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risemaclay · 5 hours ago
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Did this for @zutaraweek day 3, but as always I'm late
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this-is-z-art-blog · a day ago
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[ID: digital drawing of the Box Ghost floating in a cross-legged position. He is holding a square pumpkin in his lap and smiling broadly.]
Box // Ectoberhaunt 2022
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transguyhawkeye · 28 days ago
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[ID: Hermann Gottlieb from Pacific Rim, using his cane to gesture to his chalkboard, which has an Amongus drawn on it. end ID]
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morningsaidthemoon · 3 days ago
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[ID: bright digital art of Ed Elric in profile, reaching toward the viewer with his automail hand. Two other hands reach out as well, one a child’s, the other with long fingernails, reminiscent of how it was when it belonged to Truth. His red cloak billows off his shoulders. Behind him, Al’s armor is split open down the center, with Truth’s gateway engravings. In the open space of Al’s chest, a singular eye is bright red, the color of a philosophers stone. It hovers right above Ed’s open automail hand. End ID]
Don’t forget!
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briarquartz · 8 months ago
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Bruno + tweets (1/?)
Image descriptions under the cut
1. Bruno doing finger quotes, smiling and looking up. internetanja’s tweet reads “my whole vibes is that i am just kidding”
2. Bruno carrying a rat, smiling at it. strawberrybebbes’s tweet reads “yes i’m a dilf (disgusting insane little freak)
3. Jorge standing next to Mirabel, doing a thumbs up to a man on a ladder. jzux's tweet says (me, still acting really weird) sorry i acted so weird the other day
4. Bruno staring at Mirabel in front of him during their first meeting. another tweet from jzux reads "well well well, if it isn't the bridge i said i'd cross when i came to it
5. Close up of Bruno’s face, looking tired. coltondoe’s tweet says “”you look sad today” bro im sad everyday i just didn’t have the energy to hide it today
6. Bruno having a vision, pointing at something off-screen. acorny_belle's tweet reads "things may suck now. but at least it's not as bad as it will be soon"
7. Bruno is hiding among potted plants, behind a railing on Casita’s mezzanine. He is peeking over the railing and looking to the side. misterpostsman’s tweet reads “That one guy who’s meek as fuck but lowkey inheriting the earth”
8. Bruno standing in front of his sisters, hands spread, from the scene in the movie where he says “I’ll go fist. briantheruler’s tweet reads “how everyone doing. i’ll go first i’m doing bad”
9. Bruno in front of his door, holding a rat on his palm, gesturing to it with the other while looking at the viewer. IwriteOK’s tweet says “why yes i would like to adopt a tiny, semi-feral animal with a lifespan just a fraction of my own and then make its continued survival the lynchpin of my mental health”
10. Jorge with a bucket on his head, holding a knife spatula. a reddit post by 12jonboy12 reads "can i advertise my house as being "made with real cheese" if i mixed a tablespoon of parmesan into over the cement for the foundation? or does it have to be a certain percentage before i can say that"
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stamp-it-to-me · 5 months ago
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two 2014 Japanese stamps from a series on fruits and vegetables
[id: two postage stamps, both with detailed illustrations of fruits. the left depicts five cherries while the right depicts a single peach. end id]
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milf-harrington · 8 months ago
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[image description: a mini comic of zuko spread over three panels.
1. a full body drawing of zuko and katara sitting across from eachother in grey-blue parkas with fur along the hood and the cuffs. kataras' has purple and blue detailing and she's talking with her eyes closed, gloved hands reaching up to braid part of zuko's hair. her own hair is pulled back in a braid that disappears inside her parka, and her hair loopies have been braided as well. she has freckles.
zuko's parka has red and blue detailing, and he's kneeling with his hands on his thighs. his hair is cut to his jaw and his head is facing forwards but his eyes have moved to the side as his attention has been grabbed by a speech bubble behind him. sokka's name is attached and it's saying "hey zuko!" in all caps.
2. three drawings of zuko drawn from the shoulders up. in the first he is looking over his shoulder so you can see his face, a small question drawn next to his head. katara's gloves are still in frame, still mid-braid and there are two small exclamation points beside her. a snowball is shooting towards zuko.
the next shows zuko being nailed in the face by the snowball, his hair flying around his head while his shoulder comes up as he's presumably knocked off balance by the blow. katara is no longer in frame.
the last shows zuko glaring over his shoulder, face red as he melts the snow off of his face. his hair is dripping and steam is curling up and away from him. a small speech bubble from the same direction as the last one is saying "oh no".
3. a full body drawing of zuko sitting on sokka's back and shoving his face into the snow. sokka's kicking his legs and batting at zuko's arm with one glove while the other attempts to push himself up with the other. his parka has a white triangular pattern going down the forearm. there is a speech bubble coming from sokka with the line broken up by the word 'muffled' indicating his voice is muffled by the snow. he's saying "I yield!"
zuko is grinning evilly. there is snow spraying around them.
/.end id]
i call this piece "the gaang are still children when the war ends so they should still be allowed to be children, meaning zuko should not have to rule a nation until he's at least 18."
or, the shorter version: zuko and sokka have a snow fight.
soooooo this drawing took me three days technically but the actual time spent on the drawing was maybe... 7? 8? hours, and yknow what? worth it.
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alexiealducsdrawings · a year ago
Hey so my hobby in the last week or so has been of building a giant glass ball in Minecraft, 64 block in diameter, put a wall in its centre and fill one half with water, with lava in the other. Here’s the result :
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You can absolutely reblog if you like it, it’s random creation for fun that happens to be pretty [/Image description/: Seven screenshots of a structure in the game Minecraft. A giant, hollow glass sphere stands on an endless plain of sandstone. The sphere is 64 blocks in diameter, with a 2 block thick wall dividing its centre. The left half is filled with lava, creating a glow from inside.The right half is filled with water. The first two screenshots show the sphere during the day and night, using the default textures. The third and fourth shots are similar, but this time using BSL Shaders, adding lifelike realism to the structure, textures and lighting. The remaining pictures are all set at night. The fifth shot shows the detailed reflection of the lava on the glass wall and water, from outside the sphere. The sixth screenshot shows the glow of the lava through the glass wall, from inside the water half. The last picture shows the sphere with the water to the left and lava to the right, the shadowed lava behind the glass wall looking like the pupil of an eye. /End image description/ ]
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funzos · a year ago
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🎡💘🎡💘🎡💘 go for it! noelle!
please click for better quality 💖
my instagram ♡ my twitter
[Image Description: Two digital illustrations featuring Noelle Holiday and Susie from  Deltarune, riding a heart shaped ferris wheel cart. On the first image, the cart is seen from below, Susie and Noelle sit on opposite ends of the cart and gaze out the window with awed expressions. The second image shows the couple from the inside of the cart, there is a city full of bright lights behind them. Susie stares at the city and Noelle looks at Susie reaching out her arm with the intent of holding Susie’s hand, there is sweat running down her temple. End Image Description]
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inquisitivetree · 8 months ago
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[Image description: a tweet by Twitter user “Kai Heron” (@KaiHeron) that says: "Strengthen Indigenous land rights because they're good stewards of nature" has become a refrain among Western environmentalists. Land Back is vital for Indigenous self-determination and liberation, not because Indigenous peoples do the West a service by conserving nature. /end ID]
Tweet link
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is-the-primate-vid-cute · 5 months ago
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[image description: image is a flow chart entitled " You can put an end to this: never pay to pet a cub" the chart starts with a drawing of a tiger cub head with a hand touching it. There are 6 arrows that flow from the start, in order from left to right:
1. Drawing of 3 small tigers, "constant breeding to supply cubs" arrow leads to image of a hand holding a sack with and a hand taking it, "injection of assets into the illegal wildlife trade"
2. Drawing of tiger skin rug and bottles, "older tigers sold for parts" arrow splits to two first leading back to "injection of assets into the illegal wildlife trade", and an drawn image of a bottle above 3 outstretched hands, "increases size of tiger product market" arrow to drawn image of a bear trap, "more poaching: wild tiger products preferred over captive"
3. Drawing of a mounted tiger head and a rifle "older tigers sold for canned hunting"
4. Drawing of tiger in very small barred cage, "older tigers sold to unaccredited zoos and backyard owners"
5. Drawn image of hands counting a large stack of money, "masquerading as non-profits takes away from legit organizations"
6. Drawing of the globe and a tiger head on it, "irresponsible breeding hurts gene pool"
End description. ]
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tomato-bird · 8 months ago
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when you stood before the throne, what did you see
(from my zine, Clanging Symbols)
image descriptions under readmore
first image: 
a stairwell leading up to a wheel-shaped angel. It is shaped like a creature with no head or tail, just a single donut loop covered in feathers, eyes, and wings. Outside of the loop and surrounding the stairwell are more wing and eye shapes around the edges of the picture. Inside the loop and at the center of the image is a blank, black hole.
second image: 
black and white drawing of a seated, robed figure holding a scroll with seven seals. it has the head of a sheep with three eyes on the side of its head and one eye on a singular unicorn-horn in the middle of its forehead. it has six other curling horns around its head. It is surrounded by a swirling, snakelike angelic looped creature fovered with wings and eyes, and is on a solid black background
third image: 
black and white illustration of a robed figure holding hands parted one above the other, as if holding an invisible object. their face is obscured by clouds and by a circular ring of eyes with protruding wings and horns. surrounding the figure is an even bigger ring with more eyes and wings, curling around itself. there are also miniature rings surrounding the rings as if in orbit. below where the torso of the figure is, there are twisting intestine-tube-like protuberances that are also covered with eyes
end ID
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transguyhawkeye · 9 months ago
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[Image ID: a plinko horse GIF where the horse reverses, bouncing up and down. Below the horse is a clip art trampoline. end ID.]
dont worry guys he is having fun and enjoying himself :-)
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ourflagmeansgayrights · 4 months ago
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god this interview is rlly good but i can't get over how much vico ortiz is One Of Us
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papier-ciseaux · 7 months ago
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Here we go again! It's AroSpec Awareness Week!
You can go check out my blog for more info! I made many posts last year, and will probably do the same this year.
Image ID under the cut
[Image ID: Five digitally drawn pictures. They all have a green gradient background that fade into each other.
Image 1: A simple cartoon character with short brown hair, white skin and green cheeks. They're dressed in the colors of the aro flag (green, light green, white, grey, black). They're gesturing towards a central text in capital handrawn white letter that reads "It's time for Aro-Spec Awareness Week 2022". Another text typed in black says "From Feb 20th Until Feb 26th". Two white arrows are at the bottom of the image as decorations.
Image 2: The text is divided into three blocks and reads: "What does aro-spec mean ? It's short for "aromantic spectrum". Arospec people don't experience romantic attraction, or experience it differently." aromantic spectrum is written in green, romantic attraction is written in a dark red, and the rest is black. The same character previously described is standing on the right of the text as if they were saying the words. They're drawn a second time underneath the text, holding a green umbrella while saying "It's an umbrella term!". The same two white arrows are at the bottom of the image as decorations.
Image 3: The text reads: "However, arospec and acepec are two different experiences. Not every aro is ace, not every ace is aro. That distinction between romantic and sexual attraction is based on the SAM! (Split Attraction Model)". The words are typed in black except for the word aro which is green, and the word ace which is purple. A handwritten note on the side reads: "It can be used by anyone too!". The character is at the bottom of the screen and says in parenthesis: "Tho there are non SAM aro out there". The same two white arrows are at the bottom of the image as decorations.
Image 4: The image is filled with text with the exception of the character's head poking out of the bottom. It says in a handwritten white text: "Transcript at the end". At the top of the image is written "Some Vocabulary for the road:". Underneath is a list of terms in bold capital letters and their definition. "Allo: Being non-aro (alloromantic) or non-ace (allosexual)" ; "Amatonormativity: The assumption that everyone must want a lifelong monogamous romantic and sexual relationship." ; "Romance Repulsed/Favorable: How someone feels about romance! Some aro do like romance, others want nothing to do with it, and some are neutral." ; "QPR: Queer Platonic Relationship! An unique kind of commitment, determined by the people in it."
Image 5: The character is sitting on the decorative arrows at the bottom of the panel. White text above and next to them read: "This has been a brief introduction! There's a lot more to learn... so follow ASAW and be aware of your local aros! Thanks for reading!"
End ID]
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kowbojki · 5 months ago
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Blackbeard based on Queen Maev by J. C. Leyendecker
[ID: A digital drawing of Ed from Our Flag Means Death. He is sitting on a throne and wearing Stede's bird and flower patterned robe. He is resting his head on his hand, looking at the viewer with a serious expression. He is surrounded by Stede's old robes and books. He is holding his pipe, and smoke is coming out of it. The colours in the image are warm and dark with purple tones. Behind the throne, lit candles illuminate the scene. End ID]
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morningsaidthemoon · 6 months ago
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they are professionals!
[ID: digital art of Impulse, Cleo, Gem, and Pearl from hermitcraft in warm colors. Impulse holds aloft a torch, standing in the middle of the group. To the left is pearl with a hand on Impulse’s shoulder, then gem, who looks delightedly at a small potted plant. On Impulse’s right, Cleo is looking out into the distance. End ID]
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