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spooksicl-e · 3 days
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i really hit him, greg
hit him hard.
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Martin Freeman sitting in cars I bet when you woke up this morning, you didn’t think that you would ever see a gifset like this. Neither did I, a couple of days ago. But then @colourfulwatson​ approached me like ‘hi, I have nice idea for a gifset for you’. And I listened and instantly liked the idea.  So, here we are. :)
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jazzandpizazz · 2 days
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daily dose of granada holmes: he kind of looks like he’s sleeping
november 27, 2022
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preacherboyd · 2 days
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Sherlock Holmes // Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
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whatnext2020 · 2 days
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Misty Mountains (BBC! Johnlock)
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Chapter Two is online: The House by the lake
Thanks to my beta @wildishmazz
There’s a house near the lake,” Sherlock announced. He was holding a map in his hand, pointing at something.
“Huh.” Frankly, I wasn’t listening too closely, as my ankle hurt like hell.
“House. Lake. Estimated distance: 5 miles.” Sherlock looked at me. He — dare I hope — softened his voice. “How’s your ankle, John? Do you think you can manage?”
“Have to, haven’t I?” I toyed with adding, “Have had worse,” but opted for, “Let’s hope it’s not a deserted hut.”
Read the all-new chapter 2 or start from the beginning.
@gaylilsherlock @elwinglyre @khorazir @totallysilvergirl @helloliriels @inevitably-johnlocked @missdeliadili @calaisreno
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miezermiezmiez · 2 days
Late as usual, but maybe some people will be interested? :)
This is the “official” copy-cat post of this year’s exchange. It’s heavily inspired by the original blog and doesn’t intend to take over or imitate it in any disrespectful way. Rather, it’s a homage to the wonderful exchanges of the past years.
Originally it started as a Christmas card exchange in the Sherlock fandom some years ago. Lovely people sent seasonal greetings to other lovely people all over the world cheering up their often stressful and exhausting pre-Christmas period. As time has gone by, I know the Sherlock fandom has been put into a sort of coma and people found other fandoms. That’s why this isn’t an exclusive Sherlock event, but an overall-lovely-people-providing-Christmas-spirit-and-we’re-just-keeping-the-name-for-tradtional-reasons-exchange. You want to send and receive Christmas post? You’re in!
Register until Monday, 5th December 2022.
Exchange begins at Wednesday, 7th December 2022.
Send me your name, postal address and any internet handle you want to add (tumblr, twitter, Instagram, etc.) to sherlock-xmas-exchange at outlook.com.
After I’ve received all your information I’ll create a PDF file and send it to all participants. Then you can immediately start writing, producing, creating Christmas mail to your heart’s content.
1. All information on the list you’ll receive is confidential and not to be sent or shown to anyone else.
2. Send at least one card to the person below you on the list.
3. Be friendly, cheery and nice to each other. :)
Disclaimer: If you register, you agree to be willing to share some of your personal data (name, address, email and/or social media handles) with other people taking part in this Christmas cards exchange. All data will be treated confidential by me and not be made public. I am, however, not responsible, nor am I capable of checking what any third parties (other participants) do with the data.
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I’m tagging everyone who was interested and/or has participated in last year’s exchange. If you want to be removed just drop me a line.
@astraldepths @chloe-in-orbit @elimaryholmes @foolforlesserthings @grietahatkeinnetz​ @helloliriels @itsasta @maiaemerald @missdeliadili @morganeuk @tapismyforte @taters169 @shadowtiel @xmas-at-bakerstreet 
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stevenrogered · 25 days
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Sherlock Holmes? [Yes…?] I’m here for my appointment. You’re seeking a flatmate?
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e-b-e · 1 year
i’m almost bummed that the queen of england didn’t die in like 2014 bc i would’ve love so see some teenagers drawing some doctor who or sherlock characters mourning the queen or some shit- it would’ve been funny as hell
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nnon-it-up · 24 days
It's the way Sherlock kicking the sign outside the police station was marketed as him being frustrated about his case but in reality it was because he couldn't help his sister for me. This is Sherlock Holmes, notorious for having no emotions, who told his sister multiple times not to get emotional since it will not help them solve the case, who has been depicted as a heartless scarecrow for centuries, this same person is so overcome with frustration and anger and guilt that he couldn't take it and lashed out to kick an insignificant sign.
Sherlock has always placed his cases in a higher priority to everything else. But this time, this time his sister is arrested, bound for the noose so he squares up and asks the only person he believes can help - Edith. Sherlock hasn't met John yet. He's not a team player. But he reaches out for assistance because he has tried and he has failed and now his sister's life hangs in the balance.
And now for the real tearjerker: Sherlock figured out that Mira Troy/Moriaty's message leads to the match factoy, yet he doesn't arrive until Enola is out for prison and goes to investigate himself. Why? Why would he do that? He would've still had time after he went to Edith's for help yet he decided to go only after Enola escaped. The man finally realised that Human Lives are more important than Cases and then Enola sets up that appointment with Sherlock and John Watson
My point is that Sherlock is going to become more humane (and they're going to be sued by Arthur Conan Doyle's estate again)
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ughmerlin · 22 days
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#a story in three acts
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jazzandpizazz · 1 day
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daily dose of granada holmes: i loved this scene
november 28, 2022
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preacherboyd · 1 day
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Sherlock Holmes [2009] dir. Guy Ritchie
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justaleapoffaith · 18 days
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Enola Holmes 2 (2022) dir. Harry Bradbeer
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