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monomori3 · 25 days ago
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tankmates uwu @llamagoddessofficial
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lupinsuniverse · 11 months ago
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astarprince · a year ago
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I have come to a horrible realization
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paper-lilypie · 4 months ago
in the middle of jotting down the chemical formula for constant equilibrium on my notes and i get a sudden rush of embarrassing memories from my 2015-2016 obsessions over Bill Cipher and Sans Undertale crashing over me like a freight train.
I gotta draw them later.
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tezzbot · 3 months ago
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hesowars mammon doodle pages bc i rlly like his silly little design thanku<3
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daily-mairuma · a month ago
Day 57
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seirindono · 27 days ago
So is Frisk an actual demon or do they just pretend to be one to avoid getting killed?
They are Human! The whole costume thing is the brothers's idea (safety measure)
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a-titty-ninja · a year ago
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carlyraejepsans · 2 months ago
You make me reminded of that phase some of us the writers had back in 2018-2019 where we finally snapped with the fact that papyrus was treated like an innocent child and we did nothing but actually make papyrus complex along with Underswap Sans as well. God, again, you make me want to write for this fandom again and I'm thinking back on my ideas
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eveefrost19 · a year ago
The Deal
Ok i tried my hand at a fic with Demon Sans. Please don’t hate if I got this wrong. Thank you again @seirindono for the permission to do this. Sorry again if it sucks.
The Deal
           When you had turned 18 your parents decided to surprise you by leaving in the dead of night. They left you with two things. The debt they had collected over the years and your 11 year old brother to raise. There were no relatives that would take you and your brother in and no friends to turn to. It was just you and your brother. Three years later, your brother was diagnosed with and inoperable tumor that was growing on his brain. The doctors gave him 7 years to live.        
           The doctors had decided to keep him overnight for treatment plans and testing the next day, but they would not let you stay with him. Feeling lonely at home and so overwhelmed you thought drinking a beer would help you feel better. One beer turned to two, two became three, and after the fourth you had lost count and were thoroughly drunk. It was only then that you finally let yourself break down.
           It just wasn’t fair. Wasn’t it enough that your parents left you two on your own with debt that you were still struggling to pay? Was Life so cruel that it would add more debt and bills that you had no hope in paying? Is the God that people say is merciful so sadistic that he would have you watch the one person you care about and work so hard for die right before your eyes? What the hell was the point of all this? What lesson was there to be learned? ISN’T THERE ANYONE LISTENING TO YOUR PRAYERS?
           “relax kid, i heard ya.”
           Hearing someone respond to your break down was not what you were expecting. Let alone some skeletal demon standing in front of you holding out his hand like he wanted you to shake it. You think he is a demon anyway, with the bone horns that curl around to the back of his skull and dark blue tail that ends with an arrow tip swaying in a lazy like matter behind him. “names sans. im the demon of sloth. let’s make a deal.”
           This must be some drunken hallucination. Your poor broken and drunk mind is trying to cope by making up a demon of all things as a savoir. There is just no way this was really happening. Might as well go with it. What’s the harm in finding some hope no matter how false it was? So you tell ‘Sans’ everything. The debt, the upcoming bills, and your brother’s tumor. It honestly was a relief to finally tell someone what was going on. Imaginary or not.
           Through it all Sans said nothing. He listened to everything you had to say with a bored, if somewhat, sleepy expression. When you spilled out everything he had a thoughtful look to his eye lights. Then with a knowing and sadistic smirk, not that you noticed in your state, he made you an offer.
           “you poor soul, having to shoulder all that responsibility all on your own. only then to be told that it is all in vain. such is life i suppose. how about i help you out a little? not much really. hard work is something i strive to avoid. i will cure your brother of his illness. it’s a simple matter to do really. i will also ensure financial stability for seven years. i promise that you and your brother will be able to live more than comfortably for seven years. in return, you give me your sou. not right now. i will collect your soul in seven years. this is not something i offer to anyone, but it seems like you could use a bit of a break. so, do we have a deal?”
           Sans offers his hand again. Do you shake it? Do you accept the deal of a demon? Seven years isn’t long. But if it means saving your brother and clearing the debt that he won’t be saddle with then it is worth it. Besides, this isn’t really happening anyway. There is nothing wrong in entertaining your drunken hallucination. Convinced that there were no real harm you took the demon’s smooth boney hand and shook it. The deal has been made.
           The morning of you are awoken to your phone ringing. You don’t even remember getting into bed. It’s your brother’s doctor calling and he needs you to the hospital right away. A miracle has happened. Your brother’s tumor was gone. He had made a full recovery overnight.
           A week later, a lawyer came to your home. Your parents had died in a plane crash. They left you half a million dollars. More than enough money to pay off all debts, bills, and to live a comfortable life. You are starting to think that Sans was real after all. However, you can’t feel like making that deal was a bad choice. You and your brother are alive and can finally be happy. Seven years is not a long time. So you are going to live your life to the fullest with your brother.
           And for seven years you did. You taught your brother how to drive and helped him get his driver’s license at 16. You were there when he received the highest honors in graduating high school at 18. You supported him when he told you that he was dating a boy that he feel in love with at work. You were there to witness his proposal to that same boy when he was 20.  
           And now seven years since you sold your soul, you are once again home alone and drunk. (Hey it’s your last night alive you didn’t expect to be sober did you?) Your brother is at his finance’s house, he practically lives there now. You realize that you actually don’t want to die in the house. There is a spot that you and your brother go to see the stars. It is a nice, quiet, and beautiful place. Why not go there to die?
           After your fourth (or was it fifth) beer you find your keys and head to the car. It is late enough in the evening that no cars should be out. And the spot is only 15 minuets away. What is the harm in a small road trip while drunk? There is a lot of harm in a short drive while drunk.
           You don’t remember seeing the car. You certainly don’t remember the impact. What you do remember is how familiar the car looked. The dread you felt as you got out of your car to check on the other driver. The horror you felt as you recognize the driver. You remember how the asphalt felt as you fell to your knees while wailing as you look at the dead empty eyes of your brother.
           “i kept my promises. you and your bro lived happily and he was cured. but, even i can’t change his fate. he was destined to die tonight one way or the other. it has been seven years, it is time for you to hold up your end of the deal.”
Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed, Sorry if it was too long, and I’m sorry if you hated it. But thank you all the same. 
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llamagoddessofficial · 10 months ago
Oooh! What about a reverse demon AU, where The Boys TM are the angels, and sans sees a demon MC?
Biblical angel boys & lil demon Mc
They are, by all accounts, gigantic celestial monstrosities whose sole purpose is to eradicate demons and maintain the dominance of light over darkness, the only thing stopping them from wiping out hell one circle at a time being the lack of a way to get there. They feel no mercy for those tainted with sin, and seek only to purge the fallen from existence, with the detached cruelty of a machine. Claws and wings and oh fuck SO MANY EYES, they look more eldritch abomination than anything that could’ve come from ‘heaven’.
Eventually, they encounter Mc. She’s actually a decently powered demon, by no means helpless and completely capable of holding her own in a fight. But when the angels come, it doesn’t matter how powerful you are- each demon is just as vulnerable to seraphic weaponry as the next. She has a healthy fear of them. And for some reason... when they finally see her, when one of them (Sans) turns his many eyes onto her and she’s convinced he’s going to kill her...
... He decides that she’d look much better in his hands than skewered on a blade of light.
What is she gonna do? Run? Can’t outrun something three times your size with six wings at the minimum. Fight? Are you kidding, it’s an angel. Hide? He’s capable of generating eyes across his body like an ever-evolving fractal, and angels are renowned for their ability to track the smell of the infernal like a bloodhound. 
And there’s three of them.
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aka-indulgence · 8 months ago
OMGOODNESS that ghost elaboration was so good!!! So spooky, I legit hid under my own blanket ‘cause my apartment creaked while I read it!!
What was ghost Sans thinking the whole time?
Tumblr media
Sure thing <u<
He's been trap for a bit by the point you moved in... very very angry that he was sealed, eventually broke out of his makeshift cage, which was what you heard that one night.
He's the less sane kind of ghost/demon... doesn't think like a human, angry and confused when he appeared in your house, running around for a bit and knocking things down.
He would've gone on a rampage if he didn't see... you.
He got curious... he doesn't recognize you, who are you?
... You look... pretty...
Small... soft...
He calms down.
Spends the next few days just watching you, following you around the house, occasionally going back to where he came from to rest when he has nothing else to do, or when he's just waiting for you to come back. He starts to get infatuated with you, getting closer every day, sniffing your hair, watching you sleep...
The night you ran up to your room, he was in between walls, and something in him just told him to grab you. Even he's not sure why, he just... wanted to? Wanted to pull you to him, wanted you close.
He gets momentarily surprised when you scream and run, confused at first but wondering maybe he scared you... so he paces around the house for a while, looking through the other rooms in case you went there, eventually getting to your room.
... small lump on the bed.
... is it the little...?
He gets closer to the bed.
... you...?
He can't resist the urge to touch, but he doesn't want to startle you, so his fingers glide over the blanket.
... He want to see your face.
His claw hooks the edge of the blanket, taking a peek inside...
You look so scared. Your eyes are shut, hugging a small fuzzy doll(?).
He lets go of the blanket and leaves the room. He'll wait for you to calm down before he starts approaching you again.
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woosansang · 11 months ago
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☆ countdown to ATEEZ’s 3rd anniversary ☆ d-7 ↣ say my name era + san
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ashithemenance · 9 months ago
I may bitch at and make fun of Mammon if he does something wrong like sell other people’s stuff and gets punished for it, but know that if he ever cries in front of me or has a bad day I will immediately morph into the most protective motherfucker around and hunt down the person who made him cry
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emi-loves-sweets · 2 months ago
Don't mind the tags tho
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yanban-san · 4 months ago
I am thinkin too hard about demon submas bros gettin summoned by their chosen beloved in a weird unhealthy soulmate situation and writer’s block doesn’t exist anymore
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captainkirkk · a year ago
Thinking about a three way MXTX crossover, and the difference between the main pairs is so funny??
Shen Qingqiu is a 21st century fanboy who travelled universes and had his life controlled by an all powerful System he doesn’t really understand. And Luo Binghe is a Demon Lord and one of the most powerful people in his universe
Xie Lian is literally a god. Hua Cheng is a Supreme Ghost King and rules over the entire ghost realm (on land). They’re both 800 years old and have made Heaven shake on multiple occassions
Meanwhile Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian are just cultivators. Sure, WWX is a demonic cultivator that can control the dead and Lan Wangji is the Chief Cultivator, but in comparison to the other two pairs? Their insane lives are verrrry normal
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