#into the air (ic)
25shadesoffebruary 10 days ago
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What a tease...
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jsjrjvj00 10 days ago
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bonus/honourable mention:
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icemankazansky86 6 months ago
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38across 4 months ago
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鉃 requested by anon
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fullcravings 5 months ago
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Air Fryer Fried Ice Cream
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thepersonalquotes a month ago
鈥淜iss me like you don鈥檛 need air. Hold me like you can鈥檛 let go. Love me like you鈥檇 die without me.鈥 - Sarah Doughty
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snicker-doodles a month ago
After watching TGM again for the nth time, legit still felt so weird that so many people knew how close Mav and Ice was, like, literally every single one of the top brass that showed up in that movie knew, even Cain?
But what really got me was, Warlock, a superior officer, personally came to tell Mav the news about Ice? and then afterwards, Cyclone telling Mav to basically take a bereavement leave after Ice鈥檚 passing? I had to listen to his wording over and over again and it鈥檚 still sounds like it so
Yeah they鈥檙e married and Mav is definitely listed as next of kin, maybe not something that they advertise openly due to the fraternization rules, but all the top brass definitely knew about it 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
I mean, Mav was literally standing with Ice鈥檚 family on his funeral? like, everyone else from the navy was standing somewhere else, together, I鈥檓 sure even all the other admirals that came to pay their respects would be there with the other navy officers.
The only reason they didn鈥檛 let Mav accept the flag was the exact same reason why they have to drag Penny in
a little addition, now that I think about it again, here鈥檚 another theory about how it went down:
What if they鈥檙e actually married, but one day some asshole admiral tried to mess with Ice鈥檚 career through Mav, then afterwards Mav decided to get a divorce so Ice can climb the rank without Mav weighing him down, then he started to go looking for trouble so he鈥檒l get deployed away from Ice, but somehow Ice never actually filed for that divorce and everyone just assumed that they鈥檙e not living together to keep a low profile or something after Ice started to steadily climb the rank and Mav was the only person who thought that they鈥檙e divorced.
Year after year Ice kept on getting all the calls when Mav got in trouble cause he鈥檚 still listed as his next of kin, while Mav thought Ice was just abusing his power to keep tabs on him and protect him cause they鈥檙e wingmen.
Mav was never actually been with anyone but Penny cause he鈥檚 busy being sent to war or being test pilot, and in his mind, he鈥檚 not actually cheating cause you know, they鈥檙e divorced, and this is why Mav never stayed with Penny, cause he鈥檒l always be in love with Ice no matter what.
When Ice got cancer he was there for him though, cause in his mind, no matter what they鈥檙e still wingmen and best friends. And in the end, Mav found out that they鈥檙e actually still married from Warlock when he got notified of his husband鈥檚 passing. He felt so guilty and so heartbroken he ended up unable to bring himself to receive the flag cause he felt undeserving. So Ice鈥檚 sister Sarah did it in his stead.
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madcat-world 2 months ago
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Comissions (3 of 6) - Exellero
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the-quiet-void 3 months ago
Rewatching Yuri on ice to feel something
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boasamishipper 4 months ago
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Top Gun: Maverick (2022), dir. Joseph Kosinski
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pcktknife 29 days ago
too fucking hottttttt
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braisedhoney 16 days ago
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despite my brand, i actually love cold weather. soothing.
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shipsaremylifesource 19 days ago
I think we ought to make a support group for those of us already obsessed with PrapaiSky when they haven鈥檛 even been in the same frame yet.
When their episode drops, so will we.
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florbexter a month ago
Rain totally fell in love with Payu at first sight, and poor guy didn鈥檛 even realize. The fun thing tho is that it鈥檚 understandable that Payu feels the need to tease Rain (you want to spoil and ruffle him up at the same time), but their interactions so far show that if Payu just would continue to be nice to Rain they could be boyfriends in literally five days.聽
Rain soaks up affection like a sponge.
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myjunkisyuzuruhanyu 2 months ago
Watch Shoma's new free skate here! 鉂わ笍
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thepersonalquotes a month ago
鈥淚t鈥檚 about who you miss at 2 in the afternoon when you鈥檙e busy, not 2 in the morning when you鈥檙e lonely.鈥 - Unknown
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tearsofrefugees 15 days ago
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