#its more well known there :)
gncrezan · 26 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“I wouldn’t ask you to drop everything and return if I didn’t believe in it. The future of the Order, our history, our ways—everything may depend on it. Please come. —Cenric. P.S. I hope you are well.”  |  “The Spire has fallen. The survivors have dispersed into the wilderness for now. If your former master lives, I do not know where he has gone. Cenric was quite aggrieved when you did not return for the summit, but now I am sure he is relieved.”
thinking about the rhys + cenric dynamic and i am so unwell
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i-couldnt-find-a-username · a month ago
Every time that someone credits Taika Waititi for Wellington paranormal - which he had no involvement in - I lose ten years off of my life.
Jemaine Clement is one of my favourite actors and writers and producers and he deserve the credit is is working HARD to deserve.
Edit: wwdits series, too. So much great work
Edit: OFMD, too. Yeah, he’s executive producer. But there was a BOARD of writers, and a creator, and although the fandom was pretty good at crediting Jenkins et al. when I left it, there are so many more people than just Taika Waititi that made the film, which he certainly didn’t do most of, however much I follow his work.
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the-golden-mango-of-discord · 2 months ago
the worst crime this fandom ever committed was forgetting about the original lang ying. mxtx did not write an impoverished, grief-stricken man carrying his dead baby on his back for days just to find him a decent resting place, a man who acts as a tragic mirror to xie lian’s own wealth and the personification of the futility of his good intentions, a wholly sympathetic character who takes up the mantle of yong’an rebel general to take down the useless xianle royalty, a man whose motivations are so pure that in another story he would be the protagonist, who even after he assured yong’an’s victory and was established as king himself, never got what he wanted bc all he wanted was his dead wife and child back, who denied xie lian his unrighteous vengeance bc he was already dead and dying, only for the entirety of the tgcf fandom to never talk about him again
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catnipdyke · 10 days ago
god that post i rbed just know abt the music does actually piss me off. bc i GET IT. i get it. so many character playlists are basically just copies from each other. but that’s not the music or the artists fault. it’s bc of things like tik tok where a fragment of a song becomes “trending” and BAM, millions of people are suddenly listening to it and the song ALWAYS gets taken out of context. (for starters let’s look at what tik tok did to mitski’s music)
anyway it annoys me too bc i know full well that it was an attempt to make people feel kinda stupid about their music taste. and yes of course i get it. some people rly DO only listen to songs they get spoon fed by social media but? also saying mcr is basic… i just KNOW it’s bc of tik tok. bc i know damn well that me putting a song like “desert song” or “early sunsets over monroeville” on a playlist is not a quote unquote typical thing to do. and again it annoys me bc it just takes a way from a lot of artistry in music!
bc artists create music and we as listeners hear this and we all interpret it slightly differently and that’s okay and we should be very allowed to put some more well known songs on playlists. it’s just annoying to try and police people.
like im not saying people should just not listen to other music but it feels wrong to immediately label some of those artists as “Tik Tok Music”. and maybe that’s just me
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toosmallortootall · 3 months ago
Genuinely so appreciative of Gerard Way just living their life and existing exactly how he wants to exist without ever actually trying to publicly pin down a set of identities as part of his art/performance persona (or making his private life too public in that regard!).
Like yeah he's doing and making a ton of queer shit, it is accurate based on what he has said (he/they pronouns for example) and does to like, talk about them in a queer context cuz that's just TRUE. And also that's HIS business and i really wish that more people were just able to do that you know?
The details of the labels don't actually matter all that much to me i just want to see other queer people out there in life fully experiencing and expressing themselves. Like he's a DAD and that's such a beautiful thing, that they're just somebody's dad and also they parade around onstage in Such Outfits and identify with femininity in a way that cishet people often don't and i just... Yeah! I love that, i want to be that someday too
#this is genuinely such a huge part of why ive calmed down about so much stuff around my own queerness#like... i dont really care if other people know exactly whats going on with my gender and sexuality cuz it DOESNT MATTER#what matters is how they treat me regardless. i just want to be able to be ME without having to articulate and explain & therefore justify#myself and hiw i choose to exist. i just want to be content. i want to have a family and i know itll never be conventional cuz IM NOT#but itll still be deep and meaningful and fully expressed#and thats so much more important than any label i could like. make a point of fashioning myself around#ive just realized this is why i have such a disconnect with some of my binary trans friends who ARE very focused on their identity#there's nothing actually wrong with that but its just not at all interesting or a goal of mine#to me it feels too much like i am stifling myself and foecing myself into a box that like. well yeah i fit better into it than i do cis#or straight. but its also still just words. i am not definable like a word in a dictionary im just not#people generally arent and certainly until labels go back to being a loose reference term for finding other people with shared experiences#im just not interested in making them known All The Time. like. idk im bi and im very proud of that but im also queer and sometimes#a lesbian and sometimes a gay man and like its useless to try and pin any of that down becauze im just ME#and i cant sum up ME in one or two words... i want people to know me for who and how i actually am#which is what i respect a lot about gerard just... continuing to go out on stage and do what feels right to them#the point is the art and connection and purpose of that and YES being visibly queer but also never relegated to one specific kind of queer#anyway#personal#mcr#gerard way
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citrongarde · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
sylvia, please tell me the rumours aren’t true
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bishonen · a month ago
i am 100% serious i think that over-the-top slasher fans are actually way more normal about media than ppl afraid of Adult Media Topics & thats because the genre is all about enjoying the movie for what it is (usually admiring the practical sfx! like thats WHY it gets over the top bc ppl marvel at the artistic creativity of making it work) and having a larger level of audience separation than most other genres. Saying this because everyone claims the opposite
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ante--meridiem · a month ago
Moving to Sweden for the masters tomorrow.
Time for "handle living on your own, studying, trying to make at least one (1) friend, and actually communicating with your professors" 2: electric boogaloo.
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cat-soap-opera · 6 months ago
not to talk abt racism on my warrior cat blog yet again but like. i dont think ppl rly understand just how normalized racism towards karelians is in finland. like sometimes i have difficulties enjoying the art of a finnish person online bc im scared of being painfully reminded of how i cant trust most finns to give a shit abt racism in a meaningful way.
the worst part is how they’ll get away with it. these ppl will talk big shit abt how much they support nonwhite ppl n how they’d be at the front lines for protesting if they were in america. but thats all it is, just talk. they will not protest for nonwhite ppl in finland, they will not protest against pipelines or mining on the land their ppl stole, and they will not change their mindsets regarding racism if it requires any work from them.
finland is an extremely racist country with extremely racist ppl, but finnish leftists online know how to hide their racism. theyre only so open w their racism towards karelians and other less visible groups bc they know theyll get away with it easily. its not rly even abt specifically targetting us, its abt being racist in subtle and less recognizable ways. its abt being “anti-racist” so they wont be called out, instead of being anti-racist for real.
its abt not being caught.
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ofdreamsanddoodles · a year ago
there is so much unintentional humor in sick fics in like, s1 tma era because its really obvious no one thinks the characters are good enough friends to actually... check up on one another (which is fair!) which means that the only option left is for them to show up at work sick which they have literally no motivation to do especially since the vast majority of their job can be done from home, which means they can just like, nap in between assignments, and theyre not paid by the hour. if you really want to make martin be like “i had to come in, jon wouldn’t approve if i took a day off” (which is def way more harsh than jon canonically was) you HAVE to have tim or sasha go “okay, but you know what else jon isn’t going to approve of? germs on his statements”
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gorillaprutt · 6 months ago
Titta på ”Truls - Amazing” på YouTube
Truls is one of my absolute favorite artists ever, and he's also INSANELY underrated throughout the world.
Please listen to this absolute banger he released 2 years ago that has just below 13k views. I would really appreciate if you gave it a listen and his music a chance. It's fantastic and it never fails to energize me.
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pyonzzz · 10 days ago
btw why are people voting mahiru guilty and not kazui uhm ?
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irrigos · a month ago
"no, you dont understand! it makes perfect sense that everyone is really thin!! if there were a fat character in the game where an entire Victorian city got transported underground by space bats, well, it would break my suspension of disbelief!!!1!"
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the-cat-at-the-theatre-door · 4 months ago
Am I crazy or do Cats makeup designs seem to slowly be losing their more vibrant colors over these past few years, at least with certain productions?
You're not crazy at all! That seems to be exactly what's happening. I can only speculate as to why, as I am not part of the production team.
And it's not in a "our colour palette is more muted" kinda way in that it's meant to be grungier or more cohesive with its surroundings (see, say, Vienna or Broadway). It's a...it just seems...they took the 2016 beauty guru "blend blend blend" far too literally. Maybe there's a production issue, maybe they've halved the makeup budget, maybe they *are* using water based paints for details which take a lot more for opacity and bleed far easier, or maybe Napier's updated deigns are just not bold enough in how they are being executed, honestly at this point who knows.
The issue, I feel here, is that when I squint at literally any of these faces or consider spotlight washout/eliminate the contrast, they disappear. And you'd think "Jemi why are you doing that what does that matter" - because if I'm in the audience at a seat anywhere other than first or second row, the faces become this:
Tumblr media
And obviously that's an exaggeration (but maybe not enough of one) because the current UK designs and such others aren't perfect in this department either so don't get me wrong here, but contrast is *important* in theatre makeup. Lines when attempting to create face shape and "catify" human features are important for illusion - otherwise they just look like people with ears anyway. It's not Instagram makeup - it's not meant to be. The lighting techs are probably pulling their hair out.
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shalom-iamcominghome · 7 days ago
My thoughts on G-d are really complex, and I think that's what attracts me to judaism, honestly. On one hand, I recognize that I literally can't know for sure if G-d is out there, but I also cannot deny that I don't believe in Him, if that makes sense. I want to question Him - I want to ask why. This is something I haven't had the chance to do.
"Maybe there's a God above," Leonard Cohen sings in Hallelujah
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maeamian · a month ago
BMI is bullshit, you will never catch me defending BMI or its proponents, but calories, and by extension, calorimeters are actually a pretty effective tool for understanding how much energy a human can derive from a piece of food, I know the dismissive tagline is "You'll notice your body is different from a tub of water placed above a burn chamber" but also, in many significant ways it is identical to a burn chamber and a tub of water, at least when it comes to specific processes. Like, I think the way we think about calories isn't great, there is an absolute over-focus on simply counting at the input level, but overcorrecting into 'the Calorie as a unit is entirely meaningless' isn't the way forward either, IMO. It seems like giving up on the idea that we can use things to learn about other things, when, in fact, comparisons to similar but easier to understand systems are how we've gone about understanding basically everything we currently understand about the universe, which is quite a lot.
#Like your body isn't *just* going to use that energy to heat up some water#But also keeping you (a bag of water) warm is a large part of your metabolism's job#And the heating of an object with a known specific heat capacity is a good way to measure the energy involved in a process#And the way your body breaks down food is reasonably similar to the combustion process#Particularly from an energy capture standpoint#Because it is taking the complex hydrocarbons that make up food#And converting them mostly into smaller more stable forms#And using the difference in structural energy of those things as energy for various chemical processes#Energy is very well known to be extremely interchangeable the amount of energy it takes to heat water does not care where it came from#And likewise the energy to heat water can instead be used to make ATP to provide stored energy for chemical processes#Or the various other ways the human body works bless it#Anyhow this is a technical quibble with a post whose general thrust I agree with#Which is why it is its own post#Don't get me wrong I'm also not endorsing any diet or dietician's understanding of Calories and how they work#But the Calorie as a unit is both useful and meaningful in understanding the human metabolism#That's the hill I'm willing to stake out here and there's a large post in circulation with a comment that is in opposition to that#And it is my stance that their heuristics are fundamentally wrong and broken they are using bad reasoning#The exact quote is full of 'in my understanding' and 'just a thought's#And like bro your understanding is sophomoric at best#That is what we do but you didn't stop to ask why we do it or if that actually makes any sense#Literally huge portions of modern thermodynamics are based on the ability of experiments like this to accurately measure energy release#And like IDK maybe you can upend it maybe your understanding is better#But pointing out the basic mechanism without understanding how or why it works isn't going to be what does it
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marcspectrr · 29 days ago
🎬📺share ten different favorite characters from ten different pieces of media in no particular order🎮🃏 Then send this to 10 people (anon or not, your choice)
Different pieces of media?? Challenge accepted. (I'm gonna stick with TV show/franchise characters just for consistency)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Steven Grant, "Moon Knight" // Iris West-Allen, "The Flash" // Tony Stark, "Avengers, Age of Ultron" (all of mcu) // Serge 'Frenchie', "The Boys" // Diego Hargreeves, "The Umbrella Academy" // Jonathan Levy, "Scenes From a Marriage" // Samantha Fink, "Single Drunk Female" // Kiara Carrera, "Outer Banks" // Elliot Alderson, "Mr. Robot" // Steve Harrington, "Stranger Things".
Also, I'm just gonna tag people, feel free to make your own posts :) @betweenthescarletmoon @drifting-pieces-blog-blog @mrs-steve-harrington @escapes-definition @luke-o-lophus
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