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sassahina · 7 months ago
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Happy 1st birthday to the lame jrsih server!! a collection of memes and other doodles i’ve posted there over that last year. lovely place, lovely people, highly recommend 💖
fairy misaki concept @nutton-of-tata​
Romantica mlp designs @frissonsmitt​
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sekaiichis · 7 months ago
onodera_ritsu_no_baai.mp4 (x)
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patty-plmh · 9 months ago
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Vent Art ♥ I draw JR art on my relaxing time~ Also on a P&S style cuz... i really like that style!
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yokozawass-fan-account · 3 months ago
Isaka: I need you guys to be totally straight with me.
Literally all of Marukawa apparently: [gay silence]
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chaii-lattes · 11 months ago
Have you all ever seen a more iconic man than Asahina?
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kiri-yaoicos · 3 months ago
Takano x Misaki (I explained it in the second one and damn they'd look good together.) Usagi x Ritsu (I just feel like even though I love Misaki and Usagi and theyre my number one ship I feel they were meant to be sadly. Like it was mean tto be swapped.) Kirishima x Kisa (They are both annoying and pervy.) Yokozawa x Chiaki (Yokozawa would yell, Chiaki be terrified, Enemies to lovers is how it would happen) Hatori x Shinobu (I am just psychotic and I thought maybe this could work) Yukina x Nowaki (They're adorable and if we had a manga scene where they met, they'd be besties I tell you which would probably cause jealousy for Kisa and Hiroki but still!!) Isaka x Hiroki (I am mentally ill) Asahina x Miyagi (They both crusty but Miyagi is actually hot.)
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nutton-of-tata · 3 months ago
JR BOYS AS DIF TYPES OF DOGS because why not
Misaki - Dachshund
Akihiko - Borzoi
Nowaki - Black Labrador
Hiroki - Pitbull
Miyagi - Bernese Mountain dog
Shinobu - Chihuahua
Asahina - Basset Hound (<3)
Isaka - Doberman
Source for these hcs? I'm a dog
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frissonsmitt · 9 months ago
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For @sassahina
I’m so glad I got to be your secret Santa and was honored to be able to draw Mistake for you 😊. You’re an amazing person!
Click for better quality 💕.
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zisgarbage · 5 months ago
Isaka BIMB ♡ edit ^^ I wanted to make this all day ^^ glitter and cute shit this song is for him I love him and I hate him and I love him
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chlorinatedakise · 9 months ago
@sihjrweek Day 3 - holiday/night
Enjoy! ❤
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sihjrweek · 10 months ago
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1 day left!
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sassahina · a year ago
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isaka: haha I’m gonna embarrass asahina
asahina: /embarrasses him instead/
isaka: no wait-
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sekaiichis · 12 months ago
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Inktober Day 4
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patty-plmh · 5 months ago
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"that's just a dream, Isaka-san"
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shjr-incorrect-quotes · 7 hours ago
Isaka:We do safety training every year or after an incident
Asahina:We never make it to a full year
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no-plmh · 9 months ago
I'm sorry, but I just don't get it: How Isaka and Haruhiko became friends???!?! Like, their personalities crash so much!
I understand why Asahina got stuck with Isaka due his family being in debt with isaka's, but... what's Haruhiko excuse??
How did they become friends! ??! Is Haruhiko secretly funny?? Does Isaka has a Type??! Asahina and Haru are like professionals pokerfaces... and what relationship do they have? I hope is good, i wouldn't like a "Tori & Yuu 2.0" Also, it's implied to be very close friends due to Isaka being one of the only 2 persons that have called Haruhiko "idiot/baka", I'm sad that their relationship wasn't shown more... but apparently Isaka cares for him...
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becca-b · 11 months ago
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Day 18: October 8th, 2021
Todays’s about Ryuichiro Isaka. It always bothers me in JR, because I’ve never been able to figure out his motive for when he tried to kiss Akihiko early in the manga. It was on Akihiko and Misaki’s first date. He has Asahina so why? It doesn’t seem like it was just because he was drunk. Another unanswered question 😭😳😭😭
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