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sylwanin-was-right 2 days
I've mentioned before that the Eywa app provides your phone with the Na'vi keyboard which is great, but what i didnt mention is that its also a English/Na'vi dictionary. It has a lot of entries and definitions and their grammatical information (like if its a transitive verb, etc). It also used IPA markings to give an exact idea of how to pronounce the word.
Its a great starting app for getting your fingers comfortable with Na'vi phonetics on a mobile device (for Apple iPhone and iPad users only right now, unfortunately lol). However, there seems to be a few features that dont seem to function right now:
The audio button for listening to word pronunciation is unresponsive:
Tumblr media
The search bar is cropped considerably by the keyboard:
Tumblr media
Sometimes the function doesnt seem to output relevant results:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(left) I searched "oe", which means i/me and got words with the letters 'o-e' together rather than the word as the first results (right) I searched "taron", which means hunter, and, similarly, got a words with the letters 't-a-r-o-n' together, which is apparent since a different word, "s盲taron", is the first result.
This is not to breate the creators because this is a great resource thats still being curated. The search bar functions for most other words (I searched "ikran, fmi, kaltx矛", and "kop" and they came up first after I spelled the whole or most of the word), and while the audio aspect of the definitions is convenient, its not necessary since there are IPA symbols to guide speech (plus i can imagine how much time and effort it takes to record and update audio for each entry). I still absolutely recomment this app for the keyboard and dictionary function for all Avatar fans and l矛'fya leNa'vi learners like me (the app is free and you can purchase it on the App Store if you have an iPhone)! But I'm curious if other fans who've downloaded the app are having similar problems with it. 馃憖鉂旔煂
For additional context, I have an iPhone 8 iOS 15.5. The App Store indicates the last update by the Eywa app team was ~6 months ago and is currently on version is 1.5.0. The developer is Chuhan Qin. <- dont know if this is relevant info for the tech savvy or those experienced with app development but here you go!
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animusrox 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Avatar (2009) dir. James Cameron
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whaleofatjme1920 5 months
Okay since asks are open and no one has requested anything for Avatar I have brought it upon myself to request something!
Could you write some Hc's with Jake and Tsu'tey teaching the reader how to control their new avatar body and how to become part of the Na'vi? Kinda like how Jake was taught by Neytiri in the beginning of the movie!
Jake and Tsu'tey with a New Avatar
[Warnings: Like, none?]
as the Omaticaya clan leader, he's really prepared for this! Well, at least one part of it. He's actually quite helpful with the whole "becoming fluid in your avatar" thing. Really, he tells you to just get up and see what happens.
He's really charming and fun when you're actually learning how to control your avatar. Pokes a little fun at you if you're more cautious like the team originally tells you to be.
Becoming one with the Na'vi is a process though! Neytiri kinda,,, teaches you by proxy through him.
Yes, they both throw you through the ringer. This is a sacred thing! And they need to make sure you're taking this seriously.
Is going through the ritual to get an ikran something you're passionate about? Probably, they both want you to know how to hunt and fend for yourself while living on Pandora.
But watching you grow through the months, learning their ways, falling even deeper in love with Pandora shows Jake and Neytiri, even Mo'at that you're ready to be one with the people.
I want to say that you end up wanting to go through Iknimaya. The ikran isn't the hard part.
But getting bit by some arachnid and then eating a worm is.
SO, prior to Jake, Tsu'tey would straight up kill "demons in false bodies". BUT, now that Jake is the Omaticaya clan leader, he approaches you with caution and slight distrust, not outright disdain.
But, if Jake says you're good, and you love the planet and his people as much as he does, he trusts his brother over anyone else.
And honestly you're quite easy to get used to. You're very eager and willing to learn, and he's still healing after the massive fight so it's kind of a nice "pet project" as Jake puts it. Tsu'tey agrees.
Tsu'tey wants you to become a hunter. He finds honor in that. Teaches you how to properly shoot, how to track, everything.
He's also got a deep love for storytelling! He weaves the culture and history of the Omaticaya through his stories.
The two of you visit a lot of cool places together because he wants you to be able to survive on your own if anything happens. Jake also appreciates this because it's much more controlled than HIS first night alone on Pandora.
Anyways, you going through the first part of Iknimaya is really cool. Tsu'tey isn't leading it, that's Neytiri's job this time, but he is there for moral support.
He's so proud of you passing the first phase! He cannot wait to see how your dream quest goes. If you're just as plucky as Jake is, you'll pass it with flying colors.
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josru 29 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tsireya and Lo'ak are definitely falling in love :)
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darlingmeadow 7 days
tbh i don't get the hate for Avatar (2009) at all, the movie was pretty much a tech showcase and it did shape the use of CGI in all modern movies, to the point MCU stuff has worse CG than a movie from 2009.
It's a gorgeous movie and even though it's cultural impact is different than fandom culture it did have a massive one on how movies are made.
I'm excited to see what the new one brings to the table and maybe JC has a new more daring story to go with it.
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the-irreverend 7 months
Tumblr media
Two sci-fi franchises are getting new entries this year.
Guess which one I鈥檓 more excited for?
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stark-illerbase 27 days
Me: When does the new Avatar movie come out?
@onesinglefrenchfry: December
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lay-z 5 days
I just KNOW I'll be down bad for the new Avatar movie. 馃┑
Like...I'll definitely write fanfic for it. I mean, I tried for the first movie, but there's little to no fandom for it yet. Fingers crossed that'll change when the new movie gets released 馃馃徎
Tumblr media
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roadklii 6 months
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It's pretty obvious, but did anyone else ever notice the na'vi become a darker blue as they age? In the first movie, Neytiri was a lighter color, now that's she's older in the second movie, her skin tone is darker. Even her parents in the first movie were more darker, pretty much every elder was.
I don't know if anyone else has pointed this out, but it's a nice headcanon
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I don't want to kiss people, I want our glowey antenna to connect and light up whilst we stare deeply into each other's eyes and impart intimate psychic knowledge and appreciation
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wreathedinlaurels-nerd 7 months
The Na'vi (Avatar more likely) in the poster has been confirmed to be named Kiri!!
People are wondering if she's Sigourney's new character 馃, either way I love her!! Her bangs are so cute.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[Text/ID: a screenshot from the account "avatar.sequels" on Instagram shows a still from the Avatar Way of Water trailer. It says "Lo'ak and Kiri"
The girl named Kiri is the same girl in the promotional poster]
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sylwanin-was-right 7 days
Tumblr media
Didnt watch the vid but i already dont like how much sexual attention Tsireya is getting.
She literally looks like a child even on Na'vi terms. The trailer makes it clear shes is a teenager & love interest of a teenager(s) (esp Lo'ak). Of course young ppl can be beautiful, particularly if they have unique features. But Tsireya is a kid & thats quite clear. Why use her pic next to the word "sexy" even if its not in regards to her? 馃槶
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animusrox 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Avatar (2009) dir. James Cameron
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whaleofatjme1920 5 months
In that case!
Can I request a romantic ride on the dragon thing (Ikran?) with Jake Sully? If I'm dating a Na'vi or an Avatar I wanna ride in style.
Reader could be possibly be a researcher and maybe Jake is being a little flirty or trying to show off? If you need more to work off of let me know and I'll go back to brainstorming, lol
Riding an Ikran with Jake Sully
[Warnings: Like, none?]
[AN: Yes ofc you can. I love this stuff. I realize,,,, I am slowly making this more poly than I realized,,, and ngl I kinda like it,,, that way? for this dynamic? look I love Jake and Neytiri together I think you dating both of them would be-]
headcanons bc im weak lol
Let's pretend after the events of the movie, you're one of the few humans chosen to stay and live on Pandora because you've always been doing the right thing, and Jake wanting to fight for the planet, his friendship with the Omaticaya and strictly but strong platonic bond with Neytiri furthered you wanting to do the right thing.
So you're here now! Pandora is your home! You and the few other humans that have been chosen to stay, Norm (who's avatar is still healing from the gunshot wounds, they think he'll be good to fully link within the month), Max, you all miss Trudy-
Jake is still the dastardly man you liked when he was just some jarhead coming to Pandora for the first time. But, as the clan leader for the Omaticaya, he's got some tricks up his sleeve! And one of them is wanting to show you his ikran.
He says he'll "pick you up" when it's twilight. Sitting on the roof of a what used to be a giant base, you wait for the man you love.
And there he is. The cry of a creature known as a banshee in the language you were raised in comes gliding on the gentle breeze. Jake is there. There's a large smile on his face just seeing you.
Neytiri is gliding alongside him. She seems happy to see you too. There's a certain sadness in her eyes as she pats the neck of her ikran as the two perch on the rooftop near you. She misses Seze more and more by the moment.
Both Jake and Neytiri tap lightly at the space between their eyebrows before gently rolling their hands out towards you. They see you.
You smile and return the gesture, a slight heat rising to your cheeks how Jake grins. He says a few things to Neytiri before she nods, the words "enjoy date night" sounding foreign on her tongue as she takes to the skies again.
Jake's much taller like this. He's 10ft, strong, and his ikran is even bigger than him. You feel so small next to them, but giggle when he picks you up in his embrace anyways. Gods, how he wishes he could kiss you right now-but Pandora's air is still toxic to your lungs, and only in brief, rare situations can you actually kiss him.
you're almost certain he's looked into getting you an avatar, but those things don't grow easily and without the resources,,,,,
ANYWAYS, he picks you up and pretty much places you right behind him. His tail even curls around you. He's saying the cutest things, flirting with you even if it's awkward.
He's always been charming. Both as a human, and now as an avatar? a proper Na'vi?
He has his ikran doing a lot of daring stuff, chuckling at how you grip your arms tight around his waist. Is it scary? yeah! But would Jake let anything bad happen to you? Of course not!
All of your date nights start like this. Jake is charming as always, his ikran is close to doing loops, you can't help but laugh and let your heart flutter at how he speaks to you, and you're over the moon to know he's yours.
Jake feels like he needs to do the most just to be worthy of your time, just to call you his.
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josru 9 days
Tumblr media
Fierce Neytiri!!
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softdinkestis 2 months
ngl the na鈥檝i are kinda hot
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