique is that your big locomotion tools in this game are your wingsuit and parachute
which do not do well with tornados
so you end up trying to do stuff on a timer, rush to save the day, but as youre wingsuiting between buildings you have to fight against the tornado
Tumblr media
heres a gif to break up this wall of text
i dont know anything about weather, so the science here may be questionable, but idc, it feels really cool to zoop in a circle around a tornado to pick up speed
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mattymatuse a year ago
Watch "Just Cause 3 | Snoop Dogg liberates Corda Dracon Centcom (and then rage quits)" on YouTube
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Game: Just Cause 3
YOUTUBE: mattymatuse
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TWITTER: mattymatuse
TUMBLR: mattymatuse
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boatofmagic a year ago
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Look at me doodling Garland King on my phone to practice for an actual drawing instead of continuing to write my fanfics about her lmao. Second one is inspired by my sixth oneshot. Also first time trying digital art.
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