demobatman · 2 days ago
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sleeping beauty...
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kapitein-oranghien-29 · 2 days ago
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We don't know who it is...
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yanderemommabean · 2 hours ago
Thinking ‘bout Dr Lee.
Lee slowly rocking his hips to press deeper into you
Lee holding your hips down as he buries himself to the hilt and pauses, moaning at the feeling of your silky, tight walls milking him
Lee growling out all of the obscene things he plans to do to you as he drags his cock back out, leaving just the tip inside for a few seconds before slamming back in
Lee having to hold your ankles up as he drives into you over and over, the bed shaking and creaking loudly as he praises you for taking his cock so well
Just…Horny Lee thoughts 🥰
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riverwrites22 · a day ago
Idea: Steve and Bucky having a sleepover when they were like 12 and playing board games all night and then around four in the morning they start spilling their feelings (because that's what I remember happening at sleepovers) and that's how Bucky impulsively comes out to Steve.
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avatarkcrra · 2 days ago
manifesting alecto the ninth being an absolute brick of a book. i’m talking upwards of 1000 pages. tamsyn muir can write however much she wants and i will fucking read it. i need answers. please after all these books i just need some FUCKING ANSWERS…..
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moonahstone · a day ago
BBC ghosts spoilers E2
Only minor, the plot will not be ruined or anything, it’s just a funny moment
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These idiots I swear to god
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sigulary · 6 months ago
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A break from swimming
[Image description: Illustration of a person and a mermaid kissing in a pool. The mermaid has dark skin, black to pink colored braids and a teal tail. The girl that kisses her has light skin, short wavy hair and wears a black bikini. The girl sits on the edge of the pool while the mermaid rest between her legs, hugging her waist. Next to them there is a water bottle, a towel and a ladder. End description]
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oliviawhen · 5 months ago
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Everyday this brioche rolls onto the floor somehow.
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notllorstel · 7 months ago
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congrats Ingo, to be the first non-pokemon I’ve drawn from the pokemon series. 
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adventuresingingerland · 4 months ago
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I am not the first nor the last to make this joke/crossover, but that won’t stop me! Also, Doll-Stede might be the cutest thing I’ve made in a while (although it’d probably make more sense for Frenchie to have made it hah)
Shout-out to @lonicera-caprifolium for sharing their pattern for the Stede/Ed’s robe and sparing me from making one myself ;_; Thank you so much! 
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plistommy · 3 months ago
Eddie: Dude, Hargrove definitely wants to fuck you. He has checked out your ass not once, but three times this morning!
Steve: No, he doesn’t! Just shut up, man…
*10 minutes later*
Billy: Hey, Harrington. You should wear those jeans more often. They fit you really well.
Steve: Oh haha, thanks!
Eddie: *whispers* See?!!!
Steve: Maybe he just likes the design—
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seungs · 20 days ago
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LEE KNOW in ‘MAXIDENT’ trailer
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noctilia · 8 months ago
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Someone linked me the failed experiment cat girl and I was extremely inspired. I’ll do more of her she’s so fun to draw.
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chameshida · a year ago
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The Angel and The Knight
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sparring-spirals · 2 months ago
im so thrilled by the bells being full of both love and flaws. of course they lie to each other with great affection. its perfect.
Laudna and Imogen stutter over their words and hesitate and there are- still so many layers to their relationships and things for both of them to work out. but the moment, the moment they get over that first hurdle, the apologies pour out, the pent up affection and fear and the "i missed you so much, i'm so sorry, this has been terrible". because they care about each other, they love each other (so damn much).
Imogen and Laudna concoct a scheme to lie to FCG to make him feel better, and its a terrible idea but so well intended. and the moment they can tell F.C.G is actually upset, is actually unsettled, it gets tossed aside, they ask after them, they compliment and affirm and ask about how he's feeling.
the Bells get a lurking sense of concern about Fearne's past, they press into it and pull back with equal concern, they poke and pry even when they should be planning. and then end it with "we love you, no matter what", because they do.
Ashton leans in close to F.C.G, says in low, threatening tones: hes the best of them. They'll kill anyone who makes them feel bad.
They're all so fucked up, and they all just really care about each other. Its an almost ridiculous mode of operation, the way they're all bumbling through it and radiating so much sincerity that it hurts your teeth a little. Its also really nice to watch, even with winces at the missteps. They're so full of love, and ghosts, and fun little lies.
(And it also makes perfect sense that this is the party for a traitor PC, these little trainwrecks with so much affection strung out between them. There isn't a more perfect setup. There isn't a more devastating one.)
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