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xbreed-me-babyx a day ago
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ravebunnyy a day ago
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late night tingz
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r-rideout-m 2 days ago
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Figuring out myself everyday.
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eutychia7 26 days ago
hiya lovelies! astro observation 12 (馃挄) boy am i surprising all of u by doing a back to back post! anyways enjoy!
-sun in 2H folks have this obsession with letting everybody know they鈥檙e doing okay. the sun shows what u aspire to be and when it鈥檚 situated in the 2H of security. these people want to convince themselves they鈥檝e got it under control. so sometimes this can manifest like,
person A: u don鈥檛 look so well, are u okay??
hardheaded sun in the 2H: of course i am, why would i not be (chronically and clearly lying)
and it鈥檚 not specifically towards other people. they also can lie to themselves about being 鈥渙kay鈥. when it comes to mental health they wait it out until a big explosion in their life happens and they are forced to come to terms that they鈥檙e in-fact not okay at all. the 2nd house is a house that highlights independence ent. u find that these individuals pride themselves on 鈥渘ot needing anybody. it鈥檚 鈥渋t鈥檚 me vs the world鈥 energy sometimes so it explains that survival mindset and the need to always be 鈥渙kay鈥
-neptune in the 5H have spiritual awakenings from doing drugs/alcohol bc partaking in pleasure (5H themes) triggers neptune鈥檚 effects. but again neptune rules illusions as well so these are also the kind of people to binge on alcohol at 8 in the morning and deny they have a problem
-if u have mars ruled sign in a planetary placement, it can indicate re-occurring conflicts with particular people in ur life. while the mars energy in aries manifest in a physical way while the mars in energy in scorpios is drawn inwards
aries sun= u get into ego battles with ur dad
aries moon= ur mom makes u feel like u wanna rip ur hair out
aries mercury= u and ur siblings get into heated verbal duels
scorpio sun= ur dad influenced ur psychology in life or the mindset u operate off of. he could have pushed u to the 鈥渃onstant survival mindset鈥 where u think everybody is out to get u
scorpio moon= ur mom literally gave u trauma. her presence inspires ur paranoia/compulsive behavior/dark traits
scorpio mercury= lowkey y鈥檃ll got sibling rivalry. always trying out-do ur brother or sister. idk what it is u just wanna be better than them or get revenge
-Gemini placements excel in tangible knowledge. they鈥檙e good at statistics/mathematics bc quantifying things comes easily to them. also brilliant at wordplay as well, their command of language is impressive so that鈥檚 why u see so many gemini鈥檚 being a smart-ass, it鈥檚 natural wit. sag on the other hand are better at humanity related subjects, the universal truths. this means religion, philosophy, ect. they process information efficiently but the part where they rlly excel at is applying their own thoughts/theories to what they were given
-mars in 9H most of the time will not be friends with someone who doesn鈥檛 hold similar opinions. for a mars 9H to bond with someone they need to know they鈥檙e on the same page with that person especially when it comes to political views or philosophy
-mercury in the 5H are remarkably good at board games. when mercury is applied to the 5H ruling pleasures and fun, u bet they鈥檙e gonna destroy u in monopoly or trivia games
-6H chiron wants to throw hands at animals or they鈥檙e naturally untrusting of animals. or if the chiron is aspected well, it could mean animals played a big role in reliving trauma or pain. this could manifest as a veteran bonding with their service dogs
-8th Jupiter馃 trauma. jupiter is benefic but remember it expands. these people went through a lot, sometimes it鈥檚 not specially trauma it鈥檚 just over exposure to the icky and dark side of life. these ppl are the kinds to grow up in strip clubs or seen domestic violence at an early age. they particularly appreciate transformation and secerey, moreover they learn to wield mystery as a weapon. also for some reason they collect everyyybody and their mama鈥檚 secrets as welll?? people will just spill their guts to a jupiter 8H during a random tuesday and the jupiter 8H person will be completely unfazed. what can i say, they鈥檙e used to it
-when u have a hell of a lot of planets in the 1st house like i鈥檓 talking 5+ planets. sometimes u don鈥檛 look like anything but also like everything. when so many planetary influences is affecting the 1st house of self, u look like a wild card. especially sun/mars and venus sitting together in the 1st house. what manifest is an androgynous look! female+male features both present
-moon square ascendant culture is battling constant projection. emotions are constantly thrown at them. emotions that they have no obligations with! the moon square ascendant native need to understand that they don鈥檛 need to tend to other ppl鈥檚 feelings all the time. if they get too open to other ppl energy/opinions they will end up being drained. having to put up with energy vampires is a common manifestation of this aspect. these poor darlings are basically therapist to 5 bozo鈥檚 at all times! protect ur peace
-virgo placement is so hyper aware of everything. mercury which is their ruler, is a speedy planet. think ab how many times mercury changed signs in a year! the speed of mercury naturally makes virgo a very anxious placements and since they are an earth sign they usually coax their anxiety with practical solutions. same thing for Gemini but they deal with their anxiety better bc they鈥檙e an air sign, they don鈥檛 get the reputation for anxious despite having the same planetary rulership as virgo, their 鈥渁nxiety鈥 usually manifest as insatiable curiosity
-scorpio risings deal with family trying to mooch off of them after they find success. their IC (Aquarius) indicates a very stiff home. they鈥檙e the black sheep. emotions are strongly encourage to be muted. as they grow order and embody their MC (leo) they deviate from their upbringing, they shed the shame of being 鈥渄ifferent鈥 and as a result they attract abundance. now, this is the interesting part bc family is forever hence their aquairus IC is always gonna be there. aquarius themes pertains to egotism and in the worst case scenarios, entitlement. observe how quickly their families comes running after a scorpio rising reach success. suddenly all their extended family is goin 鈥渉ey remember that one time i held u as a baby?鈥
-neptune energy (heavy pisces/12H/neptune-planet placements) sometimes manifest in a physical way, in the sense that ppl can鈥檛 see u. ik this sounds goofy as hell but it can be a case where u make no sound when u walk so when u come up to say hi to ur friends it can take a while for them to notice u are there. these folks can waltz through an airport, hop on a plane and fly to another country and no one will notice. neptune distorts and also perpetrated elusively. it could also be the thing where u tell ppl ur whole life story and they鈥檒l still find u mysterious or 鈥渦nreachable鈥! same thing goes for scorpio placements except scorpio is usually more aware of their behavior and they contribute deliberately to their own mysteriousness
-Lilith in the 2H are so extreme when it comes to food! these placements can sorta be like the moms who eat an almond a day. also it could mean extreme transformation in weight since 2H rules the body so they could have been obese but undergo radical weight loss. these ppl are the most prone to attempt crazy diets and the kinds to put their body into extremity as well
a light hearted scenario to envision:
random person: omg what鈥檚 that over there??
Lilith 2H native: literally treading in Arctic waters bc they wanna see how much their body can take before hyperthermia comes down on them 馃強鈥嶁檪锔忦煂
-pisces full moon on september 10H.
full moon=always a time of release.
since it鈥檚 in the sign of pisces, i suggest meditation and a spiritual cleanse. i don鈥檛 know ur guys routines but since it鈥檚 pisces literally anything works like crystals, a floral bath, incense, ect. if the activity connects u to the spiritual world, then it works. this moon is squared mars at 6 degrees so impulsivity or anger could rock u, it鈥檚 not a calming full moon despite being in the sign of pisces. probably an emotional anger
-mercury is gonna be retrograding for a while until october 1st. lots of transportation issues, internet issues maybe slow wifi has u heated, don鈥檛 be haste on making important decisions such as contracts/moving, also since mercury is the sign of communication. hold ur tongue back, be conscious of what u say!
anyways, that鈥檚 all :)
do u guys like it better when i do my observation through a technical frame? i find story telling helps learners understand astrology better, should i keep this up? my dm鈥檚 are open, it would be helpful to me if u guys tell me what placements u want insight on, so send away and i鈥檒l add them in the next post
ta-ta! <3
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Go ahead and do this please
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flowk1ng 10 months ago
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can someone teach me how to edge? lol馃グ馃檭
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Keep that thong riding up my butt! 馃槝
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Tired nights alone
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i just wanna have my legs forced open and a cock shoved in and out of me
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I鈥檒l probs delete this, but what do y鈥檃ll think of this outfit? 馃槝
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h0unds-of-h3ll 4 months ago
Pedro鈥檚 pout kills me. Every. Time. He doesn鈥檛 do it on purpose I don鈥檛 think, it鈥檚 just how his face naturally is. BUT HIS LIPS IS ALWAYS PARTED LIKE PLZ.
*evidence of my claim
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Inbox is always open <3
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