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vandaliatraveler · a year ago
One of the more accessible falls along Jonathan Run in Ohiopyle State Park. The stream was running full throttle from recent spring rains.
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monosrojo · 2 months ago
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what kind of love it was.
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see-arcane · 4 days ago
Jonathan, meeting Van Helsing for the first time: Hi! :)
Van Helsing, physically holding him up to the light to look for Signs of Shock and Headfuckery: Well, that can’t be right. I heard you were all kinds of wrecked
Jonathan: Oh, I was. But then you confirmed my two-month stay in Transylvanian Vampire Hell was real, so now I’m better :)
Van Helsing, still mentally preparing himself for a hell of a time convincing Jack that vampires are a thing: ...
Jonathan, all heroic-to-vengeful sunshine: Are we going to fuck up the Count now? :)
Van Helsing, close to tears: God, yes
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lotrmusical · 4 months ago
maybe the walls of dracula's castle are just extra sticky. maybe jonathan could crawl around on them too if he tried
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archivistorage · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
jarchivist loosely based on this post by @pokewatcher20 …. I am not immune to biblical imagery
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organchordsandlightning · 3 months ago
I gotta say that Dracula wedging his body in the door to prevent the dogs from getting in is a spectacularly modern image
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porunareff · 6 months ago
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JJBA Protagonists spread in JOJO Magazine
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moonsun2010 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
If I had a nickel for everytime tumblr got fixated on a Gothic vampire-related piece of media during the month of May, I'd have 2 nickels
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gloww0rms · 4 months ago
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so im back.. with more dracula posting…. 😳😋😹😁 u know the drill click for better quality on mobile
[Image description: Two panel Dracula comic. The first shows Jonathan Harker in distress, one hand on his hip and the other in his hair, thinking “So. I’m trapped. Why is the Count doing this? What is he plotting? Even at this moment his schemes may be in motion….” The second panel shows Count Dracula. Above him it says “*Meanwhile, the Count:*” He is frantically doing the laundry. Next to him is largely written “THIS DAMN STAIN WON’T COME OUT!!” with action lines around it. End ID]
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mistress-gif · 5 months ago
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I'm having a hard time forming a logical thought, let alone compiling coherent sentences after watching all five hours of this limited series. It was simultaneously one of the most depressing, yet erotic and gripping shows I've ever watched. I never thought I'd pin "depressing" and "erotic" in the same sentence with each other, yet here we are. Oscar Isaac caught my eye when scrolling through my TV subscriptions and trying to find something new to watch. I had never heard of this show up until last night. Wow. I have zero clue what to do with myself now!
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intothefandoms · a month ago
Steve: We will be using codenames. You can address me as Eagle One. Nancy, codename: Been There, Done That. Y/N is Currently Doing That. Robin is It Happened Once In A Dream. Eddie, codename: If I Had To Pick A Dude. Jonathan is...Eagle Two.
Jonathan: Oh, thank God.
(Chrissy would be I'd Be Lying If I Said I Hadn't Thought About It)
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chocolatemilksmoothie · 3 months ago
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My submission for today's book club report
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marghen · 3 months ago
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I Can’t Decide: Character Lineup-- Cast of Castle Dracula + The Himboification of Jonathan Harker
[ID. The first image is a character lineup with the Three Brides, Jonathan Harker and Count Dracula. The first Bride has long, wavy hair and wears a mantua dress from the late 17th century. The second Bride wears an 18th century open gown with split sleeves and her dark hair is pulled back and draped over one shoulder. The third Bride wears an evening gown and long gloves from the Regency period and her dark hair in an asymmetrical updo with ringlets over her ears. Jonathan wears a white shirt rolled to the elbows, braces, trousers and ankle boots with spats. The Count wears a frock coat, a pelisse, a barrel sash, and an ascot. He has a large mustache that curls up at the ends, and shoulder-length hair.
The second image is a character lineup of Jonathan Harker in his varying states of dress throughout his stay at Castle Dracula. Starting with outerwear, he wears a sack suit, top hat, gloves and boots with spats. His indoor wear reveals his waistcoat. Post May 8, his facial hair has grown in and he has a shaving scar on his cheek. Post May 31, his waistcoat is removed, revealing the braces he wears underneath. June 25 shows him with boots and socks removed. The illustrations are in monochrome shades of grey, with the exception of the red of the brides’ lips, Jonathan’s scar, and the Count’s eyes. END ID.]
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allalternate · a month ago
A Collection of JOJOS - WIP
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Started this one out as a practice for myself to figure out how they all look similar yet different!! Will probably put colours on it later this week.
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sunflowerharrington · 2 months ago
something where reader is Billy’s gf and they’re at a party and she gets hit on and he gets overprotective and it leads to angry sex
You’re My Favourite Kind Of Night
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing - Billy Hargrove X Fem!Reader
summary - You, Y/N Wheeler, decided to throw a party for your birthday, and Billy’s not happy with how much you’re talking to your friend Steve Harrington, Nance’s boyfriend.
Thinking of writing a Part 2 for this if anyone wants it! ☺️
warnings - Overprotectiveness, 18+, Billy Hargrove, degradation, Billy flirts with Karen, slut shaming, public masturbation, sorry but Y/N is kind of a bitch in this, flashbacks to season one at the very end, 🤨📸, reader’s kind of a brat iwl.
notes - I hope you like this, Nonnie. Another request similar to this one was; Could do something where Billy is jealous of a boy Y/N is talking to so he reminds her who she belongs to? And can that boy be Steve. Okay so I kind of changed the ask slightly, but it’s still what you both asked for, Anons. Just a heads up, that’s all! Also the title comes from the song; Earned It, by The Weeknd (From Fifty Shades of Grey)
word count - 4K (caught in 4K, literally)
taglist - @quickiesgirl @sunnymunson @sympathyforher @langdon-cumslut @wzrlds @friendly-neighborhood-ghoul @taecube @in-love-with-will-byers dm comment or ask me to be added or taken off for future updates if you like <3
Tumblr media
“So,” Steve started, taking his first draw of smoke. You never thought he would be a smoker. “Great party, huh? Not to mention interesting…”
“Yeah,” you said, sitting down next to him on the edge of the pool coping. “I’m all about crazy parties.”
“I bet. But shouldn’t the birthday girl be talking to everyone and not just me?”
He patted his legs, indicating to you to prop yours up over him. You do as you’re asked, now practically sitting in his lap.
“I can talk to whoever I want to whenever I want to.”
He began strumming his fingers across your bare thigh, inching closer and closer to the black leather skirt you were wearing, matching with your boyfriend’s jacket.
You rolled your eyes. “You’ll get me in trouble, Harrington.”
“You got me in trouble with Nance first,” he chuckled darkly. “That skirt you wore on your first day at Hawkins drove me wild, Y/N.”
He used the silence to drill you with a querying look. “I like you, Wheeler, you know. I wanna know more about you.”
Sure, and you wanted to know how big his cock was and how many inches it could get down your throat before you’re gagging, with tears starting to fall from your eyes.
“There’s no reason that you can’t,” you said, grazing your bottom lip between your teeth.
His reply was to do nothing but stare intently back at you, his soft but intense gaze burning right through you. But you weren’t intimidated in the slightest, so you stared back, the only man that could make you bow down was nowhere to be seen so you decided to lay your cards out.
“I always thought you were hotter than every other boy in Hawkins.”
“Even Billy, your boyfriend?” Steve questioned, almost choking on the air he breathed in, looking away from you. Finally, you won.
“Billy hates labels. We’ve gone with fuck-buddies, but apparently he’s the only one allowed to see other people.”
You smiled innocently at him, just as you heard somebody else coming over. You would’ve preferred if Steve just gave in right away, but in the end you still won, then that way you could’ve talked to him properly before whoever the fuck this was decided to interrupted you.
It turned out to be Billy. Go figure.
At the sound of Billy coming over, Steve also pushed your legs off his, making it not as obvious that you two were practically eye fucking each other until the first one caved in. You bet Steve got off controlling when a girl came for him, just like Billy did, building the girl up and up, only to leave her hanging every single damn time. Just until she was completely ragged, desperate and submissive for him.
You didn’t think you’d mind a change of scenery, after having the beautiful Billy on top of you more than once every night for the last six months, and you were starting to get tired of the same old vanilla, missionary sex he had been giving you. God. Why were men so goddamn boring?!
“I’m not interrupting anything, am I?” Billy asked, glaring at you.
He takes a cigarette out of his box and places it between his lips, inhaling then dragging it out with a loud sigh. You didn’t realize your gaze had been pinned on his body, anywhere but his face while biting your lips until Billy gave you a look, pinning his eyes on you as he brought his lighter to the end of his cigarette.
“Not at all,” Steve said, scratching the back of his neck, looking away awkwardly. He put out his half smoked cigarette and turned to you. “Do you want to head back inside? It’s getting pretty cold out here.”
“Stay here. We need to talk,” Billy told you. He was now turned from Steve pretty dismissively.
“Steve’s right, it is pretty cold out here,” you replied, pouting your lower lip at him.
“Don’t strut around at a party without any underwear on then.”
Steve’s mouth ran drier than the Sahara Desert. “You’re not wearing any underwear?” He was already halfway to his feet, but as he realized you weren’t moving he sat back down again. “Bold as ever, Wheeler.”
There was a small giggle in your throat, half way out of your mouth, but Billy interrupted you. “She’s a riot, that’s for sure. I’m trying to talk to her though, so if you don’t mind… can you kindly fuck off?”
That was aggressively rude.
…and so damn hot.
Steve’s eyes narrowed on Billy’s. “I was talking to her first. I can’t imagine anything that urgent that I can’t keep talking to her.”
Oh, you loved this side of the both of them. You liked their arguing, the underlying tension. Sexual tension? You didn’t know. Also, it’s over you for now. And your legs weren’t clamped shut to keep your dignity, no, but to stop the throbbing pressure.
Billy scoffed, and you turned to him, surprised that he hadn’t already knocked Steve out. Though last time Steve won. So he may have not wanted to crush his ego and pride… again. “Sounded like a whole lot of silence ‘fore I came over here, Harrington.”
“Saying my surname isn’t intimidating, Billy.”
A smirk found its way onto your lips. Steve had no idea really what he was in for with Billy, so you helped him out. Running your foot up the front of Steve’s leg, you told Billy, “We were saying it all with our eyes.”
“Lust at first sight, hm?” Billy said, unfazed. “You two must be so attuned that now you can telepathically tell each other how much you want to fuck each other like Max’s friend, El, can.”
What the fuck was he doing? Whatever it was it was kind of hot.
Before an even more confused frown can cross your face, Steve jolted up. You were already quite taken aback, but more so when he stepped up to Billy. Billy for his part looked completely and utterly unbothered, not changing his expression or stance in the slightest.
“What’s your problem with me talking to Y/N?”
“My problem?” Billy scoffed. He suddenly straightened up. “You need to stay away from my girlfriend. I just wanted to talk to her.”
Oh so now he wanted to call you his girlfriend? Very mature.
Steve stared him down, unconvinced. Billy then showed he wasn’t intimidated in the slightest and smiled right in Steve’s face, wholly offensively, entirely disrespectfully, before beginning to chuckle under his breath.
“You know, Harrington. Maybe you should spend less time flirting with other girls and more focussed on Nancy. Not Y/N. She’s off limits.”
“Says who? We’re just fuck buddies, Billy. No strings attached, remember?” You said, mimicking the way he said it to you on the way into the party two hours ago.
Billy was about to say something when he heard a noise, somebody was leaving the house.
“Buzzkill,” Billy muttered, looking into the distance at none other than your mom, Karen, who was now walking towards you. “Time to sweet talk this bitch. You two better play along.”
Ugh, who did this boy think he was? Really. Bossing you around like that?
“You must be Y/N’s sister,” he said, running his tongue against his top teeth, before biting his lower lip. He began not-so subtly looking her up and down. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”
“I’m actually her mother,” she chuckled. “Such a charmer.”
“My best talent! Right, baby? Steve?”
“Right,” you both said at the same time, and as your mom began walking off with a stupid little grin on her face, Billy made a ‘call me’ gesture to her before popping his cigarette back into his mouth. Gross.
“Easy. Now, we need to have a little talk, don’t we, Babydoll?” He asked, taking a hold of your hand with a painfully strong grip, and Steve took the hint to leave, cautiously looking over his shoulder one last time to make sure you were okay being alone with Billy.
“Sure, Babydoll,” you chuckled. Billy hated it when you mocked him, but it also turned him on more than anything else could. Except you, obviously. And now, your mom too.
The pool lights had been turned off as the party drifted inside, the clock struck midnight and the party was coming to an end. Billy’s beautiful face was illuminated under the moonlight, looking like a male adonis, but god was he fucking annoying.
He was already pinning you down with an icy glare when you tore your eyes away from Steve who was now making his way back into the house. With his eyes on you, you uncrossed your legs, letting them inch open ever so slightly, then crossed them the other way.
Billy leaned back against the nearby wall, not even five feet away from you, propping one leg against it too, with a husky look on his face. He beckoned you over with two fingers, almost mirroring the way you’d love him to touch you right now.
“On your knees, Princess.”
“I’m not getting on my knees for any man, Babydoll,” you teased, butterflies awakening in your stomach as his brows furrowed into a frown.
“You have three seconds to get over here, Y/N.”
But you don’t move. You stayed seated exactly where you were, but you did however start running your hand down your body, from your neck down to the junction between your hip and leg, never taking your gaze off his.
“Or what?”
“If you don’t get on your knees and crawl over here right now like a good little girl and suck on my dick… I swear to God, you little fucking brat, when I do finally fuck you, you’ll be feeling it for weeks.”
Oh shit. So he was playing that game?
“You should be nicer to me, Billy. It’s my birthday,” you said, chuckling to yourself, letting out a gasp as he grabs your wrist, pulling you over to him.
He pressed your body against the wall, your eyes widening as he towered over you. You glared at him as he trapped you against the wall, one hand either side of your shoulders.
“Tell me, Hargrove. Do I get under your skin when I speak to other boys? Does the thought of me talking to Steve Harrington… Anger you?” You asked, a little giggle leaving your lips as you did so.
It wasn’t so much the disrespect and the dirty talk, but about knowing how desperate that little fuck was to get in your pants. Billy wanted you so bad. The fucking loser. The more you deny, the more you tease, the better the fuck will be. There’s no way you could give in now.
You pushed Billy away from you, making him stumble backwards. Taking it a step further you walked back over to the shorter wall and sat back down on it, taking your teasing fingers slowly down between your legs and underneath the fabric of your skirt.
The tips of your fingers just grazed over your skin, making your legs shudder, forcing the lightest of gasps from between your lips as they dip into the pool of wet between your legs. As you slipped a finger between your folds and was encased in warmth and delicious wetness, Billy’s jaw unhinged, his eyes set determinedly on watching you play with yourself, though he wanted to do it himself.
You’d barely begun and he’d already shoved his hand in his own underwear. You gasped again, and the sound made Billy scramble over to you with lust in his eyes. He grabbed onto his jeans, quickly unbuckling them and pulling them down, hauling his underwear down with them. So much for fucking you within an inch of your life.
You bet he was so horny he’d just jump you until he came five minutes later then blame it on the alcohol he consumed. No. Now wasn’t the time.
You grabbed his jaw as he was about to pull up your skirt, squeezing with your wet fingers. “Uh uh,” you said, shaking your head. “Who says you’re getting to play, hm?”
“I’ll rip that fucking skirt and bralette off with no hesitation, Y/N.”
“And then what?” You asked, taking him close enough that you could have kissed him if you wanted to. But instead, you shoved his face away, almost making him fall backwards.
He rubbed his jaw, glaring at you from the corner of his eye. “I will ruin you.”
“Really?” You let out a dry laugh. “A whiny little bitch like you couldn’t even ruin a fly, Hargrove. Even Steve fucking Harrington beat you in a fight.”
Hate boiled in him like lava, forming an extremely aggressive volcano, anger bubbling and beginning to burn his insides, and it took everything in his power to not throw one at you like his father always did.
The veins in his hands and arms began to pulse from clenching his fists so furiously, and he released you from the cage of his arms, taking one step back. “You’re a miserable fucking bitch.”
“And you’re not one of those?” You smirked, and he shook his head, lost in a sea of fury and confusion.
His icy blue eyes burned into yours and you stared back, unwilling to budge, watching as a darkness flashed in his eyes, nostrils flaring. He brought a hand up to your chest to forcefully push you against the wall, pressing his body weight against yours. Still no trace of anything but the usual hypnotic look in his sultry blue eyes.
He then pulled away, sitting down on the pool coping, pulling you with him. He snaked an arm around your back, cinching you into him, your thighs around his hips, locking at his back to stop yourself from falling into the pool. He was so tall that even sitting down you were still not looking him in the eye and he still got to look down on you, but you realized he positioned himself to kneel as imposingly as he could in front of you. Never did you think he’d get on his knees for anyone, but here he was.
“The only person you have to prove anything to is me. So, prove it.” He took you by the chin this time, locking his fingers over you so tightly, turning you up to look at him with such a sharp movement that it hurt your neck. “Show me you’re not all mouth, you slut. Because I have a feeling you’re playing up a big game here.”
“Glady.” It almost sounded like you were intimidated by him, which was the very fucking last thing he made you… or that’s what you wanted him to think. You would gladly let Billy take control of you for a night, but in all honesty, you didn’t think he actually had it in him.
Until he could prove that he did, he wasn’t getting that chance.
“If you want to know what I’ve got…” You began. Billy let you go, running his hands through your hair instead, and ironically being as gentle about it as he can. “Then you can listen to me fucking that Munson kid all night long until he can’t see. I’ll even take you with me to get my weed off him so you can enjoy the show.”
That gentleness had vanished again. He took a hold of your hair tight, arching you back, and grinned in your face, showing you the menace you wanted all along. He slid his fingers into your slick pussy, biting his lips and sighing contently at how it felt, making you moan, your bottom lip shuddering.
"By all means, have your fun with that freak. We’re not boyfriend and girlfriend after all. But what you’re gonna do afterwards, no matter what the fuck you get up to with that fucking kid, is you're going to meet me, somewhere with all the lights off, somewhere nice and quiet, like the park, and I'm going to bend you over the first surface I can get, I don't care what it is, the slide, the bench at the bakery, the picnic tables, even that fucking freak you're fucking tonight, I don't give a shit so long as you're face down and whimpering for me, and I'm not going to stop until my name is coming out your mouth and you're begging me, fucking begging me to make you cum again. Tonight you’re going to be mine, bitch, and I'm going to make sure you don't forget that. All mine."
He slid his fingers in and out of you as he spoke, leaving you whimpering already, eyes on his, not daring to look away and miss a word, biting down hard on your bottom lip so you didn’t make a sound, yet still making the most pathetic and needy little noises. Maybe you were the whiny one, not Billy.
“Get up, whore” he hissed, his order dominant, and quite frankly very sexy.
You did as you were told, half because yes please, and half because he's still got a fistful of your hair and was getting up with you regardless of what you wanted (though we both know exactly what you wanted).
When you were up, he let you go, but he wasn’t done.
“Turn around and bend over,” he demanded, his voice laced with sweet, sweet venom.
Oh fuck, you thought as you did as he asked. He stood behind you, so fucking close to where you needed him most, his hands travelling all over; smoothing over your ass, down your thighs, his knuckles grazing your throbbing pussy. He kicked at your ankles until you spread your legs wider.
Right now you’d take those minutes you were mocking him for and you’d thank him endlessly for them, even if he left you unfinished, but right now you were so goddamn wet for him, and you were sure he’d have you cumming the moment the tip of his cock even teased your slit.
He slid your skirt up your ass, exposing everything. His cock rubbed against you through his shorts. You pushed back into him even harder, moaning.
His hand came colliding with your ass. You groaned, and grunted, and jerked away all at the same time, your fingers clutching the hard marble even tighter.
“I like it when you’re a bad girl, Princess, but you need to realise that you won’t get away with that shit with me, you fucking slut. You need to be a good girl for me.”
He brought his hand down again, rocking you even harder. You grinded your hips desperately up on his dick for some needed relief.
“Who are you going to open your legs for tonight, you little slut?” He asked.
Before you could answer he spanked you again. Hard.
You moaned, trying to keep your legs from trembling.
“You, Billy,” you confessed.
“Say it again. I didn’t hear you.”
“You, Billy. Fuck,” you groaned pathetically, desperately reaching back to him, betraying yourself by how needy you were being.
“Billy?” He let a dry laugh escape his throat.
No answer.
Nothing. Not even a blink.
Still no answer. What the fuck would he want you to call him?
“My love?”
He shook his head, a smirk etched into his features.
“Call me Babydoll one more time and see what happens, Princess. I answer to Daddy only, and you should know that by now,” he hissed, before laughing. “Oh I forgot, you’re too dumb to remember shit like that!”
He moved away, but before you could collapse to the ground in disappointment, he slapped his hand between your legs, his fingers sliding up inside of you again.
“Let me repeat this; who are you opening your legs for tonight?”
You had a thought about saying Eddie’s name, but you were so horny that you couldn’t bring yourself to delay Billy fucking you senseless any longer. “You, Daddy.”
God you hated that word, but nonetheless still said it, earning another slap on your ass, this time much harder, the feeling of a bruise beginning to form on your skin.
“That’s right, doll,” he said, and you could practically hear that little bitchass smirk on his face. “You fucking remember that, Y/N. Remember who it was that had your pussy dripping before they even touched you. You can be a bad girl for everyone else, but you’re a good girl for me. Do you understand?”
But Steve also had your pussy dripping, no?
You nodded. “Whatever you want, Babydo— I mean, Daddy.” Ew.
“Shit, someone’s coming, babe,” Billy whispered.
He backed off so suddenly you could have sworn he ran away, but he didn’t run. He didn’t run, not this time. You were just fixing your skirt that was pulled up over your ass and top that was pulled up over your tits when Karen came strutting into view in her skimpiest lingerie that she certainly wasn’t wearing for Ted. But for Billy, of course. Who else would it be for? She’d been trying to steal that boy from you for weeks now.
“Jesus, mom!” You jumped back in an instant, letting go of Billy’s shirt as he tried wiping the lipstick off his face and neck, and chest, and legs, and—
“What are you doing out so late, Y/N? Billy, I need to speak with you about… Something…” She said, a flirty smile playing on her lips as she twirled her hair between her fingers.
You didn’t look back at Billy as you went, rolling your eyes at your mom’s pathetic flirting attempt. You barely could because you were such a fucking horny mess, but God you couldn’t go about your family like this. You were a fucking whimpering shamble and you and Billy both knew it. Even Karen knew it.
You scurried away to the upstairs bathroom, the one with the most privacy, since Mike is usually down in the basement (right now he was at Lucas’). Thankfully barely anyone was around, and you only bumped into your dad as he was coming back from doing his nightly run around the kitchen for snacks. I mean, everyone does it, right? Absolutely no shame, Teddy.
You had to stuff your entire fist in your mouth, cumming so hard after fucking yourself properly with your fingers, but God … you may have finished, but you’d never felt so unfinished in your life. Your whole body felt electric, from your sensitive nipples, your temples, your throbbing pussy, and your toes. You just wanted Hargrove all over you, in you everywhere, fucking you in every hole you have simultaneously, kissing the rest of you, sucking on your toes and fingers and nipples. You were just gagging for him to touch you until you’re on the edge and then for him to never stop.
You’re feeling a lot calmer when you leave the bathroom, bumping into Nancy on the way to your bedroom. You caught her throwing a disgusted look at your lap when you sat down on your bed, no doubt thinking of all the underwear-less shenanigans they caught on the cameras around the house. She can’t say anything, after all she lost her virginity to the hair while her best friend was dying in Steve’s pool. And if only somebody knew about the shenanigans that were never recorded on camera. Or so you thought.
Billy’s ears perked up at the sound of the bushes rustling as he opened the door to his Camaro, and he caught a glimpse of greasy ash brown hair and the distinctive blue shirt and black denim jacket combo. You looked out your bedroom window to see what all the fuss was about and you saw Billy speaking to somebody else! You were so surprised he didn’t have your mom bent over the same wall he was taking you on. The Whore of Babylon walked so Nancy, Karen and Y/N Wheeler could run.
Is that…?
“I’m going to fucking kill you, Byers! Go find your brother instead of fucking recording me and Y/N, you fucking freak!”
Needless to say that video went around school faster than you could say Billy’s name. And you lived up to your surname, as did Nancy when she was also filmed with Steve. By the same person both times.
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lyrker · 7 months ago
Listening to this Magnus Archives thing and like—Who the hell is Jonmartin??? Like there’s a Jon (John?) and theres? A dude named Martin which Jon doesn’t seem to like for Some Reason, and then some fucker with Both of their names. w. why would you even name a fellow Jonmartin, why not like, Jon M. (for martin) [last name].
Sorry Jonmartin stans for the slander I don’t know their last name and I refuse to read the wiki out of Fear Of Spoilers
Anyways neat Podcast I am very scared loving it so far 👍👍👍👍
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huyandere · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
some different jojo parts stuff  🌟
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