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asunnydisposish · 2 days ago
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It’s Thursday!
A Bells Hells poster to round out my Critical Role poster set. (A big shoutout to every single person who asked me if I'd be doing a Bells Hells one at every con I've been to since campaign 3 started, lol) 
 Who are your favorite characters this campaign? I'm a big sucker for Dorian and Imogen!
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marvelousbelladonna · a day ago
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Wenclair: spooky and colorful
Imodna: spooky and colorful
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mary-claire-art · a day ago
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A 2-page comic about the day Imogen met Laudna for the first time
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(vex): we’re sorry for what happened earlier.
(imogen): how did you all get in here?
(percy): we’re not here to discuss your lack of room security, we’re here to apologize. 
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knifewife66 · 2 days ago
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New piece I just finished up! It’s the Laudna suntree scene! :)
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parliament-of-owlets · a day ago
Look I talk a lot about how much Imogen loves Laudna and everything, but I’ve only just realized I rarely talk about Laudna.
Imogen’s love is loud and honest and all-encompassing.
Laudna’s love is quieter. It’s fetching water and making sure Imogen has a cloak when it’s cold out. It’s comfort on bad nights and in big crowds and when everything feels like too much. It’s making sure the cabins and shacks they find always feel warm, like home.
She’s so protective of the things and people that are important to her. But part of why her love for Imogen feels so different is because Laudna has tied her worthiness of love to the value of what she can do for people.
The overt care and desperation (like threatening Ashton or lamenting to FCG when she and Imogen were fighting) come from her despair at failing in the one thing she feels she was meant to do: protect Imogen. 
I’ve brought up her conversation with Ashton before, but it's the most honest she’s ever been about how she sees herself and what matters to her. And the way Laudna sees it, she doesn’t matter. She’s never mattered, not really. The other children she grew up with, Delilah, the people in every town from Whitestone to Gelvaan have shown her how little she matters to anyone.
So it’s not surprising that after Dusk shows interest, Laudna is confused and upset. She mentions not accessing that part of her brain in 50 years, but she’s only been dead for 30. 
Laudna has never thought of herself as someone worthy of love. 
I think that’s why there’s also a difference in how Laudna relates to herself and the world after her resurrection. Though Imogen always reassured her, Laudna still put herself down and brushed off the things that hurt her as unimportant.
That’s happening less and less. Partly because she’s tired and scared and dealing with so much. She never wanted to be that kind of burden to her friends, and it’s not something she can just brush off anymore.
But it’s also hard to ignore that you have worth and people that love you when they drop everything to race across the world and literally beat the shit out of your demons for you.
Laudna is slowly coming to terms with the fact that she has people who love her just because she is who she is. Her existence is enough.
And as we saw with FCG finding their soul, that can be just as scary. If she has worth, then what happens to her is important. Her wants and needs and who and how she loves are all important.
That’s a lot to reckon with, but I think once she does, Laudna will finally have the freedom to love as loudly as she pleases.
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pryingblackbird · 2 days ago
Bell's Hells as random pics from my phone:
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Day 400
Not yet
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always-and-anyways · 2 days ago
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shadydruid · 2 days ago
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I made a color palette from all of my recent drawings and used it to color this portrait of Imogen!  I used some Blend Mode layers and changed the opacity but I didn't change the colours in any way.
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juncopandi · 20 hours ago
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I've been organizing my files and apparently this is the only C3 art that I've made so far? This is from 2021, shortly after the campaign premiered. Still love these two :')
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anabsolutebrick · a day ago
Southerngothic Headcanons 01/??
Decided to pull this from my tumblr chat with @isagrimorie here, because tumblr chat is shit for archiving our random ass talks. This was about how we wanted to see more domestic stuff between the two of them during the two years of travel.
Also this was supposed to be only a paragraph long.
Laudna is the one who cooks between the two of them. Not that Imogen can't cook. That is ridiculous, Imogen is more than capable of cooking for herself. It’s just that she always wants to make sure that Imogen is always fed and warm as much as possible. 
Because that was what her mother always did for the family (and one of the few things that had remained in her memory throughout the years, even as she slowly forgot her name and who she even was). And that is what she wants to provide Imogen with. The warmth of a family having a meal together, even if it is just the two of them.
Because if she can't help Imogen with stopping the voices in her head nor the headaches which arise from them, then the least she can do is to cook and provide warm and delicious meals for Imogen for all that she has gone through for the day.
So even when Imogen offers to help, she simple just places her hand on her shoulders and turns her around, nudging her to sit back down at small rickety wooden table (they had salvaged it when they saw it lying abandoned on the roadside. She could never stand such waste of good furniture), and going “No, you just sit and wait. The stew will be done in just a minute~” 
True to her words, a minute later, Laudna fills up two full bowls of steaming stew from the pot hanging above the hearth. When she finally brings them over to a patiently waiting Imogen, who always, always, gives her a beautiful, lovely smile. 
And though the meal is as simple as it can be, seeing Imogen happily enjoy a meal that she made, never fails to fill her cold body and slow-beating heart with a familiar warmth from back in her youth.
Despite never voicing it out loud (she never thought she needed to but it’s a different story now), Imogen appreciates the time and effort Laudna takes to make every meal a special one, despite the limited ingredients they have. She enjoys the time they spent tremendously, gathered around the small table that Laudna manged to fix up, and having their meal together. Though sometimes she still raises a brow at Pate seated at one corner of the table, with a tiny empty bowl and spoon that Laudna always set aside for Pate. (He doesn’t like to feel left out, Laudna explains and she just nods understandably.)
She never really had dinner in such warm, familial atmosphere before. She loves her father dearly of course and he cared for her obviously. But he was never the homely nor talkative sort of man. (Though now that she had gone through her own tragic loss of a loved one, she understood her father a little better. She had looked and sounded too much like her own mother.) So, they often had their dinners together in silence or the time was spent talking about the stables and which horses needed their feed ration to be adjusted and so forth.
And then things just fell apart when her powers manifested. She isolated herself far far away from everyone, including her father. Her father saw the signs and tried to give her what she needed, what she wanted. She never blamed him for any of it. 
So, when Laudna brings out the stew a minute later, humming a quiet happy tune to herself, she can’t help the bright and grateful smile that comes to her face. 
And it doesn’t matter how simple the meal is, it never fails to fill her heart and soul with a warmth that she never knew that she needed and wanted.
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haileyjensenart · 12 hours ago
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I’ve got the Imogen and Laudna costume study mini prints available in my 📧tsy 💖
Available as individuals or a pair. I don’t think they should be separated!
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chaoticneutraljo · 2 days ago
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Have you ever cast "gust" around yourself to make your hair all flowy in hopes of facilitating a meet cute in D&D? No? Just me then...
Character: Imogen Temult
Series: @criticalrole Campaign 3
Creator: Laura Bailey
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ionomycin · 3 months ago
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suraelis · 16 days ago
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From Critical Role C3E40
You know that Bell's Hells are family because they keep trying to kill each other.
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