#its so fucking hard for clowns
fluxydrawings · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
hello lifesteal fandom. this guy’s been standing menacingly in my head until i drew him so have a clown :)
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peepeeracing · 6 months ago
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ventusu · a year ago
hollow knight 🤝 undertale and deltarune
gamers refusing to use they/them pronouns for characters that canonically use they/them
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vilz · a day ago
im like. . stacking up modifiers of things i foolishly should not have done like
x1 didnt sleep
x2 drank an espereesso
x3 tried ti watch a jerma vod (failed bc im so hopped up i was like oh my god trying to watch this guy is like doubling the caffeine thats happening to me (bc he talks fast... it makes sense))
x4 got really really really excited about socializing with people
x5 tried to eat a sandwich thats too big for my face and got very excited about that also
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doodlebloo · 7 months ago
Cryptocurrency is NOT a laughing matter. Misfits Gaming making possibly THE worst business move they could possibly make is funny though
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smittyw · a year ago
"It's unfair I need to stop liking antagonists" god, what a mood, couldn't have phrased this better.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
brain rave with the villain brigade the party never stops even though i wish it would
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transmechanicus · 11 months ago
Respectfully, this cannot be it.
#my stuff#im tired of work im tired of not really getting to relax im tired of my fucking relentless boss im tired of my efforts being insufficient#im tired of new shit getting piled on my plate every other day im tired of spending my existence just Getting Through The Week#im tired of the suffering in the world and my inconsequential ability to significantly alleviate it.#im just...tired.#i want to sleep for a long time and wake up only so i can decide to go back to sleep and thats fucked up to want#i just wanna finish my grad school applications so i can say they're done i'll be honest i don't have any fucking passion for a PhD#im just doing it because its the only route to make sure i have better opportunities than the stuff i deal with now#cause from what i've heard you very much do hit a ceiling in industry without a PhD#and i spent all weekend trying to find schools and write my personal statement and i did i have 3 places and at least a first draft of a PS#but now i need my sister to look over it and give her approval bc she's way better at writing than me and i can't find the time lately#so im stuck in limbo on that and i hate it and it makes me want to throw the whole pile of lies and asskissing away#the truth is i only care about stem cells because it's what i've already learned and worked with and it seems easier than other shit#if i didn't need a letter of rec from her i'd wish a heart attack on my boss with only a little guilt bc she is just impossible to satisfy#im trying. im trying so hard. the work isn't even inherently difficult but the process isn't working and im not being afforded the time to#try and fix it#like one of our machines is old as fuck and not working consistently. and it's necessary for all my data#so when it decides to be a clown it makes me look incompetent as fuck and my boss gets pissy with me#shut up shut up shut up im doing my goddamn best i know the data is shit i fucking wish it wasn't what the fuck do you mean new shit now#ah yes bc of course this is the ideal time to give me more stuff to worry about when im already struggling under what i have#may my boss' wifi be shit everywhere she goes. may all forms of transportation rebel to prevent her arrival in the workplace.#may all her best efforts come to naught as mine have#i was so excited to get my grad shit done today and relax that sure as fuck didn't happen#i wanted to sit down and finally read past like book 6 of tokyo ghoul as a halloween thing too#a bad day
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cognitosclowns · 8 months ago
Imagine AB getting an upgrade to be waterproof (once he's mobile and put together) and just surprising reader by hopping in the shower with them. Also maybe him realizing why some people take forever in the shower cause it immediately relaxes him.
SFW!! w/ nonsexual nudity
HES cracking up laughing but YOU didn't find it very funny >:(((
just <33 gently cupping your face w/ a bunch of long kisses?? You slowly back up and before he knows it he's completely under the stream of the shower !!
'... ah.' he just kinda,, twists his hand around?? Feeling the water threading through his fingers, with these vv focused, curious eyes?? <333333
OR LIKE,, very slowly touching his hair bc the Texture Is Different, before immediately scowling about how its gotten all messy smdnsmdn. he might try fixing it to look decent before realizing its a hopeless endeavor </3
it really is a delightful thing to watch - he almost forgets you're there for a sec bc,, HES SO CAUGHT UP IN HOW NEW IT IS?? 
HIS FANS ARE GOING BATSHIT THE WHOLE TIME <333 not only bc,, its very warm but also the excitement?? like <33 the intimacy of it all makes him <33333
OH <33 he loves the difference in how your skin feels when its wet!! The,, slightly dragging slickness?? Like its smooth but also theres a bit of drag?? VERY INTERESTING SENSORY EXPERIENCE, EXPECT LOTS OF NICE TOUCHES AND CUDDLES. Drumming his fingers up your side, gently pinching skin and rubbing it in his fingers??? <3333
HE ALMOST LOSES HIS BALANCE ONCE OR TWICE BC,, he isn't used to how slippery it is, and is way too confident in his abilities. ‘perfect ai’ my ass, he nearly concusses himself twice when moving in to give you a kiss
<3333 he absolutely doesn’t wanna get out bc,, its so fucking cozy?? He can feel the steam congealing on his silicone skin its delightful and you’re with him and,, he doesn’t wanna move >:( you can’t make him
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minijenn · 4 months ago
Me, throwing that oneshot I wrote away for how hard it all got fucking debunked:
Tumblr media
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trancegnder · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
hey madness fandom. um, (holds out my transfem hank hc to you)
( don t fuckin. tag as gender/bend i will cut you )
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nosekiss · 8 months ago
ppl who got to see this live how does it feel to live my fucking dream 😭
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synonym-for-life · a year ago
Okay, so here’s the thing, I don’t know if I have ADHD or some sort of executive function dysfunction or whatever, but I struggle just....doing stuff  like A Lot™.
But, I had a REALLY good weekend this week and I did things, things I should be doing and things I like to do. I was really, really proud of myself by the end of it because I managed to overcome whatever impulsivity my brain came up with. 
However, this isn’t a bragging post! I wanted to point something out that I noticed and that I think people who struggle mentally often forget: I felt more relaxed and energetic after three days of working really hard, than I feel after a day where I struggle to do anything at all. 
The thing is struggle is exhausting. Fighting with your brain is exhausting. You can do NOTHING in the entire day and feel like you’ve been run over by a truck because you know you should be doing Important Things™ and you’re Not Doing The Things™ and you’re then guilt tripping yourself over it and just exhausting yourself with every thought. 
And I think that really drove home the point that this isn’t about laziness. This isn’t because you’re not trying. The very definition of struggling is trying. Like literally. One of the definitions of struggle (verb) on Merriam Webster is to proceed with difficulty or with great effort.  
Struggling means trying, it means putting in great effort to push against something that does not want to move, be it a really huge rock (that you for some reason want to move in this story) or your own stupid brain. 
So like! Give yourself some love on those shitty days too! Be proud of yourself for trying!
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tethered-heartstrings · 9 months ago
hi i was just wondering what your pronouns are ? feel free not to answer if it makes u uncomfy ofc !
I prefer not being perceived.
#they/them to actually answer your question though#sorry for the shitpost answer. I thought I was being funny#I'm not. but that doesn't stop me from trying#p.s. I hope you read the tags or I look like such an asshole#I mean I am. but that's not the point#I do find it funny how the internet cares more about this shit than people in my actual life#i'm not having personal issues with this at all in fact. I am very normal and very fine and very stable#the curious clown#anonymous#idk why I feel weird about pronouns on the internet. maybe because real life is entirely shit about it and I project that onto the internet#too drunk for this ask tbh#I have never felt my actual life crash and collide with my internet life so hard#not even when I made a fucking meme about me telling someone they could fit into a fucking horse#gender is a fucking pain in my entire ass. sorry you had the Tag Essay Rant of the century#ignore me. its fine#also who are you#the idea any anonymous person wants to know about me is wild#do you talk about me. hello.#part of me wondered if/when the question would arise#and I answered it like the clown I am#no one is even reading this far into the tags#and yet I cannot stop talking#you definitely are not reading this far down but#thank you for asking!#p.s. that 'i am just about worn out with bitches' post was 100% related to gender :')#it got repurposed for other needs because people piss me off#but that day was hard#oversharing in the tags because no one reads them when they are this long <333
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teakettlez · a year ago
Tumblr media
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arundolyn · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
dragon impulse purchase day i guess hello mariana <3
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spixi · 9 months ago
Spicyy idk if you listen to kpop but pls watch the mv of Happy Death Day by xdinary heroes. I keep thinking about it i need to subject others to this band
so much just happened /pos
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korethekiller · a year ago
Tumblr media
Chorby re-enters the ring
I love them so much even before they got eaten by sharks but I think 0 stars is still very poggers of them
[image ID: four images of Chorby Soul, depicted in full on the bottom left image. They are tall with warm brown skin and pupilless yellow eyes. Their hair is curly and maroon, shaved at the sides and tied in a top knot. They are wearing a dark blue shirt tucked into light grey pants, as well as black cleats with bright yellow-green highlights. Their nails are also painted yellow-green. They're holding a baseball in their left hand, which is covered with areas of squares of differing colors resembling a mosaic.
The second image on the bottom is Chorby's head drawn at 3/4ths view, where they look the same except for hints of blue in the edges of their eyes and a red earring with the letters "AOAXUA" dangling from it.
The third image on the top left is a picture of their open palm, where a pattern of mosaic tiles centered around a single off-white tile in the center of their palm. The tiles that lead out from it are varying shades of olive, magenta, and beige.
The fourth image is of Chorby from above the waist, they are holding a hand over their bleeding shoulder. There are bite marks on their right forearm, and they're also wearing a similar earring from before, this time with "AAOXH". They're looking to the side with a tired expression saying "God I hate it here"
/end ID]
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