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jehbeeeh · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Craving a little Holiday Fluff? Maybe some pining not in the form of trees? Some miscommunication and cute towns that want to make you move out of the city?
Inspired by the adorably sweet Christmas movies that grace our screens this time of year, I give you...
Make my Wish Come True
"Steve Rogers and Tony Stark haven't seen each other since they left for college. When they're reunited in the same small town where they grew up, old feelings resurface that neither expected. Can they work together without letting their feelings get in the way. Or will they be left heartbroken when they both have to leave after the holidays?
A story about going home, going for what you want, and delicious cookies."
~ Updates Tuesdays and Fridays ~
Chapter 1 is up!
Note: I have opened comments to guests on this one, so even if you don't have AO3, you can leave some love ❤
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meidui · 6 months ago
I’m looking for stony fics that include the avengers team as a family 🥺 but I CANT FIND MANY
STEVETONIES AND AVENGERS FAMILY SUPPORTERS RISE!! once again sponsored by the pots discord (and some by me) <3
Avengers Family Ficlets by elweynyere
In Which Tony Stark Builds Himself Some Friends (But His Family Was Assigned by Nick Fury) by scifigrl47
The Bucky Barnes guide on how to deal with crazy superheroes. by 27dragons and sara_holmes
Pieces of Echoes by geekymoviemom
When weapons designer and SHIELD consultant Tony Stark and his son are kidnapped following a routine weapons demonstration, newly defrosted World War II hero Steve Rogers is sent to find them. But what begins as just another mission, a way for Captain America to reintegrate into society, quickly warps into something more as betrayals are discovered, harsh, long-buried truths are finally brought to light, and Tony and Steve come to realise that their biggest allies are each other.
Cozy by KandiSheek
Tony seems to have a propensity to hug Steve whenever he's sleep-deprived. Which would be all well and good, if Steve had any idea why Tony chose him of all people to be his personal teddybear.
Life on the Avengers' Fridge by KandiSheek
What else is there to do in a tower full of bored superheroes than start a passive-aggressive post-it war?
Stealth Mission by FestiveFerret, JehBeeEh
The Avengers are scattered all over the world, but they come together for a video conference. Something, however, is not quite as it seems.
For This, I am Thankful by Corsets_and_Cardigans
Newly divorced Dad Tony spends Thanksgiving with his attractive new neighbor.
Red-Winged Blackbird by resurrectedhippo
Steve and Tony’s life post-retirement is full of excitement.
welcome to new york by meidui (u have to squint for some pre-slash stevetony ... my focus was more on avengers family 🤭)
In which the Avengers live together and hide their superhero identities from each other, until they don't.
I Am With You by dirigibleplumbing
After moving into Avengers Tower, Steve has different ways of connecting with his past and figuring out his present. He writes letters to Bucky, he visits Peggy, and he writes to a Peggy who no longer exists. One day his box of mementos from the 30’s and 40’s appears by his door, all the better to help him remember good times in his life. Meanwhile, his team keeps seeking him out to spend time with him outside of missions—especially Tony Stark.
Never Be Alone by thepartyresponsible
Steve comes jogging up the path in a pair of offensively small bright blue jogging shorts. He’s shirtless and windswept and glistening – actually glistening – in the warm sunset glow. “Sweet abs of liberty,” Tony says, hooking his sunglasses down his nose to get a better look. “Of thee I sing,” Clint intones, reverently.
Let the More Loving One be Me (Or: Aw, Crap) by willowswhiten
Captain Steven Rogers-Carter has just come back from Afghanistan, struggling with PTSD and memories that haunt him. When he's introduced to his adoptive mother's godson, engineer, mechanic and billionaire Tony Stark, there's a lot of yelling. Things are never entirely simple when two broken warriors realise exactly what they need to put themselves back together.
A Very Special Occasion by WilmaKins
Steve and Tony spend a New Year together that is very different from the last one...
A Good Vintage by JenTheSweetie
“You own a what?” After Ultron shows up, instead of taking the Avengers to his secret family, Clint takes them to his secret winery. Things go… a little bit differently.
Nightmares Haunt Me by anxious_soul
5 times Tony has a nightmare in front of one of the Avengers + the time he had a nightmare in front of all of them and they decided to do something about it.
The Eventide Aspect by geekymoviemom
“Yeah, Cap, about that,” Tony says, looking rather sheepish as he scratches at the back of his neck. “Yeah?” asks Steve. “Well… remember those half-baked ideas that I mentioned?  I’m afraid this might be one of ‘em,” says Tony. “Okay.  Care to explain it to someone who doesn't speak technical?” “Ahh…” Tony trails off, mumbling under his breath again.  “Yeah.  Um… if my theory is correct, I’m thinking that when we stepped through that window, we might’ve entered another dimension.��
The Man Out of Time by geekymoviemom
For a moment, Steve is frozen, absolutely convinced that his eyes are playing tricks on him. Because it can’t be right.  Wanda destroyed the Mind Stone, so how could Thanos have possibly gotten his hands on it? But even besides that, there’s something else.  Something that Steve’s swirling mind and throbbing head can’t quite wrap around just yet. He only knows that it’s wrong.
Maybe Tomorrow by scifigrl47 (annie au)
Tony Stark may well be the richest man in America. In the depths of the Great Depression, that's no small claim. When a plot is hatched for him to take in an orphan for a week, everyone knows it's a publicity stunt. No one knows it better than Officer Steve Rogers, but he's got a job to do, and he's going to do it. Doesn't mean he's going to approve.
Caught Up in Our Stories by gogglor
Someone's cast a spell on Avengers Tower that has changed each floor into a different kind of story, and trapped the Avengers inside. Steve mounts a rescue mission, starting with Tony Stark, PI, a noir detective who's got a thing for blonde bombshells who bring trouble to his door.
Should You Choose to Accept It by elweynyere
After a terrorist attack and a field operation gone wrong, the Avengers realize that Nick Fury's secrets are just the start of a much bigger mystery. Steve and Tony try to keep some things from each other as well, but that can't possibly affect the mission — right?
Practically Perfect in Every Way by betheflame and HogwartsToAlexandria
Tony Stark is a lot of things - billionaire, former playboy, professional philanthropist - but a few years back he added two more titles: widower and single father. As Peter keeps growing, Tony can't seem to keep a nanny. Thankfully, his employee James Barnes has a solution. Art therapist Steve Rogers is really tired of living grant cycle to grant cycle, but is wary when he gets an opportunity from his best friend's boss to be his child's live-in caregiver. He hates Bucky's boss. But then he meets the kid and then he gets to know Tony and then... And then they all live happily ever after.
The Hawk's View by Raliena
Clint knows several facts to be true: 1. He will always look out for those who are his. 2. Steve loves Tony. 3. Tony loves Steve. 4. Tony is a civilian. 5. Iron Man is a villain. But just because something is true does not mean it is the whole truth, the complete truth and nothing but the truth. He doesn't know that yet.
Some Like It Hot by JenTheSweetie and Snapjack
A lot of stories start with "a man walks into a bar", but these days a lot of stories that start that way end pretty badly.
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stevetonyweekly · 5 months ago
SteveTony Weekly - April 17
Tumblr media
 Happy Sunday!! Here’s what I’ve been reading this week. As always, leave your fic authors some love if you read and enjoy their stories! 
**Indicates my recent favs 
strawberries taste like you by meidui
Pepper has a strawberry allergy. Steve doesn't.
 every card in the deck by meidui
Angsty things Steve and Tony have said to each other in the MCU, said again years later but happy this time.
 Golden Years by iam93percentstardust
Morgan's dad tells her kids about how he and Grandpa Steve started dating.
 Light Pollution by FestiveFerret
Steve blinked at him. "I have no idea what's happening right now."
Tony leaned a hip against the wall, crossed his arms, and stretched his grin wider, his eyes lighting up. "And isn't it great?"
[email protected] by FestiveFerret 
Between digital watches, ATMs, emails, and microwaves, Steve is exhausted by the future. Tony is only trying to help, and Steve appreciates it, but sometimes, he just needs a break from all the tech in the tower.
Build Me Up Buttercup by ishipallthings 
Tony sees the gold letters spelling “Stark” on the edge of Steve’s hood and his mind grinds to a halt.
Steve looks good wearing his name. Too good.
(In which Steve starts experimenting with a new style. Tony does not find this infuriatingly attractive, thank you very much.)
'Cause Everytime We Touch by Perlmutt
Steve noticed it the first time they were officially introduced at Fury’s office after the battle of New York.
He extended his hand for a handshake, a silent peace offer after their horrible first meeting at the helicarrier almost a week ago. Stark looked at it like it would bite him any second. Steve could see how his hands twitched where he’d buried them in his pockets. But instead of taking his hand, he stared into his eyes for a moment and nodded before turning back to Fury.
Only later would Steve learn that it wasn’t hatred or aversion.
weather the storm by earliebirb
Hearing a creak, Tony turns his head to see that Steve is gripping the metal handle bar of the hospital bed’s headboard and that the metal is giving way under the strength of his hand. 
“Steve, you need to let up—”
“You can’t say you love me and then leave me alone,” Steve says.
All In by JehBeeEh
Steve is absolutely smitten with the hot single dad he is dating, even if it feels like Tony is trying to hold back just a bit. Maybe if he just tells him?
to tread upon the air by starkly
Steve and Tony celebrate the one year anniversary of Tony arriving in Timely.
let's fall from the stars. by frostfall
It’s midnight when they first meet.
“Hi,” Tall, Blond, and Beautiful says, their bright blue eyes twinkling under the dingy lights.
“Hey,” Tony replies and just like that, he knows things wouldn’t be the same.
Write your letters in the sand by S_Horne
“I was, um, well – I thought you maybe... I mean only if you want, I...”
Tony laughed kindly, lowly, and squeezed Steve’s fingers. “Just ask what you want, Steve.”
Steve took a deep breath and stared deep into Tony’s eyes. “I wondered if you would write to me when I go. The war isn't so bad when you have a letter to look forward to.”
Though his words left his mouth in a jumble, Tony heard them clearly. His smile stayed on his face as he slid his fingers up to circle Steve’s wrist.
“Sure, Captain, I’d love to.”
National Military Spouse Appreciation Day.
Swiping Right by S_Horne
“Ouch. Definitely a hard pass for that one?”
Steve startled at the sudden comment from the row of chairs behind him and turned around. He’d been passing the time in the airport lounge by swiping through Tinder and had gotten lost in his own world. It was almost jarring to be pulled away from the screen of hot men and back into reality where the PA was screeching and there was noise everywhere.
Adjusting to the difference, Steve frowned. Wait, he knew that face. Oh, shit… he knew that face.
“No, no, it’s fine,” the man said before Steve could get out anything other than an embarrassed sort of yelp. Waving his hand through the air, the stranger smiled ruefully. “I get it. It’s the beard, isn’t it? True be told, it was a weird winter choice that year and I knew it would come back to hurt me.”
Steve didn’t know what to say. He knew it must have shown on his face and could feel himself flushing, panicked and embarrassed all at once. What were the odds of swiping left on someone literally sat behind him?
I.O.U by monoocularcat
The Avengers decide what to give Tony for his birthday, and go on to prove that it's the thought that counts (along with kissing).
Unabashed fluff for Tony's birthday.
North of Everything by UltravioletLightwaves
One-twelfth of his life, where he would immerse himself in the killing cold and see if he could find what his father never did.
Like A Second Heart by Fluffypanda
Until he had all of Tony’s memories, fears, and hang-ups from the past eight years dropped into his head, Steve would have said he was fearless. Now he knew he was wrong.
If I Die Young by MusicalLuna
Tony and Steve are trying to keep their little boy (who's not so little anymore) out of the superhero business for as long as possible, but when a kid's as stubborn as Peter is, they can't always stop him.
And sometimes things go wrong. Really, really wrong.
Teach Your Parents Well by laudatenium
On your eighteenth birthday, the voices of your future children start speaking to you. They help you through your life, to help you have the best life before they are born.
But of course, in the lives of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, these things are never straightforward.
Indoor Thoughts by picturecat
Tony is on some very effective painkillers, so he can't really be blamed for freeing some of the thoughts he usually keeps locked away. Maybe they're not so bad, anyway.
Binary System by Annie D (scaramouche)
Tony tends to be tactile with people he trusts. These days that list of people includes Steve, which is a good sign of the progression of their friendship. For his part, Steve seems to enjoy it as much as Tony does... until Tony goes a little too far.
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jules-of-the-crown · 2 months ago
Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers. Let’s spread the self-love 💖
This has been hanging out in my Inbox an embarrassingly long time while I decided how to answer LOL. Thank you for asking!
I decided to go with five that just made me really happy to write. The idea was there, and it flowed, and it was fun, and at the end I thought "YES. I like this." in a very clear way. Listed in chronological order of when I wrote them.
1 - Nothing But the Shield | Steve Rogers/Tony Stark | 7.6k | rated E | fluff and smut, friends to lovers, meddling, domestic Avengers
Tony Stark has a hypothesis that he was very wrong about Captain America.
2 - Electric Love | Sam Wilson/Bucky Barnes | 1.8k | rated T | tooth-rotting fluff, pining, heated gazes, getting together
When Sam realizes that his wings low-key read his mind, he starts reflecting on things. If this had slipped by his attention for so long, what else had changed while Sam wasn’t looking? One of those changes might be how he looks at Bucky. Another might be how Bucky looks at him.
3 - Sneakin' Around With You | Sam Wilson/Bucky Barnes | 1.3k | rated M | AU everyone lives, crack treated seriously, Avengers 2.0, bickering, domestic Avengers
When Joaquín catches Sam and Bucky in a compromising position in the Compound, nobody is going to let them forget it any time soon. (A 69th fic celebration)
4 - only fools rush in | Sam Wilson/Bucky Barnes | 2k | rated M | AU everyone lives, crack treated seriously, fluff, kissing, weddings
After a raucous bachelor party, Sam and Bucky may have forgotten a few very important things – like who the bachelor party was for.
5 - Mr. November | Sam Wilson/Joaquín Torres | 1.6k | rated M | fluff, pining, Avengers 2.0, seduction, idiots in love
With Sam taking the photos for the Avengers charity calendar, Joaquín starts to get hot under the collar.
This went around not so long ago so I think many folks have been tagged in but if you would like to do it please do! And I'm going to tag a couple of people I'm just getting to know... :) @arabellamonkey @meidui @jehbeeeh
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betheflame · a year ago
Honesty is a Hot Commodity
“A park ranger.”
Tony’s tone was flat, and Steve braced himself. Peter, however, was resolute.
“You want to be a park ranger,” Tony repeated. “With two advanced degrees from MIT, and -”
“ - in environmental engineering,” Peter interrupted. “And, it’s not a park ranger! Not that there’s anything wrong with park rangers, but you’re being ridiculous. I’m taking a position with the Department of the Interior under Director Knope and she and I are going to work on dam placement and maintenance.”
“Sounds like he’ll be putting those degrees to good use,” Steve said, against his better judgement.
Tony glared at him briefly, and then back at their only child.
Steve took a long pull of his bottle of beer. They were sitting in their family room, which is not where they usually had Heated Discussions, but Peter had obviously not expected it to go this way. It was supposed to be a cozy family night - spaghetti on the menu, and slipper socks on their feet. MJ - Peter’s longtime girlfriend - would be joining them after her shift of her surgical residency.
“Listen, Dad,” Peter said with a heavy sigh. “I tried working at SI, and we both know it’s not working. I hate being in a lab all day, and this -”
“Then we can create a new division where you get to be outside,” Tony protested.
Steve saw that Peter’s jaw had set completely and knew they were never going to get anywhere. In the entire 24 years of Peter’s life, Steve had been the balance between his husband and his son. Genetically, Peter was Tony’s, and no one had ever doubted that. They both had dark hair, and wide brown eyes, and smiles that lit up the room. They also both had brains that moved faster than 80% of the human population, and both the egos and crippling anxiety that come along with that fact.
“Tony,” Steve interjected softly. “What is bothering you? Because Peter is telling us he got a good job, one that will let him use his PhD and be based in New York so MJ doesn’t have to add that to the equation of her residency stuff. There is no downside here.”
“Who do I leave SI to now?” Tony blurted out. “If he doesn’t want it, we don’t have anyone else, and I’ve been preparing everything for it to be Peter, and now -”
“Wait, who said I don’t want SI?” Peter said, with slight bewilderment. “Of course I want SI if you want to give it to me. But we don’t have a green division, so if I want to build one, then I need to learn under some experts.”
“So this is all about…” Tony trailed off and then looked at Steve. “I overreacted, didn’t I?”
Steve held up his fingers to demonstrate ‘a little’, which Tony took in the sarcastic tone it was meant.
“Dad, okay,” Peter said as he huffed out a laugh. “Let’s start over. Dad! Pops! Director Knope wants me for the position I pitched!”
“That’s great news, Petey Pie,” Tony exclaimed. “Let’s celebrate with your grandma’s gravy. Steve, can you boil the water for the pasta.”
They both grinned at each other, while Steve heaved himself off the couch and kissed them both on the forehead in turn. “I’ll start the water.”
My muse is MIA, and writing has been so, so hard. So thank to @jehbeeeh for giving me three words (bottle, pasta, socks) and a location (park) and it jump started this. Please lordt, muse come back.
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marveltrumpshate · 7 months ago
January 2022 MTH fills
Happy new year! Here are the fills that people made in January to ring in 2022.
The best way to see all the fills that have been shared with us is our monthly roundups tag or our #MTH-fills channel on our Discord, but you can also view them through the following methods:
Our Tumblr tags: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
Our AO3 collections: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 (only has works posted to AO3)
Completed works tag list
To find specific content, use our completed works tag lists above which includes instructions on how to search for a particular character, gen or romantic relationship, universe, and fanwork type.
PoliZ's Stuffed Marvels/@polizwrites - MCU Winter Soldier Bucky felt doll for @camichats​
PoliZ's Stuffed Marvels/@polizwrites - Costumed 616 Kamala Khan felt doll for Peri
PoliZ's Stuffed Marvels/@polizwrites - AU Captain America Natasha felt doll with a shield for @camichats​
100indecisions/@thelightofthingshopedfor - Repainted Pride Captain America shields for lillaby
PoliZ's Stuffed Marvels/@polizwrites - MCU T’Challa felt doll in his UN outfit for Peri
PoliZ's Stuffed Marvels/@polizwrites - MCU Tony felt doll in his Tom Ford suit for @camichats​
PoliZ's Stuffed Marvels/@polizwrites - Costumed MCU Carol Danvers and Goose dolls for Peri
wistering - Two illustrations of Erik, Shuri, and T’Challa on a cross-country road trip for @nostalgicatsea (MTH 2018)
@blondsak & @seek--rest​ - “Desperate Measures” (MJ/Peter and Peter & Tony found family MCU AU fic where Tony is a smartass, MJ is a badass, and Peter is a dumbass) for lovereader84
c.art - Wood block painting of old Steve holding Morgan in his arms for @magicasen
Taylor (thetbone) - “Melt With You” (Yelena & Natasha & Alexei & Melina fluffy winter family reunion fic) for @thedamageofherdays
@celtic7irish - "This Christmas (I Gave You My Heart)” (Bruce/Tony non-powered AU get-together Christmas fic) for @kalika999
@cakeisnotpie - “In The Flicker” (non-canon-compliant MCU Bucky/Clint fic about Clint becoming Ronin) for @rufferto9
meils121 - “Clumsy ('Cause I'm Falling in Love)” (Bucky/Steve meet-cute AU fic) for @finnfreak7 (MTH 2020)
RoseRose/@tehroserose - “Lucky Strikes” (poem about pre-TWS Steve missing Bucky) for @potterspink
Nixie Deangel/@nixies-creations - Bucky/Steve/Tony Pokémon AU mood board (and accompanying ficlet) for @aquatigermice
a. greenleaf/@sol-svnstorm - Bucky/Tony merman AU comic for @betheflame (MTH 2020)
@ketchupcrisp - “From This Wound (The World)” (Bucky/Tony D/S AU fic where a non-powered Tony, in the midst of a messy public divorce from his abusive ex, is brought on as a consultant to help the struggling Winter Soldier) for marveltrumpshatebidder2021
@massivespacewren (as part of WrenFyre) - Art of Tony holding vampire Bucky as Bucky drinks his blood for mystifiedgal (MTH 2020)
@shatteredhourglass - “crawling back to you” (616 Clint/Marc timeloop fic) for @flowerparrish and M.K.
Ducky/@jamesbuckystark - “I’m With You” (Rhodey/Tony 5 Times Rhodey was there for Tony + 1 time Rhodey showed Tony that he was always there for Rhodey fic) for @oper1895
@blondsak & @seek--rest - “Desperate Measures” (MJ/Peter and Peter & Tony found family MCU AU fic where Tony is a smartass, MJ is a badass, and Peter is a dumbass) for lovereader84
@festiveferret - “Can’t Write One Song (That’s Not About You)” (Steve/Tony band AU fic) for @sabrecmc, lola29, @gottalovev, @jehbeeeh, @sineala, @tonbotomoe, pensivepisces, @magicasen,  @firelightmystic, @betheflame, and @hundredthousands-art (MTH 2020)
@jarvisuanddumetoo - Art of Steve and Tony on Steve's bike at night, making a heart with their hands for @tonbotomoe
@ketchupcrisp - “The Man Behind the Curtain (Pay No Attention)” (Steve/Tony post-Endgame fic where Steve decides to stay in 2023, after learning that Pepper and Tony are divorcing) for @tonbotomoe
Perlmutt/@perlmutt-perl - “cold toes, warm hearts” (non-powered married Steve/Tony snow day fic) for @captainneverever
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festiveferret · 8 months ago
For the director's cut ask! I really like "The Other Side of the Coin", do you have any comments on that one? How it came to be, maybe your thought process?
Ooh, nice! So this is one of the ones that I never did an outline for. The initial scene came to me, and I just started writing it. The working title was "Harsh Dom Steve" and I was definitely wanting to do a rougher or darker Steve, at first, but it sort of evolved. It ended up being used for "Tony's Evil Exes" on a bingo card, but that wasn't the og plan, haha. I think I just can't help but make Tony a bit sadder than intended :P
Steve ended up being less harsh than I thought, because I wanted him to be different from Tony's previous partners, once that part of the plot sort of inserted itself, and it was tricky figuring out exactly how. I didn't want it to just be "Steve is the first nice, gentle dom Tony's ever had, and he realizes subbing can be nice," not because I don't like that, I love it, but it wasn't the driving force behind this specific one. So I had to find a way to make Steve Different™ without that difference being the soft, nice one.
I got stuck with this one, over halfway through. The pacing was off and I really wanted to build to him eventually being able to go under, and then getting to have soft aftercare. But I couldn't figure out what they should actually *do* for the rest of the BDSM scene itself. @missmoodybear and @jehbeeeh both helped me out a lot. It ended up being tricky finding tasks Tony could do that would let me do the mindset stuff I wanted to do without it being boring or just physically harsh. Moody found the idea of "counting rice" and I ran with that. I did know I wanted to finish with waxplay. I can't remember if the frozen coins came in at the same time as the waxplay or if I thought of it later.
This one was definitely a tricky one, mostly because I knew exactly what I wanted their brains to do, but I didn't know the things their bodies should do to aid me in moving their emotions and thoughts along at the pace I wanted.
But I think it turned out pretty good!
Thank you so much - glad you like that one! And Thanks to moody and jeh and POTS for helping me on that one when I got stuck.
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arabellamonkey · 5 months ago
For the fanfic asks: B and R
B:  What was the first fandom you read fic in?  Which was the first you wrote fic for?
The first fic I remember reading was a One Direction (... it was larry, if I remember right lol) fic! And the first fic I wrote was already in the Stony fandom 🥰
R: Which writers (fanfic or otherwise) do you consider the biggest influence on you and your writing?
Ooof, this is hard one! When it comes to writing style, I really look up to romance authors like Cat Sebastian or Cassey MacQuiston. But when it comes to tropes and fanfic writers that have influenced me, I started reading Bladeofthenebula and JehBeeEh among others, so I suspect they might have also influenced me in some ways 🥰
(this is from this ask game!)
Thanks for the ask! ❤️
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geeky-writes · 11 months ago
Last line tag game
I was tagged by @sparklingdust4612 thank you so much! ♥️ ♥️
✏️ Last Line Tag Rules: Write the latest line from your WIP and tag as many people as there are words in the line. Make a new post, don’t reblog!
This is from my superfamily WIP Forty-Seven Flat 😊
“Yes, I am,” Steve says. “Because if I'm right, and I'm pretty sure I am, then, Tony, what we just saw is only the beginning.”
Okay, so… that’s 25 words 😬 Um…
Tagging: @crownofstardustandbone @jehbeeeh @wilmakins @corsets-and-cardigans @gaiagalit @srebrnafh @sherlollyandspoilers @sdottkrames @frostysunflowers @justajjfan @norbertsmom @bethyedolphin @thelettersfromnoone @jules-of-the-crown @happyjuicyfruit @hailing-stars @hutchhitched and anyone else who would like to play.
I know that’s only 17, but hey 😉
Thank you so much for the tag, this was fun! ♥️ ♥️
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crownofstardustandbone · a year ago
What color is your writing?
The warm brown of a cup of tea
Your writing is a comfort that your readers didn’t really know they were missing. It has a deeper meaning that may be missed by some of your readers but adored by the ones lucky enough to find it. Poetic language drips from your pages like honey, a sweet solace for every reader. Your words welcome all with open arms, encompassing them in a warm embrace that they simply melt into.
Tagging @firemasterzuko @missmoodybear @riotwritesthings @iam93percentstardust @longhornletters @jehbeeeh and anyone else who wants to do this!!
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elwenyere · 7 months ago
WIP TAG GAME! (tagged by my dear @ishipallthings: thank you so much!!!)
rules: write the last line from a wip and tag as many people as there are words in a line. make a new post!
(Note: I’m shamelessly cheating and posting last lines from three WIPs, for the three ships I’m writing for at the moment.)
“What is this, Chekov’s card game?” Tony demanded.
“I forgot how long it takes when you’re new,” the man from the tent replied, his voice only mildly apologetic for someone who’d shot Sam in the head.
“CC-2224 is under arrest for treason against a High General,” Tarkan explained, oil dripping off of every word.
tagging: @bella-dahlia, @jules-of-the-crown, @yammz, @cataroo, @yavannie, @jehbeeeh, @corsets-and-cardigans, @gogglor, and anyone else who needs a little distraction today!
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jehbeeeh · 4 months ago
It is the playoffs! So why not some Stony hockey love?
Tumblr media
Have some Hockey Captain Steve, the Stanley Cup, and a proposal!
Some day I'll finish writing and post their meet-sexy, right?!
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itsany62 · a year ago
SteveTony - Slow Burn
Here are some Slow Burn fics that I absolutely love. Don't forget to leave kudos and nice comments in every fic!
Tumblr media
The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation, by scifigrl47, 80 k > words, Angst.
When Tony Stark was seventeen years old, he built his first AI. On that day, he ceased to be his father's creation, and became a creating force in his own right. That one act likely saved his life, and not always in the most obvious ways.
The Highwayman's Baronet by mariana_oconnor, venusiaries, 125 k > words, Regency AU.
Steve Rogers has returned from the war. He has made his fortune, but lost everything in return. He is reeling from grief and at a loss of what to do with himself when the son of an old friend writes to offer him a home. He takes up the offer, but finds himself embroiled in a plot to bring down the country and raise Hydra from the grave. Can he uncover the traitor, save the handsome baronet, and avoid being hanged as a highwayman?
A Regency AU featuring highwayman!Steve, Baronet!Tony, treason, nefarious plots and a dash of magic.
One Bad Night by complicationstoo, 49 k > words, Grey’s Anatomy Fusion.
Steve Rogers has a one night stand the night before his first day as a surgical intern. And that's fine - until his one night stand turns out to be his boss.
Ahead by a Century by JehBeeEh, Series, 157 k > words, No Powers, Modern Setting.
Steve is a graphic designer for a big tech magazine. Tony Stark is... well, Tony Stark (minus Iron Man). They meet by chance on a flight and this is what happens next…
Polish by orphan_account, 23 k > words, Domestic Avengers.
But he could understand enough, in that moment, to realise a fundamental truth.
No matter how many circuit boards he made, no matter how much he polished:
His Father never did, and never will, want him.
Tony Stark has spent his entire life polishing, trying to become something better than he is. Those that love him can only follow him on his journey to greatness, and more aptly, his journey towards happiness (beginning with a supersoldier and a mismatched team).
Second Chance Lives by raeldaza, 43 k > words, Canon Divergence.
Tony's gonna die of palladium poisoning anyway, why not join a pointless expedition to recover Captain America’s body? And after, well, why not dedicate his last few months to making sure an American hero settles into his new life? What else is he going to do, get drunk at parties?
peter's stars by IronPengu, parkrstark, 175 k > words, Financial Issues, Single Parent Steve.
Steve and Peter lose their apartment and are kicked out on the streets. Steve has to juggle between jobs to earn whatever money he can, take care of his son while resfusing to let him realize how much they're trouble in, and keep them warm and safe on the city streets in winter.
So, he really doesn't have time to date the billionaire that flirts with him everyday as he buys his cup of coffee. Even if he did, he can't let himself fall for the man. Because if he knew that he lived from a backpack and showered in a public bathroom there's no way he'd still want him...right?
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jules-of-the-crown · 3 months ago
WIP title game <3
Thank you so much for the tag, @elwenyere! How did you intuitively know that I was, at this very moment, hoping to procrastinate?
Rules: Post the titles of your current works in progress. If someone sends one of those titles to you, explain the concept or post a snippet!
Feels like the first time (SamBucky)
Sambuckynat baseball au (SamBuckyNat)
What makes you happy? (SamSteve)
Rest Day (SamBuckyJoaquín)
Vampire Scott (Scott/Kip, Game Changers Universe)
Thirst tweets (Shane/Ilya, Game Changers Universe)
Boudoir shoot (Eric/Kyle, Game Changers Universe)
The Last Word (SamBucky)
In the Eye of the Beholder (SamBucky)
Somewhere in the crowd there's you (SamBucky) -- this is my biggest WIP by far but I answered about it last time :)
Thanks again, Elwen!!! I restricted myself to WIPs that are active enough that I actually expect to write them in the next several months *sweats* ummmm yeah.
No-pressure tags for... @abarbaricyalp @btwxsixesandsevens @jehbeeeh @samothy-wilson and anyone else who would like to play!
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avengersnewb · 8 months ago
hello!! i absolutely love Restless Gravity and would love to read a director's commentary on it :) nothing specific, just whatever you would like to share on it
awwww thank you <333
Restless Gravity is actually my favourite! I wrote in less than ten days, as my first time ever reverse Big Bang, and I honestly have no idea how I came up with this story :)))
I mean, well, to be honest, it was as always half inspired by @sabrecmc omegaverse world building and half based on the amazing ability @serinah80 has to come up with most amazing plot lines. I performed my usual 'mixer' role and my brain went into a 'zone' and put things together. I also mixed in a lot of ideas I got from my amazing artist @massivespacewren . xfactor Steve is just very interesting, in the comics he is a full force killer but I was thinking that he must be a very sad thing under those metal plates.
so yeah I wrote it in a 10-day long, stress-induced frenzy, with a lot of help from me betas, @serinah80 , bae and @jehbeeeh who literally taped the thing together for me. It was fun in its own way and I am so happy with the outcome :)
also did you notice that I took a shortcut to make it shorter? there are not many dialogues in the fic because dialogue makes the fic longer and it's harder to clean up and keep on track and with so many characters coming up with each person's voice takes a lot of work. If I had more time I would've added some dialogue 🙈
another fun fact: all of non-Marvel characters and some food names that sound unfamiliar are actually Persian. Azar is the name of last month of Autumn. Bahman is the name of middle month of Winter. They're also given names in Persian and um, no I have no idea why I picked those two names :D Mrs. Salkhordreh means Mrs. Old, which is on the nose for the old lady, Zoolbia and Tahchin are Persian foods.
I also was going with a bit of post-apocalyptic, retro vibe? could you tell by mention of Tony fixing a 'walkman', and people having access to galactic network but no mobile phones? could you tell that the residence had multiple floors and it was kinda simple but big?
the whole world is very vivid in my brain but there is very little exposition in the fic. (I have the dream of writing this as an original one day. who knows. maybe I will)
Thank you so much for the ask, I couldn't stop talking about this fic 😂
I just added a small dance scene as a second chapter, so everyone go read this fic!!!
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sabrecmc · a year ago
@betheflame has offered to write a vampire remix of CN for marvel trumps hate with Howard giving Tony to vampire Steve to cement relations with the powerful vampire clan. I would very much like to read this, wouldn’t you? If so, contact @jehbeeeh who is organizing the pod bid!
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therollingstonys · a year ago
top 5 of 2020
rules: it’s time to love yourselves! choose your 5 (ish) favorite works you created in the past year (fics, art, edits, etc.) and link them below to reflect on the amazing things you brought into the world in 2020. tag as many writers/artists/etc. as you want (fan or original) so we can spread the love and link each other to awesome works!
I was tagged by @iam93percentstardust, thank you darling!!! 💕💕💕
1. Bound to You Series (Bucky x Tony)
God what can I say about this series that I haven’t already?? This series came about mid pandemic when I got an idea for a winteriron BDSM/Canon Au and then shared the idea with @riotwritesthings and enticed her to write it with me. It’s probably the most ambitious thing I’ve ever written; the depth of emotion and back story that we’ve created for this story is truly something I’m incredibly proud of. If you’re interested in kink but are wary of heavier play (whipping, flogging, etc) I’d highly suggest checking this series out, it’s a great way to learn about the softer side of kink as well as the non sexual side of D/S (dominance and submission) play. 
2. Ribs Cracked Open, A Home Made Within (Geralt of Rivia x Jaskier)
Remember when The Witcher came out? Yea that was this year lol Anyway, I totally got suckered into this ship because Geralt is the 😠 one and Jaskier is the 😇 one and literally, how am I supposed to NOT fall in love with them?? If you’ve never seen the Witcher, Geralt was a human that was mutated into a Witcher (monster hunter) and has heightened senses. My brain went “But what if he was hypersensitive and touch was so overwhelming along with everything else that it was almost painful” AND “what if he was touch starved because of that” and thus, this fic was born. It’s very soft, very emotional, and I’m really deeply pleased with how well written it is. 
3. Bears and Mountains and Lumberjacks Oh My! (Steve Rogers x Tony Stark)
Oh lumberjack Steve...your cock is enormous and your heart is even bigger. This one was so fun to write--it was my first real foray into crack-style writing and I really enjoyed writing it. I always enjoy everything I write, but this one was just fun and it never fails to make me smile when I reread it. It’s a non power au featuring Tony, bears, big cocks, and falling in love. 
(No bears were harmed in the making of this fic)
4. Look to the Past to Find Your Future (Steve Rogers x Tony Stark x Bucky Barnes)
I wrote this as a birthday gift for @riotwritesthings and it was only ever supposed to be smutty A/B/O double penetration fic, and then suddenly it grew feelings and I was writing furiously to try and keep up with the ideas and tada! It’s the most popular fic I’ve ever written and it never fails to amuse me because I didn’t think it would be that popular and now it’s one of the fics I’m known for lol I really love this one though, because it really dives into the relationships between the three men, and focuses on them living happy lives outside of avenging and being heroes. If you like found family and deeply emotional fics, this one is for you!
5. Restart My Broken Heart (Wade Wilson x Peter Parker)
I love this one a lot, it’s really emotional and heavy on the hurt/comfort which is my happy place lol It features Dom!Peter and Sub!Wade which is less represented in most Spideypool fic. I had a lot of fun writing Peter as a very soft, giving Dom, and really enjoyed focusing on the relationship between Peter and Wade and how they both felt because their relationship was based on paying for sex (Peter is an escort), but that didn’t stop them from developing feelings for each other! I really enjoyed writing Wade; he’s frequently portrayed as having the voices, but there isn’t a ton of focus on his mental health and how bad it can be, so I enjoyed stripping away a lot of the humor that he uses to deflect and really putting his pain front and center. 
+1 Last Stop Before Malibu (Steve Rogers x Tony Stark) 
Do I really need to say more??? 
I’ll tag @riotwritesthings @monobuu @gayspacesprinkles @gideongrace @jehbeeeh @onlymorelove @festiveferret @sineala @ashes0909 @blossomsinthemist @longhornletters @missmoodybear and anyone else who wants to do this, please consider this your tag!! 
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