encorrectenha · 2 days ago
Sunghoon: do I look straight?
Jungwon: No, you're the gayest person I know.
Sunghoon: wh-
Jungwon: don't even try to deny it, hyung.
Sunghoon: but I-
Jungwon: need I remind you of that time before we debuted, you purposely got the choreo wrong all the time so Heeseung hyung would correct you?
Sunghoon: I-
Jungwon: or when your gay ass can't hold eye contact with Jay hyung??
Sunghoon: Jungwon-
Jungwon: remember when you'd challenge Jake hyung to arm wrestling just so you can hold his hand?
Jungwon: or when Ni-ki and Sunoo are-
Jungwon: oh
Jungwon: *looks at the car* You're incapable of doing anything straight
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highbloodapostate · 23 hours ago
Jake and Jane dress up as their grandparents with thier brain frying computers, the skulltop and the tiaratop, Jake dresses up as their grandfather, Lord English, which plays into the grandfather paradox between him and Caliborn. (Caliborn in turn dresses up like Jake, taking his name and modeling his humansona after him.)
Jane on the other hand mimics the appearance of their grandmother, the Batterwitch, with her tiaratop and trident. The tiaratop controls and influences Jane in ways arguably comparable to how Caliborn/LE controls and manipulates people via lil cal.
I feel like a lot of cherubic symbolism between those two is misread, forgetting how Lord English replaces his sister twice, with the Handmaid and the Batterwitch.
The comparison of:
Jake -> Calliope
Jane -> Caliborn
Is deeply inaccurate for many reasons. It reduces their dynamic down to aggressor and victim with pretty much no nuance at all. The two also lose almost all parallel to their assigned cherub the second you separate them from their assigned roles.
Instead id argue the much more obvious and textual parallel of:
Jake -> Lord English
Jane -> Baroness/Batterwitch
Specifically in the context of the Batterwitch's revenge fantasy against her husband.
The batterwitch pushes Jane onto Jake, self inserting herself into Jane and using Jake as a punching bag proxy of the lord.
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andalitean · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Summary of jake animorphs: giving nothing
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jayked · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
if i could have fucked one jake…
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giallo4ver · 4 months ago
Konshu at the end of the day really was like:
Tumblr media
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frogwhomp · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
finn mertens !
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cuddlyyedam · a month ago
OMG YAY you’re back! can i request how en- would react to you telling them you’ve never have your first kiss? thanks in advance 🍓
enhypen reaction to you not having your first kiss yet
pairing: boyf/crush!enha x gn!reader
genre: fluff
warnings: none ! i do just wanna say that not having your first kiss yet, no matter what age you are, isn’t something to be embarrassed about nor is it something that you HAVE to tell anyone! <3
summary: you tell your boyfriend/crush that you haven’t had your first kiss yet.
many thanks to @youngminhee who helped me come up with some of the scenarios 🥺
Tumblr media
heeseung ・:,。★゚
heeseung’s hand came around the back of your neck, gently pulling you closer to him. your breathing quickened. you panicked and pushed your boyfriend away with a fleeting hand on his chest. his eyes opened immediately, pleading and apologising with them alone. his hands found your hands and his thumbs stroked yours as he interlocked your fingers.
“sorry, this is my first time being kissed,” you laughed out pathetically, unable to hide how embarrassed you felt.
“really? you?” heeseung stepped back in shock. “but you’re so…” he started, checking you out while his hand fondled yours “… you.”
“it just hasn’t happened yet,” you shrugged.
“that’s okay, you just let me know when you’re ready, honey,” he let go of one of your hands and began to head for your living room but stopped as soon as you tugged at his arm.
he knew what you wanted. he threw the hand that was in his own over his shoulder and your other hand followed, his hands now rested on your waist as he stepped closer to you, whispering something about how beautiful you are before your lips finally touched.
other members below the cut
jay ・:,。★゚
“who’s the other lead?” jay asked curiously, not wanting to sound as jealous as he actually was.
you rambled off another actor’s name that he’d obviously never heard of. his eyebrows furrowed as he imagined the boy who he now saw as competition.
“and you have to kiss him?” he looked at you in confusion, pulling his mouth to the side, his brows still furrowed furiously. “it’s your job y/n, i really don’t mind,” he lied with a feigned laugh. he noted your guilty face, even after he reassured you that he wasn’t mad. “what’s really the matter, baby?”
“you're my first boyfriend,” you whispered, your usual confidence dwindling with each word, “and i’ve never actually kissed anyone before,” you confessed.
“oh,” he paused, “so you want me to be your first kiss? or you don’t want to kiss either of us? now i’m confused, y/n,” jay was hopeful that you wanted it to be him, but after he finished his sentence he panicked, worrying that he was rushing you into something that you were clearly apprehensive about. “you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to, you know?”
“i know!” you waved your arms passively, realising you’d confused jay. “i do want to kiss you, but i want it to be special, and of course i need to film this scene because of the progression of the film… but i want to kiss you first.”
jay waited until you’d finished your explanation before taking your face in his hands and putting his lips to yours, taking the lead and kissing you slowly. he pulled away as he felt you melting into him, which only caused you to lean more towards him, giggling slightly as he caught you wanting more kisses.
sunghoon ・:,。★゚
your lips broke away from each other’s, you opened your eyes and caught a glimpse of sunghoon running his tongue over his lower lip.
“sorry, was it bad? did i hurt you? it was my first time,” you admitted, bowing your head to avoid the shameful eye contact.
“no,” he replied, bowing his head in a similar manner. he checked through his bangs, making sure you weren’t looking at him, before smiling to himself proudly. “was that really your first kiss?”
you nodded, affirming with a hum when you realised he probably couldn’t see you.
“we can practice more,” he let out a soft giggle to comfort you as he spoke, lifting his head and poking at your leg, “it won’t be too much of a chore i guess.”
“i should hope not,” you finally lifted your head too, rolling your eyes which he received with an exaggerated feigned scowl. “practice with you until i can go to the big leagues,” you extended your hands and cracked your knuckles in front of you.
“and who would that be?” he asked in response.
you suppressed the urge to say his mom, instead opting for one of his members, which, of course, started a tickle fight that you were never going to win.
jake ・:,。★゚
“remember that party we went to on the last day of middle school?” jake laughed, reminiscing on the time where the two of you were so madly in love with each other, but neither of you dared confess to the other. “do you know how mad i got when you had to kiss that guy from class c!?” he bolted upright on your bed, his shoulders relaxing as he watched you remember.
“what? i never kissed him. i’ve never kissed anyone,” you blurt out in an attempt to make your boyfriend feel less jealous. your face dropped as you realised what you’d just admitted to.
“huh?” his smile dropped as he watched yours do the same. “y/n are you for real? you never kissed him, or anyone?”
you chewed at the right side of your mouth, you couldn’t lie to jake and go back on your words, but to actually double down on it you thought would seem pathetic.
“you know, it’s okay to not have your first kiss yet,” he comforted, his hand coming to your upper arm and stroking it. “just as long as i’m your first when you’re ready to do so,” he smirked cheekily, pinching the skin on your arm before letting it go.
“okay and what if i’m ready now?” you asked, wishfully eyeing your boyfriend.
“if you’re sure?” he acknowledged your nod. his hand dropped to your thigh before travelling up your body and coming to rest just above your waist as he leaned in. he remained there, waiting for you to kiss him in your own time. your hesitation was cute to him, it made him adore you more, and it made the kiss even more intimate and meaningful.
sunoo ・:,。★゚
you brought your knees to your chest, your eyes fixating on the kissing scene on the television as your cheeks blushed dusty pink.
sunoo noticed your sudden change of position and decided to ask “are you okay?”
“it’s just,” you started, contemplating whether to confess or not. you pulled your knees in closer and rested your hand on them, biting around your thumb. “i’ve never done that before.”
“what?” he asked, trying to assess the previous scene that had already passed by while you were talking. “you’ve never kissed someone?”
you shook your head shyly, the scattering of dusty pink turning to bright red flush.
“well if you ever want to, you can just,” he made an exaggerated kissy face while resting his hand on top of yours, making sure that you could no longer bite your thumb to shreds.
“i do want to, but i’m just nervous, i don’t want to be a bad kisser,” you admitted with a sulk.
“hey,” sunoo turned to face you, “you can’t be a bad kisser, alright? if you just, follow me, everything will be okay,” he said with a genuine smile, hoping that his words comforted you.
to thank him for being so cool about it, you lent in and pressed a sweet, innocent kiss against his plump lips.
jungwon ・:,。★゚
“what are you writing?” jungwon asked, placing his hand on the desk as he leaned over your shoulder. “his lips on mine felt good,” he read from your computer screen as he giggled. “y/n what’s this?”
“i’m trying to write something about the two characters sharing a kiss,” you hushed your voice until you realised the only people in the library were just you two, “but it’s kind of difficult when you have no experience.”
he nodded and agreed. “kissing someone you like feels more than just “good” though,” he commented. you looked up at the boy who was still leaning over your shoulder. normally, you’d avert your eyes, but today, you couldn’t. “should i show you?”
jungwon made you flustered, all day every day, and right now was clearly no exception. however, usually he seemed calm, but in today’s proximity you could hear his heart racing, almost confirming that he liked you back.
“you want to be my first kiss?” you asked. “you’re not doing this out of pity are you?”
“i’m not, y/n, im doing this because i like you silly.” he smiled with a large toothy grin, leaning down and rubbing your noses together cutely. “hopefully i’ll be your last kiss too.”
niki ・:,。★゚
niki’s hand creeped down to the small of your back, pulling you in closer. for a moment, he could have sworn you’d stopped breathing. your eyes shut instinctively as you felt niki getting closer to you.
“can i kiss you?” his breath tickling at your lips as he spoke.
the music stopped, you pulled away, worrying that someone had come into the studio while you were too engrossed in practicing your duet for the awards. you looked around, there was no one, just him. even drenched in sweat, he still looked good.
“so,” he pressed, coming into your eye line once again.
“it would be my first,” you announced, almost as if you were asking him if that was okay.
he nodded once with a gentle smile, refusing to acknowledge your statement because, quite frankly, that wasn’t important to him. his left hand found your right side as he pulled you close to him once again. he dipped his head to your height as you hesitantly leaned into him. his forehead rested on yours for a while, he smiled at you in adoration, giving you plenty of time to pull away if you wanted to, before confidently putting his lips on yours.
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encorrectenha · 5 hours ago
Jake: if you think about it, we're time travelling.
Jungwon: uhem
Jake: like we start in Korea and we go to the US.
Jungwon: yep
Jake: so essentially we're going back in time
Jungwon: yeah
Jake: but according to Einstien's theory of relativity-
Jungwon: yeah totally
Jake: are you even listening to me?
Jungwon, with earplugs on: I feel you hyung
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w0nnielov3 · a month ago
enha and their favorite kisses
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
layla's note
I'm back :p ,, I was kinda bored and decided to write ,, I think I might write more headcons ,, this was pretty fun to write ,, these are from my pov ,, and idk if the members would prefer these types of kisses but I can imagine them liking them?? idk but yeah just my personal opinions. anyways I hope you guys like this !!
warning!!: lowercase intended ,, maybe some grammar errors :0
Tumblr media
Heeseung - neck kisses 
I see heeseung as the type of person who will snuggle up into you while shoving his face into your neck and leaving a trail of kisses. He would probably do it first thing in the morning when he wakes up ,, as well as right before going to bed ,, I would definitely see him hugging you as an excuse to leave a trail of kisses on your neck …but then again who’s complaining?
Jay - temple/forehead kisses 
jay seems like someone who would enjoy giving his s/o forehead/temple kisses. I totally see him doing this as a small gesture to let you know he's there and you're safe with him. He does it as a way to greet you ,, as well as a way to get people to back off when he sees someone staring for too long. he likes to keep it short and simple but it still carries so much meaning to him. 
Jake - lip kisses
Jake is a simple guy ,, he can’t deny that he loves kissing you and probably wants to kiss you all the time ,, he enjoys the feeling of his lips on yours and will proudly say so. he kisses you as a way to greet you and say goodbye ,, he enjoys catching you off guard in public by randomly kissing you just to see you go red. he also does it in a comforting way if you are ever stressed he will distract you a little bit by showering you with pecks till he sees his all-time favorite smile again. 
Sunghoon - hand kisses 
Sunghoon is a shy person so to me I see him doing simple hand kisses and nothing too outstanding ,, it's very simple but he enjoys them besides he really likes holding your hand so he has free access to just bring your hand up to his lips. Mostly does it in public ,, I don't see sunghoon as someone who really enjoys pda so i would see him mainly kissing your hand in public since he seems a little more on the shy side when it comes to kissing you on the lips or something. Will totally kiss ur hand when in public if he see that you're freaking out or if you feel some sort of negative way he will kiss your hand to calm you down. 
Sunoo - cheek kisses 
I think sunoo would live for cheek kisses ,, he loves squishing your face and then showering you with cheek kisses till he sees you all blushy and red. sunoo would definitely do it randomly just to get a reaction out of you ,, but he also does it because he likes the idea of showering your face with a bunch of kisses that are provided by him. He will be expecting his kisses back right after he's done showering you with kisses. 
Jungwon - shoulder kisses 
I feel like jungwon would be the type to always have you in his arms and never let you go. due to this his face is also shoved in between your neck and shoulder ,, I totally see him kissing your shoulder here and there till you finally have to pull away because you have to go do something ,, will probably not let you go and will complain till you agree to stay there more with him. he leaves kisses on your shoulder at home ,, in public ,, during his practices or wherever else he might have you tackled in his arms. 
Niki - stomach kisses 
here me out ,, to me niki seems like he enjoys cuddling a lot and I wouldn't be surprised if he left a trail of kisses on ur stomach while you play with his hair. during a cuddling session, you would have the softest kid in your arms ,, he's all calm while telling you about his day and you playing with his hair ,, and you can just feel him start to kiss your stomach ,, and if ur insecure about it he will make sure that he tells you how beautiful you all and that he loves everything about you while leaving a trail of kisses between every word. 
© w0nnielov3
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lvnarhees · a month ago
free use // s.jy
Tumblr media
pairing // jake x afab!reader
word count // 0.7k
genre // smut. minors do not interact
warnings // free use, mentioned multiple rounds. mention of heeseung, jay, and sunghoon. unprotected sex, grinding, bodily groping, fingering, kitchen sex, creampie, slight dirty talk. lowercase intended, unestablished relationships
description // free use with a guilty but desperate jake.
Tumblr media
you were doing the dishes when you felt someone wrap their arms around you and press their boner roughly against your ass. you automatically pressed back against him, assuming it was jay or sunghoon, or even heeseung, but you were wrong. it was jake, the only one who had yet to use you.
"please" he muttered, his hands desperately grabbing onto you, slipping under your shirt and impatiently groping your chest. he then snaked one hand down your shorts to your pussy which was already starting to drip arousal and pushed 2 fingers through you folds, automatically finding your clit.
"i heard sunghoon take you in the livingroom earlier and ive been painfully hard since then.. im sorry y/n but i cant help myself" he told you between groans as he rocked his dick against your ass roughly, pushing you against the counter as his fingers slipped into your slick and slightly abused walls, thrusting sloppily and just barely prepping you for his dick.
normally youd tell him to slow down and take his time but sunghoon had fucked you about an hour ago on the living room couch, so you didnt need to be thoroughly prepared to take jake, and you could tell just how much he needed you by the way his fingers were pinching and pulling violently on your hardened nipples and using his other hand to curl against your walls and press his palm against your clit.
"jakey" you whined, your pussy squeezing his fingers.
"it hurts, i need you so bad" jake said as he removed his hand from your shirt and pulled his throbbing dick out of his sweats before pressing it against your ass once again, leaving a streak of precum on your shorts.
"use me then" you told him and pulled your shorts and underwear down, letting them drop to the floor and pool around your ankles.
jake wasted no time grabbing his cock and thrusting himself between your lips to spread your arousal over his thick shaft before lining it up with your core with a little help from you since it was sort of a difficult position.
you spread your legs and bent foward slightly to give him more access as he automatically began pistoning his hips against you, his dick rubbing harshly at your walls, but it didnt hurt. in fact, the desperation in each thrust had you moaning loudly, the dishes obviously long forgotten.
the sound of skin slapping echoed through the kitchen as jake fucked you.
"im sorry" jake whined, kissing your neck as he continued to force his dick into you while his hands alternated from pulling you back against him by your hips and moving down to roughly grip your thighs.
"dont apologize, this is what im here for, jakey" you moaned, reaching one hand back to fist jakes hair, making him moan out against your neck.
"so wet and tight, taking me so well" he moaned, bringing a hand back to your chest to roughly squeeze your boobs again.
"use me please.. fill me with your cum jakey" you cried out, removing your hand from his hair and sliding it between your legs, circling your clit for more stimulation as you felt your orgasm building quickly, still sensitive from sunghoon.
"im gonna cum, im sorry" he muttered again, burying himself deep in your cunt as you squeezed around him tightly. "fuck, im so sorry" he apologized once more.
"do it jake, cum in me" you cried, hips bucking as you creamed around his cock.
jake repeated "fuck, fuck, fuck..." like a mantra as he emptied his hot cum into you with a few more deep thrusts.
you both stood there for a minute, riding out your highs before jake pulled out, his cum automatically dripping out of you and onto the floor, your shorts, and panties that were around your ankles.
"thank you y/n" jake said from behind you, feeling slightly guilty while putting his softening cock away.
"you dont have to thank me or feel bad jake. you can have me whenever you want" you told him, bending down to pull your shorts and now ruined underwear back up.
"you might as well leave them down baby, i never thought id see our jakey be so needy and honestly it was pretty hot.. you think you can take one more cock in that messy pussy of yours?" jay said from behind you, not exactly asking as he pulled his dick out and waited for you to bend over the counter.
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highbloodapostate · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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en-logs · 2 months ago
i love you the most. sjy
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing - jealous idol!jake x fem!reader
summary - your boyfriend, jake, gives you the silent treatment and goes onto reply fans on weverse so you try your best to get his attention by spamming on the app as well not knowing why he's being a big baby at the moment.
genre - pure fluff, nothing serious just playfulness
wc - 1.15k
a/n: it's literally a dream that i quite had a second ago and i'm writing this as soon as i woke up with my eyes half opened and all .. embarrassing really but i gotta keep the dream as a memory somehow so this is all just word vomit and what i could remember. not proofread. my read more button doesnt work on mobile T_T
Tumblr media
cuddling against your boyfriend's chest in the middle of the living room trying to get comfortable on the leather couch, you watched him scroll through his phone giggling.
curious, you peeked a little and notice the weverse screen that you were familiar with. "would this be a cute reply?", jake flashed you his bright screen which made you squint a little as you read 'jakey loves you too' on the comment box that hasn't been sent out yet.
"why don't you ever reply to mine," you ask sulkingly but also meaning every word you had said because he's about to begin a mention party on weverse right now while you were both supposedly going to sleep.
jake ignored you and began the chaos that was about to blow his notifications up which made you start a mini tantrum going "aaaahhhhhh", "whyyy", and the occasional "jakeyyy" while lightly hitting on his chest to get his attention with him only giggling a little as a response but keeping his straight face a second later.
wanting an answer, you pulled out your own phone to enter the weverse app and joined the engenes in hopes to get the attention of your boyfriend on the internet too.
commenting all sorts of compliments, questions, stories you could ever think of at the moment which could beat the simple 'i love you jake' from an engene which started this entire thing.
"see, look this is my username", copying his movement earlier as you shoved your phone directly towards his face. "plus you've always known it- its the one that says 'jakeyismypuppy1115'.. i need a reply please please plea- don't make me snatch your phone right now to do it", whining even further as you shake his body which was almost falling off the couch if he wasn't supporting himself.
"jakeyyyyyy~ why won't you reply to me... i wanna show it off on my fan account on twitter too pleaaaaaswwe im about to off myself if you don't," earning another giggle from him however his face remained sterned after a light cough. "it's not funny," you tried to be serious, frowning at him.
"i won't reply to you." was all he had responded.
"wha.. why..", pushing yourself further away with your palm pressing on his chest to move yourself up.
jake removed his left arm which was supporting his head to type intensively into the weverse search bar more than ever before. "because what the hell is this," not thinking much of it, you glanced your eyes to his screen.
it was your profile with the recent post dated a few days ago, apart from this moment's fiasco of you trying to get jake's attention online, the post made you cringe a little after realising what it said.
"heeseung-ah, i love you the most ! i hope you eat well, rest well, and is always happy ! i love u sooo much ure my favorite. i'll always choose you ❤️"
he scrolled down a little more to show that heeseung, who is rarely online, had replied too. "heeseungie loves you too ☺️".
it took you awhile to process it a little, and it finally hit you that you made the post after watching a youtube compilation of your boyfriend's co-member which made you all happy inside as a fan and nothing more.
you didn't expect heeseung to reply to your post either. you were joyful that he did and bragged it on twitter, but it didn't stuck into your mind forever since you technically forgot it happened. jake's reply would matter to you more.
on heeseung's side however, he and all of the other boys knew of your weverse account from how jake would always reply to yours which raised some suspicion and later confirmed when jungwon saw the app left open on your phone with the profile flashing your username.
heeseung found the comment to be sweet and endearing, he loves you like the closest friend who has always been there for his bestfriend and the team even before debut.
your reminiscing thoughts were then killed by jake pouting at you with the post still up in your face.
"jakey.. i didn't mean tha- wait i did, i think heeseung deserves all the good things in life but i love you the most more than him," trying to comfort him, not caring about the app hybe created now.
he knew that you only meant well and was happy to know that you were a good person that likes his group as a whole.
jake, still determined with his plan in making you love him more than heeseung, even though you already do, continued sulking and crossing his arms away from you, staring into the silent tv.
you hugged him as tight as the koalas he had seen back in australia and a bunch of apologies + i love yous came running out your cute lips profusely.
your boyfriend wasn't budging at all which made you even more frustrated, you knew he was just being playful though from the countless of times he tried not to laugh.
giving up, you sat on the couch as he was still laying and proceeded to go over his body and walk to the kitchen in hopes to find heeseung somewhere eating ramen to prove jake that you were both just a couple of besties.
however the area was empty realising that the entire group left the two of you alone for some privacy, and that they would rather be outside than to see any form of pda.
your brain was wired to make milo, an australian chocolate drink, for your boyfriend as another cute form of "please love me and give me attention".
it was hard to reach the mugs knowing that riki purposely made it higher for laughs and gags. a little more and you'd be able to grab the spider-man mug that belonged to your baby jakey.
like any cliché, a hand made way to your waist as you felt your boyfriend's body lightly pressed against your back reaching for the cup that you were both eyeing for.
placing the blue spider-man mug in front of you with his right hand on your side fulling back hugging you now as he whispered, "i love you" with his soft lips touching the shell of your ear making you turn your head around from the tickling feeling.
with your body finally facing him, you cupped his cheeks and stared into his sparkly eyes. your thumbs grazing his soft skin and fingers moving his unkept fringe a little from the nap you both had in the afternoon, admiring all of his features before giving him a kiss.
not knowing that your phone was blowing up in the living room from the weverse notifications you were getting.
"i will make it my life's honor to love you forever, jake."
a post you made half an hour ago making sure beforehand to make it corny as possible so he would be pleasantly surprised, and of course to make a reaction out of your lovable boyfriend.
[ENHYPEN Weverse] Jake commented on jakeyismypuppy1115's post: "i love you more ❤️"
Tumblr media
a/n: sorry u had to read all of that imo .. but aaa i swear i had a dream abt him bc i was watching his last en-log before bed.. i love u jake
talk to me here! likes & reblogs are appreciated <3
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117luv · 2 months ago
paper rings — sjy | MASTERLIST
Tumblr media
synopsis: after his friend sent a tweet regarding a kid named jun who is oddly a replica of himself, jake started thinking if he actually had a kid that he didn't know about — which he suddenly remembered his ex-girlfriend 3 years ago, yn.
genre: exes to lovers, smau, fluff
pairing: sim jaeyun x fem!reader
warnings: cursing, poor attempts in humor, grammatical errors, pregnancy, parenthood, miscommunication, slight angst
status: completed!
taglist: you can send an ask to be added!
an: i know this troupe is used many times but im a sucker for this type of plot. keep in mind this will be a mini series (around 10 chapters) since i'm still finishing another smau atm. i hope you enjoy this and updates will be frequent... i think? lol
Tumblr media
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salihombox · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ice pop development
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strawberry-galz · 14 days ago
Enhypen Reaction:
He gets shipped with you
Tumblr media Tumblr media
*I do not own any gif! Credit to all the creators :)
*Warning: None
*Writing type: Reactions
Tumblr media
· · ─────── ─── ·𖥸· ─── ────── · ·
• He wouldn’t know about the shipping until you told him. At first he would be surprised, but then he’ll tease you.
•“I knew you liked me y/n”
• Would low key confess to you
•”It’s okay y/n! I like you too” 😉
•He would become more touchy with you. Hugging you for a little longer than he would normally
•He even started to kiss your temple
Tumblr media
· · ─────── ─── ·𖥸· ─── ────── · ·
•Jake is a flirty guy ;))
•he would take this opportunity to flirt with you as much as possible.
•He would say something on the lines of “Everyone already ships us, Let’s make this ship sail” while doing his signature smile.
••”Let’s give the people what they want”
•He would also post a vague weverse post about you
Tumblr media
· · ─────── ─── ·𖥸· ─── ────── · ·
•He wouldn’t know how to bring it up to you.
•Would try to laugh it off but low key showing you that he caught feelings.
•He would make sure that you didn’t feel uncomfortable
•When you told that being shipped with him didn’t make you uncomfortable he would get so cocky
•”You probably watch all the (ship name) edits huh” 😏
( signature smirk and eyebrow raise activated )
Tumblr media
· · ─────── ─── ·𖥸· ─── ────── · ·
•Would low key not care at first…
•He gets shipped with everyone on a daily basis.
•When he heard that he is being shipped with another person he would just shrug “what’s new”
•But when someone (probably jake) says the ship name, he freezes and starts to gets shy around you.
•He can no longer look at you in the eye without blushing
Tumblr media
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•Sunoo would LOVE being shipped with you.
•He would watch ALL the edits and read ALL the fanfic between you too.
•He would make sure you knew too.
•“Hey Y/n! did you see our ship trending on Twitter?”
“our ship name is so cute”
•Makes sure to blow up your phone sending ship edits
“look how cute we look 😍”
Tumblr media
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•Leader mode activated*
•Would get stressed out! He doesn’t need a scandal.
•He would freak out, did he make it to obvious that he liked you?
•The members would tease him everyday. But when the members started to tease you, he would scold them.
•“Do you think y/n’s going to be mad”
•He would be worried about you.
•Once you told him not to worry about it, he became all giggly.
•Low key loves being shipped with you but won’t admit it
•He makes sure to post a statement on Weverse, making sure no one is being toxic.
Tumblr media
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•T E A S E!! I hope you never get shipped with Niki because he will take this opportunity to tease you ALL THE TIME
•“I knew you liked me”
• “just admit it”
• “you totally started this ship”
•Talks about (your ship name) ALL THE TIME
Tumblr media
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jaeyunsz · 3 months ago
love foolish (m) - s. jake
Tumblr media
pairing: jake x fem!reader (she/her)
genre: camboy!jake, camgirl!reader, fake dating, pining, smut, fluff, angst
warnings: smut [oral (f receiving), fingering, slight degradation, dry humping, handjob, unprotected sex], mentions of heartbreak & past relationships, jake gets insecure in a scene, lots of dialogue
word count: 13k
summary: being strictly business partners with none other than the popular camboy jake sim himself brought you bags of money and mind blowing sex. having no relationship outside his bedroom and in front of his camera, you panicked when your mother asked if you were bringing your boyfriend to your brother’s wedding. with panic, jake’s name left your lips and now you had a fake boyfriend who you didn’t know was head over heels for you already. 
Tumblr media
Jake Sim was a familiar name not only to people who studied the same major as him but also the people around the whole campus. It was not surprising to see people talk about him, saying that he was somebody who could easily pass as the lead character in a webtoon. He was the epitome of the campus ‘it’ boy. Jake studied music, the thing he was most passionate about. If you were looking for the certain boy during lunchtime, you could find him sitting by the bleachers, strumming his guitar and humming to songs. If that wasn’t the case, he would be in the recording studio, working on some songs. 
On the other hand, Jake was known as a mood lifter. He had the brightest smile and the funniest jokes. He could easily change the mood when he had a smile on his face. Everyone wanted to get to know him and become his friend, and if they were lucky enough, maybe become his lover too. Not only that, but you were sure that more than the ninety percent of the university’s population wanted to fuck Jake Sim. Too bad that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon since you were the only person he planned on fucking. 
Ah yes, Jake had a big secret that not more than five people knew of. Jake Sim was one of the most well-known and popular camboys on BeLift, a streaming service that you were familiar with. How you ask? You also used the streaming service to earn some extra cash yourself. 
You had to admit that Jake knew what he was doing. He wasn’t the innocent boy people thought he was and precisely how filthy his mouth could be. Not to mention, his tongue did wonders on your body. All those rumors of him having an oral fixation were true after all, you could easily confirm them. 
You had zero idea that you were attending the same college as Jake, known as jakeyboy on BeLift, until he sent you a message, asking if you would be up to do a livestream with him. You thought it was easy money since couples earned more money than solo streamers, thinking ‘why not’ you replied to him, saying that if he was comfortable with it, you would be too. You exchanged numbers and decided to have a quick chat. Both of you were a little surprised after finding out that your departments were right next to each other. You made him swear on his dog Layla that he was not going to tell anybody that you were a camgirl. Your livestream with Jake was supposed to be a one time thing but after seeing how much money you earned from a single stream, both of you decided to meet once a week and stream together. 
You wouldn’t label Jake as a friend, he was more of a business partner to you. You had no relationship with him outside the bedroom and in front of a camera. Neither of you called or texted each other if the topic wasn’t about your joint streams. You didn’t hang out around the campus together. You simply acted as Jake was a stranger to you. Having sex and giving each other mind blowing orgasms didn’t mean that you had to be friends. Your relationship was based on sex and money, it was for the best for it to stay just like that. From all the whispers and gossip going around, you caught that falling in love for Jake Sim was easy. You didn’t want to fall for Jake, or anyone to be specific. After getting your heart broken over a year ago, you still thought you weren’t ready for going on dates, let alone a relationship. Casual sex with a hot guy was enough for now since he took care of your sexual needs just the way you want. Plus, you made good money out of it. You weren’t interested in getting to know Jake, knowing for sure that it would complicate things, not for you but your professional relationship with Jake too. 
On the other hand, Jake thought the exact opposite. Your cold auro made him curious, he wanted to know what was going on in that pretty head of yours but he had never made a move on you. He respected your boundaries after you told him that your relationship with him was a business to you and that you wanted nothing to do with him outside the bedroom. Yes, Jake respected your decision but it didn’t stop him from searching for you around the huge campus, in hope that he would catch a glimpse of you. Jake knew that he was in the wrong for thinking about you but he couldn’t help but moan your name in a needy tone when he was getting off on his solo stream. Thinking of how he was blessed enough to fuck you in real life and get to come inside your heavenly pussy, the image of you under his toned body never left his mind. He swore he could hear your sweet whimpers whenever he got close to his release. One thing that haunted him was how he could easily slip your name as he moaned during his stream right before cumming on his hand. He just hoped that he was collected enough for that to not happen. 
Tumblr media
Being seated on Jake’s lap with his hand on both of your sides, he helped you roll your hips on his clothed crotch. His grip on your hips got tighter whenever you rocked your hips on his semi hard cock, trying to feel any type of friction caused by the thick material of his jeans. Your lips locked on his plump ones as his tongue sucked on yours inside your mouth, making you whimper into the kiss. Jake was the one who suggested making out before sex during the first time you were streaming together, letting you know that kissing turned him on so much. Before meeting Jake, you didn’t see making out so highly but after kissing him, you understood what he meant. Maybe it was because you had been kissing the wrong guys your whole life. Enjoying a make out session depended on who you were kissing and when it came to Jake, he knew how to make making out enjoyable for the person who he was kissing. You had no idea that you could get wet just by kissing somebody before Jake but now it got you in the mood quicker than everything else. So yeah, you could easily say that making out and humping each other like horny teenagers was your thing with Jake that got both of you in the mood and made him extremely hard. You thought if it was possible for Jake to come in his pants only by making out with you. Maybe you’d try it later on. 
‘’Do you have anything in mind for today? Anything you want to do or try?’’ Jake asked after breaking the kiss. His pink lips looked swollen and even more kissable than before. His thumb drew circles on your bare skin under your skirt, making you get goosebumps. 
After wondering about it for a few seconds you came up with an answer. A sly smirk formed on your lips when you found the answer you were searching for, making Jake lick his lips in anticipation. 
‘’Hmm, I want you to eat me out. Just like you promised last time.’’ You hummed, leaning in just for your lips to brush against his as you slipped your hands under his white t-shirt, feeling his abs under your fingertips, making him let out the breath he was holding back when you first opened your mouth to speak. You knew how much Jake enjoyed going down on you. It was his guilty pleasure. He offered to give oral whenever he had the chance but during the last two streams he couldn’t have a chance to bring it up, so after the last stream he promised to give you the best head you would ever receive in your life. 
After getting the answer he was hoping to hear, he pulled you in another kiss. He let out a low groan when you moved your hips against his crotch, making you squeal in surprise when you felt how hard he had gotten from before. ‘’What got you so hard already, making out or me asking you to eat me out?’’ You teased him in between kisses.
‘’You.’’ He mumbled into the kiss, biting down on your bottom lip before pulling away. ‘’You got me hard.’’
Without a warning, Jake flipped you over, making him the one on top. He smirked at you before getting off the bed to turn on the camera and place it on his desk where it got a good shot of both of you. He quickly logged on to the streaming service and clicked on ‘start live stream’ before getting back to his position. 
Your phone lit up with a ‘ding’ sound, alerting you that you had a new notification. You quickly checked to see if it was something important. Jake let out a chuckle when he saw that the notification was about him going live on BeLift, placing a teasing smirk on his handsome face. 
‘’You have my notifications on?’’ He asked with a teasing tone, slipping his hands under your shirt to take it off. 
‘’You’re surprised that I get off by watching your streams?’’ You scoffed jokingly as you put your phone back on the bedside table. You pulled on the end of his t-shirt, signaling him to take it off. He obeyed immediately, throwing the white clothing on the floor. He stood between your legs with his beautiful body fully visible.  ‘’Don’t act like you don’t get off watching my streams.’’ 
‘’Wait- Y-You do?’’ He stammered, not expecting such a bold confession to come from you. You used the state of confusion he was in to flip him over and get on top of him but as soon as you grabbed his torso, he put his hand on your wrists and pinned them above your head. ‘’Hey, not so fast.’’ 
‘’Saw a chance and took it. You can’t blame me for it.’’ You breathed out, getting out of his grip since he wasn’t holding them too tightly. You grabbed the nape of his neck and pulled his face closer to yours to kiss him. 
After kissing for a while, Jake made his way down to your neck, sucking and biting on the skin before moving his lips to your breasts. He unclasped your bra and soon it was joined to the rest of your clothes on the floor. He continued kissing your body until he reached your tummy, stopping the movement of his lips when he reached your pants. Unzipping it, he got rid of the clothing along with your underwear, leaving you fully naked before him. He inhaled a deep breath, taking in the sight in front of him before placing soft kisses on your thighs. He left a couple of marks for you to remember the next day before he dipped his face between your legs. Feeling his hot breath on your pussy already made your heart beat faster. 
You squealed when his tongue met your folds as he licked a stripe. Bucking your hips forward, one of your hands was quick to find its way in his blond hair. With your fingers tangled up in his hair, you pushed his face closer to your core. You were moving too much for Jake’s liking so he decided to hold you down by your thighs and not let you move an inch. 
‘’You’re so needy babe. It’s cute.’’ He mentioned before giving kitten lick to your clit, teasing you. You whimpered as you felt his tongue flicking the sensitive nub, getting tired of his teasing. You craved more of him and wanted him to know and for that, you tried to buck your hips once more time under his strong hold. It seemed like Jake got the message when he decided to put his mouth to good work and started sucking on your clit. 
‘’Fuck, love your mouth.’’ You moaned, pulling on the strands of his newly dyed hair. Your words encouraged him to suck on a little bit harder, making you moan louder. With his hands still on your thighs, his nails dug a bit more in your skin whenever he heard you let out a sound.
‘’You taste so fucking sweet.’’ He said before pushing two fingers inside your wet pussy. You let out a quiet moan when you felt his digits stretch your walls. ‘’Look at the camera baby, show them how good I’m making you feel.’’ 
‘’Want your tongue back on me.’’ 
‘’Hm, is that it? You’re taking my fingers so well though.’’ Jake said, pumping his fingers in and out as his palm brushed against your clit. You arched your back when he curled his fingers, grazing the sensitive spot inside of you, making you squeal. 
‘’Please… Need your mouth too.’’ You panted, ready to do whatever to feel his tongue back on you again. 
‘’Since you asked nicely, princess.’’ 
With that he dipped back down between your legs, spitting on your cunt. With his plump lips wrapped around your clit, you threw your head back and let out another needy moan. Jake felt his dick twitch in his pants when he felt your walls clench around his fingers, sucking them in. 
‘’You like that?’’ He mumbled against your pussy, putting more pressure on that one specific spot as he continued fingering you. ‘’Look at you, taking both my fingers and my mouth at the same time just like the slut you are.’’
‘’I’m your slut.’’ 
‘’Fuck right, you are. Tell them how much you like my fingers.’’
‘’Love them so much- they stretch my pussy so well.’’ You breathed out, letting go of Jake’s hair to grab the white sheets underneath you. ‘’I’m close-’’
Hearing your words, Jake started moving his fingers at a faster pace as he continued giving attention to your clit, trying to get you closer to your release. With every sound you made, Jake got more confident in pleasuring you. Jake adored the sounds you made, not because he was the reason behind them; he just liked being the one who got to listen to such intimate sounds. It was like music to Jake’s ears, he could listen to your moans and whimpers all day. 
He started to grind on the bed, his hard cock was getting a bit painful to handle. He needed some kind of friction, maybe even a release. By the sight in front of him, he knew there was a huge chance of him cumming in his pants. He didn’t care if he ended up cumming in his pants since he got to watch you in such a state. 
‘’I’m there- Shit.’’ You choked on thin air, letting go and releasing on Jake’s pretty fingers. You closed your eyes shut and arched your back when your orgasm hit, your hips bucking on Jake’s fingers as he continued to move them, helping you ride out your high. 
You heard a groan, followed by an erotic moan from Jake, a similar sound he made when he reach his climax but you didn’t think much on it as you enjoyed your own orgasm, keeping your eyes closed. 
When you opened them, you saw Jake standing on his knees, chin glistening with your arousal with a leaking cum stain on his pants. You raised your eyebrows in surprise, realizing what happened. Jake crawled over to the desk to end the stream, not even checking how many views and comments you got, not even glancing at how many tips you earned from the stream.
‘’Fuck- You came in your pants? That’s so fucking hot.’’ You bit down on your lip before pulling him in a kiss, tasting yourself on his lips. 
Jake let out a whine against your lips, wrapping his arms around your waist to hold you close. With how hard you kissed him, you were sure that both of your lips were going to be swollen at the end of the day. Before the kiss got even more heated, Jake stopped you, knowing that if he didn’t, he wasn’t going to be able to.
‘’You’re so sexy and I want to fuck you so bad but I have a project to finish for tomorrow.’’ Jake mumbled against your lips but he was not planning on letting you go anytime soon, his body didn’t act accordingly.
‘’Don’t leave yet.’’ You whined, holding onto him tighter. ‘’I’ll suck you off.’’
‘’Trust me, if it wasn’t urgent we wouldn’t be leaving this bed at all but duty calls.’’ He let out a sigh, finally putting a distance between your bodies. ‘’By the way, do you have a pair of sweatpants that I could borrow? My pants… You know.’’ His cheeks turned red when he looked down at his crotch, then back at you. 
‘’You left your sweatpants here like a month ago. It’s in the second drawer, I forgot to give them back to you.’’ You mentioned, pushing Jake away more to wear something to cover your naked body. Jake also got up and changed his clothing, putting back his t-shirt before throwing you a smile.
‘’Gotta go now.’’ He let you know, his eyes staring at your figure. 
‘’Alright, you know where the door is. I’ll send you the money tomorrow.’’ You said with an unamused tone. If Jake didn’t know you, he’d think you were pissed at him for leaving you alone. 
‘’Yeah, okay. Thanks.’’ He said, walking up to you and pecking your lips unexpectedly. ‘’I’ll see you next week, pretty.’’ 
And with that, he left your apartment. It felt like he was not even there with you in the beginning. The room turned silent and you stood in your room on your own. Letting out a sigh, you dropped on your bed. Hands behind your neck, you stared at the ceiling, the light blinding your sight. Why did you feel so lonely all of a sudden? Did you really enjoy Jake’s company so much that when he left, you felt like crying. You shook your head when you realized what your mind was drifting into thinking. You couldn’t have feelings for the boy, it was just your mind playing tricks on you.
Tumblr media
Jake tilted his head in confusion when he saw your contact name plastered on his phone screen. Realizing that you sent him a text, he unlocked his phone and opened up your message. It looked like nothing important, a simple message like the ones you sent when you wanted to do a joint stream, asking to meet him. 
He was puzzled though. You usually preferred doing your streams late at night and texted him during the evening, asking him if he was free while this time, he got the text in the early morning.
He replied with ‘my place or yours?’ and waited for your response. He was surprised yet again when you sent him a location of a nearby coffee shop, begging him to meet up as soon as possible. After reading your recent text, Jake got dressed quickly and left his apartment. When he arrived at the coffee shop, he saw you sitting at a table in the corner as you went through your phone. Even doing such a simple thing, in Jake’s eyes, you looked beautiful in every way possible. Jake couldn’t help but stand at the entrance and stare at you. The way you put your hair up in a messy bun, how you wore the oversized t-shirt as a dress, how you were sipping the coffee without picking up the cup… He realized that your shoes were untied. He clicked his tongue, shaking his head as he chuckled to himself. What if you stepped on the untied lace and fell down? Silly girl…
Without waiting any longer, he entered and took a seat in front of you, a warm smile painted on his face. He didn’t want to be straightforward and ask you why you invited him here, but being Jake Sim, he was curious from birth. It was the first, maybe the second, time you met up with him outside the bedroom. 
‘’Thanks for meeting me here.’’ You started, fidgeting in your seat. Jake could easily tell that you were nervous as you averted his gaze. ‘’It’s a little bit off that we’re meeting somewhere other than mine or your apartment to be honest. 
‘’It’s okay. I was worried when you texted me randomly to meet up here. Is everything okay?’’ Jake asked genuinely. His soft voice helped you calm down a bit but you were still anxious. 
‘’Everything’s fine, don’t worry. I just- I need to ask for a favor, Jake.’’ You murmured, your voice trembled as you played with your fingers. Jake knew you well enough to understand that something was bothering you and it made you nervous. You always played with your fingers when he suggested trying something new in front of the camera. ‘’My brother is getting married next week in Jeju. They rented this whole mansion for a week. The thing is… My ex-boyfriend is his best friend and he’s going to be the best man and ugh- We didn’t end things on good terms. I really don’t want to go to his wedding without a date so Jake, I beg you. If you don’t have anything better to do-’’
‘’You want me to be your date to the wedding? I mean- Sure-’’
‘’Ah really? That’s a relief because when my mother asked if I was bringing a date to the wedding, I might have slipped that youweremyboyfriendandiwasgoingtobringyoualongforthemtomeetyou.’’
Jake choked on his saliva when he heard the words come out from your mouth, making your eyes widen in panic. ‘’Say what again?!’’
‘’Ugh Jake, I’m so sorry that I dragged you into his mess but I don’t know- I just panicked and you were the first person that came into my mind.’’ 
Jake sat in front of you, keeping his silence as he stared at you in shock. It was kinda cute that he was the first person that you thought of when your mother asked you for a boyfriend. Ah, yes that would be enough to feed his ego and his secret crush on you for now but- ‘’Boyfriend, you say?’’
‘’Look, I understand if you don’t feel comfortable but she just kept pestering me about how my brother found the love of his life in college and now that they’re getting married, she just wishes the same for me. I just didn’t want to watch her me sulking during the whole week because I didn’t have what my brother had when he was my age.’’ You explained with your head down.
Jake didn’t think much about it. It was a simple request after all. He was only going to act like you boyfriend, that couldn’t be hard. He’d have to hold your hand, hug you, do all the things a couple does, maybe kiss you just for a week. Jake knew for sure that he wasn’t going to have another chance at being your lover. He wanted to see how the two of you would be as a couple. His answer was ready. 
‘’Yeah, okay. I’ll be your boyfriend.’’ He nodded, making your frown turn into a bright smile. You looked beautiful when you smiled like that and Jake would do anything to see you smile, even if that meant he needed to act like your boyfriend for a week. 
‘’Thank you, thank you, thank you.’’ You repeated, feeling like a burden had taken off from your shoulders. ‘’You don’t have to worry about anything. We’ll fly there on Friday so you have a couple of days to pack up and get ready. I’ll make sure to text you the details. We’ll meet at the airport. My family already flew to Jeju yesterday and I was originally going to go with them but you know- I told them that my ‘boyfriend’ was busy.’’ You kept on rambling as Jake watched you with his amused eyes. 
‘’Do you have anything else to do today?’’ He asked out of the blue, making you knit your eyebrows.
‘’No, why?’’
‘’Because my dear Y/N, I will be taking you on a date.’’ He said with confidence. 
‘’I thought this was already a date?’’
Now it was Jake’s turn to knit his eyebrows. ‘’You never told me that this was a date.’’
‘’Yeah, whatever. What do you have in mind?’’ You were quick to change the topic, trying to hide your embarrassment. Of course, why would he think that your sudden meet up was a date? Stupid Y/N… You had no idea how dates worked, right? 
‘’If I’m going to be your boyfriend, I have to get to know you and you, me. Tell me one thing you know about me.’’ Jake suggested, looking right in your eyes. 
‘’Um… You have an oral fixation.’’ 
‘’... You’re not going to tell your mother that I have oral fixation, are you?...’’
‘’Other than that… Like my birthday? Do you know my birthday?’’ He asked, making you shake your head. 
‘’Is it in January? Or maybe in February? You seem like an Aquarius…’’ You guessed, looking at the boy in front of you for an answer. 
‘’An Aquarius? I’m a Scorpio! November 15…’’ 
‘’A Scorpio? Okay, that makes more sense since you have this strong sexual aura- Whatever. Just tell me what you have in mind so we can get over this as soon as possible.’’ You threw your head back, not having enough courage to talk with Jake. You didn’t understand why since the boy had already seen you in your most vulnerable state. So why did the idea of Jake acting like your boyfriend scared you that much?
‘’Don’t you think we need a backstory? I doubt your parents know that you pleasure yourself in front of a live audience. What would they say if I told them that we met on a streaming site?’’ He teased, earning a smack on his arm.
‘’Shut up. Of course not. Luckily, we attend the same college. We will just tell them that we met during lunch or we had mutual friends. If they ask anything else, just shut up and let me answer. All you need to do is stand next to me as my arm candy and smile at everything that I say.’’
Tumblr media
Jeju was hotter than you expected. Thank god, you wore a pair of shorts and a crop top. If you listened to Jake and wore pants, you would be crying from the deadly heat. You rented a car to drive around the island, and of course to get to the mansion. Since Jake still didn’t have a driver’s license, you were the designated driver. Jake didn’t expect you to know such a small detail about himself since he had never brought it up. When he asked you how you knew about it, you told him that you noticed how he always took the bus when he came over to your place. The corner of Jake’s lips turned upwards, forming a small smirk on his angelic face. 
You interlaced your fingers with Jake’s as you entered the mansion. Jake squeezed your hand in a reassuring manner, making you less nervous. Your mother was the first person that greeted you when you stepped a foot inside. She had a huge grin on her face as she walked towards both of you. 
‘’Mom, you’re crushing me…’’ You tried to say as she hugged you tightly. After a while, you tried to push away because it was getting harder to breathe. 
‘’I just missed my daughter, is that a crime?’’ She said, finally setting you free and turning to your so-called boyfriend. ‘’And you should be Jake. I’m pretty surprised that Y/N kept you a secret for this long. She’s not really good at hiding secrets. It’s lovely to meet the boy who makes my daughter happy.’’ She shook his hand before pulling him in a hug too. Jake didn’t know what to do or say so he simply just stood in your mother’s embrace. You couldn’t help but giggle at the position he was in. 
‘’Mom, you’re choking him.’’ You laughed, pulling Jake away from her and wrapping your arms around his torso as you leaned your hand on his shoulder. Jake’s heart started to beat faster. He just hoped that you wouldn’t notice. 
‘’Aww, look at you two. You guys are adorable.’’ Your mom cooed, ready to take a picture of you and Jake. ‘’I’m so glad that Y/N has finally found somebody that loves her. Look at that smile on her face-’’
‘’Mom, you’re embarrassing me…’’ You pulled away from Jake immediately and ran a hand through your hair. Your mom gave Jake a smile, both being familiar with your antics. 
‘’You guys must be tired since your flight was an early one. I’ll show you the room you will be staying in so you guys can rest a little before your brother comes back. Him and Chae went to the beach. They keep acting like they’re not getting married in a week, can you believe that?’’ She nagged as she led you to the room you would be sleeping in. Jake gulped when he saw that there was only one bed. Of course, there was going to be only one. You were in a relationship after all. 
‘’Thanks mom. We’ll join you and the others at lunch!’’ You smiled, watching her leave the room before closing and locking the door. 
You threw your limp body on the king sized bed, letting out a sigh. ‘’I hope you’re not uncomfortable with sharing a bed. I can always sleep on the floor, you know.’’
‘’N-Nonsense. It’s alright. It’s not like we haven’t slept in the same bed before.’’ Jake shrugged, sitting on the edge of the bed. 
‘’Yeah but that was when you made me cum like five times on the same night and I couldn’t walk. This time… it’s a bit more, you know, intimate.’’ You threw him a teasing wink, making his breath hitch in his throat. ‘’Hey Jake?’’
‘’Yeah?’’ His voice cracked. 
‘’Would you be comfortable if… we did a stream here?’’ You bit the inside of your cheek, anticipating his answer. 
‘’Wait- What? You mean- Right now?’’ He stammered, not expecting for you to suggest something that included sex. ‘’Your family is like… everywhere.’’
‘’It’s okay if you don’t want to. I just thought since we will be stuck here for a week, we can turn that into money.’’ You suggested, slowly crawling to him. ‘’Just think about it… Wouldn’t you want to get your dick sucked?’’
‘’Of course, I’d love that.’’ Jake was getting anxious all of a sudden when you pulled him back on the end and straddled his lap. ‘’Gosh, you make me crazy.’’ 
You grabbed the nape of his neck and stared into his chocolate brown eyes before leaning in and placing a gentle kiss on his lips. He placed his hands on your hips, holding you dearly as he lost himself into the kiss that he could never get enough of. 
‘’I doubt that we have enough time until lunch. Just ride my thigh but first let me just set up-’’
‘’No, don’t. Not today. We’ll start tomorrow if we’re in the mood for it. I just really need to get off. I’ve been feeling on edge ever since we stepped a foot inside.’’ You confessed, moving your lips to his neck as you got more comfortable on his lap. You slipped your hands under his t-shirt, feeling his abs. You heard Jake let out a soft whimper when your skin came into contact with his. It encouraged you to rock your hips against his semi-hard dick. 
Jake tugged on your crop top, signaling you to put your hand up so he could take the material off. He groaned when he saw that you weren’t wearing a bra underneath and muttered a quiet ‘fuck’. 
‘’Is this for me?’’ He whispered seductively when he saw your hardened nipples. You nodded as his thumbs played with them. ‘’Fuck- I love your tits.’’ He pinched each of your nipples before grabbing one of your breasts and placing his mouth on one. Swirling his tongue around your sensitive nipple, he could see that your hands were already trembling from pleasure. 
‘’Jake-’’ You moaned when he started sucking on your nipple. It got hard for you to move your hips against his crotch when he was pleasuring you this good. As expected, Jake Sim’s mouth was out of this world. He moaned against your body, sending vibrations up to your spine. 
To keep yourself quiet, you bit and sucked on his neck, slowly moving to his shoulder. You bit down on his shoulder, making him hiss. You were sure that it was going to leave a bruise. 
‘’Your mouth is so good Jakey but I really want to kiss you right now.’’ You managed to say, making him let go of your nipple and bring his lips on yours, kissing you deeply. After sucking on your bottom lip, he slipped his tongue in your mouth. His kiss left you breathless. He surely did know how to make kissing enjoyable. Sometimes, you couldn’t help but wonder where he learned how to kiss like that. Was he a natural or just experienced? One of the many things you wondered about Jake Sim that you were scared to ask about. 
With both of his hands back on your hips again, he helped you move on him more efficiently. ‘’I swear to god, if you make me cum in my pants one more time…’’ Jake groaned when you put more pressure into your movements. 
‘’Then what? You’ll punish me? It’s not my fault that you can’t hold back.’’ You teased him, making him smack your ass. ‘’You’re not on camera Jake. You can do anything that you were too scared of doing in front of people.’’ 
Jake licked his lips, staring in your eyes before he smirked. ‘’Maybe later because if I start now, we wouldn’t be leaving this room until tomorrow.’’ 
His words made you moan as you felt your high approaching. ‘’I’m close-’’ You cried, slipping a hand inside your shorts to rub your clit. 
‘’You’re trying to murder me, aren’t you?’’ He whined, slapping your wrist and replacing your hand with his. You moaned when you felt his fingers on your clit, putting on the right amount of pressure on your sensitive nub as he rubbed circles on it. He looked at you teasingly when he felt how wet you had already gotten. ‘’Soaking, as expected. Now be a good girl and cum for me.’’ 
You let out a cry when your walls clenched around nothing as you felt the familiar feeling of your orgasm growing. It didn’t take you long to reach your high after Jake’s help. You bit down on his shoulder again to keep yourself quiet as you came, grabbing on his biceps for support. Incoherent words and blissful whimpers filled Jake’s ear as he continued to help you move your hips. You dropped your head on his shoulder, trying to catch your breath. 
‘’You good there?’’ Jake said, caressing your back. You didn’t have enough energy to reply. You were already tired from your tip and now, after having a satisfying orgasm, it made it even harder. You just hummed contently before realizing that he didn’t get to cum. 
‘’You didn’t-’’
‘’It’s okay. You’re tired, take a nap.’’ He cut you off, pushing you down on the bed so you could rest. ‘’I can take care of it. I’m close anyway.’’ 
‘’There’s no way I’m letting you do it on your own.’’ You said, staring in Jake’s eyes determined. Jake sighed, knowing that it was pointless to fight you. He leaned back on the bed, giving you the greenlight to do whatever you want. You made your way over him again, unzipping his pants and taking his aching cock out of his boxers. 
He hissed when you spat on his dick to get it wetter. He stared down at his lap when you started to pump him. Laying beside him, you locked your lips again as you spread his pre-cum over his red tip. Jake moaned into the kiss, putting his hands on his own thighs and squeezing his flesh over his pants. He was painfully close and the way your hand moved on his shaft was too much for him. Maybe he would have lasted longer if he jerked off by himself but when it was your hand on his dick, there was not a single chance that he could hold back. Before he could realize what was happening, he released his seed on your hand and his t-shirt, creating a mess. 
‘’You’re so fucking good to me.’’ He said, breathing heavily as he watched you get up and clean yourself in the private bathroom located in your room. You brought a new shirt for Jake to wear when you came back.
‘’Now I’m having regrets about not recording. You sounded sexy when you got close.’’ You pouted and threw yourself next to him on the bed. ‘’I wanted to see your face when you came.’’
‘’We still have time. I think we can make up for it.’’ Jake mumbled, laying on his side to face you. 
‘’You’re right. Now if you excuse me, I really need to take a nap before my brother comes back.’’ You yawned before closing your eyes. 
Jake watched you fall asleep seconds later. He was mad at himself for letting you get your way with him. He had no idea what the burning feeling was. It felt like something was stuck on his throat that he couldn’t get rid of. Jake’s worst trait was probably letting the thought of you wander his mind. He shouldn’t be feeling this way towards you. You told him thousands of times that you didn’t want to do anything with him unless it was business related but here you were, pleasuring him off-camera. You had even told him that you didn’t even see your relationship in a ‘friends with benefits’ light either, so why were you letting him get into your personal space so much more than before. You were confusing him and that made Jake overthink a lot. It made both of his head and his heart hurt. No matter how much he thought about it, he was left without an answer.
Somewhat, sleeping next to each other felt more intimate than having sex. It was special to him. He wanted to wrap his arms around your body and hold you close as you slept. He felt like a kid who couldn’t hold back his emotions. They were all over the place and you were the reason. The thing that bothered him was how you felt close to him but yet so far away. He only wished you to be honest with not only him, but with yourself too. Was it too much to ask for?
Tumblr media
Jake was already dressed when you woke up from your nap. You noticed how expensive the clothes he wore looked. Even if he was your fake boyfriend for the week, he really wanted to make a good impression. 
‘’Oh, you’re up.’’ He mumbled when he saw you watching him with sleepy eyes. You looked like a puppy- A puppy? Wow, great compliment Jake. Thank god, he didn’t say it out loud because he didn’t have a single idea about how you would react to it. 
You hummed in response, dragging your body off the bed to get dressed. You grabbed a sundress from your luggage and went to the bathroom to put it on and do your make-up. 
Jake’s eyes were locked on you when you got out of the bathroom, wearing your pretty dress, looking ethereal as ever. He knew it would make things worse if he kept staring at you but he just couldn't take his eyes off of you. His cheeks turned red. He couldn’t believe himself that he blushed just because he saw you in a pretty dress. No- wait, the dress wasn’t pretty. The dress looked pretty because you wore it. In conclusion, Jake thought you were the prettiest. He tapped his foot on the ground and looked at his feet, trying to hide his face from your gaze. He felt so small suddenly.
‘’Ready to go?’’ You asked, holding your hand out for him to hold. He gladly accepted before you went downstairs. Jake was nervous once again, his hands were sweating. It was acceptable though since you were feeling the same. You just hoped that people wouldn’t ask too many questions about your relationship. 
‘’There she is!’’ You heard your brother’s voice when you walked into the gigantic garden where the wedding was going to be held. You let go of Jake’s hand and ran into your brother’s arms. Since he worked abroad, you didn’t have the chance to see him often. You were extremely happy when he told you they decided to hold the wedding back in Korea. 
‘’Joshua, I missed you so much.’’ You wrapped your arms tighter around the older boy, hiding your face in the crook of his neck. 
‘’Okay, that’s enough you big baby, get off.’’ He chuckled, pulling away from you. ‘’And you should be the boyfriend she’s been hiding. Jake, right?’’ He turned to face the younger, shaking his hand with a sweet smile on his face.
You were never the one to talk about your love life with your brother but it made Joshua happy that his sister loved this guy enough to bring him to his wedding. Only if he knew the truth… ‘’It’s a pleasure to meet you.’’
‘’Likewise.’’ Jake said, pulling you back next to him as he wrapped one arm around your waist securely. 
‘’Where’s Chae? I haven’t seen dad either.’’ You asked, your body leaning against Jake’s.
‘’They went to pick up some friends from the airport.’’ 
‘’Who do you mean by some friends?’’ You got tense, suddenly standing straight. Jake should’ve felt it since he squeezed your side. 
‘’Y/N, I think you know who I’m talking about. You knew that he’d be coming sooner or later.’’ Joshua sighed. He hoped that you wouldn’t make a big deal of his best friend coming to his wedding but knowing your past with him, he guessed you would be bothered by it. 
‘’I didn’t think he’d be arriving on the same day as I did. Anyways, don’t worry. I’m not going to cause a scene and ruin your wedding.’’ 
‘’You better not and I mean it, Y/N. I’m happy that you brought Jake along. I’m sure that he will be more than happy to keep you company, won’t you?’’ Joshua turned to Jake once again, making him nod. The look on Joshua’s face was nowhere near the look he had two minutes ago. It kind of scared Jake. ‘’Great! Feel free to get some food by the buffet. I expect to spend some time with you tonight Y/N, so don’t you dare to run away with your boyfriend. I will find you.’’ He said in a joking manner before leaving to greet other people. 
You didn’t realize that you were holding your breath until he left. ‘’At least that’s over.’’ 
‘’That went better than I expected. Your brother seems nice but he also has this scary aura.’’ He nudged you, earning a small smile. 
‘’Not to be noisy but was he talking about your ex when he mentioned ‘some friends’?’’
‘’Yeah, I didn’t think that he’d come until the very last day to be honest since he was never good with timing but I guess, he grew up.’’ 
Jake wanted to ask you what happened between you and the guy you were literally running away from but he didn’t think it was the right time for it. He was never the one who thought before speaking but with you, he picked each word he was going to use carefully and maybe that showed how truly he cared about you. 
‘’I need a drink.’’ You blurted out before dragging Jake over to the buffet. He watched you with shocked eyes as you filled your wine glass until the very top. 
‘’Isn’t it too early to drink? That much?’’ He questioned, pointing at the glass you were holding. 
‘’Never, Jake. You wouldn’t know since your alcohol tolerance is low.’’ 
‘’How do you know that-’’
‘’You come early when you’re tipsy.’’ You patted his back before leaving his side to find your brother.
Jake shook his head, embarrassed from your reveal. ‘’Do I really?’’
The rest of the day passed quite fast. You introduced Jake to your father and everyone else who came up to you, curious about the handsome boy that the youngest in the family brought as her date. It was easy to say Jake made everyone fall in love with him. Seeing him interact with people up close made you understand why he was so popular in school. He was a smooth talker, always knew what to say and most importantly he made people feel important. Everything with Jake felt natural. You found yourself leaning against him when he made a joke, random kisses on your temple didn’t surprise you anymore, you didn’t feel the need to hide from him whenever somebody complimented how good you looked together and most importantly you couldn’t ignore the way how his eyes softened when somebody was talking to him about you. By everything, you didn’t know if you should be scared or not. 
You excused yourself from the crowd you were chatting with, whispering to Jake that you were going to get some snacks from the buffet. As you looked through the desserts, your eyes locked to one specific cookie.
‘’Ah, you shouldn’t eat that since it contains peanut butter unless your allergy disappeared which is not possible.’’ A voice said behind you the familiar scent of his cologne filled your senses. 
‘’I wasn’t planning on eating it.’’ You lied, not turning around to face the person since he was the one you were running away from the whole day. 
‘’The chocolate chip one tastes better.’’ 
‘’Whatever. I suddenly lost my appetite.’’ You scoffed, trying to walk away but he held on your shoulder, making you turn to face him. 
‘’You’re leaving without even saying hi to me? I thought we were past what happened between us.’’ 
‘’Y/N, you good?’’ You heard Jake's voice as he stepped next to you, placing a hand on your back before looking at the man you were talking to - or trying to escape. 
‘’You’re not even going to introduce me to your friend? I see that everyone got to meet him except for me.’’ 
You looked between two men, trying to list all the possibilities that could happen as an outcome but in the end you sighed, feeling defeated. Joshua was right. You couldn’t keep running away from him. At least, Jake was next to you. He was some kind of emotional support and damage control so you decided to take a step and face the boy when Jake was next to you. 
‘’Jake, this is Mingyu; Joshua’s best friend and best man and Mingyu, this is Jake; my boyfriend. Happy? Now, let’s go.’’ You introduced both boys and there was nothing you wanted more than leaving the scene. You tugged on the hem of Jake’s jacket, signaling him to leave with you but he didn’t move. Instead, he shook Mingyu’s hand with a smile, making you stare at their hands. You didn’t expect such a bold move from Jake since he obeyed whatever you said that night as he promised. You could feel the tension as both men watched each other’s next move carefully. You were also curious about what was about to come when you heard your mother call for you. 
‘’Y/N! Come say hi to your aunts!’’ Your mother yelled, making you groan in frustration. It was your brother’s wedding cocktail, but you felt like all eyes were on you. 
‘’I’ll be back as soon as possible. Please behave.’’ You murmured, pecking Jake’s lips and throwing Mingyu a look before leaving the guys alone. 
As soon as Jake caught a glimpse of Mingyu at the buffet trying to talk to you, he knew he was the ex-boyfriend. He had no business meddling with your private life but something in him awakened when he watched the guy trying to get your attention. Without thinking on it, he walked over to you. As your boyfriend, he had to show himself. When he stood next to you and took a better look at the boy, Jake felt insecure. Yeah, you did mention having an ex-boyfriend but did you also plan on telling him that he looked like that. 
Jake felt like Mingyu was everything he was insecure about. He was tall, muscular and extremely good looking. Jake could feel Mingyu’s confidence by the way he talked. He was also brave enough to come up to you and make conversation. Most importantly, Mingyu was somebody you were in love with in the past. Somebody that Jake could never be. 
‘’She’s a gem, isn’t she?’’ Mingyu mentioned, getting Jake’s attention and pulling him away from his thoughts. 
‘’She’s nice.’’ Jake replied as he put his hands in the pockets of his jacket. He didn’t want to stand next to your ex-boyfriend who was clearly still interested in you and listen to him talk about you.
‘’Just nice?’’ Mingyu nudged the younger boy’s shoulder, trying to get him to talk. Why was your ex-boyfriend trying to be friendly with him, your current ‘boyfriend’? 
‘’Trust me, I wouldn’t be able to shut up if I start talking about her and I doubt you would want to listen to me rambling about how amazing she is.’’ Jake snapped, maybe sounding a bit harsh. 
‘’Hmm, she’s also a mystery.’’ Mingyu mentioned, making Jake roll his eyes secretly. Great, now he had to listen to him talk about you which made his blood boil. ‘’I was really surprised when Joshua told me that she was bringing her boyfriend to the wedding. I’m sure you know that she’s not an easy person to deal with and not many people like to stick around her because of that. She stays quiet most of the time, doesn’t have many friends and prefers staying at home rather than going out. Since people are so selfish these days, they refuse to stay patient to figure out Y/N. If they had only tried a bit, they wouldn’t regret knowing someone as great as her. It’s hard to imagine her with somebody since she doesn’t open her heart.’’ Mingyu went on as Jake listened carefully. By the way Mingyu talked, it seemed like he could write a book about you since he knew every single detail about you. The more he listened to Mingyu, the more he doubted himself. He felt pathetic about not figuring you out like Mingyu did. Was that the reason you fell in love with Mingyu in the first place? Because he got you figured out and knew what exactly you wanted from a person? 
‘’Don’t get me wrong though, I’m telling you all this since I’ve known her as long as I knew Joshua. Three of us grew up together in the same neighborhood.’’ Mingyu mentioned. Oh great, his rival was your childhood sweetheart. Yeah, Jake got nothing on Mingyu. 
‘’Why did you feel the need to tell me all this?’’ Jake asked, curious about the taller one’s answer. 
Mingyu opened his mouth to speak but your sudden appearance made him close his mouth and left Jake without an answer.
‘’Jakey, my aunts are begging to meet you. Please come and save me.’’ You said, linking your arms together before dragging him with you.
Tumblr media
In Jake’s opinion, days were passing faster than usual and as each day passed, he learned new things about you, thanks to your family who had no idea when to shut up. It was funny how he learned more about you in a week than the year both of you spent fucking each other. Jake already knew the simple things about you but nothing was more enjoyable than listening to your childhood stories. 
Your relationship with Mingyu still haunted the back of his mind though. He still didn’t have an answer about what made the two of you end your relationship. After the cocktail, he hadn’t seen you and Mingyu converse. You only greeted him out of respect and if Joshua wanted you and Mingyu together next to him, you didn’t object for the sake of your brother. Jake didn’t fail to catch up on how your hands trembled whenever Mingyu was around. Luckily, he was always next to you to make you feel. Jake could tell that he was doing a good job by seeing how you relax into his touch. 
Other than everything else, your sex life with Jake became even hotter than before. He had noticed how you wanted to have sex or make out randomly throughout the day, no cameras or streams involved. You still went live once a day for the money but other than that, you just fucked whenever you felt like. The sex you had was no longer an act in front of the camera. It became something more personal since it was no longer about money but your own pleasure. You didn’t fail to realize how Jake’s kisses became longer than usual or how his touch remained on you, burning holes in your skin; how the sex turned into something more passionate. He acted sweeter and more delicate with you. You were used to him manhandling you, not him asking if he could do this or that. You weren’t going to lie, you enjoyed this new side of Jake even more. The only thing clouded your mind was how sex between the people who didn’t have any romantic feelings towards each other felt like this. It felt wrong, craving for him this much but here you were, begging him to touch you, kiss you and make you his. You didn’t even think twice before cuddling him after sex. Both of you knew cuddling wasn’t your thing but it was inevitable in the situation you found yourselves in. 
You couldn’t figure out what your relationship with Jake was anymore. Were you two strangers who had sex? Definitely not. He knew so much about you for him to be considered as a stranger. Maybe friends with benefits? No, friends didn’t fuck each other as passionetely as Jake fucks you. Were you lovers? It seemed like you were at this point but you didn’t feel comfortable bringing it up. 
You had no idea what you wanted from Jake and from yourself.
Being tangled in the bed together after another round of steamy sex, the boy making you cum not two but three times, you were having a hard time staying awake. Jake was tracing random lines on your bare back as you hid your face in his chest. 
‘’Y/N?’’ Jake mumbled, making you look up at his handsome face from his chest. ‘’What happened between you and Mingyu?’’
The question made you sit up and leave his comfortable chest. ‘’I don’t think it’s your place to ask me something like this.’’ You scoffed. 
‘’You know that’s bullshit. Do not dare to tell me that you’re still seeing me as a business partner and nothing more because we both know that we are past that line a time ago.’’ Jake sounded angry as he also sat up against the headboard. 
‘’Jake, let me remind you that you’re only my ‘boyfriend’ when people are around. When it’s just you and me, we’re nothing and we will continue being nothing when we return back to our daily lives. I don’t want you meddling my personal life.’’ 
‘’Don’t you fucking think that it’s a bit late for that?’’ Jake fought back. You sounded ridiculous. 
‘’I’m not having this conversation with you right now.’’ You stated, getting frustrated as you left the bed to put on some clothes, Jake doing the same. ‘’There’s a line that you shouldn’t pass.’’
‘’I think I’ve already passed it on the day you brought me here.’’
‘’You think so highly of yourself, don’t you? You were a nobody to me before I brought you here and you will stay as a nobody when we return.’’ 
Ouch, that really hurt Jake. He couldn’t get himself to speak after hearing your painful words. Jake felt like he was stabbed. There was nothing more he wanted to do than cry. The room was silent for a good two minutes before Jake had enough courage to speak up again. 
‘’So this really means nothing to you? Us? We mean nothing?’’ If Jake didn’t try hard to talk properly, he was sure to break down. 
‘’It’s a blank paper to me Jake.’’ You let him know, standing on the edge of the bed, your back facing him as you couldn’t bring yourself to face me. 
‘’You’re not only lying to me but to yourself too.’’ Jake argued, knowing very well it was the truth. ‘’Look at me, Y/N.’’ 
‘’Who the fuck are you to judge me, Jake Sim?’’ You shouted angrily, finally turning to face him as you hit his chest, pushing him away. Jake closed his eyes, trying to calm himself down. He tried so hard not to let his tears roll down his cheeks. 
‘’Yeah, you’re right. I’m nobody.’’ He told you, showing zero emotion in his voice. ‘’You made that crystal clear.’’ 
Jake didn’t take a second to glance at you before leaving your shared room. He could hear you calling his name as he went downstairs but didn’t dare to turn back and look at you. You didn’t follow him either, why would you? He needed to clear his mind. 
It was late at night, everybody had gone to sleep already. Jake stepped out in the garden. It looked even more breathtaking in the night with all the fancy lights and decorations. He sat down on one of the empty benches at the very back. He closed his eyes and threw his head back, leaning back against the wood. Before he could think straight, he needed to calm down and not think about you. He was deep in thought when somebody took a seat right next to him. 
‘’Shouldn’t you be with her, at this hour?’’ The voice asked, making Jake open his eyes. ‘’Bad fight?’’ Mingyu added, patting the younger boy’s shoulder. 
‘’Something like that.’’ Jake mumbled, playing with the zipper of his sweatshirt. He wasn’t really in the mood to talk and even if he wanted to, Mingyu wouldn’t even be on the list. 
‘’She’s a handful, isn’t she?’’ 
‘’What was she like when you were dating?’’ Jake asked, not even answering Mingyu’s question. Mingyu chuckled before answering his question. 
‘’Probably the same. I asked her out during her senior year in high school, right after she turned eighteen. Joshua wasn’t the biggest fan of his best friend wooing his sister so we had to sneak around a lot. I wouldn’t have asked her to be my girlfriend if I didn’t have feelings for her but I guess, Josh thought I was just messing around with her. It took him a long time to accept our relationship but when he did, our relationship was already crumbling down. I think the reason why our breakup affected her this badly was me being everywhere even after our breakup. She loved me but I broke her up and kept showing up on her doorstep because Joshua was my best friend and she was too. I was stupid enough to think everything could go back to normal. I should have given her time to get over me and not just ignore her feelings for me because whenever I showed up, I knew her heart broke a little bit more. It was hard to put the tiny broken pieces of her heart back together, even after two I think her heart is still not fixed yet, some pieces are missing that none of us could replace but maybe, you could.’’ Mingyu revealed. Jake didn’t think that Mingyu would be so open about your past relationship. 
‘’Why are you telling me this?’’ Jake questioned, genuinely confused. ‘’I’m not the person-’’ 
‘’I know Y/N like the back of my own hand. I also know that you’re not her boyfriend. You two have something but you are definitely not in a relationship. She’s head over heels for you though. She makes it so obvious, can’t you see it?’’ 
Jake opened his mouth to speak but closed it again. He thought he was doing a good job at being a boyfriend, guess not since Mingyu was smart enough to catch up on your act and you having feelings for him? Now Mingyu was just being funny. 
‘’How did you figure out that we weren’t, you know, not together?’’ 
‘’There’s nothing more Y/N hates than holding somebody’s hand. Whenever I saw you two, you were holding hands. Trust me, it wasn't hard to figure it out.’’ Jake nodded, wondering if anybody else thought about this. ‘’If you like her, you should let her know. She’s the most oblivious person I’ve ever met so if you don’t directly let her know about it. She’d think you’re only being nice to her even if you’re deeply in love with her. She stopped overthinking a long time ago. ’’
‘’And whose fault is that?’’ Jake snapped back, turning Mingyu’s smile into a frown. 
‘’Grow some balls and confess to her or you’re going to lose her, Jake. I lost her because I was ignorant and selfish. She was my best friend and now she’s nothing but a stranger.’’ Mingyu looked down, his voice filled with regret. 
‘’How do you know she has feelings for me?’’
Mingyu smiled at Jake’s question, turning to face him again. ‘’She looks at you the way she used to look at me; with so much adoration, respect and love.’’
Tumblr media
Jake didn’t come back to sleep in the bedroom after your fight. You were worried about him and because of it you couldn’t sleep. No matter how much you wanted to check up on him, you had to stop yourself, thinking that it would be for the best to give him some space. 
When you went down for breakfast the next morning, you saw Jake already sitting down with your family as he laughed at a joke Joshua made, making you smile at the sight. It was heartwarming to see how Jake got along with everyone. You wished that the moment lasted forever. 
‘’Jake dear, if you want ice cream later, you should take Y/N to the ice cream shop by the end of the road. I heard that their mint choco flavor was incredible. You should taste it!’’ Your aunt insisted as you took a seat next to Jake.
‘’Auntie, Jake doesn’t like mint choco. He enjoys a good scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup though. We’ll make sure to visit there.’’ You let your aunt know. Jake stared at you with widened eyes, wondering how you remembered such detail about him. 
You didn’t feel comfortable sitting next to Jake, let alone touching him. Even the thought of speaking to him made your head hurt. It was like torture and you were pretty sure you were going to lock yourself in the bathroom and cry your eyes out by the end of the breakfast. 
Jake was no different from you. Something was eating him inside and he wasn’t going to feel comfortable unless he talked to you. Whenever he tried to get you alone or pull you away from the crowd, somebody stole you away. 
‘’Can we talk?’’ He whispered loud enough for you to hear when he spotted you sitting by yourself at the corner. 
‘’Is there anything to talk?’’
‘’I think we should.’’ Jake suggested, his eyes staring into yours for a second, until you broke eye contact and looked elsewhere. 
‘’My brother is getting married tomorrow, Jake. I don’t want to cause a scene and ruin the most important day of his life. I know as a fact that when we are left alone, we will call each other nasty names and scream at each other. Is there anything else you want or shall we go back to pretending?’’
‘’I want to love you.’’ Jake blurted out. He had enough of keeping his feelings for himself. He wanted, no, needed you to know. You raised your eyebrows at his direction, not fully comprehending what he meant by his words. He groaned in frustration, Mingyu was right about you; you were slow. 
He grabbed your hand, dragging you back to your room so you could talk more privately. He closed and locked the door behind you since he didn’t want anyone to intrude. He sat you on the edge of the bed before kneeling down in front of you. 
‘’Jake, what are you doing? Stand up-’’
‘’After I left the room yesterday, I bumped into Mingyu. He told me everything.’’ Jake mentioned, looking at you. ‘’Why didn’t you tell me?’’
‘’What was I supposed to do, Jake? Tell you that I fucked my brother’s best friend thinking that he was in love with me? I let him take all my firsts just for him to break my heart only months after. Did he also tell you how he showed up at my doorstep with his new girlfriend who was better than me in every single way? You found out how pathetic I was to think that out of all people, Kim Mingyu would actually fall in love with me.’’ Your voice cracked as you spoke. This time you didn’t have the will to hold back your tears as you let them fall down. ‘’Do you want to hear the truth? I was scared that it would happen all over again. With you. I’d fuck you, fall in love with you. Then you’d ghost me and leave me be. I didn’t want to get heartbroken again. Mingyu hurt me a lot. If I let my walls down, I knew I would fall in love with you because come on! It is impossible not to catch feelings for you. I tried to push you away but whenever I turned my head, you were there. I saw you when I closed my eyes. I heard your voice when everything went silent. You were in my mind 24/7 and it made me so fucking scared. I don’t think I can go through the same pain again.’’ You sobbed as Jake sat down next to you, pulling you in a hug. He caressed your hair and kissed the top of your head, trying to calm you down. 
‘’I’m not going to make you go through the same thing Mingyu did, Y/N. Do you know how hard it was for me to hold my feelings back? When you kissed me, I wanted to stay in that position for hours. I get drunk on you and it’s so funny because I’ve never felt this way towards anyone. I want to love you if you let me.’’ Jake confessed. He felt like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulder. He felt at ease with you knowing how he felt towards you. 
‘’I don’t want to get hurt again.’’ You looked at him with your red, swollen eyes. Jake’s heart broke at the sight of you. 
‘’I can’t promise that you won't get hurt. Love is a maze filled with twists, you can’t know what’s in the end of it but we can go through the maze together and I promise to give you the love you deserve.’’ Jake murmured, cupping your face in his hands as he swiped your tears away with his thumb.
‘’Can you kiss me, Jake?’’ 
He didn’t need to be told twice to crash his lips against yours. Jake kissed you like you were the last person on Earth, with such yearning and neediness. He wanted to let you know how much you meant to him through actions. He pushed you back on the soft covers of the bed before getting on top of your body. With one of his hands on your cheek, his thumb caressing the skin gently and the other one on your waist, he continued kissing you passionately. Putting your hands on his broad back, you pulled him closer to your body. Jake was kissing you with so much emotion, he really didn’t need to tell you that he was in love with you if he planned on kissing you like this for the rest of your life. You couldn’t recall a time when you were kissed like this. With his lips moving against yours so delicately, it was easy to say that he was writing a love letter with his kisses.
‘’Please love me, Jake. I need you to love me.’’ You begged, clutching on the shirt he was wearing. 
‘’We have all the time, my love. Let me drown in your body, please.’’ He mewled as he kissed your neck, inhaling your scent as continued peppering kisses on your skin. 
Jake pulled away to undress himself and you, leaving both of you bare in each other’s presence. Jake had seen you naked hundreds of times but today, you looked the prettiest you had ever been. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. It felt like if Jake was going to blink, you would vanish. 
He brought his lips back on yours, making you whimper at the sudden contact. His lips were already burning from kissing you but he could handle the pain as long as he got to love you freely. He slipped his hand between your bodies as you continued exploring each other’s mouths. You let out a quiet moan when his fingers came into contact with your holds, feeling how wet you had gotten. 
‘’So wet already and only for me.’’ He mumbled against your lips, not daring to break it. 
‘’It’s all for you.’’ You purred before he pushed two fingers inside. His thumb came into contact with your clit, putting some pressure on the small nub. You whimpered at his touch. You wrapped your arms around his neck, tangling your fingers in his hair on the nape of his neck. 
He moved his fingers, stretching your walls as much as he could. He wanted you to be ready for his dick. You huffed when he finally broke the kiss, moving his mouth down to your neck then your chest. He left marks all over your body but on the places only he would get to see. Your moans encouraged him to move faster as he started pumping his fingers at a pace he thought you would enjoy. With every movement of his fingers, your hips jerked up, allowing his fingers to go deeper inside. Of course, it would have been a shame if Jake didn’t know your body after all this time. He knew every detail of it. His fingers hit the right spots inside your wet cunt each time. With his thumb moving on your clit, you were drowning in pleasure. He let out a groan whenever your walls clenched around his fingers, thinking that his dick would replace his fingers very soon. You were close to your release but Jake didn’t want you to come on his fingers. 
‘’I want you to come when I’m inside baby, think you can hold it back for a while?’’ Jake asked. You nodded, wanting him to act before your orgasm faded away. You whimpered when he pulled his fingers away, the emptiness feeling weird after his fingers stuffed your pussy. 
‘’Can you fuck me without a condom? Please.’’ You requested, placing a kiss on his shoulder. You could still see the bite mark you gave him days before. 
‘’Are you being serious right now?’’ He questioned, thinking that he heard you wrong. You could hear the excitement in his voice when he asked if you were fine with it. You nodded, giggling at him. ‘’Gosh, I love you.’’
‘’Love you more.’’ You replied, bringing him in for another kiss. 
He held his cock in his hand, pumping it a few times before lining it against your entrance. His lips were on yours as he pushed his hard dick inside your tight cunt. He let out a whimper as he felt your wet walls wrapped around him. It was a feeling he had never experienced before since it was his first time having sex without a condom. It made him all fuzzy inside, knowing that you trusted him enough not to use a condom. 
‘’Move please.’’ You breathed heavily, wrapping your legs around his torso. 
He started off with a slow pace. He didn’t want to rush things, he wanted to take his time to show how much he loved you. Words weren’t enough to explain how good he was feeling and the fact that he was with you, made it ten times better. He hid his face in the crook of your neck, placing kisses on your jawline as he whispered sweet nothings in your ear. With every moan of yours, he thrusted a little bit deeper. There were times where he lost himself into pleasure and his pace got faster but he made sure that his thrusts were still sensual and gentle. His hands roamed all over your body, wanting to feel every inch of your skin and likewise, you wanted him to touch you everywhere. 
‘’Feels so good wrapped around me. Your pussy is my heaven, baby.’’ He let out a cry when he felt your walls sucking his dick in. You scratched his back when the tip of his cock rubbed against your g-spot. Even pain felt so good for Jake at that moment. 
‘’Can I cum inside?’’ He mumbled, sucking on your earlobe. His thrusts were getting sloppy, it was only a matter of time before Jake also reached his orgasm.
‘’Fuck- Do it. Please do it. Cum inside me.’’ You begged. It was getting harder to focus on Jake since with each thrust, he made you see stars. 
Jake let out a high pitched moan when he came inside of you, his cum filling your pussy, followed by your orgasm just seconds after. He stayed on top of you for a while, watching you enjoy the euphoric state you were in. 
After pulling out, he dropped down on the empty space next to you, pulling you on his chest as he kept his arms wrapped around your tired body. No words were exchanged between the two of you as you shared kisses and giggles. Jake thought he could easily get used to this. 
‘’Thank you for letting me love you.’’ He murmured, his lips on top of your head. 
‘’Thank you for loving me.’’ You smiled back at him, placing a kiss on his nose. ‘’I really want to stay here with you but people must be wondering where we ran off to.’’
‘’Sweetheart, I think they already know where we went.’’ Jake joked, playing with the strands of your hair. ‘’We should just stay like this for the rest of the day.’’
‘’Trust me, I really don’t want to but I also don’t want Joshua to come up here and knock on the door until we let him in, my love.’’ You sighed, gently pushing Jake’s strong arms off your body.
‘’Your ‘love’? I like the sound of that.’’ He giggled, blush visible on his cheeks.
‘’I can’t believe you. You can fuck me for hours but you blush when I call you ‘love’.’’ You pinched his side, making him whine. ‘’You’re adorable.’’ 
‘’Shut up. Let’s just stay like this here. We can go back later.’’
Tumblr media
‘’This is my wedding but she looks happier than me.’’ Joshua pointed out, standing next to his best friend with a drink in his hand as he watched you dance with your boyfriend. ‘’It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her like this.’’
‘’Looks like the Jake kid really makes her happy, doesn’t he?’’ Mingyu noted, taking a sip from the expensive champagne he was holding. ‘’I’m glad that she found somebody who is willing to love her with their whole heart.’’
‘’You sound horrible. Is it the alcohol that’s speaking?’’ Joshua looked at his friend, putting a hand on Mingyu���s shoulder. 
‘’I’m simply happy for her. They fit well together.’’ Mingyu shrugged, turning his gaze away from the couple. 
‘’Yeah, I’m going to ruin their moment by going up and stealing my sister from him. I won’t be satisfied until I get a dance with my own sister.’’ Joshua said, making Mingyu turn to face him, knitting his eyebrows.
‘’Josh, don’t you dare. You have a wife now, go dance with her.’’ Mingyu hit his friend’s back jokingly before putting his arm over Joshua’s shoulder as both boys watched you with smiles on their faces.
But out of everybody, Jake was the happiest. He finally got you to love him back.
Tumblr media
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