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221130 kwangya.official IG Update with JOHNNY
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𝙣𝙘𝙩 ✩ 𝙢𝙤𝙢𝙚𝙣𝙩𝙨 𝙬𝙝𝙚𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙮 𝙡𝙞𝙠𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙛𝙞𝙡𝙢 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙙𝙪𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙨𝙚𝙭.
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— author's note: this is just a list style headcanon post, but i got some drabble ideas from it 🫶🏼
nct x fem!reader, consensual filming
m rated content below ! minors dni
when he's undressing you/worshipping your body because he views you yourself as the sexiest part: taeil, taeyong, yuta, kun, sungchan
his fingers trail down your stomach so lightly that it almost tickles until they eventually reach the waistband of the skirt you had decided to wear that day. he opts to leave it on, though, pulling it up to briefly tug at the pretty black lace of the panties he knew you had put on just for him and then letting his hands pass right over where you want him to touch you most before moving onto your thighs. "you're so soft," he mumbles. the microphone amplifies it so much in the video that it feels like he's there with you now. "so pretty. i love every part of you. all mine, hm?"
when he's fingering you & also uses the front camera to capture the messy, open-mouthed kissing that goes along with it (tries to catch the sound of you begging for more, too): taeyong, johnny, jaehyun, jungwoo, hendery, renjun, jaemin, yangyang, jisung
you always appreciate how much time he spends trying to get you off on his fingers. it's both romantic and torturous; on one hand, it means a lot that he's prioritizing your pleasure and on the other, you want his dick so badly instead. he knows that. but he wants to hear it, too. the whimper you let out when he adds a second finger is a good hint. "feels good, huh, baby?" he asks, grinning and kissing you when all you can come up with is a nod and a broken but monotonous "yeah". broken because he'd barely given you anytime to adjust before the question left his mouth, but monotonous because you were trying to make it clear that it wasn't enough. "what's wrong?" his tone has become condescending and it catches you off guard just as much as the feeling of his fingers leaving you in an instant. it almost looks painful when you watch it back, but you know that's only because you can still feel the emptiness. you hated how hollow you were without him. "i can wait 'til you're ready to talk."
while you're sucking his dick because you look so pretty with him in your mouth, your eyes watering from time to time from pushing yourself too hard to please him, and the pleading look you give him when he moves the hair out of your face makes him want to cum right then and there: taeil, winwin, mark, jeno, hyuck, jaemin, shotaro, chenle
"you're so pretty when your mouth is stuffed with my cock," he says as he pulls his phone out. "you know, this is what i think about when i'm getting myself off. i think of that rosy lip gloss you always put on just for me. how cute you look when your eyes are brimming with tears. the feeling of your hair in my hands, the way you hum when i pull at it. the sound that comes out of you when you let me fuck your mouth. but what i think about most is how wet your pussy gets without me even touching you."
as he lines himself up with your entrance and throughout his first couple of thrusts because he loves the sounds you make after you've been impatiently waiting for him to fill you up: johnny, yuta, mark, jeno, hyuck, sungchan
"stay still for me, baby. i want you to feel every inch of me," you hear him say in the recording. you don't remember him saying that. you were already so fucked out. he'd been teasing you for what felt like hours at that point, only letting you dry hump him at first until he could feel how wet you were through your clothes before fingering you so mercilessly that you almost finished, except he'd decided it wasn't time and moved onto eating you out. at least he had let you relax in between, kissing your thighs and telling you how gorgeous you are until your body released some of the tension he caused. he wasn't letting you come down to be nice, though. he was only doing it because he really didn't want you to cum until it was from his dick.
when you're riding him simply because he loves your tits: taeyong, doyoung, winwin, mark, xiaojun, hendery, jaemin, yangyang, sungchan, jisung
he's leaning back against the headboard, one hand switching between gripping your hips and fondling your tits and his phone in the other, smiling up at you like you're hardly even affecting him even though you know he's having a harder time keeping it together than he's willing to show you right now. "you're so hot," he'd murmur. it was almost a whine, but he'd never admit that (even with the audio for proof- "it's subjective.") he kinda sounded like a virgin sometimes but you always loved his humility.
while giving you back shots because he loves the way your ass looks as well as the image of his hand tangled in your hair, switching to your neck before pulling your torso towards his so he can sloppily kiss you (during which he flips the camera to face the two of you because he thinks it's amusing seeing how fucked out you look while he knowingly smiles and offers you a breathy laugh): yuta, ten, jaehyun, jeno, shotaro, chenle
his hand travels from your shoulder & slowly down your back until it reaches your ass. the one that had been holding you in position by your hair lets go, too. "pass me my phone, baby," he requests. you comply. he records the two of you often because he knows you like it as much as he does. the light of the flash fills the room before he slaps your right side so hard you can't help but to buckle forward. his free hand finds itself on your neck after that, barely helping you in your quest to keep your back arched the way he likes. once he'd decided that he's over it, you felt him bringing your body closer to his so that he had better access to your face; he loves giving you sloppy cheek kisses and fighting for power with your tongues while he's plowing you from behind. you get lost in it until you abruptly find yourself back on the bed before the flash flickers off. "you're mean," you joke. "aw, i'm sorry. but i think you'll love how cute you look laying there while your ass has a red mark the size of my hand on it. i had to make sure i got that part, too."
in the mirror while he takes you from behind while standing so he has evidence to taunt you about the way that your legs shake when he's fucking you (and because he loves your face): johnny, yuta, kun, jaehyun, jeno
"look at you. you're such a mess. tell the camera who made you that way." he demands it as if anyone else is capable of even half of what he is. he knows no one else can make you shake like this. you purposely withhold your reply, trying to beat him at his own game. you're usually more compliant, but you're feeling stubborn. "hm," he says, "are you feeling confused?" he knows what you're doing. he also knows you don't want him to stop. you want him to ravage you completely. "i can remind you," he growls as he spins you around to face him, sitting you on the counter before he slams his cock back into you, eliciting the most animalistic sound you've ever heard come out of your own body. "let's try that again. who makes you like this?"
in smaller, more intimate yet less sexually explicit moments like one of you leaving kisses on the other's neck or collarbone, his hands gripping your waist or thigh before traveling towards your more sensitive areas, him giving you an "innocent" massage or vice versa, a brief clip of you two making out, sometimes the audio of the whole act just without the visual: taeil, taeyong, doyoung, renjun, jaemin
he loves doing the sluttiest things imaginable with you, but what he loves even more is the effect the two of you are capable of having on one other even when you're doing something more innocent. he had first realized how much he liked having these moments on video by accident. he thought it was really cute that one time you had just randomly started leaving pecks on his neck while the two of you rested together, him on his back and you on your side, an arm draped across his torso and one of your legs across both of his, so he took out his phone and started recording it. you loved that video, too; his smile was so sweet and sincere in the beginning. but what you love even more is the part where he closes his eyes and lets his head fall back when you decide to let your lips linger for a little longer than the 20 previous times they'd come into contact with his skin. how serene and blissful he looks. the quiet "that's not fair" that escapes his lips. the way he repositions himself to hover over you, a tiny smirk accompanying his eager eyes right before the clip cuts out. those will always be your favorite parts.
stages something really artsy where he makes you the star because he wants to spoil you + show you how beautiful you can be, plays with lighting/shadows & sound, buys you an outfit or new lingerie for him to peel off of you, might even get props because he likes the suspense that comes along with the time that it takes to set it all up, which he purposely saves for when you're already all dressed up for him: taeyong, yuta, kun, ten
it was a surprise for your birthday. he told you he got you something new to wear for new beginnings, but that had two meanings- 1. the beginning of a new, older you, and 2. something he planned on doing for you that he'd never done before. "walk for me," he said when you had showed him the pretty articles he had chosen just for you. he always made you feel like a supermodel. he'd been helping you build up the confidence for a shoot without you even noticing. "who do you envision as your co-star?" he had asked in a mockingly polite tone before he pulled you closer by the waist just so that he could grab your jaw to make you look him in the eye when he whispered, "i think i know the answer."
takes artsy pictures and videos throughout the whole thing & manages to capture them authentically (and probably with a little bit of teasing): johnny, yuta, jaehyun, winwin, jungwoo, xiaojun, renjun, jaemin, shotaro
you don't know what's different tonight. it's routine. he's scrolling through social media on his phone while you do the same. you usually decompress like that because you live together, so it's not like you'll run out of time to be fully immersed in one another if you take some of it to yourself. but he looks so good today. his hair is tousled differently, or maybe it's the time of day. it's dusk. he always looked really pretty in the deep blue glow casted by the sun as it became closer to being engulfed by the horizon. something about him was turning you on, but he wasn't getting the hint. sure, the "hint" was just you eyeballing him and hoping he'd notice but you were never good at being direct, so you come up with a plan: you'll go change into your shortest shorts and let him keep sitting there staring at his phone so that he's distracted until your ass is in his lap. he takes to you lightly, gently. he greets you with a sweet unassuming hello until you start grinding yourself back into him. "what's this?" he asks. you didn't realize that instead of putting his phone down, he had instead opened up his camera, but honestly, the contrast of your barely-covered-ass on his fully clothed lap was really hot. "something you can save for later if you share it with me, too."
shamelessly records you right when you're about to cum because he loves watching your face contort into a million different expressions and he wants to save the sounds you're making forever: yuta, jaehyun, jungwoo, hyuck, chenle
he's slamming himself into you so hard that you're seeing stars, 10 seconds away from screaming out his name, and he's just casually grinning above you. the build up is always euphoric for him. honestly, it almost just mimics how he is when he's high. you wish you could be even half as relaxed as he is. you close your eyes for what feels like a millisecond and when you open them back up, he's holding his phone over your head and his other hand is inching towards your neck. "you don't mind, do you?" he asks rhetorically as he grips your throat. "i bet you like the thought of someone else stumbling across this. imagining themselves in my place." you love his ego because you're the one that feeds it. you always did like having a purpose. "but you know no one else could make you look this desperate. i think this is when you're prettiest.."
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Mark: Daddy.
Yuta: Yes?
Mark: Can you help me find my phone?
Yuta: Of course.
Mark: Thank you daddy.
Johnny:...........*picks Mark up* Absolutely not we're not doing this.
Yuta: Who will call me daddy now?
Jungwoo: *lays on Yuta's shoulder* Daddy.
Yuta: *pushes Jungwoo off* It's not the same.
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"Keep the change, ya filthy animal!"
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johnny ending fairy // nct 127 - 2 baddies (220929 mnet mcountdown)
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wc: 2.5k
pairing: hades!johnny x persephone!reader
cw: smut, greek gods!au, husband!johnny, fem!reader, pet names, teasing, use of titles (king, queen, your majesty), oral sex (receiving), fingering, body worship, finger sucking, riding, mating press, lil bit of praising, creampie, multiple orgasms, unprotected sex, lowkey dumbification
song rec: won’t by tanerélle | aphrodite by rini | in a week by hozier | 7th heaven by quin
"Where is she?"
"Where she always is."
Johnny's long legs carried him in long strides through the palace, bursting through the doors at the end of the corridor.
The moment he stepped outside, he could already feel your warmth radiating through the entire garden, looking much more lively than in the past six months.
Johnny found himself out here more often than not with the wilting flowers and dying trees, longing for your return just as he had. Now, life was coursing through the entire garden, the tall standing trees rustling in the breeze, flowers blossoming all around his feet. He could feel your presence growing stronger the further he walked. 
When he finally spotted you, you had your back to him. And Johnny could already feel his heart hammering against his chest.
Just laying eyes on you, it seemed his lungs were finally able to intake the oxygen around him a little easier.
Without even looking away from the plants you were bringing back to life, you spoke,
"What did I tell you about those boots in my garden, John?" 
Johnny looked down at his feet and then at the trail of scorched earth behind him. 
"Sorry," he mumbled. He kicked off his shoes and continued toward you. 
You finally turned around, and Johnny felt like it was the first time again. You stood from the dirt, your long dress flowing around you and slightly waving in the wind.
Johnny's arms were immediately around you, pulling you to him.
Your heart had ached for this man for half the year, and it almost felt like your chest would explode, finally being in his arms again.
You ran your hands up his arms to his shoulders, one of them cupping his face. 
"Hi." Johnny's heart melts at the way your eyes sparkle at him. 
Johnny sighs, nuzzling his face into your touch, "Hi." 
"Six months have felt like an eternity away from you, my love." 
"I know. It's been hell here without you."
You laughed, "That joke doesn't get any better, babe." 
"It made you laugh, though," Johnny grinned. 
"Because it was terrible. Leave them to Mark," you patted his chest. 
. . . 
Anything he needed to do today was quickly pushed back to tomorrow at least, Johnny not wanting anything other than to be with you right now. 
Your feet mindlessly swayed in the air as you lay on your stomach face to face with your lover. You rest your chin on Johnny's chest, studying the details of his face as if they would have changed much in the past few thousand years you've been married. 
"Have you been sleeping? You look tired," you frown, noticing the dark circles around his eyes. 
"I'm fine," he told you. The look in your eyes was enough for him to know you don't believe him. "I've just been working a lot, that's it. And it's kinda hard to sleep when you're not here."
You sat up on your knees before swinging one of your legs over his waist to straddle him. 
"I'm sorry about that, baby," you pout, caressing his face. 
"You should be," Johnny teased, pecking your lips, "But now you can make it up to me," he whispered. 
"Anything for you, my King," you teasingly whispered back. 
Johnny's hands on your waist moved down to cup your ass. You slide one of your hands over the silky material of his shirt, grab the back of his neck, and deepen the kiss. 
Johnny's hands fell to your thighs, slowly pushing the skirt of your dress up. A shiver ran down your spine, your stomach coiling from excitement. Johnny slipped his tongue into your mouth when you dragged your hips against his, trying to relieve built-up pressure between your thighs.
Your back met the mattress, your head lying against the pillows as Johnny's body occupied the space between your legs. 
His hands wandered all over your body, cupping your breast, squeezing your thigh; it was all too much but not enough.
Johnny's lips traveled down to your neck, softly kissing you there. He bunched up the fabric of your dress in his hands, pushing it up to your hips. He bit and sucked your skin, making his way down your body. 
"So, so beautiful," he mutters between kisses down your stomach.
Johnny touches you like he doesn't have every inch of your body memorized already; as if it were his first time with you.
He pushes your knees apart, settling between your legs. He slowly kisses his way up your inner thighs, digging his nails into your skin when he hears the faintest whimper or whines fall from your lips.
With a subtle wave of his fingers, your panties are discarded to ashes. Any other time you would've chastised his use of his powers, but you couldn't care in the slightest.
Johnny's predatory gaze falls to your pussy, only a few inches away from his face. 
"You gonna let me taste you, sweetness?" 
You eagerly nodded, "Please, Johnny," you said so faintly it was almost a whisper. 
Johnny smirked, lowering his head and flattening his tongue against your lips. You moaned, rolling your hips into his mouth. He teasingly circled your slit with the tip of his tongue before bringing his attention to your clit. You lifted your hips off the bed, raising them against his face before Johnny held your hips, keeping them pinned to the bed.
"Patience, baby. 186 days, I've waited for this. To have you again," he placed both your legs over his shoulders, giving your thighs more kisses, "So, I will take my time if I please."
He ran his tongue through your folds, your juices reminding him of sweet nectar on his tastebuds. Your eyes rolled back, bliss written all over your face as you lost yourself in the pleasure he was giving you. Johnny wrapped his lips around your clit, sucking on the bundle of nerves, resulting in your back arching away from the bed. 
You brought one of your hands to his head, fingernails lightly scratching his scalp.  
"Gods, John, please don't stop."
Johnny moans into your pussy in response. Your legs threaten to close around his head, but he doesn't give them a chance to, hooking his arms under your thighs and keeping them apart to allow him to continue to eat you out like a starved man.
The one thing Johnny wishes he could do for the rest of his immortal life, it's to give you pleasure. The sounds you make, the look on your face, the way your body trembles, all of it; Johnny wishes to be the source of it all for the rest of time. 
"Johnny—fuck. Always make me feel so good," you whine. 
"You wanna cum for me, baby?" 
"Yes, m'so close," you mumble, nodding. 
You could feel yourself nearing the edge before finally falling over. A loud cry of Johnny's name bounced off the walls, surely heard by the palace staff everywhere. 
Even after already cumming, you couldn't help the thoughts running rampant in your head, feeling your skin burn under his touch as he lapped at your folds. It aroused you, even more, having him use his strength against you, knowing he can't hurt you even if he tried.
He left you with one last kiss on your knee before he sat up. You lazily watched your husband begin to undress. He noticed your eyes on him and teasingly undid the buttons of his black silk shirt slowly. You sat up, the fatigue from your first orgasm no longer existent. A smirk was planted on your face as your eyes drank in the man before you. 
Johnny could see from his spot at the foot of the bed the lust swirling around your irises and practically smell your arousal seeping onto the bed sheets. 
Getting impatient, you slide off the bed and stand in front of Johnny, hooking a finger in the belt loop of his pants, tugging him closer. Your lips meet in a messy, desperate kiss, your teeth and tongue clashing. 
You slide his shirt off his shoulders before running your hands down his chest, letting yourself get refamiliarized with his body, having missed feeling his skin against yours these past two seasons. Without breaking the kiss, your fingers blindly undo his pants until they end up on the floor along with his shirt. 
Johnny's hand snaked around your back, pulling you flush against him, untying the laces until the front of your dress fell. He kisses your shoulders as he slips the material off your body, leaving you naked before him.
Johnny wastes no time touching and kissing your body, worshipping you as the goddess you are. 
You push him back onto the bed, Johnny's eyes practically turning black as you get on top of him. You sink your teeth into your bottom lips, feeling his cock between your folds. You couldn't resist the urge to drag your hips against his once again.
"I need you so bad," you whimper, your slick dripping onto his cock.
"Yeah, baby?"
"Please, Johnny."
"Whatever my Queen wants, she gets," he tells you before lifting you out of his lap and lining his cock up with your entrance. 
Lowering yourself onto Johnny's cock, you're refamiliarized with the feeling of him splitting you apart in the best ways.
"You feel so fucking good," you utter. 
"Gods, you're so wet, sweetheart," Johnny groans, fingernails digging into your skin. 
You grin, lifting your hips before sinking back down onto his cock. 
"It's all for you, baby," you slowly start to ride him, unable to resist how good it feels to be so full. 
Johnny can't tear his eyes away from your face. Loving the way you lose yourself in ecstasy. 
He lifts his hips to meet yours, and your eyes roll back into your skull. Too focused on how good it feels, you wrap your arm around his shoulder to balance yourself as you bounce in his lap.
Johnny's hands were all over you while his mouth traveled over your chest, biting, kissing, and licking your skin.  
You tangle your fingers in his hair, bringing his lips back to yours. When you broke the kiss, Johnny's thumb softly edged your bottom lip, silently asking for entry. 
You enthusiastically suck on his thumb, coating the digit in your saliva before he slips his hand between your bodies and starts rubbing your clit. 
"Johnny," you gasp, "Fuck, I can't. John, I'm gonna-" Johnny slamming up into you, cut off your words.
The room seemed to grow warmer, the fires lit around the room burning brighter. 
"Come on, baby. I know you wanna cum," Johnny rubbed coordinated circles on your clit with his thumb, "Be a good girl and cum for me," the vibrations of his voice shot straight to your core.
Your cries and moans were music to his ears, mixing with the sound of skin hitting skin. The knot inside you snapped, and Johnny felt your pussy choking his cock, sucking him deeper into your warm wet heat. 
"Fucking hell," Johnny clenches his jaw. 
You bury your face into Johnny's neck, allowing yourself to catch your breath. 
You lift your head from his neck and rest your forehead against his. 
"I love you," you whisper against his skin, kissing his face. 
"I love you," he groans as you start rolling your hips again.
"Please, fuck me, John," you begged, "Remind me who I belong to."
Johnny threw you onto your back and pushed his cock back into you. You wrapped your legs around his waist, unable to get enough of him. 
"It would be my pleasure, your majesty," he leaned down and met your lips in a kiss, slowly drawing his hips back before easing back in. 
You feel every inch of him, stretching you open, fucking you nice and deep.
"More, more, more, Johnny, please!" you lift your hips to meet his. 
Your husband grabbed your legs, placing them over his shoulders, folding you in half as he plowed into you. 
The tip of his cock reached so deep inside, you could feel him in your stomach, rightfully rearranging your guts.
You found yourself gripping onto the sheets, pillows—anything you could get a hold of, all the pent-up longing you've held onto all this time being released after finally being reunited with your love. 
You felt yourself losing more and more control as you drowned in pleasure. Vines wrapped themselves around the headboard, flowers miraculously blossoming across the room. 
Johnny's chest blooms with pride, knowing he's the only one with the ability to make you feel good enough you lose control of your powers like this. Your whimpers and whines were as sweet as a prayer on his ears. It makes him slam into you harder, faster. 
If you were mortal, your muscles would've screamed in relief when he lowered your legs from his shoulders but kept your knees close to your chest. His thrusts never falter, continuing to pound into you. 
Your pussy clenches around his cock, feeling even tighter than before. The way he messily snaps his hips into yours, pistoning his cock in and out of your sopping hole, you knew that knot inside of him would break sooner rather than later. 
Johnny watches your pussy and swallows his cock, taking him so well.
"Gods, I've missed you," he muffles your moans with his lips on yours, "And this pussy. You were fucking meant for me," he growls, his cock twitching against your gummy walls. 
"Johnny," you whine. 
"What is it, my love?" he slows down but continues his deep strokes. 
"Please, baby, I wanna feel you," you plead.
"Cum with me," he tells you before bringing his thumb back to your clit, sloppily circling the bundle of nerves. 
Your toes curled, and your fingernails dragged across Johnny's skin, hard enough to leave red streaks on his arms. 
You could barely keep your eyes open, slowly blinking up at the man above you as your body approached another climax.
"That's my girl," he hums, "Cum for your King," his eyes glimmer red.
His last words toppled you over the edge, euphoria flooding your entire body. Your orgasm sent Johnny into his own, warm ropes of his cum spilling into your messy cunt. 
You whimper against Johnny's lips, feeling empty as he pulls out of you. He lays beside you, grabbing one of your legs and placing it over himself to keep you close. Neither of you caring about the mess of bodily fluids and flower petals all over the bed. 
"Fuck, I've missed you," you crash your lips into his. 
You pull yourself up into Johnny's lap, his hands holding your waist. You grab onto his hair, making him crane his neck up at you as you slip your tongue into his mouth, your lover sucking on the wet muscles. 
You both pull away, catching your breath but staying close enough you're sharing the same oxygen. 
"You really aren't trying to waste any time, huh," he asked, nudging your nose with his. 
You shake your head, wrapping your arms around him.
"186 days. I've wasted enough." 
a/n: I know it's been a minute but seriously life has been fucking crazy and exhausting so, sorry about that. but thank you for reading and feedback is appreciated <3
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JOHNNY SUH Met Gala 2022
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221202 NCT 127 at Incheon Airport heading to Thailand
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cute af
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what-if-nct · 2 days
Jaehyun: Just tell me how did you end up leaving with Megan The Stallion? You're no taller than 5'9 how?
Yangyang: She just told me she liked my vibe and I said that's real then she invited me to you know hang out.
Jaehyun: That's all? Why didn't she like me vibe?
Yangyang: You cried and passed out.
Jaehyun: Why does no one love me?!
Yangyang: And you're crying again.
Johnny: Jaehyun you wanna go meet Zendaya again?
Jaehyun: *Downstairs in the car honking the horn* Let's go!!!!
Johnny: I'm just going to let him run around in a field till he gets tired.
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cruise around the streets of neo city with the members of nct 127 and commit heists while under pressure from a corrupt government agency and powerful criminals!
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