#it is a place & I live there 馃グ
deaconsleatherpants 5 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the way he's so happy to finally be a best man 馃ゲ
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husbono a month ago
off to drink a bit, dance a lot and probs get burnt to a crisp on the english coast. have a fab weekend plus some days beautiful ppl lmk if seb gets his dingdong out whilst im gone xxxxxxx
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donttouchtheneednoggle 7 months ago
i can't believe faramir got half boromir'ed then was nearly BARBECUED ALIVE by his father then the first thing he sees when he opens his eyes is his father being barbecued alive then he doesn't even get a yay you're alright! scene the DISRESPECT
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shetheyslay 6 months ago
I love listening to the radio, makes me feel like a 1940鈥檚 housewife awaiting news from the front
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passivix 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Character design for @dinqbuttasaurus <3
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kindahoping4forever 4 months ago
I had to go and read yesterdays fic again whilst on break because I really needed to feel those feels again 鉂わ笍 and no I鈥檓 not talking about the dirty ones there鈥檚 a time and place 馃槍
馃馃 Happy to hear the story made you feel any feels, location appropriate or not 馃槍馃槀
All I Need Is The Air That I Breathe...
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divorcebf 4 months ago
so TIRED of rich skinny white girls telling me that if i don't invest in a coat worth 267 dollars from some vintage ethical company then i'm basically killing the planet and that i also should kill myself if i buy a cheap tshirt instead of thrifting something in new york while these bitches doordash meals in plastic packaging every single day and drink 5 coffees while running their stupid errands and then walk their chiwawa they bought for 500 dollars and who wears a glittery dress and drinks only the ice and strawberry drink from dunkins
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sunflowerhoney 24 days ago
When one gf is from a busy area and one gf is from the middle of no where every food conversation goes like :
My gf: have you ever been to *random chain restaurant*?
Me: Idk what that is 馃槄
My gf: Youve really never heard of/been to/had *random place*
Me: It did not exist where I used to live 馃ゲ
@strawbabie-honey ily hehehe 馃挀馃挀
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xiaoguiwang 29 days ago
hi i am in love with the dilf movie that is all <3
One Of Us! ONE OF US!!!!
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seacrture 3 months ago
i literally have to leave this goddamn town and state before i **** ****** LMAO
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bylgjur 9 months ago
after my exam yesterday i hung out w a few of my friends & we got crossed LOLL it was so fun & the whole time i kept thinking like wow... i am so happy rn <333 i'm so grateful for my friends hehe
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chaseprice 9 months ago
being 2000 miles away from home on ur bday & working is so weird. it is just a regular day
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trans-xianxian a year ago
the cable for my wifi Finally got here but it still just. isn't working like there's something fucked up w the wall jack :)))))
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lepidopterium a year ago
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amypharos 8 days ago
commuting is so dumb fuck return to work these big tech companies don't need to come back this traffic is like the Before times
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gentlemoth 3 months ago
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fukozawa 6 months ago
Its my revolutionary act to refuse to learn how to drive you cant fucking make me
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