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…you ever think about the fact that this picture exists… but we never saw this moment
Tumblr media
Bc that’s from episode 6 when they practice for Finally Free bc Luke just got back from his parents from his birthday bc he’s in his sad flannel and all we see of this moment is the moment before when Alex does a count off of “1, 2, 3, 4-” and then it cuts to the next scene.
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sorry sorry, I'm spamming but I had this idea ages ago for a Luke Patterson x reader where the reader is an artist that does cover art for sunset curve promo.
Hear me out on this one; Luke tries to teach the reader how to play guitar and the reader tries to teach Luke how to draw. It doesn't end well, the reader is embarrassed that they can not play an instrument to save their life and Luke is embarrassed that he can't draw something as simple as a dog. But it's that thing where Luke finds it cute that the reader can't play even though they're trying hard and the reader finds it cute that Luke can't draw even though they are trying hard. And it just ends up all cute and mushy and ilysm I'm gonna marry you someday vibes.
i am once again reminding you that i miss jatp with every fiber of my being
Tumblr media
You are absolutely hopeless. It was one thing to sign up for this sort of job– artist by hour, some sort of after school nonsense that you were fitting in around your courseload so you could try and make at least a little bit of money– but it’s something entirely different to get involved in it like this.
Looking back, there was no reason for you to ever start feeling this way. When Sunset Curve first reached out to you over the opportunity to do the official art for their demo album, you were thrilled. They already had a decent sized following despite just having started, and you’d never created anything half so important as this. That’s how it felt, at least, like you were on the cusp of something new, something brighter than you’d ever experienced before. If only you knew how right you truly were.
It wasn’t just the job that was special, though, it was the people. Sunset Curve is made up of the four funniest, kindest, most amazing boys to ever walk the earth. You’re definitely not biased in that regard, not in the slightest. Reggie Peters cares more than anyone you’ve met before. Alex Mercer looks out for you every single minute of every single day. Bobby Shaw recognizes the potential in everyone who crosses his path.
And Luke? Luke Patterson, who greeted you with the widest smile you’ve ever seen the second he met you? Luke, who really should just be a friend? You couldn’t pin him down to one specific phrase if you tried. Luke is everything– creative, bold, bright, you name it. More importantly, he’s everything to you, but that’s because you happen to harbor a crush on him.
You couldn’t shake the aforementioned crush if you tried, but oh, how you wish you could. It does not do to spend every afternoon over there in Sunset Curve’s studio, pretending you’re sketching new designs for them or doing your homework when in reality you’re just wishing Luke might finally look up from his guitar and finally notice you as something other than a background character to his stellar world.
It’s not like Luke’s an asshole about it, it’s just true. Luke Patterson is so out of your league it’s crazy. Why would he ever look at you as something other than a friend or glorified coworker? Reggie and Alex have teased him enough times about flirting with anything that breathes that you know better than to overthink so much as a smile from him. Just because you happen to think the world of Luke doesn’t mean that he has to do the same thing about you.
That doesn’t stop you from almost losing your mind every time you hang out with the boy, though. In fact, you’re alone with Luke right now, and even though it’s pretty obvious Luke doesn’t take this to be anything other than a chance to spend time with a friend, you’re one accidental brush of hands away from screaming.
You had headed over to the boys’ studio early so you could think about some new designs for their albums, both the demo one and potential future numbers. You were given a key to the place a long time ago; the members of Sunset Curve accepted you with open arms and open doors back when you first started drawing for the band. 
Apparently they like having someone else there to force them to actually be productive and make music, but you’re not too sure about that. You swear that you end up talking to the boys for even longer than they manage to distract themselves, although that’s more fun than anything in your book. 
So, although you didn’t expect anyone to have issues with you showing up to the studio unannounced, you also weren’t expecting Luke to be there alone. You stand there for a moment, hovering over the threshold, wondering if you should leave or take this as your chance to finally get closer to him. 
Luke sees you and spares you from the indecision. “Come on in, Y/N. I’m not doing a whole lot, just practicing.”
You smile at him and step inside. “Technically, if you’re practicing that’s something. I just don’t want to bother you if you’re in a songwriting mood.”
Luke makes a face. “I would love to be in a songwriting mood, but the lyrics just don’t want to come. Please tell me you’re here as a distraction.”
You laugh. “I can be an excellent distraction when I wish, but I’m not all that interesting today. Just trying to get some ideas for a potential album cover.”
Luke watches you excitedly as you reach inside your bag for your sketchbook and some drawing supplies. “Are you kidding? That’s super interesting to me. Tell me, what direction is your grand artistic vision pulling you in now?”
You swat him lightly with your sketchbook. “There’s nothing grand about it, trust me. I’m here because I’m just as stuck as you are. Are you sure your next album can’t just have a completely blank design? Maybe one solid square of color? It would make it a lot easier on me.”
“Absolutely not,” Luke declares, “you’re already robbing us of our hard-earned cash, we at least deserve some designs in the bargain.”
The easy grin on his face tells you that he doesn’t mean a word of it. Luke and the other members of Sunset Curve have made it quite clear that they value your presence, both in art and in friendship. Besides, you have discounts when it comes to people you care about, and the members of this band are certainly that indeed.
“Well,” you smile, “if that’s the case, I’d better get on it.”
Luke watches as you do some thumbnail sketches for potential designs. His eyes never seem to leave your pencil as you shade in piano keys or trace the outline of a guitar.
At last, he breaks his meditative silence to pose a question. “How are you doing that?” He asks plaintively, “Every time I try to draw something, it takes me forever and ends up being a big eraser smudge. When you do it, though, you take two seconds and have a masterpiece.”
“I’ve been doing this for a lot longer than you have,” you remind him, “practice makes perfect, trust me on that. My first so-called masterpieces were just as full of eraser marks as yours.”
Luke harrumphs. “You’re just saying that. Embrace the fact that you’re extremely cool.”
“You’re just as cool as I am,” you counter, “you may be in awe of my art skills, but I think your music is way more impressive.”
Luke’s jaw drops. “No way. Half the time you’re in here, I’m messing up my chords.”
You grin. “That’s not true, and even if it was, that still makes you better than I am. I can’t even remember what a chord is, let alone how to play it right even half the time.”
Luke sits up straight, an idea occurring to him. “You know what? We can fix that. Let’s have a skills session. You teach me art and I’ll teach you music.”
“Just like that?” You ask, doubtful but smiling nonetheless.
“Just like that,” Luke confirms, and after that it’s decided.
Luke reaches over to grab his guitar. He places it on your lap, moving close to you so he can help guide your hands into position. You think your breathing might stop entirely from how it feels to have Luke’s breath hot on your cheek, his fingers wrapped around yours as he teaches you a chord. If you look up slightly, you can see how his face, no, his entire being is angled towards you. It is the most marvelous sight you have ever experienced.
Despite the beauty of the boy teaching you, your own mastery is far less substantial than you’d like. You can feel the shame of it heating up your cheeks as Luke reminds you of what you’re supposed to be learning for the umpteenth time. Watching Sunset Curve practice, you’d always wondered why you never picked up an instrument. This is reminding you of that reason:  you’re absolutely awful at it.
Eventually, your desire to seem at least somewhat capable in front of Luke wins out over your need to be so close to him and you carefully put the guitar in his lap.
“I think that’s enough for now,” you whisper, glancing away, “at this point, teaching me music is a lost cause.”
Luke shakes his head. “Hey, don’t feel too discouraged. It took me forever to learn. You wouldn’t believe how awful my fingerpicking was when I first started. You’re blowing my first attempts out of the water by a long shot, trust me.”
You laugh. “Somehow I find that hard to believe.”
Luke’s eyes are wide and earnest. “No, it’s true. Besides, I see this as an absolute win. If you can’t play the guitar, it means you need me around more often.”
Smiling, you ask:  “And is that a good thing?”
“Most certainly,” Luke breathes, and you think you might die just there, watching him look at you like you were worth so much more than you ever thought.
Luke comes to reality first, and looks away quickly, a faint pink blossoming over his cheeks. “If we’re trying to learn how bad we are at each other’s habits, though, I think it’s my turn to fail. It’s time for art lessons.”
You flip to a fresh page in your sketchbook and pass it over. Luke holds the thing reverently, and only through severe coaching do you manage to convince him to actually grip it tight enough to keep the paper steady. He keeps claiming that he doesn’t want to hurt such precious contents, but you think it might also just be a ploy to keep you laughing even just a little longer.
As much as you hate to admit it, Luke’s fears about not being able to pick up drawing might be true. You swear you give him easy subjects to start off, and despite an abundance of furrowed brows and studious expressions, Luke and art do not mix. 
At last, he looks up at you desolately and holds up graphite stained hands for you to witness. “See? It’s a losing battle, I swear.”
You bite back a smile. “It’s just like you told me about guitar, isn’t it? All you need is practice.”
You think you wouldn’t mind being there for a few more art practice sessions, either. Something about the way Luke is so devoted to trying to get this right, and all the while watching you draw out examples like you’re a living saint, makes your chest feel so tight that it might burst. You would gladly sink the rest of your afternoons and sunsets into these sorts of moments, walled up in the studio with Luke, losing track of time until you have no idea where your days begin and his end.
Luke must be feeling the same way, because he leans a little closer to you. “I’m not sure I believe it, but I wouldn’t mind more practice sessions with you. We wouldn’t even have to draw or play guitar if you didn’t want to. If you’re alright with that, of course. We could just, you know, hang out.”
The hope in his eyes is only matched by the delight in yours. “I think that sounds great,” you say.
Luke’s face brightens. “Really? I mean, yeah, it would be fun. Maybe we could go get ice cream soon.”
“Tell me a date, I’ll make time,” you reply. You’ll clear your entire schedule if that’s what it takes. This is something that you didn’t see happening in your wildest dreams, and now that it’s real, you don’t plan on giving it up for anything.
Luke lifts a shoulder. “How about Saturday afternoon? We can go anywhere.”
You could gladly spend the rest of the day just talking over the prospect of this date with Luke, but a sound from outside the studio makes you bite your tongue. You can see Alex, Reggie, and Bobby approaching the door– it must be time for the band to have practice.
Luke groans. “They have terrible timing.”
You laugh. “They didn’t know anything was happening, that’s their fault. I know everything I want, though.”
You don’t think Luke’s smiles have ever been brighter than the one he shoots you now. For once, you realize a most welcome truth:  all this time that you’ve been pining over Luke, he’s been feeling the exact same way. At last, the two of you have been able to get together, and you couldn’t be happier about it.
requested by @thatfangirl42, i hope you enjoy!
jatp tag list: @rogueanschel, @retvenkos, @caswinchester2000, @lovesanimals0000, @amortensie
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Tumblr media
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HELP I THINK WHEN THE ANNOUNCEMENT for jatp getting cancelled came i was so overwhelmed that i chose to completely ignore it but now i'm in my missing them era and i've been crying for the (last 20 years) last few hours
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Anything for you
Warnings: mean teenagers, a little angst, fluff
Summary: You get bullied at school. Luke feels helpless because he can’t do or say anything. But what he can do is be there for you, which leads to a surprise for the both of you.
Words: 4.6k
Pairing: Ghost!Luke Patterson x alive!reader
A/N: I recently watched Julie and the phantoms (I can’t believe it was cancelled!! Netflix, what are you doing???) and I fell in love with Luke. I mean who doesn’t, right? He’s just the cutest *intense heart eyes* and have you seen his arms??. Also boy can sing, dance and songwrite so consider me doomed.
Song lyrics are taken from the song “Invisible” by Hunter Hayes. I hope you enjoy!
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Tumblr media
Luke hadn’t intended to follow you to school. Frankly, he hadn’t planned on ever stepping into a school again. That time of his life was over, a time he missed but knew would never get back. He had come to terms with it, focusing on his music instead.
But from time to time it would hit him; the harsh reality that he would never talk to his parents again, never make up with his mother, never be touched again by someone except the guys from his band. 
It hurt every time these thoughts dawned on him, but he pushed them aside, knowing he needed to be the strong one. The other boys needed him, so he couldn’t afford to be weak in front of them. 
Despite, it didn’t matter anyway. Thinking about all the things he couldn’t do, the life he had missed out on wouldn’t change anything. He had thought he had dealt just fine, but then his birthday had come up. 
He had watched his parents get together, blowing out the candle on the cake they had made while tears slipped down their faces. They held each other’s hands and he just wanted to touch them, hold onto them, and show them they weren’t alone. He was still there.
But he was just a ghost, unable to reach them. It broke his heart, hurt like it hadn’t hurt before.
But then you had showed up. You had given his parents the song he had written for them, for his mother. All the things he regretted saying and all the words that had never left his lips were captured in it, and he watched his mother’s chin tremble and his father sniff as their eyes darted over the page.
He had always known he was drawn to you, not just because you were the only one who could see the boys, but because of your kind heart, your warm smile, and jokes. You were special. He had known that even before he had first heard you sing, before he had read your song writing.
But in that moment, as he watched his family smile fondly through their tears, their pain raw but overtaken by love and a sense of gratitude, you watching them with tears shimmering in your own eyes, he knew he was hopelessly in love with you.
Hopelessly, because even if you liked him too, you could never be together. He couldn’t give you what you needed, what you deserved. Someone you could go out with in public or who you could introduce to your family. Someone to have a future with. 
Someone to touch. He could never take your hand in his, never trail his fingers over your arm or caress your face, never run his fingers through your hair or hold you in his arms. He could never kiss you.
Luke had always been a physical person. His love language was touch, reaching out to someone to show them he was there. It was how he communicated with the other boys, not once thinking or caring how it could make him look.
Because despite his talent to write songs, Luke wasn’t good with words. Not in the moment anyway. He needed to think about them, twist them around in his head until they would form a beautiful prose for a song. 
Not being able to touch you stung. The feeling grew stronger with each passing day, making him more desperate to feel you in some way. The two of you were deeply connected, not just through your music but through something else, something he couldn’t name but the boys would tease him with. Yet something was missing in that connection. Physical contact.
He knew it hurt you too, could see it in the way you reached out to him by accident before letting your hand fall back to your side, a tight smile on your lips as you tried to overplay what had happened.
You were one of the most optimistic people he knew, always trying to look at the bright side of life and giving the boys hope, but he could see you were hurting.
There was something on your mind you weren’t talking about. An invisible weight on your shoulders, you didn’t seem able to lose. He wanted to know what it was, wanted to know what he could do to help you, because seeing you upset hurt him just the same.
But he couldn’t ask you. He knew you would deny it, hide behind your smile again. He had considered going through your things, because there was no way you weren’t putting your feelings into song lyrics somewhere. 
But although he didn’t regret going through your stuff in the beginning, after all it had led to the discovery that you were a songwriter too, a damn talented one, he couldn’t pretend it had been right either.
Over time the two of you had built a trust in each other he didn’t want to lose. Going through your things again, overstepping the line you had drawn, would destroy that trust. Maybe he would even lose you.
So he had to find another way to find out what caused your hurt. Following you around for a whole day had been an idea born out of boredom and a lack of inspiration for a song he was currently stuck on. He knew you, knew what your life was like, but did he really? You spend the first half of each day at school, a place he had never set a foot at.
You had never told the boys they weren’t allowed to show up at school, probably hadn’t thought it necessary to bring up, because they didn’t seem interested in your life as a student at all. So, it was the perfect opportunity for him to sneak past your border without betraying you.
Now, as he was following you into the big building from a distance, he suddenly felt a little nervous. The halls were crowded, filled with students standing at their lockers, making plans for the weekend, and chatting over their exams while heading to their classes. And, of course, gossiping. He hadn’t missed that part of high school.
Seeing you in the middle of them, your books clutched to your chest as you peeked into your locker, reminded him of how different the two of you truly were. You had a real life you had to live, a life aside from the music. You had a future ahead of you, something he would never have.
Luke shook his head as if he could shake those thoughts away. This was about finding out what troubled you, not about him and his own personal issues. You had been there for him through his lowest, now he wanted to do the same for you.
He pushed past the students, ignoring the way he slipped through them instead of bumping into each one. You were just closing your locker as someone walked up to you, a girl he realized, long wavy hair falling over her shoulders. Another girl and a boy joined her and he wondered how many friends you had, friends you couldn’t share with them.
But when you turned around, your eyes falling onto the group standing behind you, he saw you froze. Your jaw clenched and your eyes grew dull, suddenly missing the spark he adored so much. He stepped closer, keeping enough distance so you wouldn’t notice him, but needing to hear what they had to say.
He could see your body slumping under their gazes, the proud posture you had when you were performing replaced by what looked like you were making yourself smaller. 
It was in that moment he realized you were afraid of them, of what they had to say. His heart clenched as he took another step forward, wanting to move to stand by your side but knowing he couldn’t. 
“Hey, (y/n)!” The girl with the long hair spoke up, her voice loud, radiating confidence. You didn't react, waiting for her to continue but he could see you were clutching your books a little tighter, your knuckles turning white.
"I heard you signed up for the talent show." Luke tensed as he heard what this was about.
You were currently practising with the band for the show, the first one you would attend as a band. While Luke doubted it would get them far career wise, considering it was only a school event, he knew how important it was for you and in that sense for the whole band.
You had only recently begun to sing and compose songs again. When the boys had first met you, you had been hesitant to share your passion with them, convinced you weren't good enough.
It had taken them a lot of effort to make you believe in yourself and your abilities. Though music was your passion, it was something very vulnerable for you, something personal you were afraid to share with everyone else.
Luke got that in some way. While he couldn't wait to share a new melody, a new line, or a whole song with everyone who would listen, some lines were harder than others to put out into the world.
Music was his way of dealing with his emotions, a way to let out his feelings and cope with them. You were like him in that way and opening up to someone didn't come easy to either of you.
Writing music was one thing, but sharing such vulnerable lines with everyone else, a world full of people ready to judge, or worse, a school full of teenagers, was another.
So when you had briefly mentioned the talent show, the boys had agreed it was the perfect way for you to start sharing your music with other people than the boys.
It had taken a lot of convincing and a pep talk from Luke he was still proud of to get you to sign up and feel a little hopeful about it. Maybe even a bit excited.
Now he feared everything they had worked so hard on would be crushed by an envious teenage girl and he could only stand by and watch.
“The talent show- that’s a joke, right? I mean, you can’t even sing in front of our music class. Now imagine singing in front of the whole school.” The girl shuddered visibly. “That would be so awkward, am I right?” She turned towards her friends, who nodded eagerly in agreement.
“I am so embarrassed for you just by the fact that you actually thought you stood a chance. (Y/n) and talent show. That are two words that shouldn’t even be in the same sentence together!” She let out a chuckle, her friends joining in.
“That are actually more than two words”, Luke heard you mutter under your breath and although he was churning with rage at the audacity the group had to talk to you like that, he couldn’t help a proud smile creeping onto his face.
The girl sucked in a breath, clearly irritated by your words. “Seems like she’s too dumb to get the message”, she snorted, taking a step closer towards you. Involuntary you stepped back, stumbling a little when your back hit the locker and causing the group to break into laughter.
“You don’t belong here (y/n)! Nobody wants you here, anyway. You’re just taking up space. It’s pathetic! But what is even more pathetic is watching you think you have a chance at the contest, even though you’re literally the most untalented person I know.”
You gulped and Luke could see tears brimming in your eyes. He stepped forward, his hands balled into fists, though he knew it was useless. All he could touch was air.
“When will you finally see the truth like everyone else does? No one likes you and no one will ever like you! Not every duckling will turn into a swan, some just stay, well, ugly and weird." The girl giggled, smoothing down the hem of her dress as she finally stepped away.
“Bye, bye and enjoy your day, loser!”
Tossing her hair she marched away, her friends close on her heels. You were left standing at your locker, your bocks still tightly pressed to your chest as you fought back the tears.
Luke’s heart broke for you; the injustice he had just witnessed making him burn with rage. He hadn’t thought of you as the popular girl, but he had considered you had many friends and secret admirers, since you were funny, smart, kind-hearted, beautiful, and incredibly talented. 
It turned out that those same traits were the reason you were on your own, the other students envying you for them. For your talent. 
Looking at you he was certain this wasn’t the first time something like it had happened and it made him wonder how long this had been going on for. A few days? Weeks? Maybe even months?
How often had you hid behind your smile, had convinced them you were fine when you clearly weren’t?
It frustrated Luke beyond belief that he couldn’t say anything to your defence, tell those bullies just how pathetic it was to try and pull you down by saying such hurtful things. You deserved to have someone by your side, someone who stood up for you and had your back. You shouldn’t be alone. 
But the best he could do was follow those bullies and scare them like they had done to get back at Billy. It didn’t feel enough, felt childish even, now that he thought about it. It might scare them, but it wouldn’t stop them from targeting you. 
Maybe he could write something down, something like a threat so they would stop terrorising you, but there was a risk they would blame you for it. It might only make things worse for you and he didn’t want to take that chance. Not when it came to you.
It pained him to admit how helpless he truly was, but he tried to focus on the one thing he could do instead. He could be there for you.
“Hey.” His voice was soft as he spoke to you, stepping closer towards you. You flinched violently, turning towards him with big eyes. “Luke! What are you doing here?”
You tried to keep your voice down, not wanting to draw attention to the fact that you were speaking with what looked like pure air to everyone else, but he could still hear the alarm in it. 
Luke bit his lip, conflicted over his next words. He wanted to be there for you, not cause you to be even more upset, especially at him. “I um-”, he scratched the back of his neck, suddenly unsure of himself, “I followed you”, he admitted, and he could see the disbelief in your eyes mixed with disappointment.
“Why would you do that?”, you asked wearily, suddenly pulling out your phone and holding it to your ear to mimic a phone call. You had done that before when the three of you had spent a day at the beach together, causing people to look at the girl who was talking to air. 
It seemed to do the trick, because the moment their gazes fell onto the phone in your hands, they lost interest. Luke couldn’t deny he was impressed by it.
“You seemed off the past days. I just wanted to know what was going on. Please don’t be mad.” He was using his heart eyes on you now, something that had gotten him out of trouble countless of times before.
You let out an exasperated sigh, but your eyes visibly softened. “You could have just asked me”, you pointed out, causing him to raise his brows slightly. “Would you have told me the truth?”, he asked, and you bit your lip. “Probably not”, you confessed, and it seemed like you weren’t upset at him anymore.
For a moment it was silent between the two of you, your previous anger now turning into embarrassment. He could tell you were wondering just how much he had witnessed.
“I saw it all”, he clarified for you. He saw your body tense up at his words, your cheeks turning slightly red as you cast your eyes to the ground. You were ashamed, just like you had been when he had first found one of your songs, reading out the lyrics to you to try and prove how beautiful they sounded.
“Are you okay?”, he added gently, taking another step forward but stopping himself from reaching out to you. You nodded, but your eyes didn’t meet his. “I should go to class”, you told him, peaking over his shoulder. He shook his head, falling into step beside you when you walked past him. 
“No, you shouldn’t. You should talk about what just happened.” You didn’t slow down. “Nothing happened so there is nothing to talk about.” “You know that’s not true!”
Luke leaped forward, blocking your way but you just walked through him. “Hey!” He caught up to you, wondering how else he could bring you to a halt. “Can you look at me for a second? Please?”
Your lips were pressed into a thin line, displaying your impatience, but you followed his request. When your eyes met another wave of sadness engulfed you, the tears returning as you were taken aback by his gentle expression. The way he looked at you, so loving and caring, so raw, was what caused cracks in your composure.
You tried to blink the tears away but failed.
The sight of a girl crying might have sent him running in the past. He wasn’t good at dealing with feelings, coped with his own through his music, so he had never trusted himself enough to try to comfort someone. 
He feared he would say the wrong thing, preferred to make jokes to doge the tension that came with heavy emotions, telling himself that Alex could deal with it instead. He was the emotional one, the empathetic one.
But he couldn’t rely on the others all the time. Especially when it came to you, he felt he didn’t want to. He wanted to be the one you trusted enough to open up to, wanted to be the one who could make you feel understood. The person you turned to when things got heavy, who could cheer you up.
He would do anything to get you to smile again, so he decided that was what he was going to do. No more running from his problems, disappearing whenever he felt like it. 
The bell had rung out a while ago, signalling that classes were about to start and the corridors were emptying visibly. 
“Is there somewhere we can talk in private?”, Luke asked, thinking you knew your school better and could lead him to a quiet spot where no one would question a girl talking to thin air.
You nodded, leading him down a few corridors into a dark lit room.
He gazed around, noting you were behind what looked like a stage. He wondered if you had chosen the place by accident, or if it had to do with the upcoming show. 
Either way, being backstage felt different from standing in the crowded hallways and he felt himself relax a little. Here he felt much more like himself again.
You sat down onto the floor, leaning your back against the wall, and hugging your knees into your chest. He had thought he would have to convince you to skip class, but it seemed you didn’t care anymore. When he looked down at you, you looked so small and fragile, so different from the person you were when you were performing.
Luke slid into the spot next to you, careful not to brush against you but not leaving much space between the two of you. He wanted to be there for you as much as he could and that included being as close as possible. 
“You know that’s not true, right?” He didn’t miss a second, didn’t try to beat around the bush. “What that girl said to you...she just wanted to get to you, make you feel insecure and bad about yourself! “
You looked up at him, a few tears running down your cheeks. “But she’s right”, you sniffed, your voice breaking a little. “No one wants me here. I don’t belong here.”
Luke frowned, fidgeting at the energy that came with the urge to convince you otherwise and get through to you. “That’s so far from the truth!”
You peeked up at him through your tears. “Really? Then how come no one in this school cares about me. I don’t even have real friends here.”
“You have us”, Luke offered, but you shook your head. “That doesn’t count. You’re ghosts.” He flinched a little at your words and your face immediately twisted in regret. 
“I didn’t mean it that way. You know how grateful I am for you. You make my life so much better. The band, the music we make...it feels like it’s giving me a purpose again. But I have another life too, one where I can’t rely on my ghost friends.”
Luke nodded slowly, knowing you were right. Although he felt the drive to tell you to screw everything and just focus on music, the rational part of him knew that other things in your life mattered too. 
That was the difference between the two of you: you had a life outside of the music while his life was his music. 
“I don’t know if I can perform at the talent show. Not when everyone wants me to fail.” You sniffed again and Luke gulped as your pain settled in his own chest. 
“Those girls want you to fail because they feel threatened by how amazing you are. How gifted! That’s why you gotta show them what you got during the show. And I guarantee you, afterwards everyone will see your talent and want to be your friend.”
“You sound so sure about it”, you chuckled, wiping at your tears and Luke smiled proudly at you. “That’s because I am.”
You tilted your head at him, curiosity written over your face. “How can you always be so sure about everything?” The smile spread over his lips easily, lighting up his face.
“You’re smart, funny, and selfless. You’re beautiful and insanely talented! They just haven’t seen that yet. Of course, everyone will want to be friends with you once they realize that! That’s how I know.” His smile had turned from a goofy one into a fond one, but he didn’t try to hide it. 
Your tears had stopped flowing and you were looking at him like you were in awe, something he hoped was a sign he wasn’t screwing this up entirely. 
But as you kept staring at him, not saying a word he suddenly felt his nerves flare up again. Perhaps he had been too quick with his assessment, and he had said something wrong. 
But what? 
He wrecked his brain for anything, but his pounding heart and your eyes on him were making it hard to think straight. Just as he wanted to ask you, if he had said something wrong, your blinked, your lips turning up into one of your smiles, which always filled him with warmth. 
“Thank you, Luke!” Your eyes were bright as you looked at him, and he couldn’t help but return your smile with one of his own. “Anything for you”, he muttered, turning his torso so he was now sitting next to you, head leant against the wall and facing the backside of the stage.
It was quiet for a moment, but not in a way which longed for words. It was a silence that felt comfortable and put him at ease, his mind wandering off to form words into lines in his head. 
You sat like that for a while, both of you engulfed by a peaceful silence that allowed him to write the beginning of a song in his head. It was so easy, the words coming to him without an effort, and he could feel himself growing excited as the first part began to come together.
Luke was so caught up in his head, in the lines he was rearranging in his head, that he didn’t feel the weight on his shoulder. Just as he decided his idea was worth sharing, he snapped back into reality, a reality where your head was resting on his shoulder.
“(Y/n)! Oh my god!”, he breathed, not wanting to startle you but not being able to hide his excitement. “What?”, you muttered, seemingly unwilling to give up your comfortable position. “You didn’t slip through me!”
You furrowed your brows, but a second later your eyes flew open, your head shooting up as you looked at him with wide eyes. “I didn’t slip through you!”, you repeated, the excitement he felt mirrored in your voice.
“Oh my god Luke! This is- this is huge!” You stared at each other in shock, suddenly unable to form coherent sentences. “I felt you and you were warm!”, you gushed, and he couldn’t contain his big smile. “I felt you too!”
He didn’t care that you were grinning at each other like idiots, didn’t care how it was possible, he could only focus on the pure happiness he felt. He slowly reached out, taking your hand into his. It was soft and warm.
You shared another look, both of you beaming with excitement at the newfound connection. “Can I?”, Luke asked as he slowly reached for your face. You nodded, both of you holding your breath as he gently tucked a strand of hair behind your ear before running his fingers over your cheek.
He could see the tears in your eyes again, but your smile told him they were happy tears, something he didn’t have to worry about. When he lowered his hand, it was your turn to reach out, taking his face gently into your hands. 
Tears sprung to his eyes as he felt your warm fingertips on his cheeks, the softest touch on his cheekbones. “How is this possible?”, you whispered, but he didn’t care, didn’t want to think about the possibility of losing this again.
The relief he felt at being able to touch you was so big he doubted he would be able to let go of you anytime soon. How could he, if the next time he tried to touch you he could slip right past you again?
But you didn’t seem to mind as you let go of his face only to wrap your arms around him in a tight embrace. He didn’t hesitate to lock his arms behind your upper back, pulling you into his chest. He couldn’t believe he was holding you, holding another person, someone who was alive.
What did it mean for him? Was there a chance for him at a life again?
His thoughts were racing, so he tried to focus on one thing, the one that had brought him peace just moments ago. “I just wrote something in my head”, he whispered against your hair. “You wanna heart it?” 
“Yes!” He smiled to himself before growing serious again as he focused on the words. 
“So your confidence is quiet 
To them, quiet looks like weakness 
But you don't have to fight it 
'Cause you're strong enough to win without a war 
Every heart has a rhythm 
Let yours beat out so loudly 
That everyone can hear it 
Yeah, I promise you don't need to hide it anymore 
Oh, and never be afraid of doing something different 
Dare to be something more.”
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wendinella · 2 years
Tumblr media
‪juke rights!!!! i can't believe it took me this long to draw them smh 🦋🎸‬
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lanabanana-art · 2 years
Love a good Vine reference
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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meekokoro · 2 months
okay … hear me out … what if the julie and the phantoms universe is set in the same one as my babysitter’s a vampire ???
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jellycolors · 11 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝘫𝘶𝘭𝘪𝘦 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘱𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘵𝘰𝘮𝘴 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘱𝘴𝘥
���𝐢𝐤𝐞/𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐬𝐚𝐯𝐞
𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥
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dicebarnart · 2 years
Tumblr media
The boys found Julie’s Polaroid camera. They may not know what a smartphone is, but at least a Polaroid camera works the same way it did back in the 90’s.
Same boys. Different style that came out of no where 😂
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🌟JATP characters as notes I've written in my notes app part 2🌟
~ find part 1 here ~
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itslukaportfolio · 2 years
Tumblr media
Of course I had to finish that sketch because I love them and let me tell you guys: I refuse to believe that, after 25 years of not been hugged by these two, Alex doesn’t hugged them out of the blue as a ✨power move✨ been the tallest out of them and probably the strongest, do you know how jacked drummers usually are?!
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house-ad · 2 days
Tumblr media
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mouse-fantoms · 1 month
I would give more than anything to be spooked by them on Halloween:
Tumblr media
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heliads · 1 year
The Ex Friend (Part One)
Luke Patterson isn’t used to any part of life as a ghost, let alone trying to figure out the drama between Julie and Carrie’s friends. However, he has a feeling that there’s more to Y/N L/N, Julie’s old friend, than meets the eye.
masterlist / part two
Tumblr media
When Luke Patterson first left school to pursue life in Sunset Curve, he didn’t really see himself ever coming back. It just didn’t seem like the place for him anymore, and it hadn’t been for a while. None of the teachers seemed to understand why music was so important to Luke, or why it was so hard for him to stay still longer than a few minutes, let alone focus enough to complete assignments. Eventually, when he’d realized that trying to force himself into the mold of a perfect student was only making things worse, he’d walked out.
Now he’s back in school again, but this time, he’s not here to be criticized or coerced into becoming someone he’s not. Instead, Luke is here to see Julie Molina perform on stage as planned. He can only hope that she’ll be able to go through with it, although judging by the way his friend’s hands are shaking, Luke might have to give a pep talk or two to help her go through with it.
All the same, it is certainly strange to be back. This isn’t the high school Luke attended and then left, and it’s certainly been renovated in the time since he’d died, but it still feels somehow familiar. Despite the different school colors and mascots, it’s still got the same sort of spirit around it. The halls still echo in the same way as always, voices distort around empty corners, and the occasionally flickering lights still wash over the rows of lockers like they had back at Luke’s school. If he tries hard enough, Luke thinks he might be able to delude himself into thinking that he’s still a student, that he could find old classmates of his around the corners.
But that’s long gone, and Luke knows it. It’s easier to remember when he accidentally walks through walls and finds his head poking out into a different room, or when someone stares directly through him as if Luke isn’t there at all. Technically, he isn’t, but Luke likes to feel important, so he keeps looking around as if he’ll find someone he knows.
Eventually, Luke, Alex, and Reggie find Julie standing with her friend, Flynn, along the inside of the gymnasium. Luke’s all ready to go, talking excitedly with Julie about how she’s definitely going to kill this, but when he looks to Alex and Reggie for backup, he realizes that they’re not paying attention at all. Instead, they’re more focused on the girl group currently performing in the center of the gym, the ones with pastel wigs and eye-catching choreography.
Luke fights the urge to groan. Sure, they’re good and all, but that’s totally not the point. He’s about to shake Alex by the shoulders to stop him from imitating the dance moves when someone new comes into the gym. Judging by the way the audience starts to cheer, and by the way she starts to sing once she enters the spotlight, she must be a part of the group, although she isn’t dressed like them.
The first thing Luke notices is that she can sing really well. The other girls had good harmony, even Luke has to admit it, but this girl is completely different. Her voice is strong, and her eyes are filled with this pure happiness as she sings, like she’s completely in control. Luke knows exactly what that feels like, because he’s seen that exact same look reflected on his own face in crowded clubs back before he died.
The other girls in the group join the new girl, and start to sing in harmony. Despite the pink-haired girl’s best attempts to stay in the lead, the new girl stands out effortlessly. Luke doesn’t realize he’s been staring until he catches himself, and manages to turn back to Julie as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. 
“Look, don’t worry about them. You’re great, and you’re going to do great.” 
Julie nods slowly. “Thanks, I think. Out of curiosity, were you staring at Y/N?” 
Luke shakes his head a little too quickly. “What, staring? I wouldn’t do that. I don’t even know who Y/N is.” 
Julie grins exasperatedly. “Y/N is the girl who just joined. She’s one of Carrie’s friends.”
Julie says ‘Carrie’ like it’s a vicious swear word, and Luke chuckles in spite of himself. 
“She’s pretty good.” 
The words slip out before he can catch himself, but Julie doesn’t look annoyed that he’s complimenting her supposed enemy. 
Instead, she nods wistfully. “She’s really good. We used to be friends, all four of us- Flynn, Y/N, Carrie, and me, before Carrie decided she had it out for me. Y/N’s incredible.”
Luke’s eyes find Y/N across the room again. “What happened to make you guys stop talking? She doesn’t seem that bad right now.” 
Julie shrugs. “Y/N’s fine, but Carrie isn’t. The issue is that she’s Carrie’s friend like Flynn is mine. We just chose our different sides.” 
Luke raises an eyebrow at that. “You describe it like it was some battle.” 
Julie grimaces. “It felt like it. There were a fair amount of fights. Even now, I’m surprised Y/N stuck with Carrie. Everyone knows that Y/N’s the better singer, and Carrie hates it. That’s why Y/N isn’t a permanent member of Sour Candy, because Carrie refuses to be outshone. They’re still friends, though, which is why Y/N gets to have her guest verse on big performances like this one.”
Luke whistles quietly. “The drama of girl group politics. I don’t think I could withstand it if I tried.” 
Julie moves to swat him on the shoulder, and Luke’s never been more grateful that her hand just passes through his arm uninterrupted. That swing looked like it would hurt. 
Julie’s performance goes superbly well, as expected. The only thing Luke didn’t expect was that the entire band became visible when they were singing, although the way he sees it, that’s only a plus. Also, there was this one moment when he was singing to the crowd that he looked out and locked eyes with that Y/N girl from before, and he swears that she smiled at him. He’s been over the moon ever since.
Now, the newly named Julie and the Phantoms are waiting in the wings of a jazz café, ready to perform live for the first time at a legitimate venue. As much fun as the high school was, Luke’s used to playing bigger things, and he certainly has high hopes for this place. 
He, Alex, and Reggie are currently standing with Julie and Flynn, just taking in the crowd. It’s not bad for a start, and he has a feeling that they’re going to take the place by storm. Speaking of which, the announcer just read out the name of the next performer, and it’s- Y/N L/N.
Surprised, Luke turns to the stage, and watches as Y/N walks up to the microphone. It’s just her and a guitar, but as she starts her performance, Luke quickly comes to realize that she doesn’t need anything more than that. Even though he can’t seem to take his eyes away from her for longer than a second, after the whole thing is over Luke doesn’t know whether the song was happy or sad, a love song or a dream or a hope for something new. All he knows is that he really, really likes this girl.
Once the song ends, Y/N waves to a cheering crowd, and walks offstage to thunderous applause. Luke had expected from Julie’s description of the great Julie-Carrie schism that Y/N would pay them no mind, but she actually stops by Julie and Flynn when she sees them. Y/N smiles happily at the two of them.
“Julie, it’s so good to see you! I heard you were performing. You were incredible at the school the other day, by the way. I don’t think I had a chance to tell you.” 
Julie smiles back at her, although something about it seems forced. “Thanks, Y/N. You were great too.” 
If Julie’s trying to keep up a pretense, though, Flynn seems less willing to go along with the whole thing.
“You should probably keep walking, Y/N. I don’t know that Carrie wants you to be seen with us.” 
Y/N’s smile falls away from her in a flash. “I’m just trying to be nice, Flynn.” 
Julie seems seconds from rolling her eyes. “I think Flynn means to say that we’re surprised you’d hang out with us. You haven’t in a while.”
This seems to be a sore subject between them, probably a result of the friendship breakup. Honestly, maybe Julie was right- from the way Carrie and Julie have talked earlier, they almost seem willing to engage in hand to hand combat. 
Y/N just sighs. “Look, if you don’t even want to hear me, don’t. I still thought you sounded good.” 
Flynn sniffs irritably. “Whatever makes you sleep better at night. Go find Carrie, at least she wants to talk to you.”
For a second, Y/N draws back as if she’s been slapped. Then she straightens her shoulders, nods politely at them, and leaves. 
Luke stares between Julie and Flynn. “What was that about? She was literally just being nice, and you attacked her.” 
Julie shakes her head, looking just as upset as Y/N had been. “You have no idea what it’s been like all of this time. Y/N has never defended me once, even when Carrie’s been awful to me. She’s no friend of mine.”
Luke frowns. “Have you ever defended her?” 
Something in the furrow between Julie’s brows tells Luke the answer. Alex, sensing the tension, quickly changes the subject to be about the song they’re writing. After a few moments, Luke looks around and realizes that he can’t find Y/N anywhere. They’ve got a few more performances before Julie and the Phantoms is up, so he quickly excuses himself and starts to wander around.
Luke finds Y/N after a few moments. She’s walked outside, and stands with her back to the door, hands rising to her face as she hurriedly brushes away a few stubborn tears. 
Luke winces. For a second, he forgets that he’s a ghost, and starts to speak. “Look, I’m sorry about them. You were good today.”
He’s not sure what he expected. Y/N is alive, he is not. There’s no way she could possibly hear him, but it feels good to say it anyway. 
For some reason, though, Y/N stiffens when he speaks, then addresses him with her back still turned. “You shouldn’t be here, you know.” 
Luke stares at her. “What?” 
Then he has that same uncomfortable, ghostlike feeling of something passing through him, and he realizes that Carrie has emerged from the club to walk right through him on her way to Y/N.
“What are you talking about?” Carrie speaks now, and Y/N responds. 
“Your performance is after the one playing now. You should be getting ready with the girls.” 
All of a sudden, Luke feels very, very stupid. For a moment there, he’d really thought that she heard him. He swore that she had. She’d almost turned around, and then Carrie had opened the door. Maybe he’s getting too used to talking to Julie that he forgets no one else can see him, even the ones he wants to see the most.
He should leave, now that the confusion has been cleared up, but something about the forced stiffness of Y/N’s shoulders makes him want to stay, even if she doesn’t know he’s there. 
A few feet in front of him, Carrie sighs. “You’re upset, I’m not going until I know everything’s alright. Was it Julie and Flynn again? I thought I saw you talking to them.”
Y/N grins wryly. “Don’t give me that tone. They’re nice, honestly, but I think I remind them of the fights a little too much. They didn’t mean it.” 
Carrie groans. “I told you they were bad news!” 
Y/N laughs now. “Yes, and I didn’t believe you. My bad. Now, come on, I’m better now. Truly. I want to see your show.” 
As they walk back inside the building, the strangest thing happens. For a second, Luke is certain that Y/N turns to look directly at him just before she opens the door. That couldn’t happen, because he is definitely still a ghost, but he really thought she saw him.
Luke talks to Julie again during Sour Candy’s performance. Even as he’s walking back through the club, he can tell that she feels bad about what she said, which is understandable. However, he doesn’t have time to think about it for long- it’s time for Julie and the Phantoms to perform, which means that Luke has to be at his top game to make this work.
In the end, he doesn’t have to worry. The show goes off without a hitch, and the audience loved it. There’s even some important-looking woman in a white suit who stands up to clap for them, something that didn’t even happen for Carrie. Luke couldn’t ask for anything more, or so he thought until he notices Y/N clapping for them as well from across the club.
Julie must see her too, because once the show ends, she makes a beeline for her former friend. Luke follows, even if he’s no longer visible to the public eye. 
Julie stops in front of Y/N, who regards her with a mixture of wariness and something like pride. “It looks like I was right. You were great tonight, Julie.”
Julie beams. “Thanks, Y/N. Honestly. And I’m really sorry for what we said earlier. It was dumb, and I shouldn’t let what happened with Carrie come between us.” 
Y/N smiles back at her. “Don’t worry about it. I don’t think either of us have been as nice as we could have been.” 
She glances over, noticing that the woman in the white suit is starting to approach Julie. “Looks like you’re going to have company. I’ll let you guys talk. Oh, and one more thing-”
For a fraction of a second, Luke swears that Y/N’s eyes flicker to him again, and then it’s gone. “Tell your friend that I was talking to him after all.” 
With that, she’s turned and left the group. Luke stares after her. Beside him, Reggie is tapping him on the shoulder and asking what that meant, but he can’t really find the frame of mind to answer him. If she was really looking about him, and Luke was the friend she was talking about, then that means-
That means she had seen him, and she wasn’t talking to Carrie at all. Luke brushes past his friends, then quickly poofs out into the street near the club. Y/N’s just left, still in the grassy area of the parking lot. 
Luke jogs up to her, half still expecting her to not be able to see him at all. “Were you- can you-”
He can’t quite finish the sentence, but as it turns out, he doesn’t have to. Y/N glances over at him with a grin, and she can actually see him. 
“Can I see you? Yeah, I can. Surprised?”
 Luke moves his arms around in general confusion. “Very much, yes. I’m a ghost, after all.” 
Y/N grimaces. “I thought so. Julie’s hologram excuse was good, but you’re not the first ghosts I’ve met. It all made sense after a while.”
Luke nods, taking this all in. “I am sorry for what happened, though. And you were really good. I don’t think she told you that, but I want to.”
 Y/N laughs. “I appreciate it. Yeah, the whole thing with Carrie kind of made a mess of things, but Julie and Flynn are good people. You are too, by the looks of things.”
For some reason, this makes Luke’s heart do a little loop in his chest. 
“I’m glad you think so.” He manages, and inwardly curses himself. Can’t he come up with something at least a little cooler?
Y/N considers him for a moment longer, then rummages around in a bag for a small scrap of paper, which she hands to Luke. On a moment’s consideration, Luke realizes that it’s got an address of a jazz club on it.
Y/N taps the paper with her finger. “I’ve got a show booked next Saturday at nine. If you want to show up, I’ve got the backstage all to myself. We can talk, if you want.”
Luke feels like he’s floating, and it’s not just because he’s a ghost. “I’d love that. Uh, it sounds really good.” 
Y/N smiles at him one last time, then waves goodbye and heads off again. Luke watches her go, tapping the paper in his hands. If he didn’t know better, he’d almost say that he might have a chance with her. Luke shakes his head slightly, grinning like a lunatic, then heads back to the club. He needs to make sure that Julie and the Phantoms doesn’t have any gigs booked next Saturday night- after all, he’s got a date.
jatp tag list: why hasn’t jatp been renewed yet @rogueanschel​, @lxncelot​, @caswinchester2000​, @lovesanimals0000​
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fandomgirlz01 · 3 months
Lightsabers and Guitars Pt. 2
Tumblr media
Charlie Gillespie x Reader
Imagine on my fandom instagram?: No
Prompt?: No
Request?: No
Requested prompt?: No
Edited: Yes
Word count: 5,445
Warnings Here
You can listen to the story be read out loud here.
Post Date: August 8th 2022
Post Time: 12: 32 pm
Summary: When the reader gets tired of being around her friends she tries to leave and ends up finding herself in a fight with one of those friends. Reader then stomps off and finds a quiet place {she believes nobody else will be there} where she can practice swinging her lightsabers. What happens when she and Charlie stumble upon one another? Will they become friends? Or maybe something more? 
Tumblr media
PSA: I am still learning Guitar so I’ll write it as best as I can for you guys. I just looked up the chords and wrote those, but I am unaware if they are the official chords so bare with me here. If you guys know that any of them are wrong please please please consider letting me know and I will fix it as soon as I can.
Tumblr media
Y/n’s Pov:
“Knock knock. Is y/n in there?” Siana asks as she taps on my forehead, effectively snapping me out of my mind. 
“Yeah. Sorry. I just have a lot on my mind,” I answer as I shake my head and yawn, then start to pour myself some juice. 
“I’m sure you do. It’s been about a month you’ve been seeing this Charlie now,” she taunts as she smirks, wiggling her eyebrows at me. 
“That’s not what it was at all,” I verbalize as I feel my cheeks heat up. 
“Oh, you're so blushing right now! So that’s a total yes! You were thinking of him!” she shouts as she pokes my cheek with her pointer finger. 
“No, I wasn’t-” I start to reply, but my phone stops me mid conversation as my text tone goes off. 
“Is that Charles as your text tone…” she continues to tease and I roll my eyes. 
“Yes… he insisted on it so I’d know it was him…” I explain as I lift it and it lights up. 
“That’s actually so, so cute,” she coos and I roll my eyes.
“We’re just friends…” I reply as I smile while replying to his text and she shrugs. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Don’t listen to me… but honey, he most definitely likes you… I bet today is the day he makes a move. Hell, he’ll probably do that whole arm around you to show you the chords thing…” she remarks as she does some weird hand gesture, making me quirk an eyebrow at her. 
“Ok… what the hell was that hand motion?” I ask her with a giggle. 
“What! Isn’t that how you play a guitar!” she shouts and I giggle, shaking my head. 
“No. That is definitely not how you do it. Charlie would cringe so hard at whatever you just did,” I explain as I wave at her and she shrugs. 
“Well, whatever. I’m not the roommate who’s into that stuff, that’s you,” she waves her hand in dismissal and I laugh, shaking my head. 
“Yeah. Yeah. Imma go shower now…” I gesticulate over my shoulder and she rolls her eyes. 
“You're showering to go to the beach? Oh! Wait, it's for Charlie isn’t it?!” she questions, but then quickly changes to a declaration and I roll my eyes. 
“It’s so for Charlie, isn’t it! So you do like him! I was right!” she says as she happily claps before starting to push me to my room. 
“Go! Go shower and pick the cute red bikini. The one that brings out your eyes…” she declares and I guffaw at her. 
“I can’t pick that one!” I exclaim and she gives me a look of confusion. 
“Why can’t you?” she asks almost like she’s offended. 
“That one’s far too sexy for me!” I exclaim and she guffaws at me. 
“Honey, sexy is what you want in this situation,” she explains as she goes into my closet before returning with the red number. 
“Are you sure? Cause I really like him…” I finally admit as I play with my fingers and she claps. 
“Sweetheart, listen to me! I’m the one who gets most of the guys,” she explains pointingly as she sits down next to me. 
“I know… it’s just this is the first real guy I’ve been around after my whole swearing them off thing…” I nervously explain and she nods. 
“I know. Your last relationship wasn’t the best. But hey! Maybe you waited three years for Charlie. Maybe he’ll be better then stupid Greg,” she remarks before giving me a grossed out look. 
“Oh, he’s definitely better than Greg,” I agree and she smiles. 
“See! So isn’t it worth it to see where this thing will go?” she asks me and I sigh before nodding in agreement with her. 
“Yeah. I guess it is…” I agree with my own smile. 
“Well, go get in the shower then!” she declares as she again pushes me towards the bathroom. 
“And wear the red piece!” she yells from the hallway and I giggle, shaking my head. 
~ Time Skip ~
I pull up at the beach and turn my car off. After taking a moment to look over myself one last time, I start to get out of the car. Once I’m out, I pop my trunk before going around to get the practice sabers out along with my backpack and old guitar. 
I close my trunk and look around once before locking my car. I then walk to our spot where we meet up every week. I set my bag down by the wall before looking around for Charlie. 
After looking around, I don’t see him so I just sit against the wall and take my phone out. I text with Anna for a bit before a dog comes running up to me and starts to lick my face. I start laughing as I pet Koa and Charlie comes up behind him and pulls him away from me. 
“I am so sorry. He must be really excited to see you today,” Charlie explains as Koa runs off to the water. 
“It’s ok. Really. I’m glad to see him too,” I reply with a light giggle. 
“So, which are we practicing first today?“ Charlie asks as he now sets his stuff down by mine. 
“I was thinking we could practice the guitar, then sabers. That way we can go for a swim after getting all sweaty from the sabers,” I explain and he nods before opening up his guitar case. 
“Ok. So did you practice the chords that I taught you last week?” he asks as I bite my lip and nod lightly. 
“I did practice, but I’m still having a little trouble with them,” I inform him and he nods his understanding. 
“Ok, then we’ll start there,” he decides out loud and I nod before pulling my guitar onto my lap. 
“Ok. So put your fingers on your chords and I’ll help you fix what’s off,” he explains and I nod before starting to try and place my fingers right. 
“You almost have it. Just this finger goes here and this one goes here. It’ll feel a little foreign at first, but I promise the more you practice this song it’ll just start to feel natural,” he explains as he moves my two fingers into place. 
“Now try playing the chords,” he orders and I nod before sticking my tongue out and trying to play the chords right. 
I play the first two right, but then both me and Charlie cringe as one sounds completely off. I take a break with a huff as Koa runs up to his daddy and licks his hand. Charlie chuckles before petting his baby’s head and after a few minutes, Koa seems satisfied when he runs off again. 
“Ok. Play it again, let me hear it and see what’s up,” Charlie tells me as he watches and observes as I place my hands back onto the chords. 
Again I play the first two right, but as I play the next one it sounds off again. I giggle when I see Koa cringe.
“I take it even Koa doesn’t like how that chord sounded,” I state and Charlie chuckles before looking over my guitar. 
“I think your guitar may be out of tune again. Good time to practice tuning it then,” he notes and I nod as I pull out the little tuner I bought at the beginning of last month. 
I put it on the end of my guitar before starting to try and tune it like he taught me to. Once I think I have it, look up at him. 
“You think you have it?” he asks and I nod. 
“Ok. Let me see,” he comments before I hand him the guitar. 
He plays a few chords before fixing one or two of the pegs. Once he’s done, he looks up with a smile as he hands me back my guitar. 
“You did good. I just made a few small tweaks,” he explains and I nod with a smile. 
“Ok. Let’s try the chords again. You got this,” he tells me with another smile. 
“Ok Luke…” I joke with a roll of my eyes and he smiles. 
“So you watch Julie and The Phantoms then?” he asks with a grin and I nod. 
“Oh, I most definitely did. I also watched Speed Kills and Love You Anyway,” I tell him and he blushes lightly. 
“Well, what’d you think?” he asks and I give him a serious look. 
“I thought they were bad…” I deadpan as seriously as I can.
“Oh…” he falters and I giggle as I shove his shoulder. 
“I’m joking. I loved them. Especially Speed Kills. I got to see teenage Charles. What’s better than teen Charles?” I jokingly ask and he gasps with his eyes widening in surprise. 
“That was so mean! Umm, maybe 23 year old Charles!” he exclaims, rolling his eyes as he crosses his arm like a child would and I giggle again. 
“Mean is my middle name. Didn’t anyone tell you? And… I guess 23 year old Charles isn’t so bad…” I tease, bouncing my eyebrows at him and he shakes his head. 
“What will I do with you, huh?” he asks and I grin before winking at him. 
“I don’t know, love me maybe…” I trail off with a giggle and he shrugs. 
“What’d you really think of them though?” he asks seriously now and I smile. 
“They were great Char, but I definitely like Speed Kills more than Love You Anyways,” I explain and he nods as I smile when I see a light blush come over his face. 
“Why’d you like Speed Kills better?”
“Ok. Each has its own qualities, but I like more action. Love You Anyways was a little slower. And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love romantic movies, but action is just so much more thrilling,” I explain. “Especially when you're single and a hopeless romantic that nobody really has eyes for.”
“Hey. That’s not true… I’m positive there’s some guy out there for you,” Charlie declares and I smile as he blushes lightly. 
Why is he blushing?! Omg…! 
“Well, thank you. If you're confident about it, guess I can be too,” I agree with a shrug and he grins. 
“Also John Travolta is in it, duh. If John Travolta is in it, it’s an amazing movie hands down,” I continue and he chuckles. 
“John Travolta is THE sexy Danny Zuko. Who wouldn’t like a movie with the man in it,” I express and he chuckles, shaking his head again. 
“Well I won’t say you're wrong. That man is a legend,” he agrees with me and I grin. 
“Right?!” I beam as I look over at him and he smiles. 
“What was he like to work with?” I ask and Charlie chuckles. 
“He was great. He literally took me under his wing while on set,” he tells me and I smile. 
“That’s so cool. Danny Zuko showed you the ropes,” I beam with a smile and he chuckles. 
“What’s your favorite of my works then?” he asks and I smile. 
“Actually, it’s Julie and The Phantoms. A good second is Runt, even if you're only in it for like, point fifteen seconds,” I joke and he chuckles with a smile. 
“Yeah, I had fun on both. In Julie and The Phantoms I made so many friends that became like family. I’m sure you’ll get to meet them soon,” he explains and I grin as his passion shines through him. 
“On Runt, we all just acted crazy when the tougher scenes were done. Cam was always the head of the crazy-ness, but he was also the calmest on set,” he explains as his face changes to one of pure sadness. 
“I’m sorry he passed. I did hear about it. It must have been gut wenching,” I sympathize as I set the guitar to my side before scooting a little closer and laying a hand on his. 
“It was. His heart was always so open. I remember being like ‘bro, I watched this kid on TV…’ He was so nice to everyone he was around. It was crazy… I really wish you could meet him. He’d like you,” he tells me while getting choked up and I smile as I rub his back now. 
“I’m sure I would have loved to meet him,” I quietly agree with him and he smiles a watery smile. 
It’s quiet for a while as we both just watch Koa play in the water. He sniffles for a few minutes and I lay my head on his shoulder as I continue to rub his back. Koa comes running back over to us and he plops down in front of Charlie. 
I let out a light giggle when Koa’s head tilts to the side as he looks over his dad. He walks over and nudges Charlie’s hand. Charlie lets out a light chortle before petting his dog on the head. 
Koa nuzzles his head into it with a little face of contentment. Koa then rolls over and closes his eyes as Charlie pets his stomach now. I find myself suddenly perking up, pushing my head off his shoulder as I think of a way to make him smile. 
“I will say the fans of Julie and The Phantoms got a real treat in Episode 2. 4 minutes and 44 seconds in, but who’s counting…” I try to flirt with him, but fail miserably when he turns his head and looks at me. 
I still count it as a win though when he slowly grins and I try to push my blush down as I clear my throat. I turn away for a small moment to hide my blush as I pick the guitar back up and lay it across my lap. 
It’s like when I actually try while looking at him, I fail it every time… ugggh dumb idiot… at least it made him smile. 
Koa lets out a whimper as Charlie stops rubbing his stomach. Unsatisfied with him, Koa lets out a loud huff as he shakes his head. He gets up, making me and Charlie laugh as he runs back over to the water. 
“So you have the time I take my shirt off memorized then?” he playfully jokes as he bounces his eyebrows at me and I feel the blush rush quicker up my neck again. 
“Correction, Siana does. She has a thing for abs… a thing that’s way over the top if you ask me,” I admit with a shrug of my shoulders, but he just gives me a coy grin. 
“So you don’t like my abs?” he coyly asks and I groan, rubbing my face. 
“No, you have very nice abs… I’m just saying she’s the one that paused it… I’m going to shut up now…” I try to explain, but my tongue only starts to do what it always does as I spiral and stick my foot in my mouth. 
“Well I’m going to take the compliment. Thank you very much,” he jokes with a chuckle and I groan again. 
“You enjoy making fun of me, don’t you?” I whine out, only making him chuckle again. 
“Sorry sweetheart, but it’s so very fun,” he responds and my stomach flips at the nickname. 
“So unfair!!!” I cry out and he laughs like full belly laughs at me. 
“Oh, hi baby!” I exclaim, putting the guitar down as Koa comes up to me now and I pick him up. 
I cradle him like a small baby and he nuzzles into my stomach as I lightly rub his stomach like his dad did just moments ago. I hear a chuckle, making me look up to see Charlie watching the scene practically with heart eyes. 
“What?” I ask him and he scoffs playfully. 
“You treat him like a real baby,” he points out and I grin. 
“He is a baby!!! A sweetheart of a baby,” I point out right back and he chuckles, shaking his head. 
“He loves you more than me at this point and he’s my dog,” he exclaims and I giggle as I continue to rub Koa's belly. 
“Daddy’s just jealous, isn’t he?” I ask Koa who now has his tongue stuck out. 
Koa lets out a bark and Charlie scoffs, rolling his eyes. I look back up at Charlie as I set Koa down on all fours and he runs off again. 
“I am not jealous…” Charlie denies as he crosses his arms and I giggle. 
“You so are. Let’s get back to the guitar now? Yeah?” I ask as I once again pick it up and he nods. 
“Ok. I’m going to try those chords again,” I tell him as I place my fingers back to where they are supposed to be. 
I start to try the chords and again I play the first two right, but the next one comes out sounding off again. I huff again before quickly putting the guitar down to the side. I bring my knees up and wrap my arms around them before leaning my forehead against them. 
“This is no use. Maybe we should change the song. I don’t think I’ll be getting it anytime soon…” I muse as I put my chin onto my knee while I watch Koa. 
“We don’t have to change the song. You’ll get it. It’s ok to mess up a whole bunch of times,” he explains as he puts his hand on my back and starts to rub it. 
“How?! Huh, Char?! We’ve been working on it for a month and I’ve been stuck on this same chord practically the whole time,” I bark out in anger at myself and Charlie just nods. 
I look at his face and he seems upset. I sigh as my anger disparates and I slowly start to feel guilty. 
“I’m sorry Char. It’s not your fault. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. It’s me who can’t get it,” I quietly mummer and he quickly shakes his head. 
“No, no. It's ok. I’m not mad, I promise. It’s not your fault. It’s ok to be a little upset. Learning something new can be hard sometimes,” he is quick to reassure me and it works. 
“I don’t know why I can’t get it…” I whisper out as I turn back to watch Koa. 
It goes quiet for a moment, but Charlie still rubs my back. Tears come to my eyes, burning them but I refuse to let them fall. 
“Here. Let’s try something else,” Charlie cuts into the quiet as he reaches behind me to get the guitar. 
“What?” I ask, but he doesn’t reply.
He just pushes lightly on my back and I give him a confused look. He motions for me to move forward away from the wall and I confusedly do. He slowly sits down behind me before pulling me back into his chest and my eyes widen. 
He brings his one arm up and over as he pulls the guitar over my head. He rests the guitar in my lap and I relax into him. 
“This ok?” he asks me and all I can bring myself to do is nod. 
“Ok. Put your hands on the guitar…” he tells me before trailing off. 
I do as he tells me and shakily bring my hands up before putting them onto the guitar. He then moves his hands and puts them over mine. He positions both of our hands over the chords before he starts to help me pluck them. 
I smile as I finally reach the third chord and pass them each better than I’ve been doing. We continue on like that until we finish the song. 
“Oh my gosh. Charlie, I did it!” I beam as I turn back to look at him and he grins. 
“See, you got it. I’ll keep helping you and lessen up a little every time. Don’t worry, you’ll get it. Here, I’ll also name the chords as we go so you’ll remember them for other songs,” he explains and I nod as I turn back around. 
He lessens his hold just a bit before we start to play again. He squeezes my finger lightly to signal the first chord to me and I pluck it before letting it ring out light. 
“This one is A Dm then you switch to a Bb which is a B flat like I taught you at the beginning of last month,” he explains the first two chords that I have no problem with. 
“The next one is an F chord and that one becomes a C chord,” he explains again as I play the chords with a grin. 
“Then switch back to your Dm and B flat,” he tells me as he guides me back to the first two chords. 
“Then back to F and C,” he states as he still guides my hands. 
It’s only then that I recognize the song that he’s teaching me. I stop him from playing and he stops before I’m pushing his arms up. I crawl out from underneath his arms and sit up onto my knees as I excitedly grin at him. 
“I know the song now!” I exclaim and he smiles. 
“Ok. What is it?” he asks me and I jump excitedly. 
“It’s Perfect Harmony, the song Luke will never know about…” I start off happily before my face falls. 
“Poor Luke will never know, Char,” I burst out as tears come to my eyes and he chuckles. 
“You really ship Juke that hard?” he asks and I quickly nod. 
“Ok… ok. Don’t nod so hard. Your head might fall off,” he jokes and I groan. 
“Boys don’t get it…” I huff as I turn back around and plop back on the ground with my arms crossed. 
“Oh! Come on, I was joking. Yes it’s sad, Luke will never know about Perfect Harmony,” he agrees with a playful roll of his eyes. 
“Really though, that scene had me crying so hard…” I admit and he grins again. 
“I’m glad you liked it,” he adds and I smile before scooting back to be right next to him. 
“Can you teach me that dance too?” I ask and he chuckles. 
“I mean, I guess. I don’t know if I remember all of Julie’s parts though. I know I remember Luke’s after doing it like twenty times with Mads, but I’m not too sure about Julie’s,” he explains as he shrugs. 
“Couldn’t you just ask Madison herself?” I ask and he chuckles. 
“I guess I could. I didn't even think about that,” he admits and I giggle. 
“I’ll talk to her about it later,” he promises before smiling. 
“Wanna continue working on the chords now, though?” he asks and I nod eagerly, making him chuckle as I move back over between his legs. 
He grabs the guitar again before setting it into my lap. I put my hands on the neck and body first then he puts his back over mine. 
“Ok. Do you wanna start off where we left off?” he asks and I nod. 
“Ok well, we left off on the third Dm and B flat. This is the one you’ve been having so much trouble with. I think you just get all switched up in your head,” he explains as he moves both his and my fingers back to the chords. 
“Then comes the C and F except before it was C, F so they just switch places,” he continues to explain as his hands still lightly guide mine. 
“Now from there you just do that all a second time,” he tells me before just plucking the chord in the same order. 
“And there you have the first verse,” he informs me as his hands come away from mine for a moment. 
“Really, that’s all it is?” I ask and he nods. 
“Do you wanna try it on your own now?” he asks with a light grin. 
“Yeah. I know you're here if I need you,” I agree and his grin widens. 
“Ok. Let’s see it then,” he agrees before pointing at the guitar that’s still in my lap. 
I wonder for a moment if I should move or if he will, but when he stays I decide to just stay too. I then position my hands into the first chord before plucking the chords by myself this time. 
Same as the last two times, I get the first Dm and B flat and the F and C out perfectly, but when it comes up to the third Dm and B flat, I have to concentrate a little harder. I finally get it and I smile as I stop and excitedly look at Charlie. 
“I got it!” I exclaim as I grin and Charlie nods with a proud smile of his own. 
“See, I told you ya would. Now there’s nothing to it, you have the whole first verse down,” he points out with the smile still on his face. 
“Ok! Let’s keep going!” I excitedly sit back down and he chuckles. 
“Ok. The chords are mostly all the same, just played a little differently, ok?” he asks me and I eagerly nod, making him chuckle again. 
“Do you want my hands or just you?” he asks and I smile brightly at him. 
“Yours for the first time, please. Then I’ll try it on my own,” I ask and he nods as he brings his back up to be over mine. 
“Ok, the first part of the chorus is the F. Then you’ll give a B flat,” he explains as he again shows me the chords and I focus on trying to memorize them, but his chuckle pulls me out of my focused state. 
“What?” I ask and I feel him shrug from behind me. 
“You're just super cute when you focus,” he admits and for the millionth time today, I feel the heat run up my neck as I blush. 
“What’s so cute about me when I’m focused? If anything, I think I look dumb,” I note and he chuckles again. 
“Nope, it's definitely cute. You stick your tongue out and kinda space out,” he explains, making me throw my head back against his shoulder and groan. 
“How is that cute?!” I proclaim and again he chuckles as he shrugs. 
“I don’t know, but it is. And it’s 100% you,” he responds and I lift my head to shake it. 
“Sometimes I don’t get you, Charles,” I joke and he just smiles charmingly. 
“That’s my charm,” he jokes back and I playfully scoff. 
“Charm, my ass,” I mutter and he gasps. 
“You don’t think I’m charming?” he asks and I giggle as he playfully pouts. 
“Oh, stop the pouting. Your lip will fall off…” I state with a laugh when his mouth falls open. 
“Ha! Got you at your own game!” I shout as I poke his thigh. 
“That’s not nice,” he grumbles and I giggle. 
“Oh calm down, of course you're charming,” I affirm with a fake roll of my eyes as I pretend he’s being dramatic. 
“Thank you for admitting the truth,” he playfully jokes and I again roll my eyes. 
“Drama queen,” I mutter and he gasps again. 
“Take that back,” he shouts as he pinches my side, making me squirm. 
“Nope! Not happening,” I joke back and he grins. 
“Oh, you wanna play that way, huh?” he asks and my eyes widen. 
“Koa! Dogpile!” Charlie shouts as he effortlessly moves so now I’m laying on my stomach with him on top of me. 
“Koa. Baby, don’t…” I warn the sweet baby of a dog, but he doesn’t listen to me and hops up onto his dad's back. 
“Koa! You betrayed me!!” I shout out with a giggle and Koa just tilts his head to the side. 
After a moment of looking at me, Koa jumps off Charlie and comes around to me. He licks at my face and I giggle as Charlie pushes him away after almost ten licks or more. 
“Ok. Koa, I know you're sorry,” I coo at the dog as he sits before me. 
“I’d pet you, but I’ve got a lump on top of me right now,” I tell the dog and Charlie gasps again. 
“You did NOT just call me a lump,” he retorts and I giggle. 
“Oh, I 100% did. What ya gonna do about it, huh?” I admit as I finally get myself turned around. 
“This…” he remarks and before I know it his lips are on mine. 
I let out a small gasp as it was a surprise to be kissed by him. I really wasn’t expecting it, but that being said I wasted no time in returning it. His hands rest on my hips as my own arms wrap themselves around his neck. 
My hand treads into the hair at his nape and I massage his neck with my other thumb. He deepens the kiss and it isn't how I expected the kiss to be; no fireworks or sparks or anything that ignited something within me, but there is something else... something indescribable, a sort of happiness that flows through me like a warm buzz. Yes, definitely better than the fireworks.
It lasted for a while, us kissing, wrapped up in our own world before it was rudely interrupted by a bark that made us pull apart from one another. We both laugh as Koa squeezes in between us to lick both of our faces. Koa then runs back over to the water and Charlie smiles lightly as he sits up and pulls me with him.
“So. I was wondering if maybe you’d like to go out with me?” He asks as he pushes some of my hair back and plays with it. 
“Depends. Where, you taking me?” I ask jokingly and he grins. 
“So that’s a yes?” He asks and I playfully roll my eyes. 
“No. I’m just asking where you're taking me for the fun of it. Of course it’s a yes Char,” I joke and he chuckles, shaking his head. 
His thumb rubs my cheek as he continues to grin at me. I smile as I lean into his hand as I reach up with mine and grab onto it. I close my eyes for a moment before opening them back up to see him looking at me with a gleam in his eyes. 
“Can I kiss you again?” He asks me and I giggle. 
“Ever so polite Charlie…” I joke as I look into his eyes. 
“You don’t even need to ask bubs. Just kiss me,” I whisper out and he nods. 
His other hand comes up to my cheek as his lips land on mine and I smile as he tenderly holds me. Our lips mold together as I hold onto his wrists. All to soon though he slowly pulls back before putting his forehead to mine. 
“Wanna skip the lightsaber work today and just go for a swim then maybe cuddle while we watch the sunset?” He asks as I turn and sit back against the wall. 
“Sure. We can dedicate next week to sabers. Can we finish the song before swimming though?” I ask and he grins as he puts his arm around my shoulder. 
“I’d say that sounds reasonable. As long as I can steal a few of these from you,” he replies before leaving a peck on my lips making me smile and cuddle into his side. 
“Works for me. Steal as many as you’d like,” I agree and he smiles as he rubs the top of my shoulder. 
We sit cuddled up for a little while longer before finishing off practicing the song. Then we go for a swim and Koa plays around where we are. Once our swim is up we both get out and grab our towels before drying off a bit. 
Charlie walks over by our stuff and lays his towel out before turning around to look at me. He motions down to the towel as he gives a light bow making me giggle. 
“After you Angel,” he offers and I once again grin. 
“Don’t mind if I do,” I remark with a giggle as I walk past him before taking a seat on the towel. 
He sits down next to me and again puts his arm around my shoulder. I lay my head on his as he pulls me slightly closer and together we watch the sun go down behind the horizon letting our night end on a very positive note. 
To Be Continued…
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