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gloomy-prince · 2 days ago
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Stephen King's IT, but Eddie is trans and lives ❤️
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scrunchi · 2 days ago
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Can you guess why it took so long to draw this part this time?? I wanted to draw this kiss for over a year… I had to make it perfect and I was scared to draw it….
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Richie: Lady and Gentlemen, we are gathered here today to answer an age old question
Bill: Right, what’s Eddie’s deal? Is he single now?
Richie: What? No, we’re dating. Come on. No, the question is who here does the best impression of Stanley Uris. You’ll be judged on voice, body language and overall lack of flair. Everyone will perform the same scenario - Stanley Uris eating a marshmallow for the very first time…
Richie: Let the Uris Off begin!
*Time skip and a bowl of marshmallows were handed out*
Mike with his marshmallow in monotone: What is this glutinous monstrosity before me?
Ben with his in monotone: The sugar in this is quite sweet
Eddie with his: Ooooh mmm mmm mmm MMMH!
Richie: That’s your Stanley impression?
Eddie: I can hear him doing that
Bev with hers in monotone: Looks like a sticky pillow
Richie with his in monotone: I don’t care for it, classical music
*The losers all laugh*
Stanley: What’s going on here? What are you doing?
Richie: Stan the Man! Hey! Nothing! Just eating some marshmallows. Care for one?
Stanley taking one: Marshed mallow…
Stanley eating one: Heh mmmh mmmh hehehehe!
Eddie: I KNEW IT!
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sunshinereddie · 2 days ago
it is almost midnight and i am trying my very hardest not to fall asleep while doing my homework so naturally i am imagining a reddie college au where richie and eddie are roommates, definitely have crushes on each other, but they’re both too scared to actually make a move that’s more than some conversational flirting every now and then
one night eddie is up late at his and richie’s shared desk (their shitty college dorm room only fit one desk, so often times one of them used the desk while the other sat on their bed or used the library, but sometimes they both sat at the desk, squeezed beside each other and desperately trying to ignore the heat they feel when their arms brush against each other’s) and he’s doing this homework assignment, and he’s super stressed about it because it’s due in the morning but eddie has no idea how to do it. he’s reread the notes so many times, he’s tried working out the problems over and over and over again but he just can’t seem to get the right answer. eventually, he wears his brain out so much that he accidentally falls asleep at his desk, his assignment still unfinished. 
not too long later, richie comes back to the dorm himself. it’s not a rare sight for him to come home and see eddie having fallen asleep while studying, and richie’s about to tap him awake to go to bed, when he notices the paper on the desk. it’s a math worksheet, and richie can see the lines on the paper from where eddie has written an answer and erased it, over and over and over again. richie remembered eddie panicking earlier that day about a math assignment that he had forgotten about and needed to finish, and richie supposed that he hadn’t been able to get it done. 
now, richie knew eddie well enough at this point- and he knew that if eddie woke up the next morning and saw that blank assignment, it would give him a heart attack. a quick look over the paper and richie realized that he actually knew the concepts, he remembered them from when he took the same course a few semesters ago. so, as quietly and as softly as he could, he took the pencil from eddie’s hand and got to work on the assignment, trying his best to match eddie’s handwriting. 
when eddie wakes up the next morning, he’s lying in bed. he wakes up slowly at first... then sits up all of a sudden, a wave of panic washing over him as he remembers his unfinished assignment. he checks the time, then rushes over to his desk, hoping that in the ten minutes he has before he has to go to class that he can at least pull together some sort of answer.... when he picks up the worksheet, and notices that it’s completely filled in. 
it’s not in his writing, though. it’s similar, but with a few inconsistencies with his own print... but that look an awfully lot like a certain someone else’s handwriting. eddie looks over to richie, who is still fast asleep in his bed, and his heart blooms with warmth as he realizes what richie had done for him. 
eddie can’t stop smiling for the rest of the morning. 
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ssszlami · 2 days ago
max knows about byler in the way that stan knows about reddie
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liv45no · a day ago
Eddie: I want this book but it’s $20.
Richie: everything is free if you run fast enough.
Eddie: Richie no.
Richie: Richie yes.
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kaspbyers · a day ago
i subscribe to the eddie kaspbrak is the shortest loser agenda. everyone else, even bev, slowly got taller and taller but eddie stopped growing in middle school even though his mom kept telling him he would have another growth spurt (he didn't). when he shows up for the losers reunion richie shouts "MY LITTLE PLATE OF SPAGHETTI!" and full-body lifts him off the ground. (eddie k thought process: oh no he's big. hope this doesn't awaken anything in me)
this is also how richie easily carries him out of the sewers to get him immediate medical attention and he survives btw
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bylerserotonin · 2 days ago
Stranger Things Season 3 Finale Letter & It Chapter 2 Finale Letter
Making me sob harder then any character deaths
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toffiproto · 2 days ago
Toffiwises Monster form :)
Tumblr media
Big boy gets even bigger
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mattussy-murdock · a month ago
my favorite ship dynamic is good old-fashioned lover boy x killer queen.
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gloomy-prince · 17 hours ago
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more trans Eddie nonsense!! because I won't stop. they parted ways under,,, somewhat dire circumstances, before forgetting. Richie remembers first. It's blurry for Eddie.
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jaedenlovebot · a month ago
wait, so ur telling me other people don’t totally fall inlove with shows/movies to the point your reading fanfictions of ur favorite ships till u fall asleep and spending all ur time on social media eating up content AND making content about them ??????
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Fem Reddie digital cause I said so!!
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sunshinereddie · a day ago
reddie au where richie is an obnoxious paranormal investigator/ghost hunter and eddie is a ghost who haunts the old neibolt house, apparently the most haunted building in all of derry. eddie usually has pretty good tactics for keeping people away from his house (you know, with all the blood on the walls and and the spiders in the corners and the smell of death wafting through the house at all times), but of course that doesn’t stop these assholes from showing up, with their “ghost hunting gear” and their cameras and ouija boards. eddie usually doesn’t like to entertain them, he’ll knock over a glass or slam a door shut just to get them out of the house faster.
but when richie comes in…. eddie almost completely blows his cover as a ghost and makes himself appear because richie sits down on the old sofa covered in decades worth of mud and grime and probably other things and it’s disgusting and he writes his name along with a crude drawing on the century-old original vintage wallpaper of the living room and he takes a piss in the bathroom and starts rummaging through every cabinet and closet he can find for “ghost proof”, and about ten other things that he thinks will get him good views for his youtube channel….. until eddie finally has enough and can’t help him himself as he makes himself appear to scold this guy about “having no common decency, did your mother never teach you manners??? how would you like it if i came into your house and took a whizz in your toilet huh? how would you like if i drew a dick on your bedroom wall??? who raised you?????”
meanwhile richie is absolutely freaking the fuck out, because yeah he started ghost hunting because it was kind of fun and because it did well on youtube, but he never expected to see a real, a real, fucking ghost. a real life ghost, who is getting scolding him for… writing on the walls? and even more confusing….. richie actually feels bad about it??
anyways,,,, yeah. ghost hunter richie becoming friends with ghost eddie. eddie’s hesitant at first, but after richie deletes the video of eddie from his camera (“besides, if i had real proof of a ghost, i’d become famous. im not ready for that lifestyle just yet) and stops disrespecting the house, they actually do become friends.
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thaliasthunder · 4 months ago
bitches be like "this is my comfort movie <3" and its a movie about a cosmic murderer clown and 7 traumatized weird kids
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liv45no · 2 days ago
Eddie: You’re smoking again??
Richie: Well, actually yesterday I was smoking again, today I’m smoking still.
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mardyart · 10 days ago
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scary clown movie art in 2022???????
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