#is that while there might not be a lot of conservatives they are the scary kind
pyjamac · 8 days ago
one thing i will never understand is pride themed clothing. like where do you live. where do you live where you’re not afraid. i live in a moderately liberal small city but i still wouldn’t wear something like that.
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greatcheshire · a month ago
I'm pretty sure I'm transgender but I haven't come out to anyone irl because I live in a really conservative small town and no one would respect my identity if I did. I don't have a lot of things going for me and I feel like coming out would just make things much harder for me then they already are, but it makes me sad that I can't be myself. Do you have any advice?
I know how hard that can be. I was in a similar place, though not a small town, just a very conservative area with a really conservative family. I had to hide a lot of who I was for a while out of fear of how I would be treated. Obviously you know your own safety and circumstances better than anyone, and I’d hate to give you advice that could put you at risk or in an uncomfortable situation. That being said, here are some things I did back when I didn’t feel safe
Set up online accounts and alts using preferred name and pronouns. This was important as it gives some form of socialization that’s removed enough from your real life to put yourself at risk
Have some form of gender affirming clothing you can keep a secret in your residence to either wear when you’re home or discreetly in public, even something as simple as changing the body type of t-shirts or jeans
See if there’s any support groups or meet ups in the area. This one might be a shot in the dark and unlikely depending on how small the small town is, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there were other LGBTQ people there also in similar positions.
This is a dumb one, but assuming it’s safe for you to do so, get packages or things delivered to you in your preferred name. It’s not something anyone really checks for or makes a big deal out of and it makes things feel more real.
In general, it’s all about finding small ways you can get some form of experimentation or possible gender euphoria without it being a whole thing.
As for the fears of coming out, I totally get that. I also worried about it making my life harder. And in some ways, it has complicated things. But at the same time, the happiness it brought me is worth any sort of potential hardships. And while it has been rough, it honestly got a lot easier once I was out and people generally responded better than my anxious brain expected. Like I said, though, you know your situation better than I ever could though, and you know what will be safe and comfortable. But also if you do ever find the opportunity to come out, it may be scary and it may be hard, but it won’t be the end of the world and you’ll be opening yourself up to support and community and a strong sense of self. Best of luck to you <3
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miggiisdumb · a year ago
Been putting this idea off for way to long but finally
💖Pet Hybrid Sitter/Day Care💖
With the following fluffy boys:
Dog Hybrid Bakugou that is a very scary looking dog. Leather collar with spikes, nearly always muzzled and growling at any other hybrid that comes to close. Big dog with an even bigger attitude. But one of the most well behaved when he’s not rough housing with the other hybrids. Takes awhile to warm up to you but the second you get your fingers behind his ears for a good scratchy scratch? Putty, follows you everywhere in the day care and grumbles that he’s not clingy.
Dog Hybrid Kirishima. Good boy, the Goodest of boys. Cannot stand still for more than 5 minutes without sniffing and nudging and jumping because he’s just that excited! Very friendly with the other hybrids but even clingier with you, so much that you gotta waddle everywhere with his arms securely wrapped around waist and chin on your head. Generally follows Bakugou everywhere too but that’s because he knows you’ll be there.
Bunny Hybrid Mirio is another good boy in bunny version. Might break down doors if he doesn’t see you in his vicinity and smile about it too. Still he’s an absolute sweetheart when you fluff up his ears or comb his hair, does a little hops and bounces around you as play time (and sometimes mating dances but you don’t understand that) and definitely makes a point of eating his lunch with you and even “share it” despite how quick he scarfs down his food.
Bunny Hybrid Midoriya is a bit of a nervous ball of fluff. A little too quiet at first but then runs his mouth when he’s comfortable and you ask him about the things he likes. And while he is one of the sweetest boys, he pouts just as easily, back turned to you and foot thumping on the floor (but then sneaking peeks to see if you’ll come comfort him). Very bad idea to sit close to him because he will loaf on your lap, his favorite place to nap- and you’ll be stuck under deadweight for 1 hour at best.
Cat Hybrid Todoroki is the starer. Comes off aloof and a lil mean at first but he’s actually a little awkward at socializing, so he settles for staring and watching you do stuff, curious purr and rounded out pupils. Knocks stuff over, it’s an impulse he can’t control- and if you get mad he’ll turn into the biggest snuggler even though he’s like one of the hybrids that least likes physical content (but you’re always an exception). Grooms you as his highest form of trust.
Cat Hybrid Shinsou sleeps so much that you thought he was actually sick from the amount of hours he sleeps. Can wake up when you talk to him, yawn, turn around and go back to energy conserving mode like he ran out of battery power. Still, he does enjoys sleeping around you when the noise dogs or thumping bunnies aren’t around, or even just laying his head on your shoulders when you’re busy with something and dozing off like that. Definitely does the slow, lazy blink thing all the time and head rub bump when he walks past you.
The hybrid boys are almost always fighting because there’s this ongoing war of who’s mate you really are. Literally have a chalkboard tracking who gets the most points/spends more time with you- between lots and lots of cheating uwu
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climatesupport · a year ago
The Next IPCC Report: A Few Words
Hi people. I hope you’re all doing well.
So tomorrow, the next IPCC climate report (IPCC Assessment Report 6, Working Group I) will come out at around 10am CEST. It is expected to be an incredibly strong warning about the climate crisis, with a lot of alarming language. And most news sites will likely talk about this report in one way or another.
It is, of course, your choice whether or not you read this report, or whether or not you read the summaries that will be on news sites tomorrow. I will be doing so, and I suggest that you do as well, but only if you are in the right frame of mind to engage with what could be a lot of bad climate news.
If you do choose to read the report and/or the summaries in the news, or go on social media to talk about it or read about it, here are a few heads-up.
1) The news headlines about this report may be misleading. Do you remember when the last IPCC report came out in 2018? It told us that we had around 12 years (at that point) to halve global emissions if we wanted to limit warming to below 1.5 degrees C.
The media, and especially people on social media, focused so heavily on the ‘12 years’ figure that a lot of people - especially a lot of young people - thought that the IPCC had said that there were only 12 years left until the literal end of the world, or that we would all die if we went over 1.5 degrees. None of which is actually true.
I worry that the media, as well as social media, will do the same with this report. They’ll take one part of the report, and use it as a frightening headline in order to catch people’s eyes and make them panic.
And sometimes this works. Sometimes fear can be used to mobilise people. But don’t forget who these headlines are intended to scare: people who aren’t aware of the climate emergency yet. If you’ve been paying attention to the climate crisis, you know what’s going on, and you’re likely already dealing with climate anxiety. These headlines are not for you.
I read this article about the IPCC report today, and I immediately wanted to share it on here, so there it is. Please read it -  I’m sure some of you will find it useful.
Here are some quotes from the article that stood out to me:
“...there’s going to be an onslaught of downright dystopian headlines in the news this week. They will be designed for maximum terror. And for those of us, like me, who are prone to incapacitating climate grief and anxiety, browsing the internet is going to be a mental health minefield.”
“As you’re exposed to headlines that are crafted to grab the attention of the disengaged, don’t let fear eat you alive.”
Please keep these in mind tomorrow. I certainly will do - they’re good advice. It might be hard, but please take steps to take care of your mental health. Basically, stay safe and stay sane - or at least try to. Don’t ignore or forget about the climate emergency, but take some time to yourself, and try not to let yourself get swallowed by your own (or other people’s) fear and despair.
2) Social media will likely be full of misinformation about the report. I’ve talked about ‘climate doomers’ before on here, and if you’ve been following me for a while, you know how I feel about them.
After the release of this report, there is going to be a lot of climate doomism on social media. There will be people on social media - people outside of the scientific community - who insist that this IPCC report means that it’s too late to do anything about the climate crisis, or that any sort of action is futile, or that we just have to accept our fate and go quietly.
Please do not listen to these people. The IPCC reports do not say ‘it’s too late’ - they say the opposite, as do the vast majority of climate scientists. We do not have to ‘give up’ or ‘accept our fate’; what we do still matters, and it will always matter.
Some of these people will tell you that the IPCC is “too conservative” (i.e. underestimates climate change), and therefore cannot be trusted. Therefore, they follow outsider ‘scientists’ (whose predictions are often much more wrong than those of the IPCC), and use their research as ‘evidence’ that we’re doomed. 
(Again, these people are wrong, and this is basically the anti-vaxxer and climate denier level of science.)
While the IPCC has sometimes underestimated some impacts of climate change, i.e. past sea level rise, impacts have still generally been within their expected range, and not wildly outside of it. Also, scientific models and predictions are never 100% accurate - there is always a margin of error.
I will repeat myself: our house is on fire, not burned to ashes. We won’t be able to save everything, but we still have to work to save everything and everyone that we can. What climate doomers want us all to do is to just stand there in the burning house and quietly await the end without even trying to save ourselves and everything else. That doesn’t make sense to me, and in terms of the climate crisis, it’s a massive abdication of responsibility.
Please think critically about what you read on social media about this. If you need to, take a break from social media. Even without the doomism, there will likely be a lot of grief and fear and anger on social media tomorrow - if this will affect your mental health, please step away from it.
Don’t forget that no matter what you read, and no matter what anyone on social media tells you, the vast majority of climate scientists will agree with these things: it’s real, it’s bad, but it’s not over.
3) Nothing in this report should be particularly new to us. As I’ve said before: if you’ve been paying attention, what is in tomorrow’s report should not be new to you. The IPCC reports are basically aggregations of thousands of different research papers about different aspects of the climate emergency, including its impacts.
If you follow climate news on a regular basis, you should already know about these impacts, as well as what could be coming if we don’t do the right thing. As scary as all of this together may be, none of this is new to us.
I may be wrong about this. Maybe there will be something in the report that comes as a surprise to some of us, like another ‘deadline’, a tipping point we’ve reached, or some research that didn’t make the news. Be prepared for that possibility. But as it stands right now, most if not all of this stuff should already be known to us.
And again, no matter what comes up in the report, what we have to do remains the same: cut greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible, as quickly as possible.
4) The report will probably be extremely worrying and contain a lot of bad news, and that’s a good thing in a way. Back in 2018, when the last report was released, we were warned that we did not have a lot of time left to keep warming below 1.5 degrees C.
After that, what did we see? We saw Extinction Rebellion’s civil disobedience movement. We saw Greta Thunberg’s school strike movement. We saw millions of people, all over the world, waking up to the climate emergency, and making it clear that we wouldn’t go down without a fight. We saw a huge increase in climate activism, both on the streets and online, because people started to realise what was at stake and what we had to do to ensure a safe future for human civilisation. More people were talking about the climate emergency than ever before.
And this next IPCC report is expected to be an even stronger warning than the last. Is it going to be scary? Probably. But as I’ve said before, a healthy level of fear is sometimes useful, especially in a crisis. If people read this report or see it being talked about in the news, become aware of what is happening to this planet, and then are able to channel their fear and anger and grief into action, then that is a very good thing.
In this situation, knowledge is power. We can’t fight the climate crisis if most people do not know about the climate crisis. If this report creates a collective knowledge of the climate crisis within society, then hopefully that knowledge will one day become our power.
And we need kindness as well - we need to be there for each other through all of this, and we need people, especially young people who have just become aware of the climate emergency, to know that their worries are justified, but that they will not be alone through all of this. We can’t just terrify people with bad news and leave them on their own with their fear, we have to provide them with resources and support as well.
I will leave you with all of this, and I will pin this post so everyone can see it. If you’re going to read the report tomorrow, please stay safe, stay sane, take care of yourself, and keep all of this in mind.
And always remember: we don’t yet know what is going to happen next, and anyone who tells you that they know the future is lying to you. We know that we can’t save everything, but all isn’t lost either. There is still joy in the world, and there are lots of beautiful things and wonderful people on our planet, and all of them deserve a safe future.
Take care, people. Have a great day. 💚
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effectiveresistance · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Like millions of other people in Ontario, I woke up this morning in a world where the police had been given the authority to stop you at any time, question you, demand information without any reason, and make orders which have to be followed. In practice, a lot of this stuff already happens, but formalizing what is usually an abuse of power is a huge blow.
The government claims this is to try to stop the spread of covid. They are banning us all from sitting outside in the park with friends at a distance while factories and prisons are still operating full steam, prioritizing profits over relationships. Giving the police enhanced power to enforce these kinds of rules is just unbelievably fucked.
I was pretty upset so I made a bunch of posters and put them up around my neighbourhood in East Hamilton. Would they have been better if I’d taken more time? For sure. Should I have put “Covid is real” or something on them so it’s more clear I’m not an anti-masker or denialist? Probably. But I would say it’s more important to act, to make visible some opposition to these authoritarian measures, so that we don’t all feel scared and alone.
As an anarchist, I believe in informing myself, discussing with people close to me, and coming up with our own set of practices for dealing with covid that reflect our own values and priorities. Just like with any other law, even when the things we decide are appropriate are illegal, it just means we have to put a bit more effort into finding the means to do them. I oppose the ability of the state to dictate practices and priorities onto us, and especially their ability to enforce them with repression, even if I might choose to adopt practices that a similar to the ones they suggest.
Some anarchists have been circulating texts that mimic the discourse of the far-right, worrying about the free speech of dissident conservative politicians, or about the right of religious reactionaries to gather, or minimizing covid. Others have become indistinguishable from liberals and try to shut down criticism from their comrades by claiming we are trying to kill their grandparents or something. We can do better.
Things are scary right now, it’s true. The social pressure to just go along with whatever authoritarian crap is super heavy, but putting these posters up alone in the middle of the day on the weekend was a good experiment in talking with my neighbours about it. We are never as alone as we think we are.
(I’m including a pdf of my posters in case you suck at graphic design more than I do. But it’s easy to make your own with free software like Gimp and LibreOffice Draw. Wheat paste is three or four parts warm water to one part flour; add the water to the flour slowly, stirring lots, then dump in a whole bunch of sugar.)
Solidarity to the people in Montreal who have been fighting against the curfew there!
Keep your collectives and affinity groups tight, and always maintain a good social distance from the state!"
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katplanet · 17 days ago
any amish klaus hcs?
i'm not super up on amish things so i have to stay kind of vague, but those vague things all have a lot to do with what little we saw of sweet beloved rachel. klaus would retain his core klausness, and i think a lot of how happy and secure he was in a more conservative environment would come down to his mom.
i don't think you magically become kind and wonderful when you die, so little baby klaus in all his weirdness would have had a fierce, loving advocate. my baby appeared spontaneously while i was minding my business doing other things? guess he's the best baby anyone's ever seen. my baby kissed a boy on the cheek? all the other boys should be so lucky. my baby got confused because we're having a funeral for the same old minister who he insists spent the whole morning out in the field playing games with him? okay that one might take a minute for her to process, but i think she'd get there, and she'd help klaus see it as a special gift rather than something scary, just like he was a special gift for her all those years ago. that minister was bedridden for so long, after all. how wonderful that he got to run one more time
i'm not sure whether klaus would end up leaving or staying there with her until she died, but either way she'd be so proud of him. her weird spooky kid!! when she finally did pass on she'd brag about him to all the other ghosts and embarrass him
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ghostbergara · 2 months ago
Blue and maybe midnight for one ask game, 🔥 for the other
Have a nice day/good night!
aw thank you, right back at ya!
for 🔥 i think it actually changed quite a lot! so this might be long because im not good at making..words..short? (i dont speak english sdbjk)
I realized I was queer around when i was 12-13, i had always felt.. off? Different? I think in the same way i've heard a lot of other queer people describe. I also grew up in a very small conservative town and we moved when i was 12 so now thinking about it, that change in environment probably allowed me to figure myself out a little bit more. Now 12 might seem young to some people, but i honestly probably should have known sooner i was trans, actually i think i knew, i just didn't have the language. Before i knew my mom had talked a lot about how much will power can accomplice and i thought if i just wanted it hard enough i would wake up a boy (which obviously didn't work so i woke up disappointed every morning). I went as far as to pray??? to god??? i am NOT religious and i never was (which actually got a me in trouble in school a few times but thats another story) asking them to make me a boy (which unsurprisingly also didn't work). I think if i remember correctly i found out about trans-ness mainly from Sam Collins (who is a trans youtuber) which then led me in a spiral of googling and watching everything i could about being trans and how to know if you're trans. I even made a Pros and Cons list of reasons i was and wasn't trans??? (I cant find it anymore but the cons list only had one thing and i cant even remember what it was) Then after some time i sent a video by sam collins where he talks about being trans with his mom, to my dad! He was very supportive until he wasn't and thats also another story. He then told my mom for me and they ended up both being very unsupportive for a very long time.
ANYWAY im getting off track from the question. I didn't have much energy to focus on anything other than staying alive for a very very long time and in turn didnt have the energy to even think much about my identity (i was out as trans and so on). Now in recent years first of all my mom has become very supportive and im doing worlds better and ive finally gotten through the system and gotten hormones and later this year i have my first top surgery consultation. I've figured out my sexuality (or i though i had, i dont know, i like men and maybe more??? Im either gay or bi). Experienced tons of trans and homophobia and most importantly really feel like i've entered the community.
Now i think i feel more 'free'? Being queer definently makes me feel like i can really be who i want to be, like i'm not defined by stereotypes and stupid cis-straight 'rules' that i dont understand. I'm grateful for the experiences it's brought me, both positive and negative, because it's made me more empathetic and im better dressed for helping and talking with other queer and in some ways even just generally marginalized people. I'm also very aware of the impact i can have as a queer person, both on other queer people and on straight people. I tend to like to wear at least one thing that will mark me as queer in at least other queer peoples eyes because that for them often means safe and not alone. I know from first hand experience how scary it can be to be queer out in the world and if i can bring even the slightest relief to people i will. I certainly feel more at ease when theres other queer people around. When it comes to impact on straight people it's the way i know i can make them understand more and sometimes take the burden off a newly-out queer person by answering some of the questions they have instead of them asking that newly-out person. Of course i have also gotten the "I thought trans people were freaks until i met you, but you're just like normal" which while it sucks at least they hopefully in the future will be more open.
I feel like im more in a way. I have an impact on the world and a possibility to help others like me in a way that is so meaningful and i cherish that.
what colors am i?
LGBTQ+/Queer Themed Asks
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oh-boy-me · a year ago
I just read both the australia and museum post and the chaos levels are top tier, but like imagine the chaos that ensues if lord diavolo discovers about amusment parks and immediately just buys tickets to disneyland. Lucifer is basically the dad trying not to loose his children(lord diavolo included). Lord diavolo wanting to ride a loopy rollercoaster and just having the time of his life! (Also I highkey see diavolo ordering lucifer to make a disneyland in devildom tbh) Also mouse ear headbands!
This..... this took forever
Hey there anon!  Sorry it took literally a year to answer this!  If you’re still into Obey Me, I hope this was a pleasant surprise.
Also for the first time ever a scenario post is being put under the cut for length purposes.  This scenario is 2.6k words Jesus
Please note that the last time I went to Disney was in 2015, so anything that’s newer than that is taken from the extensive reading of Disney advice blogs I read in preparation for this post.  Anything older than that is likely from experience.
Also, I tried my best to keep this spoiler free for the attractions that can be affected by it.
So the Devildom DOES have the concept of amusement parks.  I slept on this ask for so long that we’ve learned about Devil’s Coast.  It seems to be more akin to a smaller-scale theme park, though.  Small-ish.  I’m used to NYC idk what constitutes as small.
Something like Disney World is on such a larger scale!!  When Diavolo heard about that, he knew they had to go.
They are going to Disney World in Orlando because it’s the only one I’ve been to.
Lucifer is REALLY getting tired of these field trips, but there would be no weird animals, and there would be no sobering lessons on global extinction events at a family-friendly amusement park.  He.  He can handle this.
Solomon has actually been banned from all Walt Disney theme parks.  We’re talking blacklist-level banned.  He’s barred from ever entering any Disney park ever again.  However, this was back in 1976, so this must be, like, his son or something, right?  There’s no way this is the same guy.  Thought the security guard who let him in.
What did Solomon do to get banned?  When asked, he only gave a curious hum.  “Yeah, I wonder.”
The place is split into four parks, so they’ll spend one day in each.
Barbatos continued to flex his power as the only one in the group with a brain cell, being sure to get them all fast passes.  He even set time back just for the passes while they were booking the rides they wanted to cut the lines for, so if they don’t get used he’s going to be very snippy.
Also for convenience sake this is taking place in an AU where everything is the same but COVID doesn’t exist to shut down some rides and attractions.
Day 1: Hollywood Studios
MC and Simeon basically have to coerce Lucifer into letting everyone run free instead of making them all line up with a walking rope all day.  He relents on the condition that everyone checks in periodically so he can at least know they haven’t killed anyone.
Nobody will check in except for maybe Beelzebub and those at Purgatory Hall.
Levi immediately gathered his fellow Star Wars fans (which basically meant calling over Mammon Belphie and Asmo and then pulling in two unsuspecting people suddenly given the title of “Star Wars fan”), and made a beeline for Galaxy’s Edge.  There’s a LOT to do there and damn it if he wasn’t going to hit all of it.
First up for their group is the interactive Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run.  They fail the mission.  Levi’s pretty pissed, but everyone agrees that it was fun nonetheless.  They really felt like they were doing a mission in the Falcon!  Plus, the gameplay element was totally up the alley of most of this group.  Simeon does feel a little nauseous from Luke’s jerky steering, though.
Did you know that Diavolo loves Toy Story?  He does.  He’s very much enjoying the Slinky roller coaster with Barbatos.
Barbatos would rather be spending time at the shows and performances, but oh no god forbid we don’t get an autograph from Doc McStuffins.  Lucifer please come find him and save him.
Lucifer somehow wandered into the Frozen Sing-Along Celebration.  He wants out.  Barbatos please come find him and save him.
In general, Lucifer isn’t a fan of these sorts of places, so honestly he’s just hiding from the others and waiting for today to be over.  Barbatos told him that there are parks that don’t revolve around rides and characters, and he’s holding out for those.
Luckily for them Diavolo wants to do LITERALLY everything, and that does include the shows, so Barbatos and Lucifer can have at least some fun today
Levi, Asmo, and Beel are about to start their relay for getting character autographs when Satan shows up out of nowhere and starts dragging everyone over to the Tower of Terror.  Solomon bars all attempts to flee on a certain Avatar of Greed’s side.
The line to the Tower is so long, and honestly?  Satan feels like the ride didn’t live up to the literal hour they waited to get on.  Like yeah it was fun, but way too short.
He voices those thoughts, and Levi, who Satan knows is afraid of heights, is pretty fucking livid and drags him to Rock n Rollercoaster as revenge.  Satan hates roller coasters.
As for the others, Asmo and Luke have a lot of fun on the thrill rides.  Mammon and Simeon do not.  Beel is a little spooked by them but still manages to have fun, while Belphie and Solomon think they’re alright.
Eventually, Simeon gets too sick to move, and they assign him to Luke.  They say it’s because he’s too short to ride some of the rides (even though he’s literally not, screw you guys.)
Barbatos messes with time a lil bit so they can enjoy the Fantasmic Show and Fireworks to wrap the day up.
Levi is very jealous of Diavolo’s Doc McStuffins autograph.  Somehow Asmo has Buzz Lightyear’s number.
Day 2: Animal Kingdom
Satan is vibrating
He literally instantly sprints to the Kilimanjaro Safari.  And good for him; that’s something best done while the sun isn’t high up.  The whole gang actually agrees to check that one out, and while Satan isn’t thrilled to be within 50 feet of Lucifer, he’s glad Simeon is there because he remembers how his presence lured animals out in Australia.
Simeon also finds himself pulled along the trails by Satan and parents watch in horror as a gorilla gives him a friendly pat on the back.
If you didn’t know, Animal Kingdom is divided into the two continents of Asia and Africa, as well as the secret eighth continent Avatar (2009).  Diavolo heard great things about the Flight of Passage ride, but he totally forgot to tell Barbatos about it, so they’re stuck on a three hour wait line now.
Levi takes Luke on the Everest roller coaster because Simeon saw it in the distance and looked like he was about to cry.  Levi wouldn’t shut up about how the yeti effect needs to be fixed and Solomon had to explain that the effect literally couldn’t support itself.
Simeon, having escaped a roller coaster for the first and only time on this trip, grabs lunch with Lucifer and Solomon and they enjoy the Lion King performance together.  Solomon’s the only one of them who’s seen the movie, but the others still found it fun.  Solomon keeps making up random plot points that don’t exist, though.  Remember when Simba was captured by pirates?
Mammon found the Bugs Life show very scary.  Normally Asmo would laugh at him, but he’s afraid of any bug he’s never seen before and at least Mammon was afraid of the things that were supposed to get you.  They agree that bugs are still not their friends.
Satan has many things to say about the Dinosaur ride and most of them aren’t good.  Belphie thought it was pretty ok, though.  Lucifer can’t believe there was a sobering lesson on a global extinction event at this family-friendly amusement park.
Diavolo is still in line.  Barbatos abandons him.  He accompanies Luke to the kiddie fossil thing and actually finds it more tolerable.  Oh yeah that’s the other secret ninth continent, Dinoland.
Beel and Belphie spend most of the day together at the various petting zoos.  Belphie comes back knowing more than he ever wanted to about conservation.  He thought Rafiki’s Planet Watch was going to be about watching other planets, not this one!
Asmo gets very interested in the costumes of the performers, as well as the parrots in the bird show.  He could probably make some really colorful designs with those as inspiration.
Nearby, Mammon runs into Kevin and squawks in surprise.  The zoo staff spend the next two hours trying to find the bird that escaped.
Diavolo says the ride was worth it, don’t worry.
Honestly this park has a lot of stuff that wouldn’t translate well to a funny scenario post so this part might be a little short compared to the others.  I can only talk about a zoo for so long.
Anyone remember the Honey I Shrunk the Kids 4D show?  Apparently it closed in 2016 to make room for more Star Wars stuff.
Anyway, at the center of it all there’s the Tree of Life, which is really pretty all day.  Lucifer is thrilled to have a decently obvious meet-up place, too.  They get to catch the brief awakening show at night.
They’re very bummed to learn the Rivers of Light show isn’t happening anymore, so Levi pulls it up on his phone so they can watch it in spirit.
Then Satan learns about the Wilderness Explorers badges and the others spend the rest of the time preventing too much collateral damage over the fact that nobody told him.
Day 3: Epcot
Finally, Lucifer thinks.  Boo, Luke thinks.
Beel didn’t expect this park to be that interesting to him (he’s much more into the wonder and immersion of Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom), but then he learned about the restaurants.  China, Norway, France, Mexico, Germany, Morocco, Italy, Japan, Canada--Canada?  Huh.  Canada.  There’s so many different restaurants from so many cuisines to try, and yeah he knows that it’s definitely not the same as going to the place and it’s overpriced (sorry Lucifer), but it’s all right there.  He makes certain to take MC on a deluxe Epcot restaurant tour.
Oh yeah MC.  That’s the first time we’ve heard from them in a while.  They’re doing whatever you want them to I guess.
Levi buys so much from the Japanese gift shops that he has to go back to the hotel for a bit to drop his bags off.
Satan and Diavolo aren’t much better, but their stashes are more varied.
Also, Diavolo found Mouse Gear, and bought everyone a pair of ears.  Lucifer says that everyone has to keep them on because it’s what Lord Diavolo wants, but he is by far the most upset about them.  Mammon snaps a picture and Lucifer throws his DDD into the lake.
Asmo and Belphie decide they’re gonna take it easy this day, and they nab Solomon and Barbatos for some exhibition hopping.
Luke finds Mission Space and please father no Simeon thought he was safe he thought he was safe here no please
Aside from that, though, Luke honestly finds this part of the park boring.  He’d have been more interested in these attractions elsewhere, but as a kid he’s in Disney for roller coasters and Mickey Mouse.
Simeon is very grateful that Luke doesn’t have much that he wants to do, because it means that he can enjoy the Gran Fiesta and Living with the Land boat rides and have a single moment where he doesn’t feel like he’s about to be sick.  He’s not even afraid of the rides; he just gets motion sick easily.
Asmo makes sure to see the Chinese acrobat show, and Mammon catches that with the show-hopping gang since there isn’t much he wants to do here either.
Epcot has alcohol and Solomon hasn’t been able to drink in ages so he really wants to spend some time doing that with MC.  No demons allowed, thank you very much.  He doesn’t hold his liquor as well as he’d like you to believe, but he just gets really talkative when drunk so it’s ok.
Epcot is a nice day to take a breather and Lucifer and Barbatos definitely needed a breather before tomorrow.
Day 4: Magic Kingdom
This is the day Diavolo has been waiting for.  The crème de la crop, the best park for kids and kids in a future king of the Devildom’s body.
Also I feel like now is a good time to mention that this probably isn’t a reasonable order of events because I don’t remember the map layout of these places idk Disney city planning
This time.  This time, Levi, Asmo and Beel are gonna get those autographs, dammit.  Levi doesn’t even know who half of these characters are but hell if he’s not getting their autograph.
Mammon actually really loves the mascots too, but he’s embarrassed about it so he’ll only try to get one if he can use the guise of MC wanting one.  MC, please help him out
Belphie isn’t big on rides, but he does have a soft spot for the more retro ones like Dumbo and Seven Dwarves.  And like I said before, Beel loves Magic Kingdom for its wonder.  So Belphie is perfectly happy being led (read: piggybacked) around by Beel today, because their favorite attractions match up pretty well here.
Actually, Beel’s favorite Disney movie is Lilo and Stitch, but.  RIP Stitch’s Great Escape ride 2004-2018
Diavolo and Lucifer take a moment to enjoy the Carousel of Progress, and they reflect on how much the Human World is always changing and how much about it they still don’t know.  It really does make them think, like.  Grandma found the VR games at Christmas!  The Devildom doesn’t have grandmas!
Mammon is terrified of the Haunted Mansion ride, and Satan has literally never felt so much schadenfreude in his life.
Mammon’s afraid of most rides to be fair, but he likes water rides, so Levi eventually takes pity on him and they go on Splash Mountain together more than once.
The Peter Pan ride broke down
Luke wanted to go on Space Mountain and Simeon was the only one around, so.  RIP Simeon ????-2021
Diavolo was That Guy.  If you know, you know.
Beel accidentally spun the teacups way too fast.  Not even Solomon got out of that one unscathed.
Following that, Solomon manages to drag Barbatos onto the Jungle Cruise while Lucifer is busy.  What is Lucifer busy with?  Riding the Buzz Lightyear shooting ride over and over until he hits every single target and gets a perfect score at a Disney ride, something that is normal to want and possible to achieve.  Anyway, Barbatos finds it really charming and Solomon finds it a nice break that he didn’t know he needed.
While looking for a food place that sells water for a reasonable price, a kid runs up to Asmo asking for a picture and autograph.  He’s kind of confused, but goes along with it to make the kid happy.
Turns out, Asmo’s so naturally charming that they mistook him for a prince.  Other groups see that family and follow suit.  Mammon eventually catches wind of it and shows up to charge a fee.  The parents are pretty sure Disney doesn’t charge fees like that, but their kids really want a pic with Asmo so they hand over the two bucks.  (“Oh it’s so low” come on Mammon’s not a dick to children.)
And that’s the story of how Mammon and Asmo ended up in Disney Jail.  You’re very much not allowed to pretend to be a cast member and then charge money for it.  Lucifer has to bail them out as their “guardian,” and as punishment they aren’t allowed to opt out of It’s a Small World.
Small World isn’t that bad imho, and those like Diavolo, Satan, Simeon, and Levi would like it a lot.  But Lucifer has been playing parent all day, Belphie does not like the noise, and Solomon has literally been on this ride at least fifty times.  Very mixed feelings on this one, but it feels fitting to end with that and a fireworks show.
All in all though this wasn’t the worst trip Lucifer’s been on (cue everyone applauding for some reason).
Barbatos by far had the least fun of them all because for four days he was stuck in a park where the mascot is a fucking rodent and he wasn’t allowed to annihilate Mickey Mouse where he stood
“Disneyland Devildom when” “Lord Diavolo, no”
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claybrownie7566 · a year ago
Hidden Skies
I was thinking about some fears Sky might have, and I remembered my playthrough of Skyward Sword and how stressful the underground bits were. You had to sneak around and try not to get killed by big scary centipedes, and it's a crawl space, which is terrifying. So anyways I hope you enjoy!
(TW: panic, tight spaces, darkness)
Sky can't go underground, not anymore. When the group is forced into a catacomb of caves, they come to realize that Sky has kept some of the more fearsome pieces of his adventure to himself.
It was still so foreign to Sky. The endless expanse of dirt and rock left him speechless. He remembered the first time he laid eyes on it. Trees, hills, ponds and fields as far as the eye could see. He loved it. He poured over the colors and textures around him, his lips unable to conjure words to describe it's beauty.
This was to be their home. This was where it was all going to change.
His quest was difficult to say the least. Constantly, heavy tasks were placed before him, and he accepted and completed them without complaint. Always pushing ahead in hopes of reuniting with Zelda.
And then one day something changed. He remembered it clearly. How the digging claws felt awkward, unnatural and heavy in his hands...
But he had dug none the less. It was the next step in his journey, and he didn't think much of it.
It was so cold.
So dark.
Nightmares lurked in that darkness. Centipedes with explosive ends and cutting, biting, shredding mandibles and beady black eyes.
And then he was trapped. The way in and out blocked and sealed until he had conquered the monstrosities.
He had been buried alive. The suffocating weight and chill of the underground never left him, and he refused to go anywhere he couldn't see the sky or feel the air.
His new adventure proved, so far, to be one of open lands and roaming freely across them. The monster attacks were never welcome, nor the shadow they were chasing, but Sky would be fine as long as they stayed on the surface.
So, he never complained. He never felt the need to. There was no reason for that fear to return.
And then they reached Hyrule's goddess forsaken kingdom, and every courageous painting Sky had conjured up for himself dissolved into pure ashen terror.
Rain poured from the sky, cold and wet and gray. Twilight held his lantern aloft as they all looked for shelter.
"Rule? Are you sure there's somewhere nearby? We've been walking for almost an hour" the rancher asked.
Hyrule's eyes were focused on a shape in the distance, his arm raises to shield his eyes from the pelting rain.
"Up ahead" he said with a nod, "there are some caves and a path through the mountain."
Sky swallowed down his mild panic.
It's ok. It's just a cave. It'll be just fine.
The closer they got to the mountain, the worse it looked. The mass of rock and dirt ahead was more of a hill than a mountain, especially compared to Wild's ranges. Lightning flashed overhead and thunder made the ground tremble beneath their boots.
The mouth of the cave was a sight for sore eyes. At least, that's what everyone else saw. Twilight forged ahead, leading their tired troop out of the cold.
This isn't so bad, Sky thought as he followed the warm glow of the lantern inside. This is just another shelter. Nothing at all to be-
"We could make it through the mountain by nightfall if we want somewhere better to stay tonight" Hyrule said.
Time thought for a moment, and Sky prayed to the goddess he wouldn't say yes.
"How far is it to the other side?"
Hyrule tilted his head, tracing a finger in the air like he was drawing a map in it.
"it's about a two hour walk" he said finally.
There was a splash as Legend emptied the water from his boots, "are there monsters along the way?"
"There shouldn't be" Hyrule replied, "I go through here a lot, and I've never seen more than a stray bokoblin or two. It is a bit of a sketchy path though. The tunnels don't go straight through, they're twisty. I'd have to remember the way."
"Are you confident you could do that?" Warriors asked.
"Course I can! What do you take me for?" the traveler replied, crossing his arms.
Wild snorted.
"It's settled then. Let's get a move on" Four said, "I want to be somewhere that isn't here."
Busy chatter filled the small cave opening, and Sky felt his heart stop. Dread rose up from his toes, filling his entire body and traveling up to the top of his head. He felt sick looking at the dark tunnel in front of him.
And he was back in those crawl spaces all over again.
Hot, blinding flashes burned his eyes, the intense darkness that once filled his vision was painfully blasted away. Serrated mandibles sliced and bit at his flesh as he crawled away desperately searching for a way out.
Sky tried to keep his breaths shallow, his lungs drawing in the stale air, suffocating him further.
A hand landed on his shoulder, and his eyes snapped up, locking with Twilight's.
"Sky? You've been awfully quiet and you just got really pale. We are about to head into the tunnels, are you alright?"
The rancher's voice was kind and full of thought, like he was deciding how to proceed with the conversation.
Sky shook his head, his voice small.
"I-I can't go in there....I can't."
The others began walking ahead, leaving Sky and Twilight in the pale lantern light.
"it'll be ok. I've got plenty of lantern oil, and it's not too long of a walk through. Come on, let's walk together." Twilight smiled, and Sky felt the panic in his bones lift ever so slightly. With one last deep breath, he followed his friend into the darkness.
They had been walking for over an hour. Sky stayed close to Twilight and his lantern, trying not to let the others see his heart fail him.
There was quiet chatter across the group. Nothing special, just light easy-coming conversation. An occasional detour from Hyrule allowed them all to stop and rest while he checked various paths and dead ends.
Sky didn't like it. He didn't like it one bit. They should nearly be to the other side shouldn't they? Were they lost?
Sky's thoughts were cut short as rapid footsteps neared. Hyrule bolted around the corner out of nowhere, slamming directly into Twilight.
Sky heard glass shatter, then was blind.
The darkness was so intense he thought he would suffocate right then and there. All the panic and terror he had been repressing broke free and he gasped.
His eyes widened and he began to stumble toward the wall of the tunnel, feeling it and running his hands over it, searching for an invisible door to the outside.
His breaths came in ragged gasps, as he dug his fingers into the dirt, scratching at the surface trying in vain to escape.
"No" he muttered, "no no NO! NOT AGAIN! NOT AGAIN!"
There were worried voices near him, but he couldn't hear them. He banged his fists against the dirt until they were raw, and when he couldn't get through he started to run.
More voices called to him in the dark, but he didn't care. He was going to die. His eyes, still unadjusted to the fresh darkness burned with hot, terrified tears.
He ran, tripping blindly across the tunnel, his heart screaming for a way out, any way it could find. When his search proved to be in vain, Sky fell to his knees. He clamped a hand over his mouth to constrict his airflow. Conserving oxygen was the only thing that mattered now.
The sky...the light...I can't find it.
Small, rough hands gripped his wrists, and Sky cried out, nearly falling backwards.
"Sky! Sky it's me!" Wind spoke with firmness, but gentleness also, beckoning Sky to focus on him.
Another pair of hands wrapped around him from behind. Soft fur brushed the back of Sky's neck.
The sailor kept his hold on the Sky's wrists, and continued to speak.
"Sky, the lantern was dropped. That's all. You're safe. You're safe and we've got you."
He nearly stopped breathing entirely. There were nine of them trapped in here. There wouldn't be enough air. They would all suffocate. His body shook violently, his breaths barely entering his lungs.
Wind's young, familiar voice spoke again, jarring Sky back to reality.
"Hey, take a deep breath and listen to me."
"Can't" Sky breathed, "no air....suffocate....suffocate."
The arms around his loosed ever so slightly, allowing his chest to rise and fall more easily. It took every ounce of control Sky had to keep his breaths shallow.
"Sky, there is plenty of air. We are in a tunnel, and there is a big opening behind us, and one not too far ahead. Do you feel the air?"
Sky focused on the air around him, a light current swept across his cheek. Relieved beyond belief, he filled his lungs, and sank into the arms around him.
"I know it's dark, but we have other lanterns. It'll be light, and then we will get out of here okay?" Wind kept his voice steady, running his thumbs across the inside of Sky's wrists reassuringly.
Twilight's arms tightened around him, and began lifting him to his feet. He stood, though his body protested. Once on his feet he tried to catch his breath. He took it slow, listening to Wind and taking in huge lungfulls of air at a time.
Twilight released his hold on their friend, keeping a hand supportively on his shoulder.
A small scraping sound came from their left, followed by the growing light of a new lantern. Sky took in the sights around him, relieved to be able to see again. Eight compassionate faces lit up around him.
Sky felt heat rise to his cheeks. He didn't like showing fear, even in a group full of people just like him.
The hero turned, meeting Hyrule's kind eyes.
"I'm sorry I broke the lantern. I was just trying to hurry. The way out isn't much farther, we can be out soon if we hurry."
Sky nodded, rubbing his tired eyes.
There was a groan behind him and everyone turned.
"Hylia above I hate the underground. I think I speak for everyone on that. It's always the worst, let's get out of here" Legend said.
Everyone nodded in agreement, and Sky could feel his fear dissipate instantly. He was with his friends, and they were going to get out together.
Hyrule led the way, and everyone walked with purpose, trying to leave the tunnels behind them as fast as possible.
Wind slipped his hand into Sky's in the dull light, leaving the latter feeling safe and comfortable in a place he never thought he could be.
When the end finally came, the heroes sprinted out the other side. The sky was on fire with the glowing sun after a storm. Sky smiled as Time and Four lifted their faces to the sky, taking in big fresh breaths of clean Spring air. The others did the same, basking in the freedom of the open World.
Wind leaned against Sky's side. The little sailor looked much more grown up to him in that moment.
"I feel the same way about underground you know" Wind whispered, "I've never been trapped there, but I need somewhere open. Somewhere I can see the sky and feel the wind."
Sky's heart burst, and he smiled fondly at his companion. He wrapped and arm across Wind's shoulders and pulled him into a side hug.
"Thank you for lending me your bravery back there. And for the record, I don't think we are the only ones that love being free."
Wind laughed as they watched Warriors and Wild sprawl out on the grass.
"No we are not."
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intermundia · 5 months ago
Omg "Brotherhood" 😍 poor Anakin spiralling and feeling alone and poor Obi-Wan for being the only person willing to deal with it, but I loved the moment he admitted to himself he was lonely too. You always do such an amazing job translating their dynamic into aus, and in this you perfectly encapsulated how scary and out of control Anakin can be when spiralling and how no matter what Obi-Wan always hurts for him whilst trying to correct him, but is never scared of him. The tension between them burned, and it was lovely seeing their dynamic and how they just get one another, and balance each other out. Obi-Wan being the stability and guiding hand Anakin needs and Anakin when he finally melts being the person Obi-Wan can adore and also giving him the nudge he needs to recognise he's already kind of ended his marriage and moved, he just needs to admit it.
Saying that I sure hope he keeps the step-brother affair secret during divorce proceedings! A divorce between two legal professionals on not great terms probs doesn't need more fuel to the flames...though I also loved Obi-Wan as a prosecutor who doesn't love it, he would be amazing but it would definitely wear on him.
Does he tell Qui-Gon everything or just that he'd like to stay and keep running the legal aid office? Trying to picture if Qui-Gon merrily keeps hiking knowing Obi-Wan has it all in hand or if he's like "Great, glad he's back in college and doing better! How did you manage it? Oh. Oh I see. No that's cool, I'm just going to keep wandering the planet for a bit, you seem to have everything...ah...in hand 🙃" and then disappears into a desert leaving behind a note that just says 'keep the house.'
Sorry to ramble! You're a fantastic writer and the Obikin fantom is incredibly lucky to have you. I do a little jig every time you post but try and refrain from bothering you because it would always turn into these incoherent essays 😂
Genuinely, deeply, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!! I worried that the topic of this one might scare people off, but I had developed an AU that had really interesting versions of Anakin and Obi-Wan, getting to touch on Anakin’s dark side and Obi-Wan’s ability to ignore problems he thinks will resolve themselves (Anakin’s issue in canon, here his own marriage problems). Having them be tangentially related through Qui-Gon, but mostly strangers to each other, led to such interesting power dynamics, I knew I had to write it. I am so glad that it all landed for you and that you picked it up, it makes me really happy to hear it!!
I think Qui-Gon would come home from Spain having processed a lot of his grief and be thrilled that Obi-Wan was moving back to Coruscant. He would also be thrilled that Anakin was attending his court dates and back in college working toward his degree. I think that he’s not conservative per se but that it might be a shock and concern him that the two boys he raised are involved that way. He can recognize that they are not related by blood and that Obi-Wan barely interacted while Anakin was younger, so he gets why they’re attracted to each other. Hahaha tho I like your ending of him deciding that it’s a great time to retire and that he had such a wonderful time in Spain maybe he really should get that traveling in that he’d always wanted to do 😂
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angelofrainfrogs · 2 months ago
We Found Him, Superstar: Ch. 8
Fandom: Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach
Description: Since starting his new afterlife at the Pizzaplex, Gregory has managed to befriend the Glamrock animatronics and made a surprising discovery—Bonnie’s been hidden in the basement warehouse this entire time, badly decommissioned but still powered on. Along with Bonnie are the endoskeletons that, no longer under the virus’s control, seem much more sentient than normal animatronics… Gregory and his friends are determined to get Bonnie back into commission and figure out the mysteries of what exactly these endoskeletons are—and how to help them, too.
Chapter Summary: After quite an eventful time distracting the night guards, the group is ready to see how much progress they’ve made on Bonnie’s repairs.
Rating: T
Read on Ao3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/38728158/chapters/100789230
“It sounds like our plan worked, Gregory!” Chica commented upon hearing Leon’s scream from the daycare play area. “Well, sort of… they should be off our tail for a while, at least!”
“Yup!” Gregory nodded adamantly, his eyes wide. “Seems like Moon is really scary all the time, and it’s not just my imagination…”
Chica shook her head with a soft laugh, holding Gregory close as they waited for word from Freddy on how things were going.
By this point, the other animatronics had finally gotten Bonnie to Parts & Service. Roxy rifled through the pile of spare limbs as Monty took a look around before opening the protective cylinder and entering, Freddy trailing along behind him.
“You'll be as good as new in no time, Bon!” Monty reassured while he and Freddy set the rabbit in the chair. “And Gregory is definitely bein’ one heck of a distraction, so we have nothin’ to worry about!”
“Sounds like… a lot is… going on!” Bonnie said with a laugh, his voice slow as he tried to conserve what little battery power he had.
“Yes… we may have another issue to deal with,” Freddy commented with a small sigh, then instantly perked up as Roxy entered the cylinder with a hefty toolbox in her hand. “But we can address that later; Monty, let us give Roxy room to work.”
“Alright, you old rabbit, ready for a biiig touch-up?” the wolf asked with a grin, holding up a shining screwdriver.
“Have at it!” Bonnie replied, and with that Roxy began to work.
“So… the plan is that we'll put him back together as best we can and hope a tech finds him so they can do the finishin’ touches?” Monty asked Freddy curiously. He knew there'd be no way staff and guests wouldn't notice the sudden reappearance of Bonnie if he just showed up out of nowhere.
Freddy made a noncommittal hum in response. “I… I am hesitant to just leave him somewhere and let the techs find him. I doubt they would scrap him, but there is still a chance that they might try. He was well and truly replaced, after all.” He let out a frustrated sigh. “If only we had a human staff member to vouch for us… then they could ‘find’ him and bring attention to the higher-ups.” He stared at Roxy reattaching various parts and wires for a minute, then turned to Monty with a soft smile. “For now, we will keep him hidden and repair him ourselves until we think of a more permanent solution.”
“Good idea, Fredbear!” the gator said, lightly patting Freddy on the shoulder. “I guess he can wait in the basement for now—wouldn't want to leave those poor kids down there by themselves for so long, anyway. I'm sure they'll be happy to see Bonnie up and walkin'!” He chuckled, then fell into silence as he and Freddy watched Roxy work her magic.
It wasn’t long before Bonnie’s battery was replaced, the rabbit immediately perking up as fresh electricity flowed through his system. This caused a few loose wires to spark but Roxy paid this no mind, zeroed-in on the task at hand. Soon, Bonnie’s leg had been reattached, followed by his arm. The wolf’s focused repairs made quick work of connecting the missing limbs, and soon she was performing the final reflex test for Bonnie’s new arm. Once successfully completed, Roxy stepped out and clicked on the computer prompt, releasing the restraints so Bonnie could also get out.
“How do you feel?!” Freddy asked, rushing over to help his friend to his feet. Hesitantly, the rabbit pushed himself into a sitting position using two functioning arms. Freddy put his hands out to steady him as Bonnie slowly swung his legs over the side and tried to stand.
“Aw yeah!” he exclaimed once he was upright with no assistance. He took a few cautious steps forward, then hopped out of the cylinder and into the main room. “I feel great!”
Monty anticipated Bonnie's first few steps to be exciting, but they seemed to be even better than expected! The gator threw his arms up, grinning happily. “Yes! This is amazin’, Bon!”
“Thank you, Roxy!” the bunny exclaimed, giving the wolf a brief hug. He then walked to Freddy, stumbling slightly but regaining his balance soon enough. “Thanks, Fredbear!”
Finally, he moved over to Monty, a bit slower so as not to trip again. When he was close enough, he sort of fell onto the gator, wrapping his arms—he now had two!—around Monty’s waist as best he could.
“Thanks, Monty,” Bonnie said, squeezing him a few seconds longer than the others. “We’re totally cool now, okay? Don’t worry anymore!”
Monty was surprised to receive a hug, but was quick to embrace Bonnie nonetheless. He tried his best not to be too rough with him, giving the bunny a gentle pat on the head along with a mumbled: “Alright, I'll try.” Once Bonnie let go, he folded his arms over his chest with a cheerful grin. “This means you can finally play games with us again real soon!”
“Yeah!” Bonnie agreed cheerily. He stepped backwards and stumbled again, laughing as Freddy placed a hand on his back. “Sorry, sorry, too excited… but I’ve gotta do some bowling first! I promised Gregory I’d play with him once I was all better.”
“We’ll get all your mechanical stuff working soon, I think,” Roxy said, a claw on her hip as she examined Bonnie up and down to assess what still needed to be done. “It looks like there’s just your face and ear as far as major stuff goes; we also need to find some outer suit casings…” She made a face at all the exposed pieces of endoskeleton.
Freddy smiled to the group, then blinked as he connected to Gregory’s Fazwatch. “Gregory? Bonnie is good to go for tonight; can you make sure the guards are still distracted while we get him back to the basement? We will meet you and Chica there.”
Soon enough, Gregory's voice sounded within Freddy’s mind. “Yeah, I think they’re gonna be distracted for the rest of the night…” He gave a slightly nervous laugh. “We’ll see you guys soon!”
Freddy wanted to ask what exactly was going on, but the boy disconnected before he could. Instead, he blinked and refocused on the animatronics in front of him. “Gregory says the guards are thoroughly sidetracked and he and Chica will meet us soon.”
“We can count on that kid for anythin’!” Monty remarked with a loud laugh.
“He is my superstar, after all,” Freddy said with a smile, then took Bonnie’s arm and began leading the group back to the basement. Whatever Gregory did to distract the guards certainly worked, as they made it without incident. Before long the elevator doors opened to the dark hallway and Bonnie practically ran out in his haste to get to the endoskeletons.
“Hi guys!” he exclaimed, skidding to a halt and nearly losing his balance. “Whoops, haha! Look, everyone—I’m back in commission! Well, a good chunk of me is, at least! You don’t have to worry about me anymore.”
“Bonnie, you seem so much better!” Mia’s familiar voice finally spoke up after a few moments of hushed whispering.
Monty smiled as he leaned against the wall of the elevator. “He looks great! I'm just glad Roxy was able to whip him into shape!”
“So am I!” Bonnie replied with a laugh. “I'm gonna stay with you guys until we're all better, though.” He spun slowly, trying to meet each of the children's gazes and hoping they could hear the smile in his voice. “I'm not gonna leave you down here all by yourselves!”
“Thanks, Bonnie. And thank you everyone else for helping him.” One of the endoskeletons seemed to move ever so slightly. It was barely noticeable to the human eye, but certainly noticeable to the animatronics.
“Thanks for carrying him, big guy!” Roxy murmured to Monty as she nudged his shoulder, then stepped out of the elevator to follow Freddy. Just as she did so the elevator doors rapidly closed as someone called it up to the main floor, leaving Monty stuck inside.
“No worries! He actually wasn't as heavy as I thought and—HEY!” The gator’s long and dramatic yell was muffled as the elevator took him to the surface level.
“...I sure hope that's our friends,” Roxy muttered, glancing nervously at the closed doors before bounding over to the other animatronics to let them know about Monty's new predicament. “That darn gator got stuck in the elevator going up!”
Freddy shook his head with a soft sigh as he connected to Gregory’s Fazwatch. “How close are you, superstar?”
“I'm at the elevator!” Gregory answered just as the doors opened and he was greeted with Monty’s grinning face.
“Oh! Hi, Monty!” Chica giggled, the motion causing her to squeeze Gregory a little tighter in her excitement.
“Hey! How'd everything go?!” Gregory asked, to which the gator’s tail swayed quickly with excitement.
“Everythin’s great, thanks to you guys!” Monty replied with a bright smile, ushering them into the elevator before folding his arms over his chest. “Bonnie’s pretty much back to his old self besides a few details.”
“Hello, superstar!” Freddy exclaimed when the elevator doors opened, crouching down and holding his arms out for his son to run into.
Gregory was quick to squirm out of Chica's arms and jump into Freddy's, latching onto the bear tightly. “Hi, dad!”
Bonnie caught sight of Chica and rushed over to give her a hug, nearly tripping over Freddy in the process. “Chica! Oh man, I missed you!”
“Bonnie!” Chica exclaimed with a bright smile, holding onto him as best she could. The sight of his missing face and exposed endoskeleton was startling, but admittedly she was glad she hadn’t seen him before Roxy did her repairs—Chica wasn’t sure if she would’ve handled that nearly as well. “I'm so glad to finally talk to you again! You were seriously missed!”
Bonnie laughed happily as Chica pulled back. “Obviously there’s still a few things that need fixing up, but Roxy said she thinks she can get it done soon. Hopefully I can at least get my face back to normal tomorrow!”
“You did amazing!” Freddy told Gregory, lifting him up. “We had plenty of time to move Bonnie about. I hope the night guards were not too much trouble…?”
Gregory hummed, gently shaking his head. “They weren't! I threw their keys in the ball pit and then got Moon to chase them.” He frowned, thinking of what Sun said earlier. “But they think there's a kid running around here now! Well, a living one. They might question you…”
“That is alright,” Freddy reassured. “We will make it work; I am sure the guards are nothing we cannot handle.”
“I just don't want to get you into any more trouble...,” Gregory said with a small pout, lowering his gaze onto the floor.
“Aww, don’t stress, bud—Freddy can handle anything!” Bonnie chimed in, giving Gregory a pat on the back. “But we’ll try to get my repairs done quickly, all the same. Maybe the kids and I can look for some of my suit casings today while you guys are performing!” He looked around the room before stepping up to the one endoskeleton that had moved ever-so-slightly before. Gently Bonnie took its hand in-between his own.
“What do you say, Mia?” he asked, and the room fell into a hush. Everyone, including the other endos, suddenly had their eyes fixed on the pair. No one had tried to guess who they were individually before… Bonnie chuckled softly. He didn’t necessarily expect a response, especially with all the others here, but it was worth a try. He gave the mechanical hand a gentle squeeze. “Did I get it right?”
The room remained utterly silent for a long while. Then the hand gently squeezed onto Bonnie's, confirming the answer to his question.
“Hey, uh, not to cut this visit short, but we’ve gotta get back to our rooms,” Roxy piped up. “My clock says it’s 5:45…”
“Oh! Get a move on, then!” Bonnie exclaimed, letting go of Mia’s hand in order to push the other animatronics towards the elevator. “We’ll see you tomorrow! Thanks again!”
“Okay; stay safe!” Freddy replied as he was practically shoved into the elevator with the group. It was a tight fit, but he was able to give Bonnie a wave as the door began to close.
“Bye, everyone! See you tomorrow!” Gregory called out before the elevator doors finally shut.
Chica let out a content sigh as she rested her head against Freddy's shoulder. “I'll definitely need to charge up after tonight! Although, I have to admit… I had lots of fun being Gregory's partner in crime!”
“Yeah, it was funny, too!” Gregory giggled. “The security guards were going ‘Aaah! Oh, fuck that!’”
“HAH!” Monty cackled, finding the boy’s word choice quite entertaining. “What else did they say, squirt?!”
“Gregory!” Freddy exclaimed with a loud gasp, shocked to hear such a thing come out of the boy’s mouth. “We do not use that sort of language here at the Pizzaplex!” He shot a glare at Roxy—who tried to hold in her laughter but failed and was now clutching at her sides—then turned his narrowed eyes on Monty.
“And we do not want to encourage such a thing, either!” the bear snapped, his tone mirroring that of so many exasperated parents he’d overheard throughout his time hosting parties for rambunctious kids.
“What language?” Gregory asked, tilting his head in genuine confusion.
Monty quickly covered his mouth, although he couldn’t fully stop himself from snickering. “I-I'm sorry, it was just too adorable!”
Chica sighed, gently shaking her head. “Let's just... Not repeat words we don't know—okay, Gregory?”
“Yes, Chica has a good point,” Freddy agreed, his glare deepening.
“I guess they weren’t a fan of Moon, huh?” Roxy asked, finally recovering from her laughing fit as they walked towards their rooms: “It’s hard to believe Sun can be so… different when the lights go off.”
“It is an odd mechanic, that is for sure,” Freddy agreed, then gave a small laugh. “I hope the guards were not too frightened… I have not really gotten to speak to Moon recently, but I know he is back to his old, harmless self—though that can still be too much for some, as he is a bit intense.”
“It's probably because they're, I dunno… not the same animatronic!” Gregory remarked with wide eyes, to which Monty simply shook his head.
“What are you goin’ on about, squirt?” he chuckled, ruffling Gregory’s hair. “Also, I second what Fredbear says: Moon’s harmless! He’s just… a bit off.”
Freddy tilted his head slightly, unsure of where Gregory got such a strange notion. Sun and Moon had always been one and the same—at least, as far as he knew.
“Well, perhaps we can try and see Moon in a more controlled environment and settle your concerns,” Freddy suggested as they finally reached Rockstar Row. Before heading to his room, he flashed the others a smile. “We will see you all in the morning, but since we barely have any time to ourselves during the day how about we make a plan for tomorrow night?”
Gregory pouted softly, gently shaking his head. He knew what he saw—and it was terrifying! However, the others had clearly moved on so he sighed and let them talk amonst themselves.
“I'm definitely fixing up that bunny's face!” Roxy chimed in, hands on her hips and a determined light in her eyes. “I figure we can go down to the basement, pick him up, and then head back to Parts & Service?”
“Oh yes! Then he'll be good as new!” Chica chirped, clapping her hands together.
“Ooh, ooh! Can I distract the guards next?!” Monty asked, waving a hand at Freddy with a wide grin.
The bear hesitated only for a moment before giving a shrug. “You know what, Monty—have at it. I am sure you will be no comparison so what they have experienced tonight… Just please try not to scare them too much.”
“Aww, no fair!” Roxy whined. “Monty, you have to take me with you to mess with them once Bonnie’s all fixed up, okay?!”
Monty grinned happily, throwing his fists up and letting out a loud yell of excitement before looking over at Roxy. “Of course! Maybe we can even have Freddy join so he loosens up a bit…”
Gregory yawned softly, soon looking back at Freddy with a wide smile. “Chica and I did so good!”
“You did indeed; I think you make a wonderful team,” Freddy replied, giving everyone a final wave as he carried Gregory back to their room. He was quick to set him on the couch and tuck him in. “I think we all need some solid rest and recharging tonight. If I am not here when you wake up, come and find me, alright?”
“Mm, okay…,” Gregory agreed as he rubbed at his eyes, before giving Freddy a small smile. “’Night, dad!”
“Goodnight, superstar,” Freddy said, softly patting Gregory’s head. Exhausted but happy, the boy instantly fell asleep.
Masterlist of chapters on Tumblr here!
Please check out The Superstar Series on ao3 for all fics in this series: https://archiveofourown.org/series/2726401
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permutational · a year ago
My mom recommended your blog to me after she found out I was prescribed T at an informed consent clinic. She seems very hesitant and anxious about this whole topic. I’ve been having Trans Feelings (not dysphoria) since I was 8 years old. I’m 18 now. I am struggling to explain to her how important transitioning is to me. She is afraid of the permanent changes that will happen, and I’m elated by them! I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life, and every day I’m blocked from transitioning is a death by a thousand cuts.
Am I making the right choice? What if I do detransition later? How do I ease her mind?
Wow. That must be really frustrating. :-( I'm guessing it's unlikely that you'll get an apology from her anytime soon, but I'm sorry that that's how you ended up on my blog. Definitely not how I want to be introduced to people. "Think twice or you'll end up like this weirdo!" Doesn't feel good. Buckle up; this is a long one. You’ve elicited a lot of memories.
Something to clear up right off the bat: There is only one person who can decide whether you're making the "right" choice, and that's you. Not your mom. Not me. Not any internet rando with a blog. Not your best friend. Not someone you're dating. Not a therapist. Not a support group. Not a doctor (you're paying them for expert medical advice, not ultimatums about your life choices). Not a pastor or priest. Not a church or religious group. You, and only you.
You can seek information and advice from others, and it's good to lean on trustworthy social supports during big decisions and life changes. But when it comes to what's "right" or "best" for you, that's your call alone. Nobody else has that right.
Coming Out, Parents, And Their Anxiety
I don’t know your mother and can’t tell you what would ease her mind. Based on my own experiences, and others I've met who had similar struggles: There may not be any easing her mind in the short term. It's likely that she's going to have to deal with it over time, and that's a job for her, not you. Something to keep in mind about parents (at least the good ones) is that they're ultimately worried for your safety and well-being. Being trans is a difficult path to take, no doubt about it. There is plenty to be anxious about. But as they see you surviving and living your life, and it’s clear that you’re doing fine despite their worry, they tend to lighten up and move on (or at the very least, they get out of your face about it and keep their complaints to themselves). Not always, but often.
Being an adult is nice because, after the caregiver-dependent power dynamic comes to an end, your relationship with your parents can change and evolve into something more equitable. It just takes time. You're fresh into adulthood, so that probably hasn't happened yet. Give it time, and if possible, work on securing your own housing and stability, so that your personal well-being doesn’t depend on their reactionary feelings about you. It’s good to have space, if you’re fortunate enough to get it.
I came out as trans to my parents at 19, after receiving my first dose of T from my informed consent clinic. I had moved halfway across the country for college, and came out to my mom via email, where I could choose my words carefully. I was independent and on my own; whether they took the news well or not would have zero bearing on my ability to move ahead in my transition and life. My parents’ only choice in the matter was whether or not to be supportive, loving, good listeners. Either way, I was going to carry on in my decisions, with or without their support.
My mom had plenty of worries. But she didn't use those worries to try and talk me out of what I had already decided for myself. She knew my mind was made up and it wasn't her call to make. I gave her room to ask questions & be honest about her worries and fears, and she gave me room to move forward and make decisions for myself, for better or worse, without goading or manipulation. She treated me as respectfully as she always has: she would give her say once, and then she’d leave it, even if she worried that I was making a rash decision. She’s an awesome mom and has been as supportive as a conservative mother could be, through my transition, my detransition, and even my coming out as a lesbian (something I know she's technically not cool with at all).
My stepfather didn’t take it as well. My brother still lived with them when I came out as trans. He called me on the phone the day after, and told me about the conversation he overheard when my mom tried to explain what was going on. My stepdad couldn't wrap his mind around it. "If a doctor can give her a pill to make her look like a man, why can’t he give her a pill to make her accept that she ain't one?"
I visited them in person a few months later; my voice had just started turning gravelly, even cracking on occasion, and my face was freshly breaking out in the classic T acne. I remember sitting there for several hours, trying to talk my stepdad through it, till he got red in the face. Truly, I don't think he wanted to understand. Eventually he asked me, "Why haven't you talked to a professional about this?" "I have, I was required to talk to a therapist and several doctors in order to start taking hormones." "No, not a shrink, a... you know.. a.. spiritual professional. A pastor, someone you can trust to give you good Christian advice."
I gave up after that. That was the last time I've flown out to visit home. It has been 8 years since then. More than anything else, the one thing that never made me reconsider my choices was people grilling me, refusing to listen, and instead making their own uninformed recommendations because they refuse to accept the decision I’ve made. They didn’t ask me anything I hadn’t already considered; they honestly just made me dig my heels in deeper.
Making Choices, and What If I Detransition?
Back to your other questions. As I said earlier, only you can decide what is “right”. But, personally, I don’t believe there is such a thing as a “right” choice in the first place. There are just choices, period. If there is any question to ask, consider asking yourself, “If I make the so-called ‘wrong’ choice, can I still live with the results of my actions?”
I can’t claim to understand what you mean by “having Trans Feelings (not dysphoria)”. I don’t know what that means. But in the end, I think it’s pretty irrelevant. Transitioning will cause changes regardless of your feelings; the question is whether you can live with those changes. In the end, you have a decision to make: transition, or not. And if you transition, another series of decisions, because transition isn’t just one thing. With each decision comes consequences. Some of those consequences, you can anticipate. Others, you can’t.
Lay out all the possibilities you can imagine, even the ugliest ones. Physical changes, social changes, financial changes. For each one, ask yourself if it’s something you could live with. Try to imagine that reality as much as you can. Be honest with yourself. It’s not possible to see the future, not by any means. But think through what you can.
When I started T, I felt uncertain about some things, as I’m sure most people do. What if I grow body hair all over and it turns out I don’t like it? What if I go bald? What if there are health consequences nobody anticipated or warned me about? What if I detransition? What would that even be like?
I actually did ask myself these things. I did wonder whether detransition was a possibility. I didn’t see a lot written about it at the time, and didn’t think too hard on it (I, too, had “never been more sure of anything in my life”). The few things I found about detransition were saturated in negativity and bad-faith politics -- typically by people who had no experience with transition/detransition at all -- and it was difficult to meaningfully engage with. In many ways, that probably hasn’t changed much.
But I did conclude that if I quit T and detransitioned, and went on living as a weird hairy lady, then that’d probably still be pretty kickass, and also intense/scary because people are mean. I’d always admired bearded women. When I started T, I identified as some kind of nonbinary/genderqueer (I didn’t settle into a fully binary “trans man” identity until a little later, when I started passing more regularly), so it felt like no skin off my teeth to think that maybe, someday, if I quit T, I’d still be okay: a little weirder than before, but okay. Not gonna lie, I kinda liked how subversive it all seemed. I wanted to see how radically my life would change as a result of taking T. A grand experiment.
And I was right: I’m still okay, all things considered. I’m still alive, still thriving. I’m changed, but not broken. There is no going back, but there is going forward.
I didn’t anticipate the things I’d regret, and there are decisions I wish I hadn’t made, especially surgeries. My health would probably be in a better state had I not transitioned at all and quit while I was ahead. I’m honest about it because I think the conversation needs more honesty. Detransition and regret are possible. Our decisions don’t always have the consequences we hoped for. Things change. People change. We can’t anticipate everything.
It’s not possible to know whether you’ll be happy with your choice forever. You can do your best to make an informed decision, and you still might be “wrong” down the line, even if it was “right” for years. That’s how it was for me.
But I can tell you that, even if you end up detransitioning, you can still be okay. This isn’t some failed end state. Life has only just begun for me.
Transition is hard. Detransition is hard. No matter what, if you start down the path of transition, you’re gonna face some hard times. You’ll have to develop an especially thick skin, and learn how to be your own advocate. This path is rough on all of us.
But no matter how it goes, you won’t be alone. I promise you, you’re not alone.
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likeabxrdinflight · a year ago
my younger gen z kiddos (and honestly some millennials too), I feel like there’s some things we need to talk about re: 9/11 since this anniversary is gonna be one of the bigger ones and you’re probably gonna see a lot of hoopla about it this year...more than usual, anyways. it’s already started tbh and it’s definitely gonna be a Thing this week.
So here's the thing. It is very easy to look at all of the geopolitical nightmares that resulted from 9/11 and wonder why people can't just...move past this. Why it seems like people still care most about the actual day of when so many more were killed in the resulting wars. America went from victim to villain real fast in the aftermath, and because of that it is easy to get jaded and cynical seeing people say "never forget" when there's been so much pain and trauma that resulted from the government's response to those attacks. Mostly the war on terror, but the homegrown Islamophobia too. And around the anniversary, those things tend to get less focus and it feels unfair. Especially for younger people, when all you've ever known is the world that was made after that day. It's hard to imagine what it was like to experience it when all you've seen are the aftershocks.
And the aftershocks were horrific. Trauma begets trauma.
So I get it. Seeing conservative white dads who've never even been to New York nor care about the people who actually live here post the same preachy, pro-military bullshit every year around this time is deeply annoying and frankly pretty tone deaf.
But here's the thing- for people who remember that day? It didn't matter where you were from or what you believed. Conservative, liberal, christian, muslim- didn’t matter. 9/11 was traumatic. And I mean like, traumatic traumatic. Like you could have gotten full blown PTSD just from watching it live on TV traumatic. That kind of traumatic.
We've talked a lot, as a society, about collective trauma in the wake of the pandemic. And covid trauma is certainly more global, more long lasting, and more wide reaching than 9/11 trauma. 9/11 was one day, this pandemic has been like 18 months now.
But that one day was so shocking and horrific. If you've always grown up knowing about 9/11, I imagine it's hard to fully grasp just how much of a shock to the system this was for the average person. The government had warning that attacks might happen (which they recklessly ignored). The public didn't. To the average person this came out of absolutely nowhere, and it fried everyone’s nervous systems. This was before the internet age, before we were constantly inundated with bad news all the time, before we’d grown numb to near constant exposure to tragedy.
And I truly mean this in like a neurobiological kind of way. 9/11 was the kind of traumatic news event that literally can (and did) impact your brain chemistry. No one who watched those towers fall was entirely the same on September 12th. Whether the outward emotional response was anger, fear, grief, shock- it was all a trauma response. Everyone dealt with it in their own ways, some would develop true PTSD, others wouldn’t, but nevertheless- everyone who watched it in some capacity experienced a trauma. 
I was, admittedly, only 9 when this all happened, and both my parents and teachers tried to shelter me and my peers from the full truth of if- they succeeded for a while. So I don’t count myself among the traumatized. But I did see this trauma play out in front of me, and as I’ve grown older I’m able to look back and fully comprehend what was happening to the people around me- mostly the adults who truly knew what was going on. That’s scary, as a child, to see your teachers visibly frightened and not know why.
I don't quite know how to explain the feeling in the air, either. Even as a child I could sense it, that something was very wrong. It was like everyone's teeth was on edge. There were whispers, rumors spreading between us students. Some were being picked up early. The older kids (who had been told and/or allowed to watch)- were subdued and anxious. Everyone was distracted. Nothing felt right. My suspicions that something was very wrong only grew when the whole school was made to go over to the church (this was a catholic school) to pray the rosary on a day when we weren't scheduled to do so. No one had their rosaries with them, we hadn't been told to bring them. The teachers didn't care. Normally on rosary days we got yelled at for forgetting them at home. That day we were told God didn't care about the beads. Just make sure your prayers were sincere.
It didn't get less confusing when the priest started talking about "horrible tragedies" and "all the lives lost". What had happened?
When I got home that day all my dad told me was that some buildings had fallen down in New York. I accepted that. For a while. But my parents' attempts at sheltering me didn't stop other kids whose parents had been a little more forthcoming from talking. They saved me from witnessing any of the trauma firsthand, but I still heard all the chatter about planes and terrorists and bombs and where would they strike next?
Kids freaked out every time a plane flew over the school playground for months.
But it was the adults who were more afraid, more traumatized than we were. And that's why it was so easy for Bush et. al to convince Americans to go to war, not once but twice. The country was traumatized, dysregulated, and scared. I can't quite describe just how much. But they called it the war on terror, not the war on terrorism, and I think that's fitting. It became a war about fighting everything that scared us, rational or not, and we were by and large willing to buy into it because of that.
Do you know only one congresswoman, out of the whole house and senate, voted against the act which gave the president his expansive military powers in the week after 9/11? Did you know the president didn't have that kind of authority before it? Did you know the patriot act, which has since been seen as more harmful than helpful, passed quickly with barely any opposition from either party? Did you know how quickly Americans regarded the surveillance, the heightened security, the militarized police, and the invasions into our privacy, as normal and necessary? Did you know how quickly we adapted to it, because it made us feel a little better, helped us sleep a little easier, even as our freedoms slowly eroded around us? We didn't see it then.
We were just scared. And the government, hard as this might be to comprehend, was scared too. They capitalized on that fear, certainly, but I truly believe they felt it too.
It's a good example of how trauma can be ugly, how fear and grief can turn quickly to rage and revenge. How easy it is to hand over your freedoms when you're terrified. How quickly you will find an enemy to scapegoat when you can't find easy answers for why and how.
I mean they flew planes into buildings. On purpose. I don’t think we often really think about that, really comprehend it. Imagine that in real time- how do you wrap your head around that, how do you make sense of it when you're watching the type of jet you take to Disney World ram itself into what is essentially a glorified office building, when you’re watching people jump to their deaths live on CNN, when you're seeing these seemingly indomitable towers crumble like toothpicks when you had no idea they even could?
Your brain isn't meant to process something like that. 
And that's the real reason why people still talk about this, and why you're going to hear a lot about it this week. It's been 20 years, and we haven't moved on, because we haven't healed from the trauma. America, frankly, has always been pretty bad at handling our collective traumas. You saw it after the civil war, you're seeing it now with covid. We don't heal our wounds well and never have. And you definitely saw that with 9/11. You're still seeing it.
So as people talk about it this week, as they continue trying to process this decades old trauma...just let it happen. Certainly call out misinformation and Islamophobia, certainly make room for Muslims and Arab Americans to talk about their own traumas from this day- I think that’s an important and oft neglected conversation- but do understand that what’s happening with every news article, every retrospective, every facebook post and TV special and tweet- is a nation that is still, 20 years on, trying to make sense of the senseless. 
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alienfuckeronmain · a year ago
Hi Phoenix, You mentioned it in the tags of a recent post but I was curious if you have more to say about your experience as a queer person living rurally. Large “liberal” cities are always so busy and expensive but I’ve always felt like I’d have to live there to feel like I have a community. Do you have any advice about the pros and cons of being queer in more rural areas? Sincerely, a gay city slicker
Hi friend!!! I LOVE talking about this, I've learned so much about myself since moving from LA to a rural area and I've honestly never been happier.
So first things first, I fully understand the compulsion towards living in a city because it's the only place you can imagine community. But in my experience, it's MUCH harder to make authentic connections in metropolitan areas (not just with other queer people but in general) because western individualism and hustle culture are so SO deeply engrained into urban life. I've lived in a number of big cities and had large groups of friends but always, always there's this layer of "what can you do FOR ME" and general competitiveness laminated onto all social settings. When I lived in LA people were always trying to use me for job connections or celebrity connections or as a collaborator on a future project or something, and it made it hard for me to trust people and really lean into friendship and community in authentic way. It was difficult to KEEP friends, and I only have a handful of people I still love and trust from my literal DECADES of metropolitan living, and many of them are childhood friends I've known since I was a kid.
In rural areas, like-minded people NEED to stick together and form communities because many of the structures you can rely on in cities you cannot rely on the same way when you live remotely. I don't even think I ever SAW mutual aid in action until I moved rurally, after hearing about it in cities and seeing people claim it was important (without ever really DOING it. ) In cities, there's public transit to take you to the local urgent care if you need to go. There's cell service everywhere. There's grocery stories you can walk to if you run out of something. You can essentially take care of yourself, in fact, it's very easy to get into the groove of taking care of yourself so much so you start to forget the ways in which people can care for each other. The way we are meant to rely on each other. Individualism and hustle culture and capitalism paint self sufficiency as strength and community as weakness, or taking up too much space, or being lazy, or a freeloader. I have had to learn so much humility and vulnerability living rurally because physically, I am SO isolated from resources I HAVE to rely on community. My mailbox is a mile away, the closest emergency room is a full hour away, and there's no public transit. But instead of this making me feel alone, I have come to realize that people genuinely care so much more for each other out here!!!Community is not an idea or a social justice buzzword, it's a real thing, in practice.
If I need tools, I can ask the guy across the street. If I run out of sugar and need some for a recipe, I can walk to my neighbor's house. When this same neighbor's chicken got stuck in a ditch, she called me so I could come help her free it. My farrier lives down the road and I know I could text her if I had a horse related emergency. I personally know the name of every service industry professional I get things from in town. Josh does my tractor supply deliveries, Claudia does my hay. Bob runs the hardware store. Alice owns the saloon. Mimi brings me fresh veggies for her garden and I cooked for her when a stallion popped her arm from the socket. Hansel is the local farmer in town and when I got my sick baby goats I texted his daughter every night all night for advice and rushed over to her storefront one morning for fresh milk for my babies since the formula wasn't nutritious enough for them. Blake paid her back with a massage. And it's HARD, to ask for these things--to say I need help, can I borrow a pole saw? Do you have any extra milk? Can you come over and hold the horses while I mend this fence? Does anyone with a truck and a chainsaw want to come clear a tree that fell? You can have the firewood! Everything is a series of favors, and barter system. But I know I can rely on my neighbors and they can rely on me. I owe so many people I am happy to be there when they need me. People SHOW UP in the country, and that's so much more than I can say for my urban experiences.
Now, I get that as a gay person rural life can feel unsafe. This was one of my concerns when I moved, and it remains one of my concerns. But here's the thing: capitalism and individualism are as deeply imbrued in city liberals as they are in city conservatives. Liberal people in urban areas are often just as selfish (or you know, busy and over worked and burnt out) as not liberal people. But out here, the culture of helping out your neighbor and being a part of a community SPANS all political affiliation. People help me and my wife because helping people is what you do, They don't really care that we're married. Rural Conservatives look different than you'd think, a lot of the time. And they're far closer to radicalization and practical community building than any city liberal I've ever met.
Also, there are queer people out here. Plenty of them. Our district Supervisor (who everyone knows) has a gay son who is a hugely influential community member. There are two older gay couples we're friends with, one met when they were both fighting for Vietnam, the others are grumpy bears who love Disney. The best local winery is a owned by a lesbian couple. I saw a trans woman at Tractor supply the other week, and stuck around till after she paid so I could walk her to her car from a distance, to make sure she was safe. I have a genderqueer friend who makes custom dildos who lives in town. We're here, living our lives, as enmeshed in the community as anyone else is. There are just as many hippies as there are rednecks in the town I live, and we coexist pretty comfortably, BECAUSE WE HAVE TO. Because someone might need to borrow an axe, or get a ride to urgent care, or lasso a loose cow that escaped.
I'm sure there are scary and dangerous people who live rurally, and I cannot speak to other small towns, only my own. But there are scary and dangerous people who live everywhere. One of the major differences is that in cities, these people are more likely to be out for themselves, where in the country, they're more likely to set aside differences to offer a hand. And to me thats what community is really about, it's not just finding a bunch of other gay people who get your references and like the same media. It's about who shows up. Who does the work.
The cons in some ways are related to the pros: like being an hour away from a emergency room is scary. Also, living rurally often means doing consistent land maintenance and stewardship, which is a ton of work. Also, although the cost of living is a lot less, you spend more on gas getting into the big city for supplies once a month, and you need tools you don't need in the city which is big expense. But that being said, it's some initial big expenditures and then a significant drop in grocery prices, etc. I spend WAY less out here than I did in LA, even though I have more expenses. Another con, at least in my town, is that it's a very very poor district with a low population so there are lots of government funding cuts, a housing crisis, and a failure to bring revenue to the community outside tourists, which no one wants. Alcoholism, drug use, and mental illness run rampant. But again, in my experience the government failure ends up being a gateway to a more tightly knit and functional mutual aid community.
There are other things that might seem like cons to a city person that aren't to me. Like, loss is a big part of life out here. There's a constant exposure to death and grief, and animal husbandry/agriculture mindsets about animal life and death are wildly different than pet culture in cities, and that's been a big shift for me as someone who used to work in the pet industry in highly urban areas. I came from the world of doggy daycares and furever homes and who saved who, out here your neighbor might shoot your dog if it trespasses on his property and chases his cows, and almost everyone raises stock to eat. You lose animals to predators and its part of life. I think this is a much more natural and balanced way to live, but I know a lot of my city friends are pretty horrified by that cultural divide, so it's worth mentioning.
ANYWAY I hope this is helpful and please come off anon and chat about it in more detail if you want! like I said I love discussing it.
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kaizokuou-ni-naru · a year ago
The Voyage So Far: Enies Lobby
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this is still one of my very favorite nami panels. i think she’s really great through all of water 7 and enies lobby in general, actually, even though she isn’t really one of the characters in focus for a lot of it- like zoro and sanji, she stays pretty steadfast and very badass even though everything that happens, and never gives up on robin for a moment despite being one of the ‘weaker’ members of the crew. and it’s always fun to see her playing with lightning.
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one of my favorite jokes from the first half or so of enies lobby is the strawhats both being completely unsurprised that luffy charges in ahead of them as soon as they arrive AND being able to find him immediately by following the explosions. they know him so well. 
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luffy’s never been scared of dying, going all the way back to when he told coby he was fine with dying for his dream back in chapter two or three. that conversation is what his exchange with blueno here reminds me of- blueno asks him how long he intends to keep fighting, and luffy says until he dies, like there’s nothing to it.
it’s always been a trait of his to face death unflinching with a grin, so long as it’s for the sake of something he cares about, be it his crew or his brother or his dream, and i just really like that about him.  
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i’ll go into it in the dressrosa post too, but i think it’s really impressive just how long oda held off on giving luffy any sort of significant power-up. he gets his first big power boost in the whole series here, forty volumes in. i’ve always liked that oda is very conservative with power boosts like this, because it both keeps the series’ powerscaling in check and makes the times it does happen much weightier. this is a monumental moment, and it feels like it.
also, i love the way gear two is drawn pre-timeskip, especially with the steam. it looks very cool and atmospheric.
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i really like how united the strawhat crew feels throughout enies lobby, after all the internal turmoil and discord of water seven. even though the matter of usopp leaving the crew is still unresolved, they’ll all together once more, on the same page, and fully united in the goal of saving robin, whatever consequences it might bring. 
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the tree of knowledge has such a cool design- it looks massive, and even more than that, it looks old. you look at that tree and you know its been there for easily thousands of years. its seen entire eras of history, and it would be priceless even without the countless books stored inside it.
and then it burns.
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i’m so endlessly sad about the tragedy that is robin’s relationship with her mother. they never even got to see each other until their world was ending, and even then only for a couple minutes.
olvia is a very interesting character, because she’s someone who chose her dream over the people she loved. that’s not an inherently good or bad choice, but it is a choice she made, and it’s what led to the ending she and robin had to have. i’ve wondered a lot what might have happened if she chose the other way, if she never left or if she came back sooner or if she chose to flee the buster call with robin, and how different (and almost certainly better) robin’s life would have been if she had.
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in a way, olvia reminds me a lot of kouzuki toki. they both die in order to fling a light of knowledge and hope into the future, and they both send their children away and choose to stay behind to choke on ash for the sake of a better tomorrow. 
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i didn’t really notice until putting these panels together, but a lot of things burn in enies lobby. ohara burns, and the pluton plans and the world government flag, and enies lobby itself, and at the end, the going merry burns, too. if you extend it back to water seven, there’s the galley-la headquarters, too. in an arc that deals so much with the preservation and destruction of history and knowledge, it’s a fitting motif. 
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the world government flag burning is still to this day one of the most striking panels out of a series full of them, in my opinion. in one act, the strawhats proclaim their absolute defiance against the world government, and their willingness to make enemies of the greatest power in the world for the sake of their friend.
it’s also another one of those moments that’s interesting to think about in the context of luffy’s past. it was a ship flying that same flag that shot sabo down, and while luffy wasn’t there to see it, i don’t think he’s oblivious to that fact, especially given how he says just before this he understands robin’s enemies perfectly.
dadan told him and ace that there was nothing they could do against the whole world, and luffy went and did it anyways.
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sometimes i just think about how scary it must have been for robin, someone who’s been weighed down by the shackles of her past with no escape in sight for so very long, to open herself up and let herself hope, for life and freedom and a dream that’s always been out of reach. 
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franky has a lot of really great moments between this arc and water seven- his conversation with usopp as usopp is working on merry and his talk with robin on the sea train are two others. it’s almost impressive how quickly he becomes an immensely likable character once we start getting to know him, given how he’s first introduced as an absolute piece of shit.
his burning of the pluton plans is a favorite of mine, and i think it might be because, like so many people before and after him, he’s choosing here to stake all his hopes on the strawhats, on luffy’s ability to pull off the impossible and on robin’s goodness. when robin’s only ever been chased and hated and called a demon by the world, franky chooses to trust her and luffy with the legacy his dad died for, and neither of them let him down.
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monster point looks SO FUCKING TERRIFYING in enies lobby, and i LOVE it. look at that. franky is seven and half feet tall, and in front of monster point he’s tiny. monster point is huge, and dead-eyed, and a force of absolute destruction. i do kind of wish we got to see chopper go completely feral like this more often. he deserves to be terrifying!
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i love how much FAITH all the rest of the strawhats continue to have in usopp throughout enies lobby. he left the crew and they really would have a right to be angry at him if they chose to, but it doesn’t even seem to cross any of their minds. they’re just happy he’s okay, and they include him again without missing a beat, because he’s still their friend and they know down to their bones they can trust him, even after everything. 
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i’ve always really loved zoro and kaku’s little moment of post-battle banter here- zoro relays paulie’s message about cp9 being fired, kaku says he’s out of a job, zoro tells him to try the zoo, and kaku cracks up.
it feels very real to me for whatever reason, and i think part of it ties back into how well one piece handles morality with its characters- zoro and kaku are genuinely pretty similar people who get along decently, it just happens that they wound up on opposite sides. there are series where you’d never see moments like this due to the lines between good and bad being so firmly drawn, and i love how one piece blurs those lines so much they may as well not exist a lot of the time.
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this is the other sequence, along with luffy climbing the drum rockies barehanded, that always makes me physically cringe to look at. it looks so painful. robin is so nearly powerless here, but not quite- she can still buy time for her crew to catch up, even if it’s only seconds, even if she risks shattering her teeth or even her jaw in the process. she’s spent so long giving up and has only just started daring to hope- she’s not about to go gentle.
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there aren’t many panels that give me catharsis like this one. there really aren’t.
oda’s villains are usually complicated and awful and often a little admirable, if only for how clever or how terrifyingly powerful they are, but every now and then he comes up with someone who’s just pathetic and cowardly and pointlessly cruel. spandam is like this, obviously, and so is orochi, and the celestial dragons, and i’d argue flampe from whole cake island as well. and there’s nothing like seeing characters like them- weak, cruel people so assured in their own power and rightness- get obliterated.
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one of the things i really like about enies lobby is that nobody really gets sidelined- everybody gets multiple chances to shine. luffy, usopp, and obviously robin are the most in focus, obviously, but zoro, sanji, nami, chopper, and even franky all get a bunch of individual awesome moments. oda’s ability to handle his cast satisfyingly is consistently really impressive (if sometimes strained in huge ensemble arcs like dressrosa or wano) and it really shows here, i think.
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i just really love the entire climax of enies lobby. much like the arc as a whole, it just feels triumphant, even though the situation is extremely dire. luffy unlocking gear three, robin’s cuffs getting unlocked, usopp shooting spandam and the marines all the way from the tower of justice- it’s all just good, a long chain of much-needed victories and catharses, and it feels very good to read.
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i’ll always be impressed by just how much characterization oda manages to give merry, a boat. she’s only really a character in water seven and the end of enies lobby, only about two chapters of which she actually speaks in. and yet i don’t think you’d find a single one piece fan who disagrees that merry’s death is easily one of the most heartwrenching in the entire series.
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i love the reactions of the strawhats to robin’s thanks. they’ve just gone through hell to save her, most of them are beat to shit and they all risked their lives, and yet they all just smile, or brush it off, because to them there’s nothing else they could have done. it’s all worth it, so long as they got her back, so long as she’s safe and happy.
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merry’s funeral just hits me in the chest every single time i read it. it’s tragic, of course, but there’s also something almost lovely about it, something peaceful about her getting to go out on her own terms, carrying her crew to safety one last time, defying every rule of the universe to do it. just like a strawhat pirate.
oda’s ability to communicate emotion through expressions really comes through here, too. merry has the only lines in this scene, fitting for her death in the limelight, but the shots of every other crewmate’s face let us know at a glance just what they’re all feeling and just how strongly they’re feeling it.
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you know, i’d forgotten we only learn the name of the new world after enies lobby. we only get proper exposition about the revolutionary army and the yonkou here, too, despite them being set up since loguetown and jaya (or alabasta, or even chapter one if you count from shanks’s introduction) respectively. oda’s ability to parse out exposition and explanation so we always have just the right amount of information is really impressive- we always have more questions, but we also always have the feeling that those questions have answers, and that sooner or later they’ll be revealed.
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points at shanks. i just think he’s neat.
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it’s my opinion that one of the great joys of one piece is seeing luffy and the crew rise up in the world, and seeing them gain more and more notoriety. i love nothing they do ever happens in a vacuum- everything has impacts, and there are always outside eyes watching, and often those impacts are things that they never could have predicted.
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ace and blackbeard is still, i think, definitely one of the coolest looking fights in the whole series. it’s not all that often we get to see two people with extremely flashy and showy abilities go all-out against each other, and the resulting fireworks are still really something to behold, despite how badly it all ends. 
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johnbenedictanderson · 2 months ago
What happens, when you think to actually make an OC for My Hero Academia, but you're an hardcore fan of God Of War and Hazbin Hotel?
Well...he, happens, of course:here I present to you...John Anderson, a mysterious 17 years old and 1.76 meters tall greek guy, said to having reached Japan at the age of 6 from the island of Rhodes(the specifics, of such a travel were never truly revealed...), and for being the adopted son of Ethan Anderson, the turkish genius director of the Spabic Industries, known throughout the globe for being the main contributors for the development of International technologies.
But "John" couldn't be more different, from Sir Ethan:on the contrary of him...he does not talk at all times, but only for what he feels is necessary(that doesn't mean he's a loner who does not talk almost at all:he does, like to do that, simply not too much). He also does have a strong passion for the ancient greek-roman culture, as well as the samurai ideology, because of the Japanese nation he grew up in. Pretty conservative, compared to his old man, uh? Furthermore he is totally without any, kind of inhibitor, when it comes to talking:he is the most sincere guy someone can encounter...apart from what has happened before, his arrival on Japan. Of that...he doesn't seem to talk as much, for a reason or another that are currently not that much understood.
But let's talk about what makes him truly unique, as a person, and so as a future Pro Hero(maybe), shall we? Well, for starters...he is a pretty cultured individual, having read a lot of greek poems & memorized a lot of different recipes from his original home, as key examples and, despite his age, which is very unusual...he, at times sounds like a man in his 40-50s, for the way he talks and the numerous precautions he takes, in both talking as well as for the very movements he make use off...
He is a pretty fair individual, humble with boys and girls of his same age, but also with kids and even animals or other creatures alike of different origins, ages and other things when it is needed, not seeing any real difference, especially if someone proves him/herself to be capable in his/her own rights in a way or another, shall be it in fighting prowess or a simple problem solving, to his eyes. At the same time, though he can be severe with both villains and pro-heroes alike, and on occasions he even almost went beyond the very laws of hero society itself, to do what he deemed right, looking more like a sort of vigilante...
When it comes to his hero speciality, though...he is pretty much unmatched:for what it can be gathered...he has trained for more than 10 years in three different ways of fighting:the first is that of the ancient spartan ophlites, the second one that of the ancient roman legions and the third one that of the Edo period samurais. There also seems to be a fourth way that he does show very often when the situation gets dire, but of which he does not talk about and of which nature is unknown, but that seems fairly...brutal, in more ways than one...
But what's even more surprising...his is actual strength, in an every day situation:let's just imagine that a very, heavy steel bar falls over him. Someone else might be dead on the spot, reduced to a mere sandwich, right? Well...not John:his measured full lifting strength, in fact, without his quirk and both hands...scales to around a ton. Scary, uh? Don't worry:it gets even "worse". Why is that? Because we'll now get to talk about his quirk:
It seemed, initially that he didn't want to use this power (if not only for brief moments, to land some decisive blows), maybe because of a past trauma of sort connected to it...but after a while he eventually understood that he can't simply renounce to use it, if he intends to become a hero. And so...here we have it:the Rage Of The Warrior, an energy-based quirk that, by activating itself create a sort of yellow "fire" (despite it being merely a lightshow), which then immediately disappear and condense in its eyes, making them having a very wild appearance, allowing the user to enhance his power, as well as giving the very same resulted endurance of his body...to whatever inanimate object of his choice touches it.
In John's case...his armored suit and fighting stick. Normally armors and close-range weapons would be useless, because of the numerous quirks. But thanks to the greek energy source this problem doesn't apply itself on him. And also, thanks to his rigorous (and very vaguely explained by John himself) training regimes he doesn't feel that much the astounding pressure...of 40 kg of the entire set over his body.
The true extent of his power is never fully shown. Most times he even step back, and tries to teach to other students his way of thinking, to try and reassure them during difficult times. It is mainly for this reasons, that other trainees like Katsuki Bakugo, Shoto Todoroki & Izuku Midoriya trains to become more skilled and powerful:to prove him that he should never, hold back in fear of hurting them. That to become an hero...he needs to give his all, and especially that he should not hide anything, from them...not even his past.
For this will be the only way for...Darmekus, "the hero who oppose war", to truly shine
(Yes:the two images with John himself were made with an app, more specifically "Avatar Maker: Guys")
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prohibitionincurls · a year ago
hii! the fic you wrote about leo being the most experienced in sexuality and all that got me thinking. it would be so good to see a bit of how Logan (who's the one that had the most trouble accepting himself) is like influenced by leo being so confident. and like maybe he talks with him (and finn) about it ans asks questions because it's all really new to him. idk i feel like there's a lot to explore there :)
Your mind… incredible. This ask kind of reminded me about how on of Haz’s posts where it listed ‘sexuality’, Logans just said ‘Finn and Leo’ and fuck yeah!!! FUCK yeah!!! Labeling is wonderful for the people it works for, but you don’t need labels to be valid in your identity as a queer person!!! And sometimes it’s scary because you already feel like you don’t fit the norm, but now you have to find some place else to fit, but it isn’t always the right fit, and that is a-okay!!! And labels can change!!! Younger me thought she liked men!!! Bi people are so incredibly valid, but in terms of my own identity, that bitch was fuckin INCORRECT! I’m a raging lesbian. Anywho, your identity, labeled or not, is valid, and so are you!
Also I’m not sure how many of y’all have read “Check, Please!”, but my friend introduced it to me after explaining that, “you ARE shitty.” Originally I took offense to this until I was notified that he is, in fact, a character, whose name is Shitty. There is a scene in which he says, “I thought I might have been wearing a sign that said ‘WILL AFFIRM ALL SEXUAL IDENTITIES’.” This has become a running joke, because I live in a pretty damn conservative town, and technically I’m not really “out” (although as a person I’ve decided I’m not going to ‘come out’ because straight people don’t have to, so why should I, and also if you couldn’t tell from the everything about me than you’re not close enough to me for it to matter.),and yet people keep coming out to me. I don’t know what it is, but the way I write Leo doing this for Finn and Logan is the same way I do it for my friends who are older than me who haven’t had the time and space to come to terms with themselves. Be gentle with the people you love, my darlings. 
Characters belong to the wonderful @lumosinlove
Logan had been sitting in Leo’s arms and fiddling with his woven rainbow bracelet for the better part of the past hour. Originally, Leo just thought of it as Logan's tendency (Finn did it too) to want to be connected to him. Both of them were physical with their affection often, even in just small touches. But after Logan's eyes had yet to move away from his wrist, he figured something else might be up. He was about to ask when Logan beat him to it. 
“Is it bad that I don’t know?” 
Logan said it so quietly. He sounded scared, his voice the same as that night before All-Stars. Leo placed his hands on Logan's cheeks and turned his head towards him. 
“Lo sweetheart, what do you mean?” At the sound of Leo’s concerned voice, Finn walked into the living room and over to the couch where they were, kneeling down next to them. 
“Tremz? What’s up, baby?”
“Is it bad that I don’t… know? Like I don’t know if I’m gay or bi or…” He trailed off, looking more vulnerable than Leo had seen in a long time. He felt Finn take a deep breath in, tensing a little bit. Logan pushed on. “I feel like I should know, should be, I don’t know, prouder like Cap or at least more secure like Loops. But I don’t… I don’t know.”
Leo thought for a moment, switching between wanting to immediately reassure him and just hug him. He realized that wasn’t what Lo needed. Or Finn. They were both rational people. They needed something to stand on, a way to be sure of themselves. 
“Well, what do you know?”
Logan looked at him, a little surprised. “I know that I love you. I know that I love Finn. And if I’m perfectly honest I’m not sure if I want to think about loving anyone else. I don’t think I could if I tried.”
Leo exhaled, pressing his thumb into the tattoo on Logan's hip, knowing it would bring him back to them. He took a second to think, then looked at Logan and Finn. 
“For some people, it feels good to have a specific label, or to be vocal in their pride. But you don’t have to be. I mean, the only thing I do is wear my bracelet, and even if I was out, I probably wouldn’t be doing anything differently. We’re allowed to just… exist. Just like everyone else is allowed to.” Leo ran his hands through Logan's hair while Finn looked up at him. It was something he had needed to hear too, Leo could tell. He leaned over and pressed a kiss to his forehead, while Logan grabbed his hand. “We don’t have to do anything but love each other,” Leo whispered to his boys, quiet and steady, so incredibly Leo. Finn sighed and pressed his head into the blond boy’s shoulder, breathing him in. 
“Le, how the hell did you get so good at this.”
Leo laughed. “I’ve had a little more time to practice, my loves.” 
“I’m sorry you have to wait for us,” Logan said, so softly that Leo almost didn’t hear him. He did. 
“Hey loves, no, I’m not waiting for you. All you have to do is love me, and you’ve been doing that better than I ever thought I deserved,” Leo looked between his boys, hoping they would understand that they were already more than he could ask for. 
“For longer than you even know,” Finn laughed, looking back at him with big eyes. Leo brushed the hair out of his face. 
“Right back at you, Bambi.”
Logan giggled against Leo’s chest and lifted his head, looking at them. “Aussi longtemps que je peux aimer, je t’aimerais.”
Leo sighed, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to the top of Logan's nose, and when he pulled away, he looked back at a pouting Finn. 
“Fine, keep your secrets.”
Leo and Logan laughed at the boy, their boy, and pulled him down onto the couch with them. In that moment, and for the rest of their lives, all they had to do was love each other. That was enough.
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