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syrnikus 9 months ago
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Father was first, now it is daughter time. It鈥檚 her season 馃挌
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sea-of-eden 2 months ago
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quick doodle of jolyne.. can鈥檛 wait for part 2 omggg
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ghdthf24 a month ago
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20 more days until stone ocean pt2!
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killjo-kyuu 24 days ago
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Caught up on jjba
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w4rigari 8 months ago
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I love them 馃専
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frogmintmilk 5 months ago
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Spiderman + JoJo stuff :D
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ilypower a year ago
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馃崈 . . 鏈潵銇屽垢銇涖伀銇倠銇倰寰呫仧銇氥伀銆佺従鍦ㄣ倰銇傘仾銇熴伄鍠溿伋銇仐銇︺亸銇犮仌銇 鈽呪 !
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beetoxide 27 days ago
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Am I wrong?
Edit: I was too late on this because someone else made the same exact meme 馃ゲ
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zuosixiaoji 8 months ago
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tommapop-art a month ago
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It'll be fine weather, give him some space
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panic-haver 6 months ago
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don鈥檛 worry Jolyne, I鈥檒l still be hype this fall. 馃様
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sumatrax 10 months ago
Jojo鈥檚 with a very sleepy s/o
Gn! Reader
Jojo's part 1-6
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He will get concerned if you aren鈥檛 up by noon but he鈥檒l get used to it after a while
Brings breakfast to the bed, doesn鈥檛 care if it鈥檚 2pm he will bring all the food you need to start a late day
Definitely enjoys waking you up with small kisses and small phrases like 鈥渨ake up darling, I miss you so much鈥
He loves to win you plushies at fairs so you can add them in the small space you have in bed
Dio will tease him about it but as soon as you defended yourself with a sleepy punch he just avoids you
He loves joining your sleepy time, it doesn鈥檛 matter if you only sleep, he enjoys it because he is with you
He won鈥檛 admit it but he loves seeing you on your sleeping clothes, or just his shirts
You鈥檇 usually repay him with all the love and affection of the world but he likely blushes like a tomato at seeing you so 鈥渁wake鈥 with him
He will def tease tf out of you
Since you sleep a lot that's how he finds out he likes somnofilia
When you wake up in a bad mood due to his pranks he will make you anything you ask or say for calming you down even if you get even madder for his dirty jokes
When Lisa Lisa scold you for oversleeping he will defend you no matter what even whit his own mother ofc
Has a photo of you and him cuddling in his pocket, even a solo of you sleeping in the sexy lingerie he bought for you.
Oldseph still has that photo and while you travel together he enjoys watching you drift to sleep as soon as you touch the floor/bed.
Sleepy kisses are his favorites especially if you beg for him to stay by your side
Both of you enjoyed sleeping naked, but you were lazy as hell so now you stuck with pajamas and his boxers
He always acts annoyed when you sleep on him, but he enjoys seeing you relax
One night as you were camping on the floor when you asked for cuddles with him he ended up being so confused, but he never said no
After that night you always cuddled with him, even if he was sleeping in another room, you enjoyed his warmth
When he comes back from an investigation he always brings a sea animal plushie, so you have a big collection of them.
But he also enjoys the challenge of bringing you a different plushie all the time
When Jolyne was born and he asked you to babysit her, he never expected to come home to be greeted by you and her sleeping in a bundle of blankets and some of his jackets.
Even if you passed around his house, something about his bed seemed tempting, so if Jotaro was late even by minutes, you were fast asleep on his bed or the couch but mostly his bed
He loves cuddling with you, even if you fall asleep quickly, he loves how calm and relaxed you are, after all the things you both suffered he enjoys having you by his side, sleeping calmly without a worry in the world
Loves having a movie/series marathon even if you are at the edge of sleep.
Gets the most comfortable pajamas, but those are mostly his shirts
If you have a night routine he enjoys doing it for you while you drift to dreamland
You had met some trouble after sleeping with him and keeping him there, which made you miss tons of classes, but cuddles always go first
He doesn't need to worry about you cheating, he know you're sleping
Cuddles in between games and movies are his favorite, but if Koichi or Okuyasu are over you just cuddle more (or ususally ends up in group cuddles due to your bodyheat)
Josuke LOVES when he falls asleep first in your arms, or brushing his hair to sleep, he brags about it all the time
He's just happy to have such a cute sleepy lover by his side all the time, one that enjoys the beauty/care routines he has and does them with him.
He was impressed the first time you sleep allmost a day in a row
Seeing you entering his office with that sleepy face and your arms hugging a pillow melt him on the inside.
The gang knows you enjoy sleeping, so Giorno sends them to find stuffed animals or the most comfortable sheets in Italy.
You are almost all day in the room, so work, hobbies and gifts to Giorno are always around in the mafioso's bed.
Movie nights with Giorno are always soft, especially with his small physical affections.
But you also give those back by taking care of his hair or massaging him to sleep.
When he's stressed he just comes to the bedroom and lays beside you to relax and stay away from work even if it's just a few hours.
Take in count, that if you wake up complaining of some loud noise or a figh, Giorno would do everything to punish the person who decided to bother his sweet s/o
Beauty nights are always up
As well as movie nights with F.F and Hermes
But you're cuddled up wih Jolyne and she enjoys it a bit to much.
Makeout sessions while you're falling asleep are his favorite
Somnophilia included cause she loves to tease you
If she had a rough day she just walks towards you with grabby ands for your attention, wich you quickly reciprocate.
If you oversleep, she won't wake you up, she just can't see your pouting face without feeling guilty of ruining your sweet dreams.
If you just sleep using one of her shirts of just go around in your sleepy state her hearth just melts of happiness, she just really loves seeing this side of you everyday!
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lobsterlemons 10 months ago
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losing my mind rn
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ghdthf24 29 days ago
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happy stone ocean day!!
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yutapet 28 days ago
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鎷虫斁銇 鑱栥仾銈嬨兇銈c偢銉с兂 STAND PROUD.
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jjba-cats 9 months ago
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mimiyori a month ago
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