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jadequarze 1 year
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Why is it everytime I draw her, she looks so tired/sad.
馃挜 聽[Ko-fi | Redbubble | Twitter | Youtube | INPRNT] can be found in pinned post. 聽 聽 聽 聽
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saccharinescorpion 28 days
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it's a small thing but something i've noticed about Witch From Mercury is that this is probably the highest amount of plus-sized women i've seen in a single anime
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ms-musers 3 months
Clark Kent, trying to leave a gala he鈥檚 covering: Ope, just gonna squeeze right past you.
Bruce Wayne, who heard Superman say the same thing at a Justice League meeting that morning: No fucking way
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cupids-crystals 2 months
With all of the cheating drama going on recently, I just want to share one thought: There is a very clear, very significant, distinction between husbands that love their wives and husbands that love having a wife.
Men that love their wives will refer to them by their name 鈥 they see them as a person first and their person second. Men that only refer to their wife as 鈥渕y wife鈥 see them as an accomplishment, or a thing to parade around. They love the idea of having a wife, and they think that this translates to 鈥淚 love my wife.鈥 This is the type of husband that gets 鈥榙istracted鈥 by another relationship, because he thinks it might serve him better than the one that he already has.
Not all 鈥渨ife-obsessed鈥 men are bound to ruin their marriages!! You can tell these types of men apart in almost every scenario and we can still appreciate the good ones :)
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lemongogo 6 months
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deathnote days
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alltheshadesofamber 6 months
I need people to understand that Jason doesn鈥檛 kill because he was trained by assassins to do so, Jason was trained by assassins because he wanted to kill
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technofantasia 2 months
One of my absolute favorite parts of golden wind is the singularly horrible outfits that the main characters wear, but not just the fact that they're terrible, no no. Sure, they all look like they got dressed with their eyes closed in a boutique for clowns, but the REAL kicker is that they did not always dress in this way??
We see the characters' backstories. We see how they used to look. And almost ALL of them USED TO WEAR NORMAL PEOPLE CLOTHES!!! Why? Why the sudden shift to kitchen sink fashion?? And, of course, there are layers to this, too.
Tumblr media
Like. Giorno is his own whole can of worms, concerning exactly what happened between middle and high school. Sure, there's the whole hair color change thing which I refuse to acknowledge the canonical reason behind, but whatever, I can ignore that. Why suddenly decide on that hairstyle? That wardrobe? Especially considering that in every other way he's not exactly the flamboyant, attention-grabbing type... The only explanation I can think of would be, I don't know, he just happens to have a surprisingly eclectic fashion sense and high school was the first time he was able to be on his own away from home to indulge it. First opportunity to show off his individuality and he went whole hog with it, I could see that. Yeah sure you go giogio!! have as many heart shaped boob windows and ladybug brooches as you like
Tumblr media
Abbacchio, too. It looks like he mostly dressed normal for his job, but the second he left, he transitioned to his current look? Either that鈥檚 just his usual taste or his emotional crisis led him to an emo makeover. Or both. In either case, I suppose that鈥檚 valid and I support him. His weird eggshell hat is the only part of his outfit that鈥檚 really that out there anyway
But the others??
Tumblr media
Narancia. Mista. Fucking Fugo. They all dressed at least mostly normally right up until they joined Passione, at which point they switched on a dime to looking Like That. Sure, some aesthetic preferences seemed to carry over, like Narancia鈥檚 boyish style, Fugo鈥檚 suit pattern, and Mista鈥檚 navel window + crisscross pattern + hat. But they still used to wear, yknow. People clothes. So... Why??? What on EARTH happened???
Tumblr media
Strangely enough, Bucciarati looks like he鈥檚 ALWAYS dressed Like That. Same hair style, same colors, same patterns... Given how much everyone else鈥檚 backstory outfits clashed with their eventual outfit choices, it鈥檚 almost weirder to see that Bucciarati clearly has clothing and style preferences that match up from past to present.
So. I can鈥檛 help but wonder.
Did... did the others just assume that, since Bucciarati (and maybe also Abbacchio) dressed Like That, that was just The Mafia Style??? The Style Of Clothing That Mafia People Wear???? So, in order to integrate themselves into Passione, they鈥檇 have to start dressing Like That too??????
Actually. Given that all the members of La Squadra and Polpo and the boss鈥檚 personal guard and the boss himself ALSO dress Like That... fuck, i don鈥檛 know, maybe they were right and that IS just The Mafia Style!! The fact it also happens to align with Bucciarati鈥檚/Abbacchio鈥檚/Giorno鈥檚 personal fashion sense might just be a coincidence!!! Who knows!!! Who cares!!!
Where do you even go to BUY clothing like that??? Are there special, under-the-counter sections of clothing stores that specially cater to Badcore fashion for mafia members??? Do the designers earn a special commission for designing clothes no sane person would wear that fit as uncomfortably as humanly possible??? Didn't they say at some point that mafia members try to dress inconspicuously to blend in???? RISOTTO IS LITERALLY JUST WEARING A JESTER HAT WHAT KIND OF CIRCUS IS THIS
But yeah so the logistics of part 5鈥瞫 character designs drive me insane and I love it
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antlerpunk 1 month
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insects of inferno
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cryptid-quill 4 months
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some hermit lineups! good character design practice :D
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noxarcanaart 2 months
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an illustration for chapter 3 of @sayesayes's steddie fic (there is) thunder in our hearts
(2am burgers after a show, eddie鈥檚 hair starting to grow back as they both grow together鉂わ笍)
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zstraps 3 months
i may look like i鈥檓 paying attention to what鈥檚 going on around me but inside my head it鈥檚 just 鈥渨ell sussed!鈥 鈥渘ot bloody optimal鈥 鈥渄ickfuck, no it鈥檚 not鈥 鈥渄id you mean to do that?鈥 鈥渉i all!鈥 鈥渢here鈥檚 always an escape鈥 鈥渋 know that, BABE鈥 鈥渕an for sale!鈥 鈥渃oming nana! coming for cake!鈥 鈥渢ake your sword. run me through鈥 鈥渢reasure is the real treasure!鈥 鈥渢hat鈥檚 some damn good marmalade鈥
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hotcocoaharrington 2 days
Steve sits in his car, parked outside of the Hawkins High theater room as he waits for his begrudgingly favorite group of gremlins to come spilling out of the building and pile into his backseat (and argue about the front seat too) so he can drive them home after their Dorks & Doofuses, or whatever it's called, club.
It, technically, ends at six, but it usually takes them a while to pack up all their shit (and who knew a nerd game could have more equipment than most sports?). Plus they love to linger after to try and weasel hints about future sessions out of their Nerd King or whatever he's called and start strategizing for next time. Steve always tells them not to dawdle, they've got curfews and he's got parents to keep happy, but they never listen.
He glances down at his watch right as the little hands ticks past the three. Any minute now. At least that's what he hopes, anyways.
ABBA's playing through the tape deck, and Steve absentmindedly taps along as the opening bars of Gimme Gimme Gimme fill the car. He hums the tune through the first verse and turns it up just as it starts to gear up for the chorus.
And then, as if on cue, right as that chorus hits, right as Agnetha and Anni-Frid start to ask for their man after midnight, the doors of the theater room go flying open.
And out walks 鈥 nay, saunters 鈥 the prettiest boy that Steve has ever laid eyes on. Dressed in a tantalizing mix of leather and denim, he's got his head thrown back in a bright, beautiful laugh (loud enough to hear even over the music, and jesus, it sounds even better than the song), his long, wild curls fanning out around his face and shoulders, and the most gorgeous, easy smile pulling at his mouth and baring all of his teeth.
There's not a soul out there, ABBA sings, no one to hear my prayer.
But boy oh boy are they wrong. Steve didn't send out any prayers, but there sure as shit is a soul out there. Traipsing through the Hawkins High parking lot like he owns the place, throwing his arms and hands around in erratic, enthusiastic gestures, walking backwards towards a beat up old van in the back.
And Steve can't look away.
It's almost embarrassing how caught up he gets in staring at this boy, because he doesn't even register the kids trailing out behind him, or how they've finally made it to his car until the doors are wrenched open none too carefully and their raucous bickering bursts through the bubble.
Dustin slides into the front seat and slams the door behind him, and Steve's attention is momentarily stolen from the pretty boy as he slips into the familiar song and dance that is chastising Dustin for his lack of respect for Steve's things and volleying back at the snarky remarks he gets in return.
"Later dweebs!" Interrupts a smooth, lilting voice from outside and every pair of eyes in the car (including Steve's, especially Steve's) snap towards the source. The pretty boy stands in the open door of his van with a broad smirk and a hand stuck up in a sedentary wave.
The kids all chorus their goodbyes and wave back, and Steve 鈥 ingloriously, embarrassingly, mortifyingly 鈥 gives a wave of his own.
The pretty boy notices, because of course he does, and his grin sharpens. He adds an extra flutter of his fingertips as he meets Steve's eyes directly.
Steve flushes all the way up to his roots and immediately tears his gaze away, drops his hand to the wheel, and clears his throat. "Alright," he says, sounding a bit pinched. "Buckle up shitheads," he adds and hopes that none of the excruciatingly nosy children in his car noticed any of that.
He doesn't even know how to begin explaining any of that to the kids. He doesn't even know how to being explaining any of this to himself.
Steve waits for the sound of three distinct clicks, then shifts the car into drive and eases off of the break. As he heads towards the parking lot exit, Steve spares one last fleeting glance to the pretty boy getting smaller and smaller in his rear view mirror.
Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight, take me through the darkness to the break of the day.
The song 鈥 which Steve is absolutely going to have stuck in his head for days now, just like a certain boy that will absolutely be stuck in his head for days (and weeks, and months, and鈥) 鈥 fades to it's end, but this? This is only just the beginning.
This is the beginning of Steve Harrington's big huge crush on one Eddie Munson.
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feralsteddie 2 months
where that one post about Steve accidentally inventing pastel punk because he wanted to be edgier for a Corroded Coffin gig, but wasn鈥檛 willing to part with his soft colors
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rainbowravioli 11 months
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adriartts 3 months
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Star Trek brain is back. Screenshot redraw from Descent (wanna eat the warp core)
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rudolphsboyfriend 6 months
Okay i have a THEORY so please help me test it.
If you're into romance tropes/ stories, reblog this and tell me whether you're alloro or aro, and whether you prefer enemies to lovers or friends to lovers
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