#incorrect encanto
hayakawife · 11 months ago
dolores: [sneezes]
bruno from the walls: bless you, child.
dolores: … God?
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incorrect-madrigal-quotes · 9 months ago
Julieta: You look terrible. Did you sleep at all last night?
Bruno: I got a solid eight minutes.
Bruno: Don’t worry, not all at once.
Julieta: *Worried noises*
Bruno: You’re not even that blurry.
Bruno: *Squints*
Bruno: Mirabel.
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serpentinesomebody · 11 months ago
Camilo: *sneezes*
Bruno, from inside the walls: bless you
Camilo, confused: *looking around* God???
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eighties-toons · 11 months ago
Dolores: ten years ago, we lost our dear Tío Bruno
Bruno: *in the walls*
Dolores: sometimes I can still hear his voice
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akaashiscupofwater · 10 months ago
bruno @ his rat telenovela: and they were roommates
dolores hearing him through the wall: aye dios mio they were roommates
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incorrectencantoquotes · 10 months ago
Julieta: How would you like your coffee?
Bruno: As dark as my soul.
Julieta: Got it, one cup of milk coming right up!
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greatmarta · 9 months ago
Young Julieta, Pepa and Bruno sneak back into the Casita in the middle of the night.
Alma: “Where have you been?!”
PB&J: “Well, umh, eh…”
* The floor moves. A chancla is pushed to Alma’s feet. *
PB&J: 0_0 “You back-stabbing pile of bricks, you helped us sneak out in the first place!”
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lyanhwa · 9 months ago
Alma: Don't get into any trouble while I'm gone, alright?
Pepa, Julieta and Bruno: Yes, ma.
Alma: Okay, I need you to swear.
Pepa: Fuck.
Alma: Swear, as in promise.
Pepa: Oh.
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youaretheunicorn · 10 months ago
agustín: i want to wake up with you for the rest of my life
julieta: i wake up at 5 am
agustín: i want to go to bed with you for the rest of my life
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cupacado · 10 months ago
Everyone teases Mirabel about her short height until Bruno’s short ass shows up and everything clicks
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sunflowersloth · 11 months ago
Camilo: you flirt and kiss and for what? love??? pathetic.
Mirabel: to level up my charisma stat.
Camilo: ah, a gamer. you may pass.
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cherrilemon · 10 months ago
Pepa: *to 5 year old Camilo* Now Camilo, what do we say when we hear those mean words in our brain?
Camilo: Silencio Bruno!!
Bruno: *behind the wall* Son of a bi--
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incorrect-madrigal-quotes · 9 months ago
young triplets
Pepa: Okay fine I'll try to tell you guys a scary story. I'm not very good at it so go easy on me…
Bruno: Carpeted kitchen.
Julieta: *Screaming*
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speaks-now · 10 months ago
Mirabel: Hey! How are you doing?
Luisa *staring off into the distance*:I feel like a fork in a world comprised of only soup.
Mirabel: So, you're doing better than usual!
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spideysgxrl · 6 months ago
Bruno, reading a recipe: Beat three eggs?
Pepa: It means like in hand to hand combat.
Bruno: Ohhhh-
Julieta: Both of you get out of this kitchen.
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peppermint-joys · 10 months ago
[After Camilo does well not causing havoc for a week]
Camilo:…you’re giving me a sticker?
Mirabel: Not just any sticker, it’s a star sticker saying “manera de brillar!”
Camilo: I’m not a baby
Antonio: I’ll take it, then
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