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I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post.
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Jon Snow and Sansa Stark - King and Queen in the North
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Rhaegar/Daenerys . Lyanna/Jon
A Song of Ice and Fire
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Little Wolf (Chapter Three) - Robb Stark x Twin!Reader [main pairing], Theon Greyjoy x Reader, Jon Snow x Reader
A/N: don't worry y'all we won't have to put up with Joffrey for long, this is just to move the plot forward hehe
Summary: Y/N deals with the aftermath of the feast and is given news of Jon's future.
Word Count: 2,216
TW: incest incest incest, profanity, innuendo
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire characters nor do I claim to own them.
Tag List (comment if you wish to be added/removed) bold means it did not allow me to tag you: @tinykryptonitewerewolf @dreaming-for-an-escape @ietss @bitchyglitterfox @caramelcandescence @mikariell95 @aaliyahjovel @aloneatpeace @mawofmeraxes @judereno1
"Your Majesty, surely you wish to wed His Highness to Sansa as we discussed? Pardon my frankness, but Y/N is two years older than your son. Surely he'd find a girl closer to his age like Sansa more to his liking," Lady Catelyn speaks.
"Joff loves Y/N,” Queen Cersei speaks with finality, "The offer stands as is."
"Mother," Little Tommen interrupts, pulling at his mother's sleeve, "I told you I wish to marry Lady Y/N. Can't I marry her instead of Joff?"
Everyone at the table other than Joffrey laughs heartily at this while Tommen blushes. 
Y/N places a chaste kiss on his cheek, making Tommen blush wildly, "I'd be honored to wed you, Your Highness, but I'm sure you'd be happier with a younger lady."
Joffrey snaps at his brother, "She's mine, you brat."
"Your lady love isn't property, Joffrey, nor has she yet agreed to be yours," Tyrion chuckles, sipping more wine.
“I’m the future king and I shall whoever I want!”
"Joffrey!" Robert and Cersei snap.
"We haven't been engaged for five minutes and the little bastard's trying to steal my wife," Joffrey whines.
"You aren't engaged yet, nephew," Tyrion corrects the prince, "She is not your wife. Not even your betrothed."
Y/N shifts uncomfortably, feeling sick to her stomach, before standing up, "Father, I have a terrible headache, may I be excused?"
Ned nods at his eldest daughter, "Of course, darling. Robb will walk you to your room."
Robb quickly moves to get up but is interrupted by Joffrey, "I'll walk her," he shoots his hopeful intended a look, "If my lady wishes."
In no position to refuse and still upset with Robb, Y/N responds, trying to ignore Robb's pleading stare, "Thank you, Your Highness."
"Please," Joffrey smiles wickedly, extending his arm for Y/N to take, "Call me Joff, my princess."
Robb stares longingly after her as she leaves.
The pair converse about how Joffrey is finding Winterfell on their way to Y/N’s room. Joffrey complains about his parents. Y/N complains about her mother not letting her hunt and saying her behavior is improper.
"I've always enjoyed the thrill of a hunt, holding the bow in my hands, the sun on my back," she pauses to giggle slightly, "Robb and I snuck out of the castle once and hunted bareback like wildlings!"
"That's a sight I would've liked to see."
"I suppose that's not very ladylike. Sorry, Your Highness-"
"Joff, please, my lady."
"Joff. I like that."
"You may not be a proper lady," Joffrey states, looking Y/N in the eye, "But you are a proper woman. I'd love to take you hunting."
"Would you let me fight alongside you on the battlefield?" Y/N asks hopefully, "Oh, imagine it, Your High- I mean Joff! We'd paint the kingdom red with the blood of those who dared oppose us!”
Y/N knows exactly what she is doing. She will be forced to marry this wretched boy, the least she can do is manipulate him into believing she actually cares for him. So that she may have an easy life.
He is in awe of her at that moment, "My love... You truly are meant to be my queen, Y/N.”
She smirks to herself and links her arm back in his as they continud their trek to her room, "I do hope so. I feel as though I'm in a waking dream - the Prince of Westeros offering me his hand."
"Do you dream about me then?" Joffrey smirks, turning to face her, “I believe I will certainly dream about you."
"What do you think will happen in this dream of yours?" Y/N questions as he steps closer and rests his hands on either side of her head, effectively pinning her against the wall.
"I think I shall dream of what the bedding ceremony at our wedding will be like," he chuckles wickedly and whispers in her ear, "And how you'll be the one waiting for me after a long day, warming my bed, ready and willing for whatever I may do to you whenever I wish."
Y/N smiles at him, hiding her discomfort at his words as best as she can and ducks under his arm, standing before the door to her room, "Thank you for walking me, Your Highness."
"Is that all the thanks my lady wishes to give me?" he questions and approaches her again as she moves away, ending up backing into none other than Theon, stumbling into his waiting arms.
"Y/N, what a surprise," Theon smirks, moving his hands to rest on Y/N's ass, squeezing softly, unbeknownst to the prince.
Y/N breathes out a sigh of relief at seeing a familiar face, “Theon! I did not realize you left the feast.”
“I needed to speak to you about something,” Theon says, glancing at the prince, “Are you otherwise occupied?”
Y/N shakes her head, “No, the prince was just about to bid me goodnight.”
"Watch your tongue, Uncle," Joffrey glared, "Goodnight, my lady," and with a quick kiss on the lips, he left.
Y/N discreetly wipes her mouth and turns back to Theon, “Did you follow me?”
"I was worried."
“Why? We have nothing to do with each other anymore. You have no reason to worry about me.”
“Oh, that’s rich,” Theon scoffs, crossing his arms and leaning against Y/N’s chamber door, “You know how I feel for you and yet you treat me no better than a common dog, barking at your feet. I am a Greyjoy and you cannot treat me like this.”
Y/N rolls her eyes, “You cannot be in earnest, Theon. You are the reason I left home. You broke my heart.”
“And you’ve moved onto Robb, haven’t you?”
Y/N gapes at him, “How dare you accuse me of such a thing!”
“I’ve seen him sneaking off to your chambers in the dead of night,” Theon sneers, “You replaced me. With your brother. And for some reason, I still love you.”
“You don’t love me, you never did!” Y/N protests, “After you kissed me that night all those years ago, you betrayed me!” Y/N is unaware of the barely audible snarl that comes from behind the pillar before her; Robb clenches his teeth at learning he wasn't her first kiss, having been watching the conversation all this time, “Fine! I am with Robb. I kiss him the way I am meant to kiss a lover. I love him the way I am meant to love a husband. But that is no longer any of your concern.”
Theon smirks at her, that infuriating one ”Gone any further than kissing?"
Y/N glares at him in annoyance, "We haven't fucked, if that's what you mean. I’m not like you.”
“Oh,” Theon clutches his chest, as though he is wounded, “Your words cut me, Y/N, truly.”
Y/N gives him an unamused stare, “To tell you the truth... Never mind."
"You can tell me. I'm no one to judge."
Y/N glances around before whispering, “I wish he'd just claim me fully so I can’t marry that stupid prince. So that he wishes for Sansa instead.”
Theon chuckles, "You don't wish to be queen? I’ve never known you not to be ambitious.”
Y/N shakes her head vigorously, surprising him, "I want to be with Robb. I want to be his for all time. But I know that's not possible. He's all I want and all I'll ever need."
"You truly love him?” Theon frowns.
She whispers, meeting his gaze again, looking him in the eyes for the first time since that night, "More than life. More than myself. More than the old gods and the new."
"Then marry me," she stands up and jerks away but is pulled back into Theon’s arms, where he sits her in his lap and she can feel his arousal straining against her, "Say we've fallen in love. I won't stop you from loving Robb. I won't stop you from seeing him. I wouldn't force you to lay with me. I wouldn't force you to do anything. I'd let you see him whenever you want. And if you were ever to love me again,” Theon pauses, stroking her cheek, “I'd be the happiest man alive."
Y/N sighs, touching Theon’s cheek gently, ”Theon, he’s a prince and he has asked for my hand, I can’t exactly say no. You are a better man than I gave you credit for. But His Highness would never allow it,” she drops her voice, "I don't know why, but he insists on marrying me. He always gets what he wants and for some reason that's me."
After a few more minutes of chatting, Y/N goes to her bedroom, only to be greeted by a fuming Robb, "I wasn't your first kiss?"
Y/N rolls her eyes, turning away from him and taking off her dress to reveal her slip, “Didn't Mother tell you it's rude to listen to private conversations?"
Robb spins her around to face him, face red with anger and jealousy, “You wanted Theon? You were with Theon and you never saw fit to tell me!”
“I never had any reason to!” Y/N sticks her chin out in defiance.
He narrows his eyes, making sure not to let his gaze travel too far down, lest he get distracted by the beautiful woman before him, "I had a right to know."
"No," she shakes her head, "You don't. You have no right to be upset with me for kissing other people before we even started doing this... This... Whatever this is!"
"You're impossible!" Robb snaps, storming away.
That night, the twins go to bed alone for the first time since Y/N’s return to Winterfell. Y/N falls into a restless, dreamless sleep.
The next morning, Y/N’s lady-in-waiting, Myren, comes inside to bathe and dress her, "Milady."
As Y/N bathes, she turns to Myren and asks curiously, "Myren... What do you do when you love someone you weren't meant to be with?"
Myren smiles fondly at her mistress, “I firmly believe love always finds a way, milady. No matter what.”
After dressing, Y/N goes to meet her Uncle Benjen, smiling at him brightly, “Good morrow, Uncle! Would you care to regale your favorite niece with tales from beyond The Wall? You know how I adore a good story!”
Benjen smiles kindly at her, “I fear I am occupied with Jon, dear one. He is to take the Black when I leave and I am writing to Maester Aemon to inform him.”
”What do you mean, Uncle?" Y/N questions, confused, "Jon would never take the-"
"He feels he doesn't belong in Winterfell," Benjen cut his niece off, "The Watch could use men like him."
"So could Winterfell!" Y/N snaps, storming away, feeling betrayed by her brother.
How could he leave their family? She finds him training in the courtyard by himself and walks up to him.
“Walk with me,” she demands.
Jon raises an eyebrow, “Are you alright, sister?”
“I said fucking walk with me Jon.”
He sighs and drops his training sword, taking her arm, “You are so petulant.”
"Are you really going to take the black?"
Jon nods, his mouth a grim line, "Yes, Y/N. I am."
"And there's nothing I can do to sway you?"
"Winterfell's no place for a bastard."
Y/N is quiet for a moment before speaking again, "Robb will miss you."
"He'll have Theon."
"Well, who will old Maester Luwin yell at when I'm not here to distract you lot?"
"Who's Old Nan going to tell her stories too? You and Bran are the only ones who listen and he'll soon tire of them. Growing like a weed."
"Where does this end, sister?" Jon chuckles.
"What about me?" Y/N demands, stopping their walk, "You're my best friend. My big brother. I can't bear the thought of you wasting away on that damn wall!"
Jon laughs, pulling his sister into his arms, "Sweet sister, you worry too much. I'll come visit you all the time. I'll write you everyday, no matter how dull the days are."
"You had better!"
“Y/N!" Lady Catelyn approaches, eying Jon with disgust, and speaks to her daughter, "Your father requires your presence. The bastard too."
"Yes, Mother."
Lady Catelyn strides off, not sparing Jon a second glance. Y/N quickly embraces Jon, and her pressed her face into his chest while he buries his head in her hair, "I love you, Jon Stark."
"I'm no Stark."
"You are to me. No matter how far you go, you'll always be my big brother and I'll always love you."
As she skips off, she fails to hear Jon's sad whisper, "And I love you. More than I should and more than you will ever know."
Robb approaches Jon, placing a sympathetic hand on his shoulder, "Jon..."
"Save your pity, Robb. I know you love her just as I do, more than we are meant to," he answers brusquely, shrugging him off.
"Alright then. Come along, Jon Snow."
Jon ignores the jibe and stalks ahead, with Robb's pitying gaze following him.
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shieldofmen · 2 days ago
The theory that Bloodraven wargs Mormonts raven is so funny if you think about it.
A 200 or whatever year old man literally fused to a tree is just out there warging a dead mans companion and annoying the fuck out of said dead mans teenage successor.
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I know I'm a slow ass writer but I just need y'all to know that I am getting through this last chapter of Cat's Cradle. I'm about 6.5k words in and maaaaaaaybe like, halfway through??? Ish???
Anyway, yeah, I'm getting there.
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I just noticed that Lady Smallwood tells Arya more or less the same thing that Jon Snow tells Maester Aemon regarding Samwell Tarly.
Here’s Lady Smallwood telling Arya that whatever her gifts are, they have worth:
“What do you like to do?”  She scuffed a toe amongst the rushes. “Needlework.”
“Very restful, isn’t it?” “Well,” said Arya, “not the way I do it.”
“No? I have always found it so. The gods give each of us our little gifts and talents, and it is meant for us to use them, my aunt always says. Any act can be a prayer, if done as well as we are able. Isn’t that a lovely thought? Remember that the next time you do your needlework. - Arya, ASoS
And when Jon tries to convince Maester Aemon to take on Sam as his steward:
“The collar is supposed to remind a maester of the realm he serves, isn’t that so? Lords are gold and knights steel, but two links can’t make a chain. You also need silver and iron and lead, tin and copper and bronze and all the rest, and those are farmers and smiths and merchants and the like. A chain needs all sorts of metals, and a land needs all sorts of people.The Night’s Watch needs al sorts too. Why else have rangers and stewards and builders? Lord Randyll couldn’t make Sam a warrior, and Ser Alliser won’t either. You can’t hammer tin into iron, no matter how hard you beat it, but that doesn’t mean tin is useless. Why shouldn’t Sam be a steward?” - Jon, AGoT
It highlights the similarities between Arya and Sam feeling like they don’t have a place in a highly patriarchal society and the characters who help them out.
Lady Smallwood is incredibly important for Arya, lifting her spirits and comforting her. Arya wears a pretty acorn dress because Ravella is kind and non-judgemental. She does not help Arya because she’s Arya Stark of Winterfell but because it’s the right thing to do:
"I do not know who you are, child," the woman said, "and it may be that's for the best. Someone important, I fear." She smoothed down Arya's collar. "In times like these, it is better to be insignificant. Would that I could keep you here with me. That would not be safe, though. I have walls, but too few men to hold them." She sighed. - Arya, ASoS
In the same way Jon helping Sam become a steward makes Sam feel one with the rest of the boys. And Jon never tells Sam what he did. He simply did it because it’s the right thing to do.
“I’ve been summoned to the sept,” Sam said in an excited whisper. “They’re passing me out of training. I’m to be made a brother with the rest of you. Can you believe it?” “No, truly?” - Jon, AGoT
And the way Jon and Ravella give encouragement:
"I'm sorry, my lady." Arya suddenly felt bad for her, and ashamed. "I'm sorry I tore the acorn dress too. It was pretty."
"Yes, child. And so are you. Be brave." - Arya, ASoS
“Truly. I’m to assist Maester Aemon with the library and the birds. He needs someone who can read and write letters.” “You’ll do well at that,” Jon said, smiling. - Jon, AGoT
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Tumblr media
Credit: Uploaded by SNo on Pinterest
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gayleonofcuy · a day ago
The Lord's Rights
Jon's beheading of Janos Slynt is deeply satisfying and hilarious on many levels but my favorite is that Jon Snow is also unstintingly giving him the lordly honors Janos is so proud of.
Janos is (understandably) obsessed with being properly addressed, constantly reminding Jon of his correct title in ASoS as he is trying to either kill Jon or get him killed, which Jon reacts to with wry mockery.
M'lord," Janos Slynt reminded him. "You'll address me—"
"I'll go, my lord. But you are making a mistake, my lord. You are sending the wrong man, my lord. Just the sight of me is going to anger Mance. My lord would have a better chance of reaching terms if he sent—"
When Janos promises to kill Jon he specifically tells Jon it will be by the noose, and not the sword, because while he is a traitor like his father, he also happens to be a bastard, not highborn. He also threatens to hang the turncloak Mance Rayder from the wall, so clearly even death for Lord Janos is one final way to differentiate between the great and good and the riff-raff.
So Jon stopping Janos' hanging and then beheading him-by his own hand, no less-is one final, unspoken recognition of Janos' cherished lordly rights (in addition to upholding the traditions of the First Men, etc.)
He is about to die a brutal, totally avoidable death AND shore up Jon's authority that he and Ser Alliser were so desperate to undermine, but at least Jon is killing him respectfully.
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frosla55 · a day ago
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when they're named aegon targaryen 👀😍😌🥵🙏
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kmaegonii · a day ago
boyfriend reveal ❤️ (real) I love him so much 🥺
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laurellerual · 2 days ago
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You will be no one's daughter, no one's wife, no one's mother. Your name will be a lie, and the very face you wear will not be your own.
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norrlands-nonsense · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Jon Snow and Sansa Stark
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Beauty And The Beast
Tumblr media
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rhaenyra-storms · 19 hours ago
Jon Snow and female reader sitting by the fire, each doing their own thing (sharpening weapons, reading letters, doing embroidery/sewing) just enjoying their company
Jon is definitely always in desperate need of some calm in his life. He has always been involved in fights, wars and the violence of this world seems to be chasing him all the time.
You are definitely the source of his calmness and relaxation. All the time actually. He can only relax when he's with you, like now, sitting by the fire and just enjoying each other's company. He is sharpening his sword while you are reading some letters, sometimes updating him on what the lords are reporting to you or him. It's also calming for him when you read out his letters to him.
Sometimes he glances over to you, seeing your face illuminated by the fire and he can't help himself but smile at the sight in front of him. Your eyes are following the lines on the letter and some of your hair is falling into your face. He slowly reaches out to you, brushing the strands away and letting his hand rest on your cheek then. "You're so beautiful, my love," he smiles and it gives you a warm feeling all over.
You look up at him, giving him a smile as well. His face is also painted a light shade of orange by the fire in the room. He looks good in every light. Even after battle, with blood on his face and dirt clinging to every part of his skin, he always manages to look like the most handsome person in the realm.
“I don’t know how there aren’t more marriage proposals arriving. All the ladies should be after you,” you answer, a grin on your face. Jon let’s put a soft laugh and shakes his head just slightly. He isn’t interested in anyone but you. And he could sit here for a hundred more years, listening to you read out letters to him and he would listen closely to every single one.
“Let’s hope you won’t read one of those out to me anytime soon. Now, I think you weren’t finished with this one,” he reminds you, pointing to the letter while he goes back to sharpening his sword. “But you can maybe keep your eyes open for a marriage proposal from me to you,” he says like it’s the most normal thing in the world.
But you’re sure the heat in your cheeks is not coming from the cozy warmth in the room then.
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