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crepuscol · 2 days
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post novel Mina and Jonny adopt the saddest wettest poor little kitty from the shelter
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carrotsnake · 1 day
i’m predicting a strong overlap between new bowuigi fans and dracula daily fans who lost interest after jonathan escaped the castle. don’t ask me to elaborate
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animate-mush · 23 hours
then if bram stoker self inserted in mina does that mean he shipped himself with the main character
Somebody else said it in I think the best possible way (and if anyone remembers the original post please link it) -
"Stoker created in Jonathan Harker the ideal man to be loved by"
That's really the crux of it. Mina and van Helsing are both pretty clear self inserts but probably more in that they are reflections of Stoker in one way or another, rather than an avatar or a replacement. And so it's not really that he's shipping himself with the main character in that these characters don't really exist independently of each other. It's not the classic Mary Sue thing where you insert yourself into a pre-existing text to enjoy the adulation of your faves. That would be to assume that Jonathan comes first some how - here's Our Hero, fully formed, now love me. If anything it's the other way around. I am putting onto the page my man's mind with woman's soul, and fleshing that out into the character who will be the beating heart of this novel. And she will need a lover, and what less can I give her than the embodiment of how I most want to be loved?
And of course I can't speak to Stoker's mind or writing process, but the couching it in fandom terms is I think an oversimplification, and misses the idea that these are constructed characters, and constructed with a purpose. The construction and the purpose are going to reflect the author in interesting ways, some of them intentional and others probably not, but in either event it's a much deeper thing than simply shipping yourself with the main character.
If that's even what Jonathan is. I hesitate to say that he is. But he is certainly the ideal man to be loved by.
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lxgentlefolkcomic · 2 days
The party’s in full swing over on Discord!
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Fans of the project and lovers of classic lit in general are invited to join us over at The League of Extraordinary Gentlefolk’s official Discord server! (Victorian formal wear not required.)
Come chat about the comic, discuss your favorite classic books, rotate blorbos, or just hang out and chill with us. Server rules and invite link under the cut:
1. Racism, fatphobia, transphobia, aphobia, identity policing, etc. will not be tolerated. This is an inclusionist, queer-supportive space.
 2. Be respectful. We’re all here to have fun and discuss the comic together, but that will all hinge on how we treat each other!  Please be respectful of others' boundaries, ideas, and preferences.  Avoid cutting people off to change the subject mid-conversation.  If a ship, headcanon, etc doesn't interest you, just avoid it rather than putting it down.  While this isn't an age-restricted server, all members are expected to generally interact on an adult level and take responsibility for their behavior.
 3. No NSFW content. Swearing is okay, just don't be nasty to people.
4. Don't police others' ideas. Don't insist others conform to your headcanons/popular fanon.
 5. Use spoiler cuts for commonly triggering content. Put a warning in parenthesis before the cut: “(suicide) [[spoilered text]].”
6. No dragging in outside drama. This includes from other fandoms, other discords, or gossiping about fans outside the server.  We also ask that discourse topics not be brought up in the server.
7. Please avoid sharing sensitive private information. Examples: your age if you're a minor, where you live, mental health issues, etc. Please keep in mind that this is a public server that includes strangers.
8. The server owner/moderators have final say with regards to the rules. Please respect the mods' decisions.
Ready to join the party? Click here!
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marghen · 2 days
We’ve already mentioned how the “our souls are knit into one” line mirrors Jonathan and David’s relationship and I think the parallels are definitely intentional. David cuts off the head of Goliath after striking him across the forehead with a sling and a stone. Jonathan Harker cuts off the head of Dracula after striking him across the forehead with a shovel.
Mina might better parallel the Biblical Jonathan here because he is duty-bound to his father Saul, who is the father-in-law and mortal enemy of his beloved, David, and Mina is bound to serve and follow Dracula, the mortal enemy of her beloved, Jonathan. Mina also sends word through a telegram to warn the others of Dracula’s approach, and Jonathan goes to where David is hiding to alert him that Saul is coming to kill him so he can run away in time.
Possibly related as well: when Saul is out hunting him down, David sneaks up behind him and cuts part of his clothing and demonstrates that he could have killed him instead of showing him mercy. Jonathan also slashes Dracula’s clothing at Piccadilly, except he’s not trying to be merciful.
Probably also worth mentioning that besides David and Jonathan being commonly read as queer, Ruth and Naomi are also the subject of queer readings, and have some parallels to Jonathan and Mina. Naomi is Ruth’s mother in law who has just lost both her sons and her own husband and is leaving to return to her homeland alone. She tells her daughters in law to find new husbands and move on, but Ruth refuses and pledges to go with her where ever she does, and to share her fate whatever it may be. Mina tells her friends and husband goodbye and that they must kill her if she fully turns, but Jonathan refuses, and pledges to follow her and share her fate as a vampire.
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thebibi · 3 days
Van Helsing, crusader: I shall march into the fight of the powers of darkness with a cross at hand for salvation and atonement
Mina Harker, martyr: I shall endure the darkness and protect those I love with faith in the face of my unworthiness before the eyes of God
Jonathan Harker, gremlin: I'll lurk in the darkness and cut my quarry down with this knife I found. I'll be here whittling it like a monk counts his rosary's prayer beads if you need me.
This is nice. I like this!
I also like to think the lesson here lies in not letting yourself be consumed by one modus operandi.
Van Helsing uses the communion wafers,crosses, etc yes, but he still uses a blacksmith's axe to knock down the doors. He takes precautions. He could learn to let other help him sometimes.
Mina is ready to die at a moments notice, but she still insists on driving the carriage, because she knows it won't do then any good if Van Helsing is perpetually tired.
Arthur forces Jonathan to rest and work together as a team, because its through everyone's cooperation that they have the best shot at killing Dracula.
But yeah the three of them and their views on religion is *chefs kiss*
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l0uth3m0th · 1 day
here is the cover of my copy of bram stoker's dracula (in german) and it's just so pretty i had to show it (and @somnesca asked to see it and her wish is my command)
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thegoatsongs · 2 days
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There's a series of books called Quincy Harker Demon Hunter (those are just three, there are apparently lots), about a young adult Quincy fighting demons, vampires, etc.
He ages really slowly due to his parents having been bitten by Dracula but survived, and he's sort of dhampir due to Mina having drank vampire blood. So he's now living in modern America despite being young.
This is another "Somehow, Dracula has returned" setting, but he apparently isn't a main villain and calls Quincy "nephew". I've not read them because the writing style doesn't appeal to me (too obviously written by a cis straight dude who loves constant quips), but I know that the Dracula humans have died and one of the antagonists is a descendant of R. M. Renfield but I think they become allies.
Anyways I like the concept of monster hunter cryptid Quincey Abraham Arthur John Harker and it should be played with more.
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zara2148 · 7 months
Jonathan, looking out the window and once more watching Dracula scale the walls like a lizard:
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theorderofthetriad · 7 months
Love that the new tumblr blorbo is for the most part not being referred to as a blorbo. He's not "my blorbo Jonathan Harker." He's "my friend Jonathan Harker" which we seem to have all agreed to call him before the May 7th installment where we learn that Dracula also calls him "my friend Jonathan Harker."
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higgsbison · 7 months
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very glad bestie is having a nice time, was a bit worried when he didn't update yesterday
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cheesefleetwood · 7 months
An ongoing list of the recent “Tumblr Men”:
- the legendary pirate Blackbeard (1680-1718)
- the first man to ever have to come out as straight
- Jonathan Harker from Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula
Next I predict we’ll be obsessing over Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine.
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cordiallyevicted · 7 months
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Dracula 1897 is a sitcom
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dracula stained glass, part 5
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