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- smiling in public, frowning when alone - appreciative of the art in movies and songs - never off social media - has trouble not seeing people as uncooperative chess pieces - big spender - says yes to every party and isn’t shy to contact friends, aka a networking god - beauty enthusiast but prefers natural and professional-looking stuff - actually tries to complete bucket list - hard to please, has clear preferences and never settles
- considers eating the main event of every getaway - throws the best parties - 'golden retriever' strategy for making friends: “just jump them” - works hard when not distracted by coworkers - remembers everything everyone has ever said and is touchy about dates - patiently explains to everyone why what they’ve said was socially unacceptable... ok, maybe just to me? - likes the idea of charity but isn’t idealistic about it - knows you're around by the sound of your footsteps, like a puppy
- works hard to hide weeaboo side - finds work relaxing - would probably enjoy the challenge of being a castaway - the kind of parent that scares away boy/girlfriends - has THE nerdiest hobbies - attempts professional fashion - probably the most reliable person in everyone's lives - likes being pushed to improve and to be supported more than comforted - always happy to info dump - love language is being given their favorite coffee blend
- claims to dislike ‘messy animals’ but lives for their pets - loves action movies with big battles - work-oriented but easily distracted by gossip, as is esfj - always the voice of reason - pretends to not be a hopeless romantic - cautious to the point of anxiety; would, however, survive the apocalypse - despises gaudy, likes natural tones and classical fashion - nice but easy to offend and disappoint - dog-lover that can easily be made a crazy cat person - can't watch nature documentaries without feeling sorry for the planet/prey
- almost always dressed for a job interview - can't work in a messy room - obsessed with life hacks and goals - preoccupied with drawing the potential out of things and people - jokes without smiling. good at poker - can be surprisingly reckless and hot-headed - likes fancy stuff and doesn't mind paying for it - other than 'studying', hobbies are traveling and exercising. cannot relax - cynical when young, now likes the idea of spiritualism - selective about the people they spend time with
- knows the solution to all problems but still has many problems - can’t help but worry that they talk too much and too quickly - literal pyromaniac. likes the color red as much as enfp - lights up every room they're in... - takes nothing seriously, except video games. judges people who skip cutscenes and name their characters badly - soul leaves body during boring activities - criticizes action movies' physics and combat - considerate but doesn't hold back during arguments - attached to weirdly specific things and moody about them - irritatingly decent at everything - at risk of laughing during a funeral
- pretends to not care but has secret vent blogs - blog/avatar/website is minimal and monochromatic OR sparkly and rainbow - seems shy from a distance but really isn't - bitter about lots of things; chooses to cope alone in 'rational' ways - religiously relies on to-do lists, which i find adorable - practices fiction writing by roleplaying and creating characters - hides nerdy side by acting professionally - uses fashion to make a statement - likes cute-creepy things - researches everything about a place before visiting - doesn't mind friends who show up twice a year
- has considered going to jail for alone time - routinely baffled by people - can't play horror games, gets too much into it - unintentionally offends everyone - feared until seen as a dork, then is never again taken seriously - dreams of uploading the internet into brain and vice-versa - minimalist to maximize free time; wastes it by daydreaming - always late, starving, and sleep-deprived - can't enjoy anything without also criticizing it - slow to understand dirty jokes - could spend whole life studying everything and achieving nothing - rebellious, always trying to 'hack the system'
- adores art in general; singing, writing, sewing, acting, painting... - makes getting along with everyone at work a priority - jokingly? uses terrifying memory to emotionally blackmail people - often stressed juggling many projects, lives on coffee - cheerleader sort. will fight you for wasting your potential - probably the most extrovert person everyone knows - more cunning than they present themselves - dresses to impress
- shows up with a meme after 6 months of radio silence - can't stop talking yet insists they're shy - has too many interests and projects. finishes anything by divine intervention - fascinated by fire and the color red, same for entp - acts like a dork but is sharp and opinionated - can't do anything soulless, has to have ‘willpower’ and ‘inspiration’ - can’t see their natural talents - has serious regrets for someone still reckless - will name their children after videogame characters - Sinammon roll
- piercing gaze is somehow also dreamy - trust issues. likes gathering intel before 'investing' on someone and to have the upper hand - perfectionist whose work is never done - researches a lot before buying something expensive and then cherishes it - worries about seeming unapproachable - puts too much effort into planning their house decor - diplomatic as possible just before door-slamming people - never deletes anything from computer - surprisingly hard to please - loves shipping characters and people and analysing their compatibility
- clumsy, may apologize to inanimate objects they bump into - loves photography/cosplaying/fashion but shy to expose themselves - idealized future is a coffee shop AU - serious fangirl/boy but dislikes shipping wars. has fanart folders - listens to surprisingly edgy music - surprisingly good with details, remembering dates, being on time, etc. but room is messy - people-pleaser but not a doormat; has a strong sense of justice - cherishes gifts forever - doesn't like killing bugs but is fine with gory movies - kinda bonkers about cats
- ambitious and restless, always looking for fun, opportunities, and shortcuts - has many friends and enemies - "hands off" kind of boss but overly critical when bothered - can't end the day without pushing someone’s buttons - confidence is a two-edged sword - secretly soft for sweet people - too generous with their time and money - hates hypocrisy, but judges rule-breakers while being one themselves - blames the world when feeling stifled. sometimes disappears - reckless to the point that death/jail time would surprise no one
- wants fame but avoids attention like the plague - shares about 15% of their artsy side - great at being sneaky - collects pretty little trinkets - hopeless romantic. has stashes of love letters/novels/manga - loves animals but would rather die than touch a slug - loves fashion but is too shy to wear anything daring, slowly works on confidence and external identity - can be surprisingly cold - hates stress more than anyone - seen as a cinnamon roll even when being rude
- lives for the memes - gets away with everything. would probably get away with murder. - cannot hurt a fly (unless drunk and doing stupid shit; actually, sometimes bites) - never seen truly angry, ever - ideal habitat is hippie/surfing camp with a nearby nightclub - loves all animals, especially silly-looking ones - becomes driven when the situation requires and when stressed - always moving and meeting new people out of boredom - good at games and plays for fun
- likes the idea of the military/police but has trouble following orders - oblivious when being flirted with - carefree but reliable when it counts (and not pranking you) - quiet and even quieter when moody. hates failing and being unable to fix a situation - a genius at whatever they put their mind into (for two days tops) - wears the same jacket everywhere, sometimes doesn't comb their hair, sleep schedule is nonexistent - good at games and plays to win
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MBTI Booklist! (Credit :  @Indepth_mbti)
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I really like reading! I want to recover all mi MBTI’s books I don't know!  :D
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saintacephale · a year ago
the sexual tension between a healthy portrayal of emotions vs me saying “i think i am going to die” everytime i feel a strong emotion
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Mbti personality test is just zodiac signs for burnt out gifted kids
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infj-arli · 5 months ago
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found on pinterest, can't find source, google refuses to help -_- if anyone finds the artist please let me know
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Adult stuff that Schools don't teach you, about work and dreaming
Tumblr media
Aim for the stars, NEVER give up on your dreams. You just need to learn how to make it a reality. Our time here is finite, the end result is the same for everyone. So, tell fear to go to hell and do whatever makes you feel like it's worthwhile been alive.
Learn the most important skill ever: How to deal with difficult people. From minors inconveniences, to personality clashes, to narcissistic cunts with psychopathic tendencies who enjoys making everyone's life a living hell (mobbing). No school, college, university, trade school or whatever is gonna teach you this. IT WILL SAVE YOUR SANITY. Especially when you don't have the luxury of losing a job. So take advantage of some sweet internet and find resources about this. (Z Library is free and safe)
Expand your skill set. Don't stick with only one thing, learn practical and technical stuff related to your line of work. For example: In film school everyone wants to be a director or a writer, which is great but it takes time, in the meantime learning about editing, sound, lighting, props, wardrobe, etc, can open many other doors. This will pay your bills while you're dreaming. So, take your time to analyze what skills are useful in your work and learn.
Fuck the unpaid internship once graduated. It's slavery with pretty words. If you're still studying, you can (and should if you have time) participate in those unpaid projects, volunteer jobs, and all that; but never ever after getting your [title]. You are valuable, no matter what any company says, and you didn't spend countless hours of effort and sacrifice to not be paid. If you apply point number 3, you will gain experience while also getting money. No amount of experience is worthy. It's like influencers wanting to pay with exposure.
Networking, 90% of the time it's not about your talent but who you know, no matter what kind of job you are doing. And I'm not necessarily talking about nepotism. Sometimes if you know a person they can say: "Oh yes, Clara is a friend and she's excellent at her job. You should consider her." Humans are social creatures, we value the opinions of those who we are friends with or respect. Don't be fake, just be nice and try to get to know your coworkers and people from your field. (There are also books about this if socializing isn't your forte)
(Feel free to reblog and add more stuff. We all know we need this 💀)
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incorrectinfpquotes · 7 months ago
MBTI Ship Dynamics
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mbti-enemies · 5 months ago
love languages
Acts of service: INTJ, ENTP, ISFJ, ISTP
Words of affirmation: INFP, ENFJ, ESTJ
Physical touch: ESFJ, ENFP,
Quality time: INFJ, ESFP, ISFP, INTP
Gifts (/positive!): ENTJ, ISTJ, ESTP
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sosyncd · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
The paradox of each personality type ☯️ Join @sosyncd today to meet your perfect personality match 🧡
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God I love smart men like yes baby explain that one theory to me I’m all ears
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ilikezodiacs · 11 months ago
Why you should date These MBTI types
Relationships are never the priority of an INTJ, so when they have an interest in someone they're serious about the case. they give sharp and attentive compliments. They have a sensitive soul and will lower their walls for their lover showing that they're actually a little clueless in love which makes it cute. INTJ's being weirdly hot and charsmatic and love to give their partner bold compliments.
Passionate lovers for real. They like to keep their romance steamy and love when someone joins them on an adventure or long deep conversations. they tolerate criticism and is always looking for a way to develop the relationship more. They'l pamper you with self worth compliments and are into a lot of physical touch, giving the most thoughtful gifts.
Curious type of people. Dont mind them asking you tons of questions about everything. They're always busy and love to get drunk. They come up with the most random hilarious ideas. Continue the conversation by debating about the most random subjects ever! They're smooth talkers which makes them natural good flirts. Theyre really easy going and open minded. nothing is weird to them... really.
Extremely complex and imaginative. no conversation will every be boring with them. they have deep emotions and are very capable of warmth and affection. theyre intelligent and love to encourage their partner. great balance between outgoing and staying inside. they're very enthusiastic about things that takes their interest. they dont demand much in a relationship, they just like the presence.
They strive for that long term relationship. generally very selfless and always move forward on life. Sensual lovers, and will take every emotion and conversation serious, they'll do everything to make you feel worth full of yourself. Dating an INFJ will feel like you two are the only people in the world. They can put meaning in words and feelings and they'll teach that meaning to you on a deep emotional manner.
Top tier gentle(wo)man. They're perfect family people and love to be around family and friends. They'll cheer u on every journey and look for opportunities to support their partner in their accomplishments. they put harmony above all else. understanding and optimistic at the right times. Very great intuition and will check up on their partner. Also good at romance, they know exactly how to treat their partner with kind love.
Strong desire for an emotional/soul deep bond with their partner. they'll give you the best gifs you could every imagine. they're so extremely creative and funny in their own way. you wouldnt find someone like them. Genuine romantics and smooth flirts. very lovay people and always wanted their idea of love to come true. they love to get physical with their partner and share all their ideas and dreams with them.
They love to explore and they smoothly go with the flow. Trying new things they've never done because is part of their great inutuive and creative mind. Lets not forget that these people are very funny and weird at the same time. They have strong beliefs and opinions are they always know what they're saying making them quiet intellectual people. very lovable and talkative people. besides nobody hates the ENFP .
Givers kind of type in relationships. They like to give love and attention to their lover and dont expect much back. they just need the reassurance from their partner since they're striving for a long term relationship. Very committed people who sense the emotions of their partner making them very nurturing and caring people. probably the most patient and supportive people on this planet.
Always bringing a lot of love and fun in the relationship. They always try to be as optimistic as possible. they have strong emotional reactions making them easy to read. They're very outgoing and love to plan everything ahead. They'll remember every detail about you and would make you feel very valued. they value traditional relationships, so they're the perfect match for marriage.
Values honestly with a passion. They love to plan everything ahead. no detail will be missed. They strive to help their partner to perfection. They're very predictable and are quiet romantic!. They would put a lot of effort in the relationship to work it out. They have a cliche thought of romance and marriage which makes it easy to see what their goal is and what they're longing for.
Bold lovers for sure. They're not afraid to say what they think. They love to keep things real and structured. They are sensitive and protective lovers who believe in hard work. they keep their promises. They love to go outside and be practical in this society. They love to see progress in life making them solid lovers. They are hard-driven people who wont give up easily, they are also big lover of physical touch as a form of affection.
They love surprises and are always trying new things they just thought of. Easy going people who are also surprisingly good with children and people. Lovable people who love the idea of a wholesome relationship. They're the type of partner that would be your best friend and lover making them very reliable companions in life. Nothing will be too late for them!
complex and practical. They like to be usefull in a relationship making them reliable people. Building their own life with their partner is an absolute goal for them. They value freedom and take pleasure in simple things, they're not needy and also express their love my performing romantic acts. since their actions will speak louder than words. They like to encourage their partner a lot too.
Most fun people to be around with. They'll make you feel in the moment and make you feel all your 5 senses. they're good problem solvers and love to take action. they're essential workers who never get bored! They love physical touch and love to shower their partner with surprises and gifts. they would bring you on an adventure and are life- driven people. which makes them a good companion
They will go with the flow and are very impulsive. They're most likely to party every weekend. And they dont think too deep about life making them easy going people. they're perfect family people and are always full of energy. they'll put you at their center of interest and would explore everything with their partner. they take crazy risks and are very unpredictable making them very fun and caring lovers.
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3. Edgar Allen Poe's poems
ENFJ: Sleep, those little slices of death — how I loathe them.
ENFP: I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.
INFJ: And so being young and dipped in folly I fell in love with melancholy.
INFP: All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.
ENTJ: Never to suffer would never to have been blessed.
ENTP: Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.
INTJ: Leave my loneliness unbroken.
INTP: From childhood's hour I have not been as others were. I have not seen as others saw. I could not awaken my heart to joy at the same tone. And all I loved, I loved alone.
ESFJ: "That is another of your odd notions," said the Prefect, who had a fashion of calling everything "odd" that was beyond his comprehension, and thus lived amid an absolute legion of "oddities".
ESFP: You call it hope — that fire of fire! It is but agony of desire.
ISFJ: Convinced myself, I seek not to convince.
ISFP: I was never really insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched.
ESTJ: I intend to put up with nothing that I can put down.
ESTP: To die laughing must be the most glorious of all glorious deaths!
ISTJ: If you wish to forget anything on the spot, make a note that this thing is to be remembered.
ISTP: Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.
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Tumblr media
im back on my BULLSHIT with an enlightened sense of humor babey!!!!
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zestywaffles · a month ago
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spockandsparkle · 3 months ago
MBTI Love Languages
INTJ: I’m considering having you in my 2050 Vision for my Future Life.
INFJ: I want to get a cat with you.
ENFP: You’re the most intriguing person I know.
ENTP: You’re the least stupid person I know.
INFP: Hey, I wrote a poem of my feelings for you <3
ISFP: Hey, I wrote a song about my feelings for you <3
ENFJ: You’d fit in great with my friends and family.
ESFJ: Wanna start a family together?
ISTJ: I’ll be loyal to you.
ISFJ: I’ll take care of you <3
ESFP: I wanna dance with somebody… YOU!!!
ESTP: You’re hot.
INTP: What is love?
ISTP: I fixed your car.
ENTJ: Together we’ll rule the world!
ESTJ: Together we’ll run my company!
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infj-arli · 4 months ago
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MBTI + kitties
found on pinterest, can't find source, google refuses to help -_- if anyone finds the artist please let me know
Edit: Thank you to @sir-vacuous for finding one of the artists!! The artist of the first set of pictures. This is the homepage here: https://axxxx721.lofter.com/
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