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bisousbabie · 21 days ago
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james x reader - tit sucking blurb
cw: smut, tit sucking, implied sex, just a blurb no real ending, overall its vanilla lol.
those pics are from pinterest ^
James holding you close, head resting on your tits, hands tracing the outline of them. His sleepy eyes watching how they squished as he gently tweaked your nipples through the bra, practically drooling at the sounds you were making. Poor thing getting so horny himself from the whines and groans you let out that he began rutting his hips against the bed. Making himself pouty and overstimulated, unable to cum. Just wanting to be inside you.
"Please let me suck on them" he pouted, poking at your covered tits. " so pretty" he said gazing at the pink lace bra he so desperately wanted you to take off. You tapped his shoulder as a signal for him to move so you could unclasp it. He helped you push the bra away, tossing it to the floor.
James gently kissed your nipple before taking it into his mouth and swirling his tongue around it eliciting a moan. The pressure of him laying on you making you all the more wet. He hummed around your tit, his eyes smiling up at you in a horny daze. Now it was your turn to beg him for more action.
"c'mon jamie" you pleaded dragging his hand from your breast to between your legs. He laughed at your hopeless state and began to lightly drag his fingers over your clothed clit, admiring the wet patch that was appearing on your pastel pink panties.
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ameliasbitvh · 6 months ago
look at this mess you made ; j.p.
Tumblr media
a/n : i’m sorry i keep changing my format 😭 i’m indecisive and can’t stick to one, i have to try all 🤞 anyways enjoy this blurb i made in 10 mins !!
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library account : @ameliasbitvhlibrary !!
summary : james eats you out but gets needy and starts humping the bed. — nsfw rule
wc : .3k (341)
warning(s) : oral sex (fem receiving), james humping the bed ?? and not proofread !!
Tumblr media
“jamie, please!” you whined as your baby ate your sweet pussy like there was no tomorrow. “so good, mommy. tastes just like candy.” he groaned against your cunt.
“and all yours, baby.” you smiled.
looking up from your sex a glint of happiness sparkled in his eyes. “mine?”
“yes, pretty boy. all yours.” a giggle rippled through you and he smiled, so damn bright.
he immediately returned to his meal, lapping you up like a starved man, his tongue twirling, twisting, getting in every crevice of you. not one spot was undiscovered by the brunette.
as he continued you felt the bed begin to rock. that’s when you realized, your baby was fucking the bed. “needy, jamie? so fucking needy that you’re humping the bed? pathetic.”
“mhm, your pretty noises make me tingly, mommy!” he whined against you, his hips crashing against the mattress repeatedly. the vibrations from his voice spiraling throughout your body like a wave crashing down on you. “baby, you keep doing that mommy’s gonna cum.” you chastised him.
“want y’to! want mommy to feel so good!” his cock rubbed against the bed even faster, his tongue worked on your clit, swiping back and forth; your back arched, your hands pulled at his hair, pulling him closer to your sex.
“just like that, jamesie.” you smiled drunkenly, your hips bucking up into his face.
“‘m gonna cum, mommy! please can i cum?” he cried.
“yes, baby. cum for me — cum with me.” you replied, granting him permission.
together the both of you came. your body shook from the overwhelming pleasure, pretty moans leaving your lips; tipping james over the edge. his cock twitched, the pleasure spamming in his stomach releasing from the tip of his cock. white ribbons released onto the bed, making a mess of it.
pulling yourself up from your orgasm, you relaxed on your elbows looking up and saw james. his lips covered in your juices, eyes showing how subby he was.
“look at this mess you made, baby? now you gotta clean it up.”
Tumblr media
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fantastiqueali · 5 months ago
Added love
Tumblr media
Part 1, Part 2
Summary: When Remus and Sirius saw you and James, they took themselves to join in on the fun.
Pairing: James Fleamont Potter x Reader x Sirius Black x Remus Lupin
Warning: Minors dni!, 18+, Softdom!Remus, Dom!Sirius, Sub!Reader, Sub!James Overstimulation, Degradation, Somnophilia, Dacryphilia, Anal, Foursome, D.S. dynamic, Fingering, Hand job, Swearing, Pet names, Reader is on birth control, Oral (m&f receiving), Daddy kink, Spitting, Hair pulling, Double penetration, and Detailed. (Please, if any of this discomforts you. Don't read.)
Word count: 3.9k
Sirius crept into the room, nearing the bed that was more than a mess. His smirk is more visible than ever. His sinful thoughts on how to use this to his advantage for both him and you. His fingers meet with your cheeks, grazing them affectionately until his thumb reaches the depths of your lips — opening them graciously with it, giving you a hint of the taste of chocolate frogs. He pushes his thumb carefully into your mouth, his lustful desire reaching the ceiling above him as you hollow your cheeks and began to suck on his thumb like the dumb deprived whore you are.
Remus watched them impurely. Keeping his posture and control over himself as he watches the erotic scene in front of him. The bulge in his pants seems to have pent more anger and yearning to be released. You, sitting on top of James’ leg as his cock began to rise again whilst you suck violently on Sirius’ thumb. How can he not join in the fun?
“Who would've thought that the innocent Y/N is not so innocent at all?” The pad of his thumb swiping over your tongue, letting a drool go past your lips to his forearm. Beaming at the lewd position you are in. Folded legs as you sat on it, hands on your knees like an obedient puppy, like he would call you at that moment, not-so-innocent eyes staring back at him, nearly begging him to rut hard in you.
Sirius brought his thumb out of your mouth, earning a quiet pop. His hand settles on your jaw, cradling your head ever so softly. Not a second later, he leaned forward and cherished his lips on yours. You felt how his lush lips move perfectly on yours, loving the way he controls every bit of it. Not letting you have a second to have control. His other hand went up at the other side of your head, turning your head up so he had more access to your lips. Then a wet swipe of a tongue prodded at your lips, gesturing you to open and let him taste every bit of your mouth. Even though you want to, what's fun without being a tad bit rebel?
You continued to close your mouth shut. Sending a hint to Sirius. He enclosed his lips with yours, biting your lower lips and pulling them tenderly. His freezing hands sent shivers to your spine as they went behind your neck and travelled up to your hair. A harsh grab of your hair caused a yelp out from you, your mouth opening just slightly for a second. But that's all Sirius needed to attack your lips again, only this time his tongue inside your cavern, searching every corner as if he was trying to remember even the littlest part of it.
“So dominant for Jamie over there yet a little whore begging for our cock.” Sirius’ words went through the patch of pool in your underwear, causing you to rub them tight to result in friction of pleasure. Footsteps of what you guess were Remus’, walks near you. He took your chin away from Sirius, pulling it upward for him to see your face. “Why don't y'ask your baby here if I could kiss you hmm?” You looked over your shoulder to see James watching the three of you. Breathing unstable, whilst his eyes dared him to close. “Words,” Remus demands.
Sirius’ clothes shuffle, pulling them over his head, throwing them somewhere far as if he doesn't need them anymore. Your attention went back to James. It's no secret that you had a big ego. It makes you embarrassed asking him after all that you had done and said to him. “Can… Can I kiss Remus?” He stared at you for a minute. Remus tapped his forearm from waiting too much. James nodded, finally. Remus didn't wait for another minute before grabbing your cheeks and indulging your lips with him. A sigh left him, as he inhaled your scent.
The two boys will not admit it before but they had some kind of infatuation with you. But it made you the forbidden fruit as you were marked James’. Of course, they respected their best friend so much that they had to lock their adoration away. However, now that they had heard everything. Those feelings bloom more. Not stopping them now.
Remus pushed your frame down benevolently, locking you up inside of his broad arms while proceeding onto your neck. James’ leg makes your back arch, affecting your chest to connect with Remus’, much to his liking. While his hand lays on the side, pushing his body up, his other hand motions to your cleavage, ever so slightly moving to your chest, kneading the sides causing a low moan to flee your lips. As he works wonders with his hand, his lips do their job to your neck. Pursuing that sweet spot that got a ripe tune escaping you. He abuses that spot so much that it turns into a big patch of a dark purple bruise that they would like to call love bites.
“Moony save some f'me will yah?” Sirius complained, wanting to have a taste for his own but can't because of Remus’ greediness. He returned a deep growl as he tore your uniform away, possibly that can't be used anymore. “Moony,” you whined. You only had two pairs of that uniform. “‘M’sorry. Gonna buy you a new one.” He goes on with your cleavage out now. Both of his hands stimulate your breasts, while he leaves small love bites on the exposed parts. “Remus. Seriously, don't be too selfish.” Remus only tightened his grip on you, causing a small shriek from you. “I’m not done here. Can't you see?”
Sirius complied with a groan, letting his friend take over some more as he lit up a cigarette that he kept in his pocket. James on the other hand was appreciating it more than ever. His hand sneakily went down to his hardened shaft. His mind fogging up every sense it can have and only focusing on you and Remus’ make out. He emits a groan once Remus' hand snakes into your back, he plays with it for a bit before it induced a small clink of metal. He yanks your bra and the moment James saw your breasts he started an incoherent mix of moan and groan. His hand worked faster, as he felt the blood rush below him.
Remus eyed the upper half of your body with admiration. Prepared to pamper himself with the beauty below him. You're much smaller compared to him and he feels like he has dominion over every part of you. His ardent kisses wander down to your reddened erected nipple — sucking it forcibly while the other gets occupied by his calloused palm.
He leaves a trail of dark marks, going down from your ribs to your pelvis. You grind your body up to feel more of his lips but only got declined when he pushed your body down harshly. “Be patient, doll. Or I might just end it here.” He wasn't exactly true to himself when those words of deception.
You let out a shaky breath as you felt your skirt go up to your belly, exposing your upper thigh and soaking panties. Sirius looked over Remus’ shoulder and saw the patch of wetness from your core. He groans, palming his restrained growing cock much harder than before. At any minute he can throw Remus across the room and have you for himself.
A fantasy of delectation from Remus’ finger was not a fantasy anymore. His thumb pressed on the nub that was asking to be released and let it have the pleasure of the night. Possessing a whiny moan over you that compels the three men to grow impatiently on having their fun with you.
James finally had his balance, sitting up with his arms stretching out on the mattress to push his stature. He moved his hand to your face, breaking your notion of Remus. He looked at you with doe eyes, caressing your hair as gentle as the fallen snow of November. You know what those eyes plead, those adventurous hazel tinted eyes could never do you wrong, he could never do.
Remus lifted his head for a bit to see you and James exchanging stares. A snarky idea dimming his head up. He keenly slithered back to your frame, you divided your attention to Remus as he smiled at you. He stooped his mouth to your ears. His breathing tingles the back of your neck. A sensation of rapture shocks your lower abdomen as you feel Remus’ knee push itself with your aching cunt. An endearing wider smile patches Remus’ face, loving the way he made you feel good just by that swift move. “You like that, doll?” You nodded your head with great vigour. “Can I ask a favour, m’love?” You replied with a sigh of euphoria as he urged more force to your cunt. “Can you suck Jamie over there and take Sirius with your gorgeous hand?” A dash of crimson tinged your cheeks when you felt Remus kiss the back of your hand.
You nodded without faltering. Sirius places his cigarette down on the ashtray along with other ashes and cigarette butts, too eager to even put his down. As Remus works his kisses down to your stomach again, James comes closer to you, much to your appreciation. “Mommy… open,” he sighed, his weary eyes and expressions of elation becoming delectation to you.
Your lips divided, a neat picture of your tongue resting on your below teeth. A small groan and chuckle could be heard from Sirius as James pushed his cock between your lips. His unbelievable girth spreads your lips wider, whilst it becomes an enjoyable sensation for the other two. James’ precum entices your tongue to start to work on his cock. The way that your tongue swirls on the tip, provoking James to open his mouth in an ‘O’ shape whilst staying silent.
You felt someone carry your hand so gently but rough at the same time. Sirius uses your fingers to pull his pants down, along with his boxers. Along the way, you felt his stiff cock brushing forth on your fingertips. “Get your hand to work, pup.” His voice sent shivers to your cunt, your arousal in your panties only grew more and Remus, who was staring at it the whole time, grunted, ready to dive in and taste your sweet juice.
Your hand clasped its fingers around Sirius, owning a small groan that if you weren't so focused on hearing it, you wouldn't be able to. Your finger began spreading the precum on his tip, using it as a lubricant as you work, your hand up and down on his shaft. James pushed more of his cock down to your throat. Gagging is something you wouldn't do but with the extra tension surrounding you, you did. A strangled moan left your lips, feeling more aggravated at the fact that Remus has not done his part.
A risky motion had taken over your body. You close your thighs together and rub them for some friction to build up. A harsh thud, followed by an echoing slap made you groan. The rippling pain in your thighs fades slowly, as a red hue colour a big part of it. “What did I tell you?” A moaning sob left your lips, making James tremble more from the vibrations passed him. “James, let her talk.” James was close to running his orgasmic pleasure until Remus’ words panged his head. The hesitation of whether he should or not ran through his mind. Remus, his rising impatience caused him to yank your skirt, a tearing sound resulting in a small gasp from you. “Let. Her. Talk.”
Remus commands made James cower away. Not wanting to, he pulled out of your mouth, a saddened manner washes over him, whilst Sirius was enjoying both the pleasure of your hand and the way that you squirm underneath the three of them. Remus’ hands locked both of your legs apart as he glared straight into your sombre eyes. “I-I’m sorry Remmy-” “Think twice before you call me the wrong name.” Your head is already getting fogged up by the immense frustration, you did not stammer or be embarrassed in calling him exactly the way he wants.
“I’m sorry daddy. Please!” Remus side-eyed at Sirius who gave him an agreeing smirk. He directed his eyes back at you, also wanting to get on with fucking you already. “Tell me what you want and beg for it.” An idiot cry fell over you, salty tears now dropping from your eyes. Remus’ hands began to caress your upper thigh, ghosting the aching need of your cunt. “Please! Please, daddy. Please, touch my pussy. Please, fuck me until I can't cum anymore!” That alone is enough for Remus to rip her panties away and pull her down with force. Your eyes roll back, and the sounds of ‘oh’s’ can be heard as Remus instantly attacks the touch-deprived clit.
Sirius went near you, pulling your hand to his more hardened cock, guiding you into making him feel the pleasure. Not wanting James to be left out, you reached for his cock, doing the same as Sirius. You gasped, feeling Remus’ wet and sloppy tongue go down to your slit, whilst his thumb continues to work on your clit. The overwhelming delight blurs your head out and only thought about how it will feel better if they all fucked you right there and then.
James loved the sight of you being a sub like him. The scenery of you being all dominant for him is enough to propel him into continuous orgasm. Much more that he sees this side of you. His mommy was all fucked up just by his friend’s tongue. He groaned, gripping the sheet below him so tight that it could rip. A chain of moans left his mouth whilst his eyes were rolled back to his head as streams of his cum coated your stomach and your boobs. Some splattering on your hand.
Sirius’ peak followed James’. He bent down to your head, he grunted and groaned continuously as your movement on his cock became rapid. Sirius grabbed your chin and opened your mouth. You never knew that someone spitting in your mouth brings you into ecstasy until Sirius did. “Swallow,” he said, followed by a grunt as streams of his semen also garnished your stomach. You did as you were told and Sirius could never be any more proud.
You feel your spasm closer when you realize a finger slowly entering your cunt. Then another one. Then another one. Remus’ speed thrusts of his fingers were driving you mad. The knot in your stomach gets tighter and tighter whilst an added overstimulation mopped your body when you felt the tip of his tongue dance on your clit. You clamped on his fingers. A hint that you’ll be reaching your peak soon. But the tight knot in your stomach only loosened when Remus’ fingers left your cunt. Making you feel empty.
You whined at the loss of touch only to be slapped by Sirius. “Such a slut aren’t yah?” You responded with a sob of whines, your hips searching for Remus’ touch. “Please. I need you.” Your wail for pleasure made the three men groan. Watching your body hunt for the orgasm that it needs. “You want to be dumbfucked right?” You nodded, eagerly wanting what Remus said. “Then fingers won't do yah good.”
And just like that, he flipped you over, pushing your upper part down whilst he pulled your thighs up. A cold airy feel hits your cunt, impressing you to whimper. You heard shuffles of clothes, what you guess is Remus finally taking his clothes off. His index finger going down your spine makes you shiver. Sirius took a fistful of your hair and made you look up at him. “What a beautiful whore.”
Remus’ finger draws a circle on your ass before slapping it hard, your body jolting and hisses alarming you. His index finger eventually halted on your hole. Remus made eye contact with Sirius and James as if telling them what he was planning on. They both nodded, craving to see your, fucked up begging face. “Doll,” he called. You lift your head, peeking behind your shoulder to catch a glimpse of three men behind you, eyes faltering on your ass. “Has anyone taken this hole before?” Remus knows that you and James hadn’t done it yet since James still kept rambling about his plan to do so. You mewled out a quiet no. “Then how ‘bout I’d be the first?”
His invitation ignites you to accept, yet you are too hesitant. Scared that you would be such an enormous wreck with just one thrust. “I would be gentle,” he pleads. You were still reluctant about the idea. However, knowing Remus, you trust him. Your head shooked up and down, inflicting the three of them, Remus in particular, to be delighted.
Sirius made his way to lay down below you, Remus taking hold of you for Sirius to have his position. James went in front of you, understanding what he has to do. Remus pushed two fingers into your mouth, lubricating them generously. Not even a minute passed by, the pain of Remus’ finger deliberately thrusting into you, startles your body. “Shh, s'alright pup. You’ll feel good, not long enough.” Sirius cooed, tucking a lock of your hair behind your ear. Your arms enclosed on Sirius’ shoulder as you felt another finger prodding in.
“Kiss me.” Without another word, you heaved your head up and kissed Sirius. His lips fulfil what it needs to do. A not so rough kiss is what he could do the least to subside the pain and get wrapped in pleasure.
You moaned in between Sirius’ kiss when you felt the pain lessen and get replaced by an unusual pleasance. Once Remus knows you are ready, he pulls his fingers out. “Puppy, look up at Jamie. You need to suck him off right?” You nodded, James was in position ready to push his cock back into your mouth. His eyes fell on yours, falling in love with them like it was your first time.
All of them lined up at the same time. You knew it. It horrified you. But at the same time… you were eager for it. “Pup, look up at James.” Groans trembled your lips when you felt both Remus and Sirius’ tips going in. The tip of James’ cock landed on your chin, prompting you to open up. You settled both of your hands on the sheets, balancing yourself to face James. Your mouth parted and James immediately pushed the tip, the earlier taste of his precum coated your taste buds.
A sensation of pain and arousal washed over your body when all of them thrust all of their cock into you. James’ cock ever so slightly shutting you up. Mumbled moans filled their ears as the three of them groaned. Your eyes rolled back, their steady pace of thrusts choking the moans that you wanna let out. James grabbed your hair, slightly pulling them back so he can see your face.
On normal days, he doesn’t want to see you crying or being in pain. However, that feeling receded when he saw your dumbfucked expression, while you gag on his cock. Saliva drooling on your chin and onto his cock. Salty tears flowing down your cheeks, messing up your eyeliner, getting you more in a mess. Your hair dishevelled whilst he holds a fist of it.
“Such a beautiful cock whore for us to use.” Sirius thrust in harder, causing you to bolt towards James, taking him more in your throat. “S’tight even when y’get fucked all the time huh?” Sirius went down on your nape, smelling your beautiful sweet scent. Making him groan more and fasten his pace.
Remus hadn't said a word for a long time. But he knows he’s close. The incredible tightness of your hole and the thought of him being the first man to ever take you from the back. All of it drives him insane and closer to cloud nine. His grips on your waist, leaving hand marks from the pleasurable tight hold of it. “How is she from behind Moons?” He opened his eyes and looked down at Sirius and your back. His eyes then trailed to James who was close to cumming for the third time that night. “S’good pads. So tight just for me.” You choked a yelp when Remus’ hand smacked your reddening ass.
“How ‘bout you Prongs?” James answered with a long moan, fucking himself into your mouth. His orgasm gets closer every time you moan. Sirius glances back at you, grabbing your cheeks making you and James groan from the unveiling pleasure taking over them. “Bet yah like it huh? Little Y/N being a cock slut for three men. Taking three cocks at once, one being her boyfriend and two her best friends.” There’s the tightening knot in your stomach again, ready to snap in a second if Sirius continues his banters of degradation.
“Are you close pup?” Your head nodded vigorously, meeting James’ balls when you did. Sirius replied with moans, his lips parting ways must be one of the hottest things you saw. You heard Remus and did the same, implying that they were as close as you. “Poppet, can we cum in you? Hmm? Can we- ahh fuck.” Remus' consented words push you closer to eradicating your mind. “Please mommy. Please let us.” A guilty pleasure that you always melt into James’ pleads. “Puppy, make your mind up. ‘M’not going to last another minute.” The way Sirius holds your neck flushes your mind with nothingness as all of their thrust becomes sloppy.
“Yes,” with that mumbled tone alone, all of them come undone in you whilst you, yourself went into an intense amount of pleasure when the knot in your stomach finally broke free. Sirius’ head rested on your neck as he stilled inside of you, coating you with sticky white liquid. James and Remus’ heads throw back as they continue to thrust into you, flooding your hole and mouth with their cum.
The drastic sensation overstimulates you, making your body shake in their touch. One by one, they pulled out of you, causing you to fall on Sirius’ body, ready to fall asleep. All of them catch their breath as they watch you relax yourself, Remus and Sirius’ cum flowing down on your thighs.
“Shit pup, you’re dumbfucked from that?”
“Shut up Padfoot. Let her relax.” Remus went to get you some tissues. He went to work on cleaning you up. Sirius stays still, hugging your waist as he kisses your head.
“May I remind the two of you that I’m still the boyfriend.” Sirius chuckled, his hand carefully striking your head, letting you fall into a deep slumber. “We might have feelings for her back then and still now,” Remus admitted.
Both of them looked back at James. As if asking him for permission. “I’m fine with it as long as she is.”
Sirius whispered in your ears, calling your name. “Is it okay if we add to the list of your boyfriends?” Remus continued, throwing the tissues away and then sat down on the foot of the bed.
They felt contentment when they heard you hum a small yes. That alone made them feel happy. It’s a sign for them to have one responsibility. And that is to take care of their beloved Y/N until the end.
Tumblr media
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robynlilyblack · a month ago
hi love! could you please write poly!marauders x shy!reader? :) i love how your write shy!reader sm! 🫶🏼 and maybe the reader is feeling a bit needy (not sexually) yk just needy for attention but she’s too nervous and shy to ask for cuddles and kisses but remus (or you pick who haha) notices and asks her what’s wrong and it just ends up with reader getting all the affection she wanted and yeah really fluffy <3 thank you if your write this💓
Tumblr media
A girl needs her cuddles
Tumblr media
Poly! Marauders x fem! Shy! Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: While Sirius and James are busy, Remus notices their girl is a little down
Warnings: swearing, post-hogwarts, established relationship (remus x reader focus), pure fluff
A/n: 1k words, boys are professors and the reader is the librarian cause i though that was cute. Thank you so much, shy! reader is one of my fav kinds of readers to write xx enjoy sweetie
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
You were sitting on the boys pushed together beds whilst they worked on the floor. James and Sirius on their stomachs with a pillow to protect them as they mapped out one of the new passages they found, while Remus was sitting with his back against the wardobe reading peacefully. It was rather funny, even as professors they were still updating that map of theirs
“Moons my darling, what was the scale again…1m to 10cm or 20cm?” Sirius asks in a voice you all knew meant, 'I’m pretty sure I did it wrong but I’m hoping there’s a 10% chance I didn’t'
“Nah it was 20mm wasn’t it?” James says with confidence, the two boys looking over at him while you watch subtly from the bed
Remus was quiet for a second too long and you all knew Sirius had messed up
“It was 1cm puppy” he says sweetly while you giggle quietly but not quiet enough as his wolf hearing picks it up, causing the boy to grin
Sirius’ cheeks go red muttering a quiet 'fuck' as he peers down at the drawing, realising that was why it looked so weird. James does the same before nudging Sirius and taking the map from him, beginning to restart the entire thing while the raven-haired boy sulks rather cutely beside him, cheeks mushed together in his hands
Soon Remus goes back to his reading and Sirius shuffles closer to James, snuggling into his side, the sight leaving you feeling a little…needy? Maybe that wasn’t the right word perhaps a little touch or attention starved for lack of a better phrase
They were all so excited about the new passage it left little time for your usual cuddles lately. You tried to catch their eye a few times by brushing your hand with theirs or forgetting your cardigan so when they visited the library they would hug you to warm you up. They didn’t seem to get the hint though and you now had at least one jumper or cardigan charmed to your size from each of them...not that you were complaining but still, a girl needs her cuddles
Problem was you were way too shy to ask them, even now, so you brought your legs up to your chest and hugged yourself instead
Remus glances back at that moment to check on you since you had been, funnily enough, quieter than normal. He presses his lips together in almost a pout as he observes you, head resting between your knees as you stared at James and Sirius with a look he could only describe as forlorn
You don’t seem to notice him slipping the bookmark you gifted him into his book, nor him getting up to put his book on the nightstand
“Hey bunny” he whispers, sliding in behind you, arms snaking around your sides
You instantly melt under his touch, hands loosening around your knees as you fall into him
“Hi” you bite your lip, trying to hold back your smile
He shifts on the bed, dragging one leg around your back so he can pull you closer, letting you settle between his legs
“You okay?” he nuzzles his nose into the hair just behind your ear, his strong yet gentle arms holding you flush against his chest
You hum in response, turning your head so you can nudge your nose into his cheek “I am now” you whisper, not wanting to disturb the other boys nor break yours and Remus’ moment
You can feel his cheeks rise before he plants a sweet kiss to the corner of your eyebrow “What’s wrong bunny?” he asks, face so close you can feel each others breaths
You shy away from him but he brings one hand away from your waist, rough fingers gripping your jaw softly and bringing it back towards him
“Bunny” his voice deepens, a smirk he tries to hide playing on his lips at your bashful expression
After a few moments to compose yourself you take a prolonged breath “I wanted cuddles” you confess shamfully and his smirk breaks free, a fond chuckle escaping his lips as his fingers slide upwards until they cradle your cheek, thumb moving back and forth over the apple in a smoothing motion
“You should have just said bun” he shuffles impossibly closer, eyes flicking to the side briefly to see James still working on the map while Sirius is now in his dog form getting a belly rub from James’ free hand “Cuddles with you are the best” he rubs his nose with yours, adoring the scrunch
“Better than Siri’s?” you ask a little wide eyed, a happy shock flowing through you as Sirius’ padfoot form had such soft fur it was better than any blanket…especially now he was stealing your conditioner 
He licks his lips “Yes, just don’t tell him that” he winks causing you to giggle, the giggles catching the other boys’ attention
“My lips are s…Siri!” you start before you feel a ball of fur jump on you, pushing your back further into Remus’ chest
You turn your head back to face your boyfriend…well dog...and he licks your face, slobbery kisses all over. Remus chuckles at the sight, one hand still wrapped around you while the other takes James' as the boy moves to cuddle into his side
Eventually Sirius settles down, curling up into a ball on your lap, groaning softly as your nails scratch the skin beneath his fur, while James leans forward to kiss your cheek then Remus’ before laying down next to you both, head by your legs so he can see you both
“You’re so pretty” he says a little tired, head kissing Sirius’ snout, cheek squished against the covers
Remus wears a faint blush while you lean back in order to tug your head into Remus’ neck to hide from the compliments, much to James' delight before he closes his eyes and cosies into Sirius
“Better?” Remus whispers not wanting to wake the other two as they quickly slip off
You nod, pulling back to smile gratefully at him “Thank you” you bring your lips to his for a lingering kiss
“Anytime” he gives you one last peck “You want me to move him before your legs go numb or is it worth it?” he wonders, voice so soft you feel yourself becoming one with the mattress
“Worth it…but do you think you could reach our book?” you gesture to the nightstand and he chuckles quietly
“Course bunny”
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading 💛
Tumblr media
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eddiesmetalfairy · a month ago
loving on james potter after he comes home from a long trip!
you really think he’s got prettier. big brown doe eyes, honey smooth and soft, framed by thick, dark lashes that kiss at the corners and gazing at you with all the pent up affection he’s saved from the last two months. phone calls really don’t do your boy justice; mind you, you can’t see much of him with the way you’re smushed against his front, your fists entangled in his jacket and your face pressed to the hollow of his throat.
“hi, shortcake,” he laughs. you hum and snuggle closer. “come on, we need to go.” his voice is soft but firm; and it does occur to you then that you ambushed him in the middle of the airport and haven’t moved since. you peel away from him a fraction, coming face to face with those gorgeous dimples you’ve missed so dearly.
“you’re never leaving again, jamie.”
“not if i can help it.” the kiss he presses to the top of your head is light and chaste but packed with love. you haven’t wanted to admit it to him, but you’ve been lonely in his absence. you see sirius and remus every day, lily and marlene almost as much, and yet no one quite compares to your james; no one even comes close, really.
when he starts walking, you grip his hand with such a ferocity that your knuckles pale. he only pulls you closer in response, tucks you into his side and engulfs you with a thickly muscled arm. you preen.
the drive back is short and quiet and then you’re home. it feels more homey now james is back, less empty; you feel less empty.
“james,” you mumble; the soft pudge of your cheek squishes against his shoulder when you roll your head to stare up at him through your lashes. he’s wrapped around you in the bed, his warmth a welcome change from the gaping hole he’s left in your bed since he’s been gone.
“shortcake,” he says back. his voice is laced with sugar and you grin.
“i missed you, baby.” his smile grows tenfold at the affectionate name.
“i missed you more.”
you press a kiss to his shoulder, his elbow, his hand; then you travel up— his neck, his jaw, the divot of his chin. he makes this light, airy sound that makes your insides flip. he’s content. here with you, he can relax, let you love on him, forget about responsibilities. it’s just the two of you.
james can’t sleep without you. he has to have you near, so as you can imagine, the past couple of months haven’t been great. his eyes flutter as you card fingers through his unruly curls, a thumb rubbing soothing circles into his forehead, pushing out his frown. your body is on his, a comforting weight, and he’s dozing. you kiss his cheek once more for good measure.
“g’night, baby,” you murmur, voice quiet and fanning over his face. he smiles absently, broad chest pressing to your back as he rolls the pair of you over.
“night, shortcake. mmph- love you.”
“love you more, jamie.”
your own eyes get heavy after that.
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curseofaphrodite · 7 months ago
wake up, fall down.
summary: james doesn't get drunk often but when he does, chaos follow. tw: mentions of alcohol! requested by the lovely @wrathspoet | very short btw.
Tumblr media
James woke up with a headache so bad that he wished he could stay in bed all day. But there was a big match that morning, so he had to get up.
Maybe five more minutes wouldn't hurt...?
"GET THE FUCK UP!" you hit his head with the softest pillow you could find, but he still jumped up with shock — not by the pillow, but by your presence in the room.
"What the—?" he saw you towering over him with a glare. "What are you doing here?"
"I should be asking you that," you said through gritted teeth. James fell sideways to the floor, right off the mattress. He groaned, looking around him.
Nope, it definitely wasn't his room.
"What am I doing in your dormitory?" he asked, standing up slowly. He immediately gasped, looking at the bed and then at you. "No."
"Can you please get ready?" you threw his quidditch robes to his face; something Sirius had brought over earlier. "The match starts in less than an hour."
"What happened last night?" The question was aimed mainly at himself, but you ignored him anyway. Think, think!
There was a party, he was sure of it. The rest of the details were more than a little fuzzy.
"I promised McGonagall that I'd make sure you reach there on time, so let's go!"
"But—" He looked down and saw that he was fully clothed while waking up. He let out a breath he didn't know was holding. Now that he was sure he didn't actually sleep with you, he thought back on the last thing he could remember.
Butterbeer's yuck. You're just saying that because you don't wanna drink it. I don't! Have you ever tried it? No! This seems as good as night as any to change that.
James gasped.
"Some shithead from Ravenclaw asked me to drink!" he yelled triumphantly. "I remember now! Well, fragments. I must have been drunk off my ass but how did I reach here?"
"I was helping you sober up," you said, sighing.
He laughed because the prospect of you helping him seemed demonic. You rarely saw him eye to eye on any topic, let alone be acquaintances for a night. You kept fidgeting with your watch, which didn't go unnoticed either.
"Look, we don't have to talk about it," you shrugged, pointing to the robes. "Just get to the match in one piece."
Now that made him suspicious. Before you could leave the room to let him change his clothes, he got in front of the door to block your path.
"What did I do?" he asked, wide-eyed and innocent. "I can't even remember—"
Oh, but then he did. Seeing how you weren't meeting his eyes, he remembered.
Oh gods, I love you so much. Are you drunk? Yes, but that's not relevant. Kiss me. Potter, you need to sleep. You don't want to... kiss me? It's - I - STOP with your puppy eyes. I'll kiss you when you are sober. Deal? Deal!
"Oh!" his mouth fell open. He noted that you weren't angry, just flustered. A smug smile spread over his features. "Well, I think you owe me a kiss—"
Before he could complete that sentence, you had grabbed his jaw and pressed your lips against his. He stiffened under your touch, then kissed you deeper. Your tongue was dangerously close to his, and he felt it fit to make it more... pleasurable. His hand trailed behind your back, but you stepped away hastily.
"That was a kiss," he whispered, panting.
You rolled your eyes, though there was a ghost of a smile on your face. "Good luck with the match."
"Thank you. Wait," he gasped. "You kissed me because you knew I'd think about it all day long and get distracted! YOU WANT GRYFFINDOR TO LOSE!"
"Yeah, that was implied with my Hogwarts letter—"
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weaselbrownie · 10 months ago
Flo why am I desperate for softdom!james making me ride him in his dorm
masterlist | taglist
"Your call princess" James cooed, leaning back to rest his back against the headboard as he watched your bare body hover above his standing cock.
You steadied yourself, bringing both your hands to hold on to his shoulder for support as you started to lower your body onto him. "That's it, nice and easy" His hands wandered your sides, barely touching your skin to shiver goosebumps down your body.
You chewed on your bottom lip as you felt his tip prodding your entrance. Slowly lowering yourself further as he stretched your walls snugly around him.
Inch by inch he disappeared inside you, the deeper he got the wider he stretched you. "Look at that, hm..." He teased, his hands clamping down onto your waist to keep you from moving. "...takin' me so well like a good girl"
"T-Thank you daddy" You gritted out, his hands finally loosening to give you room to start moving.
"Alright baby, go on, bounce on m'cock" The edges of his lips turned up into a smirk, watching your movements as you slowly lift yourself up before sitting back down on him, taking his cock balls deep inside you.
"Feels good daddy" You whined, gradually taking your hands off his shoulder, redirecting them to pinch and pull at your hardening bud.
James watched you pleasure yourself on him, fastening your bounce as the moans slip right past your lips and into the open air of his dorm. "Feels good, baby?..." He repeated your words.
You didn't hesitate to nod at his question, pulling out your whines to back up your answer. Your legs were starting to burn but you didn't care, keeping a steady rhythm to chase out the heavy knot that formed on the pit of your stomach until you couldn't take it anymore.
"Slowing down already?..." He chirped, knowing how close you were. "...c'mon baby you said you wanted this" James teased, his fingers circling your exposed skin, keeping his grip on your waist to guide you up and down on his cock once again.
You whined, jutting your bottom lip, batting your lashes up at the boy in front of you "But 'm tired, daddy..." You slithered your balmy palms down, tracing his bicep as you slowed yourself.
"Well 'm not gonna help you, princess..." He leaned back, loosening the grip he had on your waist to let his palms fall down your thigh "...so if you wanna cum, better work for it"
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buckys-little-belle · 11 days ago
Kitty Cat
Marauders (Remus, Sirius, James) x Little!Reader (They/Them Pronouns Used)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The marauders with a little that turns into a baby kitten as their animagi. (Usually they are an adult sized cat.)
When they’re little they can’t always control their change, so sometimes the boys will come back to the dorm and there’s Y/n just taking a little cat nap.
They’ll pick them up and snuggle them to their chest, giving them little pets behind the ears.
They have countless polaroid pictures of Y/n as a kitten, their eyes closed at the flash.
James is obviously the fun kitten dad, he will pick kitten Y/n up just to bother them, he’s always the first to get out the toys when Y/n’s a kitten.
Sirius is odly calm when it comes to kitten Y/n, though his calmness doesn’t mean he isn’t a menace. He takes Y/n out for walks throughout the school, in the forbidden forest, one time he put them in his books bag to hogsmeade.
Remus is absolutely the protective kitten dad, he has a little cat brush that he uses on them, he always makes sure there’s some water and food left in the room when the boys leave. He also bought many books on how to take care of a kitten.
One time Y/n gets loose in the school, the boys run around asking everyone if they’ve seen a cat.
Word gets to the teachers, the boys have to stop their search for ten minutes just to convince the teachers that they don’t have a pet in their dorm.
Thank the heavens no one checked their dorm, because they do have a cat treat and cat toy stash in one of the boys dressers … As well as a small cat bed that the boys bought together.
Y/n doesn’t often regress and turn into their animagi, but when they do the boys are obsessed with them, more than they usually are.
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indigoh4ze · 11 months ago
kinktober day thirty-one - poly!marauders
(dom) poly!marauders x (sub) fem!reader - pillow riding & humiliation
warnings: humiliation kink, pillow riding, crying, daddy kink, pet names, degradation, dumbification, a moment of pinching, d/s dynamic, kind of dubious consent? sorta exhibition, polyamorous relationship, lmk what else
a/n: last kinktober- it feel weird but we did it
reblogs appreciated!!!
“look at ‘er, she’s crying already,” sirius is almost laughing at you, eyes locked on your pathetic figure, hips rocking back and forth over the rough material of the pillow.
“‘m not surprised, she’s a little fucking slut, isn’t that right y/n? you’re our brainless little toy, yeah?” remus glanced at you, his head cocked to the side ever so slightly, eyes scanning over your weak hip movements and trembling thighs.
“n-no, not a slut daddy, not-“ a loud sob fled your lips, head tilting back and hand grabbing ahold of the strong one that was by your side, keeping you upright by the waist.
“oh, sweetie, ‘s alright, we know you’re just a stupid little baby, ‘s not your fault,” james’s condescending tone rang through your ear, his hand squeezing yours and serving as a strikingly comforting grounding base.
yet, it only caused more tears to spring to your eyes, fat droplets rolling down the apples of your cheeks in a feeble display.
thighs burning and abdomen clenching, you released whines that teetered between the lines of pleasure and pain. the gazes of the three males were full of amusement and apathy, barely an ounce of pity seen in their visage.
the lack of fullness must’ve been the worst part, the absence of one of their comforting girths inside your cunt causing you to spiral - your pussy clenching around nothing repeatedly, the friction against your throbbing bundle of nerves not being enough to satiate the growing desire.
“daddy- need you, need y’cock, this is too hard,” you cried out, another failed attempt at gaining sympathy.
to add onto the stimulation, sirius began tweaking your exposed nipples, soothing the mound and then rubbing over the bud rapidly with his thumb, his eyes flickering to yours every so often to gather your reaction and ultimately gain entertainment from your distressed visage.
unexpectedly, you felt something rub against your slit, and when you spared a glance down you realized remus’ hand was wedged between your pussy and the pillow, his slender digits gathering your slick roughly - which resulted in you twitching from the potent clit stimulation.
“look at that, you’re soaked, bunny. don’t act like you’re not enjoying it, our dirty slut loves us watching her get off to a fuckin’ pillow, doesn’t she?” the raven tresses male mused, one side of his mouth turned upwards, the animistic gaze provoking blood to rush to your cheeks, a silent whimper spilling from your lips.
“answer him, baby.” a warning pinch to your perspiring thighs from the boy with the bed of brunet curls had your attention snapping upwards.
“y-yes, daddy, i do,” you bashfully admitted, practically mortified in this moment; their eyes were all trained on you, watching how pitiful you looked moaning from the sensation the soaked material brought onto you, along with their demeaning words and taunts.
fingers slot around the column of your neck, steering your jaw to the side until you were face to face with james, his lips coming in contact with yours in less than a second, a full heated kiss being generated. his tongue ventured your mouth rousingly, your hips moving more frantically now.
you moaned into his mouth, disappointed when he separated the two cushions, a string of saliva webbing them together, his plump bottom lip still ghosting against yours, “go on, cum.”
general taglist - @xoxog0ssipg1rl @remusjlupinisdead @sprucewoodlover @wlfstxr @i-love-scott-mccall @koolllook @remuslupinsmoon @crystal-dee
both eras - @lonelyhe4rts @fredweasleylittleslut @animprxperworld @Nevilleismywhore  @malfoyswhxre @wolfstar-lb @callmemrsbrekker @yourlocalstrawberry @jrj2 @yumicloudshp @marv3lwhor3 @pinkandblueblurbs @silverdelirium @fairydxll @evesbiggestf4n @waszuka @kazuxmi @sunshinexweasley @elesoteri @arcaneslut @dilflover10 @wrongilbert @ambi-doo12 @emma67 @whoooooisthis @arcaneofdawn @theunwcnted @hvgwartss @blowing-mikey @wrongilbert @bby-gxrnet @ildm4ev @ravenclawwhore @saggyb1lls @kazuxmi @demirunner @mel119g @ronweasleysslut @veronicasawyersluver @arcaneofdawn @rav3nclawwhore @i-have-my-issues @momluvr123 @ferretboysupremacy @downbad4thewlis
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masivechaos · 27 days ago
James Potter x  fem! reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Request: yes / no
Synopsis: Y/n is known to be really clumsy and after another joke from Sirius she wants to prove the opposite but it stays complicated.
Warning/content: hurt to comfort, angst to fluff i think, a little of non-sexual nudity, swearing, my English
a.n.: 1.3k words- not proud but had to write :/
masterlist/ marauders masterlist / navigation
── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.───・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.──
James let out a little chuckle as he watched Y/n flying up and down without stopping before finally landing on the grass. “See? I was right” Sirius grinned, he just told Y/n was far too clumsy to fly, which was maybe true but she took it as a challenge.
He meant it to be a joke but she couldn’t help, it was not the first time people laughed about her clumsiness and today she couldn’t accept this. So after another remark from Sirius, she flew back up, James not understanding it hurt her.
And she tried to fly the most perfect possible for as long as she could, Sirius and Remus even finishing by exiting the garden to stay in the living room. James stood there, a smile on his face as he eyed his girlfriend being a pure clumsy badass girlfriend.
When she seemed to be done, the boy frowned when she didn’t come back “James!” she shouted slightly panicked “How can I land down?” her voice was flinching and trembling.
The boy’s smile faded away “Focus Y/n” quidditch was maybe the worst thing that could happen to her. “James help me!” she pleaded, worry winning her.
She and the marauders were staying at James’ house for the summer and he decided to keep an eye on her flying since she was struggling but as she was up there and he was watching her from below because they had just one broom after Sirius and he broke the two others during the last vacation, he couldn’t help but felt guilty at the worried look on her face.
“I don’t know what to do!” she panicked, staring at the ground as she continued to raise up. She felt the tears in the corner of her eyes.
James was thinking about the best way to bring her back down “Y/n! Y/n! Focus on me!” her eyes found him and he could almost see a tear falling on her cheek “Y/n. It’s gonna be okay. You first need to calm down.”
Y/n shook her head, that was such a stupid idea to put herself on a broom “I’m gonna fall!” she cried. James took a deep breath “No, you’re not going to fall. Trust me, please” he didn’t stop looking into her eyes, hoping she’d finally relax.
“Try to calm down. Being panicked is not going to help. Breathe in, breathe out” she followed his instructions as much as she could. She tried to only focus on her boyfriend down there, his arms wide open that would soon be wrapped around her middle.
After a few minutes, she finally calmed down, her broom staying stabilise in the air. “Good, Y/n! I’m proud of you” he saw a ghost of a smile on her face “Now, lean forward and you’ll slowly start to get down”
She did as he told and after struggling a bit finally landed down. James rushed to her, wrapping his strong arms around her shoulders “It’s okay. You’re okay, Y/n. Everything is fine.” he reassured her as she started to cry in the crook of his neck.
“I was so scared” she cried and he held her even tighter, he kissed her forehead, letting his lips brush against her skin until she calmed down. Y/n was exhausted by the day, and James felt her starting to fall asleep against his shoulder.
He caressed her cheek with his finger softly “Hey… Let’s get you to bed” he whispered and took her hand in his to bring her to his room, passing by the living room with Sirius and Remus cuddling on the sofa, concern on their faces as they saw Y/n walking with her tired eyes.
James opened his door and Y/n let herself fall on the bed. James dug in his closet to find some clothes for her and walked back, standing between her legs. “Arms up” he said softly and Y/n lazily lifted her arms and the boy took her shirt off.
The girl unbuttoned her trousers and James slid them off, letting them fall on the ground. He kissed her temple and she unclipped her bra before James handed her the pyjama top that she put on.
She slipped her arms around his torso “Let’s brush your teeth” he played with her hair and she finally got up after a few minutes. They made their way to the bathroom and she sat on the toilet as James wet the toothbrush and applied toothpaste to it.
“Ahhh” he said as he opened his mouth wide open, Y/n understood and opened her own mouth, letting James brush her teeth clean softly.
He then handed her a glass of water and she spat out the foam on the sink. He watched as her eyes fluttered to stay open and quickly embraced her. She wrapped her legs around him and he held her as they walked back to the bed.
He set her down on the sheets, she snuggled against his pillow and James laid next to her. “Are you okay honey?” he whispered, hugging her, her back against his chest. She shook her head and a tear, that she was holding for too long, fell on the mattress, creating a little puddle on the sheet fabric.
“What’s going on?” his thumb was brushing the soft skin of her exposed arm and left a little kiss on her shoulder. “I’m so sorry” her shoulders were shaking and James’ eyebrows knitted with confusion “Why do you apologize?”
She sniffled before answering “I’m not as strong as you are” his eyes widened “Hey… you’re very strong Y/n” she shook her head again and turned around to hide in his chest “You’re so strong at flying and I’m so bad”
“Please, don’t worry about that. It’s true you’re not the best but it doesn’t matter.” she lifted her head to stare into his eyes “It’s not what I care about. I wanted to succeed so you’ll be proud of me! Sirius is always making fun of me! And he’s right, I’m so clumsy all the time, it’s horrible”
He cupped her cheek and kissed the tip of her nose “I’m very proud of you, hon. Your clumsiness is maybe one of my favourite thing about you.” he offered her a precious smile “You always create a sweet chaos around you and it is the most adorable thing”
“And please don’t care about whatever Sirius is saying, okay? He doesn’t think it can hurt you and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even think you being clumsy is a bad thing”
She nuzzled on his chest even more “I don’t want him to make fun of me anymore. No one can expect you” he rubbed circles on her back “I’ll tell him” he then kissed her cheek with all the love he had.
“I love you Y/n, I love you and your clumsiness and the sweet chaos you create,” he told her, lips pressing against her forehead as she fell asleep.
Only a few minutes later, Sirius and Remus entered the room. “Is she fine?” the latter asked, sitting on the mattress displayed on the ground, Sirius following him.
“It’s going to be okay” he said with a sad smile, he hated seeing her like this, he turned his head to Sirius “She doesn’t like the jokes about clumsiness. Can you stop making them?”
The raven-haired boy nodded his head “Yeah sure. I’m sorry, I didn’t want to hurt her” he got up and walked into James’ desk as he made his way to the bathroom “Fuck”.
“And you’re the one making fun of Y/n” Remus rolled his eyes with a smile “Hey!”
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infictionalwonderland · 4 months ago
can you pls write the jily concept with james potter & reader pls i beg — ALSO your work is amazing & ily
THIS CONCEPT and james >>>> ily too bby
ever since the first moment that james potter saw you he knew that you were the one.
i’m not even kidding, he saw ur little eleven year old face on the train and was like, i’m gonna marry her!
the first thing he did was flirt with you, cheesy 11 year old style
you however weren’t having none of it and that just made him simp even more
since day one he would preach about how you’re the prettiest person ever
sending you notes in class with scribbled compliments and flirting
the teachers ship you two
they have their own bets on when or if you’ll finally give in
sends letters home to his parents absolutely gushing about you to them
fondly calls you ‘my future wife’ or ‘the love of my life’ in the letters
when you all go home after your first term at hogwarts, he’s immediately gushing to his parents about you
‘she’s just so pretty!’
‘she has the kindest heart ever, you’ll see mum and dad, she’s perfect!’
‘i could listen to her talk for the rest of my life!’
when you guys get a tad older he’s literally always asking you out
ofc it’s in an entirely heartwarming way but either way the public attention stresses you tf out
spends all lessons he has with you making heart eyes at you
his friends are sick and tired of hearing how pretty you are, how he’s gonna marry you someday, how you’re so kind and genuine, how you’re the most intelligent person he knows, how he loves your passionate ranting, how your smile makes him smile, how your laugh sounds like angels singing-
even tho they do know how amazing you are, jamie boy can be a bit much
the both of you are always in conversations around the school
some ppl are mad that he’s so infatuated w you he won’t glance at them but stay mad hoes 😊😊😊😊
everyday compliments & flirting.
your friends either find it amusing, encourage you to give him a chance, or are w you in your annoyance
however... in the ending of fifth year ish something changes
let me set the scene babe
you’re at a party in the common room with your friends after a victory for gryffindor, you look so good and you’re actually having the time of ur life
then remus, a good mate of urs, comes up to you is extremely apologetic but he claims he has to take care of sirius and asks for your help to take care of james
you’re naturally v reluctant but seeing the genuine stress laced into his tired features makes ur heart ache a bit so you agree
he’s nonstop spewing thank yous as he takes you over to the secluded place where he’s put a literally black out drunk james & sirius
as soon as james sees you he jumps up immediately and stumbles happily into you, babbling drunkenly about how much he loves you
‘you’re my favourite person ever ever ever ever i lobe you so much’
‘you’re the most beautiful person! if i could draw you i would and id frame it..you’d be more famous than the Mona Lisa!’
‘you look so good- thought m’heart was gonna jump out my chest when i saw you!’
and as you’re sitting down with his, his head nestled into your shoulder and body positioned towards u, listening to him slurring-ly ramble about why he loves you so much & how he loves you so much
your heart melts a bit
having someone genuinely care for you like this.. you thought it was some elaborated prank for his entertainment but hearing all this.. it just makes you rethink a bit
the next day he’s incredibly hungover and doesn’t remember much of the night - doesn’t remember your interaction
and remus decides to keep it hushed bc if he knew he’d be jumping all over the place
but by some fucking miracle you’re acting less cold toward him
the first time you smiled at him directly, james fainted 💀
the first time you unabashedly giggled at something he said, he spaced off the rest of of the lesson replaying that sound
the time you patted his arm in thanks, his friends had to force him into the shower bc he refused to wash off ur touch
he doesn’t know why or what happened but he can’t remember a time when he was so happy !
he writes to his parents and screams over the letter about how you’re actually paying attention to him and how his plan is starting to work
meanwhile remus watches everything with a small silent smirk, incredibly proud of himself
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prettybabybaby · 4 months ago
can i request a needy!james where he’s being a bit rough sucking on your tits
James barely acknowledges as he continues his assault on your chest. His mouth is sucking harshly at your nipple as his hand is toying with the other, kneading the flesh vigorously. His hips are rutting against your leg eagerly.
“James,” you tug at his curls.
He opens an eye, mouth working diligently, “hm?”
You pull on him again until he releases your tit with a pop. They’re red and shiny with his spit, his hips speed up.
“What’s goin’ on, baby?” you ask, grabbing his face.
“Want you so bad,” he whispers, leaning in to kiss your lips.
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omenhel · 4 months ago
𝐎𝐛𝐬𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐝 [𝐉.𝐅.𝐏]
❀ CW: Obsessive, toxic, possessive and unhealthy behaviours.
❀ Part 2.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
James was used to getting whatever he wanted. Since he was a child his parents spoiled him and showered him with attention, gifts, and praised him, he was their precious golden boy. He was the unspoken leader of the Marauders, he was the head boy of the Gryffindor house and he was the quidditch team captain.
James knew he was loved, adored, and worshiped. His narcissistic behaviors were disguised as a high ego and self-esteem. He never took a no as an answer. Every girl who had eyes fell for him, and James was obsessed with the attention. Being the center of the play was his favorite activity, maybe that's why he got along with Sirius Black, another boy who loved the attention and enjoyed having all eyes on him. Girls floated around him like pretty little butterflies and who was him to deny their coquette eyes and kissable lips? He gave them the best night of their lives, just to later brag about it and don't even bothered to look back at their way.
But this one girl, this one had im infatuared.
You were different, you were bold, and you were the only girl who dared to reject him. And the very first moment you pushed him away, he knew he had to have you no matter what. His flirting started rather harmless, which escalated into being literal harassment. At first, James thought you were playing hard to get, but rejection after rejection he finally got the message.
You hated him.
And that only made him even more fascinated with you. 
"Prongs, don't you think it's too much? She already rejected you eight times." Sirius looked at how James was (again) tracing your steps in the Marauder's map. 
"It's never too much when it's about her, Pads." James sighed, dreamily. "She's gonna be my future wife, I'm sure of it." The rest of the marauders looked at each other worried, but they were boys, after all, they didn't know how to approach him without feeling uncomfortable. 
He followed you everywhere. Stalked you, track your steps on the map at any moment of the day.  He knew every class you attended, he knew who you frequented. James knew everything he could possibly know about you. Paying extra attention to your favorite pastries, your favorite flowers, the ink you used on your quill your favorite secret spots to hang out alone. He couldn't stop himself, he was completely obsessed with every little thing about you. One of his favorite activities was to hide under the invisibility cloak and follow you around, to the girl's bathroom, to the library, to your dorm. His dreams were flooded with your image, with your smile, with your laugh. James felt every inch of his body reacting to your presence and was sure you were the love of his life. 
 James loved the way your hair brushed your face while you slept. 
Oh, he was entirely enamored with you. 
James stole some of your things from time to time, your clothes being his main and usual target. He had to hide his smile every time he heard you asking about your pair of socks, your blouse, your tie, or even your underwear that one time. James had to swallow his rage every time he heard you talking about boys who weren't him, when you talked about your first kiss, or who asked you out. No one was good enough for you, only him. Only James Potter was the only one worthy of your love. It was alright if you didn't accept it because he was going to make you change your mind. 
One way or another. 
Tumblr media
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fantastiqueali · 6 months ago
Arrogant lies
Tumblr media
Part 1, Part 2
Summary: James, your boyfriend, got punished for the reason of lying about who's more dominant.
Pairing: James Fleamont Potter x reader (a sight of Sirius and Remus x reader)
Warning: 18+, minors dni!, Voyeurism, Cuckolding, D.S. relationship, Sub!James, Degradation, Grinding, Handjob, and slight Impact play.
Word count: 1.4k
A/N: Don't judge me for this. This is such hurried writing so it's not that good.
“Look how pitiful you are.”
Whimpers of lascivious left James’ moist lips — eyes prickling with tears as his cock was denied of the peak that he longed for the night. An hour of masochistic denial made him crave more than just your delicate hands ghosting his cock. How he hated it so much for you to punish him with an orgasm denial multiple times already. He just wished that he could have been a good boy for his mommy and took those words back.
James was known to have a boastful temperament around Hogwarts. Flaunting how he's better than everyone else. How he had the most bewitching lady in his arms. Showing off that you could never fix a hand nor your eyes on them. Remus and Sirius had to shut him off sometimes due to how much he was gloating.
It was another day of his boasting. Everyone's used to it to the point that they can block their hearing of his voice. You were sitting on the grass with the Marauders as always with your boyfriend's arm around your shoulder — reading a book in your hands. Everything is fine really, the painted blue sky that was covered by pale clouds. The mellow swaying grass ran with the wind. Everything was fine. Until James Fleamont Potter bragged about an erroneous statement.
“So who's much more dominant in bed?” The usual Sirius question of course. Now, you listen to their blabbers carefully. Ears perked up while your eyes settled still on the words that the book was spilling out. You hear James’ flout to the other two who were waiting for his “obvious” answer. James' hand snaked down to your waist, just below your breast, gripping it hard enough to send a signal of “M’sorry for what I'm about to say.”
“S’too obvious Pads,” he said. You then gave him one side glance. He's got a hard time searching for any hints of what you were thinking when you did that. Unfortunately, there wasn't any. He was having second doubts if he should continue. Of course, him being self-conceited too much for his own good, he said, “Me,” he proudly said, smirking after.
Sirius cooed with a smirk plastered, eyes wiggling like swings. As for Remus, he was shaking his head softly like a mother watching his kids fool around their playground. You held the emotionless semblance towards James who was infrequently quivering from the sudden taunt of touch from his back.
“How're the legs Y/N?” Sirius’ question owed him a smack in the head by Remus’ book. While the two are bickering, James turns to Y/N gently with a puppy face. He goes close to your ears, you not minding him and continues to read. A cold shivering breath gushed into your ears as he whispered the words delicately. “I'm sorry.”
James was waiting for an answer. Now, he regrets it so much. He knows what's about to happen. Is he excited or like a timid prey being scouted by its predator? Both, that is. A silence of a provocative hint of what was to occur that evening.
The day went on as if nothing happened. Which made James tremble more on his own feet. He knows what he did was wrong and a deserving one of punishment. He just wants to know what exactly is running through your head right now. What kind of scheme would you use for tonight? He just hopes you will go easy on him. Or hard is what he meant in the back of his head.
All of those led to this night. James quivering on his knees, pants ripped away, half of his blouse’s buttons are off, salty droplets of tears running from his cheeks to his neck, the warmth of his dorm adding to the heat of everything. Fortunately, the other boys are in the library to do some of their homework and leaving the both of you to do your own homework.
“Such a shame isn't it?” James’ sobs got him choked up, trying to get air in his lungs as he watched you sit in front of him, cross-legged, skirt ever so slightly going up from the movement every time you slapped him. “Sirius and Remus didn't get a chance to see how dominant you are,”
“M'sorry-” hiccups stop him from completing a word, too aroused to even think of anything. While you're too amused at seeing him so desperate for friction. Him constantly rubbing himself on your leg but that only got him into another fit of slaps. He cried even more, louder than this time. The torment of getting refused his pleasure was more than anguish for him. It's something that he loathed so much. He detested the way that it brings him so close to his orgasmic paradise yet so far.
“You're sorry?” James shook his head vigorously, his hands twitching that rested on his lap. “I don't think so-” “I am-!” a harsh and echoing sound of a smack was heard throughout the dim-lit room. James’ awfully creamy soft skin was painted with a dash of imperial red. “Don't you ever talk, while I do you whore,” you said like you're a snake spitting venom as a form of degradation.
“Get on the bed.” Obediently, he did. The secretive part of his docile self was only known by you. You let it pass a few months as he didn't go as far as to say directly that he was the more controlling one in bed. Let alone in front of you. Shuffles of the bedding were heard as he settled himself on the mid part of the bed. Heavy breaths parted from his lips. Thoughts running wild from the raunchy feeling.
You climbed to the top part of the bed, just below James’ knees where you pulled his legs apart — bestowing himself to you. Your hand landed on his upper thigh and you heard him choke on his breath. Your hands went up, ghosting the touch starved cock that was slightly swelling up from all the tension that you gave it earlier. The tip leaking of precum as your touch massaged his pelvis, reaping a bitchy whine from him.
“I barely touched you and you're leaking like you're ‘bout to come undone,” you cooed, leaving James nodding desperately for more. You scoffed, not liking how he's acting like a spoiled brat that's not being grateful for what he was given.
“When Sirius asked you earlier, you liked it didn't you? Flaunting to your dear friends how much of a liar you are?” A sob left, tears not ending from the agony of prohibition. His body jolts upwards as a sudden bolt of friction rushes throughout his body and blood gushes straight to his cock. A strangled moan caught him on the side as the sudden pace of your hand movement went ballistic.
“The way that Sirius smirks. And Remus shakes his head. You want them here don't yah?” You provoked, causing him to sob more and moan more. His tears fell non-stop, as his hand tried to wipe them away to be only damped with new ones. “I bet you would love them to fuck your mommy mercilessly hm?” The thought alone made him stiffer, a knot in his stomach tightening more and more.
“How about them using two other holes of mine as I suck you dry?” James’ moans and cries become louder as his legs shuffle on the bed, his stomach glitching from arching it up. “Bet they would make it ten times more pleasurable for the both of us.” Strings of yelling and moaning emit from James’ mouth as he comes undone in your hand. Streams of white semen splatter on the back of your hand and some on your lips. James relaxed down, becoming more tired by the moment. But he knows he needs more.
“T-thank you- mommy.” Hiccups choke his words. There's a rule that he needs to always submit to. Always be grateful for what is given to him. You let out a hum as you wipe his cum with your tongue, and your thumb swipes the small particle of cum at the side of your lips.
“Now that… that was hot.”
Both of you jolted and looked at the doorway to see a smirking Sirius and Remus.
“Thinking of us huh? Why don't we join Moony?”
“I believe that's what they're thinking of just now, Pads.”
Tumblr media
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robynlilyblack · 7 days ago
Forever and after
Tumblr media
James Potter x fem! reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/n overhears James' confessing he wants kids one day to Sirius and Remus and freaks out a little
Warnings: swearing, mentions of eating, periods and sex, fears of pregnacy, pain and giving birth, James being the best boyfriend, established relationship, hurt/comfort, quick proofread
A/n: 1.5k words, in all honesty I have the same fears as the reader here, thank you for the request, I hope you like it x
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
You were a bundle of comfort, the height of cosiness with your fluffy blanket around your shoulders, covers up to your waist, book in hand with a little bowl of goodies in an arm’s reach. James was in the living room with Sirius and Remus, playing some muggle game Marlene let them borrow…although it was more like stole along with her console in order to beat her high scores
“Fuck you, you utter wanker! Why’d ya do that? I had it!” you giggle at Sirius’ exclamation, even harder as he says he’ll be filing for divorce when you assume Remus takes the control and must beat score 
Your hand dipped into the bowl, feeling around for a few seconds before you lower your book and find yourself pouting at the empty bowl. Slipping in your bookmark you wait a moment, deciding if more snacks was worth the coldness of leaving your snug little fort…and when your stomach squeaks you have your answer
Flicking off the cover and blanket you grabbed the bowl and slipped on some big fluffy socks to protect your feet from the icy cold tiles of your kitchen. Walking through you tried to stay quiet, not wanting to disturb James’ games or risk ruining one of their runs
“Guys keep it down will ya” you hear James say as you reach the kitchen “My girls either reading or trying to sleep” your heart flutters, smiling like an idiot as you grab some more snacks
“Simp” Sirius teases
“Fuck off you’re one too Mr Puppy” your boyfriend counters and you stifle a giggle
“He’s right” Remus chips in, the controllers stick still flicking away
“Who’s right?” they both wonder
“Both” he says casually before you hear the control drop and Remus grumble a ‘hey’
“You guys want to try the other game before you leave?” James says standing up and clicking open the disc box
“Yeah sounds good”
“Will y/n mind us staying? I feel bad that's she’s just in your room alone” Remus says and you smile, remember just how sweet James’ friends were
“No she’ll be okay with it. I’m pretty sure she’s having the time of her life, she looked so cute and cosy when I brought her snacks earlier, completely in love with that book of hers” he says a little dreamy and you shamelessly delay your journey back to your bedroom
“And your completely in love with her” you can almost feel Sirius’ eyebrows wiggling
“I am” your heart bursts “She’s the one, I just know it” and just before you felt like your heart couldn’t explode anymore he adds “Imma marry her and…I might even have a ring in mind” he says last but tentatively
“Siriusly?” Remus asks
“He is and I am” you wished you could shake your head at the pun but you could only hold your squeal and hug the bowl to your chest
It was at that moment you also decided to leave, not wishing to know his full proposal plans so you can still be surprised when you heard a question that made you stop just before closing the bedroom door
“So, can we predict little Prongs and Y/n’s running around in the near future?” 
The length of time felt endless as you waited for his answer, but when it came you wished it hadn’t
“I hope so”
You gently closed the door, sliding down it and placing the bowl to the side, closing your eyes as you tried your best not to cry but fail miserably. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to be a mum, you liked the idea of having kids but it was the idea of being pregnant and giving birth terrified you. The toll it would take on the body, the changes that took place, both temporary and permanent, the pain that came with it and lasted long after
You just didn’t think you could bear it, and now you were scared James would leave you, which was, really, a ridiculous notion, but your rational brain had long left the building now
After wiping the tears best you could, you climbed back into bed and shut off the lamp. You weren’t able to fall sleep but you managed to hold back the tears despite the sinking feeling in your gut. Short time later you heard Remus and Sirius leave, quickly followed by James coming into the bedroom, actions becoming much quieter when he realised you were ‘asleep’
He potters about, getting ready for bed and changing into pyjamas before you feel the dip in the bed and the covers lifting.
A warm arm wraps around your waist “Are you asleep?” he whispers, checking
When you don’t say anything, his arm just pulls you a little closer, head coming over to kiss your cheek when he must feel it. The stickiness from your tears and he gently turn your face towards him, thumb running over your cheek
“Love” he tries, kissing your forehead once more so you scrunch your nose and eyes and pretend to wake up “Hi” he gifts you a smile and another kiss but to the nose this time
“Hi” your voice a little hoarse and his eyebrows crunch 
“Sad part in your book?” he asks so concerned and innocently you can’t help but begin crying again “Aww baby” he pulls you into his arms, letting you cry into his chest
“I’m so sorry Jamie” your murmur between the sniffles
His hand comes up to cup the back of your head “Want me to beat the authors arse? Even if their dead I’ll find their ghost you’ll be surprised how many of them are wizards” he assures but instead of a giggle he’s greeted with more crying and you holding him tighter
Now he knew something was wrong
“Y/n” he gently coaxes your head back so he can see your face, wincing at your shining cheeks and eyes “What happened?” he asks softly
“I…” you close your eyes, feeling two tears to fall down, one trailing the bridge of your nose 
“Take your time” he brings your hand up and kisses your palm “We have all night” and when you open your eyes he’s smiling
“I overheard you talking earlier” you confess and his smile falters, what you can only describe as fear and disappointment entering his eyes 
“What did you hear?” he wonders, to which your heart breaks as he tries his best to smile
“That you wanted to marry me and have your…kids” you say and his eyes close, grip a little tighter
“I know we’re young” he starts “I can wait as long as you want whenever you’re…ready” then his face looks pained “...that's if you want to of course” his fingers play with yours, clearly terrified of rejection and it destroys you
“I want to” you say without thinking, you did want to marry him, and to an extent maybe even raise kids if you could ever get past it but as he said you were young, you didn’t know if you even wanted them.
His eyes go back to you, a breath releasing as his shoulders relax “You do?” he cups your face, lights lighting fiercely when you nod in his oh so light grasp “Thank merlin” he pulls you in, cheek squished against his own “Sorry” he lets you go when you whine a little at being held to intensely
“No, I am” you’re sniffling again now and he looks so confused “Jamie it was the second part that freaked me out” you admit timidly
“Having kids?” you nod, looking almost ashamed “That's okay” he says shocking you
“It is? You aren’t mad?” 
“Never” he says firmly, shaking his head “Love I’d be honoured if you wanted to have kids with me but you don’t want them that's okay too. I just want you. Forever preferably but realistically as long as you can put up with me” he says simply and you melt into his arms
Your leg comes around him, hugging him so much he falls onto his back, chuckling a little bit as you cling onto him like some kind of kola 
“Hi” he smiles down at you when you move to rest your chin on his chest
“Hi” you smile back 
“Can I ask one thing?” his thumb flicks over your cheek
You nod
“Is there a specific reason or do you not fancy them?” he asks softly, that smile still on his face
“It’s not that I don’t want them” his eyebrow raises “I’m more put off by the making of it” you confess earning a quizzical look
“Love I think you’ll find you enjoy that part quite a lot” he can’t help himself, not when you bury your face into his chest and he can feel the heat radiating off those pretty cheeks
“Jamie” you whine into his chest
“What?” he plays dumb, mostly so he can cheer you up a bit “Thought you liked being all fill-” you cut him off, hand slapping over his mouth before retreating 
“Sorry” you apologise in case your hurt him and he can’t help but peck your lips while chuckling
“You’re so cute ya know” he pecks them again, revealing in your bashful look before saying “Jokes aside. Are you saying it’s pregnant that’s scaring you?”
“And birth” you add
“Course” face softening as he nods “I can’t imagine how scary it would be for you, I mean I get worried when you’re cramps are bad, I’d probably drive you nuts if you actually were pregnant” that makes you giggle causing him to smile so brightly before he presses a lingering kiss to your forehead “You know we can always adopt if you want? Or there’s surrogacy if we want one that looks like us…well you I’d want them to look just like…” he suggests and you get a little overwhelmed just not in the way he mistakes it for “Aww love I’m sorry it was just a suggestion you don’t…” he backtracks seeing the tears
“No” you gently cut him off, wiping the tears before you explain “Its not that, they’re happy tears”
He sighs in relief “Thank merlin I never want to be the reason you cry” he holds your closer “Please know though if you decide that isn’t not just pregnancy and you don’t want them at all you won’t lose me, I meant when I said forever”
“Thank you” you smile, heart thankful you found someone so loving, tomorrow you would expand on your fears and he would listen never pushing, but for now all you said is “I love you Jamie” before resting your cheek on his chest
“Love you more” he kisses the top of your head
“And after”
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading ♡
Tumblr media
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griffxnnage · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
𝚔𝚎𝚎𝚙 𝚚𝚞𝚒𝚎𝚝
pairing: poly!marauders x fem!reader
wc: 1.7k
cw: inappropriate usage of a shock collar, degredation, oral (m receiving), dumbification, orgasm control + denial, usage of a vibrator, allusion to cunnilingus, a lil subspace
do not read if you are under the age of 16
remus had his hands covering your eyes while he guided you towards your room. “no peaking, pup. it’s a surprise, after all.” he whispered excitedly in your ear. you giggled, wondering what the surprise could possibly be.
“hey, baby,” you felt a familiar pair of lips on your cheek, and you smiled in the general direction of the giver. “hey, jamie!” you tried to walk towards him, but remus pulled you against him, and directed you back onto the previously set course. you groaned, but went along with him anyway. before long, the three of you had made it to your room.
remus removed his hands from your eyes, and you had to blink for a second, your eyes not adjusted to the light of the room. when your vision had finally cleared, you found sirius sitting on the bed, a gift bag in his hands and his back against the headboard. he patted the spot between his spread legs, and you scurried over to him, snuggling in with your back against his chest.
“heya, pup. you excited?” he murmured next to your ear, wrapping his arms around you. you couldn’t take your eyes off the gift bag as you nodded your head like mad. the four of you had discussed getting you a new collar, when your previous one had been, well, a tad overused and that you were deserving of a treat. you couldn’t wait to see what the boys had picked out for you.
“ok, darling, before we start, do you remember your safe words?” remus knelt down beside the bed and looked deep into your eyes. you gulped quietly, knowing that when he mentions the safe words before hand, the scene is going to be intense.
“yellow if i want you to slow down, or take a break, and red for a full stop.” you recited your safe words, and the boys smiled, oh so proud of their baby. “alright, pup, go ahead and open it.” james gave you the permission you so desperately wanted, and you tore into the bag, sending the tissue paper flying in every direction. sirius giggled lowly at your antics.
after breathless gift opening, you finally found the contents of the bag. a brand new collar, just like you’d all discussed. however, this one looked strange. there was the normal leather that encircled your neck, but there was a clunky looking box on the front of it, where you were used to seeing a name tag.
you turned it over in your hands, confused by it. “what’s wrong, pup? do you not like it?” sirius feigned offense, and you whipped around to disagree, but you caught onto his sarcasm, and laughed with him. james took the collar from your hands, and motioned for you to lift your chin so he could fasten the accessory around your neck. you obeyed, and looked up at the ceiling, waiting to feel the comforting weight of a collar around your throat once more.
when it was fastened, it felt so heavy in the front; that stupid box. you whined, not understanding why it was there, and thinking it would be much prettier with your doms’ names on it. “ah ah ah, none of that. consider this a test run.” remus wagged his finger at you, akin to the way one would treat a misbehaving dog.
you pouted, but remained silent all the same. remus reached forward and pressed a few buttons that you hadn’t noticed before on the little box, and a little red light appeared under your nose. “what-” you cut yourself off with a yelp, an electric shock zapping your throat. the pain ripped another squeal from your mouth, but that just caused the shock collar to activate again, sending another zap through you. this cycle continued until you were quietly whimpering against sirius’s chest, eyes watery with tears.
“oh darling, we’ve told you to be quiet, haven’t we? this is a necessary measure to get our point across, hm? you won’t be able to get it into that little baby brain of yours unless we use this, ok?” remus hummed, brushing some hair away from your sticky forehead.
“my baby brain,” you muttered, just quiet enough so the collar wouldn’t register it as noise. the boys around you smirked; they knew that when you started repeating their degrading words, you were under, and you were basically as malleable and submissive as they needed you to be.
james knelt between your legs and gently pulled them open, leaving your now soaked panties on display for the boys’ hungry eyes. “so wet from just a few shocks, aren’t we, darling? so desperate, so pathetic,” he spat the last word out, and you whimpered, only this time the collar heard it, and sent a shock through you once again.
“so sensitive, aren’t you? just how i like it.” he growled before biting onto the waistline of your panties, inadvertently nipping you, and dragging your underwear down your legs, exposing your core. you tried to close your legs as the cold air of the room made its way to your cunt, but sirius kept your legs pried open with his large hands.
now that you were held down and vulnerable, james reached into the gift bag and pulled out another object that’d completely gone unnoticed by you at first. a vibrator wand. you whimper at the sight of it and your head fell back on sirius’ shoulder at the thought of what they’re going to do to you. sirius grabbed your chin roughly and forced you to look at the bespectacled boy between your legs. “eyes on prongs, pup.” he whispered in your ear.
your attention was fully on james when he held the now turned on toy to your clit, and a surprised yelp escaped your throat. this activated the collar and another shock went through you. you bit your lip hard, and threw your head back again, disobeying to sirius’ words. you didn’t care, you just didn’t want to get shocked again, although you couldn’t help but get aroused by the little zaps of pain.
james didn’t let up with the vibrator, adjusting the level whenever you were too quiet for his liking, drawing breathy moan after breathy moan from your now abused throat. you didn’t care anymore, you just wanted to cum all over the toy until you were seeing stars. and james was going to do just that.
you felt the bed shifting, and you opened your eyes to find remus straddling your upper body with his leaking cock out, ready for you. “wanna help daddy out a little, hm? open up for me, pup.” he tapped his cock head on your lips, and your tongue darted out to taste his precum. your eyes rolled back at the taste of him, and you opened your mouth eagerly. “fuck, that’s what i like to see, doll. so hungry for my cock, aren’t you?” he groaned, reveling in the feeling of your lips around his cock.
you were trying to take him deeper, but with the combined feeling of sirius’ lips and teeth on your neck as well as james between your legs, kissing your thighs and fucking you with the vibrator, you couldn’t handle taking his cock down your throat. it was all too much, and on top of all that, you felt yourself getting dangerously close to the edge.
you let out a whimper around remus’ cock, making him groan. “aw, is the little slut gonna cum? whaddya think, boys, should she be allowed to cum?” remus looked at the other two, and they both sneered. “no, i don’t think she should. she’s been so naughty, hasn’t she? moaning ‘round your cock like that, makin’ the collar zap her? our pretty little masochist.” james chuckled and upped the level on the vibrator. fuck, you hadn’t even noticed the shocks anymore. they were just adding to the ever-tightening knot in your belly that was going to burst any second.
your eyes rolled back, and you arched your back and started to cum. until james yanked the toy away and sirius pulled your legs up against your chest to prevent any accidental stimulation. remus, however, stayed deep in your throat; so deep that your throat was straining against the collar. all the boys groaned at the sight and you felt some tears prick at the corners of your eyes.
remus was relentless with his thrusts, and had you gagging and sputtering around his cock. you hated to admit it, but you could still feel yourself on the brink of orgasm just from him fucking your throat. “what a little slut, getting off on daddy destroying her throat.” remus spat, grabbing the back of your head for more leverage.
at this point, all you could think of was getting remus off, so you relaxed your throat completely, and started swallowing whenever you felt a gag coming on. that had him moaning your name, and it was absolute music to your ears. the way thrust into your throat had you whimpering around him, getting him all the more closer to his release.
“gonna cum down your pretty throat, yea? fill your belly up nice and full,” his voice broke at the end of his sentence, showing how his composure was slowly but surely melting away. he was going to lose control. you nodded and hollowed out your cheeks, wanting nothing more than to feel his hot load shooting against the back of your throat.
and feel it you did. with one last thrust into your wide open mouth, remus came, a string of curses flying from his lips as he threw his head back in ecstasy. you swallowed every last drop, just like they’d trained you to do, relishing in the taste of him.
“what a good pup, you did amazing,” sirius kissed your temple, and nuzzled against your neck. you hummed at the praise, only to get shocked again. you flinched, and sirius cooed. “darling, how about we take this off for now. been so good for us,” he took off the collar for you, and kissed at your sensitive neck. “there, all better, pup.” you hummed your thanks, thankful that it was all over now. however, the ache between your legs was still immense.
james noticed you rubbing your thighs together, and smirked. “want me to take care of that, pup? want me to make you cum all over my face like the pretty little whore you are, hm?”
“yeah, she does,” remus chimed in. “make her squirm, james. make her scream for us.”
general + hp nsfw: @mollysolo @midgardianweasley @horrorxweasley @nerdyblogger06 @ildm4ev @wlfstxr @hauntedwitch04 @hehehehannahthings @xxrwzy @scorpireads @waszuka @youcantbesirius @lavendersfairy @lendeluxe
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moonyssweetheart · 6 months ago
Parings: FEM! Reader x James Potter
Summary: After Sirius sneaks around he finds out his best friend has a secret admire
Warning: Sirius snooping around.
Tumblr media
Remus took a sip of the hot chamomile tea that was in front of him. His finger slowly caressed the page of the book before turning it. His eyebrows furrowed in concentration on what the protagonist was going to do next. He set down his tea on the table and he moved his body trying to get comfortable on the sofa.
The common room was oddly quiet, which Remus enjoyed since it was pretty rare that the Gryffindor common room was this quiet. He could hear the fire burning the wood in the fireplace, he sighs in relief.
"Peace at last" Remus said while closing his book and putting it beside him. He got as comfortable as he could and he shut his eyes.
Remus was so relaxed that at first he couldn't sense the presence that was above him. But then he started to get a little bit paranoid, like someone was watching him. He was going to open his eyes but he was debating on it because he rarely was this comfortable to go to sleep but when he felt a hot breath on his face he decided on opening his eyes. He opened his eyes and instantly rolled them when he saw the familiar chocolate brown eyes.
"Sirius! Why are you sneaking up on me like that? Couldn't you tap my shoulder like a normal person instead of hovering my face." Remus said while looking up from the position he was currently in.
"Well where's the fun in that my dear Moony. Besides I was doing you a favor, if you fell asleep in that position you were going to hurt your neck and you’ll be bugging me on how much it hurts. So you're welcome." Sirius said while pushing the back of Remus' head up in a soft manner making him go back to his original posture and then he proceeded to jump on the couch next to him.
"Well I'm glad you did this for me Sirius. I'm forever grateful" Remus said with a hint of sarcasm evident in his tone. He reached for his book and proceeded to start from the page he left off.
"Hey! I came here to tell you something really important" Sirius said, giving him his famous puppy dog eyes.
"And I'm listening." Remus said while turning his page.
"It's important you look at me, for dramatic effect. If you don't look at me it would be boring" Sirius said while nugging on his side, making Remus close his book and to put him on his lap.
"Okay, you have my full attention then, show me the dramatic effect" Remus said looking at Sirius trying to act like he was uninterested but a small smile started creeping on his face. Sirius smirks and pulls out an envelope from his robes.
"So, you have to imagine this or you won't get it . I was walking out of herbology, minding my business when I bumped into Lily, Marlene, Mary and Dorcas. Well I technically didn't bump into them, I just happened to come across them through the hallway so I proceeded to listen to their conversation and before you say it, no I wasn't eavesdropping. They were speaking loudly and since I bumped into them I managed to hear what they were . Come on Remus don't give me that look." Sirius said with a groan throwing his head back.
" I'm not doing anything Sirius, but continue" Remus said while leaning forward to take some of his tea
"Since James wasn't with me because he's supposedly sick, you're here reading and being all quiet. Don't even ask me about Peter cause I don't have a clue where he is. Anyways I was hearing the girl's conversation and Lily was talking about some friend they all have in common. This friend has been writing like a collection of love letters. Lily was saying that she found the girls journal and that she read some of them. She wanted to help her out by giving the person she's been writing letters to at least one of the letters. Wait, are you imagining this? Cause it's useless if you're not imagining this, describe to me what you are imagining." Sirius said, losing track of what he was saying and while crossing his arm getting closer to Remus.
"All I can imagine is you stalking those poor girls." Remus said while taking a sip of his tea.
"Hey! I wasn't stalking them. They were talking loudly so it wasn’t my fault I heard the conversation. That’s not my main concern right now, in your imagination did my hair look good? Be honest with me"
"It looked like it was sent from the heavens now please go on so I can continue my reading"
"okay okay, tough crowd. So Marlene and Mary told her that it was a bad idea and that she shouldn't meddle into other people's lives. They said it was a little bit intrusive on her part and that she should just wait for their friend to come out and say it herself. But Dorcas thought she needed a little push so she was on team lily because their friend is a little bit shy and feels a little bit intimidated by him. So everyone started fighting and pacing angrily and they left a little something behind.`` Sirius said while waving in front of Remus face the envelope.
"Please don't tell me it's the letter" Remus said while settling down the tea again.
"Of course it is! What did you expect me to do? Leave it there to let a potential Slytherin find it and make that poor girls' world a living hell? I'm just trying to help. They don’t call me Sirius Cupid Black for no reason" Sirius responded
"First of all, no one calls you that. Second of all, your love life is a mess so you can't b…” Remus started but was cut off by Sirius.
“I see us working out just fine” Sirius said casually making Remus face turn hot read and the boy proceeded to look from the side avoiding his gaze
“As I was saying,since you don’t want the letter to fall in the wrong hands you should return it to Lily. Remember it's whatever is in that letter is private. For none of us to see. You should let her friends deal with it, you don't want to be involved " Remus said while turning to look at him.
"What if I already involve myself?" Sirius said with a nervous laugh.
"Remus please don't tell me you read the letter" Remus said while pinching the bridge of his nose.
"You are telling me not to tell you things Remus but I don't want to lie to you. I didn't want to read it but it was pulling me. I took a small little peak and you won't guess who the letters are about" he said with a small smirk.
"I don't want to be involved Sirius"
"You got involved the moment you gave me a green light to start this conversation."
"You're right about that, go on"
“You have to guess or you won’t find out,” Sirius said in a playful tone.
“I’m not going to guess Padfoot” Remus responded, rolling his eyes jokingly.
“Oh come on you’re no fun…guess, guess, guess” Sirius said while putting his hand in a punch form and hitting his thighs in a cheering way.
“Okay fine, is it Peter?”
“Is it me?”
“You wished” Remus instantly rolled his eyes at his answer
“Is it you?” Remus asked hesantly.
“Don’t worry, I now I’m hard to resist but it’s not me”
“Is it Regulus?”
“I’m quite offended that you just suggested him, but wrong again”
“Well you have to give me a clue then”
“ Okay, They have fluffy brown hair, circular framed glasses, green eyes, this person is in Gryffindor and last but not least a marauder. His name rhymes with Rames Jotter. ” he said with a grin
“Okay? So the letters are about James then?” Remus said, bumping his knee with Sirius.
“Obviously, since James is love sick and doesn’t want to move from his bed I thought of an amazing idea so" Remus looked at Sirius straight in the eyes noticing the hint of mischievousness he usually had.
"So? Sirius what did you do" Remus asked, panic evident in his voice.
"I gave the original letter to James" Sirius said with a Ginormous grin
"Are you stupid? If Lily was having problems with the girls because of how much was at stake by giving the person the letter. What on earth told you it was a good idea to tell James"
"Well he's being a downer and he needs some cheering up to do so It was my best solution"
"Sirius sometimes I can't believe you’re real" Remus said while standing up and walking towards the boys dorm room. Sirius followed closely behind. Remus walked step by step, feeling Sirius' quick feet almost stomping his.
Remus pushed open the door to see a messy hair James with a red and runny nose holding onto what he assumed was the other part of the letter. James looked up at his best friends and a smile evident on his lips.
"This is beautiful. I’ve never in my life seen someone speak so highly of me. I’m just lost for words " he said while looking at the letter then at his friends.
“I assumed you’re feeling a little bit better now, '' Sirius said while nudging Remus on his side.
“Yeah, I really appreciate you showing me this.” James said with a smile. Sirius turned to look at Remus with a I told you so look on his face.
"What are you going to do?" Sirius asked while sitting on his bed. Remus leaned against the shelf while nervously expecting the answer.
"Well, we are going to find for sure who the writer of these beautiful letters”
“But, what about Y/N? I thought she was the one for you?” Remus asked while playing with the ends of his sweater. He didn’t like where this was going.
“Moony, all of us know she’s not interested in me, she ignores me all the time. Whoever this person is, they really want something with me. So I’m willing to find them if it’s the last thing I do. So are you guys in?”
“Yes” Both Remus and Sirius said at the same time.
“Then mission find the mystery writer is a go”
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