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gb-patch · 2 days
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There's one more thing that promo piece I've been sharing is used for, and it's to be part of a growing up progression! Look at them go 💕
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Our Life: Now & Forever is a nostalgic Visual Novel where you create your own character and grow from childhood to adulthood with your two closest neighbors. It’s currently in development by GB Patch Games.
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lapinlunaire-games · 2 days
Tumblr media
Goncharov: Coda is out now! | Play
Goncharov has everything...except an existence.
An homage and reincarnation of the greatest mafia movie never made, Goncharov: Coda is now playing on internet-enabled devices near you!
Goncharov (1973) stole your heart the very first time you saw it — and now you're living the dream, playing one of your favorite characters in the 2022 remake of the film. With such a weighty legacy hanging over you, every improvised moment punches like Icepick Joe in the beer bottle scene of the original.
“Make meaningful choices,” the director told you. And by God, you will. The future of cinema depends on it.
Tumblr media
Featuring music by @caramiaaddio and @nicewizard!
Created for my favourite film ever @cyberpunklesbian's Goncharov Game Jam.
Tumblr media
Play on itch.io | BTS/Inspiration Playlist | Tag (tumblr)
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youseeingthis · 19 hours
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ratellini · 23 hours
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hadrian & my mc evangeline
from @anathemafiction 's game the golden rose
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evertidings · 3 days
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— accomplishments.
uh, hi. let’s pretend i’m not five days late on this. i blame being sick and being stressed about exams and assignments and also just, losing track of time. how is it the last month of the year? i couldn’t tell you. if someone would like to explain to me how this year is coming to a close already, i’d love to hear it. 
but enough about that. what did i do this month in regards to chapter nine, you ask? i bet you’re dying to know. and i hope you’re ready... for nothing. or, minimal updates, i should clarify. as i’ve been saying in my updates on patreon, life has been super hectic lately. i haven’t had nearly as much time to write as i wish, which explains the low word count.
i’m still very much at the beginning of the chapter, working out little hiccups here and there and setting up the narrative for the more exciting scenes to come later. not to say that what i’ve written so far is boring, because, how could A and Blane fighting and N trying to placate them and K watching with amusement and Rylan laughing in the background ever be boring? no. my dysfunctional found family is a blast. it’s just that i haven’t reached the action part of the chapter yet, so what i’m working on now is a lot of dialogue and group brainstorming. as it turns out, writing an interactive fiction with a mystery involves, you guessed it, attempting to solve that mystery.
as it stands, i don’t really have an estimate on when the chapter will be published, but i can say that you can expect it after the new year. the only thing you may receive this month is the new shorts i’m working on, which i’m keeping quiet for now. if it doesn’t get published in december, then look forward to it as a new year’s gift from me. what is it about, you ask? you’ll just have to find out. 
— word count.
362,134 words (+8.1k)
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vendetta-if · 3 days
Vendetta Casts as Out of Context Cat Pictures (Part 2)
I know no one is asking for this, but I’ve been accumulating more random cat pictures on my phone and I think it’s time for the second part 😂
In case you miss it, the first part is here 😄
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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seedcomp-if · 2 days
Introducing SeedComp!
Tumblr media
SeedComp! is a newly created 2-round interactive fiction game jam, focusing on creativity and the growth of ideas, happening over on Itch.io. 
SeedComp! is separated into 2 distinct rounds: Planting and Sprouting. During the Planting Round, you are invited to submit 'seeds' into the competition (text, images, code, etc...). In the Sprouting Round, you get to select one or more seeds and use them as inspiration for your interactive fiction entry for fun, awards, and bragging rights!
You can take part in either round or both. The first round runs from Dec 7th to Jan 7th, the second from Jan 9th to March 1st.  You can sign-up to Round 2 here. 
All indicated deadlines are set to midnight UTC -10/HST time. Don’t worry, they are translated to your local time automatically on Itch.
Signing up to Round 1 Signing up to Round 2
Join our Discord! Official Website
The full list of Rules and Guidelines can be found under the cut.
Round 1 : Planting
During the 1st Round, Planting, you are invited to submit 'seeds' into the competition. These seeds can be absolutely anything, from game introductions, pieces of art, blurbs, design documents, puzzles, poems, characters, I7 extensions, settings, feelies, or even code!
You can submit:
As many 'seeds' as you'd wish.
Unfinished  IF projects, only if you are the author of said entries.
NSFW  seeds as long as content warnings are included.
Other guidelines:
Seeds must be your own creation and licensed under a CC BY-NC licence, CC-BY license or equivalent, or a less restrictive license.
All seeds must be downloadable.
While there is no minimum word count for static text seeds (like blurbs/intros), we encourage you to submit more than just one sentence.
All seeds will be screened by the organisers for trolling/abuse.
If your seed is not selected during this edition of the SeedComp!, you may choose to keep it in the seedbank and make it available for future editions until it is used.
Round 2 : Sprouting
During the 2nd Round, Sprouting, you can sign-up your intent to use Seeds (optional, via this form [TBA]) and submit your entry to Round 2. 
 Discussion of seeds is encouraged in both our Discord and the Community Tab (Itch).
Submission Guidelines:
All entries must be Interactive Fictions.
All entries must be completed games. While there is no requirement in length, a reasonable target is about 15-30 minutes to play.
All entries must be based on at least one seed from Round 1. You may choose to incorporate more  or all seeds if you wish to. 
The entries must follow the licensing type of the most restrictively licensed seed used (indicated on the seed page).
All entries must indicate the seeds used in their submission form.
Seed use is not exclusive to one person, multiple people can sign up for the same seed.  There is no 'dibs'.
You may use your own seed from Round 1.
While you may use only your own seed, this does go against the spirit of SeedComp! and thus your submission won’t be eligible for awards.
Content Warnings must be displayed when submitting the entry.
You can also opt out of receiving awards on your own when submitting. Organisers can submit entries but are not eligible to receive awards. 
We encourage you to provide a downloadable copy of your entry in your game page, for accessibility purpose.
Possible Softwares to create Interactive Fiction:
Inform 7
and many more can be found listed in the IF Wiki.
Playing and Voting for Awards
All Sprouting entries will be made available to play shortly after Round 2 ends. 
Unless opted-out, every entry is eligible for Awards. Awards are titles set by the organisers (such as Best Overall, Best UI, Best Puzzle, etc..). However, every entry can also be nominated for Stickers, which are unique awards submitted by voters for a specific entries (note: all stickers will be screened by the organisers). 
Awards will also be awarded to seeds, such as Most signed-up Seed, or Most Finished Entries for a Seed, etc..
You will be able to vote for Awards and submit Stickers starting March 2nd/3rd until March 31st through this form [LINK TBA]. The results will be released early April.
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dlina · 2 days
Since the If-game Arcadie: Second born from the great @sofia-d-asb it's going to be released soon I remembered that I had this sketches from the demo when I first played, so here they are! I enjoyed it so much , please check her game out ~~
Tumblr media
sketches and speedpaint below
Tumblr media
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breachverse · 2 days
Public update coming soon.
I'd usually reblog the main post for Breach whenever the private testing on Patreon gets updated, but, this time, it's just a post. I like to reblog the main post once every two months. But, just so that everyone is aware... Public update is coming this month, around the 20th, probably before Christmas.
So, keep an eye out!
Tumblr media
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barbwritesstuff · 2 days
So... all this talk of vampires has gotten to me. I wrote a short story yesterday from the point of view of one of the vampires that appears in Blood Moon. It's only about a thousand words long.
I thought I might share it on my Kofi page in a few days for the full moon. I'll pay-wall it for a couple of weeks then make it free.
Is that something you guys would be interested in? I can totally write more short stories and stuff to help keep everyone excited about Blood Moon until it releases... or I could do something else. Just sort of throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks right now.
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darielivalyen · 4 hours
Tumblr media
When the gate opens, love and beauty will return to the world, and we will once again live in his perfect light. He's been gone for a long time, but his return is upon us. Let us praise his name and rejoice!
Tumblr media
The Elder Crystals is a fantasy game set in the world of Sekherion, and its story begins in a place known as the Secluded Valley. The valley has been your home for nineteen years, and you have always seen it as a safe place.
All of that changes when you wake up in a forsaken cavern, right next to a large Crystal Gate, and you realize you were kidnapped and left for dead. Thankfully, you're not alone. There's a black cat with you, and he/she seems to be trying to lead you to safety.
As you explore the cavern, you uncover traces of suspicious activity. There are books and scrolls dating back to the Second Age, there are notes speaking of strange, dark rituals, and then, there is the Crystal Gate itself. You've never seen anything like it in the valley, and you can't help but wonder why it's there.
Is the Crystal Gate keeping you from what's inside, or is it keeping whatever's inside from getting out?
Tumblr media
Play as male, female, or nonbinary.
Play as a member of one of eight races, with each one having a unique racial trait.
Customize your appearance, personality, and sexual orientation.
Romance a wizard astronomer, a dutiful monk, a quirky witch, a noble archer, a mysterious mercenary, or an arrogant elf from the outside world.
Build your stats and develop your skills, and see how your choices change your experience.
Choose your weapon and collect different types of equipment.
Explore three different types of magic.
Customize your dragon familiar.
Complete quests and track them in your personal journal.
Collect books to unlock a unique scene at the end of the game.
Protect your town from bandits, cultists, and the undead.
Join forces with an old wizard, an ancient lich, or a talking tree.
Learn the truth about your mother and her unusual connection to the Elder Crystals, and discover what happened when the valley was cut off from the outside world!
Tumblr media
Amedu (m) or Ameda (f) | Islander, human | 19yo | Wizard
Trope: MC's childhood friend.
Personality: relaxed, open-minded, esoteric, calm.
Nelfas (m) or Nelfasu (f) | Saryel/Southerner, human | 22yo | Monk
Trope: Voice of reason.
Personality: calm, detached, rational, unemotional, wise.
Darion (m) or Daria (f) | Southerner, human | 20yo | Archer
Trope: Arranged engagement.
Personality: sarcastic, rebellious, cunning, evasive, cocky, loud.
Cerien (m) or Cerina (f) | Northerner, human | 18yo | Witch
Trope: That strange person no one knows anything about. Someone with a secret crush.
Personality: obsessive, quirky, individualistic, unorthodox, shy.
Xarien (m) or Xarina (f) | Northerner, human | 25yo | Battlemage
Trope: New person in town. Someone with a lot of inner demons.
Personality: deceitful, cunning, daring, jealous, ruthless.
Qen (m) | Primeval Elf | 5506yo | Guardian/Holy Warrior
Trope: Someone with a connection to MC's family.
Personality: dutiful, arrogant, lawful, tactful, lonely.
*Unlike the other five love interests, Qen's gender is set to male, and he can only be romanced by male characters.
Art credits: Izabela Oliwia.
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wildmelon · 17 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
alice brought mason to one of her favorite places in wayhaven after hours so he wouldn’t be overwhelmed. during her brief times at home, alice’s mom would bring her to the record store to choose a new album. she would play it over and over once her mom left again, until she returned and alice could show her all her favorite songs. it was a tradition that made alice feel special, and music still makes her feel closer to her mom when they’re apart. she hoped mason would indulge her and choose an album (but left out the backstory for fear of pressuring him). she was pleasantly surprised when he begrudgingly handed her a compilation of jazzy oldies that included several of her favorites.
magical lot by @softerhaze, gorg reshade by @wooldawn <3 mason belongs to @seraphinitegames & twc
i was trying to just write a little caption for context but it became so hard not to write a full-on oneshot lmfao. i might start posting some things on ao3 though, i have a google doc of IF ficlets & i know firsthand the struggle of finding content for some rarer ones lmfao. i also have a lot of wayhaven content tucked away/in the works but i’ve been torn if i should save it for the release of book 3 or wait until i can weave together a little series or just post as i make them? anyway
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gb-patch · 22 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Important news! Tamarack will now have leaves in her hair during some scenes 🍂🍂🍂
Also, that second BG is the MC's very own backyard. It is entirely empty, haha.
Tumblr media
Our Life: Now & Forever is a nostalgic Visual Novel where you create your own character and grow from childhood to adulthood with your two closest neighbors. It’s currently in development by GB Patch Games.
Steam Page Itch.io Page
Discord -  Twitter - Website - Patreon
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moiraimyths · 2 days
Flannan's a bit of a craftsperson right? is there anything specific he enjoys making?
Metalworking from his father. Woodworking from his mother. He isn't as good as either of them, but it makes him feel closer to both.
The Good People (Na Daoine Maithe) is now out on Steam and Itch.io, and has a Kickstarter pre-launch page! Check our pinned post for details!
Remember: If we get to 800 favourites on our Kickstarter pre-launch page, we’ll release flirty sprites for all the ROs! (Current progress: We just got Aífe! Next: Shae at 500)
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uhhrmmm · 19 hours
Tumblr media
It's Kaia hours everybody :)
[ah, please do click on the image for a better resolution]
(yes, we'll ignore how I haven't posted in almost a year because work has been kicking my ass)
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coeluvr · 2 days
Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well 💗
As most of you have probably seen I will soon be posting the portraits of the characters which I'm super happy about. I wanted you to have some power over the order of release so I made this google forms where you can vote which you'd like to see first!
I will be posting the female characters first so this form only includes them, they will be released every 2 days starting next monday ✨️
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vendetta-if · 23 hours
Tumblr media
Side Story Requests are Open on Patreon 🎉
Hey guys 👋 Just wanna let you guys know that I'm currently opening requests for next month's side story and for this month's spicy side story and to let you guys know what I’ve been up to over on my Patreon page 😄
For the normal side story requests (scenarios, characters, AUs), it'll be open for those in the Morozov Enforcer Tier and above. Once I have gathered the requests, I'll be making a poll that will be voted by the same tier and above. For reading the side stories themselves, they're open for those in the lower tier, starting from the ECPD Officer tier and above.
For spicy side story requests (it is not strictly for RO and MC, it can also be for other characters/pairings in the story), it'll be open for those in the Morozov Ally tier. If there are a number of requests, I'll be making a poll that will be voted by the same tier. For reading the spicy side stories themselves, they're open for those in the lower tier, starting from the Morozov Enforcer tier and above.
Also, if you guys are not aware or haven't read it yet, I also have the Halloween Interactive Side Story available for all patrons!
If you guys are interested in getting these perks while helping support my work, please head over to my Patreon page and check it out 🥰 I appreciate it a lot.
Patreon Link
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